Fantasy Football Slaves

by Mistress Lisa

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© Copyright 2016 - Mistress Lisa - Used by permission

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Fantasy Football Slave edition
The Tara and Racheal story

All characters are fictional. First part will be slow as it sets up the story line

Chapter 1

January 24, 2016 6am

Tara Kern was extremely nervous and could not sleep, so she got out of bed early this morning, as this was the day set by the fantasy football league for all losers to start their one week of slavery.

Tara was a pure dominatrix and she had never served as a slave, but as she lost in the league and also a personal bet to Racheal Smith, she and her two slaves (her husband Robert and her lesbian lover Sue) were going to be serving two weeks of no limit slavery.

As she looked at herself in the mirror and saw her lovely blonde shoulder length hair, her 38C natural breasts, flat stomach, hairless body and cute curvy ass, she could only wonder what she would look like in two weeks as Racheal Smith was an extreme Dominatrix and was well respected,as was her personal slave Jasmine (who was a former dominatrix). As she soaked in the large tub, Tara thought back to the day in August when this all started.

Aug 7, 2015

Tara was at Shelia’s bar (a lesbian BDSM bar) in Ft Lauderdale talking with friends as they watched the evening news on the big screen TV. The sports announcer was saying the Miami Dolphins had said rookie Jay Ajayi would be cutting into Lamar Miller playing time how this could affect the team’s performance (and laughing) their fantasy football value. Hearing this Tara said, “Now Robert will have something to complain about”. Carmen asked her why, and Tara said that Robert was in a high stakes fantasy football league at his law firm and besides winning money, the winner had first claim to new clients.

Barbara hearing this commented that she had a friend in LA who was part of a group of Dommes that played fantasy football and the losers had to spend a week as a slave to one of the winners. Suddenly everyone turned to hear the story.

Barbara said that there were ten of them and how they ranked in the standings at the end of the season determined who was an owner and who was a slave. The top five winners were owners and they picked a name from a hat that contained the losers and that is how they determined who they would own for a complete week. The only limits were no permanent marks or scars and no scat. Also the slave could decide that no intercourse with a male could also be a limit.

Sally said I would join that type of league and soon others were saying the same. Tara said she would also join (as Robert would be a great help she thought). Shelia (who owned the bar) was asked, but she said “No way, I lost a bet a few years ago and had to serve as slave and after that I promised myself I would never do that again” (see Shelia pays off bet).

Shelia then said she would gladly serve as commissioner of the league to keep it honest. Soon they had nine players and then Racheal said she would be the tenth. Tara commented, “So the great trainer of slaves is willing to serve if she losses?” Shelia smiled as she knew Racheal was a fantasy football player for the last five years.

Racheal responded, “Of course, but Tara, will you serve or back out.” Tara’s face turned red from the insult and said,” Let add something to it as a side bet. The one that has worst record between us serves the other with their slaves, for a week of no limit slavery”. Everyone was quiet as they heard this and Racheal said, “Sure the bet is on.” Shelia then said, “Let’s get this in writing so no one can back out.” Both agreed and signed paperwork for the bet.

Shelia, who had been surfing the internet, suggested they use “MY Fantasy Football League” software as the internet says it is highly rated and we can do an online draft or we can draft here using laptops in the back room and I will pay for the software (knowing it was good for business). Mary said lets draft here so Tara can’t have her slave husband draft for her, that way it will be fair to everyone. Tara tried to complain but the vote was 9 to 1 in favor to meeting on the Tuesday after Labor Day to draft.

Mary then suggested that the winners could be able to trade slaves between each other and everyone agreed.

They then agreed to 9 starting players, QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1 flex (WR or RB) TE, K, DEF and as the software suggested a PPR (point per reception) league. Everyone wanted a bench of 9 players so they could backup each position. Lisa asked if there was going to be any restrictions on waiver moves. After a long discussion it was decided that the first five waiver moves were without any penalties and starting with the sixth move, a day of slavery would either be added or subtracted depending if it was a loser or winners move.

When Tara arrived home she told Robert what had occurred and asked what he could do to help her win. Robert said, he could give her cheat sheets, telling her how she could draft, or they could cheat and let him take control of her laptop remotely and she would just move the mouse so it looked like she was drafting. Tara smiled and told him he had earned the privilege of masturbating that night and he smiled since it was 2 months since he came. She said for every week she wins he can have sex. If she loses he will suffer

September 8, 2015

The ten Dommes (Amber, Barbara, Carmen, Doris, Tara, Jennifer, Lisa, Mary, Racheal and Sally) each had their own table in the back room to setup their laptops and papers and they connected to the fantasy football’s website using the bars internet. Tara watched as her laptop’s control was taken over and she smiled as she played with the mouse pretending to be using it while letting her husband draft for her.

From a random draw Tara’s draft position was fourth and laughed as Racheal was fifth. For the next two hours the girls ate, drank and drafted their teams. Tara looked at her team vs. Rachael’s and smiled as she knew Robert had better have drafted a better team or his ass was going to be whipped to a bloody pulp. She looked at the software and it showed she had drafted the best team, while Racheal was 5th best.

Here are the teams they drafted

Tara’s team Racheal’s team

J Charles RB A Peterson RB

E Lacy RB D Freeman RB

D Thomas WR B Marshall WR

C Johnson WR J Reed TE

M Ingram RB A Robinson WR

S Watkins WR C Newton QB

A Luck QB D Hopkins WR

M Lynch RB B Bortles QB

R Cobb WR L Miller RB

J Thomas TE Chiefs Def

D Jackson WR J Landry WR

A Gates TE D HopkinsWR

R Tannehill QB D Williams RB

J RandleRB D Martin RB

Rams Def G Gano K

D Baily K M Nugent K

Patriots Def Cardinals Def

M Bryant K B Watson TE

September 15, 2015

Tara woke up excited and ran to the computer and check the web site for the first weeks results. She screamed in joy as her team won and also had the most points. She then checked Racheal’s team and saw she had lost. Tara told Robert that when he got home from work they would celebrate and he would finally be able to cum. Robert smiled, but told her the season is long and weird things can happen so just don’t go off and make any more bets. Tara pouted but agreed not to do anything.

That night Robert found himself tied spread-eagled to their king size bed naked and watched as Tara unlocked the chastity cage he had been wearing and his cock got hard right away. Tara teased him by doing a slow strip and rubbing her fantastic breasts on his cock. Then Tara had Sue do a striptease and when naked Sue was told to sit on Robert’s face. As Tara mounted Roberts cock, he was told to use his tongue to give Sue an orgasm and he was not allowed to cum until both Sue and she had two orgasms.

Robert worked his tongue on Sue’s clit and was rewarded as she squirted down his throat and then wiggled her cunt on his mouth again. Robert was in agony as Tara fucked his hard cock and he prayed she would cum soon as he was having trouble holding back and after another half hour Tara and Sue had another orgasm and Robert was told to cum as Tara drove her cunt down on the hard shaft hard and fast. Robert came and he was in heaven as it had been months since he had been allowed to cum in her.

Tara left the room and returned with a new device and she showed it to him. It was another plastic cage, but it had small sharp spikes lining the inside and there was a plastic impaler that would slide inside his cock and locked on so hewould pee through it. He was told that the weeks she lost he would be locked with this on his worthless cock instead of his normal chastity cage and his cock would suffer and he would also be whipped.

During the next few weeks Tara understood what Robert had meant about weird things happening.

The stars of her team from the first week Johnson and Lacy had bad weeks and a few of her stars were hurt and did not play. Tara saw her team lose 4 games in a row as more stars were hurt and by week 12 her record was 4-8 with the worst loss was to Wendy in week 12, as Tara was winning by 35 points until R Wilson scored 50.2 and D Baldwin 43.5 points giving Wendy a 3 point win. Meanwhile Racheal’s record was 9-3.

Robert could not believe the bad luck they had and he suffered a severe torture session after each loss as if the football GOD’s were against them.

After the week 12 loss, Tara dragged Robert into the dungeon and spread-eagled him to the cross. She added weights to the spiked chastity tube, and she heard Robert scream in pain. Robert watched as she retrieved a bull whip from shelves of toys and proceeded to whip his body until it was covered in stripes. She then had Sue use a 10” strapon and fuck his asshole until she had her orgasm and he screamed in pain during the whole fucking.

Robert told Tara he wanted to drop some players and add new ones that were better to replace the injured ones, but Tara told him that only 5 waiver moves could be done and he had used them and no matter what as they were not going to add to their slavery, so he better start setting the lineup better or suffer even more.

Tuesday December 1, 2015

The girls were chatting around a large table in the back room and several were saying that their first round running backs were not performing as projected and they were barley winning. Racheal said while at first she was slightly upset at drafting in the fifth position. She was now happy since she got two great running backs.

Lisa asked Racheal if she could ask her a question in private and Racheal said ok. Lisa said she had been very nervous about having to serve as a slave since she had always been a Domme and ask Racheal how she would have felt about serving.

Racheal told her that she had originally been a slave, starting as a young girl playing cowboys and Indians with her brothers and they away tied her up as she was the Indian girl. She found she loved bondage and in college had visited a BDSM club and met a couple who after chatting with them, she decided to become their slave and they paid her tuition. During her time with them, her Master saw that she had the potential to be a Domme and he taught her by using his wife who was a switch. She found that by being a slave, she knew what they were thinking and their desires.

She told Lisa she still visited her Master once a year to serve for a week to remember how it was to be a slave and to just enjoy BDSM without any responsibility. Lisa was shocked, but said she always wondered what it was like to be the submissive, but was afraid. Smiling Racheal told her after this league was over if she wanted to spend a weekend as a submissive Racheal would show her. Lisa said only if it was light with limits and a safe word. Racheal told her of course and Lisa said ok.

December 25, 2015

Tara woke up on Christmas morning to see she lost again and was one of the losers and hoped that Racheal would not pick her name to become her slave for two weeks. She looked at Robert who was hogtied on the floor and his welted body was a tight ball and weights were hanging from his chastity cage and a huge plug was deep in has ass and Sue’s piss soaked panties were gagging him.

January 16, 2016

The 10 of them met to determine who the slaves would serve starting January 24. The five winners were Amber, Lisa, Racheal, Sally and Wendy. Since Lisa had the best record she went first and from the bowl picked Tara. Tara, while scared breathed a sigh of relief that it was not Racheal. Wendy pulled out Doris’s name, Racheal pulled Carmen’s name, Sally pulled Mary’s name and this left Amber getting Jennifer as her slave. Shelia then said the five winners could discuss trading slaves if they wanted and they would have 10 minutes.

Tara’s heart dropped as she watched Lisa approach Racheal and talk to her. Lisa told Racheal she would trade slaves, since she knew of the bet, on the condition that in a few months she could spend a weekend at Racheal’s as a slave with limits and a safe word but also pushed, so she could better understand what a slave experienced.

Smiling Racheal looked at Tara and said “of course and I do understand what you seek so you do not have to worry it will be light.” Tara wanted to scream no way, but she understood the rules and would have done the same thing if she was the winner.

No other winners traded slaves and all understood the date of slavery would start on January 24 and last for a week except for Tara who would be serving a two week period of no limit slavery because of the bet.

Looking at Tara, Racheal told her she would be getting instructions in the mail and it would be best for her and her slaves to follow them. Tara responded “yes Mistress”.

All the other owners talked to their new slaves then everyone left.

January 18, 2016

Tara, Sue and Robert went to Sheila’s BDSM store that was next to the tavern as directed by Racheal. They were greeted by Sheila, who told then they were to be measured for items Racheal was purchasing and that the items would be custom made.

Every part of their bodies was measured and Tara wondered what evil things Racheal was planning for her to wear. Shelia smiled as her workers finally finished and Shelia told Tara that she and her slaves could leave and she hoped they would enjoy the items Racheal was buying.

January 24, 20169 am

Tara got up from the tub and started to dry her body 38C-23-34 5’7” 122 lb. It was so strange to be hairless but as one of the requirements, Robert (who is 5’10”, 177lb, brown hair and 7” penis), Sue (who is 5’5” 112lb black hair and 34C-23-34) and her went to a hair removal spa for a complete treatment paid for by Racheal. There they were given a choice of laser removal of all hair from the neck down (Robert was to have his facial hair also removed) or a very strong body cream. Tara asked which was more painful and she was told the laser, especially in the pubic area and around the anus.

Tara said, Sue and she would have the cream, but Robert would suffer under the laser and then they would use the cream on his body also. The lady said that would be an extreme treatment and might become a permanent removal. Tara said the bastard deserves the pain for what he has done to put me in this position.

Tara had watched as Robert screamed in pain, making sure he knew it was payment for his bad moves in the football league and for what she was going to experience.


Tara called Sue to come to her bedroom so they could dress as instructed. After they arrived Tara opened the box that was sent by Racheal and she saw three white thin cotton dresses, three pairs of 6” heeled white shoes and she realized all three of them were going to dress the same. Tara called to Robert to get his bald ass in her room.

Robert arrived and the three of them dressed as required by Racheal and headed to the car to drive to her home.

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