Four Hands are Better then Two!

by Jim Williams

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© Copyright 2016 - Jim Williams - Used by permission

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Part 1

I and my Ex-Wife were always into the Bondage scene, and especially Bondage Sex, so once our Divorce was final we went our separate ways, me never knowing if my Sex life would ever involve Bondage again. As years passed I would think of a Bondage scenarios or Bondage Sex at least once a day, I missed it a lot, but knew I would not find it and have the same experience that I had in the past. As I dated Women of all ages I knew in my mind and Body that these women would never understand my love for this type of Sexual Bondage, not to mention trying to explain it to them, I could see it now, them making a disturbing face, or busting out laughing, that would definitely be an end to an evening. So most of my dates would last a couple of dates, or maybe three or four, then it would be over and I would be back on the dating sites trying to find someone new, Kinky young Ladies and seasoned Women don’t advertise there Likes and Dislikes about what happens when they want to have fun in the bedroom, let alone to a perfect stranger, that can take years of experimenting and exploring, so I knew I was never going to have that kind of Bondage Sex probably ever again.

I met this one lady, that later got the name of Psycho Killer, why you ask? Because after only dating her for four months she became that Lady that played in that movie with Michael Douglas who cooked the kids rabbit in the boiling pot, all right maybe not that bad, but bad enough, she picked the days and changed the days that I would see my Children, wanted me to sell my house and move in with her, which was an hour and half from my job and family, wanted me to get rid of my Dogs which I had before her, tried to buy my affection, I had to be her beckon call, as for the other things, I think I just wanted to be with someone to fill the void, the Sex SUCKED Big time, let alone bring up any idea of Bondage, this Lady was unstable, and that was coming from me, the guy that Loved Bondage Sex, lol.

Once that ended I just dated again, it was boring and hard to meet someone, Bars were a No, Dating sites weren’t that great either, they just wanted your money, then you were basically on your own, I even registered on some Bondage sites as well, never really paying the top dollar ones, more or less just browsing, again finding nothing.

As I slowly lost hope of finding that special one, I realized that being out on your own again was very hard to deal with. I was thinking about Bondage scenarios all most every day, the thought of finding my mate became farther from my mind, I just wanted to sooth my craving, I started browsing bad websites, ones that gave my computer Viruses, that took me days, weeks to fix. As I finally got tired of fixing my computer I started browsing the classified websites and Dominant Websites. The classified ones were a waste of time, and the Dominant ones agreed to the Bondage, but definitely NO Sex involved, well I wanted it all.

I met this one Dominant Mistress that was a knock out, but was still strictly business, No playing around, she went on to tell me things that I didn’t realize, or for that matter, didn’t even think of. She told me instantly without hesitation that No Dominant would do anything other then put you in Bondage, maybe tease you, but that was it, maybe a Handy if you were lucky. But it was what she said next that made me think, she said for what you want to happen, you need to find an Escort that does Fetish/Fantasies, going on she said you have to be careful though, some are just into it for the money, which will rip you off, others just don’t care what they do and rush through things, then there’s others that are just Dirty Pigs, these are the ones that lie about everything in there ads, there pictures, weight, what they will offer, everything is a lie.

Talking with her was an experience, the information was informative and she was even better on the advice, so nothing happened with her except a few drinks and a great conversation. Walking to my car all I could think about was what she told me, over and over for days it played out in my head, thinking to myself, should I go for it, browsing the bad sites looking for that possible Escort, every time getting close but shooting it down the next minute. Seemed like every time I pleasured myself the thought would go away for a few days then come right back the next time.

Realizing that self pleasure wasn’t good enough, that I needed a Women’s touch to have it all, I decided to start browsing. The many websites I visited and the disappointments of reading there descriptions were a waste of time, stumbling on an occasional, Wow’ she looks good, then I would read on, let me see now, punching, biting, edge play, breathing games, Damn it, I just wanted the sensual, Erotic side of all this, not the pain and disappointment of coming home a humiliated man. So after months and months of searching all most every day and night I decided to throw in the towel and give up. My most Ultimate Bondage Fantasy was never going to happen. Years passed with me never really ever forgetting about it, every now and then, a what if?

This one day I was talking to one of my friends and I told him that I was having a little bit of aches and pains, he suggested that I should search out a nice looking Lady that does massages on the side for extra cash, he said that he found one on craigslist, I said, yeah right’ No really he replied, we laughed and that was the end of it.

This one day I had nothing to do and decided to browse the internet, to my surprise, Wow’ what you can find when typing in words in the search box, you only have to misspell a single word and your trying to shut down ten different windows, everything from vibrating toys to porn, lol. So I decide to give it a rest, didn’t really find anything that even remotely peeked my interest.

A few weeks went by and I received a letter from the storage place where I stored all my stuff left over from my marriage that I basically just wrote off and forgot about. The letter stated that they were having problems with people complaining that there stuff was getting wet and that they were resealing the units where my stuff was, during this time they would allow us to move our stuff to larger units at no additional cost.

Well after kicking it around for a day or two, thinking to myself, how important is any of that shit any way, then I thought, well the kids might want there pictures and some other stuff out of there. Then I decided to go and move the stuff for now, then let the kids pick over what they would want out of it later. I put in for a couple of days off from work then I would go early in the morning the next day to start cleaning out my storage bin. Let me see I will stop for coffee at wa-wa first, that will kick me in the Ass.

So I pull up to my bin, the place is fairly packed for a Thursday morning. Looked like it was everyone associated with our building, Damn’ everyone had the same idea. I smile to myself and un-lock my bin. I noticed to my left is two women already moving their stuff around, one of them seems to be in her early forties maybe and the other slightly older, both very nice looking women, but what do I know, I haven’t been with a real woman in years.

One of them looks at me holding my coffee and jokingly says, I hope you brought enough for us too, smiling I replied, if I knew both of you were going to be here, I would have brought extra, smiling they walked over and introduced themselves, the one shook my hand and said that her name was Jennifer and the other said, Hi my name is Lorene, I replied, pleased to meet you, I ‘m Jim.

I opened my storage bin and sighed at the pile of stuff, I couldn’t help but remember some of the times that we had together as a family, then quickly it wore off and I started to rummage through some stuff. All of the sudden I get this tap on my shoulder and it was Jennifer from the bin next to mine, asking me do I have any tools with me, I smiled and said I am a Mechanic, of course I have tools, Lorene shouts out, Jen you know that saying, Mechanic’s have all the right tools, Jennifer looked at me and smiled as I could see my face in the mirror standing in the corner becoming red, Jennifer then smiled and said, don’t mind her, that is normal for her, she loves to joke and play around. I gave them some tools and started my cleaning and sorting.

As the day went on, it got to be around 11:00am and I finally was making some progress, starting to sweat a little, I took off my shirt and threw it to the side, just then two whistles came from outside, then clapping, then followed by, take it all off for us, I laughed and continued on in my pursuit of getting this damn thing done in one day, instead of two.

Lunch time came and Jennifer yelled over, do you want to go with us and get something to eat, this way we don’t have to punch in all the codes and drive two cars and all that shit, I said, why not, we locked up our bins and off we went. While bull shitting over lunch the Ladies started talking about clients and where they were going to move their equipment to, and finding a new location. Lorene and Jennifer look over at me and asked, do you know what were talking about, I said no. Jennifer then says, Oh’ you didn’t notice what was in our storage bin, huh’ again no, why?

Well we kind of have a side business that the storage company knows about, business, what kind of business, or shouldn’t I be asking, well it’s a massage parlor, strictly on the up and up, but we use our home address instead of a storage bin, our Clients show up at our house, then we Blindfold them and bring them here, then take them back to our place the same way, they all love it, of course the bin is set up for our business, ventilation, Air Conditioning and all, heat in the winter, everything we need, we get. The owners are fine with it because of there percentage they receive at the end of the month.

Riding back to the Storage place, Jennifer asks me, what’s your story Jim, married, divorced, single? I look at them and said, I was married for twenty years and that it was over two years ago, now divorced and single, Lorene speaks up and says, have you been back in the picture, meaning dating and stuff, I said not really, Jennifer asks me, why haven’t you been, you seem like such a nice guy and have a nice build, pretty good looking, what’s the problem? A lot of things I guess.

We get back to the storage place and we park and unlock our units, I immediately start cleaning again. All of the sudden I come across our bondage overnight bag that I through into storage when my ex-wife threw it on my steps, I wanted to explore it so bad, the feelings and thoughts that passed through my mind, if only for a few seconds, I instantly realized where I was when I heard this voice saying, what did you find Jim, what did you find? I guess the look on my face must have shocked them, more then I thought, because they kept asking, I said Oh’ nothing, just old memories, I picked up the bag and threw it into the back of my explorer and shut the rear door.

As the night was coming up fast and it was starting to get dark, all of us decided to call it an evening, we said our good nights and got into our cars. Jennifer runs up to my window and taps on the glass, hey would you be interested in coming over and having dinner at our place, we are very good cooks, and would enjoy your company.

I smiled and said, let me see, a home cooked meal, sure, what time Jennifer? How about 7:00pm and call me Jen, I will text you the address, this way you can GPS us if you wish, sounds good, see you then. I stopped on the way home and picked up a nice bottle of recommended dinner wine and then continued home.

While showering I couldn’t believe how much I missed the bondage scene and what it had to offer, as I was showering I could feel myself becoming hard and aroused by the second, stop I thought, just think of something else, then I felt him getting hard again as I thought about Jen, both of them had bodies to die for and without make up, they were just simply nice looking Ladies, I giggled to myself and finished my shower. I checked my phone and there it was, their address, I put it into my phone and it planned my route, they only lived like 14 minutes away, how cool was that. I casually dressed, shaved, and was on my way.

I arrived on time and was greeted at the door by Jennifer and Lorene, they were wearing tight dresses and stiletto heels, stockings, and they looked remarkable. I immediately complimented them on how great they looked and when was their Husbands coming home, they both laughed and said, in our business its hard to find a man that will let you do our kind of job, even though there is no sex involved, a good man don’t want to hear about what you did today.

I smelled the air and said, you Ladies smell good, they both laughed again and said, you’re a smooth talker Jim, that’s dinner cooking. As dinner was cooking I was never really alone, one of them was always there to talk to me, or make a joke of some sort, it was relaxing to say the least, and they made me feel comfortable. Lorene called out that dinner was done and what did I want to drink, they said we have some beer if you would like, so I said that would be fine.

As we got into having a good time over dinner, which I might add was perfect. They started asking me about why my marriage ended, and was I sorry that it did, I said maybe with some things, but not really. Jen says some things, like what she asks? With a smile on my face, I replied, its not some thing that you can just tell any one about, really Lorene laughs and looks at Jen, like you knowing that we are massaging people in a storage bin isn’t weird, smiling I said you got me there, but who am I to judge. Jen speaks up and says come on, we are friends now, and you can tell us.

I thought about it for a couple of seconds, and said to myself, what the hell do I have to lose. After a couple more beers I started to mention to them that I had a fondness for bondage sex and that me and my Ex had it all the time. I explained immediately that it isn’t the fact that it was with my Ex, just that I missed that kind of sex all together. Jen and Lorene looked at each other, now that didn’t hurt did it.

We laughed together then Jen starts to tell me how hard it is meeting people and that finding the right match is tough enough, let alone finding someone that loves bondage, I said yes I know. Lorene looks at me and says how you know. I started telling them that I was on dating sites, searched on classified ads, and went as far as coming close to looking for an Escort. Jen goes an escort, that’s not to safe, I said it was the bondage idea that was consuming me, it was all I thought about, a women in a tight dress and heels having her way with me, multiple times, her saying when, how long each time would last, what positions, and her changing into different tight dresses.

Chapter 2

After that conversation ended I told Jen and Lorene that I felt awkward and that I was blaming it on the drinking, they both laughed and said that it was no big deal, they heard way worse. We decided to call it a night and I got up and said again to them that they looked amazing and that the dinner was excellent. I asked if they were going over to the storage place in the morning, Jen said yes we will be there, and for me to bring some coffee, Lorene smiled, my pleasure.

Jen walked me to the door and kissed me on my cheek, she stood there and told me that it was nice having a man around for a change, its hard letting men into your personal life. Lorene then comes to the door and also gives me a kiss on the cheek, around this time I was feeling pretty good about myself. Lorene then asks me with all that bondage sex you were having what happened to all your equipment and toys?

I said funny you should bring that up, Jen laughs why, me being a little buzzed and with no hesitation I say to both of them. When you’d seen me in the storage bin sitting down and day dreaming I stumbled on the overnight bag that everything was packed in, my mind started thinking again about what use to be, then Jen tapped my shoulder and reality set in then I quickly threw it into the back of the Explorer.

Lorene says, Oh’ so that’s what you were hiding from us, yes I said. Lorene goes why did you put it in storage if you were looking for a partner? Well I said, I got tired of riding around with it in my truck for one, and my daughter goes out with me and she is old enough to start asking questions, I could see it now, Dad what the hell is in that bag, its in here all the time, so I put it in storage when I decided to give up on the idea of finding the right person again, I knew it was never going to happen again.

We then sat on the porch and talked some more, it was a good evening out, and talking to someone about my issues was like getting therapy and relief for free. Jen asked, what has happened since you gave up on finding the right person, the date sites, the escorts.

Well I just stopped and realized that it was never going to happen, so now I try not to think about it. Then one of my friends got tired of trying to fix me up, basically because I would always say no to him. He finally told me that I needed to get a massage to release some of my pent up stress, I told him that I was not interested in that type of massage, he laughed and said, no you Ass, I get them all the time, real ones, I laughed and said, really? He told me that they leave him feeling great, clears his mind and that he does it all the time, I told him that I would check into it, but never did.

The Ladies looked at me then looked at each other, and said Oh’. I stood up and said I better be going there’s a lot tomorrow, they both said Ok, then I said goodnight and went on my way, walking down the walkway I heard Jen yell don’t forget our coffee, I laughed and said I won’t.

When morning came I was especially happy today, I met two Ladies for a change that were hot, interesting and available, I got my shower, dressed quickly and out the door I went, making sure that I stopped for our coffee’s. As I pulled up to my storage bin, the Ladies were already hard at work, as I got out of my explorer they waved and said what took you so long, we want to get this shit done, laughing as they made there way over to me, Jen looks at Lorene and says, he listens well. They fixed their coffee and went back to work, I did the same by opening my bin and digging in, they were moving equipment from one bin to another one that was larger that was right across from the one they had.

While they were doing that I couldn’t help but notice that they were setting it up as they were moving it, it was starting to look like a business again. I thought to myself, so what, that’s none of my business. Jen saw me watching and came over to me as I was standing there Jen asked me where I was going to put my last bit of stuff that I was actually keeping, I told her I wasn’t sure. Jen tells me if you not sure what your doing with it, for now you can put it in our bin we have plenty of room for it. You can cover it up and it will be safe.

Instantly I figured now I don’t have to lug this shit around. There was nothing really valuable any way, other then my photo albums and little stuff like that. Jen goes over and tells Lorene and Lorene yells over, it’s Ok with me but you have to help us finish setting this one up, I said without hesitation, sure. As Jen walks back over to Lorene passing by the explorer she stops and glances inside, she looks over at me and says, is that the ever so famous bag of tricks? I laughed and said yes, very funny.

With a smile on her face she goes, do you want me to put that in our bin, or are you going to ride around with it in your truck? I said, for now I will leave it in the truck, she smiles at me and walks away. Lorene then walks over, Jen watching her as she makes her way over to me; I knew Lorene was going to tease me about what was in the bag. I didn’t say anything, I just played it off. Lorene then tells me, doesn’t ask me, she basically tells me that I am invited to dinner again tonight, and since I was helping them that they would not take no for an answer. I agreed and continued to help set their facility up.

Our old bins were completely empty, except for this rather large eye sore of a contraction that looked like a platform that went around like a carousel with a thing coming out of the bottom that supported a large pole, the bottom section had two metal pieces mounted on the base of it that reminded me of things that measured the size of your foot. I looked at them and said with a smile that’s not used for your massage business is it?

They looked at each other and started busting up. No Jen says, see those nicely stack rolls of paper over there, I looked and said yeah’ well inside those rolls are fabrics for making clothes. See before our idea to become masseuse, we were actually cloths designers, the economy went bad and so did our business, that’s when we decided to do this line of work, we needed the money. But to answer your question this machine cost a small fortune and is basically useless, it was used to put material onto rolls like you see over there.

Oh’ I said with a smile. But now that you asked we have to get it to our new bin. We get it over there and Lorene says that’s it will leave it in the middle here. There new larger storage area was now operational. I was amazed how fast it was up and running. The Ladies were tired and said they wanted to lock everything up and get on there way, so they could relax and get ready for our dinner date, we said our good byes, and went our separate ways, Jen yelling from the car, be at our place around 7:00pm, then they drove off.

I arrived home exhausted from working all day in the heat, figured I would get a beer, watch a little television then get my shower, I was already thinking about what I was going to wear, and what shower gel I was going to use. 5:00pm rolled up fast so I decided to get a move on, got in the shower, shaved, every where I might add, got out feeling revived and relaxed and feeling good about tonight. I was casually dressed and looking good.

As time continued to go faster I made my way out the door and started out for there place, stopping on the way to pick up some fun from the liquor store. I pull up to their place, got out and started up the walkway, the door opens and I am at Ah’ again, they were both standing there like they were waiting to be pulled away from there every day life, Jen standing there in this tight burgundy dress with black pantyhose on, which had a rose pattern on them, easy five inch heels that matched her dress perfectly, Lorene was in this cream color tight dress that went right to her knees and looked perfect on her, her heels were a little larger and were black, Lorene’s pantyhose were nude color with a similar pattern on them.

Jen puts her hand under my chin and closes my mouth, come in; Lorene speaks up, my aren’t you looking good, I smiled and said you Ladies look great. Lorene goes what did you bring for us, I said well your hospitality last time was so good and you asked for nothing, I thought I would bring the hard stuff this time. They both smiled and said Oh yeah’ what did you bring? Well I brought Vodka and Jack, well lets eat first party later.

We sat down to a great dinner and soon afterwards came the shots, we were laughing and carrying on about their massage business when Lorene turned the tables on me, in a joking manner Lorene asks me, so Jim what kind of Bondage Sex were you really into that would make you hide your stuff, then Fantasize about it whenever you could? Jen then says, Ah’ come on, tell us.

I with a smile on my face and a few shots already in me decided what did I have to lose by telling them, they run a massage parlor from a storage unit for crying out loud! I got comfortable in the chair I was sitting in, the Ladies put their legs up on mine, I could feel myself getting a little aroused at their touch, even though it was threw my clothes, they were still dressed in their tight dresses, they looked sexy and tempting.

I started out by telling them that the early stages of our bondage sex was just like any other bondage sex, the problem was that we got so much into it that we wanted more restrictive type bondage, my ex-wife would never be able to get loose unless I untied her, me on the other hand could always escape, or talk my way out of a multiple time experience, leaving my Ex usually quite pissed off. She would always call me one timer, meaning that I was never good for multiple times, that use to piss me off.

As the years passed and we grew farther apart and there was practically no sex what’s so ever, especially bondage sex, sometimes not for six months to a year with nothing, I never cheated during this time or nothing, just satisfied myself, even though it wasn’t the same thing as having a women’s touch. Later I found out that she was seeing other men behind my back, I kind of thought that she was but when you’re in a twenty year marriage you hold on to hopes and dreams thinking to yourself that it will all get better. It doesn’t at all. I should have known that this far fetched idea that my Ex came up with one Saturday evening would be the beginning of the end.

Her idea consisted of us going on an ultimate bondage fantasy together, me not doing anything involving bondage and missing it so much, I jumped at the possibilities. Unfortunately planning it and listening to her tell me that this trip was going to rekindle our lives together and that everything was going to be fine blinded my good judgment. My Ex told me to buy toys and stuff that I would be interested in using on her and she would do the same for me, she then mentioned with a smile, the stuff and the things that she was going to do to me was going to change the way we looked at bondage sex forever. Smiling back I said, for better or worse? She laughed and said Oh’ for the better.

For that one month it seemed like old times, laughing together, planning our strategies, buying our toys of fun. Then when the day came I found out that she had lunch with a lawyer from work, I confronted her about this issue wanting to know, who does that if you’re trying to fix your marriage. Well needless to say we got into a huge battle that resulted in us going our separate ways.

One month later I get a knock on the door and there she is with the overnight bag and drops it at my feet, telling me that she won’t be needing this, a voice from the car yells come on Babe, lets go. Me looking like an ass in front of my daughter, I took the bag and threw it into the car, the next day it went into my storage bin, where it has been ever since.

Lorene looks at Jen and says, Jeez’ that story was depressing, laughing I said the bondage stuff or the twenty year marriage getting trashed? Jen laughs and says, the Bondage story silly.

We all made another toast to each other and slammed down another shot. I couldn’t believe that with all the drinking all I could think about was bondage and the Ladies. I was feeling pretty good when Lorene goes, Jim you remember when you told us about all that hunting and stuff you did while looking for the right Lady. I said yeah’ why? Jen speaks up and says; well me and Lorene decided to give you that massage that you so desperately need.

I had a good buzz going, that’s Ok, you don’t have to do that, Lorene tells me that they wanted to for helping them with everything, not thinking I said with a smile, well all right.

After excepting this once in a life time opportunity, Jen says , not so fast, you have to do something for us first. I look at them and say, Oh’ a catch huh. Lorene and Jen looking at me with puppy dog eyes and a rather devilish smile tell me that they would like to see what this so called restrictive bondage is and how it works. I said Na’ you can find out what it is by searching the internet, Jen goes its not the same, maybe if you just show us you will get over your need for it. Lorene says come on, it will be funny, we have alcohol in us and were all having fun, just show us and we will drop it and give you that stress relief massage you have needed since your divorce.

I thought with my Cock instead of my head, thinking that they were interest in me, which just having a women show some interest, let alone two of them at the same time just wasn’t happening. I buckled under the pressure and said, Ok’ but I am just telling you how it works, laughing Jen says will see about that as Lorene looked on smiling

I made my way out to my SUV and removed the bag that I so missed for years and brought it in and placed it on there couch, Jen said bring it back to our massage room, I said Oh’ a special room, Lorene goes sort of. No one comes to the house for massages; this is mine and Jens room only. They opened the door and it was a nicely set up room with a massage table right smack in the middle of it. I said where do you want me to begin?

Jen speaks up first and ask me do you even know what’s in the bag, I said No, not really, the Ex was the last one to have it before it went into storage. Lorene then says Ok I guess we will all be surprised then.

Jen takes the bag and puts it on an office chair that was sitting in the corner of the room, and then proceeds to open it up. The first thing that she pulls from the bag is this Black thing nicely wrapped in plastic, she breaks the taped seal and pulls out this Mummy Bag, letting it unroll in her hands as it all most touches the floor. I set my eyes on it for the first time as Jen walked over to me. Knowing there material she said that it felt like stretch velvet and that it had several layers and that it was pretty heavy.

With a smile I took it in my hands and it was amazing, the feel of the stretchy velvet material, the weight of it in my hands, the shape of it hanging there, I couldn’t help it I was becoming aroused. I was standing there holding it in front of two gorgeous women in tight dresses, knowing quite well that I never mentioned this type of bondage to any one other then my Ex.

Lorene then asks, well how does this bag work? Jen asks me if she can see it, I handed it over to her and she starts to examine it looking at everything, Jen looks at Lorene and says look at this, it has zippers every where. They look at me and say, did you know your Ex had all these zippers put in, I replied no. Lorene looks at me and jokily says your wife had some plans for all these access holes, I laughed and played it off. I was now starting to get embarrassed.

Jen leaves the room for a few minutes and comes back with three shots, drink up Lorene yells; we touched classes and threw them back. Jen then tells me that they were only busting my balls about it and that they were only having fun with me, that actually made me feel better and I was fine from that point on. Lorene then looks at me and says, well how does it work?

I started to tell them I could tell that they didn’t seem that interested in just me telling them about it, as they were carrying on and joking, so I was just about to call it quits, when Lorene goes come on we’re giving you a free massage, at least you can show us how it works. Now feeling compelled to show them, I said well Ok. Jen goes well how are you suppose to be dressed, the massage calls for you to be down to nothing but a towel, I could feel the excitement coming on as she giggled. I answered them by saying that I am to be naked, well then Jen says.

Jen brings me the Mummy Bag and ask me if I need some help, I said probably once it gets up over my ass, as I get both of my feet in and start working it up my legs, I could feel them getting tighter and tighter together. I can feel him getting aroused; I quickly pulled the bag up and over my ass and cock so that I could hide him. I looked up and Jen was looking right at me smiling like she knew what happened. I have worked it up my legs and around my waist. Lorene comes over and asks me what’s next?

Lorene and Jen standing on each side of me, I tell them the next thing to do is to work both of my arms into the internal vertical sleeves which were located on each side of the inside of the Mummy Bag and to work the bag up my body until it went over my shoulders. Lorene and Jen without warning take the Mummy Bag and starts to pull it up towards my hands, suddenly I am resisting them as they force my hands into the sleeves, they have won me over and my hands slide in, they continue to work the bag up my arms until it is up and over my shoulders, they both start laughing as I say, very funny.

Jen standing in front of me holding the top of the Mummy Bag together, says what do we have here? Lorene then behind me whispers in my ear, we knew all about this type of bondage, the plan worked perfectly. As I was about to say what are you talking about? Jen puts her free hand over my mouth, as I start to struggle I feel this hand pinch the material at the bottom of the zipper located in the back and Lorene gives it a quick tug, without hesitation up it goes, pulling the material tightly around my body as it went all the way up to my neck.

Once Lorene was done I was securely unable to move, the Mummy Bag was zipped all the way up around my neck as if I was wearing a turtle neck. I couldn’t believe that I was this stupid, but with the combination of drinking and the Ladies I couldn’t resist the temptation of it all. While standing there with Jen still holding her hand across my mouth I could see Lorene going through the overnight bag, just then out comes a gag that I remembered well, Lorene starts walking towards me, I start to struggle again, Jen tells me to relax or else.

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