Four Hands are Better then Two! 4

by Jim Williams

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Storycodes: FF/m; bond; gag; cocoon; pantyhose; cockring; sleeve; electro; tease; torment; F/fm; susp; toys; insert; cialis; oral; sex; denial; climax; cons; X

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Part 4

Chapter 6

Jen then says sounds good to me, let him build up his stamina for us, after hearing that I could feel him flex several times as the ladies looked on and laughed. I still had the Anal Stimulator in, Ball Bondage going on and a Cock Ring still in place. Jen asked me if I was thirsty and to nod yes, I was drained and had dry mouth from the gag, she then said she would get me some water. As Jen walked over to this cooler that was placed on the floor, she opened the lid and took out what looked like a bottle of water, poured some into a glass. Jen walked around Lorene and held the water and a straw in front of me, as Lorene told me to keep quiet while there removing the gag or I would have to answer to them.

They removed my gag and Jen stuck the straw in the water then in my mouth, it was cold and refreshing. Jen asked if I had enough and I nodded yes, Lorene then comes from behind Jen with this black thing in her hand, jumps up on the platform and inserts this round silicone/rubber ball in my mouth, it filled my entire mouth. I tried to whimper out a sound and there was nothing there, as Lorene pulled the gag tighter and fastened it up my eyes started to focus on this other thing that was coming out from the gag, this setup wasn’t from my bag, what was it then? As I could see more of it I realized that it was a Ball/Penis Gag, made to shut me up and to satisfy someone else.

Lorene then tells Jen to get that empty windshield washer bottle that was by the door and to also bring that beer drinking funnel with her; I watched Jen as she brought them over. Lorene tells me that I am going to be tied up for a while, so I should piss in this bottle and that I better do it now! Well I can barely piss in front of other guys let alone a women, then as I am trying to get the courage to go, looking at Lorene all Hot in her Black Tight Dress and her Heels climbs back up on the platform and takes my shaft in her hand, then Jen in her White Tight Dress and Heels climbs up and puts the funnel below my Cock, standing there Jen says to Lorene, I never really seen a man piss before, Lorene says me either.

Lorene then very softly starts to massage my shaft, I was starting to get hard for a second, but all of the sudden I felt this amazing pressure coming from down there and all the sudden one forceful burst of pee, then I released a forceful stream that was starting to fill the bottle, my Jen says, you must feel a lot better now. Jen took the bottle and funnel and climb down handing Lorene up this container of wipes, which Lorene used to clean my entire area down there. I was thinking now that I was able to release myself, what were they planning for me next. Lorene then leans herself against me and starts to play with my balls, rolling them in her hand, again I instantly start to get aroused, getting harder by the second, she moves her hand up and around my Cock, stroking him real slow, then fast, her hand was around him firmly, yet her hand was soft.

Moving it all the way down to the base of him, then sliding her hand all the way to the head of my Cock, the pre-cum was starting to form droplets, like morning dew, she was using it as its own lubricant. Jen tells her, save that for me, Lorene giggles a bit and stops as fast as she started. Jen now makes her way up onto the platform, she looked so good in that Dress and Heels. Lorene hands her up this pillow and Jen lays it at my feet, her hands on both sides of me as she worked her body down mine ever so slowly as she made her way to the floor. Looking up at me with her blue eyes, she winks and takes her right hand and wraps it around my Cock and guides it into her warm mouth, she started running her tongue all around his head and down my shaft several times, with ease Jen takes him all the way to the base of him and then continues to do it ever so slowly.

After fifteen minutes or so I couldn’t control myself and I started to move my hips as much as I could, she moaned as I pumped into her mouth, her moans got louder as she started Blowing me faster and faster, I couldn’t make a sound, but I knew she was enjoying it as much as I was, it went on for several minutes, I could only watch as she grabbed onto both sides of my hips and started Blowing me in a totally different way, it felt like her throat opened up and tightened around my Cock, it was amazing.

I glanced over at Lorene as she smiled with approval as every in and out motion became harder for me to control myself, then as the pressure built up and my body tensed up I expected Jen to stop or pull away, but instead stayed with it and went even faster, tightening her lips around him even more. I couldn’t say or do anything to warn her that I was about to exploded in her mouth. I continued to pump in perfect rhythm as I filled her mouth with warm cum, she continued to milk me dry, taking it all and swallowing it down. My body went limp as I basically collapsed from the weakness in my knees; still being tied to this contraction was a good thing.

After Jen finished they cleaned me up then both got up on the platform and started unwrapping the blue stretchy fabric that kept me in place, once that was done they continued to undo the restraints that held me to the post. I remember thinking, do I really want this to end, yet I was totally exhausted and wanted to craw into my own bed and go to sleep. As Lorene held me up Jen went to the floor, Lorene and Jen together lowered me into the sitting position on the platform. I was wondering why they didn’t finish untying me, I still had all the toys still in place and they seemed like they were making no attempt in removing them, or for that matter releasing me from my Bondage. I knew that I had to be going on close to two days being their Sex Toy and prisoner, kind of lost track of the days and nights. My problem was that even though I went piss I still felt like the other could be coming, all though I was kind of plugged up, I have to get out of this Bondage soon.

I could feel it getting later as both of them started giggling, and then disappeared behind me. I could hear them scurrying around and moving things, there I was just sitting there like a forgotten Mummy prop. After a while they entered my view again, there they were both changed into two different dresses again, Jen was wearing another real tight dress that hugged her every curve, it was a champagne color dress that was accompanied by brown Heels that laced up her ankles. Lorene had on this very tight dress that went to her ankles, sort of like a Hobble dress but looked more stretchy, it was a dark green in color and she had on these black stiletto heels, she looked sexy, with me having time to recover from Jens amazing Blowjob I could feel he was getting aroused again and that I was definitely not getting untied just yet.

They both walked up to me and started running there hands down my Mummified body until they reached my Cock, Lorene started stroking me as Jen whispered in my ear, telling me that I was in for something special, my Cock got harder in Lorene’s hand as Jen continued to whisper these words, we set you up with some more Cialis, that last glass of water you drank, Oh Shit I thought as my Cock continued to get Rock hard. Lorene and Jen then got me down from the pedestal I was sitting on. As they were turned me around I could see what they were doing during the time that my back was turned to them. My eyes were focused on this rather large bed with four large posts going up on all four corners and an eerie red light over it, and what seemed to be a pile of Bondage equipment.

They sat me on this rolling chair and pushed me towards the bed, my heart was pounding and my Cock was throbbing. I was then helped to my feet and sat on the edge of the bed. Jen pushed me back as Lorene picked my legs up and swung them up onto the bed, they moved me around until they were able to get me in the middle of the bed. Jen and Lorene both sat on each side of me and ran their hands up and down my body, all most like they were admiring their work. I noticed that Lorene picked up the electrical box while Jen was reaching for my Cock, I feel the jolt of a new electrical sensation, I watch as my Cock flexed from side to side, then I felt the Anal stimulator kick in with something new, then my Balls, what was next?

Jen has my Cock in her hand and starts stroking him slowly at first then fast; my Cock was rock hard, all most painful to me, did they give me too much Cialas, why is he so hard? With all the Electro stimulation still going on Jen stops and Lorene puts the box on the bed next to me, Jen straddles my chest as Lorene‘s straddles my legs, except Lorene is facing my feet. I could see Jen and could feel Lorene going to work, both were stretching apart these large pantyhose and putting them around my body pulling them tight as they went, then each of them leaned towards the bed post and wrapped them around each bed post, pulling the looseness out, then back to me taking them back around my body again but in a different area, which secured me to the bed. By the time they were done with me, I was ready to cum between the Stimulation and the Bondage.

Looking down at my body that was now mummified by Pantyhose as they held me in place, I couldn’t move an inch as they both climbed off to look at their work once again. As I lay there now secured to the center of the bed, all the toys still running I was becoming Harder and even more erect as my pelvic started move. This area seemed to be the only area of my body that could move. Lorene turned around to notice that I was starting to get a rhythm as I began to pump, lunging for the box she hits the main switch and everything comes to a halt. With no stimulation going I was able to stop my pumping as my Erection started to go down. Jen then leans on the bed and tells me, its not going to be that easy Hun, then Lorene says, yes’ you had your fun, now it is going to be our turn.

I have been a Sex toy/Slave for nearly two days now, this wasn’t fun for them, then I thought to myself, hum’ I guess it hasn’t, all they have done has been for me to cum, over and over again. Could it be that my ultimate fantasy is going to be a reality for me, it is going to happen like I told them, don’t jump the gun, I will see soon enough. Just then the ladies walked out of the room, it seemed like hours passed until I heard them laughing as they entered the room once again. My head lifted off the pillow as my eyes focused on them once again, my god another wardrobe change. Jen was wearing this super tight Red dress that was right below her knees, and what looked like a pair of rose pattern stockings underneath with matching red heels that laced up past her ankles. Lorene was wearing this Dark Blue dress that was below her knees but fitted her like a second skin, very tight to her body, she also was wearing a pattern on her stockings but I couldn’t make it out, she had on these real sexy looking boots that all most hid her stockings.

Before I knew it Jen and Lorene was back up on the bed, Lorene was now working her tight blue dress up her body to her waist area, Jen moved her body so that she was facing me straddling my ankles. Lorene now looking at me, tells me that she is going to take my gag off, and that I was not to make a sound otherwise Jen was in a position where I would regret saying anything, Lorene asked, do you understand, I nodded yes as she removed my gag, Just as I was about to say something, Lorene reached for the electro box and turned on the ring that was around my balls and Cock. She looked at me and said I told you that you would suffer, then turned the dial higher sending a pins and needles sensation through that was quite painful, as I squirmed in pain, Jen says, do you understand now? I nodded yes again and the box was shut down.

With my gag off Lorene turned her body so that she was now facing Jen and straddled my chest working her body back towards the headboard of the bed, now with her body directly over my face, she lowers herself so that her clitoris is touching my lips, with a firm voice she tells me to make her Cum, starting out slowly I began licking her and teasing her with my tongue, No I hear, I want your tongue to go deep inside of me. I feel the weight shifting around on my lower legs as I feel Jen leaning forward. I feel my Cock being in gulped into this warm, wet hole.

My tongue finds its mark and enters Lorene rather quickly as she lets out a moan of pleasure, Lorene enjoying this tells Jen, what ever your doing, he is doing, go faster she tells Jen faster, as Jen speeds up her pace, my tongue does too, going deeper with every thrust that my tongue can give, I was going in so far that my nose was going in and out of her cheeks as if was doing her anally with my nose. Lorene moans became louder as she became in rhythm with my tongue, entering her, her body starting to quiver as she rides my tongue, screaming out, Yes, Yes. Then like the suction of a vacuum, Jen tightened her lips around my Cock and proceeded to go faster as I heard the suction noise and felt her pulling me into a pumping motion of my own, my tongue going wild inside Lorene, her body trembling, moaning in pleasure, and me unable to say or do anything I could feel my Cum coming, our bodies starting to tense up, I knew Jen had to sense it, but she kept going.

As our bodies went stiff as a board Lorene let out a loud scream which was followed by a stream of wetness that flowed from her and on to my face, I couldn’t hold back as Jen finished me off as I exploded inside her throat as she took him as deep as she could, it felt as if I was inside her, she took him to completion without wasting a drop. Our bodies went limp and Lorene slumped forward as if she passed out, Jen immediately came over to her and helped her off me, I thought it was odd the way Jen laid her down, because her head was at my feet and her legs were by my head. Jen then told me to keep quiet and that she would clean me up, she cleaned me up and returned the gag to my mouth, making it tighter then it was before. I knew in my mind that I couldn’t possibly have anything left to give, yet each time he showed up big, I think that each time was even longer.

My tolerance must have been building up, and then remembering they gave me 72 hour Cialis, and maybe even more, didn’t know for sure. Jen looks at me and says, remember when Lorene played that trick on me in the massage room with the elevating table, I nodded yes, Jen laughed and said, well now it is my turn, I put a crushed sleeping pill in Lorene’s drink, she will be out for a while. I never really saw Lorene totally nude, but I was about to. Jen removed Lorene’s tight blue dress; her pantyhose were crotch less so she left them on with her heels. Jen then looking at me says, I think you are going to need some stimulation so that I can get this party started. Jen usually didn’t handle the box, but with the flick of some switches, she was up and running. The first switch sends a massaging feeling to my prostate area, I immediately moved and she knew it was right as she increased the stimulation, I moaned as it did its thing. Then the Cock Ring started up, a louder moan came through my gag, enough time must have passed as he started to get Hard again, standing tall, Jen smiled and said that’s right Hun, that’s right. Just then Jen goes to the bag and gets out this Plug of decent size and brings it over to the bed, me thinking to myself, not another anal plug, this one I have is already stimulating my prostate, Jen sits it down next to Lorene and goes back to the bag, bringing with her this tube of lube.

Part 7

Jen rolls Lorene over so that her Ass is up, then lubes up the plug spreads Lorene’s Ass cheeks and starts working it in, now with it totally inserted into Lorene’s Ass, Jen then rolls her back over onto her back. I looked down to see wires coming from her ass area; I figured that Lorene was going to be electro stimulated also. Jen positions herself on the bed and starts to pull Lorene down towards the end of the bed, laying her head on top of my feet, she then maneuvered her lower part of her body on top of mine as if we were going to sixty-nine, except she wasn’t up far enough, her pussy was more lined up with my Erect Cock. Jen now stands on the bed straddling us both and pulls Lorene back while bending her legs so that she was now in the kneeling position right in front of my Cock. Jen then takes this long scarf out of her pocket and stands behind Lorene, she kneels down straddling me while taking Lorene hands and begins to tie them together, then working the scarf up her lower arms until she finished and tied the two ends together.

Lorene is still sort of slumping over as Jen gets off the bed and goes to the bag again, this time she gets out this Harness of some sort, wasn’t quite like the one Lorene used on Jen but similar in design. Jen comes back to the bed and fits it on Lorene, now Lorene’s upper body was in Bondage as well. Jen gets back on the bed and reached for these rather thick looking bungee cords hanging from these two hooks attached to the ceiling, once the bungee was fastened to Lorene’s harness she became weight less and Jen was able to maneuver her around, she then spun her around so that she was now facing me. Jen then walked over to the corner of the room and picked up this small stool, she brought it over to us and placed it over my erect cock, then moving Lorene quickly on to the stool, still facing me and now in a sitting position.

Jen still had me powered up as the tingling was still stimulating my prostate, she did turn off the ones that were stimulating my Cock and Balls, the one was enough to keep me hard. Now with Lorene in her Bondage Jen goes back over to the bag and returns with a Ball Gag and what looked to be nipple clamps with suction cups attached to them. Jen puts the Ball Gag in Lorene’s mouth and tightens it up, with each clamp she fastens one to each of Lorene’s nipples, and Jen carefully runs the wires through the suction cups then down to the box where she hooks them up. Now Jen takes the suction cups and attaches one to each Breast, she runs these two clear tubes down and attaches them to the box. Standing back Jen smiles and says to me, you’re going to have a great time I am sure of it. Lorene will be waking up soon so I am going to lube your Cock up so that it is nice and slippery; she pours this thick gel lube into her hand and puts it around my Cock, its cold. Jen then begins to stroke me working it in, spreading it all around him, she smiles, ah’ I can tell you like this hand job.

All of the sudden a moan comes from Lorene’s mouth then came a little jerking of the head from side to side, then loud moaning came as if she was cursing at Jen, then the squirming came soon after. Jen put her hands up calming Lorene down for a second as she explained, remember what you did to me in the massage parlor with Jim, well pay back time, Lorene shakes her head from side to side saying no, Jen standing there laughing. Jen looks up at Lorene and tells her we are about to start, but first I have to move that stool your sitting on. Oh’ you better have your legs ready to hold you up, because when I move that stool the only thing holding you up over Jim’s Hard Erect Cock is that Harness and those Bungee cords, see I have been keeping Jim stimulated for a while now and I have lubed him up really slippery so be careful where you Come down, Lorene mumbling into her gag, Jen starts to laugh as she starts to pull out the stool from under Lorene.

Lorene’s weight is now supported by her legs and the bungee cords, after a few minutes Lorene starts to moan as her one leg gives way, down to one knee she goes, My hard Cock just touching her clit, another moan, this time louder then the last. What’s this Jen says, the Dominant one buckling under pressure, come on she tells Lorene, give in, your on one knee now, you can’t keep him out for ever, just then Lorene drops to her other knee sending my wet hard Cock deep in side her, a loud whimpering moan slipped by the gag.

The problem now was that when she released her weight the bungee did there job pulling Lorene back into the air then her own weight was bringing her back down. Jen had set up the perfect in and out motion of Fucking, on the down motion she would slide down my shaft until she went to my base of my cock, bungee doing there job pulled her up just high enough that her clit pulled on the head of my cock It was like it was never going to stop. I was so aroused that I to started to pump, it was amazing, No effort, in perfect rhythm, she was going all the way up my shaft to his head then all the way down to the base of him. Jen thought we were going too good and came over and stopped Lorene from bouncing, telling her that every time she moved she would start another bouncing motion, so be careful she tells her, even a sneeze will start it.

Lorene now perched on top of my Shaft looking at Jen she moans as if she trying to say No, I look at Jen while she picks up the Electro box, Lorene looks at me as I watch her eyes become larger with anticipation. Jen smiles as she turns on the switch that powers Lorene’s butt plug, instantly she starts to whimper. Unable to take it she starts to move around with my shaft inside her, Jen now walking up to her telling her, Oh’ getting horny are we. Jen turns the dial some more, moans becoming louder, Lorene releasing her weight as the bungee tightens up and puts us back into a pumping motion. Lorene is riding me harder this time as if she can’t control herself, damn’ Jen then turns on mine; it sends me into a pumping motion as well.

After a few minutes Jen stops the fun again and stops Lorene from bouncing, puts the box on the bed and shuts it off. Now with Lorene hovering at the head of my Cock, Jen goes to the bag and gets out this thin rubber tubing that looks like it has two loops on it, she laughs as she walks back to us, with the tubing in her hand she looks at me and say’s, this should keep you Hard and stop that Cum from flowing until I tell you, you can Cum. Then lifting up Lorene just high enough to get the first tubular loop down my shaft, she slides it down and over my Balls and Cock and ties it off tight, the other loop, while pushing Lorene up again, she slides down to the base of my shaft and pulls it tight and ties it off, leaving me in slight pain and hard as a rock. She then positions Lorene back over my Cock except this time she spins her around so that she is now in a reverse cowgirl position; all I could see now was her back and her Ass which wasn’t a bad thing at all.

As Lorene started to moan again Jen lowered her slowly down towards the head of my Cock, Jen telling Lorene, you will be fine Jim has plenty of pre-Cum to help him slide in, Lorene’s squirms and moans as my rock hard Cock starts to pierce her lips, then with a quick jerk Jen pulls her down my shaft, moans and sighs followed as Lorene sprang back up into the air and back down like a bouncing ball. Being unable to stop the already started motion, she continued to follow through, I could not control what was happening and was so aroused that I to was pumping up with every one of her down strokes, we were panting and grunting as one, Uncontrolled Sex, we could do nothing but let it happen.

Jen picked up the box and turned us on again, this time turning them all on at once, when the ring came on that was at the base of my Shaft, Lorene’s wetness must have been conducting an electrical current through her Pussy, cause every time she fully bottomed out on my shaft, her moans became more intense and she squirmed and moved around a lot more. We must have went on for a while, it felt like an hour was going by, finally I felt her body getting rigid and tensing up as her moans became louder and faster, this sent me over the top and I too was getting ready. As our bound body’s continued to squirm and pump faster and faster, the moans got louder and louder, are bodies became rigid and stiff as she came first squirting her warm juices all over my Cock, she sighed as her body quivered and shook as I continued to pump and moan until I went stiff and exploded, our bodies both went limp as we both passed out.

I must have slept for a while, because as I was being woke up it was like a dream happened nothing was left from Lorene being tied up, she was all showered and in a Green Tight Dress that was skin tight and had on Green stiletto’s that matched. Jen and her were laughing and joking about what Jen done to Lorene, that’s when I realized that it really happened. I wanted to tell them how great it was but I was still gagged. Jen then comes over to me smiling and carrying a jug and tells me that I am going to piss in this jug, when I shook my head no Lorene came over with this clear tube again and lubed it up, carefully holding my Cock she worked this tube in my shaft and continued to do so until it felt like it was in my bladder, I didn’t think I had to go and with no control what so ever my piss just came flowing out with ease filling the jug. Once I was done Lorene carefully removed it and I felt relieved.

Lorene came back to the bed side and started stroking me as Jen walked over asking Lorene, do you think he is ready for the finale, just as she did I started getting Hard and growing with every stroke Lorene made, smiling at Jen, Lorene tells her yes with a smile. Jen then gets up on the bed and straddles my legs facing me, Lorene stares as Jen bends over and starts blowing me taking him all the way in then tickling the head of my Cock after a few times. Well I was getting extremely hard and totally aroused, I wanted to hold her by the head and Fuck that pretty mouth with every thrust I could, but unfortunately I couldn’t. Jen stops as Lorene gets up on the bed, Lorene pulls her dress up as she positions herself so that she is sitting on my chest with her back to me, Jen comes around and tells me to do everything they say or else, Jen removes my Gag and tells me as Lorene slides her Ass towards my face and places her Clit at my mouth, Jen tells me to Fuck her with my tongue and to make it good.

Lorene starts to work her body closer as Jen climbs back into position and starts to give me hand job, at that moment Lorene’s Clit touches my lips, uncontrollably my tongue lashes out like tasting a sweet flower. I start licking her slow picking up speed as Jen strokes me faster, Oh No’ my toes were curling as I felt Jen’s heat come from her mouth as her lips slide over the head of my hard Cock, my tongue fighting its way deeper inside Lorene, her moans becoming louder, she was now Fucking my face, with my tongue rolled I plunged it as deep as it could go.

Jen stopped and reached for the Electro Stimulation box once again, I could not see her as Lorene slowed down and stopped right above my face, Jen then said Jim I hope you are ready for this, this is what you have dreamed about, Jen powers up the prostate massager then the Cock and Ball ring starts to go, my body tenses up and thrust in the air as she plays with the settings, finally reaching the stroking one. My Cock was getting very hard and I could feel him filling every space of his bondage, holding back his girth. Lorene’s pussy juices dripping onto my face as she tells me to start doing her again, I feel the bed bouncing around a bit and I hear Lorene say to Jen, start out facing me first.

Looking under Lorene I see Jen sliding her Tight Dress up her thighs as she is now over my Cock, I squirm as I see her lowering herself, just as I am about to say something Lorene lowers herself down onto my lips, only a muffled sound comes out as my tongue is directed into her wet Pussy. Then as Lorene says, Oh Yes’ Oh Yes’ I feel my Cock being guided into this tight warm hole, OMG this can’t be happening she guides him in all the way down to my balls. Jen begins to ride him up and down, nice and slow; my tongue doing the same to Lorene’s warm wet Pussy, Lorene starts to moan and tells Jen, faster, faster. Jen starts to pump faster as my tongue goes deeper inside Lorene.

She begins to grind on my face, moaning louder and louder, when all of the sudden she lifts up and squirts all over my face, the warmth and the force turned me on so much that I began to pump harder and faster in perfect rhythm with Jen, her head moving from side to side, her moans becoming screams. Unable to move Lorene must have sensed that I was going to say something because she immediately lowered herself back down onto my mouth as I tried to tell Jen that I was going to Cum, but a muffled sound came out, I was not wearing any protection, I tried to hold back the force that was about to be unleashed. My Hard Erect Cock filled her hole tighter and tighter as she pumped even faster, our moans becoming louder with every motion, I couldn’t hold it back any longer, I released with such a force that Jen moaned and released her own juices, I felt it spraying all over my head of my Cock as she continued to Pump, squeezing every drop out of him until I was empty!

The End!

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