Everything going Wright and Rosie in undiscovered Borneo Part 2

by Wingco

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© Copyright 2011 - Wingco - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; M/f; MF/f; bond; nude; cage; chain; collar; manacles; island; natives; trunk; boxed; tease; captive; mast; oral; sex; cons/nc; X

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Part Two

Rosie Wright groaned when she heard the Albatross approaching on its regular visit. Knowing that in a few hours time she’d be confronted by the man who’d made love to her, given her a lovely dress to wear...then betrayed her.

Having the girl marched at spear point to the top of the island then locking her in the cage that had been her home for the last few months.

By now Rosie felt nothing like the Goddess of Fertility that the natives would come and worship each morning at sunrise. Her stunning white bridal gown was rumpled from being worn constantly for so long. The tight steel belt locked round her waist had prevented the girl from ever taking it off. Not that Rosie could do much anyway because of the cuffs. Those thick manacles over her wrists and ankles, the collar round her neck and each day once awake Miss Wright cursed ungoddess like at the fact she was to endure this torment without any hope of freedom.

About the only thing of use she’d done was to ask Walter Timms, the plane’s pilot to let her have the paperwork from the trip plus a couple of pens, begging for something to do. He conceded this was a good idea, to disguise the fact she was in this predicament. If the faculty in Oxford wanted her stuff he could send it back bit by bit. This enabled Rosie to collate some of the earlier sightings and the lass worked hard during the daylight hours.

The natives treated her well, always pushing food through the bars of the cage so the girl would never go hungry. Coconuts, pineapples and other fruits came daily and the only thing Rosie worried about was getting juice or food on the dress. Walter, her chief betrayer had always said she’d be punished if ever she made a mess of herself. So far Rosie had managed not to do this but was always fearful of what might lie ahead for her wellbeing. As if being shackled inside a cage wasn’t punishing enough! The faint sound of chanting came up the gorge and the girl sighed and began to get ready once more to receive them. Though this was the second visit today and that was unusual.

Hearing the noisy party coming closer Rosie slipped on the tiara and veils, brushed herself down then sat regally on her ‘throne’ and awaited their extra devotion.

However this time she was amazed to see Timms and her other betrayer, Professor Charles Warren was here too, the first time since ‘that day’ along with the chief and a retinue of spear-carriers. That was a most unusual occurrence as the natives normally did not attend when the pilot came for his monthly ‘gloat.’ On his first visit she’d screamed at him, telling the guy one day she’d get her revenge. He’d just laughed, took the keys from the hook and jangled them in pleasure. “Yeah, sure you will Zita!” he’d mocked, causing her to break down in tears and with that he’d walked off. She’d waited a whole month just for those few moments. So with Mr Warren here too she waited a minute to see what they were planning.

It was also the first time she’d seen the chief here. The little man now bowing and prostrating himself along with the others, though Rosie could see the little chap was scowling at her. The two westerners standing to one side as gifts of fruit were poked through the bars until she could reach them. Once the chanting had finished she got to her feet and bowed to them then began the laborious task of gathering the food, shuffling round and placing the stuff in the box. Just for once, with this the second visit today there was a plentiful amount so a pig-out was planned after they’d left. Having completed that task she turned back to see Timms and Warren were now alone. The natives withdrawing to the treeline about a hundred yards away and the chief seemed to be having an argument with his mates.

“Good afternoon...Rosie,” Warren said, the girl staring to see if he was mocking her like his sidekick had done last time. It seemed so daft stood here about to converse with her former boss while bound like this. “Lift the veils my dear. Show me your lovely face, let me look at you,” he ordered as she adjusted the silky layers again. Trying not to let them see the anguish in her eyes the girl shook her head no and sat down, smoothing the folds of the dress out then ignoring them.

“Rosie, if you do this for me...I’ll...get you out of the cage, understand?” he said next and that made her start. Surely he was joking and for a moment she paused. “How?” she asked at last, the first time in a month that she’d spoken a word. “Why should I believe you Charlie. You and...him betrayed me down there. Left me locked up in here. Alone...afraid, no worse than that. I was simply bloody terrified!” she snapped, trying not to cry. Wondering if she should try and trust him once more.

Mr Warren looked at her again then whispered something to Timms. He nodded then stepped away and headed down to the natives leaving Charlie alone with the trembling girl. “Rosie, I’m really sorry about what happened. I just couldn’t bear the thought of...well I suppose you’ve guessed what we did with the Intrepid’s stuff. It’s all invested now. And yes we did pay the taxes on it, cost a bloody fortune too. But all this time I’ve been thinking about you here. Rosie...love it’s time for you to come...home. If you want to of course”

Her eyes blurred with tears and she raised both hands to her face as she broke down. He waited till she’d dried up then the girl spoke. “Charlie, promise me I won’t end up in here again. You’ll not do this to me anymore” she said, still not believing a word he might say. He nodded and agreed. “Rosie, I promise you now, if you raise those veils you’ll be freed within minutes and not be like this again”

It sounded too good to be true and again she wept for a while. The idea of freedom seemed too much to believe in, but she had to trust him now. “OK,” she sighed and lifted each one till he could see her face once more. “Thank you” he said, coming round and grabbing the keys from the hook. “I’ll tell Timms what you’ve agreed to, he’ll get the locals to sort this out. Free yourself but leave the dress on for now. Do you understand?” she nodded, not sure what ‘she’d just agreed to’ but it was her only chance. With that he tossed the keys to her and went down to the others. The lass thankfully caught them before they fell out of the other side and over the cliff edge.

Rosita was crying quietly as she unlocked the cuffs on her wrists, then the hated collar was removed and finally the ankles freed along with the belt. By heck it felt SO good being able to stretch in all directions. She removed the tiara and watched as Charlie chatted to Timms before walking away. The pilot spoke to the chief in their own language who then indicated for the party to return to the cage. By now Rosie had unlocked all three padlocks and unwrapped the chains from round the doorframe. The only lock she could not do was the door itself. That could be sorted when the cage was rotated back.

The others arrived, Timms in the lead and she passed the key ring over, waiting for him. But to her surprise he paused a moment and she trembled. “Before I free you Rosie, I need to make sure you’ll not attack me for what we...” he began but stopped as she interrupted, promising that this would be the last thing she’d do as she clutched the bars, their faces inches apart. “Just let me out...please, I beg you Walter” she said. He waited then told the girl she had to put the belt back on, with the loop ring at the back this time. Rosie froze, shocked but knew that if she did not comply then they’d abandon her here, took the keys back and grabbed the hated device.

She shuddered as the belt once more clamped itself round her waist and was locked. “Good, now pass back the keys and the wrist manacles...then turn away and put your hands behind your back so I can reach them” Rosie was horrified, she thought this was to be her freedom, so why...? “Do as you’re told missy!” he whispered harshly, making her jump. So she did, shaking as the keys were handed over then complying. She felt him put the D’ring onto the belt then attach the cuffs. “Left wrist first,” he ordered, so she offered her right arm just to wind him up, gasping as he grabbed it, slapping the limb into the manacle then locking it. “Other one next,” and moments later she was secure. Rosie turned back and obeyed the order to sit down while they moved the cage. It lurched round then came that magical screech of metal as the door was opened.

Timms entered and came closer reaching down and she managed not to flinch as he stroked her cheek. “You’re a good girl really. Shame you weren’t as fertile as the islanders hoped. That’s why the chief came up today. Think he’s a bit pissed off, probably wants someone better, maybe one of their own” he joked as she sat there wondering what was next as he went behind her ‘throne’ He fiddled around and returned with the other end of her ankle chain. To Rosie’s horror and before she could react he was locking the manacles back over her legs. Then once ordered back on her feet she felt the loose end being clipped onto the loop ring by her wrists. “There, shouldn’t run away now, should you?” he said with a grin.

“Now before we leave missy I need you to promise me something. Charlie’s sister is down at the camp. She for some reason wanted to see this place and your work, so the Prof said she could join you. You however are NOT, repeat not to tell her what happened and why you’re dressed like this. She knows about the Intrepid, though I don’t know how she discovered this, nor quite how much we made from it. I want it to stay that way, so keep your mouth shut. Charlotte guesses we made a couple of million each from the wreck,” and at that point he smiled, “But really it was a hell of a lot more,”

Rosie looked at him questioningly. “OK it was about ten big ones...each. You...Rosita, if you hadn’t been so bloody honest could have shared in that. Think about it. You found the thing, so actually it was your treasure not ours. Sorry love but that’s the way things go, besides you said yourself that you were not interested. Warren did give the lab guys at Oxford a pay rise so he kept his side of the bargain. So tell me now what you’re gonna do”

Miss Wright shrugged as best she could with her hands bound. “I’ll say nothing, just get me out of here please. Just take me home” she whispered, the tears starting again. He held on while she cried, then to her surprise he kissed her. Just having someone showing affection was amazing and she responded as best she could. “Good, you know it really was a waste you being up here. Now lets go” he said, turning her round. He collected all her papers, leafing through them. “I see you have been a busy girl. At least this’ll keep you in your job when you get home”

Rosie nearly fainted as she stepped THROUGH the door and out of the cage. It was a hell of a struggle walking, both with shackled feet and the fact she’d had so little exercise during her incarceration. They barely made it to the treeline when Timms realised she’d not make it back like that. Quickly he freed her ankles but refused to do her wrists when she offered them.

“Not daft missy” he said, leaning down and sweeping her over his shoulder. Rosie squealed as she’d not been expecting this, but was glad to get the weight off  her feet. Her mind was so screwed up she’d not even removed her heels! It was so embarrassing being carried like this, hair swinging into her face and at one point she sneezed. That really made the natives panic and they all ran off! Even the chief gave her a scowl then rushed after his men. For that she got a slap on her ass as they bounced down the track. It was still a most wonderful sight as the cage had vanished and she prayed never to see it again.

Arriving in the camp the pilot set Rosie down and the girl looked around for Charlotte. Only a few natives, all men were here and her heart sank, wondering if they were lying to her again. Timms was about to free her wrists when he paused. Professor Warren came over with some towels and a ladies razor, looked her up and down and grinned.

“Charlotte’s gone fruit hunting with the others Rosie, your old job eh?” and she tried to smile at the memories. “Anyway, you’ve got about 3 hours to get yourself tidied up. Please wash the dress and all the other garments and leave them in the cave. Guess you’ll not be wearing them again” Rosie smiled at that, though she had felt great in the gown initially, wearing it for six solid months was way over the top. Her sweat and body odour had probably wrecked it beyond use so it was time to find out.

Just as she moved away however Timms came back with the ankle cuffs, making Rosie stop as he bent down and secured them on her limbs though this chain was slightly longer. “Oh come on buddy,” she groaned, “Just cut me a little slack Walter” but the pilot said nothing and wandered off. Charlie just looked at her. “Crack on missy,” he chuckled then headed the same way. Catching Timms up and have a blokes only laugh...  Bastards the pair of them, she thought as they got into Walter’s canoe and headed for the plane

It still felt bloody great as she unzipped the dress, sliding it down then falling over as she’d tried to step out of it. Cursing quietly Rosie got the rest of the undergarments off except the stockings. With the cuffs on she paused, Rosie shrugged then ripped the remnants off and tossed them aside. Naked she shuffled awkwardly for the river and dropped the clothes by the bank, diving headlong into the water for her first bath in six months!

Emerging with a splutter Rosie was almost in heaven as she sat down in the shallows and rubbed the fresh water all over her body and especially up ‘there’. The smell hadn’t been that bad but it still felt good as she fingered everywhere as clean as possible without using soap. Her arms and legs got the razor treatment and it felt great. Next stop the waterfall and a ragged mass of hair got a careful rinsing. Hopefully the guys had a comb or two between them, or maybe Charlotte would let her use one that she must have with her. Perhaps the lass would give it a proper trim too. It must have grown at least six or eight inches and was very tangled at the ends.

After three months Walter tossed her some nail clippers otherwise she’d have been in trouble, hacking away at it plus keeping her fingers in check. The hardest of course sorting out her toes. It had taken her two weeks to realise she could slide the stockings through her leg manacles and take them off. By heck that’d felt good and for the first time in ages the girl had something to smile about. Only on the days Walter was due would she put them on, the pilot shamefully making Rosie lift her dress so he could see she was keeping herself tidy. Scoring little victories like that against him, and the paperwork stuff had kept the girl from having a complete mental breakdown as the time meandered by.

It was almost a happy Rosita Wright who emerged from the cave after rinsing the clothes and hanging them up. They felt OK but the lass was glad she’d not need them again. Quite why she had to put them out of sight round the corner she didn’t ask. However there wasn’t any stuff as replacements so it was going to be interesting meeting her buddy like this. Only her work gear, the cameras and a tripod, plus a few of the samples containers sat where they’d been left, the natives had ignored them. Timms had placed her paperwork here too so the girl started making it look like she’d been hard at it all this time.

She knew from many years of friendship Charlotte was a very broad-minded character so hopefully nothing would be said or awkward questions. Walter Timms arrived and to Rosie’s relief took off the ankle cuffs, leaving her totally free for the first time.

“Feeling better Rosie?” he asked and she nodded, wondering why they were doing this. Not that she was complaining. The cave was just as she remembered it though all the crates had gone. Even the ‘sex-pit’ was still there and that made her grin. He saw her looking back down and realised what she must be thinking. “Charlotte obviously does not know what we did on there, not been in this far yet” he chuckled as the girl blushed. “Fancy a quickie pet?” But for that he got a scowl. “No bloody chance Walter” she muttered darkly, her mood changing at the flick of a switch. “It’s gonna taking a long time for me to forgive you two...” and she was about to walk off when he grabbed hold of her wrists and pinned her against the wall, staring into her fearful eyes.

“Now you listen missy,” he barked, “It’ll only take a few words to chiefy and Zita will once again be in her cage. This time I wouldn’t bother coming back. Charlotte’s coming here is the only reason you’ve been freed so you ought to show a bit of gratitude. Besides, Charlie told me you liked being tied up and ravished. You haven’t had any since we left you, so what do you say now? Or should we tell the lovely Miss Warren your sordid little bondage secrets? What will they say if it got out!” Rosie’s heart froze, no way could she allow that kind of talk to get back to Oxford. The papers would have a field day on her story, trashing reputations was almost a national sport in the gutter press.

Her eyes blurred but she nodded consent so Timms pushed her down onto the matting. Within minutes he had the girl tightly spread-eagled across it. A gag was stuffed into her mouth and tied off. His bony fingers began their work and before long she was humping up and down as they teased her body, the muffled voice soon pleading with him to hurry up and ‘get screwing!’ Happy to oblige her request he stripped off and Rosita shuddered at the sight of his monster. Despite her initial reticence she did want it now and he saw that wanton look as he plunged into her.

Rosie was blown away as the orgasms finally tore through her body. For so long she’d missed out on this sort of thing. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad after all and she was smiling a bit more as he cleaned her with tongue before freeing his conquest. “Thanks, actually I enjoyed that” She said, stretched and yawned before heading for the river.

Female voices came soon after from the treeline and Rosie watched from the water as the fruit party emerged. Of course Charlotte Warren was easily identifiable and not only because she towered over the others. Her lightly tanned skin shone in the sunlight while the raven black hair glowed like highly polished steel. Like the others she was naked, not a stitch of clothing except sneakers and Rosie felt a bit envious as she compared the new arrival to herself. Miss Warren possessed a models’ body, in fact she had done some swimwear portfolios in her time before academia came knocking.

Now she came up and gave Timms a brief peck on the cheek, the pilot grinning as he held the girl’s shapely hips and gave her a rub. Charlie Warren coughed politely and the others laughed before he too gave his sister a hug. “And I’m worried about what the press might say?” Rosie murmured, deciding to introduce herself back to civilization. “Hello Charlotte, welcome to Borneo love” she said at last, the taller girl swinging round as another European lassie appeared seemingly from nowhere. Her eyes widened “ROSIE!” she squealed then rushed over and the pair embraced, both bursting into tears! 

It made for a cock hardening sight for the men, not just the Westerners either. Two gorgeous young women hugging and kissing each other, hands going everywhere and it took another round of brotherly coughing for the pair to break off.

“Nice tan love,” Charlotte said at last looking her up and down, not knowing of course that Rosita had been a few shades darker before her time in the cage. “Thanks, you’ve not changed either. Least we’re still the same dress size. Wouldn’t want you flaunting a perfect 10 here, the locals might get jealous. Guys if you don’t mind we’ve got work to do by the look of it” Warren nodded and let them pass by.

They held hands as the pair headed for the cave, where a delighted group of native ladies were stood watching. Mrs Shhh was among them and Rosie saw her eyes widening as she came forward. Realising that someone she’d thought lost had returned to the living. Soon the nose rubbing ritual was being performed, Charlotte going second seeing how it was done, then found herself up near the back of the cave helping the others prepare the evening meal. Rosie quietly briefed the lass on what to do when it was time to feed the chief. “Thanks love, I don’t know how you’ve coped being here for so long” she whispered later on  as the man ate his fill having nodded approval.

“Long story Char pet,” Rosie replied with a sigh and got a curious look in return. Thankfully she didn’t pry as the washing up was cleared away. After that the ladies headed for the river, Charlotte saying she was quite happy to stay in the cave with Rosie. “Hmm OK love but I do have rather a personal question to ask you,” came the reply and Miss Warren stared back as it was asked. She turned a strange shade of scarlet but then grinned, Rosie doing the same and explaining why. “Bloody hell, err...well I do and we did a lot too, but not since...since Dave and I split up last month, actually because I was too demanding on him” she carried on. Blushing more as they entered the cave so Miss Wright showed her the ‘sex-pit’ and telling the new arrival its’ purpose. “You’ve actually seen them doing it?”

Now it was Rosie’s turn to glow, “I have,” but the way she guardedly replied Charlotte picked up on this, “The way you’re looking at me, you’ve been on this yourself...haven’t you missy?” and Miss Wright nodded. “OK Char, yes I have...”  grinning as she sat on the edge and fiddled with one of the cords, wrapping it around her wrist.

“Who with, surely not with chiefy or one of them?” she asked and Rosita by now was a little nervous. “Bloody heck, not my Charlie, or even Walter Timms?” as the girl sat there. Finally sighing, ”Well it’ll come out one day but...it was... at various times...both your travelling companions!” she said at last.

Charlotte Warren sat there with a gentle smile. “Well I never, ‘The Ice Maiden’ actually melted eh?” and that made Rosie laugh. “Who would have guessed. But the secrets’ safe. I won’t say a word love. But...well I’m gonna give my brother some serious needle if he EVER steps out of line again” the pair grinning in the dusk as the native ladies began to gather nearby.

“Now I know you like bondage you better brace yourself Char” Rosie said with a grin as they settled down, seeing Mrs Shhh was carrying a bunch of cords. The newcomer watched in utter amazement as the native quickly bound Miss Wright’s wrists behind her back, going on to do her ankles too. Then the others looked at Charlotte. “Oh my...” and got no further as arms quickly seized her own, whipping them back and seconds later she lay alongside her smiling companion as her legs were secured. “Just relax and enjoy it Char, they won’t hurt if you don’t resist” came the whispered answer.

For that there was a loud Shhh! from close by as various people moved round then the cave fell silent. Charlotte was amazed, her heart pounding and she almost screamed when fingers began lightly moving over her body, all heading the same way. Entering where none had gone for a while, rubbing SO gently and the lass began to shudder as the feelings mounted. Just before she climaxed however they were taken out and she groaned quietly in frustration. A light giggling came from close by. “Rosie, you’re a scheming cow...love” she whispered before fading away, still smiling in the darkness. 

Dawn broke and it was a rather tired and aching brace of ladies who were untied. Heading past Timms and Professor Warren and diving into the river. Charlotte blushing as she saw her brother looking at the lass as she’d rubbed the cord marks on her wrists. “Had a comfy night?” he asked as she strode past him having finished her ablutions. Miss Warren chuckled and agreed, saying it’d been ‘interesting to say the least’ “What else have you been hiding on this place? No wonder Rosie didn’t want to come home” she joked as Miss Wright approached with some bowls of fruit. The lass heard this but also saw a slight stare from Timms, obviously that subject was still taboo as she served breakfast. Despite the trauma of her incarceration she HAD to put on a brave face or the secret would come out. She hoped Charlotte wouldn’t ask too many questions about her work.

That day Rosie said to the others she’d like to take Charlotte down to the Intrepid. Timms wanted to go with them but Miss Wright insisted on going just with her friend. Eventually he admitted defeat and helped them launch the canoe. “Remember what I said” he whispered as Rosie had stood alongside. She nodded but Walter did not see Charlotte had heard this and was looking a little perplexed. The guy seemed to be implying something to the lass. This would need investigating but could wait as the pair paddled off.

It took only an hour or so to get there, despite Rosie tiring much quicker than she thought. This lack of energy was concerning her, she’d have to get fitter on returning to Oxford. But to the wreck they went and it still looked impressive to Charlotte as she saw it for the first time. The Navy guys had not taken more than a few bits of it apparently, preferring to leave the wreckage in-situ. “Wow, its’ just like the photos that Martin showed me, once Charlie broke the news about its discovery. Now tell me honestly Rosie, was it you who actually found this thing?” she asked as Miss Wright began clambering up the ladder, telling her it was safe to follow.

“Yes, it was me” she said at last once they’d got up on the deck. “I came through the tree line from over there, saw it just parked, or whatever it’s called right here. Looking at what I remember they’ve left it pretty much intact.”

“So how often have you been back? Did you help the Navy, all those beefy guys in their uniforms eh?” she grinned but again saw a slightly hurt look in Rosie’s eyes. “No, I didn’t want anything to do with it or them. I wanted to finish my own work and I haven’t even done that yet, let alone do anyone else’s” Miss Wright replied as they headed downstairs to where the brig cage had once sat. Rosie shuddered as she knew damn well where that was right now. Charlotte wandered around, picking up one of the whisky bottles. “Yeah, get pissed on this eh? Party time, tried any?” and Rosie smiled but said no.

The older girl stooped down and picked up one of the manacle sets that lay to one side. Seeing the key ring on the table she tried it, almost dropping it when the lock clicked open. She put one wrist inside but Rosie watched as she couldn’t bring herself to close it.

“Bloody hell” she murmured, testing the other one then grabbing the larger set nearby and checked those too. “Put them on Char, see what they feel like when they’re locked, I dare you” Rosie said as she peered out of a hole as a bird tweeted nearby and she snapped a photo of it.

“Bit too much for me. I didn’t mind the cords last night, used to Dave tying me to the bedposts. Also because of what the girls did later on. These, well... Tell you what love. I’ll think about it...if you wear some first” and that made Rosie smile as she returned and stood next to her friend.

“I have, in the past, brought Walter here the week after I found it. We were doing the same as you are now and he persuaded me to try them. There was a...a big cage in here, about nine feet square with a pole in it. There was a collar attached to it. Walt got some of these bits working, then chained me up; wrists, ankles and neck then he locked the door and went off. I called him a few names but he came back and let me go. But that’s...no longer around” she replied. “I wonder where they moved it to?” Charlotte said as Rosie seemed to give a little shudder or two. She handed the keys over then saw Miss Wright pause as she picked up the leg ones.

“Not scared are you?” Charlotte asked then grinned as Rosie stuck her tongue out. Bending down she locked the shackles over her ankles, ignoring marks the metal had left from those months. She should have scrubbed a bit harder as there were also ones on her arms and she hoped Char hadn’t noticed. Taking the wrist ones she did the left one first then handed the keys to her friend. Charlotte looked at them then told Rosie to shuffle over to where the mast was. She complied as the lass eased her round, positioning Rosie with her back leaning against it. “Can you reach your arms back round either side pet, or is it too far?”

Miss Wright stretched as best she could and suddenly jumped when the second manacle clicked over her wrist and was locked on. By golly it felt... “Ohhh my goodness” she whispered as Charlotte came back round with the keys. “Feels good eh?” she said and Rosie smiled. Though it was a strain she could stand it for a while, and at least she wasn’t wearing a dress or daft heels. In fact like Char she was butt naked and Miss Wright hoped she wouldn’t get splinters in her ass as she rubbed against the mast.

Charlotte now came up very close now. Faces inches apart and Rosie’s eyes closed as their lips met. Hands going onto her hips and stroking SO erotically as they moved all over her body. She began to tremble as the older girl got to work and soon she was whimpering as the fingers brought her crashing over into the orgasm to beat all orgasms. Charlotte had to hold her for a moment when Rosie almost passed out. But she recovered her equilibrium and to Char’s amazement asked for a drink then a repeat performance. But this time she wanted to be blindfolded and tightly gagged!

“You’re a real bondage slut Rosie. I wish I’d told you years ago, we could have had some fun yes?” she giggled looking around for some material. Miss Wright replied that was true. “When we get back to Oxford it’s your place..or mine. Oh hang on, it’s the same apartment!” and both girls laughed out loud and she got a tweak of nipple that made her squeal.

Miss Warren told her what Charlie had said, that Rosie wasn’t coming back for a while and so on. “So just how long were you planning to stay? Professor Walton doesn’t seem too bothered yet.” she asked. The younger girl paused then lied once the island had been properly documented she’d planned to head up the chain to see what else was waiting to be discovered, missed by earlier expeditions. That seemed to satisfy Charlotte who came back with some old rags and began to prepare them. “Now you are sure about this?” she asked and got an eager reply. Firstly dispatching half a bottle of water then smiling as she came up.

Rosie shuddered as the blindfold was wrapped over her eyes, hanging down over her nose with not a chink of light getting through. Then obeying the order to open up she managed not to choke as a thick wad of shirt was stuffed in her mouth, more tying it off. “There, that’s better Rosie. Just going for a pee and a look round. Won’t be more than a couple of hours or so. Maybe three” came the reply. Charlotte laughing as the lass began to mew in protest.

Silence fell as she listened to Charlotte’s light feet tramping up the staircase, then she felt nothing, except faint vibration as the lass went down the outer ladder. Rosie stood there utterly helpless, her pussy getting seriously wet dreaming about being ravished and she slipped into a fantasy. The girl got so deep into it she didn’t hear Charlotte returning minutes later, creeping past with a grin as Miss Wright was humming and sighing, writhing gently in her bonds, hands twitching as her captor headed down to the level below theirs for a good look round.

Only when banging noises broke through her reverie did Rosie awake with a start. Charlotte should be coming from my left, Rosie thought as a slow dragging sound came from somewhere over there, and no it was from below she guessed as they got louder as clumping footsteps came upwards. Hoarse breathing accompanied this and now Miss Wright was concerned. Who the hell was this, a spirit, or worse could it be a native. Oh heck if it was and he found her like this then. She tried struggling, really squealing into the gag but Charlotte had packed it so tight nobody was going to hear her. Finally the noises stopped with a heavy thump and she felt the floor shake as an object was dropped close enough that she felt the air moving.

“What ‘ave we ‘ere my pretty lass. Ready to be ravished indeed” came a muffled voice from close by and she screamed as hot breath came onto her body. Then there was a cough and a female laugh. “Oh bugger it,” said Charlotte, sounding most disappointed. “I never was that good at acting!” and she saw Rosie slumping in her bonds in relief. The edge of her mouth crinkling into a grin as she realised who it was. A discernable ‘YOU F#####G COW!’ came through the gag as she settled down. Freezing as once again Miss Warren put her hands to good use. 

Ten minutes later she was free and cuddling her friend as they kissed and thanked each other for a session like no other. “Really had me going there hon” she said as she told Charlotte how it had felt. Though Rosie did wonder why the older girl had told her not to take the blindfold off. “Got another treat for you missy .if you can take it of course” she said as Miss Wright finished off the water bottle.

“Always the competitive sort aren’t you Char? But alright, I’ll take anything you can do, but don’t forget girlie it’ll be my turn once free, got it?” and she sensed her friend grinning as they clasped hands. “Fine, challenge accepted” so that earned the blindfolded Rosie a long hug, kiss and rub.

Once her thirst was sated she let Charlotte position her, and then shuddered as once more her wrists were manacled behind her back. “By heck I could love that sound” she said as the locks clicked and Char rattled the keys once they were removed. Then she was puzzled as the girl brought her body forward a pace then told her to lift up her left leg. She complied and felt Charlotte touch it, bringing the limb forward, pulling her with it then lower it. Then this was repeated for the second one. Almost as if she’d stepped over a low wall, strange but obviously it was part of the treat so  didn’t complain. “Right time to do your ankles again” and she trembled as stroking hands applied the manacles and they were locked. Fingers then running up till they brushed Rosie where it mattered most, paused and dipped in and made her sigh happily. “Dearie me, you cannot wait eh” came the chuckling reply.

“Right love, now comes the real fun bit. I’m going to put my hands under your armpits. When you’re ready let me take the weight and I’ll lower you onto both knees, OK?” Rosie nodded, her pussy getting wet again. These bondage games were SO much fun! Gradually Charlotte lowered her until the girl’s knees hit the wood floor and she slowly let go then told Rosie to lean back till her ass rested on her calves. Once steady the bound girl was surprised to hear more locks being clicked. Charlotte’s hands put something on the chain between her leg cuffs, locked it and ran that to her wrist one then that too was clicked shut. “Well done pet, try to raise your hands” So she did, only to find they were firmly attached and she could not come up an inch.

“Halfway there, enjoying it?” Rosie replying yes. “Now I’m going to guide your torso down till those lovely tits of yours are touching your legs. Almost like you’d be in a ‘Z’ shape, yes?” Rosie nodded. “When you’re down there though you’re going to feel a metal loop touch the front of your throat. It’s attached to a bloody great iron ball just in front of your knees, like the ones you see in dungeons, but for some reason the manacle there is a bigger circle. Two of our legs would fit so I reckon this shapely neck will be fine, OK?”

Miss Wright was getting really excited now. The memories of the cage fading quickly as Charlotte briefed her. She was partway down when she realised there was something missing. “Haven’t you forgotten a bit?” There was a pause then a hand stroked her shoulder, brushing the hair to one side.

“Good girl, I thought you’d never ask, definitely learning” and moments later Rosie obeyed the order to open up, a wad of shirt once more being stuffed in her mouth and tied off. The blindfold was also doubled in size with the new lower end covering the rest of her face and secured, this would prevent Rosie spitting out the gag should it come loose. Charlotte made sure she could breathe right then pushed down till indeed her neck settled in the loop. She shuddered as the girl said the top bit was coming round and it gripped firmly but not too tight. Charlotte checked she was OK then came another click.

“There, you’re all locked in now Rosie, what a treasure you are. In fact looking at you in there, when the lid is opened the sight of a nice tightly bound beauty would get anyone going. Let’s see eh?”

Rosie’s heart too was pounding. Lid? What lid...what was Charlotte meaning? Surely she hasn’t put me in a box or something? The girl thought, and then a moment later found out as she felt the air moving above her arms then a wooden something pressing down on her, forcing the girl even lower.

OH GOD IT IS a box! Her mind screamed as she heard two catches being knocked on one side. Then a brief hammering as something was manoeuvred next to them then everything fell silent for a minute and Rosie knew she was in deep trouble. “You OK in there love?” came Charlotte’s faint voice.

The answer to that was obviously no and Charlotte soon discovered this as a surprisingly loud cry emanated from inside. But worse was to come when the whole crate began to shudder as Rosie panicked, thrashing around as best she could. Utterly terrified she was in there.

 How could she forget I get claustrophobia! Rosie wailed through the gag as she burst into tears. Charlotte heard this sobbing start and realised something was wrong as the box rocked around.

“OK love; settle down, I’m opening it back up right now.” Came the call and Rosie heard the latches opening then the pressure relieved on her back. She was still begging to be freed though and Miss Warren saw her hands clenching and unclenching. The box still moving as Rosie wriggled as best she could. “Settle down hon, collar’s coming off if you stop moving about” Instantly she did but the crying still continued but Charlotte only just got her head out of the way as Rosie tried to propel herself out. Coming up short as the manacle that linked her wrist and ankle cuffs prevented this and she squealed in frustration.

“Just calm down love, the quicker you stop fussing the faster I can get you out” Charlotte said, getting a little worked up as Rosie’s head thrashed about. Eventually Miss Warren was able to undo the lower part of the blindfold and ungag her friend. However the stream of expletives and curses that began to flow from Rosie’s normally kissable mouth made the girl pause as the rant continued. “Have you got that out of your system now” she said as Miss Wright slowed down to draw breath. Only for another verbal broadside to be aimed, but by now Charlotte had heard enough.

“NOW YOU LISTEN,” she shouted into Rosie’s ear from only an inch or so away. “If you don’t shut up I’m gonna put you back down there again and leave you for Charlie and Walter to sort out!” she snapped, fingering the gag in one hand. Unwisely Rosie called her bluff and a few more rude names. Charlotte lost it and decided she had to do it. “Right, have this back!” she said and began ramming the gag back in, muffling the squeal of anguish and making sure it was tighter than last time. Same with the lower part of the blindfold. She too was getting emotional; realising that she’d got it badly wrong. This was the sort of thing that could spoil the relationship between the girls forever but she too was so angry now. Her eyes streaming tears Charlotte pushed the shuddering girl hard down; overwhelming Rosie’s efforts to resist then slapped the loop back over her friend’s neck and locked it.

Leaning over the twitching sobbing girl Miss Warren jangled the keys next to Rosie’s ears. “I’ll leave these with you pet, goodbye” Dropping them so she heard the clink as they landed below Rosie’s head and with that she forced the lid down onto the girl and flicked the catches into place. Lastly hammering the two nails into the clasp holes to stop them popping open. A swift kick to the side of the box and she stormed out of the room and back upstairs breaking into sobs.

Rosie was shattered as the faint footsteps vanished, her tears stinging now behind the blindfold. She simply could not move except her fingers against the lid of this box. How had thing gone so wrong? Weeping hysterically as the silence enveloped the ship.

Charlotte Warren got as far as the canoe before sanity prevailed. Making a coffee while she thought things through. Yes OK, she’d forgotten that Rosie suffered from claustrophobia but ‘least she could have given me chance to apologise’ the girl murmured as her eyes watered. She had to go back and at least try and get her point across. If Rosie still wanted to rant then Charlie and Timms it’d be for her. Though that was before she heard the roar of the engines and the flying boat soared over the wreck and headed off. That was puzzling; Walter had said he was going tomorrow, not today. They had to get back to camp to see why he’d left early. With that she hurried back up the ladder and down into the now silent room. The box was still and she approached it with trepidation.

“Rosie, if you can hear me, tap the box once with your hand” she said loudly. Her heart leaping as there was the faintest of knocks. “Now listen carefully honey as this is your only chance of freedom for the next three hours. I’m bloody sorry for what’s happened here,” she began and told the box her thoughts. Ending the one-sided chat by telling it that if there was no comeback or any more name-calling then she would be freed so they could kiss and make-up. Was that enough? For that she received another knock and Charlotte knew the drama was passing. Quickly she had the lid up and within five minutes a very tearful pair of girls were gently cuddling and stroking each other with apologies from both sides. The chains and rags piled at their feet as they sat down on the chest and Charlotte passed over another bottle of water.

After that was sorted they put the stuff into the chest then continued to look round the ship. Rosie making no attempt to make Char take her turn in the manacles. In fact they were so long aboard it was Charlotte who suddenly remembered that Timms had left and she needed to find out why, and if her brother was still here.

They headed back upstream and got there to find Charlie being shown how to fish by one of the men. Holding a spear he was motionless in mid river and Rosie let the canoe drift into the bank. Suddenly he stabbed down and the native began hollering to the others stood nearby. Warren lifted the spear up and the girls saw a well-harpooned fish wriggling on it. They gently clapped and the Oxford man bowed to them and his tutor. Coming ashore he laid the fish down, only for the native to hand back the spear, then indicating that one wasn’t enough and he should catch another. The girls giggled as he headed back in and set to work.

After tea, raw fish and fruit the girls sat with Charlie by the river bank and told him about their day on the Intrepid, though not the dramatic end to their session. “I never guessed you my dear Charlotte were so like Rosie, just as well you’re my sister or... Best not tell Walter either or he’ll have you in the ‘sex-pit’ like missy here was yesterday apparently” Miss Wright glowing scarlet as the others laughed. They saw Mr and Mrs Shhh heading into the cave, the three looked at each other then grinned knowingly. Ten minutes later the pair emerged and others took their place.

Once everyone had finished the Westerners were about to go for a stroll when the chief arrived. He looked at Rosie and slightly scowled then over at Miss Warren. To their amazement he seemed to smile at her, then indicate that she should go with him. When she didn’t move he jabbered something then pointed into the cave. “Damn, wish Walt hadn’t left,” Charlie muttered, looking over at Rosie’s paling face. “Oh heck Char, we joked about Mr Timms...having me in there. But looking at Mr Chief here...I think it’s YOUR turn honey... with him!” she replied with a shudder.

Charlotte Warren’s heart froze for a moment. Surely Rosie was joking as she stared up at the guy. He might be only four feet tall but he was impressively well-endowed. His finger waggled and pointed to the girl’s midriff in exactly the way Charlie remembered he’d done to Rosie, when the Oxford man ‘had’ to take the girl. “Rosie’s not kidding Char, I think you’ve pulled!” The others trying not to smile at this quip from an old TV series.

“Oh my goodness, this is a dream,” she murmured as he walked off, turned and seemed to be waiting for her. She shrugged then slowly got to her feet. Charlotte paused then smiled briefly, “Well we better not tell him I can’t have kids” she said, heading towards the chief and they vanished into the maw of the cave. Rosie was about to follow when the Professor grabbed her arms, holding the girl down. “No, let him do it or we could be in deep shit” he breathed as Miss Wright began to protest. “I’ll make it up to her later. But she is right, Charlotte cannot have children, discovered it a few months ago so it won’t matter a jot” It seemed to settle Rosie and she leaned against Charlie, their hands meeting. “She’ll be OK, might even enjoy it” and that made her grin.

Despite the betrayal by Walter and Mr Warren Rosie still loved this magical place. She had wanted so much to finish the explorations. With her kit here Charlotte might carry on helping over the next couple of days, having earlier found out Timms was not coming back till after next weekend. He had other contracts to fly and couldn’t wait around. That was in eight days time so they should get the job done after all. “Proper little holiday eh” Charlotte said as she assisted Rosie with some labelling before this had happened. It was going to be a big wrench leaving Borneo but at least Charlotte would be with her. They’d have to pop back to the ship and rescue those manacles and try to sneak them onto Walter’s plane, without the men suspecting.

Meanwhile it was a trembling Charlotte who was being tied down in the ‘pit’. The chief was quite gentle with her but his knots held taut and she couldn’t move a muscle. Once ready he got down on both knees and spent a few moments ‘examining’ his target. No doubt checking to see if there was any difference between ‘them’ and me, she thought as he touched in a certain place, making her jump. Then he seemed satisfied and positioned himself then...wallop.

It was just as well Charlotte had quietly fingered herself moist while walking in as there was no attempt at foreplay, just as Rosie had described in the report read back at Oxford by an enthralled bunch of top scientists. ‘Wham bam thank you ma’am’ indeed as he began like an express train, a real screwing she was receiving and her fire was getting stoked like Dave had never managed. If she got to climax first Charlotte tried not to think about what might happen to her. A squeal might put him off an impressive rhythm as he went in and out like a jackhammer.

Her resolve was being sorely tested and the girl was bubbling nicely towards a Krakatoa style eruption when he suddenly went much deeper, grunting like a hog and she felt a sheer torrent pouring into her. His eyes closed and the chief grabbed her hips and continued grinding himself until the flow began to ease. Once calmer he withdrew and got to his feet. Looking down he nodded...AND WALKED OFF leaving her still spread-eagled and helpless!

Charlotte groaned and her eyes closed at what had just been done to her, smiling in the semi-darkness as she got her breath back. Soon she heard footsteps and opened up to see her brother standing there staring down. “What a sight, what would the Vice-Chancellor say about his staff now?” he grinned as she flushed redder than ever before. “Well done kid, got us out of a sticky situation here,” he said, not knowing she was still burning to cum.

“Please Chas,” she groaned as he bent down to undo the knots. “No, no,” she gasped, trying to hump herself, “Finish me off,” was the amazing response. He paused in shock then smiled and looked back down the cave. “Sure?” he said and she nodded and sighed as his fingers were gently inserted, finding her ‘button’ and beginning to move as she tried to help him. But he was teasing her, Charlotte thought as he stopped just as she was about to blow. A hand clamped itself over her mouth then he began again and this time let her go all the way. Her satisfied squealing thankfully muffled and he let the lass settle.

“That was bloody awesome,” she wheezed as he let go and got up, walking round the pit and heading beyond the inner corner for a moment. Her arms and legs were starting to ache as he returned... blew her a kiss but WALKED STRAIGHT past her and out of the cave. Charlotte somehow managed not to scream in frustration but thankfully Rosie arrived a few minutes later. She could tell by the look on Char’s face what had happened and she smiled, coming to sit by her twitching friend. Freeing Miss Warren from her bonds. “And you had the nerve to call me a bondage slut!” she said as Charlotte rubbed her wrists to ease the marks there.

That night saw the girls both left unbound and for once neither complained. The chief seemed happy enough and Charlie was a better fisherman than he thought, the guy getting real nods of approval from the natives as he stabbed speared and brought fish after fish out of the river. Meanwhile the two ladies having not gone with the fruit picking party got to work doing the stuff Rosie should have finished had she not been in the cage. Thankfully Charlotte was too busy to ask why the flow of samples and photos had declined from the initial rush. Rosie had made up a story in case but she didn’t know that to hide what had happened Charlie arranged with Walt to only send back a few bits each month.

So the Professor had been a bit concerned when Charlotte announced she wanted to come out to the island herself to see it. Phoning Walter in Borneo’s capital he arranged the trip and suggested that now the bullion was now safely invested it might be time to let Rosie go free and smuggle her out of the place. If of course she promised to be quiet about what had happened. Walt told him she was still sane and actually working while in the cage. “Good, no awkward questions then. This should work” So out they’d come and so far everything was going to plan. Certainly Charlotte seemed to be adapting to life here. She’d been a little concerned when the professor had told her that none of the ladies wore clothes, even Rosie had ‘gone a bit native’ except for sneakers so she’d have to do likewise.

Having arrived it was a nervous Miss Warren who’d stripped off in the cave then emerged butt naked. Flushing as both the pilot and her brother looked at her and smiled. But none of the locals seemed bothered, the chief had nodded and bowed on first meeting, then she’d been told by Timms that fruit-collecting was her task right now and a fascinated Charlotte had gone with the girls into the forest. By the time they’d got back Rosie was here, equally naked and this had settled her nerves.

The girls finished their work in four days, Rosie finally getting some much better shots of that weird monkey seen during her first time. Charlie was thrilled seeing the photos and gave her a long hug and kiss. Miss Warren joked that back in Oxford ‘that’d be harassment’ and they all laughed.

So with some spare time the three Westerners returned to the Intrepid for more adventures. Once on board the girls showed Charlie what they’d done, Charlotte admitting what had happened when Rosie was locked in the crate. Showing him all the stuff she’d worn before the lid had gone down on her. Miss Wright saying that maybe she would have another go today. If she had prior warning then it’d be bearable for a short period.

Charlotte’s eyes rolled and the professor told her that Miss Wright had informed him during their chats when getting to know her, long ago she’d once been shut in a tiny box by a school friend when playing hide-and-seek. The lid had jammed and they’d had to wait for Mary’s parents to come home an hour later. Her dad needed to break it open and get her calmed down. That’s why she didn’t like confined spaces. “You don’t even like going into the store cupboards in the lab, in case someone plays a prank.” he said and saw Rosie nodding in agreement.

The manacles were a different thing and after lunch Rosie asked if Charlotte would put her against the mast again. Both girls grinned at Charlie’s amazed expression and he sat to one side and watched as his sister got the lassie secured. Least he was wearing shorts or they’d have seen his cock was getting hard. They’d found a couple of sets with slightly longer chain so Rosie’s ankles were secured either side of the mast and obviously she couldn’t now close her legs. She saw him looking right there and flushed.

Charlotte was about to finish with the gag and blindfold for Rosie then start giving her the once-over when Mr Warren raised a hand to stop her. “OK Char, when she’s done. What about you? Cannot have Rosie getting all the treats, so you missy, are going to be locked in there if we can find enough working bits” he grinned, pointing to the casket. Her eyes bugged out but he could see the flash of excitement appearing. After a moments’ pause she nodded. Miss Wright too was smiling as she saw Charlotte getting her come-uppence. “Serves you right love!” she chuckled. The laughing being cut off as the first wad of material was shoved into her mouth. The rest was done then she heard Charlie instructing his sister about what he was going to do to her if they succeeded.

The hunt round and checking of various restraining paraphernalia did indeed find what he was after and it was a slightly breathy Charles who ordered his sister to place both wrists behind her back. For a brief moment he thought she was bottling then the lass complied, twitching as he clicked each one over a limb then removed the keys. She stepped into the box then he secured her ankles.

“I cannot believe you are letting me do this, but at least you’re being a good sport” he whispered and she smiled gently as he rubbed her cheek, noticing she was trembling and that was hardly surprising if this was her first time. Fetching the material for her gag Charlie smiled, “The number of times I wanted to do something like this as a kid to stop all your nosy questions” and that got her going, noticing Rosie too found this amusing as she was humming and nodding in agreement. A wander across the deck to tweak both nipples and she squealed in surprise. “More of this for you later” he murmured so Charlotte couldn’t hear.

“As for you missy” he said coming back, seeing her eyes widen as he packed the first part in then tied off the remainder, before grabbing the rest and wadding it up. He blindfolded her then remembered what she’d said about the rest over her face. This was done and he saw his sisters’ lovely chest rising and falling a lot quicker now. The nipples standing out and he wondered whether to...no, lets not spoil it for her. Charlie told her to relax and he’d bear the weight as he lowered her down. Once settled he looked for the spare chain and tried to remember what she’d said...oh it’s like this and he got the bits locked over the wrist and ankle ones then guided her forward. Charlotte was almost wetting herself with excitement but a little fear perhaps. No wonder Rosie had reacted so badly without the warning. Sorry love you’re so forgiven, she thought as he got her settled into the neck loop. This was closed and he said the job was done.

It was too good an opportunity and his hands landed on her back then went sliding either side till they could feel breasts. Charlotte jumped and squealed, her cute ass wiggling as fingers rubbed her nipples and he could smell...she was REALLY getting excited now. What a girl she was and he smiled, saying that was enough and heard a rather plaintive mew. The ‘oh do it a bit more’ sort of noise. But it was Rosie he planned to tease so the lid went over the top and he pushed down till the latches fell across the loops and he could close them up. Lastly two nails were jammed in the holes and she was finished. Her mind was going haywire now and when his hands had done their stuff she’d nearly blown up. Now the lid was closed Charlotte drifted off, imagining she was to be taken somewhere and ravished.

Meanwhile Rosie Wright had listened to all the clicks, murmuring and suchlike, then the latches being done and knew that his attention would soon switch back to her. As it proved when he came over and placed both hands on her trembling hips then kissed the padding over her nose.

“Have you been a good girl” he asked and she nodded her head. “Oh dear. I thought only naughty girls ended up tied like this. I might as well leave you alone” and she hummed again, sounding annoyed. “So you have been bad after all” and this time she agreed. “Good, time for punishment then,” he said and she shuddered as a finger began to prod all over her body. Lightly at first but then harder. Pushing her nipples in, then letting them spring out again.

Rosie’s brain was amazed and she could feel her body starting to react the right way. Just in time too as the Professor’s finger barely brushed over her pussy and she gasped behind the gag and went up on her toes. “Isn’t this what you wanted honey?” he asked, gently rubbing the outer lips as she tried to go even higher to escape this torment. Miss Wright couldn’t spare the air to answer, mainly because it would be yes! When his finger withdrew she settled, trying not to impale herself on them, yet, then had to go up again as he started toying with her and the groaning got more intense.

Such a sight, her lightly bronzed skin glistening as she strained against the manacles, her feet almost dancing and he did this for a while. Her breathing shallowing now and he knew she was either tiring or ready for the main event. “Say it honey. You want this?” he whispered and she nodded as he held his hand firmly. Rosie sighed as she lowered herself onto them, a really sexy moan following as he began to work her over. She was really wet and the Oxford man wondered whether to... “How badly do you want it? Everything, including that?” he questioned the girl and the way Rosie jerked her head he knew she was ready. Slipping his shorts off he brought himself up and sooooo slowly guided it into her waiting pussy.

Rosie Wright was smiling behind her gag as she felt it coming in. ‘Oh heck’ she said then ‘braced for impact’ as he eased back then came forward fast, spearing deep and she squealed happily as he began the cycle for which ‘Bunny Warren’ was famous, or infamous, she couldn’t care less which. Just keep going’ she thought as his hands gripped her waist and he was really doing it now. Her legs were getting wobbly and her heart was pounding when suddenly she couldn’t stop it anymore. A tremendous rush came blasting through and seconds later as Rosie screamed like a banshee she felt Charlie unloading the Amazon into her.

Oh bloody hell! She thought as he continued thrusting in and out. Despite what Timms had done yesterday ‘Ol Bunny was one heck of a good screwer. Kind too as they calmed down and he withdrew, his hands still holding her waist and gently stroking. “There’s a very good girl” he said letting go and coming back over with a towel from the bag. He cleaned her midriff then undid the gag so she could breath easier. The blindfold was removed and Rosie was smiling broadly as her sweaty face emerged.

They shared another kiss then she was freed from the mast, yawning and stretching before a pee was needed and she headed off the ship for a dip in the river. “Am I forgiven now” he asked as they had another cuddle on her return. She thought about it then agreed, “Yes, you are...just. Forgiven but not forgotten, understand?” and it was his turn to look apologetic.

More so a few minutes later when Charlotte’s casket started rocking, a faint squealing and tapping  adding to the drama. Rosie stared at it, wondering aloud whether to let her stew. “Oh, maybe not. I didn’t notice if she went for a pee before I locked her in” he chuckled. Charles banged the box, saying he was opening it up now. The noise ceased and Rosie helped undo the various bits before an almost frantic lass fled the room and clattered down the ladder, ignoring the laughter behind her. By the time a refreshed Charlotte came back up the coffee was brewing and she got a round of applause ‘for acting’

Try as they might the girls could not fit Charlie into the casket that afternoon. He was  too large to get bent forward to secure his neck and the lid down. At least they’d got him locked by his extremities, blindfolded and the rest but no joy. He was freed and the roles for the ladies were reversed. A rather trembling Rosie was put into the box, though she did ask not to be gagged in case of a panic attack. The others complied with this, anxious not to spoil the day and she was soon tucked out of sight.

“Right missy,” Charlie grinned as his sister stood there, chains in hand looking at him. She smiled then walked to the mast and positioned herself. He could feel the excitement as her wrists were locked then both ankles secured before the professor got the cloths ready. “Now obviously I’m not going to do it to you love like Rosie , that’d be illegal but we’ll manage somehow to get you all hot and bothered!” Charlotte giving a shudder or two as he’d said it.

Minutes later it was a very excitable Miss Warren who was getting a treat as her brother brought the girl off time and again as he tormented her to an orgasmic frenzy. Never in her wildest dreams did she think this could happen. Some girls do adore their older siblings, she was one, but never in this way! When they’d get back to Oxford she’d need to keep quiet about this to Martin, the eldest of the three. So it would be one secret she’d have to keep and that was gonna be tough. His hands began again...

A happy trio of Oxford people paddled their way back to the camp. The girls taking their turns on the oars but quietly letting Charlie do most of the work. Rosie had got through her time in the box alright and she’d actually been freed before his sister. Sharing a hug and kiss while a frustrated Charlotte stood there, her pussy dripping on the deck waiting for her turn, her flushed and gagged face staring at them as the pair fondled each other. Charlie making sure she knew her place by removing the blindfold then leaving her to stew.

Arriving back they met the chief with the usual greetings and Charlie, spear in hand headed for the river while the girls helped Mrs Shhh and the other prepare the evening meal. That was devoured and life meandered on till bedtime and Charlie watched as his sister and Rosie went to the back with the others. Himself and the guys near the entrance. Although it was still steamy here he could enjoy the climate as it’d only be another three days max. How Rosie was going to cope arriving back in England in early March was yet to be thought out. In fact he didn’t know if the girl, seemingly recovering well from her stretch in the cage was even aware what the date was.

Next day they planned different things for the day rather than visiting the Intrepid again. Rosita wanted to show Charlotte where the ‘funny monkey’ lived up in the northern end and get it on video as well as still photos. The chief saw Charlie examine the natives’ ocean going canoe after breakfast and came closer with his men as they’d been about to go off in it. With hand signs and smiles it became apparent that he was being invited aboard for the trip. Having told the girls he was going they watched as it set off. “Right then pet, time we too headed out, its a fair way to go there and back in a day”

Thankfully Charlotte didn’t ask her friend too much about the place, just happy to let Rosie comment now and again. Miss Wright was determined to keep her promise to the men and leave, though it was going to be a blow when she did. 

A great day was had, both succeeding in their quests, Charlie pleasing the chief with his strength as they’d hauled on the nets, the guy even let him steer the canoe on their way back. It was an education to the professor about how the different races on Earth could get on with each other and he planned to start writing a paper about this on his return to England. Meanwhile Rosie and Char were ecstatic at not only finding the monkey, filming it but discovering there was an extended family of them! “Aren’t they sweet?” Char whispered as her friend filmed one of the babies. Later they watched as two of the little creatures began ‘getting it on’. “Hmmm, I wonder if these guys could teach the natives a thing or two” Rosie grinned, commenting there wasn’t a sign of a sex-pit, ropes or anything else!

It was getting dark when they returned, Rosie and Charlotte were walking along the bank about a mile from the camp when the canoe came alongside them. The chief made it stop and waved them into the water, both girls wading out and Charlie helped them aboard. The smell of fish was very strong, a big pile in a container and it was a rather pleased looking boss man who greeted them, especially Charlotte apparently. Beckoning her forward for a nose-rub. Rosie too, though she only got one per side rather than her friend’s three. She wasn’t put out as she’d done this before with him, smiling as Char sat down blushing! Pleased to get the weight off her legs as they’d been on foot for several hours.

Food was consumed on returning and the three Westerners were talking about their day when the chief arrived. Charlotte starting to tremble slightly looking at his midriff, remembering what they’d done two nights ago. The way he was looking straight at her and nobody else, his impressive cock sticking out he wanted a repeat of that. She smiled up, nodded then got to her feet and went off with the guy into the cavern while the others looked speechless at each other.

It was just as good, the girl excitedly positioning herself as he waited for her to settle. Swiftly he got Charlotte tied down and began. This screwing was harder, faster and longer, the resulting flow of cum almost filling her...before she quietly groaned when once more he left it for someone else to release her from the pit. Though it was actually Mrs Shhh and a few of the ladies who did this half an hour later, having brought a stunned Miss Warren off. Questioning the others after her ‘cleaning’ dip Charlie had explained the native girls had stopped Rosie from entering the cave once the chief had left. Indicating for her to go back. Rosie complied having rubbed noses and left them to it. That night they were both tightly bound and the giggling echoed around the cave, the odd ‘Shhh’ being ignored.

“Another day in paradise love?” Charlotte groaned as she massaged her wrists while sitting in the river. Rosie smiling as she bathed her hair under the waterfall, thankful that Char had been able to cut it the day of her arrival. “Yeah, soon be Christmas I guess” she replied, being stunned a moment later when she found out it was almost March! “Crikey, have I been here EIGHT months? No wonder...I’m well out of the loop now. Peter Walton must be going nuts at how long I‘ve been gone” Rosie was secretly appalled but had better not show it. Nearly three months overdue for her paper on the island. There wasn’t going to be any playtime for a while when they got home at this rate.

She bit her tongue when Charlie returned to them, the guy looking puzzled, asking whether either had heard Timms flying in and out yesterday. According to what the chief had indicated by sign language he’d been here for half the day but nobody knew why. He’d brought a canoe, paddled off for a while then arrived back then flown off again. Rosie looked at him, the girl worried that if he thought they’d gone... “He...Charlie he is coming back? Isn’t he?” she asked quickly, Charlotte noticing her hands were shaking badly. This was curious but the Professor showed her his watch and the date, reassuring Miss Wright that he was to be here on March 1st. Today was the 28th of February so stop worrying and he’d be here tomorrow as planned. They’d ask him what had happened.

It seemed to settle Rosie a bit who then suggested they have a last visit to the Intrepid. The others both smiling as she blushed, knowing what the girl was thinking about. So they packed and went off for the day, arriving at the ship and going aboard. Minutes later the professor found himself trying to decide which of them to tie up first! “Such a nice problem to solve,” he grinned as they laughed. Eventually he got them chained to each other round the mast. A cunning plan as it meant both pairs of hands were clamped on the others’ buttocks, Rosie especially giving Char some grief, mainly because it’d been her idea in the first place.

Once safely gagged and blindfolded the guy set to work and shortly there was stereo squealing as he brought both off at the same time! What a pair they were and he let them calm down, then started again on those hot little pussies. He paced himself over the next half hour, making Charlotte scream when he ignored her by screwing Rosie properly, the girl’s mind-blowing series of orgasms made her grip Miss Warren’s butt even harder. Finally he sensed they’d endured enough and freed the pair. Both girls soon making a mad dash for the stairs and the river. “Last one makes the coffee pet” Rosie shrieked as they went up. Coming back minutes later they teased Charlie, saying he should let them tie him to the mast as well. Eventually he obliged and stood there feeling a bit daft, though he did freeze when hands got hold of his shorts and pulled them down.

Just as well he was gagged when a warm mouth enveloped his cock later, the professor assumed it was Rosie wanting her own back as she nipped him with her teeth. It would surely be too much for his sister to do this. Gradually he felt himself swelling down there and then the unknown continued its work. But just when he was about to let loose it withdrew and vanished! It was a girl’s turn to laugh out loud as he groaned in sheer exasperation. Charlie did get worried when hands placed themselves on both hips and a hot body slid itself up his front. The feeling of two erect nipples rubbing over his hairy chest was something a girl had never done to him yet,before she moved slightly away. It was a rather breathy Charlotte’s voice who nibbled his ear seconds later!

“Enjoying it darling? Want me to continue?” she muttered and Rosie, who was actually standing there in front of her old boss, did her best not to laugh as the guy really twitched. He said something they could not decipher before Miss Wright took him again, this time letting the guy explode. She’d never taken that much before and it was hard, but she managed to get it all down and Charlotte watched as his chest began to slow. She pointed to the casket, indicating for Rosie to quickly climb in unbound and make it seem like it’d been his sister who’d brought the guy off. The lass complied with a broad smile and it was an amazed Charlie who had the blindfold and gag removed to only see his sibling there wiping her mouth.

“Bloody hell Char, was that really you?” he spluttered as she grinned coyly at him, pointing to the fact the box was closed, the pins clearly visible. Then Charlotte broke into shrieks of laughter and freed her friend who came close and rubbed herself up him again. His sister leaning in from the side and saying that same phrase again in the breathy voice. They grinned on seeing him relaxing. “You pair of cows’ when we get back to England I’m gonna...gonna”

“What?” Rosie said, her fingers grasping his cock again, feeling him jump as her nail just began to tap it. “I think it’s a bit soon to start making threats dear professor. But you can get yourself out of this,” she grinned as he waited. “This has been a great time for all three of us. I know we’re going home, but Charlie, could we take these chains and a couple of the caskets with us, so we can relive the experience again and again? Either Char and me on our own, or maybe you as well, if you wanted to play”

He stared at his nodding sister and Rosie, then smiled and agreed. “OK, it’s a deal, we’ll have all the stuff in here, and see what else we can pack in. Walter’s expecting a bit of weight with all Rosie’s kit anyway. Go ahead” and with that they both kissed him then freed Charlie who shot off to the river.

“Great idea girlie, would never have thought of that. Just as well the big bed in your room has a metal frame or you’d have to buy a new one” Charlotte said, telling Rosie that despite the fact she’d lived full time at the apartment, and what Chas said about the place. She still assumed Miss Wright was returning so hadn’t moved her stuff into the master bedroom, instead sleeping in the single one. “Thanks love, as I said to Charlie sometime ago that you were the only lass I could trust. Thanks for keeping your word” and they kissed and embraced.

Charlie returned to find the pair cuddling, a seriously erotic sight and only a clink of the camping stove distracted them as he prepared another round of coffee. It took about an hour or so to grab as many manacles, chains and stuff and pack them into the casket, plus another they found below their deck. Professor Warren did grin on seeing his sister sneak at least three bottles of whisky into one, making sure she didn’t know he’d spotted her. Getting the heavy caskets off the ship took an effort but the three made camp well in time for dinner. Sitting there later on, Rosie starting to write up her final report for Prof Walton they saw the chief arriving and knew... as Charlotte smiled and got to her feet.

“That girl is something else, just hope Walter doesn’t find out. I think he had an eye on her” Charlie chuckled at his sister’s vanishing ass as it wiggled away into the darkness. Staying there for longer than the Westerners expected and looking around Rosie realised they were alone. Not a single native was anywhere near them, just two, out in the river fishing.

Charlotte was amazed when she arrived at the sex-pit. To find they were not alone as usual. Mrs Shhh and her group and a fair few of the men here too but she said nothing as chiefy got her ‘comfortable’. If that’s possible, she thought as her arms and legs were tied off. She watched as the chief addressed the gathering, then Mrs Shhh came forward and did likewise. If only Walter was here I could understand.

It was the chief’s turn again and he pointed to her and Charlotte hoped they weren’t ALL going to have a go. That’d be well out of order but he waffled on, then she heard part of her name being used, the shortened form, being ‘Lotte’ and she hated that. Wondering how he knew that. ‘Char’ was alright for her workmates and friends but there was nothing the girl could do.

With having an audience there it was making her seriously horny and the chief slipped smoothly inside then got to work. Charlotte Warren soon realised that whatever was tried to stop herself, that she was going to orgasm in a big way and so it proved. The guy was amazing, even better than last night’s effort and her eyes were seeing stars at the intensity of the pounding in and out. Suddenly she began gasping and shaking, a few of the ladies smiling as they knew what was happening as it approached. Charlotte exploded, right in time with the chief and she squealed long and loud as he gripped even tighter...then it got better for her.

Professor Warren quickly had Rosie pinned down outside, his torso over hers. Hands clamped over her arms as she struggled. That squealing was way louder than it should be and she was worried for her friend as it went on for a while. “NO,” he snapped as she begged him to let her go. “If they’re all inside gawping then our arrival without warning could antagonise them, remember when I got it wrong last time. Give it half an hour or so. That’s an order Rosita! Now settle down” he intoned and the girl knew, by calling her that he meant it.

She sobbed quietly as he released his grip, apologising for the rough stuff and she accepted that as they hugged each other. Charlie stroked her hair, crooning that Charlotte would be fine. The chief emerged and looked really chuffed as the others followed, chanting in their gibberish and heading off up the track. Even the two who’d been fishing left the water and followed them. Once they’d gone Rosie was about to hurry to the cave when Mrs Shhh appeared, leading a very wobbly Charlotte by the hand.

Rosie rushed to her side, trying not to cry as the girl appeared on the point of collapse. Between them the pair got Miss Warren into the shallows whereupon Mrs Shhh nodded and bowed, nose rubbed them both then hurried off after the rest of the tribe. The professor joined them, giving Char a long kiss as she sat down, her breathing still laboured. “By golly,” she wheezed, “That’s the first multiple orgasm I’ve had in YEARS!”

The others broke into howls of relieved laughter as she explained what had occurred. “There I was, pinning Rosie down ‘cause I thought she would interrupt” Charlie said as his sister finished the tale. They brewed up a coffee and had just packed everything away when the natives returned, all still in high spirits and everyone dipped into the river then went into the cave. Rosie and Charlotte being led by the hands down the back.

To their amazement Mrs Shhh bound their ankles as usual but then the girls were lifted into the sex pit then stood up before being tied together, face to face, their wrists round each other like they were in a hug. Both were slightly trembling as the ladies wrapped yards of rope around them, even interlinking it under their arms and over the torsos before hands got them lowered onto the matting. Yet more ropes were secured to the ankles, attaching them to the sides and neither could move a muscle.

Lastly and possibly the most frightening were the ones that normally went round the wrists when spread-eagled across the pit. This time they were looped round each girl’s neck then fed out to the corners. Now the trembling did get worse but the faintest of whispers between the pair, plus the odd kiss settled them down. “Gonna be a long night honey, sweet dreams” Charlotte murmured as the last of the daylight vanished to be replaced by a full-moon. Rosie didn’t reply, she was seriously bothered by this and prayed she wouldn’t end up on that hill again.

Both girls were very relieved to wake up next morning, to find that somehow they’d been freed but not disturbed. The marks were still pretty bad and they headed for the river. Charlie staring as they went past, but with the chief nearby he didn’t say a word until the guy vanished. Most of the men had left in the canoe just after dawn. The native women having apparently all gone off about an hour ago on the normal fruit hunt. So the Westerners just sat around waiting for Timms, Charlie saying he’d be here by 10 am. So it was a relieved Rosie who heard the faintest buzz of the Albatross bang on time and the others saw her smile. It passed over at low altitude then the noise died away. Half an hour later Walter taxied into his normal spot and tossed out the anchor, waving to the trio.

Arriving in his trusty canoe he shook hands with Charles, giving both ladies a brief kiss. Then the guy asked them where they’d been yesterday. Today was the 2nd. Charlie looked at his watch, showing the pilot it, that his device said it was the 1st. “Which way did you come round? Via LA or through Kuala Lumpur?” Charlie said it was KL, then realised that he’d flipped his watch forward to Malaysia time when still at Heathrow, so he’d lost a day and indeed they were 24 hours late for their pick up. “You are a Muppet buddy. Call yourself a professor?” he grinned once they’d worked it out. “Still, I’m here now. Just got to get the gear out for chiefy, grab lunch and then we’re off.”

He wandered over and greeted the chief, the pair going off into the cave. Rosie and Charlotte looked at each other while Charlie reset his watch. A long while later the pilot emerged,while the  boss walked away and Timms beckoned Charlie aside. The girls watched as the pair chatted for a few minutes, at one point the two looked at them then nodded before Walter went for his canoe. The girls didn’t seem concerned then Charlie asked Rosie to have a talk with the aviator while he chatted to his sister alone. Miss Wright shrugged then got to her feet and wandered over, Walter telling her to get aboard so he could speak to her in private. Now she was worried and he saw her hands shaking as they paddled to the aircraft.

In the plane Walter told Rosie that something had spooked the chief last night, that was why the girls had been tied so tightly, to prevent any escape. “No Walt, don’t even think about it. I’m NOT going in that cage again” she said straight away, starting to cry, thinking that she couldn’t cope with that again. Timms held the girl tenderly and rubbed her back. “I promise love, you’ll not go anywhere near it. Never, understand? Once we leave that’s it” she stared at him before nodding. Rosie was astonished though on finding out that once again she was to wear a dress while they had a farewell meal, same for Miss Warren. Walter showed the boxes to her, one gown was white, the other dark and she shuddered violently, sure she was being set up again. “Don’t worry honey, it’s not the one you wore before” she smiled grimly then told him she’d use the black one. “But how are you going to get us out buddy? Two girls in pretty frocks is a bit hard to disguise!” she said acidly.

Walter Timms smiled then revealed Charlie had told him about the girls’ activities in the ship. Rosie flushed crimson at this. “He told you everything?” she chuckled and he nodded. “Yes, you’re a very naughty girl Rosie Wright, and his Charlotte’s no better. So it may sound strange but Charlie’s going to have the pair of you IN those caskets of yours and smuggle you out that way. How’s that for a cunning plan then?” he grinned as she ran a finger over the silky fabric. Rosie shuddered but knew he was right.

“OK I’ll do it, but Walt,” she said pleadingly, “Don’t betray me again. I cannot face the idea...” and she began to sob. Again he held Rosie, stroking her all over and eventually they began snogging. “What are you doing tonight dear? There’s a nice double bed waiting at my place” and now Rosie was relaxing enough to laugh, the guy getting a poke for his trouble. “Come on, let’s go” he finished, handing her the boxes and telling the lass they needed to get the other supplies unloaded as well. 

Charlotte Warren too was shocked as her brother told his sister what Walter had informed him. She felt a little guilty about what happened last night and she agreed without question. Though the crazy idea of wearing a long frock and heels just to eat a meal, when she’d been naked for the last few days was hard to comprehend but she took it well. “Imagine what Rosie’s gonna say pet. She hasn’t worn a stitch for eight months!” she chuckled, seeing the pair coming over in the canoe. On arrival the two girls hugged then Walter handed the boxes to Rosie, the opened black one being on top. Charlotte saw this and took it off her friend, saying with a grin she’d worn a bridal gown when marrying her ex, “And look what happened to THAT relationship”  

Rosie stopped and Charlie could see she wasn’t happy, glaring daggers at his sister and protested that Timms said she could wear the black one. “Now hold on Char, that’s not fair love. Let’s get into the cave and sort it out properly like adults. You two will toss a coin, whoever wins gets to pick. Really, you ought to be ashamed of yourselves, yes?” The pair nodded and apologised with a kiss, following Charles as he headed for the entrance, just in time for the chief to exit, the little guy walking up with a curious look. The professor let him see what was in both the boxes and he touched the dresses. Lifting each up and rubbing the fabric. The guy pondered for a minute then took the white one and brought it to the girls, handing the box to Miss Warren. “Lotte” he said with a smile then bowed to her before going off looking very happy with something.

“Well I guess that’s sorted then,” she said with a resigned chuckle as the other two stared at her. “Char love I think you’ve pulled again!” Rosie quipped and that made all three laugh as they went inside. “Right, never was good at gambling, always seemed to lose at strip poker in the dorms” Charlotte said. Miss Wright agreeing, having a chuckle at the fact a game of that might involve them getting dressed first. “One loss, take off one shoe then lose again and it’s game over” she said looking down at herself.

“Right folks, you’ve got just over half an hour to get ready” Charlie said as the frocks were pulled out and examined. Rosie amazed to see that once more Walter had brought everything a girl might want to wear under this...except knickers and she tried not to show her fear. This was deja-vu, so once outside she’d keep a very close eye on the natives during and after their meal. If any of them were seen with cords in hand she was going to freak out, probably panic and end up swimming to the plane, whether clad in this or not. A last quick dip in the river followed as neither wanted to get ‘caught short’ This meal should take about an hour, get themselves into the caskets and away into the plane. They planned to ask Walter that once down river and safely away from the camp that Charlie free them then another quick loo-stop before take-off .

“How you doing love?” Charlotte said as she battled with the stockings and garter belt. Rosie said something rude about Timms in a joshing way and it made her friend grin. The idea of a bloke going into a shop and buying stuff like this. “Crikey this is so heavy! What was he thinking?” Miss Wright said once all the other stuff was applied. Charlotte held it while she burrowed up inside, sorted both arms into the sleeves then waited as it was zipped up to her neck. Then it was her turn and a vision in creamy white emerged and Rosie tried to smile, shuddering at the memories of wearing this style of thing for so long. She’d wandered down the cave a bit earlier in the trip, only to find the other dress and everything had vanished. This wasn’t the time to reveal her concerns and she tried her best to smile or grin at any joke Charlotte cracked, especially about the lack of knickers. “Perhaps Walt kept them for himself” she said and they both laughed as their hair got the brush and comb treatment.

Shoes went on last, Rosie now really struggling to keep her emotions in check. Surely this was to go wrong and she’d end up in the cage. Thankfully Charlotte too, not used to high heels was cursing as she nearly tripped up and landed in the sex-pit. “Don’t let chiefy find you in there love!” Rosie laughed as her friend managed to stay upright. “Hmmm, when we’re at home. You and I are going to wear these again and ravish each other” Miss Warren said, Rosie insisting that the older girl go first. “I still owe you at least three sessions babe, you’re gonna squeal” she grinned, coming up and embracing Charlotte from behind, stroking her hips and butt before turning to face the other girl. 

That was how the professor found them minutes later, snogging and cuddling for England. “Shame the cameras’ are in the bags” he grinned as the smooching pair split up. He could clearly see Rosie’s fear showing when she knew Charlotte wasn’t looking. But to give her preferential treatment might make his sister wonder if there was something up. Carefully he escorted the girls outside to the others now sitting by the makeshift table that was so familiar to Miss Wright. Though she was pleased to see there were very few of the natives here. Last time the whole lot, about sixty had been present. Now it was barely a dozen. That did relax her as the meal began, both ladies doing their best not to slop any food on their frocks.

Nor were there any speeches and before Rosie knew it the gathering was dispersing, so now was the time to really be on guard. The chief came over and the Western girls got nose rubs, Miss Wright trying not to grin at the fact ‘Lotte’ got her hips patted as she’d bent down, plus three rubs per side, herself only getting two. Though she did shudder when he’ muttered ‘Zita’ while doing this. The first time hearing that name since she’d been freed from the cage and her heart froze. But nobody else seemed to have heard this and the man bowed to Walter and Charlie then headed off up the track with the others. A few women came to pack everything away and the two girls waited till they’d finished, leaving the cavern and going up the path after the others. Surely this was their chance Rosie thought.

Timms murmured something to the professor then went after the natives and silence fell in the camp as he came up and embraced them. “Right ladies, Walt says this is our ‘go’ time. Quietly walk back to the cave while I faff around out here. One of you help the other into a casket, do as you need to but I’ll be up in fifteen minutes to do the other, OK?” and they nodded, holding hands then struggling in their daft shoes and vanished into the maw while Charlie went and looked over the small canoe he’d used to help Walter unload the plane earlier. He knew it’d take the weight of the loaded boxes, all he had to do was wait that quarter of an hour.

Time pressed heavily but he knew Rosie was petrified, the girl barely ten minutes from freedom before she’d been tied up last time. Now he was going to lock her in a casket then smuggle her out, no wonder the lass had shuddered when he’d held her just now. In fact Miss Wright was in full blown panic mode now, this time Charlotte cottoned on that something was up and asked her about it. Rosie knew she’d have to tell her friend, but not yet, so lying time again.

“Sorry love,  guess I’m a bit scared to go home. Look at me Char. Apart from Walt’s resupply times and Chas's visit six months ago I’ve not spoken to a Westerner until you arrived last week. Charlotte, you don’t know how happy I was to see you walk out of the forest, you’ve helped me get the last of the samples sorted and doing so much to buck me up. Now I’ve got to explain myself to more people than I’ve seen for half a year. I’m three months overdue my paper and I’ve hardly thought about finishing the final draft, Professor Peter bloody Perfect at work is going to have my ass because of this. It’s not my fault this place is so big” she grumbled as the older girl let her get it off her chest.

“Easy honey, I understand, I’ll do my best to help keep them off your back. They’d only blow up if there were mistakes. You sent some amazing stuff back, and those monkey shots we filmed ought to convince them you had to be patient, alright?” Once more her stroking did the trick and Rosie calmed down and apologised, saying they needed to get going. “Right, we better strip off and get...” Charlotte shook her head. “No, we need both the dress boxes to hide the extra manacles and suchlike, we’ll have to wear the frocks inside. Might even have to put some metal on ourselves to save space...” she added. Rosie stared at her in amazement but the twinkling eyes gave her away. “Charlotte Warren, you ARE a real bondage...slut” the younger girl chuckled as Char said it’d be fun to be bound up in the box while still fully clothed. The typical ‘damsel in distress’ type of thing.

They opened one of the caskets and lifted out most of the stuff. “Yeah, just wear the usual, wrists and so on. Those spares will go in that kit bag” she pointed to her rucksack, mostly empty now because the food was still up at the cage and that made her shake. “So who goes first, you or...” Rosie smiled, then shyly stuck up her hand as Charlotte stared back. “But no head covering, just tuck the rags down the side of the ball. I’ll just try not to panic OK?” 

Charlotte helped her step in and Rosie sank to her knees, smoothing the dress underneath for extra padding, then reached up for a hug. Getting a smoochy kiss too before Miss Warren leaned in with the ankle manacles and secured them. “Wrists next honey” she said and Rosie’s face fell slightly, jumping as they were locked tight. “Come on or I’ll gag you anyway” Charlotte grinned and got a pale smile in return. About to bend down for the neck bit Rosie paused, “OK, I think you’d better, if I freaked out it could blow our escape” Miss Wright looked up and then winked, “I’ll be alright pet” and got a kiss as Charlotte came close with the blindfold. Applying it and the gag, adding a head wrap to hold everything firmly. She got a thumbs up then Char did the wrist to ankle chain then eased Rosie down and locked her collar. “All done honey, see you in an hour or so. Love you pet” she said, clasping the trembling fingers. Thankful that the clutch didn’t break them before the lid was secured, the nails in last. Char sat on it then moments later heard footsteps.

Professor Charles Warren came into the cave to find his sister sitting on the chest. The Oxford man surprised that it was her, expecting Rosie to stay free until the last minute. But sibling it was, resting her feet from the heels, examining her fingernails the way girls do. They obviously met with approval as she was smiling when he arrived next to her and they had a kiss.

“Rosie’s OK in this one I’m on, she’s a bit scared but went in alright. I guess it’s my turn now Chas, yes?” she said with a faintly nervous tone, pointing at the other. Explaining what had happened and why she and the other girl were still dressed. “Good idea.” He said and she got up, opening the box, stepping a pace or two away, allowing him to unpack the various manacles that would be binding her. He moved the excess stuff then grinned at his sister as those three bottles of whisky appeared. The girl blushed as he tut-tutted then they were stuffed with the other chains into the now bulging rucksack.

Doing it on the ship with the now crated Rosie was one thing, but this was taking it to a whole new level as he looked at the stuff. “Found another bit that’ll look good on you,” he grinned, picking up a belt and showing her. Charlotte stared at it, thinking it seemed rather small to fit round her waist. But not wanting to make a fuss she said nothing as he unlocked it.

“Lift your arms and breath in pet,” he said and Charlotte complied, the trembling starting inside her as she felt the two ends meet. There was a solid clunk as Charlie turned the key and she exhaled, “Oh, heck that is tight, but thank goodness I won’t have it on for long. It seems a faff doing all this just to sneak us out of here without upsetting them” she said as he picked up the wrist cuffs. For a moment she wanted to stop this, but the excitement of being bound and boxed again overrode any concerns as he went behind and fitted them to the ring on the belt.

“Please be gentle with me Charles, let me savour and enjoy the experience” she pleaded as he took hold of her left wrist, placed it inside then locked it, doing the same to the other before returning to the front and showing her the keys. Noticing her breathing was a lot faster now. “You alright Char? I must say that frock looks superb on you. How does it feel being helpless again?” he murmured.

She grinned, tugging her wrists, nodding then admitted this was very erotic, wearing a dress and being chained up, but it was SO exciting too and his eyes rolled. “Just like Rosie said the first time Walter did it to her on the Intrepid, though she was starkers' at the time. Are you lot like this all the time honey? What would mum say if she could see us? Or dad, you know what he was like” Charlotte Warren really smiled now and she saw her brother pause and he guessed she wanted to tell him something.

“Well it’s been three years since they died so I guess it’ll be alright to tell you now Chas.” She replied and saw his eyes widening. “Ray used to tie Lizzie up, just like you’ve been doing to me. One day I got home early from college, must have been when I was seventeen. I caught mum trying to rub marks off her wrists while she was doing the ironing. I’d seen a couple of blue movies in the dorm when I was there for that first term and recognised them straight away as rope ones’. Explaining how I knew was a little interesting but she didn’t seem to mind” Charlotte confessed with a grin.

“She made me promise never to say a thing till they’d both gone and until now I hadn’t. Lizzie showed me how it went, she even tied me to the bed one afternoon, showed me what to do and stuff like that” she said, and over the next few minutes told him everything about what their parents had got up to. “It was great fun and I learned to enjoy it, why do you think I haven’t complained. And no Martin doesn’t know, you’re the first I’ve ever told”

Charlie Warren couldn’t believe it but the way this had come out it was obviously true and he held his sister, gently stroking her hips, then pulled the girl closer, and making her shiver as both hands roamed onto her ass. “So proud of you hon for doing this” he said and before he could stop Charlotte puckering up their lips met. The kiss lasted for what seemed an age as he held the lass. Finally breaking apart he saw the same dreamy look once worn by Rosie. “Well that’s one thing Miss Wright was wrong about,” he grinned as she recovered, her chest slowing to a steady rhythm. “You can keep a secret after all” and Charlotte laughed, knowing her reputation for gossiping at university was legendary. “Yeah, but I don’t think anyone will find out about this” chuckling when he retorted ‘there are certain ways to ensure that my dear, would you like me to prove it?’

He said they needed to get going soon and guided Charlotte over to her casket. Stopping her one pace in front, like he’d seen her do to Rosie. Getting her inside however proved difficult and she commented he should have done her wrists and stuff after she’d stepped in and knelt down. Rosie had been free and helped herself. “A bit late now, we’ll manage love,” he replied, declining her request to undo her so she could guide herself by holding the lid. Somehow he got her inside without falling over and steadied her on both feet, smoothing the folds of her dress, taking the opportunity for yet another ass rub.

Their hands clasped for a moment then he grabbed the leg manacles and reached in to bind her ankles. She gave a slight moan as he rubbed each stocking clad leg a few times. “Naughty, just as well I’m bound or I’d thump you,” she chuckled as one went over her knee to adjust her petticoats. He grinned then she apologised, “Sorry love, I’m getting a little damp underneath with this, don’t want to start dripping anywhere. Could you do the honours with a hankie or it’ll make a mess when I’m...locked inside” she said. He obeyed and the lass shuddered as the request was performed. Not though before he’d given her ‘a little treat’. This turning almost into a knee trembler and actually he needed a second handkerchief to make sure she was dry. “Awesome, and thanks Chas, loved it” she said as he came up for another brief snog.

“Right, time to shut that once innocent mouth. You’re talking too much” Charlie intoned as he reached for a multitude of cloth from the heap. She asked was this necessary? Not telling him that Rosie was gagged too. But he said it should be part of the adventure, same as the rest. Charlotte nodded, admitting this was true, given a drink then she steeled herself. Taking a huge wad he packed it in tightly; tied the rest of it round the back then told her to make a noise or two. The girl tried but was barely able to raise a mew, just a happy hum and she winked at him. “Excellent. So just this lot then down you go” he said, briefing her, saying that when he tapped various bits of her body, to do what was required. “Exactly like we did on the ship, and what you probably did with Rosie, yes?” The head again went up and down and he saw her eyes sparkling as he prepared the last strips of material.

Putting them down for a moment he held the girl “You sure you’re alright with this?” and she nodded. “Fine, and thanks, here goes sis’” and with that he put the thick blindfold over her eyes and secured it. Then the last cloth to hold everything firm. With his now experienced eye he’d measured this larger than before, so it would cover over her head and go tight under her chin to hold her gag in. Firstly he did the lower knots from the top part under her ponytail; the second pair was above, with the black hair sticking out of the middle. He felt her shuddering at the way he’d removed her ability to do anything. That was why he’d done her wrists outside then refused to free her. To make the girl realise she was under the complete control of someone else and to submit to his will.

The job was soon completed and the effect was truly stunning so he sneaked some photos on his phone. “OK in there Char love, can you breathe right?” and got the faintest of squeaks, looking down he saw she was giving him a thumbs up too. What a girl she was, though he didn’t know that his earlier drying session was wasted and Charlotte was sopping wet again.

His cock was painfully hard looking at his tightly bound sister, clad from top to toe in virgin white. This was a lot better than when he’d boxed her on the ship. Perhaps she’d ask him to bind her again when they were in Oxford and he now knew why the little minxes wanted to take the manacles back. The frock looked far better than Rosie’s gown and he reached close and again ran his hands over her torso, the silky dress feeling lovely and she hummed as his fingers caressed over her breast, the nipples rock solid and proud against the bustier. Time was ticking and he reached under her armpits, tapping her twice then she relaxed and let him take her weight. Lowering the girl carefully into her casket, trying to make sure the dress didn’t move too much. With him being so strong she was able to lift her feet up as she went down.

Charlotte Warren’s heart was going haywire as he’d gradually bound her, and the effect of that last cloth against her face was amazing. But knowing what was to come made it even better. Charlie eased his sister back till both heels rested flat on the side walls, the toe ends pointing straight down, then by holding her one-handed he reached underneath to sort the folds of the dress for her to kneel on. Once done she was brought forward and he said she could relax. Her legs gently resting on the base, but with three petticoats and the heavy gown it was quiet soft. Charlotte obeyed, humming in satisfaction and shuffled a bit, getting a shoulder massage as reward. Once calm he moved her back onto her haunches and attached the spare manacles from the link in her wrist cuffs to the one between her ankles.

The chain had been shortened by three links and would pull the two sets closer together than before with the metal almost resting up the crack of her ass. He grinned, took another photo then rubbed her left cheek and saw her hands start to shake. Charlotte knew she was moments away from the final acts and it was way too late to resist. Not that she wanted to. With this dress and being so tightly bound the girl was halfway to paradise. Hands rested on both shoulders, she was brought down and the helpless but happily humming Miss Warren rested her neck in the loop. She earlier noticed Charlie did do her request and wrapped cloth round both parts of this, same as Rosie’s. The edges being very near her throat and so on, the pair worried about them cutting into her skin if the casket was jerked around.

She was concerned at the strain from that chain between wrist and ankle, surely it hadn’t been this tight before? Rosie’s certainly wasn’t. But there was nothing she could do, it wasn’t for too long so accept it. She gave another thumb up then shuddered as Charlie touched her neck then lowered the top half of the loop onto it. Fingers pushed it into position and the girl managed not to cream herself when the voice told her he’d locked it. Again it felt tighter but she assured his question that her breathing was still fine with the extra padding there. Another photo for the collection followed.

“That’s it, honey, you’re all done now” and he ran through it. Dress, manacles, gag, blindfold and she was trembling with emotion now as he said again how proud he was of her. She jumped when he put both hands on her torso and stroked her for a while including that shapely butt. Another moan as he kissed the patch of skin just below the collar. The final clasp of fingers lasted moments then he told her nothing would stop that lid, he said was now about to be closed and secured.

“Farewell Lotte, sweet dreams my Goddess” he said loudly and behind the gag Charlotte smiled as she felt the pressure building on her body. Much more than before and she realised the dress and stuff was doing a fine job of not allowing her any movement. She tried shuffling her ass a little but Charlie had measured this to perfection as the latches went across. Once she’d tapped three times on the lid, the pre-arranged signal she was OK came the bangs as he hammered the nails into the clasps and the girl’s breath became shallow as the first twinges of an orgasm began to stir.

‘Lotte’ she thought, only chiefy had called me that when he was screwing me. If only he knew what was being done to his conquest now she was packed away. A few minutes later she heard voices, felt the casket give a lurch and it was picked up by someone. Swaying gently Charlotte realised she was leaving the cavern now and hoped Chas would keep his promise to her. Once Walter was getting the plane downstream again he’d free them in time for take-off. The crate thumped down then stopped moving, the natives departed chattering to themselves. The professor followed with all the other bags.

Charlie stared at them before grabbing hold of an empty box and heading into the forest himself to get some fresh fruit for the trip. Walt’s ideas of in-flight meals consisted of boiled sweets and cheap fizzy pop drinks and it was three hours back to the mainland. Dinner for four to follow and one of the other rooms back at Timms’ new house. Their flight to London was due out late tomorrow night. He wasn’t quite sure where the girls would be sleeping. Charlotte would probably stay in the single one used on their way out last weekend, but the way Rosie had been acting she hopefully might share his double bed. Charlie smiled, a nice thought and wondered whether to tie her wrists and ankles tonight, she must be used to it by now!

Rosie too, parked next door in her casket was thinking the same things as her friend. It was SO hot in here and despite the love shown by Charles today she’d be glad to get out of the dress and her bondage. She and Charlotte were going to enjoy their time back in Oxford now. If Charlie wanted to play now and again, they had enough manacles to both be bound at the same time...oh this would be fun after all. Just hope nobody finds out, we’ll have to use one of these crates as a storage container to hide all the stuff when friends call round.

Professor Warren arrived back about half an hour later, laden with goodies but was surprised to find the two caskets still by the river bank along with all the baggage, Rosie’s samples and equipment plus the cameras and tripods. That concerned him as they’d been in the sun for a while. Looking round he could see no sign of the pilot, the canoe was still here so he needed to get them into the shade quickly. Using his impressive strength he dragged the first to the edge and aboard the vessel. It was a lot heavier than he’d thought.

The natives had made it look easy when they’d carried the crates from the cavern, though there were three of them to one casket. But amusing mind, he didn’t know which of the girls he’d dropped onto the deck and no squealing gave him a clue. Off he carefully paddled and within ten minutes had both the boxes onto the aircraft, making sure they were positioned right in the centre of the cargo bay.

He knew Walt was a stickler for making sure the plane was balanced, though two ten-stone females and fifty odd pounds of wood and metal would hardly endanger their trip. The third journey got all the rest of their baggage stowed and he wished Walter would hurry up, where the heck was he? Maybe he should free them soon and tell the girls to stay hidden aboard. But the way Charlotte said how excited she was about being locked in the casket he decided against it. Anyway with the side door and all the cockpit windows ajar there was quite a cooling draft and that should suffice.

An hour later and a quietly fuming Charlie heard a whistle from the bank and looked over to see Timms and the chief arriving from the track he’d used to go into the forest. “About bloody time” he muttered. The little man and a few of his people carrying their spears, one was already heading into the water to go fishing. They chatted for a while as Warren beached the canoe and he came up, not having a clue what they were jabbering about, though the words ‘Lotte’ and ‘Zita’ both got mentioned.

He hoped the guy wasn’t aware the girls had been smuggled out right under his nose. Finally Walter bent down and the Professor saw him give the chief a nose rub, the first time he’d known two men doing this. Girls yes, Charlotte loved doing it to the natives, now it was his turn as Timms waved him in. Thankfully he managed it and the little chief seemed happy enough. Detailing two of his men to go in the canoe then bring it back as the Westerners boarded their strange machine.

“All aboard” he joked, seeing the crates parked where they should be, tugging all the straps to check Charlie had secured them correctly. “Good stuff, if you want a job as my steward and loadie Chas you only have to ask” he grinned as the Oxford man handed him a lump of fresh fruit. He ran through all the checks once the door was shut and got the plane heading down river. Charlie was unstrapping to go and free the girls when Walter said to leave them there for a while. Professor Warren was puzzled then the pilot explained, it’d been very bumpy on the way in this morning, and as Charlotte was known to be a bad flier she’d be safer wedged in her casket. “Don’t want her being sick on the floor. Besides I bet they’re loving it”

Actually neither of them knew what was happening to them, both having passed out in the heat, hardly a surprise after being left in the sun...

Before the natives swapped the caskets over...

Only Walter was aware of this, having discovered a secret compartment on the Intrepid during his visit two days ago. While looking round the ship’s bilge bay a small ruby gemstone, poking from a panel got his attention. Removing that and a secret storage compartment nobody knew existed was revealed. Even the Navy guys had missed it. The contraband must have been looted from the crates he and Chas had recovered earlier on.

The space was stuffed full of bullion, diamonds and other goodies and once he’d emptied it the contents filled two of the same sized caskets the girls had brought back with their chain and manacle sets. This haul would double the value of what they’d made already. With Mr Warren out for the day sea fishing in the big canoe with the locals, Rosie and Charlotte away in the north of the island filming the monkeys it was easy to unload the stuff from the ship unseen, get it to the cave and hide them far down the back where nobody had been.

Thus he’d negotiated with the boss that ‘Zita’ and the very fertile ‘Lotte’ would remain in Borneo and cooked up the idea to swap them. That was why he’d had to go back to the mainland to pick up some bits, then call in at Chiefy’s island for supplies for them. He guessed Charlie wouldn’t mind, after all he’d been a willing accomplice in the initial salvage of the first lot of treasure.

Take-off went smoothly and he banked the Albatross towards the peak, doing the flypast of Rosie’s former home and he stared...and smiled before turning the machine North-West for the last time.

The space occupied by a hysterically weeping ‘Lotte’ The girl having woken up barely ten minutes ago to find herself thinking she was dreaming. Sat in a cage on top of the island, still dressed as before but on the throne, chained by wrist ankle and neck, reading the briefing note Walter had taped to her lap. “Nooo...” she wailed as the aircraft went past then vanished. Charlotte cursed it with every word she could think of. How could Rosie do this to her? Yes she said she’d be ‘getting her own back’ but this was way over what she’d done to the lass on the ship. “Bitch, I hope you’re suffering the worst that anyone can do to you” she growled as the engine note faded.

As indeed she was. Barely a thousand feet separated the girls but you’d never know. Charlotte on top with the wonderful view, Rosie deep under the mountain but equally distressed at the outcome as she too read a note, by torchlight in her case. Her ‘new’ quarters being in a cave, locked in the cage Timms brought from the mainland this morning. The natives helping him assemble it and kit the place out for their guest. The goddess now usurped by the fertile ‘Lotte’ as the chief himself had proved last night. ‘Zita’ banished to the caves to spend her days in darkness, though they were instructed to feed her as often but not to worship, or communicate. Any screams of anger would keep the seas clear of monsters and safe for the fishermen to ply their trade, he’d told them.

It was much smaller than the one holding Charlotte but equally as effective. She could reach the bars in all directions, the tiny bed wedged behind her throne. Keys agonisingly out of reach of her grasping fingers, the collar and those familiar steel shackles on both ankles holding the girl. A heavily padlocked door facing the wall, padlocks with chains as well. The tinkling of all the keys teasing her as the breeze gently rocked the ‘d ring as it swayed from the hook mounted on the nearby rocks.

Water was flowing a few feet below, coming from round the corner then past her cage and out to the ocean somewhere to her right where the faintest of daylight was. Facing her was the forbidding rock wall that she’d shone the torch over and the girl was sobbing as she sank back into her seat to relieve the weight from the neck chain, staring at the heavy bracelets on her wrists, tugging pathetically then slumping in defeat. “Why Charlotte, why have you done this to me?” she screamed, the noise of the crashing waves outside drowning her cries to anyone.

Up in the aircraft the men finished the fruit and Charlie went to ‘Unpack the treasures’. Walter smiled and watched his buddy unstrap the crates, pull the latches up then flip the lids open.

Professor Charles Warren stopped and stared in amazement, then turned and looked back at his partner in crime. Dipping a hand into the bullion and running a few coins through his trembling fingers then looked at the diamonds and stuff. There must be tens of millions here. He put the lids down then returned to the cockpit, sat down looking at the pilot.

“Well, chief won the ‘Lotte’, and everything looks more‘Rosie’ than before don’t you think?” Timms said as the guy sat there.

“Indeed dear boy, both Charlotte and Rosita admitted they were never good at gambling...”

He smiled at last and they shook hands, “...My round tonight Walter and dinner for two...”

“...Sorry girls”



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