Ever Increasing Bondage 3

by Steve Spandex

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© Copyright 2015 - Steve Spandex - Used by permission

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Part 3

Lauren peered out through the tiny peep holes of the leather hood and sighed contentedly. The dim light from the single dusty bulb that hung from the ceiling cast shadows around the cellar, revealing only vague images and blurred outlines in the junk filled space beyond. Nothing moved and there was no sound, save for Lauren’s low breathing, which of necessity had to be through her nose alone. It must have been an hour or so since the twins had taken their leave and returned to the upstairs world, leaving Lauren to while away her time in a state of immobilised solitude.

This was the third occasion on which she’d allowed Jasmine and Jade to experiment on her in this way and it felt so good to be back in the bonds again. Even though the previous two occasions had been fraught with fear and dread at times, the pleasurable side of being bound and totally out of control outweighed any misgivings that Lauren might have entertained about a return visit. She was a glutton for punishment, she knew that only too well, but the occasional dangers and pitfalls which she’d experienced before paled into insignificance compared to the wonderful feelings that accompanied the quality time that she’d spent here. In short, she was addicted to the thrill that accompanied this wonderful pastime that the twins had introduced her to, even if they did tend to get carried away and take things a bit too far at times. But surely nothing untoward would befall her this time.


Having been invited back to the old manor house that the twins’ parents owned in rural Suffolk, Lauren had sought reassurances that there wouldn’t be a repeat of the treatment she’d been subjected to on her last visit. On that occasion, Jasmine and Jade had bound her in ever more restrictive layers of bondage over a period of a few hours and left her in the cellar. That had been fine with Lauren, but when a latex-clad woman, who Lauren had never seen before, suddenly burst into the subterranean chamber and carried her upstairs, before whisking her off in the boot of a car, she had received one of the biggest frights of her young life.

The fact that this woman had overpowered the twins, then handcuffed and gagged them before leaving them all trussed up in their own kitchen, all indicated to the stricken Lauren that she’d been kidnapped. And when the woman had promised, once she’d deposited her helpless captive in her own underground dungeon, that she had no intention of setting her victim free for a very long while, this simply compounded Lauren’s sense of dread. The fact that the woman had eventually turned out to be the self-styled Mistress Amber de Sade - the twins’ cousin - did very little to quell Lauren’s fears, as it seemed that Jade and Jasmine were powerless to prevent their wayward relative from carrying out her threat to keep her imprisoned indefinitely.

Amber had let Lauren go eventually, of course, but not before she had spent forty eight hours or so in the clutches of this seemingly compassionless dominatrix. And, as Amber had implied at the time, the only reason she was being released was because the dungeon was needed for a paying customer whose arrival was imminent. Although Lauren was growing to love the feeling of tight bondage, two whole days in a situation where she had been completely immobilised and abandoned for periods of up to twelve hours at a time, were just a little bit too much... even for her.

But this time, the twins had informed her, she would have no cause for concern with regard to their cousin turning up and spoiling the party. For Amber, the twins stated with some certainty, had a paying customer booked in for the whole weekend, and would therefore be too busy tormenting this client to have time to come over to the house and interfere with the bondage games that Jasmine and Jade had planned. They even knew who Amber’s intended victim was.

“A guy called Steve who writes short bondage stories and publishes them on the internet. He’s a regular client of Amber’s. He can’t get enough of being tied up and kept in a state of complete captivity for the whole weekend, so Amber tells us. Apparently that’s when he gets most of the inspiration for his stories.”

The knowledge that Amber was otherwise engaged, was all that Lauren needed to hear in order to agree to a third weekend at the twins’ house; as she relished, more than anything else in the world, the chance to get back into whatever bonds the twins had in store for her.

And so it was that Lauren found herself in the cellar of the rambling old house that belonged to Jasmine and Jade’s parents. The latter were away for a week or so, Lauren had been informed, staying in their Spanish villa to get away from the wet and damp of a late autumn in England. Ironically, as it turned out, the weather had been sunny and unseasonably mild in Suffolk recently, with the forecast predicting this trend continuing for the next few days at least.

Lauren had taken a leaf out of Jasmine and Jade’s book in regard to her attire on this latest visit. The last time she’d been here, she couldn’t help but admire the black spandex cat-suits that the twins had both worn; skin-tight outfits that highlighted every curve of their svelte young bodies. Lauren knew the moment she’d cast her eyes on these stretchy costumes that she had to have one.

Once she’d acquired a cat-suit of her own, she’d spent hours admiring herself in the mirror; loving the look of the way it clung to every inch of her lithe form from neck to ankle, as well as getting a thrill from the smooth feel as it caressed her flesh. Gently letting her hand glide over the drum-tight fabric on her thighs, her buttocks and her breasts, she found herself becoming aroused. How much more would be the pleasure, she wondered with a shiver of anticipation, if she could be bound and gagged whilst wearing this gorgeously sensuous costume? Another source of satisfaction was the faint swishing sound that accompanied every step as she paced across the room.

Not that she would be doing much walking once she arrived at the twins’ house.


Lauren tried to move her limbs but, as she knew already, there was no chance of either her arms or legs slipping free from the strict ligatures. Her bonds, as always, were secured ultra tightly; indeed Lauren felt that, if anything, she had been bound even tighter than on previous visits here... if that were at all possible. For a start, the twins had used far more rope than they had done in the past, leaving her trussed from ankle to shoulder with... well, how many lengths of rope was it? Lauren began to count, although at this stage it was difficult to visually check their number precisely. There was one that held her ankles in check, two more that coiled tightly around her calves, a third just below her knees, another just above, then two more that ensured her right thigh remained in close contact with the left. That added up to seven... and this was only her legs!

It went without saying that Lauren’s hands were bound tightly and securely behind her back, with the finishing knot well out of reach should her fingers become inquisitive as to its whereabouts. Her elbows too had been pulled back until they almost touched, before having a length of cord wound around just above the joint, effectively holding her arms in check. Then there was the intricate body harness, fashioned from three separate lengths of rope, which wove an extremely snug lattice-work pattern around her arms and torso from waist to shoulders.

But the pièce de résistance, as far as Lauren was concerned, was the crotch rope which the twins had lovingly threaded between her legs and pulled ultra tightly into her, before securing it to the rope around her wrists. All Lauren had to do was pull lightly on this particular rope for the seeds of her arousal to kick in. The mere sensation of the rope biting into her tight spandex outfit as it slid into her was an experience that, she’d learnt on her previous visits to the twins’ house, couldn’t be beaten.

Of course the cessation of ropes at her shoulders didn’t mean that her neck and beyond had been neglected. A rolled up pair of tights - seemingly the twins’ gag of choice – had been stuffed into Lauren’s mouth, before a copious amount of grey duct tape had found its way around her lower face and head, in order to seal her lips. After this, the leather hood had been applied; a skin-tight contraption that laced up at the back of her head and buckled at the neck. There were four tiny holes in the facial area, two located at the nostrils, and two for the wearer to view their surroundings. There was no opening in the region of the mouth.

Then, to supplement the hood, there were the straps - two in number -the first of which was placed across Lauren’s lower face, pulled tightly around her head and buckled securely at the back of her neck. The second was positioned at right angles to the first; being placed under her chin, then pulled up to the top of her head and secured in similar fashion to its counterpart. The rolled up tights, the tape, the mouth-less hood and the jaw restricting straps, all conspired to ensure that Lauren was well and truly incapable of making anything but the faintest, most muffled of sounds, which would, even if she had been trying to attract attention to her plight, have been inaudible on the other side of the cellar, let alone to anyone beyond the confines of her underground prison cell.

With their captive thus bound, Jasmine and Jade had laid Lauren face down on an old mattress on the floor, before pulling her legs up behind her so that her feet were in close proximity to her hands. Then they’d applied one final rope, taut and severely restrictive, to connect her ankle and wrist bonds, thus leaving her in an inescapable hog-tie. Then they’d taken their leave, locking the cellar door on departure, but leaving the light on; whether the latter was by design or through oversight, Lauren was unsure. Their parting shot, as they’d climbed the stairs, was that when they returned they would have a surprise for her.


Lauren had luxuriated in her bonds from the moment the cellar door had slammed shut. She was eager to use the crotch rope to get herself off, but had decided to hold back for the time being and not peak too soon. Instead she toyed tentatively with this, the most pleasurable of her bonds, tantalising and teasing herself with a prelude of what could and would be achievable when she finally succumbed to temptation. Just as she was working herself up to a stage where she could wait no longer, however, the sound of the key turning and the creaking open of the door distracted her from her endeavours. She cursed under her breath at the twins’ bad timing, consoling herself with the fact that, once they’d subjected her to the next round of even stricter bondage, they’d once again leave her in peace.

From around a pile of packing crates, the twins appeared, both dressed in cat-suits identical to the one worn by Lauren. Each wore a broad leather belt, which accentuated their thin waists and curvaceous hips. Both wore knee length high heeled boots. In her hands, Jasmine carried several reels of duct tape, whilst her sister was holding three enormous rolls of cling-film.

“Well Lauren, I think it’s time we made your bonds that little bit more interesting for you.”

Without another word, Jasmine released the rope connecting Lauren’s wrists and ankles, then lifted her to her feet, while Jade took one of the rolls of cling-film and began to wrap it around Lauren’s rope-bound ankles. If Lauren had been slightly dismayed at being released from the hog-tie, the thought of being immersed under a sea of compacted film more than made up for her loss. Slowly but surely, the flimsy yet tightly compressing wrap worked its way up Lauren’s calves, over her knees and onwards to her thighs; each circumnavigation being smoothed down to ensure maximum efficiency in its capacity as an immobilising agent. Over her buttocks and hips it climbed, supplementing the smooth spandex with another skin-tight layer. With her arms being incorporated into the overall wrap, Lauren soon found the transparent cocoon passing over her breasts and continuing up to her shoulders, finally finishing just below the hood’s securing buckle at her neck.

With the cessation of the cling-film encirclement, Jasmine grabbed one of the reels of duct tape and began sticking this down around Lauren’s ankles. If past experience was anything to go by, this would merely amount to a few strategically placed circuits to stop the cling-film from peeling away, after which Lauren would have expected to find herself being lowered back onto the floor and left to her own devices for the next hour or so. So it came as some surprise when this initial orbit of her lower legs turned out to be the commencement of a full body encasement that covered every square inch of the recently applied cling-film, leaving her in what could only be described as a double cocoon.

The mummification process took several minutes, and eventually led to Lauren being ensnared in a rigid grey shell that allowed very little movement whatsoever. But even now, Jade and Jasmine still hadn’t yet completed their intended tasks. Manoeuvring their bound friend across the floor in short hops, Lauren found herself being positioned with her back to a sturdy water pipe that ran from ceiling to floor in one darkened corner of the cellar. To Lauren’s surprise and, she had to admit, great delight, she watched as yet more of the grey tape was wound around her legs, only on this occasion, the strongly adhering strips encircled not only her body, but also the pipe; anchoring her to the spot in the process. Circuit after circuit of tape on top of tape followed over the next few minutes, until Lauren found herself lashed securely to the stout mooring post. Moving even an inch in any direction was now impossible.

“Okay Lauren, that ought to keep you out of mischief for some time, while Jade and I indulge in a little bit of bondage experimentation.”

Something in Lauren’s demeanour or body language must have alerted the twins to her puzzlement at this cryptic remark.

“Don’t worry though, this is a little game that we play sometimes when we’re on our own. It doesn’t directly affect you, but we thought you might like to see what we get up to when you’re not here.”

“Well I suppose in a way it does affect Lauren” Jade corrected her sister, “as the outcome of this little game will dictate just how long she’ll have to remain tied up for.”

The twins exchanged glances and giggled.

“You see Lauren, what we’re going to do now is play a game that we call our ‘Endurance Challenge’. Have you locked the cellar door Jade?”

Jade showed her sister the key, and walked across to the other side of the room, where a shelf protruded from the wall at a height of around six feet. Reaching up above her head, she placed the key next to some tins of paint that looked as if they had been there for several years. Whilst she did this, Jasmine continued her tale.

“What happens is that we both get ourselves tied up and gagged, then handcuff ours wrists behind our backs. Then we wrap ourselves up in cling-film as best we can, so that we’re cocooned – a bit like you are right now.”

“But what Jasmine has forgotten to mention,” Jade interrupted her sister, “is where the keys to the handcuffs are during this game of ours. You see the handcuffs that Jasmine will be wearing are a different type to the ones I’ll be locked in, which means that they have different keys. So what we do, before we get ourselves into our bonds, is fix the key to the particular set of cuffs that we’ll be wearing to a dog collar, which we then place around our necks.”

“In other words,” Jasmine broke in, “the key to the cuffs I’ll be shackled in will be around my neck, and the key to Jade’s will be around hers.”

She paused for a second or two so that Lauren could take this all in.

“Which means,” she continued, just in case Lauren hadn’t grasped the significance of their intended actions, “I can’t reach the key to my cuffs and Jade can’t get to hers.”

“But,” Jade once more chimed in, obviously warming to her role as storyteller, “we can get to each other’s key... if we want to.”

Whether it was the prospect of getting themselves all tied up that was a turn on for the twins, or whether just telling the story to a captive audience was exhilarating in itself, Lauren wasn’t certain. But it definitely seemed that, as their story progressed, they were becoming more and more animated and excited by the whole picture that they were painting.

“And that’s where the endurance part comes in, you see? We both know that, if we want to ever get free, one of us will have to release the handcuff key from around the other’s neck. Which means that whoever succumbs first knows that she won’t be the one to get out. And of course, as you’ve probably guessed, the rule of the game is that, whoever gets free first can keep the other tied up indefinitely and keep adding to her bonds as long as she feels like it.”

“So the trick is to make sure that you’re not the first to give in, which is why it’s a case of endurance; to see which one of us cracks first. Of course, you know what we’re like Lauren. We’re both comfortable in extreme states of bondage, so it can be hours and hours before either of us submits.”

“And the added difficulty is that, as the key to the door is up on the shelf, we can’t get out of the cellar without one of us letting the other loose. So you see, it could be some time before any of us gets out of here. But I know how much you love your bondage, so I’m sure it won’t cause too much grief if you have to stay here for the rest of the day... or maybe even into tomorrow.”

The twins’ story came to an end, and there followed a few brief seconds during which they both stood looking at Lauren, as if they were expecting some sort of response – whether it be to condone or condemn their ‘Endurance Challenge’ scheme. Even if she could have spoken freely, it was obvious that Jasmine and Jade would have paid little heed to her utterances, as clearly they had already made up their minds that they were going ahead with this. So Lauren simply “mmphed” into her gag in a non-committal kind of way. Deep down, however, the thought of being tied up here for the rest of the day gave her a warm, contented feeling. She had no wish to be free, so whether the twins were capable or otherwise of releasing her from her bondage was quite irrelevant right now.


Lauren watched in fascination as both Jasmine and Jade placed the heavy, studded leather dog collars around their necks and fastened the buckles securely at the nape. From a ‘D’ ring on each, Lauren could see a tiny key hanging. With the chokers in place, both twins took their boots off; their stirrupped feet revealing that they were wearing black tights beneath their cat-suits. Having removed their footwear, both sat down on the recently vacated mattress, and Jasmine began to tie her sister’s legs with soft white rope similar to that worn by Lauren beneath her cling-film and tape cocoon. After winding, cinching and tightly securing the cords around Jade’s ankles, calves, knees and thighs, Jasmine allowed her sister to reciprocate, so that within minutes both had their legs strictly bound. Each now tested their sibling’s handiwork by straining and wriggling as hard as they could for a minute or more, until they were content that none of the ropes would in any way come loose of its own accord.

Whereas the twins had tied one another’s legs together, the gagging process found each attending to her own vocal restricting needs. Almost as one, Jasmine and Jade picked up a ball of rolled up tights from their stash of bondage paraphernalia and stuffed these into their mouths. Then came the tape, dexterously self wound around their heads (whilst holding their long dark, tresses out of the way), replicating exactly the method used to silence Lauren. Only when each had completed this task, did the other become involved; smoothing down her sister’s efforts, to ensure that the adhesive bonded firmly and efficiently to the soft flesh on their faces.

Awestruck by this spectacle of mutual bondage, Lauren could only marvel at the way the twins went about their tasks. But what she witnessed next made her gasp inwardly, as Jade tied a length of rope extremely tightly around Jasmine’s waist, created reverse tension and deftly threaded the ends between her sister’s legs from back to front, then yanked it as tightly as she could; so hard, in fact, that Jasmine squealed with what seemed like surprise and delight in equal measure.

With the loose ends knotted adroitly on Jasmine’s stomach, the girls swapped roles once more, as Jasmine treated Jade to the same high standard of crotch rope. The sight of these pleasure-inducing bonds being applied, brought the existence of her own crotch rope back to the forefront of Lauren’s thoughts; a rope which, so far today, she had still to take full advantage of. But there was still plenty of time for that sort of thing. A quick tug on the rope, however, was all Lauren needed to remind her of the potential ecstatic experiences that were to come later.

Jade’s next move was to take her pair of handcuffs and swiftly shackle her wrists behind her back. This, Lauren guessed, would be a signal for her sister to do likewise. So it was with some surprise that she watched as Jasmine, instead of attending to her own wrists, picked up a roll of cling-film and began wrapping this several times around her sister’s lower legs. As with Lauren’s first layer of mummification, this process slowly worked its way up Jade’s body, with the compliant recipient helping Jasmine out by lifting her hips away from the floor and balancing on her heels and elbows whilst Jasmine coiled the film around her lower torso and arms.

Once she was encased to the neck, Jade giggled as her sister playfully rolled her onto her stomach, and it seemed to the onlooking Lauren that there was no way in the world anyone should be able to get out of that. She knew, however, that both twins had mastered the art of escape, and she had witnessed firsthand in the past how Jade had fought her way through a similar multilayered mass of film.

Now satisfied that her identical twin was bound to the preset standards for their game, Jasmine began the self-mummification process on herself. Only on this occasion, once her legs and hips had been subjected to a similar transparent caress, she stopped the winding process, with the unused film dangling from her waist and still attached to the spool. Now she took up her handcuffs and placed her left arm into the awaiting bracelet, before closing the ratchet down onto her wrist. Once satisfied that the steel circle was no longer of sufficient circumference to allow her to extricate her hand, she rolled onto her stomach next to her motionless sister and reached around behind her back to grasp the still vacant manacle with her right hand.

The closing of this cuff seemed quick and effortless to Lauren, which led her to believe that Jasmine had performed a similar function on herself many times in the past. This came as no great surprise, but what did startle the relative novice was the spectacle of Jasmine rolling over and over, to allow the remaining cling-film to wrap itself around her torso, embracing and encasing her in the process. For several minutes Jasmine persevered in her endeavours to replicate the upper body cocooning that both her current cellmates enjoyed. Lauren wouldn’t have believed, if she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes, that anyone could self-mummify to the same high standards that could be achieved by a third party. But once the remainder of the film had been exhausted, Jasmine seemed to have attained the impossible, with her arms lashed to her body beneath several layers of tight cellophane.

Snuggling up next to her twin on the mattress, Jasmine murmured something into her gag which Lauren didn’t catch. Jade, however, shook her head and giggled. Jasmine giggled too, and for half a minute they seemed to be sharing some private joke. Then Jade said something - again incomprehensible to Lauren - in reply to which Jasmine nodded. Lauren had been watching placidly until now, but suddenly both Jade and Jasmine began to jerk their hips up and down, almost in unison; gently at first, but gradually building up until their movements became much more vigorous.

It was clear to Lauren that they were both pulling rhythmically on their crotch ropes, and Lauren needed no invitation to join in. Yanking the rope up as high as she could, she immediately felt a warm moistness between her legs and within seconds her hips and thighs were straining against the tape that held her to the pipe, as she joined the twins in their search for sexual nirvana. Whether it was just coincidence, or whether each of the trio had subconsciously synchronised her rhythm to that of her fellow pleasure seekers, would probably never be known. But the fact that all three of the bound and cocooned females reached her climax at almost precisely the same second as her playmates, coincided with a cacophony of moans, gasps and sighs emanating from three very excited gagged mouths.

If sexual energy had been a bottleable commodity, then that generated by the three nubile women at that moment, would have stocked a reasonably sized wine cellar. Alas however, such energy is both fleeting and elusive, and within seconds had dissipated into the ether. Now elated and sated – temporarily at least – all three lapsed into silence, as they relaxed in the afterglow of their shared experience.


For what must have been at least half an hour, none of the cellar’s three occupants made any attempt at communication. Just as Lauren was pondering the prospects of a repeat performance, however, a sound echoed through the underground cavern which made her freeze. It was obvious, from the way two heads stirred from their positions on the mattress and turned in the direction of the door, that Jade and Jasmine had heard it too. But that couldn’t be! Jade had locked the cellar door from the inside and, as far as Lauren knew, nobody else had a key. And even more worrying was the fact that no one should have been in the house. Had the twins’ parents returned from their overseas jaunt unexpectedly? That had to be the answer... didn’t it? In which case, how would they react when they found their offspring, plus best friend, in such embarrassing circumstances?

But it wasn’t the twins’ father or mother whose voice echoed around the dimly lit windowless space a few seconds after the door had creaked open, although it was a voice that Lauren had encountered before; a voice which, once heard, sent a shiver of fear shooting through her. Although from her position in the corner, Lauren’s view of the exit and the steps that led down to the stone floor was cut off, it was clear without visual confirmation that the new arrival on the scene was Jasmine and Jade’s cousin Amber. The very same Amber de Sade who had abducted her from under the twins’ noses only a month or so ago and kept her in a state of perpetual bondage for two whole days.

From their more central position on the cellar floor, both Jade and Jasmine were better placed to view the entrance/exit, and almost immediately both squirmed in their bonds, as each knew that their cousin’s arrival spelt trouble for all of them. The click of Amber’s six inch heels on the stone steps became louder as her descent neared its conclusion, and seconds later the unmistakable form of the dominatrix sauntered into view.

Dressed as she had been the last time Lauren had had the misfortune to encounter her, Amber’s outfit consisted of an ultra tight shiny latex cat-suit that glistened in the light from the dim bulb above. Her head was covered in a matching hood, with her long blonde ponytail spouting from an aperture high on the back of her head like the spume of a fountain. The facial portion of the hood fitted closely to the contours of her face and accentuated her high cheekbones and slender nose. Through the mouth aperture could be seen a pair of sumptuous lips painted in brilliant red lipstick. From the eyeholes, two deep brown fathomless pools reflected what light there was back into the room.

Amber walked towards the twins and bent down by the side of the mattress.

“Well, well my dear cousins, you really do look as if you’ve excelled yourselves this time. I was looking forward to tying you up myself, but it looks like you’ve taken that pleasure away from me. Still, I’m sure that I can find other ways to have fun with you.”

She stood up and made one complete circuit of the mattress, never once glancing away from the two girls shifting nervously at her feet, and it became apparent to Lauren that Amber had yet to register her presence in the shadowy corner of the room.

“You see girls,” Amber continued, “I’m at a bit of a loose end today, as my intended sub had to cancel his session with me at the last minute. Claims he’s got a killer story lined up that he just had to get written before the moment passed. I’ll make him pay for messing me about when I next have him in my clutches. But there I was, all geared up for a bit of bondage fun, but with no one to play with. So I immediately thought of my two adorable little cousins.”

Amber paced across the room, her eyes still not straying into the corner where Lauren stood motionless but inwardly trembling, almost daring not to breathe lest the sound of her inhaling or exhaling was picked up by Amber’s keen hearing.

“And as I knew that mummy and daddy weren’t going to be around to protect their sweet little darling girls,” she continued in the same mocking tone, “I figured that I’d whisk them away for a few days at my place. I don’t have another client until Wednesday, so there’s plenty of time for the three of us to bond - if you’ll pardon the pun.”

Amber bent down beside Jasmine and examined the key hanging from her collar, before removing it from the ring.

“I don’t think we’ll be needing this for the next few days, will we?”

Jade, who had been watching this wide-eyed, tried to slither away from her cousin, knowing that her key too was about to become unavailable. Amber, however, simply laughed, reached over and retrieved the key with ease.

“Nice try Jade, but there’s no way you’re going to get away from me now. It’s time, I think, to get you all packaged up and ready for transporting back to my dungeon. I hope you didn’t have any plans for the next four days, because if you did they’ve just been cancelled.”

Lauren realised now that she had a big decision to make. If she remained still and silent, Amber might not even realise that she was there. But in that case she would have to remain all alone here, bound, gagged, mummified and helpless for four whole days. But on the other hand, if she did make her presence known with some sound or movement, then it seemed inevitable that... she would have to remain bound, gagged, mummified and helpless for four whole days!

Seemingly caught between a rock and a hard place, it was a dilemma that she mulled over for a few seconds, before realising that being abducted by Amber – however hideous that might prove to be – was better than being abandoned in an empty house for days on end. At least Amber would allow her food and water once a day – or even twice if she was lucky. And the other thing that swayed Lauren’s decision was the fact that she wouldn’t be alone; that, even though there would be no chance of escape, she’d have Jasmine and Jade for company. And it was this comforting ’safety in numbers’ consideration that finally caused Lauren to “mmph” pathetically into her gag.

Amber turned quickly at this sound, a look of surprise on the visible portion of her face. But that surprise soon transformed itself into a smile; not a warm, pleasant greeting, but more a mischievous yet delighted look of glee that stemmed, Lauren realised despondently, from the fact that she now had three, rather than two captives to make life miserable for.

Slowly, her hips swaying, Amber sashayed over to where Lauren stood, the tip of her tongue gently caressing her top lip as she approached.

“Well, well, if it isn’t my little friend, what’s your name again? Laura or something like that, isn’t it?”

From behind her, Jade tried to correct Amber’s error, but the word was muffled and unrecognisable.

”What was that Jade?”

This time, both of the twins tried in harmony to enunciate Lauren’s name. Neither word sounded remotely like “Lauren”. Amber turned back towards the twins momentarily.

“Laura, Lauren, Lori...whatever your name is, it doesn’t really make any difference to me when you’re all tied up and under my control. Plaything One, Plaything Two and Plaything Three, that’s how you’ll be known to me from now on.”

She turned back to Lauren, pressed her body against the cocooned and trembling young woman, and whispered in a low, husky voice,

“And you, my sweetness, are most definitely my number one plaything.”

Lauren watched in shocked silence as Amber’s bright red lips approached her masked face and gently kissed her left eyelid through the tiny hole in the leather hood, before doing likewise to her right. Still in a low voice, so that the twins couldn’t hear, she breathed softly

“Now, my darling, how would you like me to take you into custody for the next few days?”

It was a rhetorical question.


Amber paced slowly across the room, as if pondering her best course of action. After no more than a few seconds, however, she seemed to come to a decision.

“Right ladies, here’s what’s going to happen. We’re all going for a little ride in my car as it’s such a nice sunny day. It’s a shame that none of you will be able enjoy the view, but I’m sure you’ll find other fun-filled ways to occupy your time. I’m meeting some friends for lunch in Ipswich, then getting my hair done and doing a bit of shopping, before we all head back to my bondage studio, where the fun will really begin. First, though, I need to get you all parcelled up and ready to be shipped out of here. You first, Jade.”

From out of the trunk that held the twins’ stock of bondage equipment, Amber produced a black object that she draped limply over her arm and made a beeline for the mattress. Bending down so that the latex that covered her buttocks and thighs stretched to its ultimate limit, she lifted Jade’s legs and began to sheath her in the tightly fitting spandex bag. Jade’s protests were as half-hearted as they were short-lived; either, Lauren surmised, because she knew dissension to be futile, she was scared of incurring Amber’s wrath, or she was actually not too bothered about her cousin reinforcing her bonds.

Unlike the sleep-sack that Lauren had worn during her previous stints of layered bondage, this particular restraint had no zipper, but was, in effect, a single body stocking that was long enough to encase Jade up to the neck but no further. To stop her prisoner wriggling out of the skin-tight swaddling garment, Amber swiftly coiled leather belts around Jade’s ankles, knees, thighs and waist, before adding a final strap just above her breasts.

With one twin thus secured, Amber wasted no time in repeating the same procedure on Jasmine. She, however, put up more of a fight than her sister; although whether this was play-acting or a real show of defiance, Lauren wasn’t entirely sure. But it made no difference whatsoever, and within no time at all, Jasmine too had been enrobed in spandex and was held firmly within the grip of tightly buckled straps. Next came the leather hoods, identical to the one worn by Lauren, with the attendant jaw restricting straps criss-crossing their faces.

And then it was time to go.


Lifting Jade up in her arms, Amber made for the door and out of Lauren’s line of vision; the ‘click-clack’ of her high heels on the stairs gradually getting fainter, until the sound of the door opening and closing signalled her departure from the cellar. Less than a minute later she was back, however, removing Jasmine in the same manner.

For several minutes now, Lauren found herself alone in the cellar. She desperately tried to free herself during this solitary interlude, but deep down she knew that she had no chance of success. Then the sound of heels on stone grew louder again, and moments later Amber’s latex clad form came into view.

“Right, my little angel, what are we going to do with you then?”

Lauren let out a low whine that she hoped would help to portray the fact that she really didn’t want to be kept tied up continually for four days, even though the fact that she had allowed herself to be willingly bound might suggest otherwise. But it cut no ice with Amber, who began to strip away the tape that held her rigidly to the pipe. But that was the only concession to freedom that she was going to allow. In fact, as Lauren was fully expecting, her bonds were about to increase. In keeping with the twins, Lauren found herself being encased in a black spandex body-bag, before being strapped up as tightly as the stretch of the leather belts would permit.

The familiar pattern continued still, with Amber placing one arm under Lauren’s knees, and the other around her upper torso. Holding her tightly against her breasts, she negotiated the clutter on the cellar floor and began ascending to ground level. At the top of the stairs she turned towards the front door, which Lauren could see was standing ajar. A car could be seen outside in the driveway, its rear end no more than a couple of yards from the porch.

Setting Lauren down on her feet, Amber held her captive upright with one hand whilst opening the boot with the other. The lifting of the lid revealed Jasmine and Jade lying within. There was barely room for the two of them in the small car’s luggage compartment, but it quickly became obvious that it was going to have to fit three. Gently, Amber tipped Lauren headfirst into the confined space, pushing one twin further into the boot’s interior, while ensuring that the other stayed nearest to her. Lauren, Amber had clearly decided, was going to be squeezed into the gap and sandwiched between the two of them; each facing the front of the car, their legs bent at the knees in the cramped conditions, so that they were stacked together like spoons in a cutlery drawer.

“I know how Jade and Jasmine will try to tamper with each other’s bonds if I let them, so I’ll use you as a barrier to keep them apart.”

Having squeezed Lauren into the tight space, Amber gave the trussed up trio a two second warning to keep their heads down, before the boot slammed shut and extinguished the light. About two or three minutes elapsed before the sound of the heavy wooden house door slamming shut was followed by that of the metal driver’s door opening. The car’s suspension dipped slightly as Amber got in.

“Okay girls, here we go. Hope you enjoy the ride.”

The slow speed at first, accompanied by the crunching of the gravel on the driveway, was followed by a rapid acceleration once the road was reached. They journeyed at a steady speed for several miles, before the constant slowing down, stopping, turning of corners, together with the sound of heavy traffic, informed Lauren that they were now approaching Ipswich town centre.

Throughout the ride, the twins had been attempting to communicate with Lauren, and with one another, but very few words could be made out due to a combination of the layered gags and the low rumble of the engine. One thing that Lauren did comprehend, however, was that both Jade and Jasmine were finding this whole escapade enjoyable; giggles frequently punctuating their efforts to speak. Lauren was comforted by the presence of her friends, and the fact that they weren’t too fazed by the whole episode went some way to allaying her fears. But still she felt uneasy. For a start, Amber seemed to have taken quite a shine to her. What exactly was she going to do to her when they eventually reached her dungeon?

The car ascending a steep gradient, then seemingly turning back on itself, before once more climbing a slope or ramp, tore Lauren’s thoughts away from what was to come in a few hours and helped her focus on the present. This alternating sequence of upward motion and sharp turns was repeated a further four times in quick succession, before the car finally came to a halt and the engine died. After about half a minute, Amber got out and seconds later the boot opened and weak autumn sunlight poured in. Lauren raised her head as much as she dared and gazed out onto the roof of a multi-storey car park.

Although the sound of motors manoeuvring below could occasionally be heard, apart from two cars away to the left and close to the ‘Pay and Display’ ticket machine, the roof was devoid of other vehicles. Amber stood over her captives, smiling. It was the first time that Lauren had ever seen Mistress de Sade without the latex hood obscuring her features. She must have been a few years older than herself and the twins, Lauren guessed; probably in her mid to late twenties. Her smooth, unblemished, milk-white skin betrayed a sun-starved existence spent in dungeons and subterranean torture chambers, and contrasted sharply with her vivid red lip-gloss and black eye make-up. Her long blonde hair blew freely in the stiffening breeze. She was wearing a long black leather coat, under which, Lauren noticed as one side flapped in the wind, she was still attired in her latex cat-suit. She also still wore knee-length boots, but had changed into a pair with slightly shorter heels; the six inch ones she’d worn earlier really not being practical for walking any significant distance.

“Okay ladies, I’m off now. Lunch, hair, retail therapy in that order. It’s just gone midday now, and I’ll probably be back around six o’clock, so you’ve got plenty of time to amuse yourselves however you see fit. I wouldn’t make too much noise and draw attention to yourselves if I were you though, as it might be a bit embarrassing trying to explain to the police how you came to be all tied up in the boot of a car. Anyway, I must dash now. I suppose I’d better get a ticket before I go... wouldn’t want them to tow you away while I’m gone!”

Without further warning, the boot closed again and the sound of Amber’s heels gradually receded, only to return less than a minute later. The car door was heard to open, then quickly shut once more, as presumably the ticket was affixed to the windscreen. There then followed two light taps on the metal just above the girls’ heads, as Amber rapped her knuckles on the boot as a parting shot just prior to her departure towards the stairs that would take her to street level and the town centre.

“Be good girls. I’ll see you later.”


For a few minutes, all three bound females remained motionless and silent. It was Jade, lying directly behind Lauren, who eventually seized the initiative. At first Lauren assumed that she was merely trying to get into to a more comfortable position, but after a few seconds it became clear that her movements were anything but random, and that her hips had begun thrusting back and forth rhythmically. And the mood appeared to be infectious, as Jasmine almost immediately began to imitate her sister’s actions. There was nothing for it but to join in.

Pulling her crotch rope tightly, Lauren found herself getting carried away in the heat of the moment, and soon all three were moving as one in their desire to achieve orgasm. The car’s suspension rose and fell to their rhythm, and if anyone had been on hand outside, they would have noticed a car rocking almost violently up and down. And to accompany this, the sound of three young women moaning with pleasure, even through multi-layered gags, would undoubtedly have been audible from several yards distance.

As with their earlier endeavours, Lauren, Jasmine and Jade all managed to synchronise their climaxes to within a second or two of each other. With all their energies spent, three deep sighs of satisfaction issued from their throats and each relaxed and fell motionless within the now quite warm environs of the compact space. Lauren now found herself feeling far more relaxed about the whole situation they found themselves in, and the prospect of spending the next few days in bondage seemed far less daunting than it had before. With her friends at her side, Lauren knew that the twins wouldn’t let her come to any real harm, and the joys that could be had in their shared state of imprisonment would, she decided, outweigh all other considerations. All in all, life seemed quite good at that moment.

But all that was about to change...


For what must have been an hour or so, there was very little movement within the boot and only occasional attempts at communication between the trio. Outside, the sound of car engines seemed to increase, as the car park filled up with Saturday afternoon shoppers. As the sound of an engine ceased, voices would be heard, as members of the general public passed by on their way out, completely oblivious to the human cargo within an ordinary, nondescript car parked only a few yards from their own. At one point, the clatter of a child’s footsteps could be heard just on the other side of the walls of their metal tomb, and then the high pitched chattering of a small girl - only inches away - before the sound of her mother’s voice called her away.

So it was of no great concern at first, when the conversation of two approaching men filtered through the tight leather hoods that each of the boot’s occupants wore. Until, that is, the sound of their footsteps ceased only feet away.

“Try this one.”

The voice was followed a second or two later by someone tentatively pulling at a car door handle. And it was obvious straight away, from the clarity and closeness of the sound, that it was the car in which they languished that was being tested. And what’s more, the door was heard to open!

“This one’s unlocked. Quick get in.”

The sound of the passenger door also opening was followed by a dipping motion in the car’s suspension, as the two men climbed in. Amber, it seemed, had forgotten to lock the doors!!

“Quick, get it started before anyone sees us.”

Lauren had heard about people hot-wiring cars to get them to start, but was amazed at how quickly this seemed to occur, as within no more than a minute - after a brief commotion as the panelling was removed from the steering column - the engine spluttered into life. Seconds later, after reversing a few yards, the crunching of the gears was followed instantly by the car accelerating away. Down the ramps at what seemed like great speed, with the wheels screeching at every turn, they soon reached ground level and pulled out into heavy, stop-start traffic.

Although the conservation up front was muted by the constant drone of the engine, the men seemed agitated, as if they wanted to get as far away as possible in the shortest space of time. Their agitation, however, was nothing compared to the shock and fear that Lauren felt at that moment. And it was clear, from the way that the twins had begun to react by struggling and writhing in their bonds, that they too shared Lauren’s disquiet at this latest turn of events.

What should they do? Was it in their best interests to make their presence known to the car thieves? Should they try to alert someone – anyone – out there as to what was happening? Or was it best to keep quiet and sit tight for a while, to see how events unfolded? Maybe they were just a couple of joy-riders, who would abandon the car after a few miles. Or perhaps there was something more sinister in their mission to steal a car.

Now out of the town and onto less congested roads, the vehicle picked up speed. But where were they headed? And what, if they were discovered in the boot, would become of Lauren, Jasmine and Jade?


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