Four Hands are Better then Two!

by Jim Williams

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© Copyright 2016 - Jim Williams - Used by permission

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Part 2

Chapter 3

Lorene then goes over to the corner and gets the office chair that was there, she rolls it over to me and Jen pushes me into it. Just as I am about to say something Lorene works the gag into my mouth and pulls it tight in the back and fastens it up. Now unable say or do anything Jen and Lorene gather in front of me as they start to laugh, Jen looks at Lorene and says this was a great idea you had, Lorene answers yes it was, we should have lots of fun with him.

She then looks at me and smiles and tells me that they both had this planned ever since we knew you were in need of our services. You seemed so lost and such a nice guy, we figured we were going to make your fantasies a reality. As they continued to talk my eyes couldn’t help but to roam their bodies, dressed in tight dresses, heels, sexy pantyhose, I should have known, yet it didn’t seem to matter. I continued to look at them as I felt him growing in his confinement, harder he was becoming as I gazed down to notice two holes, one about an inch round, another a little bigger. I could not stop him from growing harder and pushing against the material. I looked back up at the Ladies and our eyes met.

Jen goes to Lorene, look who’s already aroused. They are now standing on both sides of me talking about how the bag fitted me so perfectly snug. Now for the holes and zippers, Lorene speaks up and says there are zippers alright, where Jens asks, lined up with his ass Lorene answers. Out of know where Jen turns around and sits on my lap and starts to grind, while she is I am getting harder by the grinding motion, Lorene looks at Jen and asked her, can you feel him through your Dress, Oh’ yes.

Jen finally gets up and I was so hard that Lorene walked over and ran her finger up and down him as he twitched at her touch. She then worked her fingers into the small hole and started working my hard erect cock through the opening, it was painful at first but she continued to work him, as my Cock was forcing his way through the hole I could feel the elastic ring that was sewn into the material squeezing him as if one of them were putting on a Cock ring.

Jen goes, my isn’t he excited to see us, they both started laughing as I sat there bound and gagged as my cock was pointing to the ceiling. Jen looked totally hot when she knelt down next to me and said, you are going to be our sex slave for a while so relax and perform well. Oh Yeah’ forgot to mention that the last drink I made for you was called a Cialis Slide, as my eyes opened wide, Lorene tells me that it consist of a 72 hour mixture of pure bliss. Whenever temptation is present you will not be able to control your male hormones and you will become aroused instantly.

As I looked at Jen she smiled at me then focused her eyes downward on the hole beneath my cock, it was a little larger then the other. Jen then works her fingers through the hole and starts to fondle my balls, as she does this she is slowly working my first ball up threw the hole, the Elastic starting to tighten around my sack as she gets the last one threw, It was painful until they were completely out. The elastic was constricting around them keeping my balls from falling back threw the hole. We were probably about thirty minutes into it and I was amazed at how hard and aroused he became. All my Dreams and expectations of what a true Ultimate Bondage Fantasy was, was soon to be reality.

Lorene looking through the overnight bag  pulls out old Electro Stimulation toys, Jen looks over at me, what’s this stuff Jim? I tried to play it off by moaning a bit. Lorene walked over to me carrying the overnight bag and puts it down next to me, she takes out all of the Electro toys and arranges them on this rolling table, it looked like the cart you would see in a Dentist office. I noticed that I didn’t remember some of the stuff laying there, my Ex must have bought new toys when we were supposed to go away. Lorene tells Jen, I like what I see here, lets roll Jim over to our massage table, and I want to check something out.

Lorene then stands me up while Jen keeps me balanced, Lorene then tells Jen to help her get me face down onto the massage table, in my head I am thinking, this has nothing to do with my massage. I hear the rear zipper going down and a draft coming in around my ass, Lorene says this won’t hurt a bit so don’t you worry Hun, then Jen laughs and ask me, did you ever have anything in your ass before Jim, quickly I shook my head from side to side hoping they would understand No. Lorene says to Jen, Oh well first time for everything.

This one is interesting to say the least, your Ex was really going all out with this stuff, let me lube it up Jen ask. Just then I feel two hands splitting my ass cheeks apart and something ice cold touching my butt hole, I tried to pull my cheeks together but couldn’t, I felt more lubricant being put around my butt hole, then I feel this cold tip of something getting inserted very slowly into me, as its going in I feel it getting wider, further and further spreading my butt hole as it goes, I start moaning the deeper it goes.

Calm down I hear. I could feel what ever they inserted into me was now resting on my Prostate gland which instantly started making my Cock twitch. I hear the rear entry zipper being pulled up, Jen these wires have to be attached, I felt violated but turned on. The zipper was pulled up and I was now being rolled over onto my back, the thing inside me was being pushed in even further as I squirmed around, Jen looked at me and said, you better stop or we will have to hook you up now, I stopped and tried to relax, my erection growing really hard.

Lorene then takes another item from the table and hands it to Jen, looked like a cock ring but larger. Lorene gives Jen this tube of lube and tells her to lube it up good; Jen then takes it and starts to work the large ring over my ball sack and cock, with the lube it went quite easy. I squirmed a bit and Lorene reached under the massage table and pulled these to straps out and fastened them over my chest, instantly I couldn’t move my upper body, then she went to where my lower arms and wrist were and got another set of straps and fasten them over my lower arms, my squirming was coming to a stop rather quickly, then she put one over my upper legs, knees then feet, the squirming was over, I couldn’t move an inch.
Lorene looks at Jen and says that should do it, continue what you were doing. Now unable to move Jen slid it all the way around in both directions to make sure that it could move easily if needed. Lorene laughing, hands Jen this smaller ring and say, you know what to do with this one. Jen takes the lube again and lubes the ring and my Cock, Jen then takes this ring which is smaller then my hard cock and starts forcibly sliding it down my shaft, little by little working it down, my cock flexing as she’s goes, thank God for the lube, she finally gets it down to the base of my cock and stands back to look at her work. Lorene and Jen laugh as they walk away, Jen looking back and saying, don’t go any where will be right back.

While lying on the table I couldn’t think of anything more erotic and exciting then this, at the same time my worried side saying you didn’t even know these Ladies, what are they capable of? Have they done this before, the bad things just didn’t seem to matter as my thoughts went back to my Ultimate Fantasy. I hear clicking coming towards me, there voices getting louder. I lift my head to see them both split up and go on each side of me, Jen asking me if liked what I was seeing, as she backs up I see that she has changed into another tight dress, this one was dark red, accenting all of her curves. I nodded yes to her.

Lorene then says and me, she was wearing an all most see through long tight to the ankles silver/gray dress, that showed everything, No bra, No panties nothing, I was growing once again and couldn’t stop it. Glancing down at there feet was what I was hearing clicking as they walked up to me, they were wearing Stilettos, one red, one black; they were at least 6” Heels. Lorene walked along side of me and said you are in for such a treat this week end; you are our Sex Slave until we decide different.

While she was telling me this I could feel him flexing as best he could in his own bondage. Jen takes him in her hand and wipes off the pre-Cum, Lorene then looks at me and say, none of that stuff. Lorene goes over to this bag that wasn’t there before and takes out this rather large electrical box my eyes widen as Jen goes, Oh yeah’ we have our own toys too. Before I know it the wires that were coming from what ever they inserted in my ass was now wired to the machine, next they plugged the wires from the large ring that around my balls and cock, then the wires went to the smaller ring that was at the base of my cock.

Now I am worried as I look at Jen and she smiles and starts to stroke my hard erect cock, slowly at first then quick strokes followed, with everything that has happened to me I couldn’t hold out, maybe it was that drink kicking in, uncontrollably I started to pump with her every stroke, then I exploded, or at least I thought I did, she laughed as I went through the motion of cumming but only a few drops came out. Lorene looked at me and said why do you think your plugged into all this electro stimulation stuff for, we will let you Cum when we want you to Cum. Jen took some wipes and cleaned me up then said to Lorene, what should we do next, then they walked away.

Entering the room a short time after, I was finding myself being untied from the massage table and being put into the sitting position, Lorene rolls over the office chair and I am put into it once again. Out of there bag comes a couple of pairs of nylons, I watched them as they stretched them apart holding a foot in each hand. They brought them over to me and started at my shoulders and took them around and around securing me to the back of the office chair, then taking another pair they did my hips, arms and hands, then getting another pair they finish my upper legs, knees and then ankles, I was secured to the chair. They spun me around several times, I guess admiring their work. They then stood in front of me and asked again how they both looked, me with a gag in my mouth good only nod to there questions, of course with them wearing there dresses and heels they looked great to say the least.

Jen then went to my bag and got out one of our blind folds that me and my Ex use to use, she then blindfolded me and spun me around again, as I spun one of them was slapping my Cock every time I came around, it hurt, yet he was getting harder each time. I was thinking to myself that the Cialis drink was doing its job quite well. Once they stopped me from spinning I felt a hand starting to stroke me again, this hand felt different and so did the stroking motion, which told me that it was Lorene’s hand this time, it had a firmer grip and it felt more experienced in what she was doing.

Then out of nowhere I start to feel a slight tingle in my ass, and since I was sitting the thing that they inserted in my ass was up against my prostate. I heard Jen say how does that feel, bet you never felt that before, then as the stroking stopped Lorene says, his Ex was going to give it to him but now we are the lucky ones.

Lorene then tells Jen to turn it up a bit and to change the setting, make him squirm she said, even with him tied to the chair I want to see him squirm, Jen then increases the power and changes the setting, the sensation now became a stroking motion, as if I was being ass fucked, I couldn’t believe the feeling that was coming over me, my cock was getting harder, then as I am trying to move around I feel my hard erect, cock being in gulped by one of their mouths, slow at first they went, then picking up speed, then I felt another sensation coming from around my cock and balls, the larger ring was being activated, I tried to move but I could only squirm.

I could tell that one of the ladies was enjoying it as well, I was hearing moans and feeling them with every up and down motion she made, one of them really liked giving a blowjob and I guess me squirming from the electro stimulation stuff was adding to her experience. As I became harder and was real close to a second time Cumming, she stopped blowing me and I relaxed as the electro toys stopped as well. I heard walking around from their Heels but nothing was happening and I didn’t hear them saying anything.

Just then my blindfold was taken off and my eyes adjusted to the room, again seeing them in their tight dresses and heels instantly aroused me and he started to flex once again. Jen and Lorene walked over to me Lorene asking me, what do you think of all this so far Jim, Lorene smiles and tells Jen, power him up my dear. I felt my Ass stimulator kick in first, then the larger ring came on, this time a little more intense, I was squirming once again, this time seeing the ladies enjoying what they accomplished. Jen kneels down and starts to give me a hand job, as I looked down I could see that I was pre-Cumming again, Jen seemed to use it as lubricant with every down stoke as I produced more. I looked at Jen and our eyes connected for only a second as she was startled by Lorene telling her to get me wet and lubricated, Jen answered back my pleasure, Jen then leaned over with all electrical stimulation in full swing, or at least I thought so, took him at the base and started to blow me, slow then fast, slow then faster, I was becoming numb from it, the restrictive things that were being used was stopping me from releasing anything, it was feeling like I could go on forever, it was amazing.

Jen slowed down and then stopped at Lorene’s touch to her shoulder, as Jen backed off Lorene looked at me then looked at Jen, they both smiled at each other, then Lorene looked back at me again and said, now the fun begins. As the toys were on and doing there stimulating, Lorene facing me started to straddle me working her tight see through Hobble dress ever so slowly up her body until she could get her legs apart, she moved into her position and put her hands on my shoulders, slowly lowering her body down.

I could feel him being so hard and erect like never before, without using her hands or any help from Jen she continued to lower herself down, perfectly maneuvering her body over him until I could feel him starting to slide in, I start to squirm. Unable to say or do anything I continued to squirm trying to make it hard for her to get him in. Jen laughing in the background, that squirming will only make it easier for him to go in. Lorene then asks me, why are you resisting me’ Jen goes I know what it is, but I will let him squirm some more.

Lorene looks me in the eyes and tells me don’t worry Jim me and Jen have had our tubes tied, and we are totally safe, we have not had Sex in years, we really do only massage clients, maybe a hand job here and there, but me and Jen like to play together, then you came into our lives and we listened to your story and thought what an opportunity for us to have, we decided not to pass it up and have fun with you!

Chapter 4

As she finished telling me, I slowed down on the squirming and she continued to lower herself onto him, Hard and Erect he started sliding further inside her, both of us moaning as she was going down, finally she touched down on my lap and he was all the way in, he was throbbing and flexing inside of her wet pussy, the electro stimulation doing its job as well. Lorene started going up and down on my shaft, real slow several times then a burst of quick ones, then just when it couldn’t get any more arousing for me, Lorene looks back at Jen and tells her to turn on the other one, just then the little Cock ring starts up sending pulses around the base of my shaft, Lorene pumping and moaning even more now, I couldn’t believe what was happening to me.

Lorene was going fast and hard, Jen in the background saying, do you feel him, do you feel the stimulation, Yes’ Oh Yes, Lorene screams out, I couldn’t move an inch yet my body wanted to pump, just then Lorene yells out, I going to Cum, I’m going to Cum, just when she finished saying it, she started hitting my lap faster and faster, then she lets out a load moan and I feel this flow of warm juice spray all over the head of my Cock, instantly I began going through the motions of Cumming to, but I didn’t know if I was for sure, the sensation was truly amazing especially since this was the first real sex I was having with another women since my Ex.

Lorene sat there for a little while, me still inside her and her milking him ever so gently, all toys still going as I finished my last drop. As she slowly stood up, her legs weak and quivering, she leaned down and told me that this was only the beginning, looking back at Jen, Lorene tells her, I got to relax for a bit, tell him that you will give him some water, but he better not let out a sound or else. Lorene tells Jen as she is walking away, have fun with him if you want, I will be sleeping for a while after that experience, so have fun you two. Lorene leaves the room and Jen follows as their voices fade, me being totally worn out, I started to nod off.

I must have taken a short nap because I was awakened by Jen telling me not to make a sound and to drink this liquid, it couldn’t have come at a better time. As soon as I finished with the drink Jen immediately gagged me again, making sure that it was nice and tight. Jen then left the room again only to return in this tight form fitting Beige Dress, it went down a little past her knees and was very tight, they both knew I loved tight dresses so they were working them into this Fantasy well. She was also wearing Black Heels that laced up her ankles and were very sexy to say the least. I could feel him getting aroused once again; Me still tied to the chair and unable to move, Jen then pushes the chair over to the massage table and starts to move this handle.

I am watching as this massage table starts to go from the horizontal position to a vertical position, the table is now standing straight up and down with the one bottom end touching the floor. Jen then unties me from the chair and stands me up against the table and pushes me back so that I am leaning on it, standing in front of me she presses her body against mine and reaches around the table with both hands and retrieves two straps from behind the table, pushing herself away from the table, she takes the two straps and pulls them together across my chest and fastens them tight. Now unable to move my upper body at all she reaches around the table again and gets another pair of straps and fastens them across my waist and wrist area making them tight. She continued to do this working her way all the way down to my feet, not missing any places, upper legs, knees, and then ankles.

 As I watched her, she continued to smile at me and looked like she was enjoying every moment of it, now I wasn’t sure if they were telling the truth about not having sex with any men for the past years but I was thinking if they were telling the truth, they were going to make the best of this. With every movement she made I began to get more and more aroused. When she finished she leaned on me once again and whispered in my ear, now it’s my turn to have fun, well that alone sent chills down my spine and the flexing started.

Then Jen walked over to there bag and got out this aerobics mat that was nicely padded and laid it down on the floor in front of me, she took her Heels off and stood on the mat facing me. My eyes were checking her out, a quick glance at her breast which was firm and sticking out perfectly in her dress, I could tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra, each nipple piercing through, couldn’t tell if she was wearing panties, but I was hoping that she wasn’t.

She looked at me looking at her and started to stroke me while I was in the standing position, this was a first for me, I never had anything done to me in the standing up position before. I was trying to squirm and move around but couldn’t, she then slid down me and dropped to her knees. I knew what was coming; my only thought was not to cum too quickly. Jen then took him in and started to play, running her tongue all around his head, as she fondled my balls, she must have noticed that I was enjoying it way too much, so after a while of going down on him she stopped and said you’re not Cumming that easy.

Then she took these two things from under each side of the table that were lined up with both of my hands, they looked like stirrups that you would find on a saddle except they were chrome. The table was still in the vertical position with my feet still towards the floor. Jen then reached over each of my shoulders and grabbed two straps that were hanging there; both had loops at the end of them which she clipped together and put them across my chest, she then turned on this switch that moved the table into a laying down position, I didn’t know what to expect next.

Once the table came to a complete stop Jen climb up on top of me and straddled my legs, smiling she asked me was I ready for what was to come, I nodded yes and she said you better be! She leaned over and took this electrical box out from a sliding drawer that was under the table, she turned all these knobs and said here we go, just then I feel the inserted toy in my Ass kick in, it was a stroking motion just like when Lorene was doing me except this one was a very different stroking motion, all most like it was massaging my prostate gland, I was becoming Harder then I was with Lorene, but with the restrictive Cock rings and stuff he was held in check.

Then as I tried to squirm Jen turned on another switch, this one started a pricking feeling around my Balls and Cock, it was a new sensation, he was flexing with every prick I felt, I was so hard. Then as I laid there getting done by electro stimulation, Jen tells me that she is going to remove my gag, but to say nothing, or else. She gets up on the table and slides her dress up her thighs; she works her way into a sixty-nine position, her dress just being high enough for me to get my head between her legs. Then she takes him in and starts blowing me, slow at first, then speeding up, I couldn’t control my self as I buried my tongue deep inside her, she let out a moan at first then continued to ride my face, pumping and moaning as she went, the faster I went, the faster she went.

We became as one in motion and I was just about to let go, but I think she knew it because she stopped immediately and climb off the table. She left the room for about fifteen minutes or so then returned, this time wearing another tight dress; this one was a silverfish gray color with a black belt and Heels that were at least 5” high. Jen made her way over to me; I felt my shaft becoming aroused at her touch. She took him in her hand and started to stroke him slowly, telling me as she did it that she was going to Fuck me like no other women could.

She moved her hand up and down my hard erect cock faster and faster, Jen never bothered to turn off the toys, so yes they were adding to my pleasure. Jen saw that I began pre-Cumming so she stopped and got up on the table, again working her dress up her thighs as I watched in delight. She then positioned herself over my shaft and eased her way down, lower she went as my shaft started to enter her, a moan escaped her lips, a silent one from me, she continued to take him all the way in until she reached his base. Jen then started to pump ever so slowly; she was so tight, wet and slippery, she pumped a little faster then stopped as she heard Lorene’s voice say, what do you think your doing?

Lorene came out of no where and grabbed Jen from behind, Jen struggled while I was still inside her, but she was no match for Lorene who quickly put this rag over Jens nose and mouth and she went limp and passed out on top of me, needless to say I couldn’t do or say anything to help. Lorene then looked at me and picked up the electro stimulation box and shut everything off. Then I could only watch as Lorene went to work.

While I was weirded out by what had just happened, I couldn’t help but feel excited and a little aroused which was keeping me pretty erect inside her. As Lorene was doing things to Jen she was moving her around on top of me which kept me up. I noticed that Lorene got what looked like a pair of pantyhose out from there bag and took them over behind Jen; I could see Lorene putting both of Jens arms into one leg of the pantyhose as she worked them all the way up to her shoulders, she then took the other leg and wrapped them around her shoulders then down her arms a couple of times then brought it around her waist, over her dress and pulled it tight.

I could see Jens arms being pulled close to her back, and then Lorene took them around her waist again, this time taking them over her hands and tying them off. Jen was on her knees with her feet pointing down towards mine. Lorene pushed Jens legs close to mine and reached under the table, pulling out this thick black strap, she threw it over our legs to the other side of the table and walked around and pulled it tight while fastening it off.

Then Lorene walked towards the top of the table area and fastened this wide black elastic belt to both corners of the table, which she then stretched pulling it over Jens head and securing it to the pantyhose that went around Jens waist. Lorene then looked at me and said, I all most forgot Jens Gag, she then got this Ball Gag from the bag and put it in Jens mouth and tightened it behind her head. Lorene then tells me that we can begin now,

Lorene picks up the electro box again and turns on the Ass one again, another different feeling in my Ass, the stroking was much faster and even deeper then before, then she turned on the Balls and Cock one, a slow stroking motion, but again different then before. With them being turned on the only thing moving was my Cock, it was growing inside Jen, I wanted to pump but I couldn’t. Then as a moan passed by Jen’s gag her head snapped back and she started to wiggle and squirm, Lorene pulled up the office chair and sat down next to us, looking up at Jen she asked, how was your nap? Lorene then goes into explaining what she has done.

Remember years ago Jen you told me that secret Sexual Bondage Fantasy you had, well the opportunity has knocked and I had to exploit it, by the way you are tied up in a most interesting way, the only part of your body that I have allowed to move is your pelvic area, unfortunately Jim can’t move anything, Oh’ wait, let me see here, what can I do for Jim, I know, I can undo this strap going over his waist area, this way he will be able to only move his pelvic area, there it is done. I have also added some other idea’s as well.

But Jen the real question is, how long can you just sit there with Jim’s Cock growing and getting harder with your every movement, or will he start to pump first? I also have Jim hooked up to all the Electro’s this time and they are on a timer, so Jim even though they were shut off a while ago, they will be coming on shortly, Lorene starts to laugh as she exits the room. Jen looks at me and our eyes lock onto each others, we didn’t know what to do, being realistic, there was nothing we could do, Lorene set this whole thing up exactly how she wanted to, flawless!
Just then the Prostate stimulator began to do its thing, Jen looked as my head went from side to side and I started to move a bit, Jen moaned and shook her head, No’ I stopped moving but could feel him getting aroused and growing inside her. Then seconds later the ring around my Cock and Balls started to stimulate me, again I couldn’t remain still and started to move, looking at Jen I could tell that she was feeling me deep inside her, she started to move her hips for a second then stopped and started shaking her head No.

Suddenly the new stimulation started, the Cock ring at the base of my Shaft came on, with both of us being quite wet I guess Jen felt it come on to, because as it did the deep stroking sensation started and Jen started to moan and squirm. Her squirming became more and more and I couldn’t help but squirm to causing Jen to move up and down on my shaft, her doing that made me start to pump in rhythm.

After a couple of minutes we stopped because with heard a noise coming from the table, it started to vibrate a little then it started to move in to a vertical position, Jen thinking she was falling back could do nothing but rely on that thick black band that she was fastened to behind her back. When it finally came to rest I was in the standing position and Jen was in the sitting position still but dangling there. Then the strap that Jen was fastened to started pulling her up towards me, I felt her tight pussy being pulled up my shaft as I tried to stay in her, then the strap loosened and she was dropped back down on to me, then it began to do it in perfect rhythm.

Before we knew it we were fucking in the standing position with the help of this setup that Lorene put us in, the aspirates was doing all the work for us, but it felt so good that I couldn’t help but thrust my pelvic area every time Jen came down, as her moans got louder mine did as well. I could feel our bodies getting rigid as we were both about to cum, her riding me totally bareback I exploded inside her, she letting out a load moan as she climaxed and continued to pump me dry.

We finished and the table automatically went back down to the horizontal position, Jen then collapsing on top of me. I must have fell asleep for a while because when I awoke Jen was nowhere to be found and I was all cleaned up and Blindfolded, not knowing what time it was and being Blindfolded I quickly fell back to sleep.


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