Fetish Party Night

by Turbo Bruin

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© Copyright 2009 - Turbo Bruin - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m; D/s; bond; party; servant; naked; display; bdsm; cons; X

I have seen a lot of stories and photos of fetish parties. I thought I understood, but felt like I was missing out on something fun. They sound fun, go and show your true colors, while still being able to keep it a secret, if you choose. I began looking around, see if I could find a way to experience one. Nothing, just links to other sites. I did cross a couple bondage bars in my search, and decided that was the closest I would ever get. So I went to check that out.

The one I found closest to me was at this old warehouse district of town. The place looked broken down, even ready to collapse. I found the door, the bouncer remarked that I was new, I just blew it off and went in. As I got in it looked like a club, load music, dancing, and a stage for bands or strippers. I sat at the bar, the bartender was this cute younger lady, very nice, that asked have I ever done something like this. I responded no and the conversation continued.

Every time she passed me she would ask a question, all very simple. Each one started a subject, with a following conversation. Girlfriend, fetishes, favorite drink, school, and my job, I had some fun just talking with her. I only had one beer, since I needed to drive myself home. She eventually introduced herself as Kimberly.

The music began to slow and stop, so I asked her what was going on. "Its ten o’clock, the shows start to begin, dominates bring out their slaves or servants and bind them in front of all these people, some even bring up people from the audience. First up is Mistress Olivia."

"What she do, servants or audience members?"

"Servants, tonight none of the dominates bring up the audience."

"Okay, so who run this place, it looks nice for being inside a destroyed warehouse?"

"Mistress Alicia, she is the biggest fetish girl this city has seen. Her father owns a crap load of property, warehouse, clubs, bars, ocean side hotels, country houses, you name it he had one. Last year he passed away and she got everything, and a huge fortune. She sold, a lot of property, keeping only luxuries for herself, and relaxes her life away."

"Sounds like a inherited success."

"Well yeah, but she is no dits either. She has two degrees, only spending three years in college."

The first act finished and a large order of drinks came in. So she had to work out the drinks until the next show started. This one was a male, just a guy that could easily hide in the cracks of society and never be noticed. Then once he began was very outgoing, but I went back to talking to the bartender.

"So do you work anywhere else but here?"

"Well I am the bartender when Alicia has a fetish party. See we were best friends, we have been friends since first grade, she hired me because of that. I had fun in college and became a bartender, her father hired me at a club and I never made a mistake."

"Sound like your living a good life. Also you said you run the bar at her fetish parties?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Well just something I haven’t experienced, and I am just trying anything new in life."

"Well I can give you an application for here. If she likes your work, you can work at the parties. She doesn’t like outsiders at her parties, so only way in is a job."

"Thanks, that would be fun." I smiled.

"Well how long you going to be here? She will be here about midnight and has no scheduled appointments."

"I guess passed midnight, I’ll have the application done by then."

I began to fill it out, Kim would check up on me. I would check out each show, and in between them I would fill out the application. When I finish she took it and wished me luck. I kept waiting until midnight struck. A woman came up and asked me, "Are you Marcus?"

"Yes I am," I stood up and shook her hand.

She was well dressed, for a bondage bar, corset dress, mini skirt, three inch heels, stockings, make up, and hair styled down. "I am Mistress Alicia, how are you?"

"Fine, how are you Mistress?"

"Your not my servant yet, Miss will do fine."

"I am sorry Miss Alicia, so... is there someplace more quiet we can talk?"

"Yes, come to my office."

I followed her and sat in a chair, I was cautious at first since it had restraints attached to it. Quickly we got to business and did my interview. She explained the different positions and she asked if I could be a waiter, she was in major need during summer. I said I could start whenever, she loved that and asked for me to come in tomorrow about five to get ready to tomorrow’s business. I agreed and we talked about a few other things.

Then as I was walking out she made a final remark, "you can call me Mistress now!" I laughed and walked out.

I was happy, especially since I was hired so fast. I stopped by the bartender and told her, she smiled and I walked away. I thought things were good, got a good acquaintance, and a new job all in one night. I drove home and went to bed, setting an alarm so I don’t sleep in to long.

The next evening I show up just before five, Kim was opening the door into the club. I walk in and she starts showing me where everything I am going to need is. At seven people begin to show up and start to party. The last thing Kim showed me were key hooks on the wall. I was to serve drinks, food, and keep track of locks. Some customers like to be locked to their seats and not be let go unless they have a date, or their time runs out.

The night was easy, no mess ups. Alicia called me in her office when my shift was done. She reviewed my first days work, then I went home. Every Thursday to Sunday I would work, for the rest of summer, other days I worked another job that I hated. I learned everything fast, only getting better, and I would entertain the people I would serve. A month later Alicia came back from vacations and read my reviews to me. Some customers had liked me, and preferred to have me serving them. She finished, saying "this is the worst one" it went on to say what a great job I did, and they loved their first time at the club. I got a good laugh out of that, she had a couple chuckles and we parted out ways.

By the end of summer I had also gotten a bartending licence, and would work with Kim, if she needed my help. I had a lot of people who I served on a weekly or daily basis. Then one night I was surprised when Mistress Alicia called me to the stage and bound me up. I was utterly humiliated but, I had a lot of fun at the club. All of my tables loved the show and I got better tips than any night before. Since we only had a few servers for the summer, we got along well since we all had a lot of tables. I was on everyone’s good side, we ran into a problem here or there, but never got mad.

One night while we were slow I overheard Alicia and Kim talking. "Ready for my end of summer party next week?"

"Yes, so who are you going to get to replace Steven? He can’t serve at the party with a broken arm."

"I know, I am still looking."

I took my chance, "Sorry to intrude Mistress, I over heard you needed another server for a party, may I be of assistance."

"I don’t think you understand what kind of party, it’s a fetish party, for high class fetish enthusiast. Your just a normal waiter at a night club."

"Actually Alicia, he has been looking forward to see one of your parties. It would be a shame if you left him out. Also, he has not had a single mess up, and follows any order I give him to the letter. I’ve trained him to work your party." Kim said, to help me out.

"Well, if he makes a single mistake he becomes a wall decoration. Meet me at my country house, Monday night, I’ll show you, your job, and size you." then she walked away.

"Thanks Kim!"

"Don’t mention it"

"What did she mean by sizing?"

"Your uniform at the party, it’s a leather form fit mask and a latex Speedo."

"Well, at least no one will see the embarrassed look on my face."

I finished the weekend and Monday after my other job went out to her huge country house. First a leather mask was fitted on my face, the tailor took sizes and went to start on my form fit one. Next I was to try on a latex Speedo, it was made small to fit very tight. I continued to follow her around, she would state what I was suppose to do. I was to have all of my hair except my head removed the night before at her place. In the morning I was to be there and changed into uniform. A collar would be fit on me and I was to be chained to a wall. The VIP guest would pick from the servants and each servant would work a group of one to four people. I was not to talk unless given permission by my master(s), and do everything they say, expect remove my mask.

I did as requested and came the night before and have my hair removed. I got naked and sat with only a towel on. A girl came in with wax and pieces of cloth. I lied down on a table and she began to remove all my hair. After my upper body was done she asked me to put my arms in the cuffs over my head. At the same time she cuffed my legs at the other end of the table. She began to wax my legs doing the lower legs first. When she got to my upper legs she removed the towel and left me naked as she worked. Like most guys I flinched every time she pulled out my hair, but I began bucking in my restraints when she got near my crotch. Then she took a razor and began to shave my cock and balls. After almost an hour of hair removal I was let go and inspected by Alicia, which seemed awkward.

When I got home I found that Kim had left a message on my answering machine. I called her back, just to see what she wanted.

Ring, ring, "hello?"

"Hey Kim its Marcus."

"Oh hey, you got my message, I was wondering if you wanted to car pool to the party tomorrow?"

"Sure, you want me to drive or you drive?"

"Your choice, so are you ready?"

"I think so, any last minute advise?"

"Use your, ‘yes master’ and ‘yes mistress’ and you should do just fine. Oh and don’t be nervous, the servants usually do the least amount of work."

"Thanks, I’ll pick you up at eleven tomorrow morning."

We said our byes and I went to sleep. I woke early the next morning, showering a couple times, and shaving my beard, since it was not removed the night before. I put on some simple clothes and left to pick up Kim. She lived in an apartment complex inside town, some one was moving out so the door was opened. The land lord asked who I was, so I answered. She then asked if I was Kim’s new boyfriend, I laughed and said no.

I got Kim and we left for Alicia’s country house. We talked about our week and got to the house about twelve noon. Kim went to get ready as I was directed a different path by a servant girl. The hall was empty, she took my clothes and helped me get my mask on. She had strict orders to make it tight. Once she was done, the attached collar was locked on, keeping the mask in place. I was given my Speedo, which felt extremely weird, then I was taken out back. I saw a long wall going on one side of the party area, having hooks every five feet or so. On each hook was a chain which servants collars were attached. Over the hook I was at was a name plate, ‘Marcus’ and I was locked to the wall.

The twenty servants sat for an hour, waiting for the VIP guest to arrive. A couple groups of guys came up and picked out female servants. Then a single woman walked up, I recognized her as one of my usual customers at the bar. She looked at each of the guys, then got to me, she smiled and pointed at me. I was unlocked and she put a leash on me and we walked to her table.

She sat down, "go ahead sit, I am the only one at this table." I sat down, "so Marcus, I don’t think I have ever seen you at one of Mistress Alicia’s parties."

"I am a new servant Mistress..." I left it hanging.

"Mistress Courtney, I am a very laid back mistress, mostly just my food and drink orders. What do you think of what I am wearing?"

I looked at her outfit, black leather corset, with hot pink lining, leather short shorts, elbow length satin gloves, black stocking, and four inch stilettoes. She was well made up but not as much as other women, and her hair was put up into a wild bun. "You look,..." I took a loud breath in, "breath taking, Mistress Courtney."

She laughed, "you remind me of a waiter at a club I always go to."

I bowed my head, "anything you would like mistress?"

"Can you go get me a martini from the bar, tell Kim its for me"

I went and got her drink, Kim handed me a note to give to her. She took a sip of her drink and read the note. She laughed a little and crumbled up the note. As I sat waiting for another order, I looked at the other servants. They were all being used, most of the females were naked except for their mask, the guys were used as foot rest, one even as a seat. Courtney caught me looking at them.

"Don’t worry Marcus, I won’t make you do anything humiliating like that, just enjoy the relaxation.

The party went on, I got her food and we watched bondage shows like at the club. She was very into the shows and was having fun. Alicia stopped by the check to see how I was acting. Courtney said I was the perfect slave, not even a single missed order. Alicia whispered in my ear, "nice job, you are a natural, I might have to keep you for myself next time." then she left.

"What did she say, Marcus?"

"Nice job, and she might keep me to herself next time." I responded.

"I was wondering, would you like to be in one of the shows?"

"You’re my Mistress, I don’t have a choice."

She laughed and took me up for a show, removing my Speedo. I had my hands bound to a post, over my head, then legs separated by a spreader bar. She toyed with me, getting me to ejaculate on stage. It felt so good, especially with her satin gloves. I was in heaven, until she began to spank me with a wooden paddle. After some more fun, for her, we left the stage, me carrying her in my arms.

"You have fun?"

"Mistress, you are all too good at your title, and you are still laid back."

"Thanks, that the first time my slave complemented me, rather than say ‘good’"

I went along my normal duties, got her food and drinks. The party kept on going, with people coming and going. By about nine most of the VIP guest had left, Courtney was the only one left, the servants had been allowed to leave. Courtney even offered to let me leave, but I said I would stay until she did. Then the fetish party turned into what a normal night at the night club was like, without the shows. Everyone was dancing in bondage attire or cat suits, I even danced with Courtney.

About ten she was tired and left, I walked her to her car and thanked her for attending. I went to check in with Alicia and saw her on the phone, in high spirits. She had switched from a dominatrix outfit to a more casual one, like she wore at the club.

"Thanks, actually he is standing right here. Have a great night, kiss, kiss." then she hung up her cell phone. "You made a impressive impression Marcus, Courtney loved you and has put a reservation on you for my Halloween party."

"Thank you Mistress."

"You have permission to leave, drive safely."

"Actually I am here with Kim, I can’t leave until she does. I was wondering if I could be of any further service?"

"Okay, more drink orders have come in, go help Kim make them."

"Yes Mistress."

I went over and began to serve drinks. Kim and I worked awesome together, then would have drinks flying every-which-way, not one getting messed up. The servers then began to fall behind, so I began serving. The tables I visited would stare at me, the guys got freaked out, the girls began laughing. Some of the girls thought I was a stripper and put tips in my Speedo, which felt extremely awkward.

When the night ended, I changed back and drove Kim home. We had some fun conversations on the way, and reach some interesting points. Once she was home I drove off, and went strait to bed. I then went to the club and began my shift. Shortly after I began Courtney walked in the door. Sitting down in my section, so I got to work.

"What can I get you today miss?"

"What is your name?"

"Pardon me?"

"Your name?"

"Well mistress, my name is Marcus."

"I knew it... I was wondering, do you want to go out on a date? I loved the service last night and wanted to know you outside of the party."

"I have next weekend off, what would you like to do?"

"Lets go out, simple dinner and a movie, you seem so caring here, and so perfect last night, I just want to know the full you."

Next weekend we went out, nice dinner, a chick flick movie. After that she took me to her place, we talked. She fell in love with me, and wanted me as a permanent servant. I wanted to but had to decline, and said "I might change my mind after some fun at the Halloween party in a couple of months."

She smiled and I left before it got too late. Kim knew what was going on and asked how it went. I told her, she just kept asking questions, I felt pressured by her. Then when Courtney came in later she and Kim talked. Mostly Kim congratulating her on finding me. I was glad I was able to get to work, and stop all the endless questions. I swore they talked all night about me, I was very curious on what they each had to say about me.

I went on multiple dates with Courtney until then. Both of us were anticipating the Halloween party. It was only a couple of weeks away now. I was loving going to see another party, by the side of someone I liked. She loved the Idea that she was going to be my mistress again, and hoping I would become her personal slave boy.

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