Fantasy Football Slaves 2

by Mistress Lisa

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Fantasy Football Slave edition
The Tara and Racheal story

Editor’s note: All characters are fictional.

Chapter 2

January 24, just before noon

Sue drove the car to Racheal’s home and as they approached the closed gate, all three were amazed at the size of her estate. They were buzzed in and through the intercom and Sue was instructed to park at the garage and they were to walk to the front door.

After they left the car they walked to the front door and rang the bell. The door was opened by Jasmine, who was wearing a white latex bra which had holes for her 42DD breasts and there were gold rings through each of her nipples, and she was also wearing a pair of white latex panties. She also had on white boots the 5” heels and a solid gold slave collar around her neck.

The three were told to remove their dresses, but leave on the shoes and from the table by the door each was to pick up the collar that had their name on it and lock it around their throat. As Tara locked her collar on she saw a light on the front turn green, and noticed Sue’s and Robert’s collar did the same.

Jasmine explained the collars were actually modified dog control collars. When the light was green that meant they were ok and if they went within 50 feet of the front gate or the wall around the estate, the collars would turn yellow and if they got within 25 feet the light would turn red and then the collar would activate and they would receive a very nasty shock. Also they could be shocked by anyone holding a remote, which Jasmine showed them.

Next Jasmine picked up handcuffs from the table and proceeded to cuff their hands and elbows behind their backs. Finally Jasmine clipped a leash onto the collars and pulled the three down the hallway to an elevator door. Tara was really nervous as for the first time in her life she was helpless.

Tara looked at rooms they past as they walked and could not believe how beautiful and expensive the décor in each room was. After the elevator descended, the door opened and Jasmine pulled the three slaves into the dungeon. The three looked around and were shocked at how well equipped the dungeon was compared to Tara’s dungeon, and that there were things they had never seen and were scared to know what they did. Finally they stopped in front of a row of cells and after each one was uncuffed she or he was pushed into their own cell and the doors were locked. Jasmine smiled and said, “Slaves welcome to your new home for the next two weeks”.

They were then told that Racheal was to be address as “Mistress Racheal”, Jasmine was to be addressed as” Ms. Jasmine” and Brianna, who was the house maid was to be address as “slut”. They were told that any and all mistakes they made would earn them demerits and they had better avoid that at all costs and they also were to fill out the questionnaires on the cots and they had better answer them honestly or they would suffer a severe punishment. Jasmine left saying Mistress would be down shortly and that they should if they needed use the potty before she arrived

Once Jasmine had left Tara looked at her slaves and told them she was sorry that she made the bet, but they needed to do their best to avoid punishments. Tara looked around the cell and saw on the cot the questionnaire. Also she noticed each cell had a sink, toilet and a closet, which when she tried to open the closet she found it locked and could not even imagine what was inside, but she knew what was in there would cause pain.

Shortly the elevator doors opened and Racheal, followed by Jasmine and another female wearing short yellow latex dress with breasts at least 44DD, yellow shoes with 7” heels and a metal chastity belt.

Racheal introduced the three to Brianna as the house slave, cook and maid.

Racheal told the new slaves that on normally on Saturday afternoon slaves that earned demerits were punished, but so they could see the punishment this week it was this Sunday. Turning to Jasmine, Racheal told her to strip and stand under the hanging chains. Racheal looking at the new slaves said that many activities would evolve the hanging chains.

Once Jasmine was secured to the hanging chains her feet were then cuffed to floor rings 3 feet apart and the chains were raised until she was stretched taunt. Racheal told Jasmine she had five demerits and she was to be whipped on her back. Racheal walked to a rack and removed a very nasty bull whip.

Tara could not believe her eyes as to what was going to happen but watched anyway. Everyone heard the whip crack across Jasmine’s back and heard her say “one Mistress”. Tara saw the bright red welt appear and could not believe Jasmine did not cry out in pain. The next four strokes left Jasmine with four more welts and Tara noticed juices were flowing down Jasmine’s legs. Racheal laughing told Jasmine she was lucky she did not cum or she would have missed the fun later.

Brianna replaced Jasmine in the same bondage. Tara noticed while it was clear Jasmine had implants, Brianna’s breasts were huge and natural and that she was still wearing her chastity belt.

Brianna was told she had seven demerits and her breasts and belly were to be whipped. As the first stroke of the whip hit Brianna across her breasts and nipples, she screamed from the pain. Sue in her cell turned her head away so she didn’t have to see the punishment. Racheal yelled at Sue to watch or she would replace Brianna for the same whipping. Scared shitless Sue turned back and watched. They all watched Brianna receive the remaining six strokes and heard her screams bounce off the walls and Robert and Sue wondered how their Mistress could have placed them in the place of horrors.

Racheal told them they had better obey every command as next Saturday they would be whipped or suffer “hell” instead and both were painful.

Racheal picked up a nearby bag retrieve something from it and held out her hand and told them, she had a ball with a number from 1-10 on it and each would give a guess of the number and the one furthest from the number would be used for a demonstration of what hell felt like.

Tara said, “Use me for the demo and spare my slaves, since I put them here. “ Smiling Racheal said, “I like you being so brave for your slaves and also that is your first demerit for breaking the rule Jasmine told you about how to address me and I am so glad you volunteered.” Jasmine was told to spread-eagle Tara in the hanging chains.

Jasmine opened Tara’s cell door and pulled her by the leash to a set of hanging chains and cuffed her wrists to them. Jasmine the pulled off the shoes on Tara’s feet and cuffed her feet to floor rings 3 feet apart. Racheal used a pulley system to pull the chains so that Tara was stretched taunt in the form of an “X”.

Tara‘s arms and legs were in pain as she thought they might be pulled out of their sockets as she watched Racheal put on a pair of latex gloves and picked up a jar from a nearby table.

Racheal explained that for every demerit earned, that slave would experience either a whip stroke or a minute with hell and in this glass jar is “HELL”, it is a mixture of the strongest hot pepper juice, industrial strength “BENGAY” and an extreme itching solution.

Racheal dipped the tip of one gloved finger in the jar and touched Tara’s left nipple with it. Tara’s immediate reaction was to scream and beg for it to be removed as the pain was unbearable and she thought her nipple was on fire. Smiling Racheal put a drop on Tara’s right nipple and said now we wait for 5 minutes.

Tara’s mind was overloaded with pain and was promising to do anything to stop the pain. Sue and Robert looked on as their Mistress was screaming in pain and each decided to obey and avoid “hell”.

Finally after 5 minutes Racheal rubbed another cream on the nipples (which were hard as rocks), that neutralized the “hell” solution. Tara looked at her nipples and was shocked to see no damage to them. Tara was released from the bondage and she massaged her nipples.

Smiling, Racheal told Jasmine to treat the other 2 slaves also to five minutes of Hell, so they will know how painful it is. Racheal turned to the new slaves and said, “Finish the questionnaire and then get a good night’s sleep as tomorrow morning you all get body jewelry.

Tara screamed, “One of the limits is no permanent damage, so you can’t do that.” Smiling Racheal reminded her that their bet was for “No limit slavery” and for that outburst; she had just earned 15 minutes on the meditation station and two demerits for not addressing her properly.

Tara was in a state of shock, for she knew Racheal was extreme, but never did she dream she was this extreme.

Racheal opened the cell door and dragged Tara by her leash over to a corner of the dungeon, where Tara saw a triangular board ( 4’ long and 6” high) on the ground (with the sharp point facing up) and a set of stocks about 2 feet behind it. Racheal cuffed Tara’s hands behind her back and forced her to kneel down with the point of the triangle directly under her knees. Tara felt the point dig into her knees and was afraid of what would happen next. Racheal grabbed a rope that was hanging from the wall and tied it to the handcuffs and pulled until Tara’s arms were pulled back forcing her to lean forward which put more pressure on her knees.

Tara cried out as the pain in her arms was more that she could bear and pleaded for mercy. Smiling Racheal grabbed her feet and locked them in the foot stocks, so all her weight was now on her knees.

Racheal forced a large ball gag into Tara’s mouth and secured it very tight. “So slave, are you enjoying the meditation station.” Tara shook her head no and Racheal just laughed and said to her, I guess you need more pain and she reached to a shelf and got a pair of clover leaf nipple clamps, which she put on Tara’s nipples and then hung a weight on the chain which Tara knew would tightened the clamps with every movement.

Racheal asked her again, “are you enjoying it or do you need more pain” Tara was stunned but nodded yes and Racheal just laughed, telling her she was going to stay there until her other slaves were done feeling the effect of hell. At this point Tara realized she needed to obey without hesitation as the punishments were far more than she ever gave out.

Racheal then told Tara that she was going to get the same tattoo Jasmine had and then told Jasmine to take off her latex panties to show everyone her tattoo. As Jasmine removed the panties all three saw that inside were two large dildo’s which were inserted in the each of Jasmines holes. Jasmine showed everyone her tattoo, which was of a black coiled whip and inside the whip in pink it said, “Racheal’s slave.” Tara noticed that Jasmine’s labia and clit were pierced with metal rings and hoped she could avoid that.

Once Jasmine had finished with Sue and Robert, Tara was released from meditation and she could only crawl to her cell. Once inside Tara got on the cot and tried to get her knees to stop hurting. She also decided she was not going to play fantasy football next year.

Sue screamed at Tara telling her she had no right to include her in the bet and also it was her fault she did so bad as she was responsible for letting Robert draft for her and manage the team and once she was free she was leaving Tara.

Racheal smiled while watching them on a closed circuit TV and would make sure that everyone in the league would hear that Tara cheated.

Day 2

In the morning Jasmine brought each slave a dog bowl of what looked like oatmeal and a dog bowl of yellow water. As she collected the questionnaires Jasmine told them they were to eat from the bowls while on their hands and knees like dogs. Sue starting eating and the food had no taste, but the liquid was very salty like pee.

Tara, being very sore and was also very hungry so she ate all the food as she knew she would need all the energy she could get and advised Robert and Sue to eat and drink so they would not get punished.

Racheal arrived along with Brianna who was pulling a cart with plastic rings on it. Tara begged Racheal not to pierce her and her slaves, as they would obey all her rules and be good slaves. Racheal waited a few minutes before telling Tara that instead of a piercing for her and Sue, their nipples and clit would be ringed, which consisted of a tight plastic ring around their nipples and clit, but Robert would be getting a special penis cage. Tara quickly agreed before Racheal could change her mind not caring what pain her slave husband received.

Jasmine pulled Robert from his cell and spread-eagled him in the center of the dungeon. Jasmine retrieved a metal tube and opened it to reveal an open hinged cage with sharp metal points lining the cage and metal cups for his balls that was attached was also filled with spikes and attached to the front of the cage was a 12” long impinger.

Robert screamed no please not that and Jasmine just laughed as she coated the impinger with sterile lubricant. Slowly she pushed the impinger deep into his cock until the round ring at the end of the impinger was against the tip of his cock. Jasmine then closed the cage and placed a ring behind his balls that had a metal tab that the two halves of the cage slide into and then it was locked shut trapping his cock and balls in the spiked device. Robert screamed in pain from the evil device.

After Robert was released, Tara was told to stand under the hanging chains and soon she was again spread-eagled in front of Racheal. Racheal showed Tara three small clear plastic rings and she was told that they had been custom made for her from the measurements taken at Shelia’s, and Tara noticed the inside part of the ring was serrated.

Racheal placed a ring on the end of a suction device and placed it over Tara’s right nipple. As Racheal turned on the suction device Tara felt her nipple being sucked through the ring, which was very tight, and she felt her nipple start to swell as the blood was stuck in the nipple.

Racheal flicked the ringed swollen nipple and Tara felt it try to grow as it became excited. Racheal quickly repeated the ringing on Tara left nipple and then place the device on Tara’s hairless cunt right over her large clit and then her clit was sucked through the ring and it also became swollen.

Racheal explained that the center part of the ring was serrated and to try to pull the ring off would only embed the nipple or clit on the serrate and removal could possibly rip the nipple or clit and also the plastic was high tech and almost impossible to cut so it was also permanent (which was a lie just to scare Tara). Also Tara was told a side effect of the swollen parts was they were all very sensitive to stimulation. Jasmine dragged Sue in front of Tara and she was soon chained spread-eagled and Tara watched as Jasmine ringed Sue’s nipples and clit.

Racheal got a vibrator from a drawer and place the tip on Tara’s clit and turned it on. Tara could not believe how excited her swollen clit was and soon her juices were dripping down her legs. This was repeated on her nipples and soon she orgasmed Tara now realized that her nipples and clit were now super sensitive and removing the rings was not an option.

Racheal then told Tara and Sue that they were going to be tied together with a vibrating double dildo with a clit massager in their cunts, and who ever had their orgasm last would pick from one of two envelopes and which would tell which person would be allowed to pick who they served that night.

The two were tied tight together after a dildo was inserted in each and then the dildos were turned on high speed. Tara felt herself become excited and as she looked into Sue’s eyes, she saw Sue was also excited. After about 15 minutes Tara screamed out as she had a massive orgasm and Sue followed right after her.

After both were released from the bondage, Racheal showed Sue two envelopes and said one had a (+) inside which was for Tara since see came first and the other with a (–) was for her. The winning envelope would allow that person to pick whether she would be Brianna’s slave or Racheal’s slave that night with the other serving who was not picked.

Sue picked the envelope in Racheal’s right hand and when it was opened she saw inside was a (+) so Tara was told to choose who she would serve. Tara decided she would serve Brianna, since Racheal was extreme and Brianna was a slave, so she told Racheal she picked Brianna.

Hearing this Brianna then asked if she could fuck Tara now in the dungeon, which shocked Tara.

Racheal called Brianna over and asked her if she wanted to fuck Tara in the chains or locked in the low table stocks. Brianna said in the stocks with her legs spread wide apart. Racheal smiled and agreed. Tara thought she was to be fucked by Brianna using a strap on dildo and was actually looking forward to it.

A surprised Tara watched as Racheal pulled a remote from her pocket and pushed a button and saw the chastity belt Brianna wore open and when it was removed Tara screamed and tried to get free of from the chains, as she saw Brianna had a 12 inch long 4” diameter penis.

Tara could not believe that Brianna, who she thought was female, was actually a t-girl with a huge fat cock. Tara begged Racheal not to be ass fucked as she had never had anything in her ass.

Smiling Racheal said 5 demerits for not addressing me as Mistress and your ass is going to be fucked hard tonight, but right now just your wet cunt.

Tara was dragged to a set of stocks and pulled onto the platform and her head and hands were locked in the stock at the head of the short table. Brianna then pulled each of Tara’s legs to the holes in the base and closed the board which locked them and kept Tara’s legs spread wide apart so her cunt and asshole were exposed. Also Tara’s breasts were pulled through holes in the table.

Racheal told Sue to crawl under her Mistress’ body and suck on her nipples and finger her clit or she would replace her in the stocks. Sue quickly rushed to crawl under the bound Tara as she did not want any punishment.

A helpless Tara felt Sue’s mouth start to suck on her swollen nipples and her hand finger her swollen clit and she felt them responded to the fingers and soon Tara’s cunt was swollen and her juices were flowing and she was almost having another orgasm.

Brianna rubbed Tara’s cunt juice on her cock, which Tara then saw grow even bigger and then Brianna slowly slide her cock into Tara’s swollen wet dripping cunt and Brianna whispered in Tara’s ear, “enjoy it, as I will since it’s been three months since I was out of the belt and with the extra large dose of Viagra I took this morning, I will be fucking you here all day and night and after I fuck your cunt, I am going to fuck your asshole with my cock covered with your cunt juice.

Brianna slowly shoved forward and Tara screamed as her cunt was assaulted by that monster cock. Soon all 12” were in Tara’s cunt and Tara felt it actually touch her cervix. Brianna fucked her while Sue continued to suck on Tara’s nipples and finger her clit as Tara screamed when she had an orgasm. Tears flowed down Tara’s face as she was horrified by her body’s betrayal and the fact she was actually enjoying the huge cock inside her. This continued until Brianna had two orgasms flooding Tara’s cunt with her cum and Tara was in constant orgasm. Finally Brianna pulled out of the swollen cunt.

Tara then felt the tip of Brianna’s cock push against her virgin asshole and screamed when it entered her. The pain in Tara’s asshole was horrible and it took another 10 minutes of being fucked before Brianna screamed in joy and squirted her cum deep in Tara’s ass.

As Tara was released from the stocks, she fell to the floor only to see Brianna put her massive cum and shit covered cock into Tara’s mouth and she was told to suck it clean. Tara realizing she had no option, started to lick Brianna’s cock and cleaned it while trying very hard not to vomit from the taste of her shit.

Racheal then said I think we all need to relax, so Brianna you can stay here with Tara and play and fuck her all night, but remember you have work to do in the morning and Tara, if you don’t obey her completely you will be pierced and spend 30 minutes in hell. Hearing this Tara knew she had to comply, but prayed it wouldn’t be too bad.

A smiling Racheal told Jasmine that Robert was her toy for the night and she could use and abuse him as she wanted and that she was taking Sue to her bedroom for sex and some fun.

She then told the slaves in the morning they would be tattooed and they all had better behave and obey their mistress’s or suffer extreme pain and earn demerits.

As Brianna pulled Tara to the back of the dungeon Tara heard Racheal tell her that there were cameras all over the dungeon that were recording everything so she had better obey Brianna or she would be earning demerits.

Racheal pulled on Sue’s leash and Sue followed her to the elevator and up to the first floor where they went to Racheal’s bedroom. Sue saw a beautiful bedroom with a large bed, many dressers, and a large master bedroom with sunken tub. Also she saw an area that was a mini dungeon with stocks, whipping frame and other things. Racheal told Sue kneel on the floor while she undressed. Sue was amazed at the beautiful body Racheal had and was happy that Tara picked to serve Brianna as she would have done the same thing.

Racheal pulled Sue into the bathroom and filled the large tub scented bath oil and got into the tub with Sue following. As Sue bathed Racheal she was asked how she met Tara. Sue replied she was always submissive and loved females and met Tara in a lesbian bar and after several meetings she decided to become her slave. Sue said she enjoyed bondage and mild punishments, so being here was a new experience and it scared her. Racheal asked Sue about her relationship with Robert and was told except for cooking and cleaning clothes, occasionally she was told to paddle his ass as a treat as she hated him.

Racheal asked Sue if she found pleasure in paddling him and was told it did turn her on. Racheal smiled as she thought of something special for Tara. Sue told Racheal she had decided she was leaving Tara after the two weeks because she placed her in this position without asking.

Meanwhile, Jasmine dragged Robert to her bedroom and locked him in a pillory bent over so his ass was sticking out. Robert watched Jasmine do a strip tease with her 44DD breasts and nude cunt in front in him and he screamed as his cock started to get hard in the chastity device and the spikes impaled it.

Laughing Jasmine pull a double dildo from a drawer and slide the smaller dildo in her cunt and told Robert that he was going to be fucked with a dildo the same size as Brianna’s cock. Robert begged for her not to but was quickly silenced with her worn panties. Robert saw Jasmine coat the dildo with a lubricant and slowly push it inside his asshole. Robert screamed as the dildo plunged into his ass and as he was being fucked he felt his cock started to get hard and soon he felt it being impaled on the spikes and cried in pain. It took Jasmine about 15 minutes as she rammed his ass hard to orgasm.

After she pulled the bloody shit cover dildo from Roberts ass, she removed her panties from his mouth and had him suck the dildo clean. Robert cried as he cleaned it know if he failed he would get demerits.

Jasmine decided to strap a large powerful vibrator to Roberts cock tube and balls and turned it on and she went to bed hearing him scream in pain as his cock got hard in the spiked tube.

After a long session of love making, Racheal turned on the dungeon camera and Sue and her watched Brianna abuse Tara and Racheal saw Sue smile as she told Racheal she now hated Tara and she was pleased to see her suffering in this position.

Brianna pulled table under the hanging chains and secured Tara to it and then cuffed her legs to the hanging chains so they were spread wide apart. Tara watched as Brianna took a dildo from a nearby drawer and showed her that is was bigger than Brianna’s cock and had small nodules all over it. Brianna lubricated the dildo and slowly inserted in in Tara’s asshole and laughed as Tara screamed as the dildo was secured by straps deep inside Tara. An exhausted Tara pleaded with Brianna to stop and Tara heard Brianna laugh saying she had just started and Tara watched in horror as Brianna showed her a pair of nipple clamps and Tara saw there was a small vibrator attached to each clamp and realized her nipples were going to be in tortured.

As the first clamp closed on her left nipple tar screamed as Brianna closed it tight on the swollen nipple and repeated this with the right nipple. Brianna then turned on the nipple vibrators and proceeded to fuck Tara hard and deep until she had three more orgasm’s and during this Tara screamed from the pain and the orgasms she experienced until she passed out. Sue watched her former owner suffer and smiled and deep kissed Racheal’s tasty pussy.

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