Everything going Wright and Rosie in undiscovered Borneo Part 3

by Wingco

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© Copyright 2011 - Wingco - Used by permission

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Part Three

The first tsunami wave almost killed Rosie Wright... the second saved her life.

She’d just finished storing the latest offerings from the natives when the girl realised she could not hear the waves outside the cave as usual. The normal swish... roar... swish and roar that Rosie had listened to for weeks on end had suddenly stopped, and it puzzled her. From her time as one of Oxford’s premier biologist-explorers Miss Wright knew this island wasn’t in a tidal area.

Rosie had been here for... well it seemed like years now. Her time doing the project, then the six months spent as a captive on top of the mountain thanks to Walter bloody Timms and her old boss. Professor Charles Warren being the man in question, setting her up to the natives as a Goddess while he and the pilot had stolen a few million pounds of treasure from right under their stubby little noses.

Then she’d been surprisingly freed when the Oxford man brought his sister Charlotte out to see the island for herself. The two girls getting the project completed, using some spare time playing bondage games... before Miss Warren had seemingly betrayed her, just like her brother had done, locking the girl deep underground in a cage like the one she’d been incarcerated before.

But to now and suddenly Rosie, her ears twitching as she strained to hear anything, came the roar once more. She sighed, pleased it wasn’t her mind going nuts, but then the noise got much louder. Like being in a train entering a tunnel Miss Wright felt the air pressure changing rapidly and her ears went pop. The limited light that shone from the hidden cave entrance faded as a wall of water surged round the corner. Rosie screamed in terror as the torrent came closer and she thought ‘this is it’ as the cloud of spray enveloped her. She gripped the bars, stupidly begging the tide to go away as it got higher, then her voice cracked as it flowed over the ledge and into the cage.

Panicking now she felt the water tugging at her dress, the black gown she’d been forced to wear by Timms, the material getting heavier as the level rose up her legs. Rosie heard the clattering as the water swept away the box of food and probably everything else the pilot had left for her, including the torch that she treasured more than anything else. Using it once a day to check the keys still hung...

“OH GOD NOOO...” she wailed, struggling as the water level rose to her belt, pushing her against the bars and the pressure was growing. Her dress was acting like a dam as the torrent tried to push between her limbs. Had her ankles not been manacled she could have opened her legs and lifted the frock to around her waist and relieve this agony. If it got much higher the keys would be swept away and that would doom her for eternity. If Walt ever came back he’d look for those, and if they weren’t there he surely would abandon her.

It got to Rosie’s neck and she was praying like she’d never done so before it seemed to slacken. That enormous pressure on her body eased as the flow began to drop and the water started heading back to the sea. Noise too was dropping as she broke into relieved sobs. Within minutes it had virtually gone back to normal and Rosie tried to take stock of what was left.

The answer was devastating. Her throne was a shattered wreck against the bars, the bed had vanished along with all her food. All that remained inside was the chair... and a crying girl. Knowing that if the wave had done this much damage in the cave, what had it done elsewhere on the island. The natives’ camp had only been a few feet above the river. If this monster had hit on that side of the place, going up stream then it might have wiped them out... dooming her to starvation.

“Why!” she screamed over and over again, bashing her fists into the bars. Tugging pathetically on the pillar that her collar was attached to. But naturally there was no give and she lost it. Hurling herself across the cell towards the side where the keys...


Were they still there, she thought and her body slammed into the bars as she stared across... to see the hook... and the key ring still where they should be. Her heart leaped and she broke into tearful gasps of thanks. Standing there she jumped up and down, then grabbed the bars as the cage suddenly gave a big lurch and dropped a little towards the edge.

Rosie Wright screamed in terror before the cage stopped moving. The thing wobbling as she moved back towards the pillar. This was intolerable and the girl sat down, her back resting against the door. This was like the coach in the Italian Job, teetering on the edge with... “Well the bullion’s already gone thanks to THEM” she grumbled, trying to see a way out... OUT.

The girl stood up carefully again, looking where the keys were. Only a few inches away across the space, the water below her, now burbling again as if nothing had happened. Her eyes now clearing as she tried to work out if... Yes it might work. The cage was too big to go over the edge and fall in, it would topple forward but rest on the opposite wall. But that meant she could get it closer...


Rosie broke into sobs, wondering if she dared to try. If the cage flopped down as well as forward it could knock the keys off the hook before she could grab them.

For ages Miss Wright paced her cell, the cage rocking on the base as she tried to steel herself to try. By the time Rosie decided to go for it, her dress and all the rest was dry. She crouched down and with some difficulty removed her shoes, cursing the manacles once more. If she did get out of this and miraculously escape, then no way would she ever allow herself to be placed in bondage again.

The girl said a last prayer, then pressed into the door before launching herself forward. The pain as she hit the metal made her scream as she bounced off, falling backwards and with her wrists chained could not stop herself landing painfully on the wreckage of the chair. Wailing as shocking pain roared into her head and she blacked out.

Coming to Rosie shuddered, trying not to shake too much as the headache beat any alcoholic bender she’d ever put her body through. Her back was jammed against the bars and the girl struggled to get to her feet. But the floor was all bent up to one side and that was puzzling. Until her eyes got clearer and she looked up... to see those keys hanging right next to the cage.


Miss Wright quietly wept as she reached through the bars, her fingers almost too afraid to touch the keys in case they fell away. Easing one hand underneath she raised it up, the other just above and then came that magical clink as they rested in her sweating palm. Lifting higher she saw it come off the hook and quickly Rosie came back into the middle of her cell and kissed the saviours of her life. Tears were streaming down her face as the girl struggled to decide which one of her bonds to unlock first!

“GET A GRIP!” she screeched to herself and within minutes the shackles were a pile of metal on the sloping floor. Rosie got onto both knees and prayed, then having done that headed for the door. The padlocks were undone, chains pulled inside and Rosie pushed. Forgetting it was still locked and her heart froze before she scolded herself again. Carefully she pushed the key through the bars and round into the lock. That last click muffled by her sobbing as the door popped open... by about an inch.

Rosie was stunned, pushing harder against the bars but there was no give and she looked down. Seeing in the dim light that the cage was still resting against the wall at the bottom, meaning...


The girl lost it big time, worse than before, screaming in frustration. She’d been SO close to freedom and it was too much to comprehend at first. Rosie repeatedly threw herself against the door, and while it wobbled there was no give and she gradually knew... knew it was all over. Returning to the middle she flopped down again in tears, beating her hands into the floor.

At one point she hit one of the manacle sets and the pain made her wince. Rosie stared at the thing as her mind went crazy instead. For so long she’d hoped to be free and had almost succeeded.

But as that had been denied her, the girl just wanted to be bound again!

Miss Wright thought long and hard before deciding how it’d go. She grabbed the key ring then headed for the door. Slamming it closed and locking it, wrapping the chains as before and securing all three padlocks. Then Rosie took the collar and snapped it round her neck. Jabbing the right key and twisting it, smiling as she felt the lock engaging with the clunking sound. Next she applied the heavy belt then stopped... wondering... Yes. Reaching under her dress Rosie grabbed a bundle of material from one of the petticoats and gradually ripped it off in strips. Stuffing one lot into her mouth, as much as she could fit, then another load to secure it. Next her shoes were reapplied, the ankle shackles locked on and the feelings in her pussy were starting to get interesting.

She looked round... for the last time then arranged the material for her blindfold. Tying it tight then remembering how Charlotte had head wrapped her afterwards. This was done the same way and Miss Wright was smiling as she shuffled onto her knees for the best bit. The left manacle was locked onto the wrist, the key being placed into the other before she paused. Rosie took the d’ring off the keys and attached it to the rear of her belt. Reaching around with her free hand she got the wrist cuffs clipped onto the link. Just one more lock to do, her left hand holding the only part of the right manacle just by the key. Miss Wright placed her wrist into the loop then pushed it closed against her back. The left hand automatically twisted the key and Rosie’s heart surged as she felt the ends engage and tighten.

Wiggling her arms rapidly she suddenly heard the clunk as the keys dropped out of the lock and she knew it was done as she stood up. Tapping around she trod on the key ring and before Rosie could think straight she kicked it as hard as the leg chain allowed her. The screeing as they slid across the metal  floor made her pause and she listened for the splash as they went over the edge. But all there seemed to be was a little tinkling instead. She sighed, disappointed that they must have hit a bar instead and were still in the cage to torment her. Rosie took stock of how she was.

Bound, gagged, blindfolded and utterly helpless now, Miss Wright got herself lying down on the floor and began to sob, hoping that it’d all be over soon as she tried to fade away.

She tossed and turned for ages, trying to get comfortable, both physically, but mentally too at what she’d just done to herself. Placed her body in inescapable bondage and for a moment the girl almost smiled... before basic survival instincts overrode her wishes. SHE HAD TO GET OUT!

Rosie began to struggle against the metal, squealing frantically through the gag, her sightless head thrashing around as a bout of claustrophobia tore through her body. After several frightening minutes she managed to calm herself, reasoning that the only way possible was to find those keys. And so began the most fraught experience of her life as she humped, grappled and slithered round the cage. It would have been a lot easier had she not put the cuffs onto the belt, nor her arms behind her back. This really meant she had to slide on her ass all the way, the fingers carefully running down each bar till they reached the bottom.

Miss Wright started at the door, recognising the thickness of the frame and the lowest of the padlocked chains, inching round, her heart plunging at each negative result. After she reached the fourth corner Rosie was sobbing again, there must only be a few bars left before she returned to the door. Perhaps during her thrashing about, they’d tipped over the edge after all, that thought making her scream in anguish. This getting even louder as the girl felt that chain once more. They just were not there.

The girl tugged again at her wrists, pathetically crying now. This lasted a while before she wondered. Was that tink the keys bouncing off the bars and actually back in the middle of the cage again. Her heart surged with hope and cautiously Miss Wright got to her feet. Now it was the ankle manacles and these stupid heels she cursed as the lass tip-toed all round the edge, using her elbow tapping the bars to guide her. Still no keys and Rosie really was starting to believe they’d gone as she turned inward and collided with the collar pole nose first. Screeching in frustration she turned away and slumped against it. Resting her back she eased herself down onto the floor, promptly gasping in both pain... and relief as one of the keys poked her right in the ass. It must have bounced off the pole rather than the bars and Rosie cried with joy as she edged forward and her fingers grasped the ring.

Rosie Wright wept buckets as they nestled in her shaking hands. All she had to do was to somehow get the wrist manacles undone. Easy... not, she grinned tiredly, remembering that with at least six or seven keys on the ring it was a case of trial and error.

Very trying on her nerves and it must have been half an hour later, surely the third time she’d tried the rough metalled one, rather than the smooth ones that it suddenly slipped further into the lock than it’d gone before. Rosie’s heart froze and her eyes blurred as she took a breath and tried to turn...


Followed by another clunking moments later as her head leaned against the pillar while she wept again. This time able to rub her eyes as by now she’d freed both wrists, ripped the stuff off her face then got both hands up there. Kissing them... and the keys so tenderly. NEVER would she be so stupid again and the girl smiled grimly. Reaching for the collar, undoing that, the belt and lastly her ankles before the chains and door were unlocked. She secured all the bits to the doorframe, leaving the keys wedged into the hardest lock she’d struggled with before. By now it must be getting toward sunset, the faint daylight she’d become accustomed to was less than normal.

Then the second wave came in, the girl alert enough to hear the noise decreasing beforehand. She was ready and braced herself, legs apart, dress hitched up to her waist as the water smashed into the rocky face more powerfully than the first one. No point in screaming, if she opened her mouth then it’ll fill with salt water. The cage vibrated like a tuning fork as the torrent battered it. At one point she thought it was overturning as the floor kicked at her feet and she closed her eyes as the river reached her neck. Why she hadn’t removed her heels Rosie didn’t know but eventually she felt the strength fading, the level began to drop and within a few minutes her feet were no longer covered. Coughing in the spray Rosie took a look round as she let go of her dress.

“YES!” she screamed, seeing that the cage had moved, by at least six inches, the bottom that had been against the edge, now wasn’t by a little and she hurried across. Pushing the door Rosie cried as she tried to push it further. But no joy and she looked back at the pole. “Not being beaten yet” she grunted, sitting down, leaning against the post and sticking her feet through the door bars. With all her strength Rosie pushed, and just as her effort seemed wasted the cage floor grated... AND MOVED.

Quickly onto her feet Rosie got to the door and tried again. Sobbing as the metal frame swung back and hit the rock, but surely with enough space... Breathing out Miss Wright forced herself into that gap, almost passing out from the pressure then suddenly she was through. The door swung back but she no longer cared.

Rosita Wright had escaped.

“Well not really,” she murmured, trying to work out which way to go. The natives always came from further down the cave so there must be a passage out of there, but their eyesight must be phenomenal in the dark. But the other way was too rocky, so this way it was. Almost immediately Miss Wright was in trouble. Her shoes might look sexy at a party, girls love heels as it shows their legs off, but struggling over bare rocks was ridiculous, especially with her dress on too. Shedding them all she tried again.

Mrs Shhh and the other must have iron soles, she cursed having taken a few steps and stopped. This was intolerable and Rosie cried in frustration. Retrieving the heels she had an idea, starting to bash them against the wall. Finally after a few minutes of effort both stiletto points snapped close to the base and Miss Wright sighed. She had looked at them before in the cage, now if she ever got out of this she’d have to buy a pair of Christophe Weiss’s, these were almost indestructible as the new ‘flats’ were applied. Much better and Rosie grabbed her dress and got a fair distance along the ledge, starting to going upwards then her left foot trod on something that made a slight crack.

Reaching down she shrieked with joy as her fingers grasped her torch... and it still worked!

This got a gentle kiss and a happy biologist cracked on. Up by some distance and she almost admired the natives who’d come along here to feed her. The girl paused, thinking for a moment about the locals and it made her shudder. Perhaps if she emerged, they might blame her for the waves and do harm, put her back in the cage perhaps? That almost made Rosie turn around, but sanity prevailed as she carried on. Another fifty feet and she found large parts of her food box and the girl checked for contamination, ate a lot of it then collected as much of the rest as she could carry.

Smiling now Miss Wright carried on, noticing the stream had gone and the passage was starting to descend again. Walking along minutes later the girl shone her torch around the walls, realising it was opening out then promptly tripped over something and landed face first thankfully on a very soft but damp surface. Shining the beam down Rosie gasped at the fact she was lying in the drying remains of the natives’ sex-pit!

Managing not to scream she carefully got up and slowly inched along. But a scan of the now moonlit cave revealed nothing, no natives, the food coffin or the other stuff that she remembered. Thankfully there weren’t any bodies lying around either. Though it meant Rosie was alone she was actually a little pleased that they wouldn’t attack her. Going to the entrance she walked outside, her shoes brushing against lumps of trees and other flood detritus. By goodness it was great to feel a breeze on her body.

It must have been terrifying for them as it was for me she thought. The moon was full, quite bright for the girl to deal with and she needed to be careful when the sun rose tomorrow. She thought the torch seemed to be fading and the girl shut it off and returned to the safety of the cavern, lying in the sexpit having tossed a few chunks of wood out first. It was so cool on her skin and Rosie smiled as she toyed with a rope, wrapping it round her wrist. “Not now honey, later maybe” and a few minutes later the girl was asleep.

Birdsong awoke her next morning and Miss Wright emerged blinking, her eyes struggling to adapt even in the dawn. This was going to be harder than she thought but the girl persevered. By the time it broke over the hill and flooded the valley full strength she was acclimatised and out, gathering fallen fruit that had been washed down by the torrent. This wasn’t too bad and Rosie munched her way to feeling almost bloated. An examination of her body found a few bruises but no cuts to get infected. That was a huge relief, but all her nails did need attention. Sitting there she wondered if any of her stuff like the clippers remained up at the old cage and able to be retrieved. She didn’t remember Walt taking everything out.

The next day found the naked girl going up the path, just her shoes on as she trudged along, seeing the coconut grove was intact, the other fruit trees later on were bursting with goodies, so the lass was very happy. She’d never run out of food, and while it might get boring being alone, she was alive, and free so be thankful. “Girl Friday without her Robinson” she giggled, munching away.

Emerging from the forest Rosie saw her cage in the mist as the clouds were down. The girl shuddered, remembering the tortuous months she’d spent locked inside. It made her stop for a while and almost run away... before her brain starting telling her something that should be impossible.

The cage was occupied!

A ghostly white clad figure standing much the way she had done with her limbs shackled together. The girl watched as its body swayed side to side, trying to ease muscles becoming weaker by the day. Rosie was shocked... then realised that it could only... only be Charlotte Warren. Creeping closer as the girl was facing the other way Rosie saw the raven black ponytail... it was her friend after all.

“CHARLOTTE, my Charlotte” she screamed, breaking into a tearful trot as the girl jumped and swung round. her eyes widening as she realised that Rosie Wright was now dashing towards her. “ROSIE” she wept as the blonde girl arrived, crashing headfirst into the bars, her hands reaching through and by barely an inch their fingers touched.

They must have stayed that way for ages, the sun breaking through the mist as both girls cried buckets. It was Miss Wright who let go first and headed round the front, Charlotte continuing to sob as those hated keys were lifted off their hook and passed through. Slowly she unlocked her wrist manacles, did the collar and was about to rush to the door before Rosie reminded her to undo her feet. That made both smile briefly before Miss Warren did so. Now she came close and they cried again as the pair reached through the bars and kissed each other.

Charlotte Warren had been devastated as the days progressed into weeks. She found so hard to be nice to the natives but her survival depended on it and did her duty regardless. So when she saw the first of the huge waves sweeping across the ocean the girl knew that it would surely shatter the calm of her life and all those who lived here. From her vantage point she watched helplessly as the water surged up the river, the flow ripping trees out like matchsticks, flinging them around and the girl knew trouble like no other was about to happen.

She was almost convinced the whole island shook as the rest of the wave passed by either side, before vanishing behind the peak. The roar faded away and once more the birds began to sing. Charlotte had noticed the wildlife had fallen silent before the maelstrom had arrived. “Who says animals are thick” she’d murmured. But her fears about the natives proved true as she heard running feet and a whole bunch of them came tearing up, both men and women. Spears waving they crowded round the terrified girl’s cage, the chief amongst them and as expected he took the lead. Making a long rambling speech in gibberish before the chanting of ‘Lotte’ began. Louder it got as they grabbed hold of the bars, really shaking the cage and she wailed for them to stop it before they all fell over the cliff.

For the Goddess to actually SPEAK to them, having just seen a wave sweep into their cave and wreck the place was way too much. The chief bellowed at her, she stood up and screamed back and that was enough. He stopped, gave an order and the women came forward, including Mrs Shhh. They began to shove more food than she’d be able to eat through the bars until the floor was covered. Then the chief spoke again. Banging his spear against the bars before they all suddenly ran off. Charlotte broke into tears of relief as the noise faded to be replaced by the call of the birds. She did her best to store the food but was stuffed full hours later when she saw the natives canoe heading down river, then two smaller ones appearing and follow it. Charlotte screamed for them to come back, guessing by the number of people aboard that this was the entire group... abandoning their Goddess for good as they vanished round the point. Not long after they’d left she saw the second wave and her heart crashed to her feet.

She was doomed. Once this food ran out, that was it and Miss Warren soon found herself praying for anyone to come and save her. The next morning she was having a yawn and stretch, when that hope was answered by the last person she’d expected to be here.  

The two broke their hug and stared at the other. Then Rosie spoke first, telling Miss Warren the real truth about what had happened. The other girl was appalled at what the men had done. While she knew about the Intrepid’s value, they’d even made Miss Warren a millionairess, she didn’t know it had come with such cost.

“Well, love, that's what we were dealing with. If your brother ever comes back here. I’m going to kill him. But he hasn’t the balls” Rosie said forcefully. “So I’m going to escape the island and travel back to England to confront him anyway...” and that made Charlotte smile. “Yeah, but before you go pet...” she tugged her bars and the pair hugged and kissed again, tears on both sides.

It seemed hopeless though, this cage far heavier than Rosie’s. Also the gap between the rock and lock meant Charlotte would remain secure inside until it was moved. But any amount of shift could send it crashing over the edge. Only after another bout of tears did Miss Wright remember how the natives had rotated it and which way. She got Charlotte to pass out the chains and Rosie looked up... and smiled. “In all the time I’d been incarcerated in this love, I never knew there was a hatch up there,” pointing to the little barred gate above them.

Miss Warren stood on the throne and shoved, not surprised it was locked and her face fell. But Rosie reassured her friend with a kiss before shedding her shoes and clambering up, banging her head on the rock. “Please be careful up there honey” she begged as Miss Wright secured some chain to give herself leverage. Miraculously on tugging hard, the door popped open. Charlotte screamed with joy then froze, just in time to stop Rosie from jumping down into the cage. “No wait, if it locked again” she said and that made them pause. She folded it back, Char locking it with her wrist manacles then stripped off the dress and her underwear. “Never going to wear THAT again, told you bridal gowns bring bad luck” she quipped and Rosie laughed with her.

Naked now it was easy to climb up and OUT of her prison. Dropping down the side into Rosie’s arms, the pair now weeping as they held the other. “All the things I cursed you for, not knowing you were caged below, please forgive me honey” Charlotte said and Miss Wright did just that. She now revealed the real reason she’d come up, Char saying yes, the cage had been fitted with that stuff, for the goddess to keep herself tidy. Rather than going back up they managed to slightly turn the cell enough for the door to be unlocked. Rosie went in and retrieved the boxes, plus more food and it was a happily singing brace of Europeans who headed down the track. Charlotte struggled in her high heels and looked like ‘Bambi on the piss’ before her Weiss’s got the rock treatment too.

Lying contented that night, together in the sex-pit the pair discussed what they should do. Try to make a raft and escape, make signs on the beach to be rescued... “Or just live out our days with no stress!” Charlotte said laughing. Rosie leapt on her, reaching for the cords and before Miss Warren realised she had the lass’ wrists bound. Sitting alongside she began to rub fingers over those breasts and Charlotte groaned. “Is that what we should do? Just chill out forever” and the girls looked at each other.

“Yes!” they chorused and Rosie got to work, Charlotte squealing as her body was given a going over. They swapped over and at the end, both free and out in the river, the girls decided to do just that. Over the next few hours they tidied up the cave floor and re-laid the sex-pit with fresh bedding to make it more comfortable. The pair still tied each other up then a day later Miss Warren admitted how turned on she’d been when her brother had tightly bound her in the casket.

“Me too love, shame it didn’t end right” Rosie laughed, the pair’s trauma seemingly fading faster than they expected. “Metal does feel good if it’s done the right way. I think it’s better than using cord” That sparked a discussion about bondage that led to Miss Wright taking Charlotte through the cavern to see her cage. “Oh my goodness, you poor love” Char exclaimed on seeing where Rosie had been held.

“It must have been frightful” and the lass agreed. They shoved the cage round and the pair went inside. Miss Warren shuddering as Rosie explained how the water had acted. Fingering the manacles that now hung from the bars where she’d left them, Charlotte saw this and smiled, asking the girl did she want to take them back to play with? A long thought and she agreed, unlocking the belt, the cuffs and undoing the collar from the neck chain. Miss Wright wondered how Timms and the natives had got this here. “Perhaps its a flat pack. You know, a DIY special, easy to assemble prison cell, single occupancy only” and that cracked Rosie up. Squealing with mirth as the pair had a kiss.

Shining the torch round the girls found this to be true as the light was flashed. Small winged nuts were in all the corners and quite easy to turn by hand as Charlotte undid one. “I know it’s crazy love, but I think we could take this apart and put it in our cave. A play cage perhaps” Miss Warren was amazed but knowing what they’d discussed earlier nodded. “OK love, will take a couple of trips, maybe five or six, you sure about this?”

Rosita nodded, “Well it’ll give us something to do with our lives” and that settled it. They set to work and were soon heading back, carrying one of the barred walls between them. Charlotte grinned as she saw Miss Wright had put the collar and belt on herself already, the cuffs hanging off the back with the keys on their d’ring. “Bondage slut” she chuckled as they struggled up the path. It was hard labour, and they paced themselves but five trips spread over two days brought success. The cage was assembled and Rosie did the inaugural ‘locking’ of the door. Then Charlotte watched as Miss Wright did her feet, belt, collar and wrists in front of her before passing the keys out. “There, all done? Right I’m off for a nice refreshing swim” Charlotte said with a grin, leaving the ring just out of reach.

She heard the expletives as she ran off giggling, but on returning found Rosie flat on the floor bringing herself off. “Slut” Charlotte teased as Miss Wright came, but they laughed all the same. Swapping over and generally having a good time. “Shame this is too small for us both to play together. You in metal, me with cords, though there aren’t any here apart from in the pit. To bind myself properly I’d need so much more. The natives stuff must have been swept away” she said with a regretful tone. “Char love, I guess there’ll still be plenty on the Intrepid. It’s only a two hour trip each way on foot!” Rosie replied.

Next morning found the two girls heading for the ship. Charlotte still naked as her skin never seemed to burn. Being part Egyptian, and having lived there for most of her teens she was used to hot sun. Rosie was more cautious, fair haired people have to watch themselves. With no sunscreen to slather on she did the next best thing. Pulling the black gown apart at the bottom, the new skirt hem between ass and thigh length but good enough for now. “I’ve worn shorter frocks during Fresher's week” she’d grinned doing a twirl. Charlotte noticing that Rosie was wearing her waist belt again and teased her. Hats made of leaves sufficed for both and they were at the Intrepid before it got too hot.

Spending the steaming midday part playing sailors, fighting with swords on the main deck and enjoying their freedom. Though each endured a session tied to the mast at their request! Enough cord to bind an army was loaded into a casket and the girls were in high spirit as they sang their way back to the cave.

Charlotte showed Rosie what could be done with cord and the younger girl was impressed. The black petticoats were ripped apart to make blindfolds, gag and head wraps. At one point they helped tie the other up in the cage together, though this time their faces were clear. With wrists behind their backs it was a slight struggle but a few minutes of Charlotte picking at the other girls’ knots Rosie was freed. “We must be more careful love” she chided, having seen Miss Warren was a little stuck. Rosie was not confident yet about ropes, worried she might have been tightening them instead.

It was too cramped in Rosie’s cell so two days later the girls were up to the mountain, examining the bigger cage. The construction used in the nineteenth century was harder to figure out. Pins instead of wingnuts but a little prodding with sticks finally brought results. They had to be careful though, Rosie tying ropes round her midriff, anchored to the pole as they dismantled ‘Lotte’s’ former home. This time it took them a week, one trip per day to carry the bits downhill but eventually the new cage too had a ‘Grand Locking’ ceremony. Miss Wright on her throne bossing Charlotte about.

Miss Warren’s knots and suchlike were becoming a work of art, really making Rosie helpless so one day the girl challenged her. Could Charlotte get herself secured with her ropes quicker than the other lass could do with metal. “Easy, too easy” she chortled so the rules were set. When Char said go, she had to get into her seat and lock everything down, then say ‘done’ when complete. Rosie too thought that too simple so suggested she be blindfolded and head wrapped. No gag because she’d need to say done of course. “Fine. We’ll go for a dip and dump first, then have five minutes or so with eyesight to prepare. Each of us will do the others blindfold then go for it... in turn of course”

They shook hands, kissed then used the river. “Poor fish” Charlotte said once they’d finished, coming back in for some juice first. Rosie went into her cage to organise her chains while Miss Warren piled all her cords into coils on the floor between the cages, as the rock was smooth there. The younger lass saw Char frowning as she looked at her wrists. ‘Not going to quit already?’ she thought as the girl went to the casket and retrieved the knife that they’d used to carve up the fruit. “Good idea hon” she said seeing Miss Warren lay it close to the ropes. “Not daft love, so ready to try?” Rosie nodded and both girls gave each other a rub before doing the blindfolds and head wraps.

“OK love, go” Charlotte said and Rosie moved, not to her cage but making a beeline for the dresses hanging off the wall. But on getting there she could only feel the long one instead of hers. Surely Miss Warren was still by the cages waiting? She fumed, grabbing the gown and slid back, reaching to take the keys she hoped were on the casket. Finding them right there Rosie headed back, her arm brushing the big cage. To teach Charlotte a lesson she quietly locked the door before getting to her own, using Char’s grumbling about knots to navigate there. Getting inside she secured the door and stepped into the dress and zipped it up. Found her throne, plopping down then starting to do things the way she’d intended. Twisting and turning till the last lock was secured.

“All done Charlotte, I’m fully locked down,” she said triumphantly.

There was a shocked sounding gasp from Miss Warren. “You’re joking love, already... oh... bloody hell” she said at last and Rosie smiled broadly behind her head wrap as she heard a thumping, another groan then a long but rather quiet ‘nooo... damn it’ as the scuffling continued.

Rosie sat there on the throne smiling at Charlotte’s obvious annoyance. Listening to more grumbling, the odd curse and so on. The girl and all her ropes was never going to beat me, Rosie thought. Her arms however ached from the position and finally she asked Miss Warren, was she ready to admit defeat and free her? Then she could show Rosie what she’d planned to do. “Come on pet, get your blindfold off and have a look at the victor” she teased. “Yeah, well there’ll be a slight problem there hon,” she heard her friend say, and wow, the girl sounded really pissed off with herself.

“Why’s that Charlotte, you haven’t got yourself in a pickle trying to work out how to do it, yes?” she teased. Miss Warren sighed, “No, I was having a few ideas... and got a little carried away. Hoping to beat you out of sight” Rosie smiled, typical Char. that competitive nature was one day going to catch her out. “Go on, tell Auntie Rosita what you’d planned. I’m looking forward to hearing this”

There was a long pause then Miss Warren began. “Well, I’d planned a crotch rope round my waist and running underneath, give me a treat while I struggle, which is something you cannot do, get my ankles roped towards my thighs, bind my knees as close as possible. Then get my wrists crossed the way Mrs Sssh used to tie us. They ended up in the small of my back because when I went forward onto my chest the slipknots pulled them tight to the waist rope” Rosie nodded, it sounded OK. “Hmmm, like to see that done love. Now if you’d just get me free we’ll check, yes?”

“That’s the problem Rosie. I’ve worked out that the bloody knife is out of reach because I cannot roll over. There are more ropes that go off to the sides from my waist, another pair from under the armpits and over both shoulders that link up to the wrist ones. That’s how they ended up crossed as I’d planned. Finally there is one from the back of the collar that also pulls the wrists the other way from the belt and stopped them moving at all”

“So how are you planning to get out Char?” Rosie commented, it sounded rather more complicated now and she was a little concerned. “The knife sounds like it’ll be in front of your face. Nowhere near your hands. If they’re linked under the waist rope as you say, you’d really find yourself in trouble”

“Yeah,” she said slowly and Rosie, sitting there realised that Charlotte shouldn’t sound this upset about losing the bet... unless. It slowly began to dawn on Miss Wright and it made her heart seize.

“Please Charlotte. Just answer me honestly, no beating around the bush love. I’ve just cottoned on that you changed tense partway through discussing your plan.” Rosie wincing as the dreaded question was asked of her friend...

“You’ve tied yourself up the way you intended, and you’re seriously stuck this time... aren’t you?”  

“I’m so sorry Rosie love... but the answer is yes. Very... very stuck. I cannot move a bloody thing, arms, legs. All done tightly” came the reply she feared. The sobbing from Miss Warren starting immediately. Followed a few moments later by Rosie as it struck home, that they were both in inescapable bondage, each expecting the other girl to have waited her turn... “But Char you said I’d...” Rosie wept, realising that wasn’t entirely true. They’d agreed... in turn... but not said who was going first!

Gradually the crying stopped, mainly because the tears were stinging their eyeballs. Both the girls were experts now at doing the blindfolds, add the head covering and they were in a world of hurt. Rosie was still trying to figure out what Charlotte had done but convinced there must be a way to get free.

“Char love, I’ve got an idea. I’m assuming the side ropes are just placed under the caskets nearby. If you can wriggle around a bit then surely they’ll pop...” But Miss Warren broke in, begging her to stop it, her voice so trembling now and naturally it shut Rosie up. “They are not,” she said at last, “Each one is tied to the bars...” Now it was Rosie’s turn to interrupt “Whoa Char, what do you mean bars? Oh my goodness, please tell me you are not in the big cage love! Last I saw, you were between them” she squealed. The pause told its own story.

“Yes, so you might as well know the rest” she replied sadly. “My legs are wrapped around the pillar with my ass hard up against it. Ankles sticking up the other side, crossed-tied together. Knees, I’ve got rope there as well. Add the stuff from the sides and the head one and that is it. One very stuck Charlotte Warren, so now you know why I cannot roll over, nor do any... anything. I guess if I tried hard enough, pulling on the wrist cords it might go. But because that other one goes to the loop on my neck collar I cannot risk jerking. Unless you really want me to try it”

Rosie sat there speechless at the sorry tale of woe. She didn’t want it to get any worse, but the news she too had was devastating.

“No, don’t try it for the moment. I’ll have another go at my keys. For a start we have to do it this way” she said having thought it through. “Why? If I can get my wrists out, then it’ll...” Charlotte said, only for Rosie to start crying. “No... no it wouldn’t pet. You’re not the only one who did something stupid. If  by some miracle you did escape it won’t matter... I’m sorry Char, I knew my keys were on the casket by the cage. So I went over there to get them, plus my dress but it was gone. So to teach you a lesson for using it without asking... I didn’t want you fiddling about in there...”

“So I locked the door Charlotte honey... I swear I didn’t hear you going in” she wept as Miss Warren also burst into tears at this news. Whatever they did, if Rosie failed to get her keys... they were doomed.

This appeared to be the case, the trembling Charlotte heard the cursing, the clinking as Rosie tried to flick the keys up, so many times she heard the ‘damn’ or words similar and then the horrid clink as the d’ring dropped them away again. This went on for ages, her own body revolting now as the ropes dug into her skin. Then suddenly she heard a gasp... “GOT IT” and she screamed for a moment, hoping that it’d be OK as Rosie said she now had them in one hand. Miss Warren listened intently as... as...

“NOOO.....” she heard at last, Rosie’s voice at least two octaves higher than ever before. Screams and curses degenerated into sobs as Miss Wright broke down. The girl needing to break the news that despite them being in her hands, the flexibility of the d’ring, that had helped her secure the manacles in the first place, now stopped her getting even close to inserting the key and unlocking it. Miss Warren froze as she heard that initial clinking once again, meaning Rosie had given up and let them go.

“Char love,” she said softly after far too long. “This isn’t gonna work. I cannot reach far enough round. Because my hands are too far apart. It’s... well at least six inches away. I’m so sorry love” she wept.

Now it was Charlotte’s turn to try and think rationally. She knew Rosie was on her throne. If the girl could stand up she could surely clamber onto it, flip her wrists over the top of the pole. She hadn’t mentioned using any wrist to ankle cuff chain. It was only four feet high and thus reach the keys that way. However this question proved useless as Miss Wright told her why.

“Nice try pet, but I thought I was being so clever, guess we’ve both got it wrong so I’ll tell you exactly what I’d done. The collar chain was too long, so I took the loop off and fed it under the back bars of the chair then upwards. It’s also attached to my waist belt, through that link at the back before I put it level with my neck. Fixing it into position with the spare d’ring... so I cannot even lift my ass off the chair. That’s why I locked your door, so you’d not find out I’d used the extra bits. My feet are tucked tightly right underneath the front because I wound that one round the post first. The bloody wrist manacles are wrapped round a chain that encircles the pillar and joins the rest at the back of the chair.” Charlotte listening in shocked silence as the tale emerged and it was worse than her own by the sound of it.

“I worked out that I could get myself sat in the chair then do it in this order. Lock my feet, then do the belt, reach round and secure one wrist. The manacle was partly closed but not locked, so I wriggled my hand into it using the slack, because I could lean to one side as my neck was free and do it. Got the key in and secured it. Then did my neck before stretching the other way so I could get the key into the other one, though I assumed I’d solved any potential problems as I’d clipped the ‘d ring between the cuffs. That was almost as far as I’d planned, my thumb could only just reach the key barrel once I’d got my wrist inside, then I turned it. I felt so bloody smug when I heard the click... but like you I got carried away. I shook the manacles to check they were locked and forgot about the keys. Somehow they fell out, saved by the d’ring mind, but because my hands are that far apart I cannot get it back in. So that’s it love. I’m stuck just as badly” she said, waiting for Charlotte to start ranting or crying.

But there was nothing at first, just laboured breathing as she tugged at her ropes. “OK Rosie, thanks for levelling with me. I guess... I guess we’re BOTH bondage sluts, yes?” and despite the predicament both the girls raised a brief smile behind the head wraps.

Silence fell across the cave, neither girl wanting to say anything that might distress the other anymore. Charlotte stopped her efforts. Her wrists were really burning now, tingling in her fingers getting worse and she knew that if this lasted much long she’d suffer serious nerve damage. Lizzie had warned her about this sort of problem. But her headstrong daughter had once more failed to listen to the sensible advice from someone who’d also learned the hard way.

Rosie sat there, wondering whether to try again. She was shocked to hear Charlotte start snoring. How the hell could she drop off like that? But any attempt to flick the keys just bought the same frustrating results and she lasted an hour before quietly crying again. She couldn’t even shuffle her ass, the belt gripped her so firmly and her buttock cheeks had gone numb. Eventually Rosie dried up... then her ears... picked up an amazing sound, but was it her imagination? Or forlorn hope as it rose, faded then got a little louder before dying away... surely like she’d heard it before. Behind her blindfold Miss Wright wondered if she should wake Charlotte up yet... and tell her. If the noise came back shortly... then she’d do so and once more Rosita prayed for divine intervention.

“CHARLOTTE... CHARLOTTE, for goodness sake WAKE UP HONEY!” she screamed as indeed the noise began again. That gentle murmuring starting to echo round the cave then suddenly die away. “What’s up love,” Char said at last, startled out of a snooze, the girl wincing as she accidentally tugged on her ropes. All she could hear now was Rosie sobbing, but this too sounded a little different. “Rosie love,” she said a lot louder now, “What the heck is the matter with you?” as the tears rolled on... before a relieved Miss Wright told her...

That she thought Walter’s plane had just arrived outside!

Charlotte didn’t know whether to cry, or just curse her friend for making such a sick joke at a time like this. Why on earth would he come back? He hadn’t since the day they’d been betrayed, so why now and she was just about to let rip when...

“HELLO... anybody home!” came the pilot’s voice and her heart, like Rosita’s leapt higher than Everest as footsteps came clattering up the cavern.

“What... what the fucking hell’s going on in here?” Timms said as his eyes took in a totally unexpected sight. Two cages parked where there had been none. Both seemingly occupied so he shone a flashlight over the bodies, realising by their size they were Europeans then he heard hysterical female sobbing... in stereo.

Charlotte AND Rosie were STILL alive!

Walter Timms had often thought about the events on Chalka Island after the tsunamis wrought such havoc over the wider Borneo area. Though he’d again cheated the girls out of what Charlie once said was their inheritance he still thought about them every day and deeply regretted what they’d done.

Those jewels and stuff now invested like the rest and he could afford anything he wanted, using a lot of the money to actually pay for rescue missions to ease his conscience. But the guy did have humanity and when he’d discovered a day or so ago that the other natives had survived, but abandoned Chalka to its fate he decided he had to go back. Assuming sadly that Rosie would have drowned in the cavern, there was still Charlotte left up on the hill. If he rescued her...

Ringing Charlie Warren, who surprisingly said he’d come along, if the pilot could wait two days longer then he’d also be there. “Don’t know what we’ll do if she is alive mind Walt. The guys over here have declared her missing presumed lost, same for Rosita. But we’ll still check the place over though. Plus I’ve got a feeling from what Martin was saying, that the ‘ol Intrepid has not yet given up all her secrets, so if you don’t mind I’d like to cover that base as well ” he said and the flyer agreed.

So having picked the Oxford man up, the pair had flown out in the Albatross, not stopping at the chiefs own island as normal. Looking down even from here the men could see the massive devastation these waves could do. They remembered the location of the camp at Chalka and flew over the peak first to see if... Walter frowning as they shot passed, sure that was the place where Charlotte had been caged. The overhang didn’t seem different from months ago, but there was no sign of the girl or her prison. Another sweep down the side and he checked, in case somehow the thing had fallen off, but the jungle below the cliff edge made it hard to see if it was down there.

They landed and Charlie too could see how the wave had swept upstream, carrying all before it. The guy guessing that if the natives had left directly after the tsunami then no way would Char still be alive. He knew from what Walter had said she’d been left with a maximum spaced food supply under the bed. That might last her a couple of weeks at most. Plus anything the natives were supposed to give her during their devotions. So really they’d just come back to find the two bodies and bury them then finish the Intrepid work. For once Professor Warren was annoyed with his buddy. Yes they’d made their fortunes... but at a cost. His older brother had taken Charlotte’s disappearance badly and they were no longer on speaking terms, if he found that his sibling had been involved in the girl’s supposed demise then all hell would break loose.

Finally Walter reached the area where the camp had once been, though he could see how far the wave had come up. Definitely as far as the cavern and looking at the piles of tree shite and other debris by the entrance it had got in there too. No wonder the natives had left. Timms got the anchors secured and the two men boarded the canoe and paddled over. The pilot now carrying his pistol in case any of the locals had remained after all. He’d been told that everyone had survived, and left but he wasn’t taking chances. They beached the boat and wandered round, getting their bearings before Walter grabbed his flashlight and went inside... to find the most surprising sight of his life.

“OK girls,” he said, staring in amazement at what condition they were in. He didn’t know who’d put them inside and he fingered the gun. Surely some natives must still be here to have imprisoned them. “Who the hell did this to you?” he asked at last. A long silence as the crying ceased, before the white dressed one, who was sat on Charlotte’s old throne, admitted they had... done this to themselves. This sounded like Rosita talking and he almost smiled for a moment.

“Please Walter, for goodness sake get us out of here!” she said, thinking for a moment he might leave. She heard him walking around her, then felt the cage shake, his hands rattling the chains round the doorframe. “Right, where are the keys?” he asked, “Surely you had some way of freeing yourselves... no?”. Rosita laughed bitterly then told him where the key ring was, admitting what had occurred and he chuckled briefly, hearing the quiet sobbing from the other girl lying in a very weird position on the floor in the bigger cage. Neither of them knew he took a whole series of photos on his phone first. No way would Charlie believe him unless he saw these for himself.

Miss Wright nearly died when she felt vibrations on her cuff chain as Walter unclipped the d’ring. She thought he’d undo those at the same time... but no. She heard him come round the front and start to open the padlocks instead. “Walter, sorry but stop there, I know this sounds daft but you’d better undo Charlotte first. Her wrists and the rest have been roped too tightly for ages now. Just leave me till she’s done, please. You’ll need the grey key for her door. But of course I guess you know that,” she said with a slight edge in her voice.

He obeyed and within a few minutes a crying Miss Warren was free and sat on the cage floor. Walter massaging her wrists, the guy appalled at the angry red welts all over her arms and legs. Charlotte was so exhausted she didn’t even think about attacking him for what he’d done to her last year. “Thank you buddy, oh thank you,” she wept as he continued working on her. He managed to avoid giving her a kiss but then she snuggled up against his body, her tearstained face heading for his... until a voice came up the cavern. “Walt, you down there mate!”.

Suddenly, with a scream that made the pilot wince, Rosie jump, and probably heard all over the island Charlotte staggered to her feet. “CHARLIE!” she yelled, seeing her brother come round the corner and stop dead. The girl patted Walt’s shoulder then hobbled out of the cage, rushing as best she could into her siblings’ arms and the pair broke down. The Oxford man ruffling her hair as she once more buried her head into a shoulder. Timms smiled and turned away, grabbing the keys and starting to unlock the other cage, the guy fascinated as he looked at what Miss Wright had achieved. Within five minutes he too was getting smothered in hugs and kisses as a weeping Rosita held tight. It was too soon to have a go at the guys, it was just a relief to be free, when they’d thought that so beyond them.

Never did it feel so good to have the sun on their faces as the men led both girls outside, though they did shield their eyes at first. They’d stopped crying now and Walt had his arm round Rosie’s midriff, the lass still dressed in the white gown, Charlotte in the skimpy remains of the black one but at least the marks on her ankles were fading. The guys got them sat by the canoe and plied the pair with juice and sandwiches they’d brought from the mainland.

Both Walt and Charlie were still on guard though, mindful about what they’d done to the girls. But during the month they’d spent free together on the island Charlotte and Rosie had talked it all through. Saying that if the guys ever did come back, as long as they admitted what they’d done was wrong, then take the pair home, then they’d just do their best to forget it. “A few bucks might not go amiss though” Rosie grinned. But they now had to put that promise into practice.

Charlie told the girls why they’d returned, forgetting of course Charlotte had seen the natives leaving, not long before the second tsunami had struck and her eyes rolled. “Right, so you made a few million, now you want even more, what the hell is the matter with you two? I spent a month in that cage, Rosie a lot longer, cause she had two doses, thanks to you. Once she’d escaped from the cavern, freed me and assured me that what had happened was not her fault we chatted on. I learned the truth about her initial time upstairs. I always wondered why those samples had slowed down. But guys’ this sounds crazy, we got so chilled out being here, nothing to worry us, we finally agreed to do something you might find impossible to believe. I made Rosie promise, on bended knee too,” she grinned as Miss Wright smiled. “That if you did deign to come back. As long as you freed us both, with no bullshit and suchlike, we’ll forgive you.”

The two men stared at each other. This wasn’t what they’d expected had they found them alive. A pair of raging beauties with reasons to kill them more like and Rosie grinned on hearing that. “It did cross my mind but Char’s made me promise...” and everyone laughed as the girl fiddled with her dress.

Eventually the men asked for a moment alone to talk, the girls agreeing and they both stripped off and went for a swim while the guys headed out of earshot. This chat took place deep in the cave and lasted longer than Rosie expected. For a moment she was fearful that somehow... somehow she’d end up in the cage again. Charlotte came and sat next to her mid-stream to comfort her friend, the girls having a long kiss and cuddle before helping the other sort their hair out. They’d just finished when the men came out and approached them.

“OK girls. Walt and myself... have agreed. If you promise not to grass on us, then we’ll consider what happened here as a mistake.” The girls smiled and hugged each other as Charlie raised a hand and both froze for a moment.

“However, there is one slight problem with you two... going home,” he said. Explaining how the pair had both been ‘written off’ by the authorities in England. “So if Rosie Wright and Charlotte Warren suddenly popped up then serious questions are gonna be asked. It’s going to be rather awkward” he said. The girls now holding each other tightly, Charlie seeing Rosie start to shake. “Now listen, we’re not going to leave you here, that’s a promise. Walter says... well he’s...” and the pilot broke in. Telling the girls that his mansion on the mainland was proving to be a headache to keep clean. He just didn’t trust the local ‘hired help’ and this was proving problematic. So was Charlotte interested in living in the place and acting as his housekeeper? Plus doing the accounts and stuff for his aircraft as well, thus applying her financial skills to their best ability.

“As for you missy,” Charlie said, giving Rosie a cuddle, doing his best to calm her down. “The news for you is just as exciting. Before I flew out I discovered an article about the University of Singapore. Their Borneo campus are building a new bio-research laboratory, doing exactly the same analysis of the fieldwork you’ve been sending back to us at Oxford. I personally know the guys who are involved, so now you are alive and safe I’m going to apply to run this place.” The girls smiling as he carried on. “Also because I’m fed up with all the politics in England and want out, I don’t think Professor Walton will object. Walter’s got a suite of spare rooms at his place to put at my disposal if I get the job. But crucially I’d like you Miss Carter, as you’ll be known from now on, to be my assistant. When you’re not out in the jungle, you can live with us. So what do you say folks?”

The girls smiled at each other. This was more than they dreamed of. Charlotte didn’t actually want to return to England. Rosie had hardly been there for more than a few weeks each year. “OK, I think guys... you have a deal. On one condition mind,” Charlotte said, seeing Miss Wright’s eyes flicking to the cavern a few times.

“Assuming we don’t find a full planeload of treasure down at the ship. Any chance you could... take some of... our stuff with you?” she grinned, wrapping a hand round her wrist like a rope. Rosie doing likewise, but in her case simulating a collar. Walter Timms smiled and nodded. “Yeah, there are at least two rooms in the basement. I’ve never decided what to do with them. One cage per chamber fits fine I guess. You saucy pair of minxes” he chuckled as Charlotte reached over and kissed him full on the lips. Professor Warren just stared at the pair, Rosie tapping him on the knee, “Leave them alone love” she whispered with a smile.

Now that was sorted the foursome headed down to the ship. Walter saying it was unlikely there could be much left there. “More whisky perhaps?” Charlotte giggled and her brother gave her a poke. They arrived and got to work in the bilge bay. Walter did eventually find a few bits in another hidden area but really he didn’t mind and it barely filled a small box. He couldn’t spend all the stuff he’d banked last time without drawing attention. With the prospect of Miss Warren moving in, hopefully to become the second Mrs Timms in years to come, then things were looking up on the personal front too. When he was away, the girls could play, though he’d have to make sure they didn’t get stuck again.

Both the men wanted to know how they’d got trapped last time. Walter showed his phone to the others and the girls blushing furiously as next morning they got lectured about safety. “But you did look good. Now we’re here will you show us?”

Charlotte smiled and went to sort her ropes out. Rosie too grinning, moving her chains about as Walter passed over the keys. The guys sat there amazed, Charlotte too watching Miss Wright doing her stuff as she was going first. Though she couldn’t talk as Charlie sorted a blindfold, then surprised the girl by tightly gagging her before applying the head wrap. She’d trembled for a moment before a comforting stroke got her calmed down. The naked girl was led into the bigger cage, then waited for a moment as Mr Warren left... but he quietly slipped back inside as she closed the door and locked it. Blundering around she headed for the chair and sat down. The Professor grinning, indicating to Charlotte not to spill the beans as they came and stood nearby. Walt busied himself filming this on camera.

Now Rosie got to work, click... twist... turn and Miss Warren was amazed at how quickly her friend got herself locked so tightly. The odd grunt as she twisted about then after barely five minutes came that clink and the others saw the keys drop out of the manacles and Rosie squeaked that she was all done. Charlotte saw her demonstrate how far the keys had been from the locks and it made her shudder. If the guys hadn’t come back...

“That’s why you HAVE to learn to play safely... love” Walter whispered as he rubbed Charlotte’s waist. His fingers lightly moving over her skin and he felt the lass trembling. Not knowing she wanted it to be him getting her hot and bothered somewhere and soon. Charlie didn’t see the pair start kissing again as he moved closer to give Rosie a treat. Nor did he noticed the pilot quietly showing a length of cord to Charlotte. The girl smiled and nodded, crossing both wrists behind her back, freezing as the first cord went round. She was so turned on at the prospect she let him finish. “That’s lovely,” she murmured as he started on her body.

Rosie waited for them to say anything and she said things through her gag. But nothing happened then she jumped, as fingers just brushed her nipples. She squealed before Chas whispered shhh.... to her as he began to gently poke and prod the squirming lass. When his fingers began to slide onto her legs the girl froze, then sighed as he brushed where it mattered to her most. The others outside seeing her hands opening and closing as he began moving in and out. She was tugging at her chains, her feet trying to move as he stirred her to the limit... before she erupted and squealed long and loud into her gag as he kept going till she came again. The Oxford man let her settle at the end, Walt quietly freeing a blushing Charlotte at the same time.

Once they’d swapped over Rosie was appalled at how tight Miss Warren tied herself and the lass got a scold at the end. But all along they knew it was time for them to pack up and leave Chalka. They had a last lunch of freshly gathered fruit, plus fish caught by Mr Warren then the four did a last walk round before boarding the canoe. She was rather sad, having been here so long and when Walter took off, the plane fully freighted with both dismantled cages, the caskets and other stuff she held Charlotte’s hand and the pair were quietly crying.

Three hours later and Charlie came back to see them. He seemed on the verge of grinning and they were wondering what was up. “Walt’s just thought of something,” he said, accepting a glass of juice. “We left the airfield just him and me, we’re going to be arriving back with you two as well. But as I see it... you’re slightly underdressed for the event” Charlie said, the girls both flushing, naked as all they’d had were the two dresses. “Walt got plenty of Mary’s old stuff at his place which will fit until you two go shopping. But nothing here and he doesn’t think the guys at the ‘field will keep quiet seeing you like that. I know I wouldn’t” he quipped as Charlotte gently slapped his leg.

“Well, the gowns are a bit over the top, especially mine as I wrecked it. So perhaps we should...” and Rosie grinned and looked at the caskets. Miss Warren seeing this and rolling her eyes... then nodding all the same! He agreed and went back to tell the pilot. Walt turning in his seat and shaking his head but chuckling. “What a pair you are, yes go on then. You’ve got thirty minutes to get ready”

The girls swung into action once they’d used the little chemical toilet. Rosita making a beeline for her black frock, just getting there ahead of Charlotte. “Cow,” she said taking the white one. “OK, this time I’ll rope you rather than using any of your metal locks. See if you can hack it!”

Rosie paused but agreed, Charlie sitting there watching these beauties playing. He was amazed as Miss Wright virtually leapt into her casket, certainly there was no sign of claustrophobia now. She settled herself as Charlotte came with a huge pile of cords, even the pilot, looking back to see what they were doing, looked startled.

Miss Warren soon had Rosie’s wrists and ankles done tight. Then got the girl blindfolded and gagged, mainly because she’d asked! But then she sprang a surprise once her friend was kneeling, as a rope belt was applied, with a crotch cord going underneath the short hem of her frock. Miss Wright squealed as it was drawn right up and tied off, she hadn’t budgeted for this!

“See, if you’d worn the white gown...” Char intoned, getting a ‘You f#####g cow!’ type of groaning as the rope began rubbing right on her pussy. More rope went from wrists to ankles once she was folded down. This making the crotch one push even. Lastly, a cord was wrapped over the neck loop holding that shut. “See, no locks but I can do it” she said, rubbing a trembling ass as the lid was pushed down. Two black nails being knocked shut and the job was complete. “If Rosie denies having an orgasm, she’s a liar”

Charlie got up and gave her a rub, pushing his sister towards the other casket, helping her into the gown and zipping it up, the pair feeling the plane start to descend. A quick look out of the window confirmed they were almost there. Within five minutes Charlotte was secured inside her crate having had a long smooch first. “No bullshit this time, promise. Walter won’t admit it but he wants you far more than just being his housekeeper, he was devastated when Mary died. Also don’t think I didn’t notice what he did in the cave love” he said, seeing she was nervous. But she smiled, already knowing this to be true and allowed herself to be locked down. The nails, grey in her case so the men knew which box they had. Shortly after Timms made a textbook landing and the girls sighed as the vibrations decreased.

Rosita Wright was convinced the rough handling of her casket was deliberate as she was unloaded. The crotch rope was giving her hell, the edge just rubbing where she did/didn’t want it. The girls listened as Timms told Charlie to take them home in his car, get the pair unpacked, cleaned up and dressed, saying where Mary’s clothes were, also could someone prepare dinner. He had at least a couple of hours work to do here, but he’d be ready for Charlie to be back by six and collect him. The cages and stuff could wait until later, he’d borrow Barry’s van and as it was Saturday tomorrow nobody else would see them.

Mr Warren did as bidden, getting through the horrendous traffic with ease, used to Oxford drivers he cut up rickshaws, swerved round carts and made it there in twenty minutes despite the state of the road construction. Though he did smile on finally hearing a squealing as Rosie succumbed to the inevitable. “Nearly there ladies” he shouted then moments later arrived at Walter’s gate and used the guy’s keys to get in to the mansion.

It was a lovely place and he knew the girls would enjoy living here, though he suspected that they were going to spend a fair amount of time downstairs in their cages. “What a pair” he chuckled as he parked up in Walt’s garage. Getting the jewel box inside he sighed as the air conditioning dropped the level of humidity by half. Off came the bush jacket before he got to work unloading the caskets.

Walter hadn’t said who was in which room, but Charlie grinned as he checked the nails, putting his sister into the master one straight away. The pilot had made no secret that he fancied the girl, but the professor had caught the two giving each other a loving look this morning when Timms had bound her wrists in the cavern, then spent the next few minutes working her over. So it was Rosie’s turn... Charlie carrying the casket into the other double with a grin as he put it down with a thump, hearing another groan. He popped the lid up, seeing her hands twitching and the ropes dug rather too deep into the skin. “OK love, mind yourself” he said as the neck was first to be freed. Miss Wright was helped out and she looked round, relieved to see where she was before stripping off and heading for the bathroom, though she did come back to face him.

“Charlie... love,” she said as he stroked her arms. “Thanks for coming back,” he smiled and the pair had a smooch before she said he should free his sister while she had her first bath in ages. He agreed and left, arriving moments later in the master bedroom. Charlotte was groaning, her body wanting nothing more than to be straight. The professor opened the lid and clasped her fingers, she gripped hard then grunted an apology as he smacked her bottom. “Right, I’ll just get the...” he stopped, patting his shorts pocket... thinking that Timms had passed over house and car keys but not the ones to free Miss Warren!

Now one of the most gifted bio-scientists was stumped as his sister began talking louder. No doubt asking him why he wasn’t freeing her. “Hang on pet, bit of a problem” he said and saw her hands start to shake. Though she could feel cool air, that meant they were inside a building, what was he doing? “Sorry Char,” he said, rubbing her back, “Walt’s still got your keys... so you’re gonna have to wait!” She really squealed and snorted, her fingers clenching into fists, but being totally helpless she had no choice so the girl relaxed as Charlie calmed her down. Talking to her over the next hour or so, getting the odd hum or thumbs up when he needed an answer.

The only thing he could do was to remove the head covering, blindfold and the gag having thought more about it. If he got a glass and straw down the side she’d at least have a drink to refresh herself, so he said that’s what he’d do. Reaching in he touched the knots by her hair, but stopped when she jerked away, twisting her head. He waited then tried again with the same result. “Oh sorry, you want to stay properly bound then?” the guy amazed when she gave a thumbs up! Charlie smiled then reached down, sliding his hands around her arms and started groping her torso, finally getting to her breasts, kissing the base of her neck at the same time.

A couple of minutes of that was enough and she suddenly shook and squealed, her hands flapping like anything as the orgasm struck. He grinned, then stopped hearing a quiet chuckle from the doorway. He turned and saw a vision of blonde loveliness standing there, the smiling explorer wearing a stunning long patterned blue dress and a pair of matching killer heels. Rosie glided in and he stood up, seeing the girl’s eyes looking down and silently questioning why Miss Warren was still boxed.

She grinned as he quietly explained what had happened, Rosie taking his place and starting to play with her friend. “Easy honey... soon be your turn... for a nice... comfy refreshing bath!” she teased. Telling the girl what she was wearing now, also there was a mint green outfit laid out for Charlotte to use. The late Mary had wonderful styling and several packed wardrobes. “You’ll feel great swishing freely about the place. If you’re ever let out of course!”. The bound girl shouting lots of curses as those nimble fingers squeezed and prodded. “Besides, I said you owed me a session, this’ll be one off the what, ten still in arrears?”

The lassie freezing as Miss Wright lifted the hem of Charlotte’s dress above her ankles and gradually wriggled her hand towards the knees and pulled the material back. It moved just enough for Rosie to get a finger between the legs and plant it right on Miss Warren’s pussy. Now she really did squeal as a nail just began to tap-tap so sensitively on the nubbin. “By heck she is soaking wet down there” she grinned as Charlotte begged her not to. “But you do want it?” Rosie asked and Char’s head nodded as best she could.

Ten minutes after Miss Warren succumbed to an explosive orgasm Charlie and Rosie were downstairs having a snog. The box once again closed and nailed because Charlotte wanted it that way. Mainly so they’d leave her alone and stop tormenting the lass!

The two prepared the meal, joking about the lack of raw fish but Rosita seemed happy to play act the domestic goddess as the stuff was loaded into an impressive cooker. “Better than Fertility then” she grinned as Charlie came back for another kiss. The guy once more apologising, Miss Wright seeing how hard he was kicking himself. “Thanks, maybe you and Walter will take your turns in the cages, while we blow some of your money!” and they laughed. She blushed as he admired her calf-length dress, the lass admitting she had the full works on underneath, this time including knickers. Rosie said at least now she knew where Walt had got the others from. “Right, well I’ll be checking later” he said, giving her ass a squeeze. “Yeah, sure... I’m hoping you will” the lass replied with a twinkle.

Time was ticking and they got the meal finished, storing it in the fridge before Charlie grabbed his jacket to go fetch the pilot. It swung round and clunked loudly against an open cupboard. The professor frowned and dug into the pocket and Rosie saw him start. “Oops, sorry Charlotte” he grinned, pulling out the other key ring, jangling them before Miss Wright burst out laughing. He gave the girl a long kiss and rub, then told her to free Miss Warren without teasing her anymore. “Promise?” and Rosie nodded as he said he’d be back soon.

He departed and Rosie hurried upstairs, coming in to see the box silent as usual so headed into Walt’s en-suite to run a bath. She returned and undid the nails and told the girl what had happened, getting a thumbs up once she’d jingled the keys. A few moments later an exhausted but smiling Miss Warren was helped out of the crumpled gown and led next door.

With the two of them working it took one hour for Charlotte to become an angel once her dress was zipped up and shoes applied. “Hmmm, collar, belt, cuffs?” she was asked but the girl grinned ‘not yet’. They were back downstairs and quaffing fruit juice when they saw Walter’s car heading up the drive. By the time he whistled the pair were back, the girls were laying the table and about to serve the meal.

“Right Walt, Chas, twenty minutes for the pair of you to get washed and changed or Rosie and I will start without you!” Charlotte said once he’d kissed her, Charlie doing the same to Miss Wright.

“Bossy broads, Charlie old lad, change of plan... go fetch the cages, right now” he said as the others laughed. They were back in fifteen minutes and a superb meal was demolished. Followed by drinks out on the veranda as the heat wasn’t oppressive now the sun had vanished. They talked things out a lot more about what the girls had done during their free month on Chalka. This time it was Walter who was apologetic as he sat on the sofa, his arm firmly wrapped round Miss Warren’s waist.

Finally it was bedtime and the foursome cleared up together before a slightly wobbly tramp up the sweeping staircase. “Just as well I’m not shackled Walt, these bloody heels” Charlotte slurred as they reached the top steps. They bid each other goodnight, kisses for the girls and handshakes between Charlie and his mate. Then both men led their lady to her room and the scene was identical once the doors were closed. Within twenty minutes the girls were stripped to their sexy underwear and being screwed senseless, it seemed and for once neither cared that they hadn’t been bound.

A clean up in the bathroom followed, teeth brushed before both returned to their partners. Rosie got changed into the slinky nightdress and clambered into bed, Charlie joining her for a last kiss before lights out. Walter did much the same, waiting for Charlotte, swapping over while she changed into hers. When he emerged she was there, a faint smile on those kissable lips... as she handed him a length of cord. The girl sighed as her wrists were done then the pilot helped her into bed for a nice romantic cuddle, if that was possible bound like that. Next door Rosie was telling Charlie what she bet Char had probably just asked for. As he reached for the switch she spoke. “Walter’s agreed to teach us the lingo here and guess we all need to learn...”

“I wonder what is the local expression for ‘bondage slut’!”