Fetish Party Night 3: Valentines

by Turbo Bruin

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Part 3: Valentines

Everyone loves Christmas, except when you are sick. Courtney was sick for the Christmas party, with the flu. I was asked to help set up then spent Christmas at home with my mistress. Everything looked awesome, but to not dash her holiday spirit I told her it looked average. She looked horrible and the doctors ordered her to stay in bed for a couple of weeks.

I tried to give her a good time, going around with my mask on. She was having as much fun as she could from her bed. Then the next day Alicia came over to give her, her Christmas gift. Courtney opened it, her face looked cheery for the first time in a week or two. She pulled out a new corset, stockings, heels, and a mask. It was the outfit Alicia wanted Courtney to wear to the valentines day party. She had chosen two other people to look the same as her for the party. Courtney was excited by the honor, and wished she could try it on right now. I advised her not to, but at least let her try on the heels. They were calf length stilettos, they were a light pink color with red trimming.

After getting her back into bed I walked Alicia out. She liked to order me around a lot and was waiting for her to turn and give me some random order. Right once we hit the door she leaned against the door frame.

"So have you guys been planning the wedding?

"Yes we are planning an early summer wedding. The only problem is that we are not having any kind of fetish party. My family doesn’t know of my life and once this wedding is over I won’t have talk to them about my life."

"Okay so I guess you are not inviting me?"

"Actually we were going to give you yours at the party. Let me find it and you can be on your way, I need to get dinner ready for Courtney."

I got her out and got back to taking care of Courtney. I spent another week before she got out of bed for more than ten minutes, then another week before she got her energy back up. When that happened I was back to being bound on a daily basis, she wanted to catch up on missed time. But time went on and I went back to being bound only three or four times a week.

Then once another month passed and time to celebrate the holiday of love. Alicia came over again to make sure Courtney was in good enough health to party. While she was there she gave me a new mask to wear. I was going to be the personal slave to the three top mistresses. I hated it from the first second I saw it. It was a pink that matched their outfits, stitched with red thread, and finished with a red collar. I was immediately forced into it.

"It looks so cute!" Alicia laughed out.

I glared out, and by force of nature twitched my right eye, in annoyance. Courtney recognized the look in my eyes from a couple times I used it on her when she bound me up. "It’s only one party a year, you’ll never have to wear it here if you don’t want."

I calmed down a little, but was quickly re-angered when Alicia went to take it off. Rather than remove it she put a lock on it and walked off. I went after her and before I grabbed her Courtney yelled at me. "Stop!" then turned to Alicia, "give me the keys now or I let him turn you into a submissive."

She thought Courtney was bluffing and went to open the door. Courtney let me after her, I grabbed some cuffs we had out on the table and stopped Alicia and locked her wrist. She was struggling and began to yell out. Courtney came over and gave me a ball gag and we set Alicia up in a hogtie in the middle of the room.

"Give me the keys now or you’ll miss your own party." Courtney ordered.

She nodded, we took out her gag, "they are in my back pocket."

I took off the mask and let Alicia go. She was extremely pissed off, and knew I would pay for it tonight at work. The only other thing said was a complement on how obedient I was to Courtney.

That night at work before I was to begin, I sat talking to Kim, the bartender. I was shortly called into Alicia’s office. I sat in the chair with multiple restraints, knowing she would strap me down into the chair. When I was unable to move she grabbed me by my shirt and pulled it until it ripped off my body. She pulled out a mask out of her desk.

"I make an extra of every mask I make, too bad I don’t make extra Valentines mask. But you will be wearing your party mask all night tonight. That is if I decide to let you out of your current seat." she circled around me, "you are so obedient, I love it. That is why you are the server of honor at the party. If it wasn’t for Courtney, I would be raping you right now. You two are so good for each other, I wish their was another one of you."

"Mistress, you know that is impossible. Why not find a guy who you can train to be what you want."

"They always turn out wrong, a missed order here, a mistake there, every damn time. No man or woman has ever gotten it right."

"May I ask who is the other mistress of honor?"

"Veronica, why?"

"And how quick is your tailor?"

"You can’t be serious, Veronica won’t be a servant."

"Her Daughter might be, she broke up with her boyfriend over a month ago, she is maybe two or three years younger than you, and is a practicing submissive. Why not ask Veronica to let her be another server of honor."

"You are a genius! You may have made up for tying me up this morning."

"Let me go, I will be back in about an hour to hear the good news. I never knew you had a bi-sexual tendency?"

She was too excited to answer me, just let me go and got immediately on the phone. I went to work and came back in an hour, Alicia jumped out of her chair and gave me a hug. "Lizzy agreed to be my servant. Then we have a date to see if I can make her go bi next weekend. Thank you thank you....." she just kept thanking me.

We were interrupted by Courtney walking into the office. "So uh.... what is going on?"

"Marcus had the best idea to get me a new slave, Lizzy will also be a servant of honor at the party, and maybe try to be my personal servant."

I finished working that night and got off early to got home with Courtney. When we met back at the house we just relaxed and talked. Alicia was the first subject on our minds. She was very excited and giddy, neither of us had ever seen her so happy. We talked for maybe twenty minutes about what could be going through her head, or how much alcohol she had before we saw her with the good news.

"That was a rather weird way to start work, that is all I am sure about."

"I’d say so, I came it with you two hugging each other. I thought the wrong thing didn’t know you were getting two girls together"

"Well Lizzy is twenty-one now and Alicia is twenty-four, right?"

"Twenty-five, they could be a good lesbian couple, what is even weirder is I thought Alicia was going through a guy phase, I think you just changed her phase."

"She never goes after each at the same time? Well I guess that is a good thing." I finally changed the subject, "So we both have tomorrow off work, and the next day is that party, what would you like to do?"

"Well, I might take out a brand new strap-on I bought and use it on you."

"Oh crap!"

She took me down stairs and placed me over the side of a table. My legs were locked to the table’s legs. My arms were pulled over the other side and pulled tight. She taunted me for a little while, as she lubed up her new toy. She has had a habit of doing things I don’t like, each one worst than the last. This became another, ‘most uncomfortable night of my life’ this was the seventh time I think.

I was so uncomfortable doing that, she just kept going at it. I begged, pleaded, and screamed for mercy, but she would not stop. In the end I was left tied to the table, the strap-on up my ass, and she went upstairs for bed. Through the night I had a penis gag in my mouth, making it hard to breath and the dildo in my ass vibrated, eventually falling out right before morning.

Then Courtney came back down in the morning, disappointed that it fell out. She changed the dildo and began all over again. This time she only went for ten minutes, then let me go and wash up. I went up and got to work on my hair. I shaved my face, making sure to get every hair. Then trimmed up my hair down to a quarter of an inch. I washed up and double checked it, fixing one spot that was still too long. Then rinsed off again, and got ready for what ever Courtney asked of me.

She had nothing for me to do today, she thought last night was more than enough. So I would cook lunch and after dinner left for Alicia’s house to get a full body wax, like every party. I was shown in and taken down stairs. The people who does the waxing were late, and before long I was sitting downstairs with Lizzy. She was a little nervous that this was all just a bondage thing she did the night before a party.

"What all happens down here? It looks like a dungeon."

"Just a waxing, we each get a full body wax, and our privates shaved. The girls usually are done in thirty minutes, guys take an hour."

"Why so long?"

"Guys hate waxing and our balls take some time to get nice and clean. So are you ready for tomorrow?"

"I thing so. What do I have to do?"

"Well, first is get drinks and food for our table. Then dance with your mistress if she asks, or be on the dance floor in case she ask for something while she dances. Follow her every move, ready to take any random order. If you need something just ask her, but make sure its good timing. Finally make sure you mind your manners and tongue, using your ‘yes mistress’ and ‘yes master’ if it applies."

"Okay, so any advise on my date this weekend?"

"Lets see, come to the club Friday while she doesn’t expect you. Go into her office and sit down in the special chair. Then the next day when you have a date you should be able to act normal."

"You’ve helped me twice in relations now."

"Yeah, and sorry about Eric."

"He cheated on me he deserved what my mother did to him."

I didn’t know Veronica got involved and loved listening to the story, while we got waxed she finished the story of her mother punishing the truth out of him, then an apology, once he was let go he ran off and did everything in his power to avoid both of them. I laughed at the story and agreed he did deserve it. Then she noticed some pictures on the web after they broke up, of her Halloween costume, and she was glad she wore a mask and she convinced everyone he was cheating on her with two girls. I thought that might be a bit harsh but couldn’t help but laugh some more.

She finished as my lower body was being worked on, "see you tomorrow Marcus."

"See yaaaahhhh," the strip was pulled as I said ‘see ya.’

I went home that night and got to bed early with Courtney. The next day we got up early and we worked out. She had me do some yoga over the last couple months to help me be more flexible. I also did some lifting expecting to be running all over the place today, carrying many different items. Afterwards I started to get ready and cleaned up myself.

I thought about when we usually stretch, right before I am put into some position. I began to expect to be bound all night. This seemed like it would be a longer night than usual, something had to be different about this party and not the others.

After I was ready I sat down and watched some television with Courtney. She was watching the news, the weather was going to be mild, maybe chilly because of the wind. We sat for a little while not talking. She flipped channel after channel, with nothing on that she liked. She turned it off and leaned against me. I wrapped my arm around her and she pushed herself closer.

"I never thanked you for taking care of me while I had the flu."

"Yes you did, just by letting me be with you."

"Ready to go to Veronica’s, she is making brunch for us before we go to the party."

"Lets go"

We drove out to Veronica’s house all of our outfits in a suitcase in the back. We walked in and were greeted by Lizzy. We watched a couple film clips she got at the Christmas party. We ate our meals, the food was excellent. After the meal we sat and talked about what Courtney and Veronica were going to wear and how awesome they would look by Alicia’s side. Then it turned to how Lizzy and I would look. Then Lizzy made a remark about how I looked right now.

"I think this is the first time I’ve seen you fully clothed."

"Same to you, so are you ready to see how good a slave you can be?"

"Yeah, what should I do if I mess up?"

"You won’t mess up baby...." Veronica said, but was interupted by me.

"Fix it, quickly, then immediately tell your mistress. Then after that ask her for what ever punishment she sees fit. She may not do anything, or she may embarrass you in front of all the guest and leave you for everyone to see, and possible admire."

"Marcus, that was very direct. Don’t scare her like that." Courtney snapped at me.

"Actually, Courtney everything he has told me on anything has worked. Plus also I might not be motivated to do it right next time if I am not punished." she giggled.

"That’s my kinky little girl." Veronica ended with a smile.

We spent some time getting dressed in our outfits. I helped Courtney get ready then once I was done just had to get Veronica’s corset tighter. As they were getting their hair and make-up on I helped get Lizzy ready. She pulled her hair into a ponytail, then I fed it through the top of her mask. After I pulled the laces tight I locked the collar making sure the laces were tucked away. She then put on her uniform, which I never noticed the ladies uniforms because the guys quickly had the women naked.

It was latex, covering her private areas. It was a thin waist pulling tight on her butt. Then in front covered her stomach, having a diamond cut out, her belly button in the center. The chest was specially shaped to fit her. It had one strip go around under her arms, then one over each shoulder attaching to the other in between her shoulders. The overall look was that of a swimsuit, just made sexier.

To go with the holiday her and I had new uniforms that were pink. Everything was pink, red, or white to show peace and love. I thought it to be ironic, celebrating the holiday of peace and love with a party of bondage and beatings.

Once everyone was ready we got in the car and drove to Alicia’s place. We were greeted at the door by Alicia. I had Courtney on my arm and Alicia grabbed tight to Lizzy. They walked off to who knows where, Veronica went around looking at what new stuff people were showing off, while Courtney and I went out back to relax a little. We talked for a little while about nothing, just to hear each others voices.

Alicia and Lizzy came back and sat with us. Soon we moved to another table that Alicia had made for us. It was on a balcony on the second floor, over looking the party area. Inside the house next to the balcony entrance was a woman in servant uniform. She was the person who kept track of the party and told Alicia if anything was wrong, or who had made a mistake. We sat and soon came the orders from our mistresses. Lizzy and I were doing minor work right now.

Then after some time passed and the party really began we got some more orders. We had to get drinks, dinner, and sometimes get something for a visitor. Veronica stayed down in the party area more than anything. We had just finished dinner and began to talk about how everyone is.

"So Courtney, are you ready to get married?" Alicia asked.

"Yes, I am. The only thing is once we are married, I might treat him more as an equal just to seem more normal."

"Well, I don’t think I’ll ever find the right person as you did."

"You never know, maybe Lizzy is Mrs. Right for you."

"Mistress?" Lizzy interrupted, "I was wondering what you wanted to do this Saturday?"

"Maybe, we can go to the new Italian place in town, then go see a movie."

"Okay, just tell me what movie you would like to see."

"Okay, Lizzy." their was a pause in our conversations, "Wanna dance?"


"Marcus, lets go dance too"

"Yes mistress."

We actually stayed on the dance floor longer than we had at any party before. The four of us danced together enjoying ourselves. Maybe after an hour and a half, the servant from upstairs came and whispered in Alicia’s ear.

"Excuse me, one of the guest is leaving and had a problem with a servant." she walked off taking Lizzy with her.

We didn’t see them for a little while, until Alicia had Lizzy bound up on stage with her hand above her standing on her toes. Lizzy was naked and had a gag in her mouth. Alicia held a vibrator in hand and toyed with Lizzy. Soon it was buried deep inside and Alicia let it do its dirty purpose.

"You afraid to doing it in front of all these people. Look as they all watch your naked body circum to your sexual desires."

I whispered to Courtney, "lets join them, two servants humiliated together. You know you want to."

Soon I was in a similar position, bound and standing on my toes. They put a vibrator up my ass, which I tried to pull away from, unsuccessfully. Alicia toyed with Lizzy, Courtney toyed with me, and soon we were both having orgasms on the stage. Then Courtney and Alicia left the stage, with both of us still bound up. "We’ll leave you here for a while." Alicia said with a laugh.

We were looked at, laughed at, and everyone must have said something about us. We looked around for any sign of Alicia or Courtney to return. We must have been hanging for half an hour with another master and his slave showing off behind us. Finally the servant from upstairs came and let us down and we followed her into the house.

We sat down and relaxed for a little while. The party began to get a little more exciting, when Alicia shot out foam tipped toy arrows, each having an invitation to a private room in the house. As she shot them out she tried to equal numbers of guys and girls. She made up an odd number of arrows so one was kept. I read the note, ‘You and one friend are invited to join your host, Mistress Alicia, in the Dungeon of Love. Come join us and present your invitation to the servant.’

We walked down into the dungeon and a line of extra servants sat chained to the wall out in the hall. Alicia’s basement was turned into a large dungeon area. I had been down here multiple times to get my waxes and sex slave fun with Courtney. The dungeon was split into four large open rooms, each one sound proofed from the others, and a couple storage closets. Soon the six pairs came down into the dungeon area, with a servant designated to each of them. Once all of the couples came in Alicia explained further, what we would be doing.

Each of the slaves can be traded out for a new one at any time. Not only could they trade them with another server, but also a dominate. I saw one of the girls eyes light up once the dominants came into the room. Each pair would share a room with one other pair. The last room is where all the extra dominants and servants would sit and play if they liked.

Immediately the one pair I saw the girl in traded their servant for a dominatrix. Each one went into a room and had the rest of the night to play. Then Alicia had Lizzy and I go up and grab the misbehaved servants from the front entrance wall. So far only two servants had acted up, both of them being female. I held onto both of them as Lizzy opened the doors for me. Right before we reached the dungeon one of them began to pull away and knocked over the other one.

She ran off as I kept the one from falling down. "Marcus go get her, I take this one to Alicia." Lizzy said to me.

I ran after her, and cutting through the crowd. She ran out behind the house and across the dance floor. As she ran I saw her pull off the gag that was placed in her mouth. After chasing her through one of the dinning areas she ran around the house to the valet station. Right before she reached the station I had grabbed hold of her arm. She swung at me and threw the gag at my face. I caught it as it was falling and one of her wrist again. Once I got her on the ground I took the gag and wrapped it around her wrist, having enough to go around twice, and buckled it.

On the way in the front door she protested and pleaded, "don’t take me in there! Please, she is going to beat the living shit out of me. This isn’t fair I am always the one who gets a beating."

I was glad once I made it back to the dungeon. She was struggling and kicking to try to run again. One of the dominants helped me once I got to the hall. When we got her into the dungeon she quickly had a chain attached to her collar, and her gag was put back in her mouth. Alicia glared at her, she tried to pull at her chain and backed into a corner. The other dominants watched and laughed at her futile attempts. I looked at Courtney, she shook her head, then looked away. Before Alicia got to the slave girl, I stepped in front of her.

"What are you doing Marcus?"

"Making a deal, I get to punish her privately, and you get to punish me." I stared her in the eyes waiting for a response.

"Okay you get one hour, and I get one hour to beat you in any which way I like. She is suppose to work tomorrow, helping clean up, you can do her punishment then."


Courtney was shocked that I would make such a deal, since many times before when Alicia got me, she beat me senseless in only ten minutes. They let the slave girl leave, she didn’t take the time to remove her gag before she was running full speed out the door. I stood in front of Alicia and waited for her to give me an order. Not a word was said as I was locked down to a table and had no hope of escape. A gag was forced into my mouth as I waited for the worst to happen. In front of me I saw the other problem slave sitting, gagged and her hands behind her, chained to the wall. Lizzy sat next to her on a bench just watching my soon-coming punishment.

Alicia had a paddle and a dildo in hand, ready to punish me lightly. She always got worse as the punishment continued. Some parts were pleasurable, but mostly not. She began by pressing the dildo deep into my ass. The first ten minutes was a spanking, and each hit hammered the dildo into me a little. Next was a little better, she moved the dildo in and out as she jacked me off. Soon I had Courtney sitting in front of my face. While a second set of spankings was delivered I had to lick Courtney’s pussy. Every-so-often I would let out a scream, barely muffled by Courtney’s crotch. The rest was just rather annoying, but very easy to endure.

"Never stand up for another slave again, you're rather hard to get to scream in pain."

Courtney and I went back up to the party area to dance around. Lizzy stayed down with Alicia as she got ready to deal with the other problem slave. While we danced Courtney questioned why I stood up for another slave. "You know you shouldn’t do that, Alicia punishes each one according to what they do wrong. That girl is not good in heels and the guys that always choose her put her in four inch stilettoes. They never put that in the report, and I was going to talk to her about that."

"Well, you looked annoyed with what was about to happen, so I chose to give the girl a break for once."

"Well never do that again, I want to be the only person who ever punishes you. You are going to be my husband soon, I want to be the only woman in your life, in any factor, especially your bondage life."

I gave her a hug as we danced, then after a little while we left. We went back to Veronica’s house and changed back into our normal clothes. Courtney and I were exhausted and went straight home to bed. The next day we went out to Alicia’s house, she had multiple people taking apart the decorations. Alicia walked me up to the servant I am suppose to punish, and took us to a dungeon room. I brought Courtney in with me and locked the door so Alicia wouldn’t interrupt. She acted scared of what we might do to her.

We played a little joke on her. We locked a collar around her neck and chained her to a wall. I moved over the table that we could lock her down to. I raised a fist to her and brought it down, fast, in front of her face. She flinched and closed her eyes thinking I was going to punch her. I showed her in my hands I had a deck of cards. Courtney had pulled up a couple chairs, and we really confused the girl.

"We are playing cards, you win, and you are set free. You loose, and we give you twenty spankings. Its best of five, I’ll deal first"

Courtney, Stacy, and I played cards to kill time, while I was suppose to be punishing this girl. We took our time and played one game every ten minutes. Courtney won three, Stacy won two, and I only won one.

"Sorry Stacy, that mean you get twenty." Courtney said, "and you get twenty when we get home since you didn’t win either."

We all a had a good laugh and dealt out the punishment and the three of us walked out. Stacy went back to work, cleaning up the house. Courtney and I went home and she dealt out my punishment and a lot more. She claimed she was still catching up on lost time while she was sick.

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