Ever Increasing Bondage 2

by Steve Spandex

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© Copyright 2015 - Steve Spandex - Used by permission

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Part 2

Lauren stopped and looked up at the old house with some trepidation. It was more than six months since she’d last been here, but the memories of what had occurred over those two days were etched indelibly into her mind, and would forever remain so. The house and surrounding grounds were almost exactly as Lauren remembered them, except that now the first green buds and shoots of spring had been replaced with the russet brown, red and yellow hues of autumn. The setting was peaceful and remote; idyllic in fact. But for the twenty year old female making her way up the long driveway, the sight of this rambling building, with its uneven tiles, crooked chimneys and ivy-clad brickwork, held mixed emotions. For it was here that her friends – the twins Jasmine and Jade – had subjected her to an ordeal that, she had assumed at the time, was to read as the final chapter to her short life on earth.

The events of that day came flooding back to her now as she approached the ramshackle house. The discovery that the twins were into tying each other up in ever more severe states of bondage; the fact that they’d offered to tie her up – and that she’d consented to this; the fact that she’d agreed to the rules of the game they called their ‘Escape Challenge’, whereby, if she hadn’t released herself from her bonds within the hour, they could tie up tighter; the fact that she was aware from the beginning that this process would be repeated hour after hour, until she had no chance of moving a muscle, let alone escaping, yet had still gone along with their scheme. But what had started as a game – just a bit of fun between friends – had spiralled completely out of control until, seven hours after her wrists and ankles had first been loosely tied, Lauren had found her limbs bound securely with rope and her mouth gagged and sealed with tape, before her entire body had been encased in tights, cocooned in tape and sheathed in a compressing body bag, after which straps and a collar had been applied to her helpless form.

But it wasn’t these restraints that had caused her the greatest anxiety. Nor was it the solid wooden coffin that Jasmine and Jade had then imprisoned her in that would register as the cause of the worst of her grief. No, the single event that had made her fear that her death was imminent, was the fact that the twins had then gone out into the spring sunshine, dug a hole in the ground, placed the coffin – and its human captive – into the makeshift grave and shovelled the soil back on top. The fact that they’d attached a breathing tube had been scant consolation to a terrified damsel-in-distress who thought her final hours had arrive; especially when they’d informed her that they were leaving her there overnight.

For what had seemed like a geological age, Lauren had languished in this claustrophobic hell; her status as the most completely and utterly trapped woman on the planet going unchallenged. The twins had finally dug her up and released her from her bonds of course, but only after nearly twenty four hours of interment. When she had left the house that day – traumatised but relieved to be alive – she had vowed never to return, or ever again make contact with the evil duo that she had once considered as her best friends.


For several minutes, Lauren hesitated. Should she continue up the driveway towards the house that had been the scene of this emotionally scarring series of events? Or should she turn on her heels, make her way back to the road and catch the next bus back into town? She glanced at the sky, heavily laden with dark storm clouds which presaged rain in the not too distant future. She had no umbrella with her and the jacket she wore would offer little protection if she had to stand out in a deluge for any length of time. The buses only ran infrequently – one every two hours or so at the weekends – so the chances were that she would have a fairly long wait until the next came along. But it wasn’t only the thought of standing out in the cold and being drenched and chilled to the bone that swayed her decision to continue on her original path towards the twins’ home.

For despite the ordeal that she’d suffered that day earlier in the year, the shiver that convulsed her every time she remembered these events was only partially attributable to fear and dread. For hadn’t she, when the notion of being tied up had first been mooted, experienced a surge of anticipation coursing through her veins? Didn’t she also, having willingly submitted to the wrist and ankle ropes that Jasmine and Jade had bound her with for her initial excursion into the world of bondage, find great delight in this new found feeling of helplessness that now engulfed her? And hadn’t she, once the first hour was up, found herself desperately desiring the application of still tighter bondage, together with the gagging process that accompanied it?

And then there was the climax – quite literally – as she’d worked herself up into a frenzy during that second hour, and experienced something truly earth-moving. So much so that, when the twins had once more appeared and used pairs of tights to encase her and further stifle any bid she might make to get away, there had been no opposition or protest from the now helpless young captive. Try as she might to deny it, Lauren knew from that moment on that she was hooked on this thing called ‘bondage’.

After a few days spent getting over the trauma of being buried alive, Lauren had begun making tentative attempts to recreate some of those feelings that had so enraptured her during the first hours of her captivity. In the safety of her own home, she’d commenced practicing something that she now knew to be called ‘self bondage’, in an effort to replicate those memorable sensations. Up to a point she had been successful, but without reaching the heights experienced at Jasmine and Jade’s hands, and she realised very quickly that tying yourself up - with the knowledge that you had to leave the way open to escaping at some point - just wasn’t the same as being kept bound and helpless by someone else and not knowing when –or if – you were going to be set free. If she wanted an action replay of the thrill she had experienced that day, it had become apparent to her, then she would have to find a third party or parties to tie her up. And the only people that she knew who were in any way qualified to do such things were the twins.

The emailed conversation she’d instigated with Jade only a week ago had begun awkwardly. It soon became clear, however, that both Jade and her sister were full of remorse for the ordeal that they’d put their friend through.

“You’d been so contented in those first few hours” Jade had written “that we assumed that you didn’t mind the additional bonds that we kept burdening you with. Even when you started begging to be released, we assumed you were only play-acting. And then we got completely carried away and shut you in the coffin and buried you. We thought that, as you’d willingly agreed to being bound in the first place, you’d be quite happy being entombed all night. But we misread your mood completely, and we’re both extremely sorry for the terrifying experience we put you through. You’re our best friend and we miss you. I know you’re curious about bondage, so come over to our house next weekend, when our parents are away again, and we’ll show you what fun it can be. No burial this time, we promise.”

Lauren had baulked at the idea for a few seconds, but had soon given in and agreed to meet up with her estranged friends again. Jade had been correct of course; her appetite for bondage had been whetted, and the thought of getting back into the ropes was more than a little enticing. And as it seemed that the twins had now learnt their lesson about taking things too far, any misgivings she might have entertained about returning to the house were overridden by the desire to once more experience that delicious sensation of complete captivity.


Shunning any lasting doubts from her mind, Lauren strode up to the front door of the house and rang the bell. Within seconds, the heavy door began to creak open to reveal the smiling Jasmine standing there; the long black hair that cascaded around her shoulders in sharp contrast to her pale blue eyes (which was the only way Lauren could tell the pair apart; Jade’s eyes being a deep green colour). She was dressed in a skin-tight black cat-suit with plunging neckline that highlighted the slender body, perfect figure and long legs that most men found irresistible. Apart from the shiny spandex suit, her only other attire was a wide black leather belt that cinched her waist, and high heeled leather boots that came up to just below her knees. She ushered Lauren inside.

“It’s so good to see you again, Lauren. I’m sure Jade explained in her email just how sorry we are now about leaving you in such dire straits for that prolonged period of time. Come through to the kitchen and I’ll make us a cup of tea.”

Jasmine led the way into the kitchen. Lauren half expected to see the coffin lying open, just as it had been the last time she had been here, but the floor was bare, with nothing to remind her of her last view of this room. The whole house seemed silent, and of Jade there was no sign.

Having made tea, the two young women sat down at the kitchen table and exchanged small talk for a while. As they sat there, the bizarre nature of the situation suddenly hit Lauren. She was desperate to be tied up and rendered helpless, yet here they were - the would-be prisoner and her potential captor -sipping tea and gossiping. It was an almost surreal and very English scenario. After a few minutes, however, Lauren could contain her curiosity about the whereabouts of Jasmine’s identical twin no longer.

“Where’s Jade?” she asked as casually as she could.

“Oh, she’s umm - what shall we say – a bit tied up at the moment.”

Lauren knew straight away that this was no figure of speech, and she felt a shiver of excitement rush through her. And her host seemed to recognise this.

“Finish your tea” Jasmine continued “and I’ll take you to see her.”

Lauren followed Jasmine through the rambling house with its creaking floorboards, rickety staircases and meandering corridors, until they came to the entrance to the cellar. Unlocking the heavy wooden door, Jasmine switched on the light and led the way down the stone steps to the windowless subterranean chamber. The single, low-watt light bulb was dim and totally inadequate for the large cellar, and with so much old furniture and junk lying around, the light failed to illuminate the many dark nooks and crannies, leaving whole areas in impenetrable shadow. For several seconds, as her eyes adjusted to the twilight, Lauren could see only packing cases, an old rocking horse and other debris strewn across the floor. But then, out of the corner of her eye, she seemed to sense movement. On closer inspection, she noticed, in one of the darkest recesses of the room, a mattress lying on the ground. And on this she could just make out a dark human-shaped form - now motionless - that seemed to be lying there. Had her eyes been playing tricks on her? No, the form shifted its position again, this time accompanied by a low, almost inaudible sigh.

Even before Jasmine had flicked a switch to turn on a conveniently positioned spotlight, Lauren knew, as she took a few tentative steps forward, that this bundle in the corner must be Jade. She was lying on her side facing the wall, attired in what appeared to be an identical cat-suit and belt to that worn by her twin. The only difference was that Jade wore no boots or shoes; her mesh covered feet betraying the fact that she was wearing a pair of black tights beneath the clinging suit. But it wasn’t her clothing that really caught Lauren’s attention, but the fact that Jade’s prone form had been tied up with a plethora of ropes. From the view that Lauren had of her raven-haired friend, she could see that her wrists were bound together extremely tightly. Further up her arms, her elbows had been forced so closely together that they almost touched, before being roped and cinched with similar severity. Her legs, too, had been subjected to a tight binding regime in several places from her thighs to her ankles.

With the turning on of the spotlight, Jade awkwardly rolled over onto her back; her green eyes reflecting back cat-like in the intense glare. If the white rope and black cat-suit contrasted sharply with each other, then the grey duct tape that covered her mouth and much of her lower face seemed to be a compromise midway between the two. And when Jade attempted to speak, it became instantly apparent from the muffled sounds that Lauren took to be some sort of greeting, that the tape was not acting as the gag itself, but was merely a preventative measure to stop her spitting out some other stuffing that had been forced into the cavity behind her teeth.

None of this was a shock to Lauren of course, as she’d been made aware of the twins’ bondage games on her previous visit here. But seeing her friend now in all her bound up glory mesmerised her. It took a second or two to realise it, but then it dawned on her. She was envious of Jade, and all she wanted right at this moment was to be tied up, gagged and left to struggle helplessly.

“Well Lauren, it’s been more than an hour since I bound Jade up and she hasn’t managed to escape, so I think it’s time to make her a bit more secure.”

Jasmine’s announcement woke Lauren from her daydream. This wasn’t what she wanted to hear. She’d come here because she wanted to be the victim of the twins’ bondage schemes, not to watch someone else having all the fun. The disappointment that registered on her face must have been evident to Jasmine.

“Don’t worry Lauren. As soon as we’ve made Jade all snug and secure, we’ll get around to putting you into something nice and tight. Now help me stand her up so I can wrap this film around her.”

Jasmine lifted her sister up into a standing position and, while Lauren held her shoulders to ensure she didn’t fall, produced a roll of catering industry grade cling-film from a large trunk situated close at hand. Starting at Jade’s ankles, she began to wrap her in the thin but durable translucent film; completing several circuits of her lower legs, then gradually working upwards over her knees, thighs, buttocks and hips, smoothing out any wrinkles or kinks as she went along. Reaching Jade’s bound hands, Jasmine incorporated these within the encircling process, before continuing up passed her waist, over her breasts and finally reaching her shoulders. By the time Jasmine had ripped the end from the now depleted reel, every inch of Jade’s body, from ankles to neck, was completely cocooned in at least five or six layers of film. But Jasmine wasn’t yet finished. Taking a spool of the same grey duct tape that sealed Jade’s lips, she wound this around her sibling‘s helpless form at several strategic points – ankles, knees, thighs, waist and chest – to ensure that the cling-film remained in place. The mummification process having been completed to Jasmine’s satisfaction, she gently lowered her sister back onto the mattress.

“Okay Lauren, now it’s your turn.”

These words set Lauren’s heart fluttering. She’d watched in awe as Jasmine totally incapacitated her sister with such expertise, all the while wishing that it was herself and not Jade that was being immobilised. As Jasmine pulled a length of rope out of the trunk, she needed no coercion to turn away from her would-be captor and place her hands together behind her back. She marvelled at the short length of time it took from the rope first circling her wrists to the final knot being secured; no more than thirty seconds or so. Yet in that time the rope had been wound around several times, then cinched and secured so that, when she tried to pull her hands apart, she found her wrists inescapably trapped, with the knot well out of reach of her stretching fingers. The binding of her elbows, ankles and knees followed in quick succession. It was then that it suddenly dawned on Lauren that she was being bound in the same manner as Jade had been prior to the application of the cling-film. And the theme continued when Jasmine produced an already rolled up pair of tights from the trunk and pushed these between Lauren’s willing lips; the winding of several circuits of tape around her face and head completing the sealing of her mouth. Easing her latest work of bondage art onto the mattress beside her earlier creation, Jasmine prepared to leave the cellar.

“There you go Lauren. I know you were aching to be tied up, so hopefully this meets your expectations. Jade is an hour ahead of you, but knowing how good she is at escaping, I would still put money on her getting free before you.”

She turned off the spotlight, plunging the bound pair into semi-darkness.

“Anyway, I’ll be back in an hour to see how you’re getting on. If you’re not out by then, I’ll have to think of something else to put you in. That applies to both of you, of course. I do so hope you don’t succeed in escaping.”

Jasmine climbed the stone stairs and exited the cellar; the sound of the key turning in the lock informing Lauren that she’d locked them in. The dim overhead light remained on, however.


Almost immediately, Jade began to struggle. Lauren could only watch in fascination as her fellow prisoner tossed and turned in her tight cocoon. She wriggled and writhed in what Lauren could only think was a hopeless struggle to get loose. After all, Jade was in a far worse - or better, depending on your point of view - state than she was, and Lauren had deduced from the moment that they’d been secured, that her own bonds were unbreakable. Jade, however, seemed keen to prove this prognosis inaccurate. After stretching and struggling for around twenty minutes or so, accompanied by much frustrated grunting and “mmphing”, she rolled over onto her stomach and, to Lauren’s complete amazement, she suddenly noticed her partner-in-bondage’s fingers sticking out through the cling-film. Seconds later, Jade had managed to push both hands out and, although they were still bound together, she began working on the rope that held her wrists in check. Several more minutes elapsed, during which she seemed to twist and contort her shoulders and body into every possible – and even some seemingly impossible – positions. And slowly but surely, Lauren watched entranced as Jade released her wrists from the rope and began clawing at the layers of tape and film that encased her.

Getting her elbows free proved the toughest trial that Jade had to face. But after another quarter of an hour or more of wrenching and pulling, this rope too finally loosened. From then on, it was a relatively simply, although somewhat time consuming task to unpeel the tape and unravel the cling-film from her torso and legs. Finally free from all her encumbrances, Jade gingerly peeled the tape from her face and removed the rolled up tights from her mouth.

“You see, Lauren, it’s easy to get out when you know how. If I’d wanted to, I could have escaped easily enough before you arrived. But we decided that you might like to see how it was done for yourself. But, as you haven’t been struggling at all, I guess you’re not really into escaping, are you?”

Lauren tried to comment on Jade’s remarkable flexibility and escapological skills, but the words that forced their way through her gag came out as meaningless sounds.

“Anyway,” Jade continued “it shouldn’t be too long now until Jasmine returns. Then we’ll bind you up a bit tighter and leave you to your own devices for an hour or two. I know that’s what you came here for.”


As if on cue, the sound of the key in the lock preceded the opening of the heavy cellar door and the reappearance of Jasmine. She showed no surprise at the fact that her sister was now free. As with many sets of twins, the pair didn’t seem to need dialogue to convey their thoughts as they set to work on supplementing Lauren’s bonds, but appeared to communicate on a telepathic level... either that or they’d already discussed in advance the plans they had for their captive.

Lauren was expecting that, as she’d been tied in almost identical fashion to Jade, that she was now to be treated to the same wrapping process too. This proved not to be the case, however. Instead, from the trunk, Jade retrieved an item fashioned from black leather with laces and straps attached to it, the likes of which Lauren had never encountered before. Seeing the bemused look on Lauren’s face, Jasmine set about enlightening her friend.

“This is an arm binder, or single sleeve mitten. Once we get you all strapped up in this, your chances of escaping will decrease dramatically.”

To prove the point, Jasmine held Lauren’s arms, whilst her sister guided them into the leather mitten. With her hands pushed into the sealed tunnel as far as they would go, the twins began to tighten the laces, so that Lauren’s already bound arms were now tightly packed from fingers to shoulders into the constricting soft leather tube. Once the laces were tied off, the attached straps were wrapped around Lauren’s shoulders and buckled to ensure that sliding her arms out of the sleeve was no longer a viable method of escape. More straps were then added around her chest and waist, to pin the ever more helpless young woman’s arms to her body. With the arm binder secured, Jasmine and Jade prepared to leave. However, at the last moment Jade seemed to have an afterthought.

“Hang on a minute Jas, we’re being very thoughtless here. If Lauren’s going to stay trussed up here for several hours, the least we can do is give her something to occupy her time.”

She retrieved a length of rope from the trunk and began uncoiling it.

“You’re right Jade, but first we’ll need to get rid of this.”

With their victim lying on her back, Jasmine grabbed hold of Lauren’s tight mini skirt whilst Jade lifted her legs away from the floor. Then Jasmine proceeded to unfasten the zip, pull the skirt down her legs and discard it in a bundle on the floor; leaving Lauren’s pert buttocks and slender thighs exposed, albeit still sheathed in sheer black tights. Immediately the offending item of clothing had been removed, Jade pulled Lauren up into a sitting position, grabbed her encased arms and attached the rope to the lowest of the straps. The thing that made Lauren squeal with surprise, however, was the sensation of Jade’s hands threading both ends of the rope between her thighs, and Jasmine plunging her hand into the gap to retrieve them. Grasping the rope, Jasmine pulled it as taut as she could, brought the ends up to the strap around Lauren’s waist and tied them off tightly. Easing Lauren back down onto the mattress, the twins bade her farewell.

“See you in an hour Lauren. I’m sure you’ll have plenty of fun experimenting with that crotch rope.”

The twins mounted the stairs and locked Lauren in the cellar. This time, however, the light was extinguished prior to the closing of the door; plunging the helpless young female into a world of darkness.


Having already been in a state of high anticipation, the fixing of the crotch rope was enough to up Lauren’s excitement levels to extreme heights. One quick pull on the taut cord was enough to cause a warm, wet feeling between her legs. Pulling harder caused further jolts of pleasure to surge through her, the intensity of which she hadn’t experienced since her last visit here. Slowly at first, then getting progressively faster, she began rhythmically pulling the rope as far into herself as possible; arching her back as her whole body began to jerk violently up and down. Groaning with pleasure into her gag, she worked up to a state of rapture. Then suddenly, an internal Vesuvius seemed to erupt within her, sending what felt like molten magma surging through every vein and muscle of her entire being, igniting every nerve with a jolt of electricity. For a few minutes she writhed in a state of pure ecstasy, as shockwave after shockwave pulsed through her.

All too soon, however, the fire burnt itself out and she collapsed back into the mattress, exhausted but fulfilled. She rested for a while – the passing of time not registering in her tired but elated state of mind. Very little sound permeated the confines of the cellar, and Lauren found the silence, coupled with the complete blackness, both comforting and disconcerting at the same time. After what must have been half an hour, she began exploring the efficiency of her bonds again and, to her great delight, found herself becoming aroused once more. But nothing could beat the ecstatic sensations of that first orgasm, could it?

Within a few seconds she’d answered this question in the affirmative, as another climax of equal intensity coursed through her. At that very moment, she wouldn’t have cared whether the twins did plan to bury her again. Just as long as that crotch rope was left in place, they could keep adding all the bonds they wanted and do just about anything they liked with her.


By the time Jasmine and Jade re-entered the cellar, Lauren was lying in an exhausted but calm and tranquil state of semi-slumber.

“Well Lauren, did you have a good time while we were gone?”

“Looks like she did Jade. See how damp the crotch rope is.”

Lauren felt her face flush. She hadn’t realised that the wet patch had seeped through her panties and tights, and was obviously visible to anyone observing her.

“Anyway, Lauren, as you witnessed earlier, Jade’s new party trick is to escape from beneath several layers of cling-film. As you seemed quite fascinated with watching her get out, we thought that perhaps you’d like to experience firsthand what it feels like to be wrapped up like that.”

Whilst Jasmine spoke, Jade retrieved a new roll of film from the trunk. Then with Jasmine lifting Lauren to her feet and holding her upright, Jade began the task of dishing out the same treatment that only two hours ago she had been the recipient of.

The film proved to constrict around her body much tighter than Lauren had expected it would, leaving virtually no leeway whatsoever to move her arms. And the circuits of grey duct tape that the twins then applied to prevent the loose ends of the film from coming unstuck simply added to this sensation of compression. Luckily, one tentative pull on the crotch rope was enough to inform Lauren that she would still be capable of pleasuring herself in the hours to come.

With their task completed, the twins once more prepared to leave; suggesting as they went that , in contrast to Jade’s earlier Houdini impersonation, Lauren would be fortunate indeed if she were able to overcoming the increasing trials and obstacles being set for her. Lauren couldn’t have cared less, as there were, of course, two factors they weren’t taking into account when they made this claim:

Firstly that, unlike Jade, Lauren had the added burden of the arm-binder to contend with.

Secondly – and far more importantly - that at that very moment, Lauren had no desire whatsoever to fight for her freedom; finding the lure of what she could achieve with the crotch rope enticement enough to remain bound for the foreseeable future.

With the twins now gone once more, Lauren tried to roll over onto her side, in order to alleviate the discomfort caused by lying on her back for long periods with her arms trapped beneath her. Although the last time she’d been here she’d been encased in several pairs of tights then taped from head to toe, the cling-film wrap that she was now experiencing seemed much more constraining and movement inhibiting. Rolling over onto her stomach should have been a seemingly simply manoeuvre, but without the use of her limbs, took several attempts to achieve. Having her mouth sealed and having to breathe through her nose also made any change of position an exhausting operation in itself, and this, when added to the energy expended on her two recent romps of pleasure, all conspired to send her into a deep, untroubled sleep.


The next thing Lauren knew, she was being woken by the sound of the cellar door opening. As soon as she’d regained full consciousness and her eyes had adapted to the light, the images of the twins came into focus, standing over her in their tight black spandex outfits. It took Lauren a few seconds to realise that Jade was carrying something draped over her arm, but once this item had registered in her brain, she experienced a sense of déjà vu. For this was, she knew instantly, the same darlex sleep-sack that she’d been sheathed in on her last visit here. The sensation of being eased into the stretch material, the swishing sound that it made as it glided over her tights and gradually made its way over her knees, thighs and hips, and the way it clung and moulded to the shape of her helpless form once zipped up, were all familiar memories that came flooding back to her as she slowly disappeared into the tightly fitting body-bag. With the insertion of her head into the sack, the indescribably unique smell of the darlex provided another sensory reminder of her previous experience of this garment. But as her olfactory nerve was being treated to this not unpleasant aroma, the functioning of another of her sensory organs was being severely diminished.

The darlex that covered her face and head, which was then zipped up to form a second skin, plunged Lauren into a world of almost complete blackness. As she had found out previously, darlex was breathable, but the density of the knit ensured that her vision was impaired to the point whereby she could just make out the distinction between light and dark, but no other detail of her surroundings could be discerned. The extinguishing of the overhead light, therefore, made very little difference inside the walls of her newly formed cocoon. The cellar door being shut and locked also had a more distant sound to it now. But the newly acquired deprivation of her senses caused Lauren no great concern. The sheath was tight and restrictive, but at the same time comforting. The whole purpose of darlex was to keep the wearer warm in a cold environment and cool in the heat, which, in the damp, unheated cellar - even taking the stifling cling-film into account - ensured that Lauren’s body temperature remained at bearable levels.


Lauren spent the next hour dozing and luxuriating in her layered bondage. All sorts of fantasies ran through her head, and any thoughts of being released from her captivity were seen as unwelcome intrusions and were swiftly banished from her mind. The next visit from the twins was short and sweet, and followed a pattern familiar from Lauren’s last visit - several months ago now, but still so vivid in her memory. The application of tight straps around her ankles, knees, thighs, waist and chest all added to the feeling of helplessness that Lauren found so wonderfully appealing. And the icing on the cake was the collar around her neck that pulled the sleep-sack ever tighter around her throat and somehow seemed to convey the feeling of total submission; as if this was the final affront to her liberty, the bond that finally proved that she was past the point of no return.

With the exit of the twins again, Lauren decided that it was time to once more enjoy herself. Although her hands were severely restrained within rope, mitten, cling-film and body-bag, she found to her delight that working the crotch rope was still a relatively easy task to perform. If anything, her climax this time around proved to be even more intense and inspiring than her earlier triumphs, from which she concluded that more restraints equated to heightened levels of pleasure.

But there was one small nagging concern on the horizon now, which, as she lay exhausted on the mattress in the wake of this latest orgasm, she couldn’t seem to push from her mind. Much as she was enjoying her bondage, and had no desire to be released any time in the near future, Jade and Jasmine’s actions on the previous two visits had followed a familiar – or maybe even sinister - sequence. For on her last visit here, hadn’t the application of the sleep-sack, followed by the straps and collar, been the precursor to her being shut into the claustrophobic coffin, which in turn had led to her burial? Okay, so she’d received independent reassurances from both twins that she wasn’t going to be interred underground again – in Jade’s email and verbally from Jasmine – but could she trust them to keep their word? Although she wanted to believe them, the doubt gnawed at her and simply wouldn’t go away.

But it would soon become apparent that being buried in the ground was to be the least of her concerns.


At first, the door to the cellar being unlocked and opened, followed by the sound of footsteps descending the stone stairs, seemed to follow the routine of the previous few hours, although Lauren sensed that only one of the twins seemed to be present on this occasion. She had no idea why this might be, unless one of them had tied the other one up somewhere else in the house, which, knowing the twins’ propensity for such antics, was a distinct possibility. However, when the zip of the body-bag was opened an inch or two to uncover her eyes, Lauren found, as she blinked and tried to focus in the light, a total stranger standing over her.

For several seconds Lauren was frozen with surprise. If her lips hadn’t been sealed, she would have gazed open mouthed at the unexpected female visitor who stood astride her now, arms akimbo. She wore knee-high clinging boots of shining leather with six inch heels, and was dressed from head to toe in a skin-tight black cat-suit. Unlike the twins’ attire, however, the newcomer’s outfit was fashioned from latex. But what struck Lauren most of all was the clinging hood – also of black latex – that almost completely covered her face and head. Almost, that is, aside from openings for her eyes, nose and mouth. There must also have been an aperture at the rear of her head, for from this area sprang a ponytail of long blonde hair. The woman’s lips were coated in a deep red gloss, and her eyes were dark brown pools, with a penetrating stare that met and returned Lauren’s own. She was smiling, but it wasn’t a particularly friendly smile; more of an evil “I’ve got you where I want you and there’s nothing you can do about it” smirk. Finally, after what seemed like several minutes, she spoke.

“Well, I see now that those two bitches weren’t lying. They really do have a cute little thing bound, gagged and packaged down here, all ready to be shipped out. It’s time we took a little trip, just you and I honey.”

The woman knelt down and quickly zipped the darlex back over Lauren’s eyes.

Lauren screamed. She had no idea whether this was all part of some joke on Jasmine and Jade’s part, or whether something more sinister was afoot, but she wasn’t particularly happy with this turn of events. And then, when she found herself suddenly being lifted up and carried across the cellar floor towards the stairs, she found herself becoming panic stricken. At only five feet four inches tall, the sleek and slender Lauren was no great burden to a woman who must have been, at a guess, a good five or six inches taller than herself. Lauren wriggled and squirmed. She knew that she couldn’t escape this woman’s clutches, but at least she could attempt to relay her disquiet at this latest turn of events.

“Try to resist me again and I’ll make life very difficult for you.” was the woman’s menacing response.

Trembling with fear, Lauren resisted the urge to disobey. Soon they reached the top of the stairs and seemed to take a left turn which – if Lauren’s recollection of the layout of the house was correct – was the direction of the kitchen.

After a minute or so, the journey ceased and Lauren found herself being propped up against a wall. The next thing she knew, the sound of the zip opening was followed by her sight being restored to her once more. As she’d guessed, she was now in the kitchen, but the sight that greeted her made her gasp in horror. All of a sudden, the idea that this was all some sort of stunt by the twins to frighten her seemed to be dispelled once and for all.

For there, sitting on upright wooden chairs, were Jasmine and Jade. With both still in their identical spandex outfits, it was impossible now to tell which was which, as both wore silk scarves tied around their heads as blindfolds. Both had been bound from ankle to shoulders with copious amounts of strict ropes that held them rigidly to the sturdy items of furniture; their lower faces being adorned in grey duct tape similar to that currently sealing Lauren’s own lips. One of the girls sat facing Lauren, but the other had her back to her, and Lauren could plainly see that the latter’s hands had been manacled in metal handcuffs that she was desperately trying to extricate herself from. A sporadic clicking sound could be heard every time the other twin attempted to struggle, making it obvious that her hands were also held in bracelets of unbreakable steel. Lauren had seen for herself how adept the girls were at escapology, but were they able to break free from handcuffs? Their futile struggles suggested not.

“Right then, I think I can safely say that you two won’t be going anywhere for a while. Say goodbye to your friend, as I’m taking her on a little journey and it might be quite some time before you see each other again.”

As both twins tried – unsuccessfully – to communicate, the woman once again secured Lauren’s facial covering. Then she found herself being picked up again and transported towards the door that led outside into the back yard. Lauren’s scream was piercing and prolonged, and completely drowned out the sound being made by her two bound and helpless friends. She heard the door open and was then manhandled - or womanhandled - out into the open. She screamed again.

“You’re wasting your time making all that noise honey, there’s no one around to hear you. Now shut up or I’ll shut you up.”

After only a few more paces her abductor stopped and Lauren heard what sounded like the boot of a car opening. Almost immediately, she found herself being tipped headfirst into the confines of the car’s luggage compartment. She screamed again and began to writhe around, but within no more than thirty seconds the woman had put paid to her struggles by tethering the strap around her ankles to the interior wall of the boot. A clinking sound that Lauren attributed to a the links of a chain now reached her ears, and seconds later the woman’s hands could be felt attaching this to her collar. The faint click of a padlock being closed soon followed, and when Lauren tried to lift her head from the floor, she found that movement in any direction was now limited to a radius of no more than six inches.


The slamming shut of the boot’s lid reverberated around Lauren’s new place of confinement, and within no more than a few seconds, the car engine burst into life. The journey itself wasn’t of great duration; probably between twenty and thirty minutes maximum. But to Lauren, being bumped around as the car manoeuvred along the winding country roads and pot-holed lanes of rural Suffolk, it seemed to go on for an eternity.

Kidnapped, that was the word that kept going around in her head. But for what purpose? Where was she being taken? What did this woman want with her? When would she be released? Would she ever be released? Lauren’s stomach was a tight knot, and she found herself trembling with uncontrollable fear as the many possible scenarios – none of them good - circulated around in her brain. She tried to kick out at the walls of the boot, in the hope that someone out there would hear her, but with her feet anchored to one side of the vehicle and her necked fettered in close proximity to the other, it was impossible. Trying to attract attention verbally was also a lost cause, as the gag ensured that any sound she did make was effectively drowned out by the noise of the engine. At that precise moment, the thought of being buried underground by the twins didn’t seem so bad. In fact, in comparison to this, it became almost desirable.

When the car eventually stopped and the engine died, Lauren listened intently for any sound that might indicate where they were. To her dismay, aside from a strong breeze and birdsong, there was no sound; nothing to indicate any other human presence in the immediate vicinity.

Although cocooned in the body sheath, the waft of a cool breeze still penetrated the darlex around Lauren’s face as the boot of the car reopened. The click of the key in the padlock and the clinking of metal coincided with the loosening of her neck chain, followed swiftly by the removal of the bond holding her legs in check. Then she was being lifted up and transported in the same manner as before, only now the journey seemed to be in reverse, insofar as this time she was being carried into a building, rather than out of one. This Lauren deduced not only from the cessation of the breeze on her face, but also the sound of a door opening and the distinct change in the sound of the woman’s footsteps – a transition from the scrape of leather on gravel to the hollow thud of boot on floorboard. The sound of heavy bolts sliding open and the turn of a key preceded the opening of a further door. And now the woman seemed to be traversing a flight of stairs in a downward direction. Where were they? Had they simply made a round trip and returned back to the twins’ house? Or was this some other underground chamber that she was about to be incarcerated in?

Lauren didn’t have long before the answers to at least two of these questions were revealed. Having reached the bottom of the stairs, she found herself being laid down on what felt like a cushioned surface. She had had no sense of being lowered to the floor, so she guessed that this must be a bed, couch or possibly a table. The soft squeaking noises that reached her ears as she was eased into position suggested that the fabric of the padding was leather. Before more than a few seconds had elapsed, she felt something being placed around her ankles and tighten dramatically, so that an involuntary shriek issued from behind her gag. Then a similar sensation occurred in the area just above her knees, followed instantly by a third at the top of her thighs. Moving her legs even an inch up or down, or to either side was now impossible, and Lauren grimly concluded that she was being strapped to whatever item of furniture it was that she had been placed on. These latest additions to her ever increasing state of bondage, however, weren’t restricted to just her legs. Three more straps – one at her waist, another just below her breasts, and a third directly above, were all quickly fastened around her. With the securing of each of the buckles, Lauren found herself squirming and wriggling in an escape bid that she knew to be no more than a token gesture.

“Struggle all you like my dear, you’re trapped and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Lauren knew that the woman’s words were only too true. But if she thought her plight could get no worse, then she was soon to be proved wrong.

All too briefly, the sleep-sack once again parted above Lauren’s eyes and was pulled down around her neck. For the first time now she was able to view her new surroundings. It was a windowless room just like the one she’d been incarcerated in before, but this was most definitely not the twins’ cellar. A quick glance to the left showed a wall with chains fixed to the rough brickwork at various points. Turning her head to the right, Lauren noticed a large ‘X’ frame with straps hanging from each arm. A stout metal chair, with straps attached on the legs, arms and back, was also visible. There were other devices too that Lauren also glimpsed briefly in the few seconds that her eyes were allowed to roam around, their functions incomprehensible, but all of which she could guess were used as restraints or implements of torture. It didn’t take a genius to work out that this was some kind of bondage chamber.... and that she was about to become its latest resident.

But before she could really take all this in, her attention shifted to the woman whose facial features remained hidden. She was holding something that looked like it was made of black leather. As it was brought towards her head, Lauren screamed into her gag and tried to turn her face away, as the nature of the hood and where it was about to be placed suddenly became apparent to her. But being immobilised on the bench, she had little hope of avoiding facial encasement in the soft yet strong fabric. Unlike the hood that her captor wore, the one that quickly found its way around Lauren’s head had only two small apertures, which the woman lined up over her nostrils. There were no mouth or eye holes, and once pulled down to her neck, the hood fitted like a second skin over the contours of her face. Lauren felt hands tightening something around her neck, before the click of a padlock that told her that, even with her hands free, this claustrophobic addition to her bonds would still not be removable. The sensation of a strap being placed under her chin then being brought up over her head and buckled tightly, was the catalyst for a further bout of pleading and begging for her abductor to show her some leniency. But it transpired that this latest strap now inhibited the movement of her jaw, which further confounded her attempts to utter anything comprehensible. Just to add insult to injury, she felt the sleep-sack being pulled over her head again and heard the zip close once more.

For several seconds no sound reached Lauren’s ears, save for that of her own desperate, almost hysterical breathing. Then, through the tightly fitting hood, Lauren heard the woman’s voice; which seemed distorted and to now come from far away.

“There my dear, your bondage is now complete. Feel free - if ’free’ is the right word – to test the efficiency of any of your restraints at will.”

Lauren attempted to move, but knew already that her limbs and entire body were completely immobilised.

“Now” the woman continued “I expect that you’re wondering exactly what’s to become of you.”

She paused for a second, seemingly to let Lauren digest this latest statement.

“Well, as far as I can see, there are only four possible scenarios open to you. Firstly, you manage to escape from your bonds.”

Again, a short pause, accompanied by the clicking of heels, as the woman paced the stone floor.

“Of course, as you’ve already discovered, that will be impossible, as you’re wrapped and strapped up so securely that you’ll never get out of this of your own accord.”

Lauren attempted to move her arms again, which only served to reaffirm this latest utterance; not that confirmation was really necessary.

“A second possibility is that you could perhaps try to attract attention to your plight by making as much noise as you possibly can.”

The now familiar pause followed.

“But this too would be doomed to failure. That gag is wedged tightly in your mouth, and the combination of the tape and hood around your head will severely restrict any commotion that you might plan to make. You’re welcome to try of course, but it really is a hopeless cause.”

Lauren knew, from her earlier protests, that this was also an undeniable fact.

“Thirdly, you may think that you’ll be lucky, and that someone will simply chance upon you and come to your rescue. But alas for you, this too is unlikely to happen. I’m sure you observed a moment or two ago that this room is windowless. I’m sure you also realise that, having descended the stairs from ground level, that we’re in an underground cellar – or what I like to refer to as my dungeon.”

Although Lauren couldn’t see, she was sure that the woman was smirking at her; gloating at the power she now wielded over her helpless victim.

“As you will also have deduced, the door to this room was locked and bolted before we came in. I’m sure you’ve already guessed that it will be similarly secured on my departure; not only to stop you from leaving, but also to deter anyone else from entering and setting you free.”

The voice became clearer and louder, as if the woman’s face was right beside Lauren’s.

“And on top of all that, this house is derelict with the windows boarded up, so why would anyone come here in the first place, especially as we’re in such a rural, out-of-the-way location? No, I think that any thoughts you may be entertaining of being discovered and released can be totally wiped from your mind.”

Another pause – the longest yet – allowed Lauren to let out a low moan of despair.

“Of course there is one other possible way out of here for you, and that’s if I decide to untie you and let you go. Unfortunately, however, this is not something that is on my ‘to do’ list any time in the foreseeable future… although, who knows, in a couple of days, or maybe a week, my priorities may have changed. For now though, I will leave you to ponder your fate. I would suggest that you don’t overdo the struggling or screaming, as neither of these activities has the remotest chance of getting you out of this predicament.”

The sound of retreating footsteps was followed by one final remark.

“I will be back to check up on you, but it won’t be for quite some time. Enjoy your stay my dear.”

The sound of footsteps ascending the stairs and the heavy door slamming shut coincided with Lauren’s latest concerted effort to beg for mercy. But if the woman heard, then it obviously cut no ice, as the sound of a key turning in the lock and two bolts sliding into place informed Lauren that she was now alone in her tomb. Seconds later, the sound of another door – fainter and further away – let her know that she had been abandoned. Struggling to move her arms within the tightly strapped sleeve proved impossible and the mummifying cling-film and tape that lashed her arms to her body, plus the sleep-sack, ensured that her arms would remain useless to her. Her legs too were sealed together with rope, film and tape, and no amount of attempting to pull or wrench them apart had any effect. And the combined effect of the cloth in her mouth, the duct tape, the skin tight leather hood and the strap around her jaw all added to the feeling of claustrophobia and total helplessness. The woman had been correct in everything she’d said: escape was out of the question, calling for help unviable, and being stumbled upon extremely unlikely. That just left her at the mercy of her captor, who, it appeared, had no plans to return her freedom to her for a long time… if ever. There was nothing for it but to try to remain calm and wait.


For hour after long terrifying hour, Lauren lay in her silent tomb, hoping and praying that release would come... somehow. But there was no sign that this evil woman was still around. The straps, which lashed her body and legs in total immobility to the bench, made shifting her position impossible, and the fact that she was lying on her trapped arms all made for a very tortuous experience. But it was the mental turmoil that really caused her the most anguish. Why had she been kidnapped? And by whom exactly? How had the woman overpowered both of the twins? Would she ever be set free? She cursed the twins for enticing her back to their house. She cursed the woman for putting her through this torment. But mostly she cursed herself for being so gullible. How had a pastime that had been so much fun at first, turned – yet again – into a life threatening scenario that she was powerless to get out of on her own?


After spending what must have been all night in this hellish state of solitary confinement, the sound of a female voice – seemingly in the far distance – broke the gloomy silence Lauren had found herself drowning in. At first she thought that her mind might be playing tricks on her, allowing her to hear that which she most eagerly desired, namely someone coming to her rescue. But gradually the voice got louder and Lauren recognised it as that of her kidnapper, although it was not immediately obvious who she was speaking to, as the conversation seemed to be one-sided. The sound of the door opening, however, was followed by footsteps, and it was apparent that the noise created was that of at least two, and possibly more, pairs of feet.

“Stand there and don’t move. I’m keeping my eye on you.”

As these words were uttered, Lauren heard the sound of the zip and felt the darlex being drawn back from her face, before a pair of hands began to loosen the strap around her jaw. Then the padlock that held the hood in position was opened and she felt the tight leather slacken around her face. It took her at least thirty seconds to adjust to the bright light that greeted her after so long in a sea of darkness, but when the images before her focused, she gasped into her gag with surprise. Her abductor was there, still masked and dressed in her tight outfit, but standing only a yard or two away to Lauren’s right were two other instantly recognisable figures. Both still dressed in black spandex cat-suits, Jasmine and Jade stood side by side in enforced silence; their mouths and lower faces swathed in the familiar grey tape. Each wore a studded collar of black leather around their neck, with a chain, perhaps twelve inches in length, dangling loosely down over their breasts; obviously the method used to lead them down into the vault. It was clear also that both had their hands bound in some manner behind their backs. With Lauren’s sight now returned, the woman turned to Jade and quickly ripped the tape brutally from her face, then removed the bundle of cloth that had been sealed within her mouth. She then performed an identical procedure on Jasmine.

“You’ve got five minutes” was all that the woman said as she made her way back up the steps, shutting and locking the door behind her.

Lauren was glad to see the twins. As a matter of fact, after hours of blackness, she was grateful that she could see anything at all. Okay, so the twins were bound and helpless too, but at least she took some comfort in the fact that she was not alone. And the fact that they were less restrained than her, coupled with the knowledge that they were skilled escape artists, all seemed to make the future look slightly less bleak than it had just minutes before. But she wasn’t at all prepared for the revelations that the twins were about impart.

“Well Lauren, how have you been getting along with Amber?”

The look of confusion must have been apparent in Lauren’s eyes.

“Amber is our cousin, you see. Or ‘Mistress Amber de Sade’ as she likes to call herself.”

Jade now took up the story.

“You see, like us, Amber is into bondage in a big way. But whereas we like tying and being tied, Amber is strictly dominant. In other words she just likes to tie people up and do as she pleases with them. She often comes around when she knows our parents are away, overpowers us and leaves us helpless. And she’s fathomed out that, although we’re pretty good at getting out of ropes, tape and suchlike, if she handcuffs us then we’re basically trapped there until she decides to let us go.”

“Which is usually not for several hours at the very least.” interjected Jasmine.

“Anyway,” Jade continued “she turned up yesterday completely out of the blue, and within minutes we were both as you saw us in the kitchen before she whisked you away. She was going to bring us here and keep us prisoner overnight, until Jasmine suddenly decided to blurt out about you being all trussed up in our cellar.”

“Amber’s very good at getting information out of you, especially when you’re tied up and she’s threatening you with all sorts of punishments.” Jasmine said, by way of mitigation.

“So, when Amber heard about you being our willing prisoner, her devious mind went into overdrive and she came up with a plan to use the situation to her advantage. She decided that, instead of us, she’d kidnap you and keep you here. We tried to tell her that you might not be too thrilled at this prospect, especially as you had no idea what was going on, but considerations like this don’t really come into Amber’s thinking. Once her mind is set on something, there’s not much you can do to dissuade her. Especially if you’re all tied up and gagged.”

“And the thing is that Amber, as her name suggests, is a bit of a sadist. Once she has you all tied up and trapped, there’s nothing anyone can do to persuade her to set you free until she decides it’s time to let you go. And that can mean a really long stretch of serious bondage for you... We’re not talking hours here, but days”

“But then we knew how much you were enjoying being tied up,” her sister chimed in “so we figured you wouldn’t be too upset if she abducted you and held you in her dungeon for a while. And so here you are, in her underground chamber. It’s in an old ruined house that she ‘acquired’ somehow. It’s all boarded up and it’s in a very secluded spot, so no one ever comes here.”

Lauren could only lay there in stunned amazement, not quite believing the bizarre nature of her situation. Having thought she’d been abducted by some unknown female intruder, it now transpired that she was simply part of an ongoing game that the twins and their cousin indulged in from time to time; a cousin who shared their obsession with bondage, and indeed seemed to take the whole thing to another level of cruelty. And now the prospect of being held here for days on end loomed large before her. Although she knew it was futile, she struggled in her layered bondage; a verbal tirade – albeit a muffled one – accompanying this show of displeasure.

“Sorry Lauren, but it’s really out of our hands now. Amber made sure that we didn’t tamper with any of your bonds before she brought us down here. ”

In one synchronised movement, Jade and Jasmine turned around so that Lauren could view their arm bonds. Both had their wrists manacled with steel handcuffs, but below this, their hands could be seen to have been wrapped up tightly and securely in duct tape, forming a solid mitten from which neither could extricate their fingers.

“So you see Lauren, we couldn’t help you get out of there, even if we wanted to.”

“And not only that, but she’s threatened that if we tell anyone about her keeping you here, then she’ll let our parents know what we get up to while they’re away. As I’m sure we’ve told you, they don’t like our bondage obsession; they say it’s weird, not to mention dangerous. She even has pictures of us all tied up that she uses to blackmail us. So unfortunately we’re going to have to keep quiet about this.”

As Jade was uttering these words, the sound of the door being opened signalled the return of the woman that Lauren now knew to be the twins’ cousin Amber de Sade.

“Time’s up girls. I need to get you two back to the house before your parents return. Wouldn’t want them to find out about our strange little games now, would we?”

Turning her attention away from the twins, she walked slowly over to where Lauren languished.

“I’m sure my cousins have explained the little arrangement we’ve entered into. Hope you’re not too unhappy at the prospect of being my guest for a while. I know I’m going to have a lot of fun with you when I get back here later. But for now, I’m afraid you’re going to have to stay all tied up here until I return.”

As these words were reaching Lauren’s disbelieving ears, Amber took the hood and began to encase her victim’s head into the tight leather cladding. Lauren’s screams had little effect as the jaw-restricting strap was once more buckled firmly and the padlock clicked into place. This was immediately followed by the sound of the sleep-sack being zipped up over her head for seemingly the hundredth time.

As if from a great distance, the voice of one of the twins reached her ears.

“Don’t forget Lauren, you’ve always got the crotch rope to keep you company. I’m sure you’ll....”

But her words suddenly became muffled and incoherent as a result of the gag being stuffed back into her mouth.

It was left to her sister therefore, to deliver the verbal coup de grâce prior to her own gagging.

“Don’t worry Lauren. Amber will let you go...... eventually!”

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