Everything going Wright and Rosie in undiscovered Borneo

by Wingco

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© Copyright 2010 - Wingco - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; nude; cage; chain; collar; island; natives; bond; captive; mast; sex; cons/nc; X

Rosita Wright almost felt like Lara Croft when she finally found the jungle green starting to thin out and she could hear the waves nearby. After so many days it seemed of battling past hordes of creepy crawlies that tried to go where not required the young woman appeared to be close to the end of her goal. Examining this remote island off Borneo’s northern coast that apparently nobody from the West had ever visited. Quite why this could be Rosie, as she’d always preferred during college didn’t know. All the pilot who’d dropped her off a month ago said was he’d assumed it was because the place was much smaller than the islands in the main part of the chain, only about 40 square miles. Those teemed with the wildlife that kept all the naturalists agog with wonder, so this place, last in the line and much further out had been forgotten about until now.

This one when looking from above was almost heart shaped though the crack at the top almost split the place in two, “Yeah an island of love” he’d chuckled as Rosie had pointed it out. She’d grinned at dear Walter, sitting there looking at her...smooth tanned legs probably, rather than where the plane should be going as it wobbled. A quick point forward and he’d chuckled, averting his eyes back to the instrument panel!

Dear oh dear even the pilots out here saw her as a challenge, Rosie thought as Mr Timms had begun his approach to the sheltered bay and landed on the glassy smooth surface. He was only about ten years older and quite athletic but she didn’t want to think about that now. The unloading of her foodstuffs into a canoe had taken a few minutes then they’d arranged a weekly re-supply every Saturday, also this would take back any interesting things she’d found plus the reels of photographs taken.

So far there’d been a lot of weird looking plants and some strange paw prints on the beaches but not much of note as far as she was concerned. “Maybe next time eh Rosie?” Walter said before she’d paddled back to shore last week. He did say the university had been most pleased with her first lot of samples and that greatly cheered her up. “Yeah hope so. Tell you what, for a laugh bring me a bridal gown in a size 12, high heels in ladies six, and all that stuff, I really want to marry this place!” she’d joked and he roared with laughter, then wrote it down with all the other gear she’d requested! “OK, yeah right, see you next week love and stay out of the sun, you’re talking all weird on me” and they’d had a chuckle and quick embrace before he flew off.

So far she’d done the outer coast where the beaches were, leaving the top, inner bit till last as this had to been done on foot. There was some unusual bird life here and she’d taken a lot more film. Maybe this island was coming good after all. Having examined the outer reaches of the crack last week Rosita decided the tides seemed to swirl in and out too fast. The girl didn’t want to get stuck or swamped by the flow.

Walter was due back tomorrow afternoon so she would need to hurry up or spend another week here. Not that she minded, a chance for excellent sunbathing when it cooled every evening had led to her body becoming a glorious coppery brown colour, while her hair was now a rich golden blonde. Her mates in Oxford were gonna be seriously jealous when she made it home.

Entering the clearing Rosie stopped in astonishment. There in all its glory was a sailing ship! At least thirty feet above the shoreline and most definitely wrecked but still a heck of a sight and the last thing she’d expected to see here. It must have been tossed here in a storm or something, she thought trudging a bit closer. The ship was wedged between two huge rocks so was never going to get back into the water again. Ropes and stuff hung down from the sides and the girl wondered what to do. Should she explore it quickly now then tell Walter about it, or wait till he’d gone, say nothing and have a week to look around properly.

“No, go for another week,” she chuckled walking round the base of the ship. Marine history was not her forte but the girl realised this probably was a man-of-war, seeing the cannon holes down each side of the…hull or whatever sailors called these things. She’d once dated a navy guy and they’d all had such funny words for the simplest of things. The front bit was all smashed in and the masts had fallen over but the back seemed to be in reasonable condition and she headed that way. Tugging a rope she tested herself by going up a few feet then jerking around. If it snapped then she’d only fall about her own length. But the rope seemed firm and she clambered up, using her feet once alongside and finally reaching a cannon hole to crawl in. 

It really was spooky walking round on the rickety deck that nobody had paced in what 150 years or so, she thought heading for the less damaged part at the back. It was like the craft had been abandoned intact, even the racks of cannon balls were still quite neat. A few must have moved when the ship was thrown here. It must have been a hell of a storm Rosie guessed. Opening the door she went into what appeared to be a big cabin right at the rear. She could see out of the smashed windows so this was probably the captains’ or something like that. In any old film he always had a nice view out the back.

Perhaps this was a pirate ship! She thought, wondering if there was treasure below. At least if there was it’d help the university with the cost of her trip. “Might even make a profit, that’d please them” she said quietly. However having rummaged round Rosie discovered this was a Royal Navy ship, the logbook marked HMS Intrepid. “Thought the Intrepid was in Star Trek,” she chuckled, reading the old pages. June 18th 1862 was the last recorded date with the lat/long listed next door. Rosie checked her little GPS box to find how accurate they were back then. “Yeah, not that bad I suppose” she said turning it off to save the batteries.

Big storm brewing, barometer 934mb and falling. All crew evacuated to shore on an unknown island, reserve sea party only remaining aboard, moored in shallow bay.

Was the very last entry and the girl assumed whatever weather had struck the vessel had been too much to cope with. But it left an intriguing thought. If the ship had been here when the storm struck, where was the shore party now? Having thought about it Rosie assumed the crew had either perished from lack of food or maybe they’d escaped, after the storm had passed. Going up onto the top deck there appeared to be no sign of boats aboard so that must be the answer. “Unlikely to be any survivors now, they’d be nearly two hundred years old. With no women aboard nobody was going to breed the next generation, so I’m definitely alone”

Her exploration took the rest of the afternoon and apart from the stuff she’d expected to find there was nothing out of the ordinary and certainly no treasure, most disappointing. Weapons were plentiful, short muskets, long rifles and stuff like that. Brandishing a pistol, “Ha ha Jim lad” she shouted waving one in any direction and trying to pull the trigger. Nothing happened, it was that old and seized it was never going to fire. Walter had offered her a gun when they’d first arrived, just in case the island had ‘natives’ after all but she’d declined as she said there’d been no reports of habitation. This place was at least a hundred and fifty miles or so from the nearest occupied territory. It was still a happy Rosita who shinned down the rope on realising it was getting dark in three hours time and she had to get back to camp or waste her torch batteries.

That night she decided to move closer to the old ship and continue her exploration of ‘the crack’ as she called the area. The tidal flow didn’t seem to be that bad after all so she’d go in by sea. Rosie packed all the latest bits of shrubbery into the crates Walter had brought last time, hoping he’d bring a few more. There’d been more stuff to collect than she’d thought so perhaps the trip had been worthwhile.

Next day her heart had leapt seeing the old Albatross arriving bang on time, Walter’s arm waving her closer once he’d stopped the engines. Going aboard they had their usual hug before she looked a bit curious at the amount of stuff he’d brought. “Two trips to do this time if you’re staying Rosie, plane needs a service so it’s either leave today or wait a fortnight. Up to you love but I’ve brought enough for three weeks in case you wanted to stay on and the repairs take longer. Weather’s set fair according to the met guys” she sat in the cockpit for a moment drinking his rather foul coffee. One day she’d teach him how to make it properly. Walter also handed her a letter, sent by her boss, it was really praising her endeavours, the faculty was excited by some of the samples and it brought a glow to Rosie’s heart.

“No, I’m going to get this finished Walt, Uni will give me hell if I’d spent all their money and not got the job completed. Just doing the last bit, the crack now, got some great photos of strange wildlife in there so they should be happy” she said, passing over the film canisters. Walter carefully taking them and putting each into a box supplied by her benefactors. “If I’m here for the three weeks I’ll go back over some of the earlier bits. I’m moving camp tomorrow, going further into the crack, I’ll leave you a sign for reaching me. How’s that sound?” and the pilot agreed. “OK, fine to me, so lets finish this then we’ll start unloading”

It actually took three trips to get all her stuff to shore. Water, food, new gas canisters and even fresh clothing and towels. “Great stuff, getting tired of washing all the dirties’ under the waterfall” she said with a grin as another large crate was handed over. It seemed quite light for its size and there was no label on the side like the others. She’d check it later, probably full of packing material for the samples being sent back to base. Because of the new clothes she asked Walt to take back her old stuff and he agreed, “As long as I don’t have to wash it all, I’ll leave it in Barry’s office at the airfield”

An hour later she watched, as usual getting slightly tearful as Walter took off to the West leaving her alone with the birds and beasts of this island. Once the roar of the radials faded she gathered her thoughts,  checking through the stuff to make sure nothing had been left off the list. Should have done it while he was here but too late now, she thought prising the lid off another crate. Good, foodstuffs just as I’d ordered, so it was a little feast planned tonight. That big one was the last to be checked, Walt had joked he’d ‘hoped it was what she’d wanted’ or something like that on handing the thing across. Levering the lid off Rosie looked inside, then a loud chuckle broke forth.

“Walter Timms, you stupid twit. I was ONLY JOKING,” she said on realising that indeed he’d brought a wedding dress. A look down and she saw shoes, underwear, the whole lot and even a headdress. The girl rolled back onto the sand, crying with mirth. Imagining the looks he must have got when buying this stuff. Quite from where she didn’t know, nor what the university would say if it appeared on her expenses but really it was of no consequence now. Once recovering her composure she lifted the dress and examined it. It was lovely…long and heavy… creamy white silk with full-length sleeves, totally impractical for wearing in a place like this!

Rosita took the dress and held it against her torso, checking the label, finding out Timms had indeed brought a size 12. Next were the heels and she slipped one on and buckled it up, no surprise, a perfect fit. What a shame she’d never wear this ensemble on a warm beach when marrying her dream man. Back into the box it all went, no doubt to stay there until her return. She’d have to bite her tongue when Walter returned but apart from that she had work to do.

A day later after some serious paddling Rosita Wright had pitched her new camp on the small beach near the Intrepid with all the supplies moved too. Her explorations in the ship soon turned out a pair of ladders and they were sturdy enough to use. With these lashed together, end on end it enabled her to no longer have to shin up by rope.

Deep into the bowls of the ship Rosita continued her explorations, finding nothing that resembled treasure, in fact there was a lot less stuff than she’d expected. One of two brig spaces was examined, thankfully no bodies or anything like that. There was a space where another cage seemed to have been, about twelve feet square, but was now missing. Maybe removed to make space for cargo, she thought. Some crates of booze, probably undrinkable by now were scattered around the deck. “150 year old Scotch, most tasty for the connoisseurs but I don’t think its for me,” she said, not being a drinker anyway. Down here she found all sorts of manacles and chains for holding prisoners and stuff like that.

Rosie had always enjoyed dreaming about being held captive by hoodlums. Normally accompanied by flying fingers then a crashing orgasm to finish her off. But nothing more than that which was a shame. Down here she picked through various ends, collars and leg irons with bloody great balls of iron on them. Daringly she even held one over her leg thought she couldn’t summon the courage to close it up. If only there were keys lying around this old tub she could have a real play.

In the brig cage there was a collar on a chain attached to a pole, this mounted just off to one side. For some reason the whole floor was metal too. Assuming this would stop any escapes by not being able to rip up the wooden deck and go that way. She stepped in and closed the door against the framework, having earlier checked of course that it could not lock, slamming it a few times. Then heading back Rosie took hold of the collar and examined it. Again no keys as she worked it open then closed without a problem though it was very stiff and needed both hands, the last bit shutting with a jerk. Taking a deep breath Rosie slipped it round her neck then pushed the two halves closer together. “Click clunk, stuck” she said with a grin, about to let go when it suddenly snapped shut, very tight on her throat and the girl’s heart hammered for a moment till she realised it was OK for her to breathe.

“Oh help me…help me I’m trapped” she pretended to wail, walking forward till the chain pulled her back with a jerk. Even stretching she couldn’t reach the edge on any side, at least a foot short. Rosie smiled then tried to open the collar. She had to push her fingers into the skin and down the side. With some difficulty she opened the collar again and laid it on the deck then walked out, closing the door with a bang. She jumped when the lock clicked and her heart leapt. Pulling the door again and finding it jammed the girl shuddered. Realising that somehow, despite repeated checks, had she closed it that hard earlier it would have trapped her!

No joy anywhere on the key front and a reluctant explorer left the lower deck and headed back upstairs. Emerging onto the upper deck Rosie looked over the view, sighing in satisfaction and maybe a bit of relief, thinking about that door, and how stupid she’d been just now. She’d taken a few photos that the Navy guys might want to see. They might come and salvage the wreck, see how things survived in this climate.

Looking over to the other side she peered down at her camp, seeing all those boxes and stuff brought along, even that bloody dress was here! She’d not wanted to leave that at the old place in case there was no reason to go back to that part of the island. But it did give her an idea as she walked up and down the deck, her imagination going nuts. An hour later she was back aboard after a long shower under the waterfall, with the big crate hauled up by rope and the girl changing into the undergarments. The dress hanging off the steering wheel, wafting slightly in the breeze and Rosie was starting to shake. She’d never worn anything like this, normally she’d been a right old tomboy but today, with nobody within three hundred miles the lass was going to strut her stuff. Though it was hot she still donned the stockings, bustier and two petticoats.

Rosie was giggling as she thought more about Timms buying all this stuff. But now it was the magic moment as she drew the dress over her head, burrowing up inside and letting the material flow down over her body, to just above her ankles then reaching round with some difficulty to do up the zip. She stepped into the shoes and did up the straps before applying the faux tiara and head-dress, leaving the veils over the back.

By heck it felt good, the material swaying with her as the lassie paced up and down, the heels clicking loudly on the wooden deck, the fabric rubbing her legs. Walter had done her proud and she laughed for a while, setting the camera and taking a few photos of herself. Then she lowered the three veils, the straight lines of the deck disappearing into an opaque cloud, the girl trying not to cry with emotion at the feelings rioting through her as the camera took a few more shots. Lost in thought Rosie probably stood there for ten minutes before flipping the veils back so she could see properly again, then took them off and put the tiara back in the box. Next she grabbed the hairbrush and performed a great rock star routine for the camera, really singing her heart out, dancing round the deck, feeling the layers of petticoats and gown swishing round her legs…wonderful. The machine clicked a couple more times then began to whirr, she’d used up the film and as it wound back Rosie grinned. No bloody way was she sending THAT one back for processing.

Rosita realised her feet were starting to ache in the heels as they normally did when worn too long, also about undressing and returning to base level when a sound reached her. It was almost a scrabbling, as if there was something coming up the ladder behind. Her heart froze for a moment as she turned…to see a small man, possibly only about four feet tall now coming over the side of the ship! He was naked, holding a spear but worst of all there were two more close behind him!

Time stopped for everyone, she guessed by their startled expressions that they were as shocked as she was. Seeing a white clad giant, way taller than them in a place they’d assumed was as deserted as it had been since they’d known it was here. There’d been no sign of human life on this place, yet here they were. Certainly she’d not seen people of this size before, though there’d always been stories of remote islands in this part of the world that might have contained communities with no contact with the outside world. Developing in their own time, no doubt their own way of talking. All the old films showed ‘natives’ using clicks and stuff, now she was about to find that out for herself. She stood rooted to the spot in terror, trying not to wet herself as they came closer.

Her ideas about language seemed to be partly right. Certainly it was like no tongue she’d ever heard before as they jabbered to each other. Possibly one of the dialects in nearby Borneo but she’d not been there long enough to find out. One of the men nervously reached out and touched her on the arm. Rosie seeing fear in his eyes too. If she did the wrong thing they might stab with those viscous looking points that were directed at her midriff by the other two. He began sliding his little hand all over the material, reaching right up and she tried not to flinch as he pushed the bits that stuck out, these obviously being her rather sensitive breasts. Thankfully after a few pokes he went down again, going round the back and rubbing her shapely ass.

Rosie was trembling quietly, realising that despite her precarious position this little guy running, now both hands over her curves was turning her on! The second man now lowered his spear, then handed it to the third before he too came up and stood there. He then crouched right down and put a hand on her left shoe, running a finger up, touching the ankle strap then kept on going! Obviously he’d not known that this giant had coverings on its legs and by now he was almost up to her knee. The first man joined him, lifting the hem of her gown then gathering the layers beneath to let the second see what he was doing. By know she was really trembling, the bugger was nearly…up there… as he put one hand right where no man had gone for at least a year. Thankfully she’d put the knickers on but there was most definitely wetness there now as he pushed in at the wrong spot and she involuntary groaned.

That startled him and he came out, the first dropping all the layers and the pair went back, one grabbing his spear and pointing it at her face. Meanwhile one of the others went back over to the side and started hollering down to what Rosie now assumed was the rest of whoever was here. This seemed to be confirmed as minutes later there was a lot more noise, vibration then at least six or seven more bodies came tumbling over the edge. They all stood there staring at the giant before another one came last. This one was taller, still naked like the rest and the group began bowing and prostrating themselves to him as he came up close.

Rosita assumed this was the boss man as the others told him, pointing and jabbing towards her about what they’d found. He stood in thought once they’d finished then walked closer and stared up at her. He began speaking to the lass, naturally she didn’t have a clue what he was saying so did nothing. It seemed to get him annoyed and the volume of speech got louder and he began jabbing and pointing. Rosie knew she had to do something so she loudly said her name. That really made him jump, leaping backwards a full six feet or so and the spears came right up, now a full array waving right under her nose and it took a concerted effort for the petrified lassie not to scream.

Gradually the waving stopped so she said her name again quietly, this time only a couple of spears wobbled. The boss man came up and put his hand on her dress, rubbing and rolling the fabric in his fingers while he spoke to the others who all seemed to calm down. His examination continued and the first two lifted the hem of the dress allowing him to go…there. She was shaking now trying not to moan as those little fingers began pushing…pushing and pushing again. If he carried on she could orgasm…what a way to go, she thought. Any shrieking of ecstasy would be the last thing she’d do before being stabbed. Thankfully he stopped and withdrew for a chat just shy of this and over the next few minutes she simmered down again.

A decision appeared to be made as he pointed to the side of the ship, Rosie assuming they were going to leave this ‘thing’ here as half the party went to the ladder and over the edge. A spear waved under her nose when she didn’t move seemed to prove her wrong. It was obvious she was to go with them!

Great, captured by natives, climbing down a fifty foot ladder in a bridal gown and high heels, Walter Timms, I’m gonna kill you if I get out of this, she thought, seeing the rest of the men picking up her bags and more jabbering amongst them. The camera tripod was knocked over and she shuddered as the whole lot crashed to the deck. The boss shouted at someone, who jumped back before picking it up and after a moments thought shoved it into the big box the dress had come in. All her other clothing was collected, ending up being put into the same receptacle. How they’d get this down she didn’t know, nor care as she was pushed closer to the edge.

It was the most difficult climb down of her life as Rosita Wright descended the rickety ladder. Several times she had to let go, hanging by one hand to push the dress aside to see where her feet were going. A huge sigh of relief on reaching the ground was cut short as the spears came close again. No doubt to stop her running away from here. Even bending to try unbuckling the heels led to shouting so she stood up again. This was horrible now and Miss Wright was getting to the crying stage. She’d better not yet though, any strange move, noise or whatever seemed to spook these pygmies.

More men arrived from the beach, four of them carrying a long pole, about twelve feet by the look of it with another two carrying ropes of various thickness. The narrow wooden thing was laid down next to the shaking woman, her imagining being tied to this and sacrificed or some such rubbish. The boss man addressed the gathering while she stood helplessly, four spears never far from her midriff. 

Once he’d finished it appeared her worst fears were confirmed, as the rope carriers closed in. One man reaching down and before Rosie could react he’d bound her ankles together as another did above and below her knees. Then she was forced at spear-point to lie on the ground, two men helping to straighten her on her back then they grabbed both wrists, pulling them above her head and they were cross-bound by cord. Then she was flipped onto one side lying along the pole, facing it with the same amount free at both ends. Hands rolled Rosita on top and the whole thing lifted up, hands stopping her from falling off either side. It was most uncomfortable with her breasts pushing into the wood. Now the thicker rope was wound around, up and down till she couldn’t move and that made it worse. Her wrists had been held firm then they began winding the thinner cord there too.

Rosie began sobbing as the true enormity struck home. This was no wet dream now, it was utterly terrifying for the girl as the pole and captive were lifted onto several broad shoulders and carted off towards the beach. Gravity took effect and the thing rolled round until she was hanging underneath. The amount of bindings though prevented any movement but at least the pressure on her chest was released. To Rosie’s dismay, by twisting her head she saw the men had gathered all her possessions, these were carried behind her in convoy. At least the sun was going down but Rosie soon closed her eyes, worried about what was to come as the pole bounced around.

Moments later after some shouting she opened both eyes to see that she was being loaded onto what appeared to be a very big canoe, at least sixty feet long. Several more naked pygmy oarsmen staring somewhat fearfully as she was passed over their heads and mounted amidships on two small vertically raised poles, each with a shallow grove in the top. Hers was lashed to these then more men arrived and the boat was pushed into deeper water. To her surprise rather than heading down to the sea the canoe, plus two smaller ones carrying the rest of the party, along with her baggage were going the other way ‘up the crack’ Ironically the same direction she’d intended to go before finding the Intrepid.

“Up a creek, with many paddles” she murmured quietly to herself.

The oarsman below her must have heard this as he jumped badly and missed his stroke, almost falling overboard and it was hard for Rosie not to smile at his loss of control. There was a lot of shouting from somewhere ahead and he yelled back, jabbing a finger up at the captive. Moments later from nowhere Rosie felt a heavy blow to the head and everything went black.

Coming to it was dark and Rosie realised she was no longer tied to the pole but just lying on what felt like a mat made from palm fronds as one rubbed her cheekbone. Instead of sunshine there was bright moonlight from quite low in the sky and having regained her faculties she tried to think what to do next. All her limbs were free as she moved them slowly. She was still wearing the dress and even her shoes so nothing strange had happened…yet. Looking around Rosie realised she was inside a cave or something. The moon was shining on the floor and walls so it must be long after midnight by her recollection. There were other bodies here and she could hear breathing and occasional coughing.

Miss Wright cursed herself for being so bloody stupid back on the Intrepid. Dancing around in a frock and heels while supposed to be working, ridiculous and when the university found out they’d fire her. Assuming of course they knew. Their star biologist captured by a load of pygmies, tied to a pole then taken off to heaven knows where.

She had to find out where exactly ‘where’ was so the lassie sat slowly up then wished she hadn’t. A moment later the headache surging into her consciousness and it made her groan in pain. By the time she realised what was happening, after some rustling nearby a couple of arms grabbed her and forced the lassie to lie flat again. One hand clamped firmly over her mouth then a quiet shhh… sound like any normal mother might make to a child in distress. Unfortunately this was exactly what Rosita was in right now and she tried to pull away and get to her feet. More voices came next, shocking her as they both sounded female, whispering loudly to someone else.

More rustling then many hands grabbed hold, forcing her face down onto her chest, someone getting on top. Rosita panicked as she felt her legs being held, cord wrapped tightly round her ankles, then her wrists yanked back and lashed behind. A moment later she was helpless and crying as the rustling died away. This time when the shhh… came more harshly minutes later Rosita surrendered and faded back into oblivion.

The sunlight pouring in woke her up and this time Rosie waited a moment to clear her head, wincing in the bright light, coming from the cave entrance. There was nobody about it seemed and she tried to get up, noticing that her wrist bindings were now round the front, her legs free. A look around and the girl saw that yes, all her stuff was piled in a heap near the back of this enormous cavern, even the canoe had been dragged in and dumped with the rest. There was also a lot of crates and stuff like that stacked well beyond her possessions going round the corner into the darkness, so maybe it was the pygmies who’d been on board the ship, taking stuff off, only to this time find an intruder in their midst.

Once on her feet she stumbled to the entrance in these daft shoes over the rutted surface, wondering what the time was. A naked woman was outside and when she saw the girl came running over. Quickly she stopped Rosie in her tracks with a “shhh,” and raised finger over lips. Miss Wright realising that this probably was the one who’d been with her during the night. Guiding Rosie back a few feet she made the girl sit down then undid the bindings. Wright sighed as the cord came free and she was able to rub the ache away. Next ‘Mrs Shhh’ as Rosie christened her, came with a big bowl of something that looked like mashed fruit. It seemed this was breakfast and the girl, fearsomely hungry by now used her fingers and a few delicious minutes later the bowl was empty. She nodded in thanks, getting a big smile and bow from her benefactor. Even though they spoke no similar language between them, it showed how easy communication could be if you tried hard enough. 

While eating she’d examined Mrs Shhh’s body and despite the obvious size difference, Rosie was five feet seven barefoot while the pygmy was barely four; everything else was normal. Age was hard to guess but the Westerner assumed that she could be early forties, she had that slightly weather beaten face, too long in the sun, but physically in good nick. Two firm breasts with normal sized nipples. Underneath looked like her own, though Rosie kept hers trimmed. On her head she had short jet-black hair like a lot of people in the Orient. Miss Wright had seen Mrs Shhh looking at the flowing, and now rather straggly mess of blonde hair round Rosie’s shoulders. Perhaps the lass had never seen different colours. Gathering the ends Rosie offered it to her, the lassie reaching over and nervously touched it. Having got that out of the way Mrs Shhh then began to feel the dress, wondering why this giant had something covering her body.

A covering that Rosie wanted shot of, it was getting far too hot, plus she needed the loo, or a ‘bob in the bush’ as Dad had once said. The girl smiling at the memory of her late father. What the guy would have said seeing his only child wearing a wedding dress and heels, eating fruit with a pygmy in a cave 300 miles off the Borneo coast she didn’t know but no doubt the old lad would have chuckled.

Mrs Shhh watched as Rosie rolled her sleeves up; realising this giant had fairer skin than thought. Pointing to Rosie’s midriff then her arms, looking questioning. Miss Wright nodded, assuming she was asking if the rest of the body was the same colour. She got up then tottered back to her stuff, having got there took the heels off and sighed, at least this part of the cave floor was smoother. Then the dress was removed and folded up, put back into the box, taking the time to examine her camera. It looked OK and this was put into the holder as Mrs Shhh watched silently. It felt great wearing nothing, a faint breeze on her privates and the girl smiled.

However when she got a T-shirt and shorts out and began dressing this seemed to agitate Mrs Shhh, coming over, placing a hand to stop her. Rosie was surprised, then the woman pointed to her own skin. The girl now thinking that she was to remain naked. So the clothes got put back and the pygmy smiled. Shoes were different thank goodness as Mrs Shhh looked at Rosie’s feet. A hand examined the sole of the footwear, then tapped Rosie’s own. She seemed to think the giant had soft feet so it would be fine if she put those green things on. The Westerner was grateful for this and wondered if this woman had seen her type of person before.

Having completed that it was Mrs Shhh who led a very nervous Rosie outside. The girl thankful her eyes had adjusted to the light. She guessed it was about eleven, the sun well up and insects swirling around them. They headed for the river nearby, a canoe drawn up on the beach. Looking upstream Rosie saw a small waterfall a few metres away. Mrs Shhh stepped into the water, wading in waist deep, which to Miss Wright was barely above the knees, beckoning the giant to follow. Rosie did so then the pygmy pointed to her backside then squatted down. The Westerner assumed the islanders used the river as their toilet, a bit hard on the wildlife and as for fishing! Hmmm, but actually the girl was grateful and waded a bit further then did the same.

Oh that was a relief, emptying her bowels with a big sigh, Mrs Shhh giggling at the expression. It seemed to relax Rosie and she cleaned up as best she could. Then taking a chance she headed for the waterfall and rinsed her hair before coming back to the beach where the pygmy was brushing off the water. Again Rosie did the same then waited, wondering what was next. Soon finding out as a man arrived, wading in, doing his business then once out and drying, speaking with his fellow native and ignoring the giant. They conversed in that curious tongue, Mrs Shhh nodding as it appeared she was getting some instructions before he left them alone. Rosie took the time to try straightening the strands of her hair. There was a comb and hairbrush fifty odd feet away but at the moment they might as well have been on Mars.

Two more men arrived, did the obvious then they joined the group. One giving Mrs Shhh a long rub on her shoulder. She’d smiled at him and Rosie guessed these two were a couple. It was a novelty as the biologist watched what she assumed was a completely new tribe showing much the same mannerisms that she and her fellow Westerners did. ‘Better not kiss one, he might stab me’ she thought, wishing this could all be written down. Mrs Shhh and her man came over, beckoning Rosie to follow them back to the cave.

Once there the girl was a bit surprised, dismayed even when the man picked up the cords that had bound her earlier and pointed to her wrists, raising an eyebrow. Waiting a moment Rosie hoped he wasn’t going to tie her up again. Yes, it appeared so as he gestured and scowled this time. She sighed then held them out, trying not to wince he placed one arm across the other in an x-shape then wrapped the cord around. At last they were in front as he finished off. Then to her consternation he bent down, applying one to her left ankle, then leaving a foot of space then another loop went round her right and was tied off, effectively hobbling her. She’d still be able to walk but not run. No escaping for me then, as if I would with my stuff in the cave. With that the men nodded to the ladies and walked off outside.

Rosie barely managed not to cry as she sat down. The lady doing likewise, staring at the giant who seemed worried and Mrs Shhh came over and rubbed her shoulders, massaging both and after a while the girl smiled, feeling a lot better. She fluttered her fingers, trying to keep the circulation going. The knots at least six inches away from a chance of being picked undone. He’d even made sure they were underneath so Rosie couldn’t use her teeth. However had taught this guy must have been a sailor. She sighed, wondering what Walter Timms was going to do or say when he returned, whenever that was. How he was going to find her Miss Wright didn’t know. She’d left a sign mark in the sand, direction of her new camp, but as to where they were now she hadn’t a clue. It gave the girl something to mull over as the day went on.

Sometime later, with the woman still here Rosie was worried when the man returned. He came in, gave Mrs Shhh her usual pat, then thankfully freed the girl from her bonds. The lady directed her to the river and Rosie complied, pleased to have something to do as both waded in and did their stuff. As they dried off a few minutes later the girl was startled to hear more female voices and another party, this time seven ladies of various ages, again all naked emerged from a track opposite the cavern. All were holding fruit and coconuts, chattering in their language as they came closer. Mrs Shhh got up and went to speak to them, much laughing and giggling as the women put down their heavy cargo, some looking nervously at the bronzed giant sitting nearby. 

One by one they approached. Mrs Shhh first and she came up close, offering the left side of her face to Rosie’s. The girl assuming it was some form of greeting and she was being shown what to do for the others benefit. They rubbed together, swapped sides then noses were last. This was what the Kiwi’s did in New Zealand, Rosie thought having visited the country during her gap year. So when the next lady stepped up she was ready. Minutes later all had been greeted, smiles all round and the girl was well chuffed as the women collected the fruit, carrying it into the cave, the girl being waved to follow them.

Near the back, not far from her overnight resting place she saw a big box made of wood, at least seven feet long and three wide. All the fruit was peeled then placed inside. Three ladies, having checked their feet by brushing them with hands, promptly stepped in and began mashing it all up. She watched for a while then realised the tub was a coffin! A couple of sticks appeared and helped to stir the mixture up until it appeared Mrs Shhh was satisfied, head nodding.

It must have come from the ship and these guys, not knowing it’s original purpose were putting it to good use. Once all the supplies had gone in, bowls appeared from nowhere and were filled. Everyone seemingly got the same amount, though there was plenty left for later. One was handed to the girl and she nodded, bowing her head in thanks, lots of excited chattering for that as the group came back down to the entrance. Sitting in a circle then eating together until it was all gone.

More voices’ this time all male came from outside and the ladies paused, watching Rosie to see what she’d do having joined the others in standing up. The first man came close, the girl about to bend down to do the face rub when he stopped, frowned then raised his hand to prevent this. Rosie looked puzzled then turned to see the women smiling, then every one of them burst into laughter! Caught out big style and she smiled wanly, the man nodding then walking past to go to the coffin and get his tea.

The others followed suit and the girl realised, face rubbing seemed a ladies only greeting. Just as well she hadn’t done it for the Chief who was now arriving. Rather than going to the back he looked outside briefly then sat down, almost expectantly. There was a moments pause then Mrs Shhh looked at Rosie. Her eyes flicked to the back and the girl guessed that someone brought the Chief his meal. So as the ‘junior’ here, everyone seemed older, and no children at all, she’d better do it. Getting to her feet Rosie padded to the back and found nearby a whole stack of wooden bowls that must have come from the ship. There was also one plate, surely Chiefie used that and she picked it up then filled the thing with a selection of mash, choosing different colours so he got the best of it all.

Coming back she realised that the whole group were watching. Slightly scary but the lass persevered. Approaching the Chief she bowed deeply, handing the plate over then retreated as he looked at what she’d served up. A small but definite smile emerging and he finally nodded. A sigh ran through the ladies and as Rosie sat down more than one hand gently patted her on the shoulders as the man ate his fill. The other men looking almost approvingly at the giant.

It seemed to break the ice and having eaten most of the men left, a few latecomers taking their places but fetching their own. Once everyone had finished Mrs Shhh, plus two others gestured Rosie to come back to the coffin and they began collecting the used bowls. Great, now I’m gonna wash up for a load of pygmies! Rosita grumbled, quietly of course as two help her carry them to the waterfall. It seemed so normal, what they were doing and the girl was convinced these guys must have been in contact with Westerners before. Having completed the bowls the heavy coffin was dragged out, then done the same way before being returned to its place. More fruit was piled up so breakfast would be ready on time she guessed.

Darkness was quickly falling as they’d finished and most of the tribe took the opportunity for one last ‘dip and dump’ Rosie thought, herself included before she heeded Mrs Shhh’s gestures that they return to the cavern. Once there she was taken to where the matting was laid and indicated to lie down. Other women doing the same near the back, leaving a space next to the girl. The men staying near the front. Mrs Shhh soon occupied the spare space, though Rosie did look rather startled on seeing the lady was carrying cords. Miss Wright suppressed a sigh as her ankles were bound, then her wrists followed, again thankfully in front. By now it was dark, the moon yet to rise and after a few minutes of rustling from nearby, some curious girlish giggling, a loud SHHH from someone else the place fell silent.

Waking up next morning Rosie waited till Mrs Shhh began stirring. Hands undoing the cords allowing the girl to rub herself better. The rest of the morning went the same way as yesterday and that was a relief. They only seemed to eat twice a day and of course not as much. Thankfully in the afternoon, once she’d had her wrists and ankles bound the girl was amazed when she was left alone, Mrs Shhh indicating that she was not to leave the cavern.

This meant Rosie, with some difficulty was able to grab a couple of energy bars and vitamin pills from her supplies, feeling great once they’d been consumed. Plus some perfume-free sunscreen was applied. She was back and sat by the entrance when the others returned, getting a broad smile from Mrs Shhh before being freed, the preparation and serving of dinner, boss man again happy with her before it was time for sleeping again. This time however Rosie was dismayed when her wrists were bound behind her back rather than the front. She looked pained at Mrs Shhh who just nodded, then smiled knowingly it seemed as she lay down.

Nearly asleep later on Miss Wright froze when hands began feeling her body, she was about to squeal then heard whispered shhh’s from her neighbours. The fingers went everywhere, at least three pairs it seemed, including…there. The girl managing not to groan as one began doing what she loved and she began trembling. Just before it happened the hands withdrew and the lass couldn’t help sighing. The giggling came next and despite the frustration Rosie was smiling as she fell asleep.

The rest of the week passed quiet quickly for Rosie Wright. By day four she was being left alone quite a lot, the girl being able, despite being tied, to start writing her thoughts on what had happened. It was awkward trying to use a pen but she persevered and pleased to get it down on paper. Daringly she got some photographs of the cavern and the locality, even able to change the films one-handed and store them in the canisters. This was great stuff and Rosie was simply thrilled at her endeavours.

One thing she certainly wanted to write down was the first time she saw the pygmies copulating. She’d been sitting by the entrance in her normal place when Mrs Shhh and her partner had gone past into the cavern. They’d done the normal female greeting then a nod to…well Mr Shhh, the guy recognisable by a scar on his left arm. But what were they doing at this time of day? Tea wasn’t due for preparation till the sun was past the tree line, at least two hours away. Rosie waited a few minutes then crept inside like a spy. She stared in utter shock at the scene.

Mrs Shhh was lying on the extra thick matted area that nobody normally slept on. But it was the way she was positioned that amazed the Westerner. Flat on her back, tied by all four limbs, spread-eagled with Mr Shhh on top and pounding hard and rhythmically into her! Miss Wright stared as he continued then obviously climaxed with a grunt. His partners’ eyes were shut tight so this allowed Rosie to creep back to the entrance where she was sitting when the couple emerged a few minutes later. Mrs Shhh didn’t exactly look happy as her man wandered off to the river. So that was another interesting chapter to get scribbled down.

The women smiled at each other and soon it was Rosie’s turn to begin massaging a shoulder, making the lady happier once she’d finished. A couple more went the same way later on, again the women not looking pleased at the end. Guess there’s something that ‘I’ve got a headache’ doesn’t apply with these guys, she thought.

Over the next couple of days life continued at the same pace, tied up, not tied up, at night sometimes in front, others behind and she didn’t mind now. It seemed the pygmies way of controlling her, so as long as she behaved then nothing would go wrong.

Unfortunately a day later it did. After breakfast instead of being tied Rosie was pointed to go with the other ladies instead of just sitting there. Off up a track they went and soon the girl met the men near a grove of coconut trees. Some clambered up leaving the women below. Quite what was to happen Rosie didn’t know until a nut dropped from nowhere just missing her head. A few men laughed and another came the same way. She shouted up at the guy, the first time she’d used her voice since being captured. It startled the spear-carriers who were on guard and one rushed over, pointing his weapon straight at her throat. Rosie froze as two others came, grabbing her arms, pushing her to the floor. Quickly wrists were pulled back and secured, then ankles were tied before one man began shouting at her.

Rosie didn’t know what to do, say something back or just lie there and eventually emotion overcame her and the girl began sobbing. That seemed to upset Mrs Shhh, who coming across the scene from her own fruit gathering endeavours found her ‘friend’ face down at spear-point. More voices came and she looked worried when the chief arrived. The gabbling grew louder as the two sides argued, Rosie getting cross-eyed watching that point barely an inch from her neck. Gradually the kerfuffle was settled, the girl freed and Mr Spear got banished from the field.

The chief patted her on the shoulder then pointed to the nuts lying on the floor. Rosie began to pick them up along with two others, cursing an hour later when another missed her by inches with hoots of laughter following. This time she bit her tongue. She was convinced they were targeting her so waited till one dropped, the girl catching it in mid air. The other ladies staring at this. Another nut came, Rosie leaping over and catching that too and the women all clapped. More catcalling from the trees and she grinned wanly as nuts began to rain down. Nearly an hour later the exhausted and bruised lassie was sitting on the floor, having caught about a hundred, the other ladies happy to watch this giant doing all their work while they sat in the shade. Mrs Shhh, along with her mates rubbed the girl and grinning at her. That night, for the first time since capture it was an untied Miss Wright who lay on her mat, hoping tomorrow was going to be less tiring.

Less tiring but eventful as Rosie, alone and checking her log realised this was the day Walter Timms might be returning if the Albatross had been fixed on time. It was while she was in the coconut grove that she heard him circling the island. To her surprise the pygmies seemed to ignore it, even when the machine did a low pass close enough that Rosie actually saw him! The engine notes faded away and the girl’s eyes blurred with tears, realising that he’d left, having not found a sign of his companion. Hopefully he’d alert the faculty on his return to the mainland, a rescue party would be deployed and within a few days she’d be rescued.

However this was not the case as the fruit party returned with their cargo. Rosie was astonished to see Timms standing with the chief. More to the point they were TALKING! She knew the pilot was able to speak a couple of the local dialects, despite his Western name he’d lived in Borneo all his life and with the job he’d learned lots of stuff. “Never been west of India,” he’d said on being introduced last month. She broke into a smile, the others seeing this and much chatter amongst them kept the party going as they walked up. Timms had looked as they arrived then his eyes bugged out on seeing his blonde, now deeply bronzed companion, with them. He didn’t know where to look as the naked girl bowed to the chief. He replied and after a brief shoulder pat left them alone together.

“Hello love, how are you?” he said, the girl almost dying, hearing spoken English for the first time in what, three weeks or so. She managed not to cry until Walter wrapped his powerful arms around her, hugging the girl tightly as she cried. “It’s alright, love, it’s gonna be alright. These people are alright” as she wept with relief.

Gradually she dried up, noticing that Walter was still rubbing her hips. It felt good so she let him carry on for a while before saying she needed to tell him what had happened. He nodded, took her by the hand and they sat down in the shade of a tree. Over the next hour Rosita Wright explained what had happened, the way she’d been captured and some of what had been occurring. Leaving the sexual side for later. “But anyway Walter, how the hell do you know what they’re saying? I know you speak a few languages, but surely not this”

He grinned, saying these people were actually from further up the island chain, this was the farming season and for the first time they’d come to this distant place to see what could be harvested. Timms had only discovered they were here on seeing two big canoes just offshore. That had alerted him that there were locals around and he’d landed at her old camp, found the message and waited for one of the canoes to come upstream, hitched a lift and here he was. A chat to the boss who told him the story from his side, now here they were. “So you came up by river, did you see the shipwreck?” she asked.

“What ship and where?” was the amazed reply as the pilot let go of her hands. He looked her over, a faint smile, the girl flushing on knowing what he was thinking as she’d closed her legs. “Sorry about that,” she said smiling at his discomfort, “I haven’t worn a stitch since, well they found me on the Intrepid, that’s the ships’ name. HMS Intrepid, most definitely an ex Royal Navy one now. I read the logbook so I’m not pulling your leg. I assume it’s somewhere on this side of the crack between here and that little headland beyond my old camp. Takes about two hours by foot from there so I guess it’s just over halfway”

“These guys know about it, there’s a whole load of stuff in the cavern where we all sleep. I know it’s daft…but after the initial fear of being captured, I’ve…I’ve  enjoyed myself. Got some shots of the ship, and here, plus stuff written down about these guys” as she explained the routine they went by. “In fact I guess…oh that’s Mrs Shhh waving, I call her that as it’s the only noise I’ve heard her make to me, she and the others want my help making our tea. We’ll talk more afterwards, see you later” and she went off!   

The pilot stared at the girl, shocked at what she’d told him, but he knew all the wrecks found in this part of the world except this one and it was the story of legend. Had she really discovered, by chance, the most valuable ship in British Far Eastern Naval folklore? There’d be a fortune aboard, the reports all saying the vessel had intercepted several raiders in the weeks before it’d been due to return to Singapore, it’s home port. The loss had caused ructions in the Admiralty with disastrous consequences for a few officers who’d got fired over the affair. Now it appeared a major mystery had been solved by a pretty blonde biologist who was more excited by the fact it was teatime!

One that he enjoyed, being served by the ladies, the pilot still amazed that Rosie was enjoying herself. To the point she’d declined a night on the plane, preferring to spend it with her new friends in the cave. She’d dare not say someone had fingered her to orgasm, much giggling from elsewhere and everyone was smiling in the morning when the pilot came back from checking his plane over, having borrowed Rosie’s canoe. The Chief was happy for the girl and a couple of the locals, plus Timms to go down to the Intrepid for the day, using the islanders’ smaller boat to do it.

Walter was thrilled on seeing the vessel for real. He’d always dreamed one day he’d find something like this, now it’d been presented to him on a plate as he shinned up the ladder. Reaching the top he looked down wondering why she hadn’t followed, only to see Rosie happily digging something green out of the ground and bagging it. The biggest story right here yet she wasn’t interested! The islanders weren’t either, both collecting fruit from trees nearby.

Eventually she did come aboard, telling him how she’d strutted up and down the deck in her frock and heels, demonstrating it. Saying that the singing into the hairbrush was what had alerted the islanders to her presence. The pilot laughing as he imagined the sight. “I told you to stay out of the sun love!” and she liked that. Taking him below for a recce of the lower decks. He’d brought a little camera and a few shots were snapped. “Now they’ll believe us, especially if I took the logbook back. Rosie, I’m bloody impressed, when we get back to Borneo tonight I’m buying you anything you want, dinner, a dress, anything you desire”

She smiled at that, but thinking other things. Coming over and giving him a hug. “Thanks Walter and I’d…well you bought the dress beforehand, and look what trouble it got me into! But really that’s not me. What I’d like is to stay here and get the job I’d planned finished. Charlie Warren is expecting more samples, not pieces-of-eight, stuff like that, not that this ship has much, apart from booze. Guess the locals have got it in the cavern. I’ve not checked any crates, must be about a hundred or more tucked in there. I’m sorry love, just…not interested” He stared, the girl unselfconsciously standing there with nothing on. He walked towards her, their hands clasping before she threw herself into his arms. The pilot feeling those two firm breasts digging into his chest. One for the memory box!

“Please love, please phone Professor Warren tonight, you remember him?” and Walter nodded, having met the Oxford don in Borneo’s capital when this trip had first been planned. Then again on seeing Rosie off six months later. “Ask him to let me stay here” she said, getting surprisingly tearful before feeling him nod. “OK I’ll speak to the boss man, tell him what you want to do. Don’t think he’ll mind. If Charlie…sorry Mr Warren says OK we’ll treat this as a normal re-supply and I’ll return next week. Chiefie will probably want some stuff from their own place.” She was delighted and with that they suddenly kissed, running hands over each other, his onto her hips then sliding up. Rosie stared as they went past her breasts then grinned as he began to stroke them.  

He broke off, realising what he was doing and apologised. Rosie did the same, saying she didn’t mind. “Nobody’s shown me that sort of affection for a while love, guess I’m a bit chilled out with this place. Lets carry on the look round” so they did, the guy picking up one of the bottles. “Wow, wonder if this is drinkable” he laughed as they walked past the brig cage. She smiled, tapping the bars with her nails. “Booze OR throttle, that’s what pilots’ always say or you’ll end up in one of these cages” was a quip as he opened a cupboard. She gave the door a tug, almost toppling over as the lock disengaged and the metal came back into her leg. “Oww, that hurt,” Rosie said, grinning when he said he’d rub it better.

“Any keys in there?” Rosie asked, saying she’d stood in the cage earlier. To her surprise Walter said yes! Dragging a big bunch out and jingling them. “Most unlikely to work now mind. Hundred and fifty years old locks, no oil, no chance” and he came across, holding the set in one hand. She stared at them, wondering which did what as there were different sizes. He tried a couple in the door lock, nothing it appeared there, then walked into the cage and tried the collar. Walter jumped when the thing clicked and he tugged. “Wow, amazing. It does work” he said, unlocking it and looking round, only to see the girl had left. Coming back to the door he tried another, it seemed the right size but was very stiff. A rub of his hair gel onto the key, squirting more into the keyhole then he inserted it.


Walter was shocked. How good the craftsman must have felt knowing his work might outlast him. A check on the chain sets that were hanging on the walls soon got two others working. One for legs and a shorter pair for wrists. He turned hearing footsteps and the girl came back. “Rosie, these locks. You’re not gonna believe but they all work, both the door and this lot, look here” so she did, coming inside, watching and listening as he rotated the keys, the clicking audible to both of them. “That’s amazing Walt,” she said taking the collar from his hands and turning the key. Rosie told him she’d shut the door and worn this before, having checked the stuff couldn’t accidentally lock without keys.

“Here, try it now, see what you think” he joked, surprised when she did just that. Closing the halves round her neck with that last little snap, a deep breath then she rotated the key, hearing and feeling the lock engaging. Miss Wright took the key out then held it there, trembling as she walked towards the door, the chain length naturally pulling her up short. “Did this too, saying ‘help me I’m stuck’. A bit of a giggle eh?” she said waving her arms and Timms laughed when the key ring flew out of her grasp and hit the floor. “Bugger,” she swore, bending down but it was just out of reach. She flicked a foot round and was just about to kick it closer when Walter leaned down and grabbed it, waving it in front of her face with a grin saying “Gotcha” Rosie smiled, bending down to examine the others. “Yeah, try the full set love. I dare you”

The girl smiled, sitting down, grabbing the leg set as he handed the ring back. Checking each lock then slipped it over her ankles, listening to the clicking. “Oh wow…it’s awesome” she said, heart pounding as she tried parting her feet. The chain, only six inches long easily stopping that. Next she locked one cuff over her left wrist, removing the key, then put her right into the other, trying to reach round and secure that. “I can’t do it, the chain isn’t long enough” she said, looking disappointed as he wandered round the deck.

“Walt, could you do it for me” she asked holding the ring of keys out. He came close, saying a criminal would hardly have hands in front or he’d be able to attack the warders. “They need to be like this, stand up a moment honey,” her breathing shortened as he drew her arms back, the girl shuddering as she felt the cuff enclose her wrist. The lock clicking sounded so loud as she stood there, the rattle as the key was removed. Turning her head to the left, trying to see behind her. “Oh my God” Was the faintest of whispers. “How’s that feeling love? You’re really stuck now” he joked as the keys were dangled in front of her before being pocketed. Rosie smiled, as he looked her up and down. Placing both hands on her hips he came close and their lips met, walking the lass forward till the chain was taut. “Hmmm, a naughty girl in shackles, she needs a little more punishing I guess!” he said rubbing her all over before stepping away and waving farewell.

She chuckled, playfully aiming a kick at him as he dodged towards the door, nearly overbalancing because of the leg chain. Going through he turned, closing it then locking that too. “Walter Timms, you little…shit” she squealed, standing helplessly, pretending to look cross. “Now pose for me, just there, good girl” the pilot said holding the camera and firing a couple of shots through the bars as she’d poked her chest and tongue out! Rosie couldn’t believe it, “Bloody hell, you didn’t…did you?” she gasped, a sigh of relief when he said no, he’d run out of film and the new one was in the bag upstairs. “I’m just going to fetch it, wait in there love” he replied then left the room!

Rosie’s heart froze as he vanished. She waited patiently for a while but the ship fell silent once those footsteps had faded. “Walter?” Rosie said quietly. Five minutes later, “Walter?” more loudly, a slightly ragged edge to her voice. This joke had gone too far and she shook badly for a minute. Thinking that she really WAS locked in a cage with a collar secured round her neck, wrists and ankles chained. All she could do was wait for him to return.

It was also stirring something deep inside her and the girl was thinking about this when the pilot came back, bag in hand, camera in the other. Thankfully he opened the door without shooting her, the girl sighing in relief as he freed her wrists, handing the keys so she could unlock the rest. “Got the old blood pumping for a moment,” she said walking out of the cage and over to where Timms was changing the film. Waiting till he’d finished she handed the keys over but needed to say something.

“Please Walt, don’t leave me like that again, was worried for a moment. I felt claustrophobic in there. That’s why I sleep outside in tents when I can,” She said with a faint tremble in her voice “It’s been hard enough being in the darkness of the cavern for the last two weeks” Timms turned to look, seeing she’d gone pale and was shaking. He reached over and they embraced, her head buried in his shoulder. Hands onto her hips and a good stroke as he got Rosie calmed down with an apologetic kiss. Gazing into her eyes. The pilot alarmed to see the faintest signs of tears. “Yeah, I went too far and I’m sorry, only got off the ship for a wee. I promise I won’t do that in here anymore, come on, lets go” with that they headed to the upper deck. Rosie relieved to feel the warmth on her skin again as she reached for the sunscreen bottle.

She was very quiet on the trip back to the cave. Walter Timms knew he’d really scared the girl and was annoyed with himself. But once back and with tea still fresh in their minds she’d cheered up a bit, the pair sitting there drinking juice, holding hands as Walter made arrangements about when to return.

Rosie was soon smiling as she saw two of the natives, one of each going down the back and knew Mrs Pygmy was about to get her three minutes of…loving? Walter saw this grin and wondered what it was about. The guy going bug eyed when Miss Wright said what they were up to. “You didn’t WATCH them did you?” he said, amazed when she nodded yes.

“It’s all in my report,” she said, handing over the first draft, asking him to read her thoughts while she went to help the ladies finish the washing up. On coming back Rosie got a nod of approval for effort. “Gold star from me love, it’s an education to realise how they live. They do interact with Westerners but tend to keep a little distant, guess they want to preserve their way of life” She got up, pleased to have that confirmed, telling him to follow her in, everyone else busy it seemed as they arrived where the action took place. To Walter’s surprise Rosie took her shoes off, checked her feet then stepped onto the fronds and sat down, looking round and adjusting the ropes. She gazed up at the pilot, smiled then lay back and spread herself wide open!

“Go on, do what they did” she said, eyes closing and voice almost dreamlike as she imagined how it must feel. “Come on Rosie, you’re not serious…are you?” he replied, the girl smiling in the semi- darkness. “Yes,” she said after a while. “Told you earlier it’d been a while since I had affection from a man. It’s really lonely being me. Now I’m right chilled, Walter I trust you now. I want you to tie me down then do what you’ve wanted to do since we met last month, I’ve seen you look, wondered why you like rubbing me, you cannot keep those hands to yourself, am I right?” laughing as he flushed.

Walter Timms had never known his mind so expertly picked by a lady. This one now looking all doe-eyed at him, her lips parting in a knowing smile. He’d had a few partners in the past but never like this. “OK, Rosie, if you’re sure about this?” and the lass reached up and felt for his face.

“Yes I am, do it…Walt, please make me your very special girl” she whispered, her eyes welling up.

The lass shuddered as the first cord was wrapped around her wrist. Then more for the other and soon she was secured at all corners, heart pounding as she watched him strip off. Despite being nearly forty he was in expert shape as the guy came and straddled her. Rosie waiting patiently then the trembling started as his hands began to roam below. “Brace yourself,”

She couldn’t stop smiling that night after the session. Mrs Shhh didn’t have a clue what was up with the giant, nor her bigger companion who’d been in the cave, presumably looking at the crates. But Rosie’s mind had been blown apart at the orgasms she’d just had. Timms had to clamp his hand over the girl’s mouth or they’d have woken the dead. Those eyes had sparkled in just the right way, then widened in that curious look of pain every man wants to see in his woman when he drives into her.

Now Rosie was waiting for Mrs Shhh, as usual last to retire for the night, to bring the cords. Having done her ankles the girl offered up her wrists, smiling even more on being indicated that tonight they’d be behind her back. More giggling as she was brought off time and again by various fingers. Someone else getting the same as a gasp came from across the cave. Miss Wright grinned to herself at the fact these ladies had more fun with each other than the menfolk!

Next morning after breakfast Rosie saw Timms and the Chief having a long chat, some gestures in her direction then an agreement appeared to have been made. The men bowing to each other before the pygmy came her way. Miss Wright bowed, got one back then Walt gave her the news. Telling her that as of now she was free to do what she required during the daytime, as long as she came back before nightfall, staying in the cave during darkness. He’d ‘bribed’ the guy, saying he’d bring supplies from their island in return for Rosie to carry on what she’d been doing without hindrance.

The girl was thrilled, but actually a bit saddened that the pilot was corrupting the islanders, but she’d better not say anything. Collecting all her sample crates and films, telling the guy that the one marked ‘private’ was just that, “I’ve written a note to Charlie saying that without telling him why. If he did I’d get fired, oh the Intrepid one has got the blue label on and he’ll want that one, I think his big brother does something with Naval stuff” Walter said it’d be sorted and soon afterwards he was paddled back to the plane. Having given Rosie a long hug but no more as Mrs Shhh was watching. “She’ll only get jealous. Right, see you in seven days love”

A week that passed too quickly for Rosie Wright. She worked bloody hard on her collections yet still found time to assist in what the lass called normal duties. The others must have been told what she was doing as nobody had batted an eyelid when she strolled away, bag over one shoulder, camera in the other. Still naked mind as Rosie felt more comfortable like this. “Saves me washing time too!”

So it was a slightly disheartened Rosie who saw the Albatross fly over on it’s way to land at the mouth of the crack. Only this time the girl was amazed when Timms actually brought the aircraft upstream! A daring piece of airmanship as the wingspan was at least half the width of the river. But again Rosie was surprised that the natives took little notice of the alien machine disturbing the peace of the island.

One she did herself when Professor Charles Warren appeared at the door behind Mr Timms, stepping into the canoe along with the first boxes of supplies. “Oh bloody hell,” she swore loudly as the little boat was beached and she saw who it was. The Oxford don looking for the girl he’d flown thousands of miles to visit. Lots of her to see, as Rosie was as usual bare-skinned except shoes. However judging by his neutral expression it appeared he’d been given some warning his biologist was ‘going a bit native’. Coming ashore he stared at her, the faintest of grins now appeared as the blushing lass came closer.

“Hello Rosita, glad to see you” he said as the pair shook hands. The professor not quite sure which bit of her to look at first. “Excuse me, up here might be a start,” she replied, pointing to her face, now with a broad smile as it was his turn to go red. They cautiously embraced then held each other tightly; his hands going onto her hips then about to rub her ass when he pulled back. “Sorry Rosie, shouldn’t have done that, but missy, you gave me one a hell of a fright when Walter phoned and gave me a rough idea what had happened. Thankfully you…seem to be coping quite well. Anyone would think you were on vacation!”

She glowed at that, telling the guys that actually she’d got a whole lot more stuff packed and labelled to take back and he’d get the full story later, as it appeared over the next minute or so of chatting that they were staying a couple of days. “But Walt, could you please introduce Charlie to the chief, he’s waiting, we’re ignoring my host and it’s a bit rude!” she said, slightly scolding the visitors. The men looking at each other before Timms did as asked. “What a lassie you employ, she’s coped damn well with these people” he said. Once done it was work time as the plane was unloaded, Rosie doing her bit, Warren amazed as the girl waded over with a box on one shoulder. He just couldn’t take his eyes off that shapely body.

That night they shared the meal with the others, Charlie again seeing the girl and how she interacted with the chief, serving, cleaning and generally having a good time. Once onboard the plane, having politely declined a night in the cave he leafed through Rosie’s reports. The girl had produced some stunning results. Despite the professor being shocked, on accidentally processing her ‘private’ labelled film along with the Intrepid’s, seeing her posing on the deck of a long lost ship in a bloody wedding dress and high heels. Those were in his safe and nobody else had seen them. She’d looked gorgeous, hair flowing and a sensual smile for the camera. The Oxford man was debating whether to get one framed and give it to her on their return as a joke. He was going to sit on the Intrepid’s photos until he’d seen the ship for himself. Sure as hell his brother wasn’t going to find out till much later.

The faculty had identified a few sub-species of plants from the samples, at least one new bird that was getting the ornithologists in a right old tizzy having checked her photos against the known ones in books, the same with a weird coloured monkey. “The girl has done good, now tomorrow we’ll have a look at the ship” he yawned as Walter settled down.

To avoid the distraction of ‘watching Rosie’s ass’ all day Timms and Charlie took the canoe down to where the wreck was. During the trip Mr Warren told the pilot all he knew about the last voyages of HMS Intrepid, and what allegedly lay in her hold, or those crates in the cavern, Rosie having taken him there for a quick look while showing him where she slept each night. “Not interested myself,” she’d said with a shrug on being asked had she looked to see what was inside any of the boxes. Mr Timms repeating that she’d said the same when he’d asked her. “Doesn’t know, doesn’t care. She’s either a liar or genuinely honest. Looking at the way she and the ladies get on I guess it’s the latter. Shame really, it’s going to be her loss.”

The men were most pleased having spent most of the day working around the wreck. Rosie declined the chance to return, ‘To the scene of the crime’. This seemed to confirm what she’d said this morning. They returned in high spirits to find her once more giggling with the ladies as they emerged from the wood. “Good timing guys, tea is in about, well when the sun gets past that tree” she chuckled carrying a big box of fruit into the cave. The men staring, “See what you mean about going native Walter, she loves it here. I wonder if she wants to stay in Borneo?” said Mr Warren as the lassie vanished.

That night the three Westerners sat chatting about the ship, Mr Warren saying the authorities would no doubt take a huge chunk of the profits once it’d all been divvied up. “Bloody taxes, they’ll only waste it, same as all politicians” she laughed, sitting there with a beaker of the islander’s fruit juice in her hands. Rosie was surprised when Charlie asked her what she wanted from the Intrepid’s cargo, once the legal eagles had sorted it out. “After all, you found it, really you should be the main benefactor,”

She thought otherwise. “No, I had this out with Walter the day he first saw the ship, same as I said this morning. I’m not kidding you. Nothing really interests me about the wreck. Money brings out the worst in people, present company excepted. I don’t know how much there or what is in those crates, haven’t even got round to looking. But if there’s enough then perhaps a pay rise might not go amiss for the laboratory staff at home Charlie”. She said looking at her boss who nodded. “I’ve got the satisfaction of helping solve the mystery of what happened and that’s good enough for me,” they were still surprised at that and asked why. Rosie however was getting cross, but tried not to show it, at the idle chat about the value of the treasure. Apart from a ‘well done’ about her reports it seemed Mr Warren was more concerned with the ship than her. Why had he travelled all the way to Borneo, were the photos and samples not enough?

“Look guys, I’ve got a two bed place in Oxford that I’ve hardly slept in for the last three months, why would I need to spend a fortune on something larger, I’d only worry about cleaning it. I’m half thinking of asking your Charlotte if she want to buy it, and move back into the college. I have a sensible bank balance, plus dad’s inheritance so money wise I’m all right. If, say we each did get a couple of million after tax, I’ll invest my chunk, still work doing these explorations for the University. What I’m trained to do, I love doing them and I don’t want to waste my talent. Maybe I’ll get a better class of tent or the odd hotel during a field trip. However guys, if a couple of small bits of antique jewellery fall my way then…yes please” and Mr Warren laughed, joking that he’d have expected a shopping list! 

The girl grinned, having changed her mind. The others chuckled as she held both arms out. “All right, as you insist, and if you can find them, I’d like a pair of bracelets for these, and something matching for my neck, that’s all. You, Mr flyer here and the taxmen can fight over the rest. But Walter’ love, may… I keep the dress and all the other bits? Oh and a lockable container to keep them safe” the pilot laughed, “Yeah, hardly liable to fit me so you can, you looked very pretty in it” the girl was thrilled, blushing at the complement. “Got the photos at home to prove it,” Charlie said, admitting what he’d done.

Rosie was mortified for a moment, then smiled when he said nobody else had seen them. “I’ll let you have them intact. Bet you’d like to wear that gown again sometime” and she agreed. Having a laugh as Walter asked what she’d been singing to attract the natives. On getting the reply of an artist Charlie couldn’t stand he retorted he’d have probably stabbed her had he heard it! “Oh thanks guys, I’m bloody safer here with them than you two” she chuckled as they ribbed her.

Then she saw Mrs Shhh outside with the nut gatherers and guessed she had work to do so got to her feet. “Well, my little lady friend wants me so I’m off. Walter, I guess you need to leave if you’re going to get the stuff boss man wanted. See you tomorrow and we’ll be all packed up when you arrive” They hugged briefly, the pilot still not sure where to place his hands with her boss watching.

“What a girl, definitely too honest for her own good” he said to Charlie Warren after she’d padded off, two pairs of eyes watching that cute ass wiggling up the cavern. “We’ll sort her… requirements before departure. Should present no problems. Everything seems to be looking…well rosy” The men shaking hands as the pilot said he’d speak to boss man about something heavy on the ship that needed to be moved out. “Right, see you tomorrow” and with that he left. Mr Warren looked at the piles of crates stretching into the darkness. So far he and Timms had only looked into a few boxes, knowing that riches beyond their imagination were right here in front of them. How the hell could the girl not want a bean herself? “Oh well, if that’s what Miss Wright wants, she gets, not going to be a problem soon” he murmured as the torch in his hand was switched on.

She came back hours later, very tired but glad this was their last full day. Tomorrow morning Timms would arrive, get the plane unloaded with the natives’ stuff and they’d be off. Mrs Shhh seemed happy and after the meal all the women retreated to the rear of the cave, one leading Rosie by the hand, the Chief having indicated she was to go with them. To her surprise the lass saw the palm bed they used for the sex sessions empty with a circle of ladies there waiting expectantly. Mrs Shhh brought her through the crowd then pointed, Rosie realising they wanted her to lie down. She smiled and nodded, the others starting to chatter excitedly as the giant did as she was told.

Cords were quickly wrapped around Miss Wright’s limbs and pulled taut. Wow, this was amazing as the women closed in, their fingers examining every curve of Rosie’s body. Soon Mrs Shhh needed to do her stuff as another lady gave the girl such a rubbing that any moment now she was going to climax. There were gasps of sheer admiration when the inevitable happened, a hand across her mouth muffling the squeals as those fingers brought her crashing into… So much that Rosie passed out after the third and most explosive time, taking half an hour to come round, seeing the concerned faces lighting up on realising she was alright.

Her limbs were freed and she smiled, getting up and starting a whole series of face rubs with everyone. After that came a dip to clean off, with darkness falling they returned from the waters’ edge, the lassie grinning as she walked past an uncomfortable looking Mr Warren, the guy sitting on the camping roll Rosie had used in her tent. She did see he was reading her report again and that made the lass glad she hadn’t ‘had a go’ about the ship. Arriving at ‘her’ space she settled down. Mrs Shhh coming last with the cords and the pair lay close together, not that they’d be able to cuddle as Miss Wright’s ankles were being tied as usual, her wrists done first.

The lass lay there wondering why her body kept reacting this way to being tied up. She’d have to look on-line when they made it home. Even the time when she’d worn the chains on the ship had seen her senses going haywire thinking about it later on. Was she starting to enjoy this? Yes, for a start she’d offered her wrists, holding them behind her back, heart leaping as the cord bound them. Confirming this a moment later as a wandering pair of hands began to rub her nipples hard. “Shhh…” came the faint whisper as she started to moan, twitch and tremble, the sensations growing once more.

Next morning after breakfast Rosie saw Mrs Shhh and a couple of the ladies speaking to the chief, a hand gesturing in her direction as she carried some crates of stuff from the cavern to Walter’s canoe. The aircraft having arrived two hours ago and unloaded; though she did slightly grumble as few of the men seemed to be around and she’d had to help. Most had left hours ago in the big canoe, probably off fishing, she thought. The natives were happy with what had been brought from their main island, as it appeared this lot was planning to stay here, rather than head home.

That was a shame to Rosie, it meant they might disturb her or wildlife when finishing the assignment. Plus she assumed there could be tension when the Navy guys arrived next week, having been told by the pilot this morning that a small party was coming out for a look. She’d earlier carried a box to the plane containing the logbook, half a dozen swords of various types, two of which Professor Warren said were earmarked for her if she wanted them, and four types of firearms. “Shame there’s no pirate flags eh?” she said waving a cutlass round the cabin.

Mr Warren came over, greeting Rosie with a brief peck; not daring to touch elsewhere as the lass was naked again. She’d emerged from the cave first thing today wearing shorts and T-shirt, much to the ladies surprise and a little dismay perhaps? They knew the lass was leaving to go back to her world so nothing was said or done. Early on however Rosie fell out of the plane while unloading and the others laughed when she’d come up, her stuff soaking wet. “Typical, first time in clothes for a month and I wreck them! Its not fair” Nobody batting an eyelid when she stripped off, tossing the sodden garments in a heap and stood there dripping. The sun starting to dry her skin and Rosie didn’t mind. The Chief finished his conversation then headed their way.

Pleasantries were silently exchanged, bows from both sides before the Chief pointed to Rosie, then to Charlie then waited for a answer. Timms was aboard the plane so they stood wondering what the boss man wanted. He put one finger up, wiggled it then pointed to Rosie’s midriff, jabbed it, then to the cavern and the girl soon realised what he was insinuating. She smiled; nodding then bowed, the pygmy boss doing the same.

Rosie stared at her boss as the Chief looked at him, pointing into the cave where ‘the pit’ was. “Charlie, bow to him, start nodding and follow me, just do it” she hissed quietly as the guy wondered what to do. Mr Warren did so then followed his employee inside, trying not to stare as her shapely ass moved into the half- light, fifty feet down the cave. He looked as she pointed to the palm fronded bed, the cords at each corner, Rosie knowing they were to go round her limbs again. All she had to do was tell the guy he had to strip naked, then shag his best university tutor as quickly as he could!

“This is what I called ‘the sex pit’ in the report. What happens on here is the man takes the woman, literally. She lies down, spreads herself while he binds each limb to those cords, then…gets jiggy with her. No foreplay for Mrs Pygmy, just straight forward, wham bam thank you ma’am, sort of stuff. Lasts about three minutes, if she’s lucky a bit more, then he gets up and frees her. No women’s lib here” she grinned and Charlie looked closer at the girl. Her eyes almost gleaming.

“Is that right, that’s what… they do? I thought you were having me on when I read it. That’s why I was checking it yesterday. I’d planned to question you about it this morning.” and she nodded, not daring to say she’d been screwed on here by Mr Timms, or what had happened to her last night. “Yep, it’s true, I spent most of the last ten days watching, but today, it appears you lucky guy…you have to do it to me… now or big chief honcho outside is gonna be annoyed. So get stripped, lover boss” That startled him but eventually he undressed, trying not to smile.

He’d wanted to have Rosie since she’d arrived as a student ten years ago. The girl possessed one of the finest bodies on the faculty and many a professor had ‘wanted to do her’. Yet now the ‘ice maiden’ as she’d been known, thanks to no scandals being attached to her, was ASKING for him to do it. ‘OK, playtime girlie’ he muttered as trousers, shirt and socks came off. Miss Wright was smiling as she lay down, shuffled a few times then spread out like a starfish. The first touch of rope made her heart leap as it was wrapped round her wrist. The other following then he went down to do both ankles. “Tight enough?” and she tugged, blood surging through her veins. Obviously it was in the important one of his as she stared at a growing... “Wow, ‘Bunny’ Warren, the rumours were true, you’re hung like a bloody horse not a twee little rabbit!” she said and he grinned.

No pupil had ever said that to his face, most said something behind his back. He knew the reputation of his legendary student shagging sessions had followed him through academia. “A typical bunny,” they’d said. “Never stops screwing,” Now he was about to break the ‘tutor’ duck too. “OK, brace yourself… love” and she smiled, puckering her lips to get the first of many kisses as he sat down, knees either side of her. Better not say he was the second man who’d said that, he might get jealous of Mr Timms! 

Half an hour later an exhausted girl was being released from her bonds. Warren removing a gag from her mouth on realising Miss Wright wasn’t a quiet lay. Least she’d warned him first, her heaving chest beginning to slow as she gasped for breath. “Wow, that was great, really enjoyed that” he groaned as she sat up, rubbing her wrists where she’d been tugging. “Sure you’re OK? She smiled and nodded, reaching to do her ankles next. “Right, I’m going for a jump in the water, and thanks” and with that Charlie Warren’s latest conquest walked off. Minutes later the Chief came in, his face looking happy as the pair stared. Charlie nodded to boss pygmy who smiled and bowed to the giant then left.

Rosie Wright emerged from the water just before Timms came up to the freshly washed lassie, standing naked and somewhat proud, her glorious breasts pointing straight out as she finished towelling down just inside the cavern. The air brushing those oh so sensitive nipples, if he or Mr Warren had touched them she’d probably come on the spot. “Rosie dear, your boss wants a wee favour from you, but seems a little embarrassed to come and ask himself. Guess he’s worried about what he just did to you, though he did seem to enjoy it. I wonder why”. They both smiled as she rolled her eyes.

“Yeah OK, tying you down and screwing the best body on the island, I’m only human. But as to this, it’s about the farewell meal this afternoon with ‘them’. He’s got a tropical outfit, I’ve got this on,” he said waving to his flying suit “But accidentally of course all yours is loaded in the plane. Except the stuff you just ‘washed’” She snorted at that as he continued. “It’s a bit soggy…and, well… there is ‘that’ dress still in there. Would you wear that for us instead?” he pointed behind her. The girl grinned, knowing that they’d planned this all along to make her the centre of attention again.

“Everything. Even those heels?” she asked and he nodded. “I know it’s impractical but you’ll be doing us a favour, besides…judging by the pictures Charlie mentioned and the date you took them, it seemed you couldn’t wait to get into it then…naughty girl, were you wearing…everything I bought you?” and laughed as she flushed so red. “Yeah, felt real good until chummie and his mates interrupted the show. Gave me a right bloody fright I can tell you. Think they got a shock as well. Though since then…I… wearing any clothing… guess I’m a little out of practice.” And she looked down, everything showing. That breeze blowing, straight up her… but didn’t care a bit what anyone thought. She was sooo chilled out and put it down to those drinks given to her by the ladies before they went out to work under the coconut trees.

“OK, and you’re right. I did enjoy swishing round the deck. So I’ll do it! Give me half an hour” And he smiled, patting her ass and the girl let him rub it a bit more as she stepped closer. “Go on, they’re not watching” she grinned coyly. His hands went all over her as they kissed deeply, those fingers finally going below for a massage of her clit. Rosie stood on tiptoes to try preventing something she actually wanted, maybe later when they arrived back on the mainland they’d do it. He carried on, feeling her start to tremble, her eyes closing as the emotions stirred her up, but he stopped just in time and Rosita groaned in exasperation. “Swine, finish me off…please” she murmured with a grin as he stepped away, declining her request.

“By heck I need to get out of here before we do something again, you’re a tease you know, having me and your boss in the same week? I’m gonna miss you honey, maybe you ought to remain here. Preserve what reputation you have left” and Rosie grinned. Surely she could stay at his place for a while and get some fun time with him before home to England? But today she needed to get cracking, turning away heading into the far reaches of the cavern with a blown kiss to the pilot as he walked outside. Striding over to the only remaining crate of hers, heart pounding at what she was about to do…get into that lovely dress again. She’d get hot wearing the various layers but after the meal she’d ask Walt to fetch some sensible stuff from the plane.

Opening the top Rosie hummed, her heart leaping as having pulled the gown out it brushed against her skin. Laying it on a nearby crate she selected the rest, starting of course with the bustier, the garter belt then the stockings. However even after a rummage there was no sign of the knickers. “Commando time I guess” she murmured as the petticoats were applied before the magic moment. Once more she felt that gripping as the dress enveloped her. The zip sealed her inside and it was wonderful.

Mr Warren arrived and shyly Rosie asked him to apply her shoes then check the rest of her outfit was fine. Stepping so elegantly into each, allowing him to secure the straps, noticing he slid both hands up and caressed her thighs for a while, feeling the girl shuddering as he went right over the stocking tops. Brushing over her… then a gentle probe that made her sigh. Coming up afterwards he stared into her sparkling eyes. “Yes Rosie, it certainly feels… sure felt fine to me. Those photos don’t do you justice. You’re…gorgeous” and she laughed, rubbing both hands over herself. “Thanks for that, you naughty… what do you think, nice dress eh? You were right I did want to wear it, apart from the impracticality of it… I…sounds daft but I don’t want to take it off…ever again” then did a twirl, fabric swaying round her legs and Charlie saw her eyes as she winked.

He agreed, saying it could be arranged and Rosie laughed, but he did nothing for a moment, looking at the lass then took her into his arms, they kissed and rubbed before he spoke. “By God Rosie, I’m… I’m going to miss you back in Oxford. You know I won’t be able to see you again. If what we’ve done ever got out it could ruin…us. That’s why the photos are in my safe and nobody is going to see them” She nodded sadly then smiled. “But we’re not there yet, so kiss me again, properly” so he did.  Having done that while holding each other Charlie apologised for being so pre-occupied with the ship.

“You know I am proud of what you’ve done. I really am. But for the first time in the whole of my forty years I’m finally going to beat the other Professor Warren at something in his field of expertise. Sibling rivalry you understand. Big brother Martin’s spent decades frowning down on little old Chaz. When I return to Oxford and drop HMS Intrepid’s logbook and that brace of pistols on his desk I’m sure gonna photograph his expression! I was hoping you’d be there to see it. I’ll see what I can do, unless you’re tied up somewhere of course,” looking at her with an all-knowing smile.

She giggled at that, blushing at the memories. “Yeah, I understand and thank you for admitting that, it’s made me feel a lot better. At first I’d put it down to your jetlag or perhaps stress. Guess I’m not that good on human emotion; I prefer plants.” It was his turn to have a chuckle before he stared deep into those eyes, twinkling again as their lips met, his hands running over her curves. “Right, time for the meal. Let’s give them a present. Miss gorgeous Rosie Wright…. Dressed to thrill like that, you look stunning, they’ll be over the moon to have you there”

He took the beautiful girl by the hands, escorting the lass to the others. She’d been disappointed not to find the tiara or the veils, they must be aboard the plane with the rest of the gear but she gripped his arm so tightly as they left the cavern. “Anyone would think I was about to give you away, here comes the bride… and all that,” he said smiling. Only to get the growling reply of “Please shut up Charlie and slow down so I can stay upright in these bloody shoes, I’m gonna flatten Walter for this!” she said then apologised with a grin as he laughed at her.

Arriving at the feast there was a gasp from the pygmies, everyone, including the chief getting to their feet. Firstly she went through the rather curious ritual with the ladies. Greeting each with a face brush then nose rub, used to it by now. Once that was completed, Mr Timms nodding in admiration they all sat down. “You really have gone native Rosie. I told you it’ll be worth staying here” The meal began with bowls of fruit being handed around and like any dinner party in the world the conversations began. Her to Mr Warren, Walter Timms occasionally translating to the chief while some of the little guys chatted amongst themselves. Rosie trying not to wriggle as the clasps from her suspenders started digging into her buttocks.

Two hours later and Rosie was very upset and frustrated once the meal had finished. Charlie was on the plane and Timms somewhere else, leaving her alone. Rosie didn’t know what to do except sit on a tree stump. She felt a bit daft in her dress and the heels, very hot inside all the layers of fabric, but glad, with the approaching time of their departure she’d be able to get changed. Mr Warren said he’d go to the aircraft to unpack some clothes for her to wear for the flight home then paddle back with it. Just wish he’d hurry up as her feet were starting to ache if she’d had to walk much further. He’d been gone nearly an hour! Surely it didn’t take thirty minutes to find a pair of shorts and a T-shirt, grab her sneakers then come back?

Some of the pygmies came wandering over. One being the guy who’d tied her up early on in the drama. He still carried those coiled up cords that had been used to lash her wrists or ankles any time he thought she might escape. Mrs Shhh was also there plus two spear-carriers and Rosie would be glad to see the back of them, except her, she’d treated the Westerner with kindness and maybe a little loving too. The exploration of this place was to continue soon but now someone else was ‘getting the gig’. Miss Wright couldn’t understand why she wasn’t being allowed to finish the job.

Mr Warren had seemed so pleased earlier, during the meal he’d laughed and joked with her, Timms and through Walter’s translations boss man looked happy. It was after the speech the Chief made, for some reason Timms not saying much of what he’d said when the crowd began chanting ‘Zita…Zita,’ waving their spears in all directions and looking at the guests. The boss man now looked at her then waved his hand, a gesture as if she was to stand up. Early in the meal Walter had leaned over, asking her to do something if the pygmies had said that name. Rosie had obliged, then got to her feet, coming round the front before smiling and then performing a deep curtsy, then standing still. The Chief, with a big smile had nodded and applauded her, rising and rounding the table to stand next to her. For the first time they exchanged face and nose rubs, the only man with whom she’d done this. He turned, raised his and her arms, saying something about ‘Zita’ then let her hand down and they’d returned to their seats.

The crowd, seeing this had raised the roof at that, really cheering “ZITA” for at least five minutes then gradually dispersed. Charlie glared at her then the Chief said something long to Timms who’d nodded. Not long after that the pilot had excused himself, having a chat with Mr Warren while she was busy eating rather than earwigging. Once he’d gone Charlie ignored her then the party gradually broke up, with the boss man bowing politely then going. Only then did Mr Warren give her that bad news, he’d changed his mind because of what she’d just done. Rosie was devastated but didn’t want to show it, maybe on the plane would she apologise for showing off, then plead to finish the assignment. He left, saying he was fetching her stuff so the girl had walked to the stump and sat down.

But never mind him, what did these guys want now? Rosie smiled at Mrs Shhh… as she came and stood there, reaching over and taking the hands of this white clad beauty and holding them out to the front. Leaning down she brushed faces with Rosie then rubbed noses, the same way the other women had done before the meal. Then Miss Wright realised that Mrs Shhh hadn’t been present so was doing her duty or whatever it was now.

But to Rosie’s amazement out of the corner of her eye she saw the guy uncoiling a cord and before she could react he was wrapping it round her left wrist as the woman let go of that hand. “What the he…” she’d started to say then Mrs Shhh… did her stuff, reaching to lay a finger over Miss Wright’s lips. Rosie almost wanted to bite it off! What the hell was happening as one of the spear-carriers lowered his weapon to just under her chin. The girl began to tremble as Mrs Shhh held her other hand, sliding her grip to the wrist, and before Rosie could jerk it away she’d walked round the back, pulling the arm with her. Holding it across the first in that x-shape and moments later they were expertly cross-bound tightly together!

The girl was shocked and thought about either trying to get up or scream, but with a spear pointing at her throat she was helpless so did neither. Gradually he relaxed and took a few paces back allowing Rosita to look round. Her heart leaping with relief as she finally saw Mr Warren paddling back in her canoe. Beaching it he was helped ashore by one of the pygmies who bowed deeply once her boss was on his feet. Charlie grabbed a carrier bag and began heading in her direction, sneakers dangling from the other hand. Coming close he nodded to the natives, looked surprised at her position then walked right round, coming to stand in front, putting the stuff on the floor. He stared at her as she was allowed to get up, the others retreated a few paces. For a heart-stopping moment Miss Wright was convinced he’d suppressed a smile on realising she’d been secured once more.

“Charlie,” she whispered hoarsely, her voice really trembling as she tried not to cry, “Charlie why have they tied my wrists again? We’re about to leave…what are they trying to do to me?” but he interrupted, saying into her ear, “Shhh, listen carefully or we’re all in trouble” Warren put both hands on her hips and pulled the girl close, then slid them round till they were rubbing her ass. “We’ve got a real problem with these guys…and I’m afraid it’s partly your fault too” Feeling her start at that as she stared up into his eyes, her own swimming with the first signs of tears. By God she’s gorgeous, he thought, wanting to screw her brains out on that mat again. But now he had some interesting news to deliver.  

“Try not to laugh when I tell you the Chief now thinks you’re their long lost Goddess of Fertility”

She managed to…just, though with her hands bound it was hard but Rosie did briefly grin, he did the same and the girl tried to relax as he continued. “When they first found you on the ship they were in two minds as to what to do with you. Revere you as what they thought or kill you as an intruder!” that did startle her. “Sometimes I want to kill errant students, but not tutors, or highly successful biologists like you love” and now she did smile, her body trembling as his caresses continued.

“But,” he said looking a bit more serious. “If we all try to leave now I don’t know what their reaction is going to be. You saw how chuffed they all were when you did that curtsy, I thought for a moment you were inciting them, why I got cross and I’m sorry for getting it wrong. Walter’s left a note on the plane explaining what had happened and what I need to do next. He couldn’t say anything to me with Chiefie listening or he might have suspected we knew. The trouble is they were saying Zita… The name of that Goddess, Rosie your actions with the ladies earlier, the rubbing of faces, then doing it the Chief was your blessing. What you did is confirming you’ve returned to look after the tribe, both here and the whole island chain…they’re not going to let you leave…ever again”

Rosita Wright did her best not to cry as the enormity hit home and wobbled badly on her heels. Had Mr Warren not been holding on she’d have gone down in a heap.

“Oh my God,” she whispered, trying not to cry, “What do we…I…well you do now? They surely don’t mean this…it’s not fair” he paused, then hushed her, telling the girl what he planned to do.

“At the present moment the Embassy in the capital is being alerted thanks to the fact Walter left his satellite phone on board the plane. “That’s why I was so long, trying to get them to believe the story. Only the fact I spoke to the same guy who is dealing with the Navy plans for the Intrepid did anyone take me seriously. They wouldn’t have believed Walt, but an Oxford don carries a bit more weight I hope. Now this is a massive favour Rosie, I hate myself for needing to drop you in it…”

“I know you always wanted to be an actress, saw a few of your shows with the footlights at Oxford. Will you stay here and role play this Goddess thing until we can safely get you out?”

Rosie earned her first Oscar nomination right then as she managed not to laugh. Mr Warren amazed that she could take this so calmly as she thought about it. Finally she began nodding when he said she’d continued to be paid while here. “I’ll get my sister to sort out the flat and any affairs too”

“OK, thanks for that, ask Charlotte to look after it, do what she needs to the place, your lassie was the only lady I could trust to stay there. Guess with this really I’ve little choice or we could end up in the cooking pot. Not seen them eat meat yet, don’t want to be the first course. Yes I’ll do it. But in return Charlie, promise me you’ll let me come back after a holiday and complete the original assignment, yes? Deal?”

“Right, you have a deal love” and with that he suddenly clasped her round the waist and their lips met. The pygmies didn’t know what to make of this so ignored them as the couple played tongue tennis before letting go. “Nice one, Zita I’ll remember that” he joked as she looked happier now, “I’ll go to see Chiefie, somehow let him know that it’s alright. Try and get you freed too” he said as she smiled, dreamy eyed and slightly breathless at the affection just showed to her. He went round and looked at her wrists, not touching the knots in case it set the locals off. Her fingers fluttering as she tried to keep the circulation going. “Sure they’re not too tight?” and Rosie smiled but said no, they were just fine! He was more impressed that being like this was forcing her breasts further out, nipples hard against the fabric of the gown.

What she’d said surprised him and he came back to see her blushing. The china blue eyes now with a twinkle in them! “To tell you the truth Charlie, being in this dress, the heels and so on, tightly bound too… it’s turning me on. When I was a little, and not so little girl I always dreamed of being tied up and ravished, most of us women do, only some get the experience of doing it. Why do you think I didn’t complain back in the cavern, spread-eagled with ‘Bunny’ Warren doing his stuff, I needed little encouragement, in fact I wanted you to screw me hard again. Bloody loved it. Sorry I sounded a bit worried earlier, just wasn’t expecting it because I thought we were leaving, caught me off guard. But you’ve explained what is going to happen so I’ll be fine till then” 

It was his turn not to laugh as he stared at the reddening face there. “Well well, I never knew that love. I know some women do, and you’re right. You did enjoy it, so did I, wish you’d said and I would have done so. So if you’re OK I’ll just tell him the first part. They can free you when they’re ready, yes? Least if he’s amenable you might get somewhere with a better view, not dumped at the back of the cavern again. But as you did have fun down there maybe…” She grinned, thinking about their session on the bed, nodding eagerly. Happy it was all going to be fine.

He came close and took her into his arms. She looked up; possibly a little scared, pleading with him to promise she’d be kept safe. “Rosie love, I can assure you everything will be taken care of. I’m sorry its come to this. No one will touch or do harm to you, is that OK?” The girl sighed with relief and after a moments pause slowly nodded her head. “Fine, I’ll trust you Charlie, and thanks. I did want to stay, just not like this”

“Now I need to go, pretend it’s the last ever kiss for you honey so let’s make it a bloody good one”. He said, a faint smile now emerging. She thought that sounded daft but didn’t care as their lips met. The couple there for a while as he stroked this stunningly beautiful girl…one last time. His hands roaming everywhere, tracing each curve of her delectable body, hips, ass, even over her breasts. A low growl coming from her throat as he rubbed a nipple hard. She was getting excited so he’d better stop or Mrs Shhh and her mates would get jealous!

Breaking off he helped her sit down again, tidying the folds of that dress till she looked so demure once more. Despite the fact there were two spears within twenty feet that would do her great damage if the girl did the wrong thing. He combed that flowing blonde hair before cradling her face as she looked adoringly up. “Yeah, I feel like worshipping you right now…Goddess of Fertility, dear oh dear…wait till I tell your mates” he chuckled and Rosie smiled as her boss kissed her forehead then started to walk away, back to the cavern and try to get her sorted out. Though she wondered why he’d taken the carrier bag and her sneakers, then realised that she'd hardly want to change out here.

Quietness fell apart from a few birds twittering as she sat there, hardly daring to move, just hoping that Mr Warren would do his stuff. Her shoulders were now starting to ache, why the hell had she said that to him? She could last another few weeks on the island, been here for six already though this fortnight had been…interesting. Her thought process being disturbed half an hour later as the Chief, along with the usual brace of spear-carriers approached. Rosie got to her feet, wishing she’d asked Charlie to take her heels off.

He bowed, she reciprocated as the spear-men did the same, then the chief walked round and touched her wrists, tapping the cord that bound them. Rosie shuddered at how she must look. A beautiful girl helplessly tied up, surrounded by natives and her brain was sending naughty messages to her fanny now. This reverie was abruptly stopped as the Chief spoke to one of the men. The lassie froze as a lot MORE cord was applied to her wrists and tied off. She’d hoped they were freeing her. Now a heart began to beat just that little bit faster. This was definitely not in the plan.

Nothing happened for a few more minutes, her feet starting to complain then the Chief looked at her before addressing his men. Rosie wished Walt were here to translate. But the message seemed to get the spear-carriers into a good mood as they all came round and prostrated themselves, even Mrs Shhh who did her devotion last. Then with a man each side they gently took Rosie by the arms and began leading her towards the cavern. She sighed, slightly struggling in the heels, the fabric of the gown ebbing round her stocking clad legs. Miss Wright pretending she was a pretty maiden being dragged away to her doom, well no imagination, this was reality! Just as well she wore no knickers, or more washing would need to be done sooner than later!

About thirty feet from the cavern the Chief stopped and looked to the track Rosie guessed led up to the only hilltop on this place, past the coconut grove. Had she finished the exploration under her own steam she might have gone all the way herself. So it was a considerable surprise when the boss man began going in that direction. The others all stopped then he looked back, then gestured that they were to follow. Rosie looked at Mrs Shhh, worried at the fact she was dropping back and not coming. In fact the lass was looking as if she was crying, two more ladies arriving and leading her off!

Rosie Wright was concerned and she looked towards the cavern but nothing happened as the women went inside. A further scan to the right and she saw her canoe back at the aircraft. A hand pulling it inside so Timms must have come back without me seeing him, she thought. The party closed in, her arms held by the men and away they went. The quicker he and Mr Warren left, the sooner I get freed to finish the job off then I can go home to relive the experience. .

One that was causing her some pain now as they went along the track. Alright for them barefoot, I’d be OK in sneakers but three-inch stiletto heels. Walter, I’m gonna kill you, she thought for the umpteenth time since her capture by the pygmies as the men helped her over a tree root. She was also starting to get worried. They were some way from the cavern now. Already well past the trees they’d harvested and Rosie’s heart pounded. Just where were they going? 

Two painful hours later they approached what appeared to be the end of the trail. The spear carriers marching alongside a tearful Rosita as she staggered up the track, the long white gown doing it’s best to trip her up as they’d now indicated she was to walk herself rather than being carried anymore. With her wrists tightly bound it’d been a tortuous journey. When she’d started struggling in the heat, almost going over at one point the chief got stroppy and shouted at her.

One man picked her up and slung the lassie clean over his shoulder before setting off again! Now, near the end she was cursing those stupid shoes on her feet, the straps digging into her ankles and the girl was very scared. They emerged onto a plateau just below the peak and she sighed, nearly there. Rosie’s heart suddenly seizing as she saw what awaited her atop the island and she was shocked. The men saw her staring, grabbing her by the arms and kept going forward, pushing on as she tried to resist.

A cage, like the one on the Intrepid, no it WAS the one from the ship! Parked under a huge overhang.

How the hell had anyone got the pygmies to carry THAT up here? It must have weighed tons.

Coming closer she was appalled as Walter Timms emerged from the thing, oil can in one hand with a pair of what appeared to be handcuffs in the other. He smiled as the party came closer, the girl shaking almost uncontrollably now. He came and bowed deeply as the men let go of their struggling captive.

“Your quarters await dear Zita,” he said formally. She stopped dead, the spear-men no longer pushing her, mainly because they’d go over the edge a few feet away.

“Walter, Walt no… what the hell is this? Charlie said they…well they’d be keeping me…on the island until a deal could be thrashed out. He promised I’d be kept safe here,” she wailed, voice going up a full octave. Her eyes widening as the man fingered the cuffs. He just grinned as the shaking girl looked into the cage, her eyes widening as she saw what lay within. A brace of manacle on the floor with a chunky chain leading behind the throne. On the seat itself was a big collar that was connected to the pole. The sight was terrifying as the girl realised it could only be for her.

 “They are, and right here where you’ll be… A comfy bed, throne for you to see your subjects, a lovely view over the island if you looked the right way. What more could a Goddess ask for. I’ve even given you a bucket for the nasty waste products to tip over that edge,” pointing to the fact the cage was barely squeezed under the overhang with enough room to walk round two parts of the outside, just.

Though as she stared at the layout the girl realised the orientation was wrong, the throne was facing inland rather than overlooking the ‘crack’ as he’d said. She wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of knowing this. Just heartbroken at the fact she’d missed all those little alarming phrases both men had used over the last two days. ‘Giving you away, sure you don’t want to stay on, otherwise tied up’ and all the others. The girl trying not to get hysterical realising that Timms and Warren had this in mind, they weren’t going to tell the authorities at all, just steal the treasure and leave her here, thinking she’d have ‘grassed’ on them. 

“Food, water and stuff will be brought oh once a day I’d expect…so make it last dear girlie. I’ve left a large starter pack in the boxes underneath the bed in case they forget or lose interest. Now it’s time to prepare you.” He spoke to the men in that strange language of theirs. They lowered their spears until all six were directed at her. “Walter no…I’ll do anything. Please…don’t do this love. Don’t lock me in here. You know what happened last time” she whispered, the tears flowing much faster now.

She had no option as one point came very close and Rosie began to shake as she stepped into the cage, three of the men following her. The captive looked to see the thick bed of palm fronds and her own camping pillow wedged behind the chair that would provide her only comfort in here. This must have been planned after Mr Warren got here, as soon as he’d seen the stuff from the ship and realised how valuable it was. Somehow they’d planned to loot all the stuff for themselves. Silencing Rosie by doing this, giving her to the islanders in exchange was the only way they’d get away with it! The girl now even cursing herself for dressing up in a frock, this condemning her to a fate…worse than death?

“Turn round, and stand by your throne dear Zita…or else,” came the next instruction. A spear wobbling as she’d paused for a moment too long before Rosie complied. Timms reached behind and the girl jumped badly as she saw that collar coming to enclose her neck. “Come closer, you’re not getting that long a chain” It wasn’t the one from the ship unlike the cage, it looked new and the girl knew the two bastards had planned this all along. Timms must have got this stuff in Borneo yesterday. She obeyed an order to lean to one side, letting her hair fall out of the way. Gasping in pain as he grabbed it one handed, winding it round into a rough ponytail and pulling her head back up. “Walter, Nooo….STOP IT! You’re hurting me,” Rosie yelled, struggling to stay upright.

Shaking as the metal touched the back of her neck. “Here it comes. That’s lovely,” he said, snapping the ends around her throat. She shuddered as the feeling of enclosure was appalling. The size of the thing forced her chin up.  Rosie heard the click as the locks engaged. It was VERY tight and the girl nearly screamed. A twist, a rattle of the key as it was removed, signifying it was secured as he let go of the chain. The weight made Rosie wail, and she almost fell backwards, as the weight was considerable. He went to the side then put the key by the door. At least he didn’t toss it straight over the cliff, she thought sadly.

Now she couldn’t run the men backed off. Walter Timms told her to turn and bend down so he could show her what was next and again these were new. Heavy steel shackles for her ankles. Rosie saw with a chain, seeing it was attached to the post behind the chair. She’d have barely enough length to shuffle from the throne, round to the bed or reach the bucket, and that was all. The girl straightened, unwilling to watch as each was closed round her legs. The traitor taking time for a crafty rub once they’d been locked on. Because there was barely a four-inch chain between the manacles she could not kick him as his hands went up to the top, pressing her ‘button’ as she tried not to squeal.

“Hmmm…. No knickers on your big day? Shocking, but petticoats and silk stockings, our naughty girl loves those, does she not? Must be why you’re so wet up there. Look after them, they’d better not get damaged or you’ll be severely punished.” As if this predicament could get any worse as he continued massaging her clit! Her legs began to shake, buckling as the feelings grew. But just before the orgasm erupted he stopped and withdrew, the girl groaning with frustration despite her circumstances. “You are a bloody bastard, I wanted you to finish it” she growled as he grinned at her loss of control.

He showed her the shiny bracelets that were to permanently bind her wrists and again she shuddered. Nearly an inch thick like the leg manacles and the collar, she guessed, but worse as there was only two links between them. Her hands would almost be together as if praying. Doing simple things, eating, drinking, especially trying to lift her dress and use the bucket would be nigh on impossible. “Please, give me more chain on those cuffs, I cannot do anything like that” she wept, trying to explain what she needed her hands for.

But he ignored her. “I’m going to free your wrists Zita, but if you fight or struggle, I’ll give you three options. Lock your hands BEHIND your back, you know how bad that felt last time. Or put a nice belt round your waist, attaching the cuffs to this,” pulling a d’ ring out of his pocket. He reached into the box and took out the thick steel belt and the girl’s eyes widened, it seemed far too small to fit round her waist. He unlocked it then slid both halves around, telling her to breathe in. She complied but gasped as the two ends met. “Bloody hell it’s far too tight!” she wheezed as he locked it and took the key out, fitting the little d’ ring to the front and attached the cuffs to this. Pulling them up, though Rosita could only swivel her eyes downward to barely see them.

“You might be able to reach your mouth if these have your wrists inside. If not then you’ll really be in a pickle eh? Or you have them as they are. Don’t forget yesterday you asked for ‘bracelets for these’ look Rosie, they will fit,” he grinned as she glared back. “The ‘something for my neck’ is the collar. I picked it well, nicely shows off the bracelets. I’ve even got, what was it, oh yes. ‘Container to keep everything safe’” Gesturing to the cage that surrounded her, “Well you got that missy, and you will be. Safely… locked…inside,” and the sobbing grew louder until he snapped, telling her to shut up or behind her back it was going to be.

Another too long pause so he took the cuffs off the d’ ring and went behind her, clicking one over her left wrist, locking it then trying to get the other secured as well without freeing the cord. “No…no… NO,” she shrieked, twisting away to try stopping him, bending forward till the collar dragged her back with a jerk. “Please do it round the front… PLEASE!” Rosie wailed. 

She begged him repeatedly not that option then sighed for a minute, as the cord was undone. But he held her arms then grinned and locked the other behind anyway and Rosita nearly lost it, as the feeling was simply horrible. The girl stamped her feet, pleading for anything, then breaking into sobs when he unlocked both wrists and she rubbed to relieve the pain. He waited till she’d finished then ordered her to hold her arms out straight. “Choose what you want. Round the back again, attached to the belt, or these” he grinned, then twisted the knife a little further once she’d pointed to the cuffs to be in front. “Now because you were naughty, you have to ask me to secure your wrists…for ever!”

For a moment the girl paused then her eyes blurred and she closed both, not wanting to see that look of triumph in his. “I’m waiting Zita. You HAVE to ask” and she trembled, unable to condemn herself. “Please…put my wrists in those cuffs again,” Rosie said at last. “And…what then?” he replied.

“Please lock them…for…ever” she whispered, the tears started silently.

“Good, you made the right decision” he crowed. The lassie jumping badly as the metal touched each wrist, more clicking and keys being taken out. Rosie tried tugging, hopelessly tight again and so heavy, at least two pounds as he let go. She linked her fingers together, the only move possible then rested them in front of her midriff.

Timms came close, putting both hands on her waist, then spent a few moments running his hands all over her. “Stop it, or else” she whispered but again was ignored, him grinning, an eyebrow going up as he questioned what she’d do about it. He found out soon enough as both her hands grabbed his shorts, fingers undoing the zip and reaching for his cock, planning to rake her nails… “Don’t you dare missy, or I’ll let the men in…” he snapped and that scared Rosie enough to stop her resistance, she tearfully apologised. He said it wasn’t sincere enough so put the d’ ring on the belt then attached the cuffs to it. Rosie tried raising her hands, fingers not even getting past her breasts. Timms smiled at her look of horror at the fact she’d not be able to eat or drink like that. “Hmmm, if you behave over the next few minutes I’ll free them, understand?” and she nodded.

Finally he said it was time to sit, pushing and supporting the girl as she went down, a sigh as the weight came off her feet. Leaning back so her spine was flat to the rear she realised that the chain for her collar must be resting on something, probably the bed as most of the strain had gone.

“Good girl, all locked in and safe, I bet you’re getting even wetter aren’t we?” he whispered mockingly as she sat, now secured by neck, wrist and ankles. He reached down into a bag and to her amazement lifted out the missing faux tiara and veils. “All pretty girls want to look their best on the biggest day of their lives’ don’t they?” he joked, briefly pausing to comb out her hair like Charlie had done. Then he placed the bejewelled band on her head, weaving the blonde locks to hold it in place. Then he’d nodded with approval. “Lovely, I’d want to marry you.” The veils were attached but left up at the moment as he smartened her dress, brushing off the debris that had snagged when she’d been walking up.

“To prove I’m so generous, I’ll even give you a wedding ring, courtesy of the Royal Navy” he said, producing a simple gold band and slipping it onto the right finger. Earrings and a pendant necklace, also looted were applied. “There, Zita is nearly finished, farewell my dear,” he said, the girl managing not to flinch as he leaned in and gave her a quick peck on the forehead, stroking her cheeks. Just to rub it in he crouched down and stared into her eyes. “Want a proper snog? You know I’m going to be the last human to ever do this, Charlie did say nobody would touch you and he was right. Once the door is…locked, that’s it honey” and he puckered up. She shook her head but when their lips met Rosie responded! Finally he broke off, let go of her face, wiped the tears away and reached up.

“It’s time to complete the look of what you’ve always wanted to be. A pretty girl in a pretty gown…in a…cage. Oops, something sounds wrong doesn’t it?” he whispered. Rosie stared, misty eyed as the first was brought down. Like on the ship, everything faded into an opaque cloud as he counted up to three, lowering each with a smirk. What a shame she wasn’t able to enjoy the sensation now, as she had back then. He tidied them up and said she was almost ready.

“Walter, please don’t do this” she said over and over again. “Why, I never did anything to you. There’s enough treasure for you both. I told you I didn’t want anything. So why…” she wept quietly as he did nothing but work on, making sure she was perfect, even moving her feet so they were together. Having realised he was ignoring her Rosie quietened down, waiting for the last dreadful act of betrayal. The girl didn’t speak when he removed the d’ ring from her cuffs, saying he needed it for something else.

She stared straight ahead, appalled as Walter vanished from view to her left. He must be standing there looking at me, she thought, listening as the only keys to her collar and all the manacles rattled in his hand as he was obviously doing something to them. She jumped as the door slammed shut. “Now hear this Zita” Then turned the key, loud clicking of the lock echoing under the overhang. Chains sounded like they were being wrapped around the frame. Top middle and bottom she saw, turning her head and looking down as he affixed the last one, the massive padlocks being secured. Rosie tried to make sure she didn’t cry any more and faced the front again.

The last and by far the worst was to end this torment as Timms and the men grabbed the bars and the entire cage began to move. She screamed, thinking they were tossing it over the edge! Gradually it was rotated through ninety degrees then they let go, so she now would have had that great view after all. Except for the fluttering silky layers in front of her widening eyes as she wondered why they’d…

OH GOD NO! She screamed silently… Rosie’s heart shattering at what they’d just done, realising that the locked door, her only method of getting out…

Was now facing the rocky face and could NEVER be opened again!

Timms had planned this all along and Miss Wright began to sob at the hopelessness of her situation. He and the others came round so she could see them. “That’s very good, Zita, the natives have a Goddess back on top of their world. Charlie Warren and myself have the…well you can guess but it starts with T and ends in …sure, his sister Charlotte has your flat. I’ll probably come and visit every month. We’ll  leave a wind chime to remind you of us” and he bowed deeply, all the pygmies doing the same before they faded from vision, though not just because of the veils. She was crying too much to see anything as the footsteps receded before the shock caused her to pass out cold.

The breeze got up, a faint tinkling from the wind chime waking the girl and Rosie looked to see where it was positioned and made from what. Wishing she hadn’t, realising it was the keys for her restraints, the three big padlocks and probably the cage door as well, hanging from the d’ ring, right where she’d be able to see, but naturally beyond reach. Even if she’d been able to stretch one leg up, the short ankle chain from behind the chair plus the collar prevented her from getting within feet of the bars. He’d measured this perfectly to prevent any escape. “Nooo…please God nooo…” Rosie choked, realising how cruel life was going to be from now on.

As the sky darkened, the engine noise from the Albatross’ flypasts having faded thirty minutes ago a tiny bird arrived with a whirr of wings, making her jump as it landed. Sitting on the bars of Rosie’s cage staring at the shrouded thing inside, examining it. Miss Wright looked back through the layers of her veil, too devastated to lift it away and sort herself out. The green and gold creature peering down at this strange sight. What a marvellous plumage, she thought, and not one I’d seen so far on the trip. It might be a new species, maybe to be named after me perhaps? Not that she’d find out. That thought causing the tears to come back as the girl tried again to part her wrists then stopped with a sigh.

Words suddenly came from nowhere, her late father’s voice’ when he’d talked about wildlife. The girl staring now as it flew down to her knees then began a lovely song, performing this then hopping up on to her fingers, wings twitching slightly as Rosie slowly raised her shackled hands to examine it closely.

‘If you keep a bird locked in a cage, look after it love. Make sure it’s got company’ he’d said wisely.

“ Hello little…Zita bird…” Rosie sobbed quietly, as the tune grew in intensity again,

“…You coming to look after me?”



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