Fetish Party Night: Halloween

by Turbo Bruin

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© Copyright 2010 - Turbo Bruin - Used by permission

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I love my job at the bondage club, serving every night, and having my girlfriends meet me each night I worked. My boss, Mistress Alicia, loved how good I was at my job and how good I worked together with Kim at the bar. One of my long time usual guest was now my mistress, Courtney, and wanted me as her personal slave. We began dating after I was her slave boy at Alicia’s end of summer fetish party. I had declined her offer to be her permanent slave until after the Halloween party that was now next week.

Like last time I had gone out to Mistress Alicia’s country house to have all of my body hair removed. After an hour I was done and smooth. The next morning I got up and shaved my face and cleaned up. The one thing different, I went to Courtney’s house instead of meeting up with Kim.

"Marcus! How are you this morning?"

"Fine Mistress, I see you are still getting ready do you need any help?"

"Yes, get my corset from my closet and get it tight around me."

I spent some time getting it tight for her. As I tied the knot I leaned over her shoulder and kissed her. "I love how you look in your corset, I can’t help but be turned on."

"Naughty boy, take off your clothes. Alicia sent me your uniform for this party."

"Yes mistress!"

I got naked and had her tighten my mask. "You know it turns me on seeing you in this mask." then she locked on my collar. Then when I turned to kiss her she forced a gag in my mouth. "But it turns me on more when I see you gagged."

We continued to get dressed, I helped her put on each of her article of clothing. Then once we were finished we put on clothes over our fetish attire. She had bought me a hooded sweat shirt to help cover my mask. Then a limousine came and picked us up. We relaxed in the car, and took off our extra clothes. This is when the rest of my Halloween uniform was given to me. I was allowed to keep on my jeans. She didn’t take off much tonight she was wearing long leather, skin tight pants and a tight leather jacket she would leave unzipped.

Before we arrived at the party we stopped at another country house. We walked in together, meeting a nice younger lady at the door. She showed us in and walked upstairs. We sat on a leather couch and I looked around, everything seemed normal. The young woman came back down, "My mother will be down in a moment, then our hairstylist will get you ready Miss Courtney."

"Thank you Lizzy, are you joining us tonight?"

"No, I never got into the fetish thing."

"Your mother is a very enthusiastic fetish person, I am surprised you never got into it like she is."

"Well, I still might its just I am too young to fully understand why people do this. Like your boyfriend here, why does he like to be your slave, gagged and unable to communicate."

"He likes to be with me, you never know what some will do for love. This uniform I really do like, the mask is actually good looking, but a latex Speedo on a guy, I really don’t like"

"Why not just let him go as he pleases?"

"Well he works for Stacy, she ordered all the servant to be dressed like this."

"Okay, when is the party?"

"It starts at three, letting people flaunt their outfits, show off new designs, and pretty much model off to each other. Then the actual party starts at six, when the rest of the guest arrive."

"Well maybe I’ll join you."

"Well you need to dress the part, I bet your mom has some extra outfits in her closet, we can find you one."

"Sure, we have time to kill before my mom is done anyway."

Lizzy, Courtney, and I went to talk to Lizzy’s mom, Veronica, to tell her that Lizzy is joining us. Then walked into a large closet with dozens of outfits. Courtney found an outfit that was almost the same as Veronica’s. to be with the Halloween theme, it was some tight leather short shorts with a butt plug cat tail hole. Her top was leather, covering her breast tightly, showing her abdomen, and was sleeveless. Next were some calf high boots with a three inch heel. The final touch was a mask covering her upper face, which left her hair hanging out the back just below her neck.

By the time we finished her mother came in and looked, "Nice, I knew my baby girl had it in her. Courtney, she will do your hair and make-up next, then Lizzy she will do your make-up and straighten your hair."

They both walked out, I followed Courtney, but was stopped. Veronica grabbed my shoulder and turned me around. Then put a mask in my hand.

"Would you mind helping me out, just keep my hair straight." I nodded and carefully pulled it over her face, keeping her hair straight out the back. "Thanks, you are her boyfriend right?" I nodded again. "So cute, a muscular body, cute butt, and if only I could see your face."

I felt awkward and stepped out and walked to Courtney. She was having her hair done, "She hit on you Marcus?" I nodded, "don’t worry she is just flirty. I should be done in about five minutes. The key to your gag is in my jacket left pocket."

I got the key and went to sit back down, keeping the gag in one of my pockets. Soon after Lizzy came and sat down and watched some television. "Why do you do all of this for her?"

"I like this stuff, got a job at a bar, became a party servant, and fell in love with a girl who I knew liked me. She was one of the customers at the bar, she flirted with me a lot, from there we were lovers."

"Why not be lovers, why are you her slave?"

"I am not, it's only at parties, it's my job to serve without question. Our relationship, we are equals to do what each other wants."

"Okay, I still don’t understand"

"Do you have a house keeper here?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Well its like that you have them for cleaning purposes, to please your every command, and have them follow every order. Well we are like that, I am the housekeeper, but I am for sex purposes. I don’t work for money, I do it because we both like it, and love each other."

"That helps a little" she shifted in her chair a little bit, "wow this plug tail is rather annoying."

"Only once has Courtney used one on me, it was the worst experience of my life."

"It’s fine, just annoying. It pushes deeper every time I move around, then the tail itself pushed between me and the chair."

"Well, it sounds like everyone is happy you are joining us. So do you have a boyfriend right now?"

"Yeah, we’ve gone out for almost a year, I refuse to let him meet my mother. He is a nice city boy who can have a good time and be himself. I don’t want to be a fetish girl because of him, I am truly in love with him."

"Well it doesn’t matter if you become a fetish girl. See your outfit now, I would guess, would give him a boner for an hour. You should send him a picture."

She laughed a little, "Well let me grab my camera"

She rushed off, almost tripping on the stairs. At the same time Courtney was coming down. "What was her rush."

"I told her to send a picture of her ‘costume’ to her boyfriend. She loves him, why not show him what he really has."

"Okay, but make sure you are careful with these pictures."

"Don’t worry I have to make sure we don’t show her fetish side."

Lizzy got her hair done and came back down with her camera. We took some sexy pictures of her posing in the cat outfit. Then we sent them to her boyfriend and got ready to leave. The four of us got in the limo and left for Alicia’s house. While on the way I took off my jeans and gave Courtney my gag and keys. Lizzy stared at me, almost laughing that I was in a latex Speedo.

We arrived at Alicia’s, I was let out and took Courtney on my arm. Then with little warning Veronica grabbed my other arm, holding Lizzy on her other. We walked into the house a slight chill passed over me. Inside was decorated to theme, with cobwebs, skeletons, and bondage theme items. Out back we saw Alicia modeling off her outfit. Like every year, by what Courtney says, Alicia plays the only dominatrix person. She wore a purple corset and black latex panties, thigh high purple and black pumps, armpit length latex gloves, and a simple mask over her eyes. Then someone handed her a belt, she attached to one side of her corset. It was loose and hung down her left side. On it she attached a rolled up whip, a couple pairs of cuffs, and a pouch with two gags in it.

I looked around seeing how few people have arrived yet. A few tents were set up to break the wind and reduce wind chill. In a circle around the dance floor were five large fires enclosed in cages, with-in cages, so no ones outfits could be ruined by getting to close. On the back side attached to two fire pits was the stage, currently fitted with a cat walk over a part of the dance floor. Before I noticed more Alicia walked over to us.

"So glad you could make it, and who is this fine young lady?"

"This is my daughter Lizzy, she isn’t into fetishes yet, but agreed to give it one try." Veronica answered.

"So glad you decided to join us, hope you take advantage of Marcus’s services, he is now my best waiter and second best bartender at the club."

"I will never be better than Kim, my mistress." I stated.

"Alicia I have a favor to ask you." Courtney said.

"What is it?"

"In private." they walked off for a little bit. I watched them and saw Alicia agree to whatever she asked. She walked back over, "Okay, well why don’t we get situated and look at some of the gear people are showing off this time".

"Actually, I need to find a certain person. I special ordered a whip to be made and I need to pick it up before he leaves. You know how some of these people are once the party starts."

The three of us sat down. We looked at some stuff but didn’t see anything of interest. After a few minutes Courtney left to use the restroom, I was left to stay with Lizzy. I heard a weird noise and looked at Lizzy, she pulled out her cell phone. I looked at her in confusion, as she typed out a text message. Once she was done she sat it on the table.

"Where were you keeping that? You have no pockets and everything you are wearing is skin tight."

"My pants, where else."

"You kept a cell phone in your pants, between your butt cheeks?"

"Yeah." with that ‘you idiot’ attitude that most young adults and teens have. "My boyfriend loved those pictures wants to see the outfit in person, tonight."

"We might be able to invite him to your house tonight around ten."

"Okay, but I don’t want him to see you, especially like this."

Courtney and Veronica came back, Veronica had a whip and a belt on now. We sat down and looked at a couple people show off new styles of fetish wear. Alicia sat down with us and ordered me to get some drinks. When I got back they drank, Lizzy only had soda as she was a year shy of drinking age. Then when the party began, Alicia borrowed me again and used me as a prop to open the party, as her servant.

I would dance with Courtney and have fun all evening. We had dinner and danced again, I would dance with each of them through out the night. I had more fun this time and actually enjoyed being put on stage again. I was strung up, my hand far apart, holding me in a standing position. This time after I was forced to ejaculate Alicia came up and whipped me once across my back.

"This servant has fallen in love with his mistress, my friend Courtney. She asked him to be a private servant to her. He has not yet given and answer. What do you say, should he say ‘yes’ or say ‘no’"

The majority of the crowd cheered out, yelling "Yes!"

"Courtney ask him again."

"Marcus, will you be my personal sex toy, serving me from this day on?"

I looked at her, "I don’t know." I was struck across my back again.

"You might want to join the crowd and say yes"

"I don’t know yet, to be your servant, not your boyfriend. That is not what I wanted from us..." I was struck again. "I want to be with you forever. This is fun, but not on a daily basis." I was struck a forth time.

"Alicia, stop for a second. Marcus, I will always love you." she kissed me on stage. The crowd cheered. "If you do not say yes after the next hit, I will give Alicia full rights to beat you until you do say yes."

I looked back at Alicia pulling back the whip about six feet behind me. She was ready to go through with another hit. "YES mistress" I yelled out. Alicia dropped her arm again.

"Hit him once more anyway." my eyes opened wide as one more hit struck straight down my back.

I was taken down and let to recover for a little while. Lizzy started a the conversation, "was that all real?"

"Yes." I replied "that was the most painful thing I have ever experienced."

"Why did you do that to him?"

"Its what we do here. Plus also I wanted him to have a couple scars on him to look more subservient."

They looked at my back, Veronica said, "She must have held back, its barely making a red mark. Not even once did she break the skin."

"I am tough, I use to play hockey taking a beating every game. My body is use to it, and rarely did I even come out with a scratch on me. Those red marks actually mean she was going as hard as she could."

"So Lizzy did you like the show?"

"It was interesting to say the least. It kept me on edge every time she brought the whip up."

Then simultaneously Courtney and Veronica said, "Submissive" and Veronica continued, "it’s nice to finally know my baby girl is a submissive. You liked the whip, you didn’t envy the power that Alicia and Courtney had over Marcus."

I heard Lizzy’s cell phone buzz again. She read it, "Mom, Eric is coming over tonight, he got off work early and needs to be let in."

"Okay honey, I’ll get the driver to take you home early."

They stood up, "Oh thanks again for getting me to join you."

"Its no problem join us next time." Courtney said before they walked off. "You have fun?"

"Please never whip me again. You know I still want to work the bar even though I am your servant now, right?"

"Its fine, why don’t we go dance a little more. I don’t ever see a mistress dance with her servant, I am unique and want to show you off."

I ran to the restroom before going out on the dance floor, and Veronica and Courtney danced together until I got out. Alicia came into the bathroom as I was going. She grabbed my dick and leaned over my shoulder. She held it tight making it so I couldn't urinate. With her other hand she snapped on some metal cuff. I was pushed against the wall and urinal.

"How is your night going?"

"Fine mistress, what can I do for you." a sense of pain was in my voice.

"I want you to purpose to Courtney. She has had many good servants but none stay too long before they leave her. I want to see how devoted you are to her, purpose with this collar or I will make your next month a living hell locked in my dungeon. Think one month in hell, or forever with another mistress."

"Yes mistress, I will prove to you I love Mistress Courtney."

She let my hands go and let me go to the bathroom. When I finish she handed me a collar, on the front was a tag saying ‘forever your slave’ I followed her out, the crowd naturally split for the host and made enough room for when I got to Courtney. I kneed before her holding her hand, my other holding the collar behind me. I pulled it around and said, "Mistress I would be honored if you would also be my wife."

She got tears in her eyes, a smile across her face and said, "Yes, my slave, I will be your wife."

She put the collar around my neck and we danced in celebration. Alicia held a toast in our honor. Everyone cheered and then went back to normal. We finally reached the point and wanted to leave. On the way out I noticed a servant girl spread and locked against the wall.

"Only one bad servant this time." Veronica stated, and we walked off.

We went back to Veronica’s house, I had my jeans on and we went inside. In the living room we saw Lizzy and her boyfriend having sex. They both freaked out and he jumped off and ran for the back door. I was ordered to catch him and bring him back. I was handed a pair of cuffs and ran after him. I took him down in the back yard cuffed him and brought him back into the house with a lot of struggling.

"Mom, I thought you were going to stay until ten." is what I came in on. Lizzy pulled up her shorts, still in her same outfit.

"Here he is Miss Veronica." I sat him on the couch and walked over to Courtney.

"Why did you run? I know who you are and know were you live, its too late to run."

"Mom it’s a normal reaction, you get caught you run."

"Shut your mouth missy or I will force it shut." Lizzy got scared knowing she was serious. "Now you, would you like to be free? Then we can have a nice long conversation on what was going on here."

"Yes ma’am." he stated.

She unlocked his cuffs and sat to listen to him. "Okay tell me."

"I came over to see her costume and thought it was the sexiest thing ever. So we both had our hormones raging and led to what you walked in on." he took some time before he spoke again. "Question why are you all dressed sexy, and why is he in his pants with that weird mask on?"

"I’ll let Lizzy tell you about that. We are taking Marcus here into the dungeon and having some fun of our own. So you can finish up if you want or come join us."

Down in the dungeon I was locked up to the wall. I had no pants or any clothes except my mask. A gag was forced into my mouth and Courtney stood in front of me. Before anything happened Lizzy came down, Eric had left. She apologized and before long was in the same position I was in. We had fun all night, Courtney torturing me sexually. Veronica showing her daughter the full advantages of being a submissive. It was a long night going almost until sunrise.

Before we left to go back to Courtney’s place, she asked Lizzy to join us again for the Christmas party.

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