Ever Increasing Bondage

by Steve Spandex

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© Copyright 2014 - Steve Spandex - Used by permission

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The notion of being tied up had always held a strange fascination for Lauren, although until now her curiosity had lain dormant within her. Now, however, when the hint of an opportunity to actually participate arose, something stirred within her & she found herself desperately hoping that she was going to be able to experience firsthand something that had so far been merely a flight into fantasy.

The nineteen year old slim, attractive brunette was staying the weekend at the home of two of her old school friends, Jade & Jasmine. Their parents were away for a few days, so the identical twins had invited Lauren to stay over until Monday at their house in the country. Not so much a house really, as a small mansion, with old creaking stairs, rambling corridors, cellars, an attic, & more rooms than Lauren had ever bothered to count. The house was set in several acres of its own grounds & boasted an orchard & a walled garden. Reached only by a long driveway from the road, the idyllic setting was peaceful, isolated & secluded.


Saturday 8:30 am:

Lauren, Jade & Jasmine were sitting eating breakfast in the kitchen. They had been discussing what they were going to do this bright spring day, although so far had failed to come up with any definite plans. Lauren had just got up to pour herself another cup of tea, when she happened to notice, laying on the floor under a chair in the corner, two lengths of white rope, neatly coiled. She hadn’t noticed them there before, so casually enquired as to their purpose.

“Oh, those are just for a hobby that Jade & I indulge in every so often. No need to worry yourself about them.”

Lauren was intrigued, however, & decided to delve deeper.

“What sort of hobby?”

The twins glanced at each other with looks that seemed to say ‘should we tell her or not?’ The unvoiced answer seemed to be that they would.

“Well it’s like this Lauren. Do you remember us talking about our Great Uncle Harry who passed away a couple of years ago now?”

Lauren did vaguely recall some mention of him, although Jasmine & Jade’s family seemed to be blessed with such a plethora of strange, eccentric characters, that she couldn’t remember much detail about him.

“Was he the magician?”

“That’s right. He travelled around the country in various fairs & circuses with his stage act. And part of his repertoire involved escapology. Although neither of us ever saw him perform, he would tell us about how he would tightly tie up his glamorous assistant – who later became his wife – with ropes, shut her in a coffin & screen this from view behind a curtain. Seconds later, he would pull the screen back & to the amazement & great delight of the audience, she would be standing there as free as a bird. Anyway, to cut a long story short, when we were young he would visit every so often when he wasn’t touring, & he would teach us how to tie various knots & hitches. He taught us not only how to tie someone up, but also how to escape if we ever found ourselves in a situation like that.”

“And ever since then we’ve both become fascinated by escapology.” interjected Jade, “And every so often, we tie each other up & try to escape from whatever bonds the other puts us in. Our parents don’t approve though – they think it’s dangerous - so we have to keep the whole thing a secret from them.”

Lauren had been listening intently to what her friends had been saying, it gradually dawned on her that her heart was beating faster & she realised that the thought of being tied up was stirring something within her. She tried to ignore these feelings, but as the twins continued with their tale, the sensation steadily increased in intensity.

“So what we do now,” Jasmine chimed in, “is we have a thing that we call our ‘Escape Challenge’. We each take it in turns to tie each other up as tightly as we can. So, for example, if I was to tie Jade up now, I would then leave her for one hour to try to escape. If she can get out of her bonds, then that’s fine: end of the game. But if she can’t, I’m allowed to add more ropes & ligatures then leave her for another hour. Then, if she still can’t release herself, I add even more restraints, & so on.”

“It gives us an incentive to escape,” piped up Jade, “otherwise we keep getting tied up ever more tightly & securely. As Jasmine said, Uncle Harry knew all about how to tie ropes, & he was a great teacher & passed on all his knowledge to us. Without wishing to sound boastful, I think it’s fair to say that we’re both pretty good at tying each other up now.”

“But equally, we’re both good at getting free,” continued Jasmine, “so we have to keep trying to come up with more secure & inescapable bonds to keep each other in check. And that’s the problem for us now, because almost anything that one of us comes up with, the other manages to get out of. Last night, for instances, after you’d gone to bed, Jade tied me up good & tight & left me in the cellar. I was in a really strict hog-tie & I was beginning to think that I wasn’t going to escape within the allotted time, but after about fifty minutes or so I managed to break free. Much to Jade’s frustration, I hasten to add, as she was looking forward to adding more restraints & keeping me captive all night. You can still see the marks now.”

Jasmine held out her arms & Lauren could see the remnants of rope marks ingrained on her wrists, even after all these hours. She had no real idea what a strict hog-tie was, but the way Jasmine had spoken made it sound exciting.

“I’ll tell you what Lauren, would you like us to give you a demonstration of what we get up to? It’s my turn to tie Jade up this time.”

Lauren tried to sound as noncommittal as she could, but deep down she felt a massive surge of arousal at all this talk of tying people up. She shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly.

“Okay, if you like.”

Jasmine got up to retrieve the ropes, but suddenly she seemed to have a brainwave. She stopped & turned back towards Lauren.

“Unless, of course, you’d like to try a stint at being tied up Lauren?”

Lauren was now faced with a huge dilemma. On the one hand, she didn’t want to appear too eager to accept this chance to try out an activity that she was clearly being drawn to. But on the other, she didn’t – couldn’t – simply let this golden opportunity pass her by.

“Well, alright, but remember I’ve never tried this sort of thing before.”

“Don’t worry Lauren,” Jasmine reassured her as she picked up the two coils of rope, “we’ll go easy on you to start with.” Then as an afterthought she added “It will be fun having someone new to play with.”

9 am:

After a brief discussion, it was decided that, as Lauren was an escapological novice, she wouldn’t be tied up in the dark, dank cellar, but instead would be afforded the luxury of being allowed to lie on a bed for her initiation into the world of bondage.

The grandfather clock in the hall struck the hour just as the trio began to ascend the stairs. As they neared the top, Lauren felt a shiver run down her spine, although whether this was born out of fear or anticipation she wasn’t certain. Probably a combination of the two she decided. Jade led the way to the guest room that Lauren had been assigned for the weekend, with her twin & Lauren following closely. Each twin carried one of the lengths of rope.

“Okay Lauren, slip your shoes off & sit on the edge of the bed.”

Lauren pushed back the bedclothes that were still lying in a dishevelled mass from her night’s sleep & complied with Jade’s request.

The twins now swung into action, with Jasmine kneeling at Lauren’s feet, whilst Jade jumped on the bed behind her. Lauren’s hands were gently pulled back behind her & placed together palm to palm, whilst her ankles were held side by side. Simultaneously the ropes began to encircle her, loosely at first but then tightening sharply as they made their first circuit of her wrists & ankles. Three times each rope passed around her limbs, before the ends were cinched & the bonds became tighter still. As if they had deliberately synchronised their efforts, both girls finished their work at the same time with secure knots. Lifting Lauren’s feet upwards, Jasmine swung them onto the bed, whilst Jade bade her lie down on her back. They then stood up & backed off, but with their eyes fixed on their now helpless friend.

A quick pull on her wrist bonds told Lauren that getting free was not going to be an easy task. Her ankles, too, seemed well & truly tethered.

“Okay Lauren, you’ve got until ten o’clock to escape from those ropes, or we’ll be back to make things a bit more difficult for you. I think we’ve been pretty lenient. If it was Jasmine that I had been tying up now, she’d have been far more restricted in her movements than you are. Good luck.”

“And try to enjoy yourself.” Jasmine added.

And with that they were gone, closing the bedroom door behind them.

Lauren rolled over onto her side & tested the rope around her wrists. Trying to pull either wrist out of the binding proved impossible, & the knot that held the whole thing in place proved elusive to her stretching fingers. Prising her feet free of her ankle bonds also proved a fruitless mission, as this bond too held her firmly within its restrictive grip. But Lauren didn’t care about that. The ropes were tight & secure, but not uncomfortably so & she would, she now realised, have been disappointed if she could have simply slipped out of them. In fact, the whole experience was causing strange but wonderful sensations to course through her & she found that, the more she wriggled & struggled, the greater the intensity of these feelings. It was a delightful situation to be in; tied & helpless, yet safe in the knowledge that she was in good hands & would come to no harm.

As she wriggled & writhed on the mattress, she found herself trying to guess exactly what Jade & Jasmine had planned for her when they returned. Whatever it was, Lauren was certain that it would be more restrictive than her current plight. And if this first taste of being tied up was anything to go by, she was in for a treat. She found herself smiling at the prospect of having her bonds added to. And with a sigh of contentment, she lay back on the bed & waited with anticipation for her friends’ return.

10 am:

Only a minute or two after the clock downstairs had struck it’s reminder of the passing hour, the bedroom door opened & in walked the raven-haired twins. From her prone position, Lauren noticed that Jasmine was carrying a large hold-all bag.

“Well, Jade, looks like our prisoner failed her first challenge. I guess we weren’t as easy going on her as we thought.”

“Maybe she likes being tied up, Jasmine. She doesn’t look too distressed to me.”

Lauren was in two minds as to whether she should admit to enjoying her bondage, or whether she should put up some show of defiance. After all, admitting you liked being tied up was a bit embarrassing, wasn’t it? But if she took the latter course of action, would they take pity on her & let her go? She certainly didn’t want that at the moment. And the fact that she giggled when Jade made the remark about her enjoying herself was probably a bit of a giveaway.

Jasmine unzipped the bag & produced three lengths of rope similar in appearance to those already in use. Once again, Lauren was manoeuvred into a sitting position on the edge of the bed & the twins got down to business with the ropes. This time it was Jade who attended to Lauren’s legs; securing in quick succession a tightly cinched rope just below her knees, then another just above. While this was happening, Lauren found her elbows being forced into as close proximity to each other as Jasmine could manage, before a tight rope was wound, cinched & knotted around them.

Once more she was lain out on the soft mattress & given a few seconds to test these new restraints. She had never realised until now just how supple her arms were, but now she found that her elbows were almost touching each other & couldn’t be parted, no matter how hard she strained. The latest addition to the bonds on her lower limbs, she discovered, also significantly curtailed any thoughts she might entertain of using her legs for standing or locomotion.

Having momentarily observed their captive’s struggles, Lauren was expecting to see the backs of Jasmine & Jade, as they left her to her own devices for another hour. They had, however, one more surprise up their sleeves before departing. From out of the bag, Jasmine pulled what looked like a pair of tights that had been neatly wrapped up into a ball. She came & sat down on the bed beside the bound woman.

“You seem very calm Lauren. We were expecting you to be begging to be released by now.”

Lauren laughed & felt herself blush.

“Actually, I’m quite comfortable here. I really don’t mind being tied up at all. In fact I’m quite enjoying it, in a weird sort of way.”

Jade & Jasmine exchanged glances.

“In some ways that’s great, Lauren, but in others we’re a bit disappointed. You see, we had this gag all ready to use on you, to stop you protesting about being tied up further. It would be a shame to waste it though, so if you’ll just open your mouth for me...”

Lauren found herself submissively obeying, as Jasmine brought the tights up to her mouth & gently but firmly slid them past her lips & into the cavity beyond her teeth. As she was ensuring that the soft ball was in position, Lauren happened to glance over Jasmine’s shoulder to where Jade was peeling the end away from a reel of grey duct tape. Seconds later, this was being placed over her now filled mouth & smoothed down onto her cheeks. Then, with Jasmine lifting Lauren’s long brown hair out of the way, Jade wound the tape around their prisoner’s head & brought it back around to her mouth, before repeating the procedure a further four times & finally ripping the tape from the spool. Both girls now pressed the grey strips down onto her flesh until satisfied that the whole mass was stuck firmly & securely.

“Okay Lauren, that should keep you quiet for a while. I know you said you were enjoying the whole experience, but don’t forget that you do need to try to escape, or you’ll end up in even more trouble when we come back in an hour’s time.”

The closing door was Lauren’s cue to really see how securely her bondage had been administered. And to her delight, she found that she was really now in no position whatsoever to get herself free. It seemed that the more helpless she became, the greater the pleasure. And the gag was the icing on the cake. Awkwardly, she rolled onto her side & gazed absentmindedly at the wardrobe on the far side of the room. Then she had an idea. The wardrobe door had a large mirror on it. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to take a look at herself in all her bound up glory? With great difficulty, she managed to swing her legs over the edge of the bed & sit up, before shuffling along the mattress until she was in line with the mirror. From her sedentary position, however, she found that she was able to see the top half of her body but not her legs. In order to get a full view of herself, she realised, she would need to be standing up.

The process of getting to her feet was a greater trial than Lauren had imagined, but after two failed attempts she found herself balancing precariously by the edge of the bed. The image that now stared back at her was of a slim young woman wearing leopard-print tights on slender legs, which had been bound with white rope in three places. Further up, the tights disappeared under cut-off denim shorts that barely reached down to her thighs. Above the waist she was attired in a tightly fitting but too short white t-shirt, that not only exposed much bare flesh at her midriff, but also served to show off - in collaboration with the unnatural way the elbow bond forced her shoulders back - her firm rounded breasts. Above this, her now tangled & tousled brown hair cascaded around her shoulders, with the bottom half of her face & head completely invisible under a sea of grey tape.

But that was just the front view. What she really craved was a look at her bound arms. Carefully shuffling around the necessary 180 degrees, she turned & craned her head back over her shoulder, to view elbows held in close proximity to each other &, lower down, wrists securely stymied by tightly coiled rope.

Twisting around whilst balancing precariously on closely bound feet, however, proved to be Lauren’s downfall... literally. Still gazing awkwardly over her shoulder, she felt herself begin to sway & automatically tried to rectify the situation by shuffling her feet to regain her balance. This was a grave error, & with a muffled squeal she found herself hurtling downwards face first. Luckily, the soft bedding broke her fall. But despite the shock, Lauren found herself laughing uncontrollably at her mishap. The fall had brought home to her just how immobilised she actually was, & she found herself becoming even more aroused by her whole predicament. She rolled over onto her back again & began playfully pulling on her leg ropes, to see if the sudden movement had loosened any of them. It hadn’t.

But then a strange phenomenon occurred. As she toyed with her leg bonds, it was almost as if the constant rubbing together of her tights generated the build up of a static electrical charge, which suddenly & violently manifested itself in a current of energy which surged through her with such force that her whole body visibly jolted. A low moan of pleasure escaped from behind her gag. She found herself becoming wet between her legs & desperately wanted to touch herself down there, but her hands were useless in this respect. Then she hit on a plan. Grabbing the waistband of her shorts with her fingers, she pulled them upwards into her crotch as far as they would go & began rhythmically jerking back & forth. Moments later, her orgasm exploded in her. For several minutes she kept this motion going until, exhausted but elated, she relaxed back into the mattress.

She lay there motionless but contented for a while, her mind reeling. If anyone had said to her yesterday that she would find herself helplessly bound & gagged today... & enjoying every minute of it, she would never have believed them. Yet here she was in that exact situation. And all she could do was lie there in a state of high expectancy, to see what the twins had in store for her next.

And with thoughts like these running through her head, she found her eyelids becoming heavy, & within minutes she was in a deep, contented sleep.

11 am:

When she once more opened her eyes, Lauren’s gaze was returned by two almost identical faces staring back at her.

“Hello Lauren. Hope you enjoyed your sleep. Unfortunately, it looks like you neglected the most crucial part of the Escape Challenge, & that is to try to escape from your bonds. There’s a clue in the name if you think about it.”

“So,” Jasmine now took over “we’re left with no alternative but to restrain you to a greater degree.”

Jade grabbed Lauren’s shoulders & began manoeuvring her up into a sitting position, & as she was doing so, Lauren noticed that neither of them seemed to have brought any more ropes with them, but that there were now two pairs of sheer black tights lying beside her on the bed. In her hands, Jasmine held a third pair, & she was busy scrunching one of the legs up, as if she was about to put them on. But why would she be doing that? It took Lauren’s brain, still slightly befuddled by sleep, a few more seconds to comprehend the twins’ intentions.

She watched as Jasmine sat down beside her & began to insert both of her already bound feet into one leg of the tights. Working quickly now, Jasmine eased the clinging mesh over Lauren’s bound ankles, up her calves, over her knee ropes & onward to her thighs. At this point, Jade stood their captive up & held her there, whilst her sister continued the upward journey of the thin yielding material over her hips & up to her waist. Lauren could only gaze down in amazement as the whole lower half of her being was now encased in the extremely tight stretch fabric, with the other, unused leg of the tights being wrapped around her & secured with a knot.

Sitting their victim down again, Lauren had no visual knowledge of the girls’ next action, as it took place behind her. But with Jade holding her arms away from her back, she anticipated correctly what was to come, as she felt the leg of another pair of tights being slipped over her hands & gently eased up her arms & over her shoulders. Unlike the pair now encasing her legs, however, the twins had already planned a use for the second leg of this pair.

It was a tight fit, but somehow or other Jasmine managed to stretch what was normally the waistband of the tights up over Lauren’s head & began guiding the still empty leg over her long flowing hair & down her face. Lauren’s vision blurred somewhat, as the descending mesh continued over her nose & gagged mouth, then down passed her chin to her neck. They made no attempt to force her head right down into the foot of the tights, however, but simply tied a knot in the remainder at the top of her head, to stop it flapping around.

But although her limbs were now encased in slender avenues of silky soft fabric, the twins still hadn’t finished. Taking the final pair of tights, Jade now eased one leg of these over Lauren’s already covered head & pulled it down over her shoulders & torso, until it reached her waist. Whilst that was happening, Jasmine explained that they had bought several pairs of these extra large tights specifically with the intention of using them in encasement bondage.

Extra large or not, with both limbs forced into a sheath designed to merely house one, the tights lived up to their name in holding her in a tight constricting grip. But despite this, Lauren found her excitement levels rising once again. Why being rendered ever more helpless was doing this to her, she had no idea. But the simple equation was that, if she had been unable to escape before, then her encasement in what amounted to a second skin of nylon & Lycra, was definitely not conducive to making things any easier for her. So why did this feel so right?

“That should keep you nice & tight, Lauren. I know how much you’re enjoying this whole thing, but this time you do need to make a concerted effort to get out. Otherwise things will really get out of hand. See you at 12 o’clock.”

Lifting her head & looking down her body, all Lauren could see, through the slight blur created by the mesh of two pairs of tights, was a limbless shape encased in a tight black sausage-skin like sheath. Briefly, she considered attempting a repeat performance of her ‘standing-up-&-looking-at-herself-in-the-mirror’ routine. But the latest additions to her bonds made standing even more precarious a feat than it had been before. And besides, her vision was now impeded to a certain extent, which would mean the image she observed wouldn’t be anything like as clear now. She therefore decided not to be too adventurous.

She considered Jade’s parting words, & for a minute or two entertained the idea that she should make much more of an effort to free herself. But the trouble was that she had no great desire to get away. The cocoon of the tights was extremely tight & restrictive, but also very comfortable & warm. And besides, she already knew that any escape attempt was doomed to failure from the start, so why bother? Best just to lay back, relax & savour the moment, she concluded. After all, this had to end soon didn’t it, as there seemed little more that could be done to further imprison her? And when that time came they would have to let her go, wouldn’t they?


Lauren’s third hour as a prisoner finally came to a conclusion with the reappearance of her two friends. Lauren was expecting some remark to be made regarding her not having made any headway against her bonds, but no such comments were forthcoming. Jasmine was carrying what appeared to be a carrier bag in her hand, the contents of which she promptly emptied onto the bed. Although her vision was no longer perfect, Lauren watched as five rolls of grey tape – similar to that which held her gag in place – spilled onto the mattress; one of which rolled towards her & came to rest against her left thigh. Only then did either of them speak.

“Hi Lauren, glad to see you’re still here. I expect you can guess what all this is for, can’t you?”

Before Lauren had a chance to contemplate this latest development, Jasmine answered her sister’s question.

“Do you remember that project we did in school about ancient Egypt? Well we thought it might be fun to try a little experiment in mummification. And we hoped that maybe you’d be willing to help us out with this.”

It was apparent to Lauren straightaway that her willingness or otherwise was actually irrelevant, & that the twins already had their minds set on accomplishing this feat, regardless of her opinions. And really, there was nothing she could do about it anyway. Even so, she wasn’t too fazed by the whole thing; she’d been in captivity for three hours already, so one more wouldn’t hurt, would it?

As protest seemed futile, Lauren offered no resistance as the roll of tape made its first circuit of many around her bound & sheathed ankles. With Jade holding Lauren’s legs clear of the bed, Jasmine rapidly wound the strong grey tape up her calves towards her knees; making sure that, apart from her feet, every square inch of the her tights clad legs was covered. It took maybe two minutes before the first reel of tape was all spent, but by that time Lauren was encased almost to the tops of her thighs. Now Jasmine helped Lauren to her feet & held her upright while Jade took over taping duties, beginning from where the first reel had left off.

Far more than the tights had done, the applying of the tape over her hips, waist & midriff, as well as incorporating her arms into the bargain, caused a sensation of claustrophobia to overtake Lauren, & for the first time she felt a certain unease about this whole Escape Challenge game.

“I thought you said you would go easy on me.”

These were the words her vocal chords tried to utter, but the sound that emanated from her filled mouth came out ridiculously garbled. Miraculously, however, Jasmine seemed to get the drift of what she was trying to say.

“I think you’ll find that what I actually said was that we’d go easy on you TO START WITH. And that’s exactly what we did. You should have been able to get out of those first ropes easily enough, but you chose not to take advantage of our goodwill. So now your chance has gone & the rules of the game now allow us to do exactly as we please with you.”

By now, the tape had reached her breasts & Jade was just starting on the third reel. This quickly covered the rest of her upper torso. Once her shoulders were reached, instead of simply encircling her body, the circuits began to follow a more diagonal route; from her right shoulder, crossing her breasts down to below the left side of her rib-cage, then rising back behind her to the starting point, only for the process to repeat several more times. To maintain the symmetry, her left shoulder was soon to suffer a similar fate.

With her whole being from shoulders to ankles now covered in a sea of tightly bonded grey tape, the wrappings continued up her neck & over her chin, supplementing the identical tape that sealed her mouth beneath the tights. Once her mouth was covered, a gap was left around her nose & eyes, before the winding recommenced around her forehead. With the top of her head almost reached, Lauren assumed that the mummification process must now come to a conclusion.

But she should have known by now that Jasmine & Jade were nothing if not thorough, & she watched in shocked amazement as more tape found its way onto her tights-enmeshed skull, this time running in a vertical direction, beginning at the top of her head & then making its way down under her chin & back up the other side; restricting the movement of her jaw in the process. This operation was repeated several more times until her whole head, save for her nose & eyes, was encased in a makeshift helmet.

But even now the twins weren’t entirely happy with their handiwork. Lauren looked on helplessly as Jasmine cut a piece of tape around eight inches in length from the spool. The next few seconds seemed to pass in slow motion, as Lauren watched this strip looming larger & larger, until it was within an inch of her eyes. And then everything went black.

Lauren whimpered as her sight was removed from her. She bucked & writhed for a few seconds, but no one came to her aid. Instead, the twins bade her farewell with their now familiar promise to return in an hour’s time. The sound of the bedroom door closing was followed by silence.

Lauren found herself glad now that she had been encased in the tights, as these prevented the tape adhering directly onto her skin. She was especially grateful for the protection they afforded on her head, as having to extricate her hair – whenever her salvation eventually came – would have proved a painful & deeply distressing operation.

But there was very little else for her to be grateful for right now. The tape was far more restrictive than the tights had been, she soon discovered, as simple movements such as the bending of her knees were now almost impossible. Moreover, now that she couldn’t see, moving around on the bed would be a far more hazardous endeavour. How close to the edge was she? She had no idea, but the thought of plummeting over onto the hard floor held no great appeal. But worse than anything else was the fact that, now that her hands were immobilised within the tights & lashed to her back with tape, she could no longer grasp the waistband of her shorts & attempt to rekindle that glorious episode from this morning.

So, with all these factors taken into account, Lauren decided that the next time Jade & Jasmine returned, she would try to persuade them that they had had their fun & it was now time to set her free. They were her friends after all, so surely they wouldn’t continue to hold her against her will. At least that was her theory.

1 pm:

The opening of the bedroom door informed the sightless young female of the return of her friends-turned-captors just as the clock struck one. Immediately she sensed their presence, Lauren began to struggle; both to show that she was trapped beyond measure, & that she wanted out. And for a second or two she thought that it might be working, as she felt the strip of tape being peeled away from her eyes. Lauren blinked in the light & tried to focus on the scene before her. As always, she was greeted by Jade & Jasmine standing over her, the former having something black draped over her arm.

“Still stuck then Lauren? Bad luck. It looks like this is going to be a long day for you.”

Jasmine took hold of one end of the mystery object & together they laid it out on the bed beside Lauren’s prone form. Turning her head to one side as best she could – not an easy manoeuvre given the unyielding tape – she could see that this was what looked like an elongated sack of some description, & it didn’t take a genius to work out its intended purpose. Pulling back the zip that seemed to extend its entire length, Jasmine picked up Lauren’s feet & placed them in one end of the bag, before her sister helped her to lift the rest of their captive into the interior. The zipping up of the bags was almost instantaneous & gave Lauren no time to resist her inevitable envelopment in yet another layer of confinement. The sack, it turned out, was made of resilient stretch material that hugged her figure & compressed further her already cocooned form.

“No!! Let me out. Please don’t put me in anything else. I can’t get out of this!!”

This was Lauren’s plea for mercy, but her inability to articulate her needs & desires to two people who were set on accomplishing their task as swiftly as possible, meant that her cries were either misinterpreted or unheeded....or possibly both.

The zipping of the body bag over her face, to complete this latest affront to her liberty, caused the loudest scream yet to force its way into existence.

“Don’t worry Lauren, you won’t suffocate in there. The sack’s made of darlex, which is like spandex, but thicker & much more hard-wearing. You’ll be able to breathe without any problem.”

Porous enough to breathe through it might have been, but seeing through the dense mesh of the black fabric was impossible.

“So there you are Lauren, yet another layer to keep you out of mischief. You really are enjoying this, aren’t you?”

“Yes, you really have taken to this whole bondage scene like a fish to water, haven’t you?” her sister continued.

Lauren tried to counter this argument by shaking her head & writhing around in her encasement as best she could, but her antics failed to stir any sympathy in the watching duo.

“Right Lauren, our lunch should be ready by now, so we’ll leave you to it.”

And once more Lauren found herself alone with her thoughts.

2 pm:

By the time Jade & Jasmine next entered the room, Lauren had come to a decision. It was no good, she realised, simply pleading to their better natures to let her go, she had to start being more forceful & demanding. So as soon as she heard the door opening, she shouted for all she was worth.


But the message now had to negotiate its way through a rolled up pair of tights, several circuits of tape, two layers of tights, more tape & a sleep-sack, before reaching the outside world.

There followed a few seconds of silence, during which Lauren wondered whether they had turned tail & abandoned her again. But then Jasmine finally spoke, & although her comments were meant for Lauren’s ears, they were actually addressed to her sister.

“Did you hear something just then Jade? I think Lauren might be trying to communicate with us. The trouble is I didn’t quite catch what she said. It could have been ‘let me out of here’, but on the other hand it might have been ‘leave me in here’. What do you think?”

“I think it was definitely the latter Jasmine. She seemed so content earlier, so I can’t see why she’d be asking to be let out. It would be a bit ungrateful of her anyway, after we’ve spent so much time & gone to all this trouble.”

“I think you’re probably right. And anyway, it would be a shame if we were to let her go when that wasn’t really what she wanted.”

Lauren felt her legs being lifted again, before something tightened to a significant degree around her ankles; a belt or strap, she guessed. Another similar fetter soon found its way around her thighs. Then a third that encircled her waist, followed by a fourth around her chest & upper arms. She squealed in anguish as each of these latest bonds was securely buckled to prevent them from slipping.

For a second or two, nothing more happened, & Lauren assumed that this was it for another hour. But she was wrong. Suddenly, the darlex fabric in the vicinity of her neck compacted around her throat & she felt something being tightened. At first she thought she was being strangled, but soon deduced that this was another strap - or more correctly a collar - which one of the twins was buckling securely into position.

As the sound of the duo retreating reached her ears, Lauren screamed.


But they could.

And they did.

3 pm:

The straps, although tight & constricting, actually added very little to the overall state of the already inescapably bound young woman, & she spent most of the hour that followed in a state that combined fury with fear; fury that they were now seemingly unwilling to let her go, & fear as to how long this whole ordeal was going to go on for. So when the door opened again, she found herself telling the twins that she’d had enough of this game & they just had to let her go now. The twins, however, showed no sign of comprehending this message, let alone complying with her demands. In fact, they didn’t speak at all, but instead picked their prisoner up & began transporting her to... where?

Standing her up on her feet, Lauren felt herself being urged forward; a manoeuvre she was able to accomplish only in short jumping motions. Although she couldn’t see a thing, she sensed that she was being lead out of the door & along the landing, & this was confirmed when this strange procession reached the top of the stairs & they began easing her down one step at a time. The question “where are you taking me?” failed to illicit a response.

Once the ground floor was reached, Lauren was made to hop along the hallway & soon found herself in the kitchen. She worked this out by the feel of the floor, which until then had been carpet, but had now given way to cold tiles. Momentarily she found herself being lent up against something; probably one of the kitchen units. Then, without warning, the zip of the body bag was heard & her vision returned. But the sight that met her gaze was not in any way one that she would have wished to set eyes on; far from it, in fact. For lying open on the kitchen floor, with its lid beside it, was a solid oak coffin. Boasting a padded interior, the casket seemed to be about five & a half feet in length. The perfect fit for herself, Lauren thought grimly.

For the first time since their descent from the bedroom, Jasmine spoke.

“This was the coffin we were telling you about, that Uncle Harry used in his stage act. It’s been gathering dust in the cellar since he died. But we thought that we’d resurrect it today, just for our guest.”

The ‘guest’ at this point, decided that enough was enough. Although she knew that she wouldn’t get very far, she decided to make for the kitchen door. Two hops in the direction of the exit, however, & she stumbled & began to fall. Luckily, Jade was on hand to steady her.

“You are a feisty one, aren’t you Lauren? I think we’d better get you in the coffin before you hurt yourself.”

Lauren resisted as best she could, but quite simply, her best was no match for the twins, who within thirty seconds had her lying on her back within the walls of the box. As she’d guessed, there was very little space to move around in – even for a slim young woman like herself - with no more than an inch or so to spare on either side of her.

Jasmine now picked up the lid & held it up for Lauren’s inspection.

“You see this device on the top, Lauren? Well this works the mechanism that keeps the lid in place.”

She gave the knob a turn through 90 degrees & immediately, with a loud crack, bolts shot out at various points all around the perimeter.

“When the lid is shut, these bolts align with the holes around the rim, which results in total lockdown.”

Lauren desperately tried to lever herself up out of the coffin, but extricating herself without the use of her hands was never going to happen.

“Don’t worry, there’s a little hole here for you to breathe through, so you won’t suffocate.”

Jasmine leaned into the coffin & pulled the zip up over Lauren’s protesting face, & within a few seconds she felt the wooden board being placed over her. She tried to push upwards with her knees, but she guessed that the twins were probably sitting or standing on it to thwart her thrusting herself upwards. Then the sound of the bolts slotting into their appointed holes reverberated around the now sealed box, & Lauren knew all hope of halting her entombment was doomed to failure. From above, Jasmine or Jade – she could no longer tell which – was speaking again.

“In his stage show, it used to take Harry’s assistant about thirty seconds to get herself free from here. I’m guessing that it might take you slightly longer than that Lauren. The good news is that there’s a special mechanism that releases the lid from the inside.”

She paused briefly to let this revelation sink in.

“The bad news is that you have to pull a little lever down & rotate it to the right, & to operate it you would need to have your fingers free.”

Lauren responded to their taunts with a long pathetic whine, followed by pleas that she hoped would convey the message that she was deeply unhappy about being sealed in a coffin. But still there was no sign that the twins were about to relent.

“We’ve got a bit of work to do in the garden now Lauren, so we’ll see you in an hour or so.”

4 pm:

Lauren had no idea what this parting remark implied, but she paid it little heed, having far weightier problems to contend with; namely how to convince the twins that letting her go was in their best interests. So when she once more sensed their presence close at hand, she began again to beg for her freedom, but with the same result as before.

Then, to her surprise, the head of the coffin lifted up briefly, followed a second or two later by the foot. Then it began to move slightly from side to side & this, together with the sound of two people struggling & straining to carry the heavy wooden structure, told Lauren that she was being moved. But what destination they had in mind, & for what purpose, she could not determine.

The journey lasted perhaps two minutes, before the casket was lowered & placed on the ground with a loud thud. A few more seconds elapsed before, to Lauren’s surprise, the locks of her tomb snapped back & she felt the heavy lid being removed. Another few seconds of silence ensued until she felt a hand touch her head & instantaneously the zip opened to reveal the outside world to her once more.

Through the mesh of the tights, Lauren perceived blue sky above her, interspersed with tree branches that swayed in a slight breeze, which meant, she assumed, that they were in the orchard. But what caused Lauren’s latest outburst of screaming & writhing was the view closer to home. For above the rim of the coffin were walls of freshly cut earth, rising to a height of probably fifteen to eighteen inches on all sides. And it didn’t take an Einstein to figure out her intended fate. At ground level & to Lauren’s right, Jasmine was busy fixing a long, thin metal tube to the breathing hole in the coffin lid, confirming her deepest fears. They were going to bury her alive!

Jasmine caught Lauren’s gaze, & must have noticed the panic in her eyes. She smiled.

“Don’t worry Lauren, you’ll be quite safe. You should be flattered that we’ve gone to all this trouble just for you.”

From the left, Jade appeared in Lauren’s line of vision.

“Ready Jas?”


Without ceremony, Jade lay down beside the hole they’d dug & stretched the hood back over the head of the protesting bundle of bound female, before zipping it shut.

The lid crashing down & the locks clicking into place all happened so quickly, that Lauren had no time to react; not that she was capable of more than token resistance. Then the sound that she had been dreading filled her ears; the sound of earth being shovelled against the roof of her tomb. For several minutes this mournful sound continued, gradually becoming muted as the soil piled ever higher above her. Then finally a thumping sound, as if from far away, which the now buried damsel in distress interpreted as the twins stamping & compressing the earth down with their feet.

Thinking that she had now been abandoned, Lauren fought to stem the rising tide of panic that threatened to overwhelm her. However, suddenly from out of the blue, a voice echoed loudly & clearly around the cramped casket. It was one of the twins speaking down the breathing tube.

“Hi Lauren, hope you’re okay down there. We’re really glad you decided to accept the Escape Challenge this morning. We’ve both enjoyed it immensely. I have to say though, that you haven’t exactly covered yourself in glory so far. But there’s still a chance to redeem yourself. Anyway, Jade & I have been having a discussion & we’ve decided that, seeing as this is your first time, it would be unreasonable of us to expect you to extricate yourself from there in one hour. So we’ve decided to give you until tomorrow to get out. That should give you ample time to perfect your escapology skills.”

She paused briefly, seemingly for dramatic effect.

“Don’t worry though. If you still can’t get out, we’ll come back to visit..... if we can remember where we buried you, of course!”

Another pause ensued, before the final taunt reverberated down the metal pipe.

“Goodnight Lauren.... or maybe that should be ‘Rest in Peace’.”

There followed the sound –ever so faintly – of laughter, which quickly receded into the distance.

And then there was deathly silence.


Limbs bound with rope, mouth gagged & sealed, encased in tights, cocooned in tape, sheathed in a compressing body bag, strapped & collared, shut in a coffin & buried alive. Had any woman, in the entire history of the world, ever been so completely & utterly trapped as Lauren was right now?

Her thoughts drifted back to this morning. How had such an innocent enquiry as to the use of a couple of pieces of rope led to this? Okay, so she’d agreed to be trussed up at first – welcomed it in fact – but she’d had no idea that the twins would take things to such extremes as this. The first couple of hours had been very pleasant & had seen her working herself up into a state that had culminated with that glorious climax. But it had been all downhill from there; from ecstasy to despair in a few short hours.

In frustration, Lauren briefly kicked out at the walls of her tomb, but when the box shuddered & creaked alarmingly, she thought better of it. She had no idea how well the breathing tube was attached to the lid, & if that became dislodged... well the consequences didn’t bear thinking about. But what if something outside her control was to interfere with this, her only lifeline? What if the wind blew something onto the tube & blocked it? What if the weight of soil fractured it? What if it rained & the casket began to fill with water? Random acts of nature such as these, she was powerless to prevent.

With difficulty, Lauren managed to push these thoughts to the back of her mind, only for other worrying concerns to thrust themselves to the fore. The twins had said they’d return tomorrow, but when? Morning?... afternoon?... evening?... late at night? As no time had been specified, she had no idea how long she would be interred here. She knew that Jade & Jasmine were habitually late risers on a Sunday, so she guessed that it would be at least another eighteen hours before she would hear from them again, & possibly anything up to thirty two.

And another nagging doubt was their use of the word ‘visit’. Not “We’ll come back to let you out” but “we’ll come back to visit”. What did that mean exactly? To Lauren the word ‘visit’ represented the idea of turning up, staying a while & leaving again. The notion of release or liberation was nowhere implied in the word.

There was only one crumb of comfort - & then only the tiniest of morsels – in an otherwise bleak outlook. And that was the fact that there was now very little else the twins could do to make things any worse.

Unless, of course, they decided to seal the coffin in concrete, or something of that nature.

Suddenly Lauren recalled that, on her arrival yesterday, she’d seen several bags of cement stacked up by the side of the house. She hadn’t paid much attention to them at the time, but now, as her mind shifted into overdrive, their presence took on more sinister overtones.

They wouldn’t do anything like that, would they?

But after the events of today, Lauren wouldn’t put anything passed them.


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