Fantasy Football Slaves 3

by Mistress Lisa

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Fantasy Football Slave edition
The Tara and Racheal story

Editor’s note: All characters are fictional.

Part 3: Tara and Robert's secrets revealed

Racheal woke up with Sue sleeping next to her and slapped her left breast hard. Sue cried out and realized she was with Mistress Racheal and needed to obey. Racheal spread her legs apart and told Sue to worship her and bring her to another orgasm. Sue immediately started licking and sucking Racheal’s cunt loving the taste of her and she was rewarded after a few minutes by receiving Racheal’s juices.

Racheal then called for Jasmine and told her to take Sue and Robert back to their cells and also make sure Tara was locked in her cell and Brianna was locked back in her chastity belt. Jasmine told Sue to follow her and Sue smiled when she saw Robert locked in a pillory being fucked in his ass by a huge dildo. Once Robert was released, Jasmine took both down to the dungeon and shoved them in their cells and then dragged a crying Tara into her cell.

Robert turned to his wife and screamed that he was fucked all night and his cock was sore from the spikes inside his chastity device. Tara told him to go to hell as it was his fault since he did not manage her fantasy football team correctly. All three collapsed on their bunks naked (except for Robert still in the chastity device).

After a few hours Brianna entered carrying food bowls and bowls full of Racheal’s piss and they were told to eat and drink.

Tara told them to do it as the punishments were worse than the taste of the crap and piss.

Robert told her to fuck off, but ate the food and drank the piss.

Several hours later Racheal entered the dungeon, dress in her usual black leather cat suit and 5” heeled boots, followed by Shelia and Jasmine.

Racheal turned to the three and asked how they were enjoying their slavery and Tara shouted she hated it while Sue and Robert said nothing to avoid punishment.

Tara was pulled from her cell and handed a black rubber bikini from Shelia and was told to put it on. As Tara put on the bra and she felt circular disks inside the bra cups pressing against her nipples. Tara screamed as she saw that inside the panties were two large dildos and she refused to put it on. Racheal and Shelia dragged Tara to the hanging chains and cuffed her wrists to the chains. After forcing a foot into each of the leg holes of the panties, Shelia lubricated each dildo and then they forced the dildos deep into Tara’s cunt and asshole. Racheal just laughed as Tara screamed and told her it will only get better.

Shelia placed a bracelet around Tara’s right wrist and pulled it tight with the flat metal piece on the bracelet over her artery. As Shelia pressed a button on a remote Tara felt the dildos inside her vibrate and the disks in the bra also vibrated. Tara could not control her body as the vibrators brought her to an immense orgasm.

Shelia explain that the bracelet recorded what her pulse was when she “came” and once the device was set on torment, the dildo’s and bra disks would shock her preventing an orgasm. Tara realizing what was happing pleaded she would to do anything to avoid this.

Racheal then retrieve a cane from the wall and told Tara, she earned 6 stokes for refusing to put on the panties. Tara screamed as each stroke hit her rear and when done Racheal pulled down the panties and smiled at the deep red welts.

Robert was dragged to a second set of hanging chains and quickly locked in them. From a box Jasmine pulled out two huge rubber breasts and showed Robert that at the center of each was a very small clamp. Jasmine coated the base of the first artificial breast with a liquid adhesive and squeezed the fake nipple on it which opened the clamp. Jasmine pressed the breast against Robert’s chest with the clamp on his left nipple and held it in place for a few minutes. When Jasmine removed her hands the breast was attached to Robert and repeated the process to Robert’s right nipple. Robert looked down and saw he had 44D breasts which wiggled like real ones as he moved and his nipples were in pain from the internal clamps. She then locked a 2” wide belt tight around his waist

Jasmine using an ice pack to shrink Robert’s hard cock and then Jasmine then inserted it in a special curved chastity tube that was pulled between his legs and Jasmine locked the chastity tube to the back of the belt making him smooth in front like a female. Next a long blonde wig was placed over his head and Jasmine applied makeup to his face so he looked like a female. Next a tight corset (with bra cups) was secured around his waist pulling it to 22” and boots with 6” heels were locked on his feet.

As this was happening Robert felt excited as he saw his new breasts wiggle and he felt his cock try to get hard in the chastity and he was enjoying his deepest secret fantasy of being a female.

Tara laughed at Robert saying he looked silly as a female and he told her to “go to hell”.

Racheal returned to the dungeon and informed Tara and Robert that she had a special guest who was looking forward to seeing them.

The dungeon door opened and a black female 6’4” tall with large breasts and dressed in leather entered.

Both Robert and Tara could not believe that Mistress Doris was in front of them.

Doris looked at Tara and Robert and said, “So my slaves I see you both are in trouble now.”

Robert and Tara looked at each other and were shocked to discover they both served Doris as a slave and that she was standing in front of them.

Racheal told Tara and Robert she knew about them seeing Doris and she was now going to further their training.

Doris explained Robert was her “she male” slave who visited her twice a week for two hour sessions and she dressed him as a female which he loved and she tortured him. Doris said that Tara visited her three times a week and loved being dressed in tight rubber with a very padded bra that increased her breast to 47DD and she served Doris as her slave and as a pain slut and also was her full toilet slave as Tara had multiple organisms as she swallowed all of Doris’s waste, and then Doris whipped Tara from head to toe before Doris ass fucked her with a 12” strap on.

Racheal laughing asked Doris if she could use her slaves and continue their training. Doris told her she could have both of them and could do what she wanted to them as she others to replace them.

After Doris left, Racheal walked up to Robert with a sear silk pink thong and matching bra in her hand and asked Robert if he wanted to wear them. Robert smiled and said if it would please her he would be honored. Tara screamed that he was a slut and was going to divorce him.

Racheal released Robert and cuffed his wrists and handed him the bra and thong (which he put on as his throbbing cock got hard and she told him to follow her. They left the dungeon and went upstairs to Racheal’s office.

Racheal asks Robert if he was happy as Tara’s husband or did he want to become a female. Confused Robert asked her what she meant. Smiling Racheal said she had heard from Doris that was his deepest fantasy was to become a female and that she could transform him into a real she male just as she did with Brianna. A stunned Robert asked why and Racheal replied, “To piss off Tara and to give you the life you desire away from her”.

Robert confessed he always felt he was a female but knew Tara would never understand which is why he started seeing Mistress Doris.

He then asked if he would be allowed to be a lawyer as he enjoyed that and to earn money and also how he would be transformed and the cost.

Racheal explained that the process was modifying his DNA by using experimental drugs from a company she owned in China, so his own body chemistry would transform him into a female. Also, she would have arranged so that he could work for her friend at Lana Nelson’s law firm as a lawyer and also the firm’s slut slave, in return for bringing as many of his clients as possible to her firm.

He would also have to give total power of attorney to Sue and he and Tara (if she agreed) would live in as Sue’s slaves in what would be her home and Racheal would train Sue to be their Dominatrix.

A confused Robert asked why Sue and Racheal said, “I can see promise in her as Domme and you will support her and serve her since you both and Tara need a Domme to control you. Sue and you will decide on what your new body will look like. Also Tara will be offered the choice of becoming Sue’s slave or being divorced and penniless”. Racheal told Robert he had one day to decide.

Racheal press a button on her desk and Jasmine entered the room and Racheal told her to place Robert in a cell in the small dungeon and then bring Sue to her office.

Sue entered and sat on the floor in front of Racheal as directed. Racheal asked her if she ever had the desire to be a Mistress and own slaves. Sue responded that she did, but could not afford to support them.

Racheal informed her that Robert had agreed to be transformed into a she male like Brianna and he would become Sue’s slave, Roberta giving Sue total power of attorney and Racheal would help train Sue as a Domme. A stunned Sue smiling quickly agreed and asked what would happen to that bitch Tara. Racheal told her Tara would be given the opportunity to serve her also as a slave or be divorced and penniless.

Racheal paged Jasmine and told her to bring Tara to her office.

Tara entered Racheal’s office and was told to kneel on the floor in front of her desk. Tara told Racheal to “FUCK off bitch”. Smiling Racheal pressed a button on a remote and Tara felt a painful electric shock on her clit, nipples and her asshole. Tara quickly knelt down to avoid another shock.

Racheal informed Tara, that Robert had agreed to allow himself to be transformed into a she male slave and Sue would become his owner with his power of attorney. Racheal told Tara she now had a choice, either also become Sue’s slave and give her “power of attorney” or finish the two weeks at Shelia’s dungeon where everyone in the league would be able to use and abuse her. If she agreed to become Sue’s slave, then she would also go through a DNA modification and her body would be changed so she could become the slut toilet slave she wanted to be but serving Sue not Doris.

Sue also agreed besides Tara serving as her slave and house maid, that Tara would also be her toilet, as from what Doris said she loved. If she said no then Robert would divorce her and she would be penny less.

Tara asked why Racheal was doing this and was told to teach her a lesson about cheating and to give Sue, Robert and her the life they really wanted and they would not have to hide their desires.

Tara thought hard about it and realizing this was what she really desired and would no longer have to hide who she was agreed, as she really did not like being a Domme, which is why she saw Doris and over the years of seeing her she found she loved being a toilet as it gave her the best orgasms she ever had.

Later that day, Lana Nelson came by with the proper paperwork for Robert and Tara for sign, basically giving Sue total legal control of them. Also Robert signed employment papers for his new job in Lana’s firm and to have his salary deposited in Sue’s bank account.

After Lana left, Racheal and Sue decided that Robert as a female would have 38 D breasts with large nipples, a shapely sexy female butt, long red hair and an angelic face and Tara would have 47EE breasts, blonde hair, an enlarged clit the size of a small penis, a very large butt and a longer tongue.

Racheal smiling said she was glad Sue decided to become a Mistress and also that Robert and Tara would now live their lives as they wanted as her slaves. Rachel informed Sue that the serum to modify Tara and Robert would arrive in two weeks after they saw Dr. Jones to get the blood samples and to make sure they were healthy enough for the procedure. It would then take another two weeks of them taking the drug for the transformation and until then Racheal would show her the proper way to use her new slaves and Sue would have her own bedroom and later they would go to Shelia’s to get her outfits, which Robert would pay for. Sue thanked her and promised to be a good firm Mistress.

Sue returned to the Dungeon now dressed as a Mistress in a Leather bra and skirt and she smiled at her new slaves and told them she would give them the life they wanted and she would be a fair Mistress and enjoy owning them.

Sue released Tara from her cell and told her to lie down on the dungeon floor. Tara obeyed and Sue squatted over Tara’s head and told her to open her mouth. Tara smiled and opened wide begging for her Mistress to use her as a toilet. As Sue pissed in Tara’s mouth and as she watched Tara swallow her stream she gave Tara permission to cum and watched as a smiling, drinking Tara squirted her juices on the floor.

When done Sue had Tara lick her cunt clean and Sue then told Robert to clean the floor with his tongue where Tara’s juices were and when he was done Sue locked both back in their cells for the night.

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