Ebony 2: Beauty & the Bitch

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2014 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

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Now, it was three days later and it had been a very uncomfortable seventy two hours for my current project. I had used many little tricks other than the basic restraints to start convincing Grace, who I now called Ebony, that she no longer had any control over anyone or anything.

Meals were force fed through the ring gag, a catheter meant she had given up control of her bladder and a butt plug that was adapted to connect with a pump that hygienically cleared any waste relieved her of even that basic function.

I was particularly pleased with the way I handled another simple everyday habit and, in the process, scared the hell out of her.

Strapped and held immobile in a fully adjustable, multi-purpose chair with her mouth stretched around the ring gag, Ebony’s eyes followed me as I wheeled over the tall rack of equipment that instantly screamed – dentist!

It was impossible but those beautiful eyes seemed to get even wider as I made a production of putting on a white rubber smock to cover my black leather cat suit and snapped latex gloves on my hands.

A deep throated moan came through the ring gag as she watched me lift the drill off the rack and heard the high pitched whine when I stepped on the foot control. Smiling down at her I lowered the drill out of her line of sight and changed the tip. Dipping the new one in a small jar of gunk I used two fingers of my left hand to pinch her already stretched upper lip and peel it upwards.

Then I stepped on the control switch and brushed her teeth.

The stream of emotions that flashed across her eyes was soon followed by a perceptible relaxing of her muscles as she realized what I was doing. It was a small psychological victory but, added to the many others I had planned; it would nibble away at the girl’s extraordinary self-confidence in herself.

“It could very easily have been the drill Ebony and that would have been very painful; you are completely and utterly under my control so get used to it.”

She wouldn’t, of course, at least for some time but I was going to have my kind of fun until she did.

Now, on the evening of her third day with me, I had her in an outfit that accentuated her figure and highlighted the fine facial features that made her so beautiful. Eventually I planned to tell her why she was here and what was going to happen to her over the next few weeks.

Naturally she was dressed completely in gleaming white leather and it looked amazing on her. On the other hand Ebony was not enjoying the experience.

A couple of hours earlier I had dressed in a comfortable pair of leather slacks, light sweater and some low heeled ankle boots before getting to work on Ebony.

I started with a combination long line white leather bondage bra and waist cincher that laced from the top of her hips to high on the back of her neck. That job done I followed with specially designed shoulder length white kid leather gloves. I handled her easily because she was strapped face down on a rubber topped table. A wide strap ran across the back of her head and kept it locked face down through an oval opening in the table.

Releasing the strap holding her left wrist I bent the arm up between her shoulder blades until a set of eyelets along the forearm of the gloves matched another set built into the bondage bra to the left of her backbone. Feeding a long leather thong through the eyelets I laced that arm where I wanted it and then did the same with her right arm.

Another small strap across her elbows pulled them even closer together and increased the tension on the reverse prayer position of her arms.

This process was interspersed with a constant barrage of swearing, shouts, grunts and groans because I had deliberately not gagged my victim – yet.

I pulled together the leather flaps built into the sides of the bondage bra until they met evenly down the middle of her back and laced them together. That took care of her arms.

I released the strap holding her head down and easily, since for all intents and purposes she was armless, flipped her on to her back. A couple of minutes later her feet were locked in the heel rests of the metal arms attached to each side of the table. Straps at her knees held them to the metal arms and, as I turned the crank, her bent legs were spread and moved downward towards the outside edges of the table.

She was now completely vulnerable and the volume of her screaming and swearing increased as I tightened a strap across her upper chest to stop her squirming around.

Next I worked two white leather straps around each of her thighs as close as possible to her buttocks. Attached by strong elastic bands to each strap were six small alligator clips, white naturally, and the teeth of each clip were covered in thin white rubber so they would pinch and hold but not puncture the tender skin of her labia outer lips.

Taking my time I attached a clip just in from the edge of the top of the left lip and, as I let go it the elastic retracted and pulled at the clip. When the other eleven clips were in place her vagina was completely exposed and ready for my further attention.

Pulling on a pair of latex gloves I moved a small table within reach and stood between Ebony’s legs. Twenty minutes later the swearing and cursing had changed and she was unwittingly moaning and pleading with me to let her climax. Using vibrators and dildos I had worked her three or four times to the point of complete frustration and left her hanging.

Throughout the whole time I had not said a word to her and my lack of reaction seemed to frustrate her almost as much as what I was doing to her; that was fine with me and just added to the building tension.

Using some of her own juices I ran a couple of gloved fingers around her rosebud and installed an anal spreader. Selecting an object from a container on the table I held it until the excess fluid it had been soaking in had dripped off. Using some paper towel I dried it and wrapped it in a couple of sheets of thin rice paper.

It was about five inches long and shaped somewhat like a greyish white stubby carrot with one narrow end and a thicker base. I pushed it through the opening in the spreader and, once it was completely buried inside Ebony’s rectum, I removed the spreader and pushed in a short, wide white rubber butt plug.

I repeated the process with a similarly shaped but much larger item from the container forcing that one deeply into the wide open vagina. Fitting a piece of thick white rubber over the opening I released the alligator clips and the thigh straps, pulled her lips closed and covered them with a wide piece of white tape. A strap from the middle of the back of the waist clincher pulled through her buttocks and when I tightened it to a buckle at the front it locked both of her openings closed and made them leak proof.

I peeled off the latex gloves and dropped them in the garbage.

With the straps removed from around her knees the metal stirrups straightened as I turned the crank until her legs were side by side and almost touching.  She was going to endure some very serious muscle movement and involuntary spasms soon so I fitted small pads between her knees and her ankle bones then pulled her legs tightly together with wide white tape above and below her knees, around the ankles and even the insteps.

Having cleared out and packed Grace’s, now Ebony’s, wardrobe I knew she was very comfortable in her stilettos but the heel on the white kid leather double leg thigh boot would tax even her arches.  As I worked it up over her feet it forced quite a few grunts and groans from her throat.  The tightening laces just accentuated the incredible curve of the top of her feet from the towering heel down to the tiny chisel point of the toe.

The boot was boned at the knee and as I completed the lacing process her legs were locked straight and she was completely encased in tight leather from her neck to the single toe of the boot.  The yelling and swearing had slowly diminished throughout the bondage process but Ebony still managed to come out with some threats and very original ideas as to what she was going to do to me when she got the chance.

That was just not going to happen and in a couple of hours I felt she would be convinced.

The kid leather hobble dress, white naturally, was fully lined so that it slid snugly up her legs and then, after I swung her booted feet down to the floor and turned her around to face the table, I worked it up her body and over her shoulders. The heavy duty zip pulled the two sides smoothly together forming a pouch over her bound arms and ending at the base of her neck to form a low collar.

A wide leather belt closed at the front of her waist with a large gold buckle. Still standing behind her I reached around and pulled the belt as tight as it would go then slipped the end through a reinforced loop on her left side. There was a matching loop on the right of the belt.

From the neck down her body was stiff as a board and I easily pulled it backwards until she stood between two upright metal posts about 40” high that were bolted to the floor. Short stainless steel chains from the top of each post ended in snap hooks that I attached to the reinforced belt loops. Much shorter chains snapped on ankle high loops at each side of the boot.

A few tugs here and there to smooth out a small wrinkles in the dress and there she stood - a beautiful statue in white leather that formed to every curve of her body balanced on the single toe and the towering heel of the boot. Accentuating the white of the leather was the mass of dark hair piled, out of the way, on top of the gorgeously dark features of her face. Those features were marred by the ugly twisting of her lips as she again started with the threats and the sheer hatred glaring at me from her eyes.

Continuing to ignore her I picked up a hair brush and, releasing the mass from the top of her head, started to brush it out until it flowed forwards over her shoulders and took on the gleaming blue black sheen that was so attractive.

Standing directly in front of Ebony I used my left hand to take a firm grip on her chin then quickly slapped her face with my right and held a finger to my lips to signal her to shut up. She didn’t get the message the first time so I did it again and she got it. I mean no one could ever accuse her of being stupid.

A small table held everything needed to do her makeup and, in keeping with the theme, that beautiful face soon sported white accented eye lids and glistening white lips sealed with a clear gloss coat.

I left the girl to continue to wonder what the hell was going on and went to shower and change. Taking my time and going over my plans for the next chapter of Ebony’s education it was nearly an hour later when I returned and stood in front of her in full black leather Domme mode right down to the short braided whip hanging from my wrist.

Wheeling a large monitor over to eight or ten feet in front of her I sat down in a chair beside it and powered up my laptop.

A surprised look came on Ebony’s face as I spoke to her for the first time in two days.

“The reason you are here Ebony is because of pain, pain you have caused to so many people and in return the pain are going to feel very soon.”

“Do you recognise this man?” I hit a button and a picture came up on the monitor.

“Well, Ebony, do you?”

Her eyes flicked to the screen and showed me that she did indeed know who he was.

“His name is Brian and he was only 28 years old when you screwed him out of a promising career by accusing him of racial harassment that never happened. What you don’t know is that when you got him fired he lost not only his job but his health benefits. He and his wife had a three year old son with severe medical problems; they lost him when they could no longer afford his specialists.”

“Now that’s pain Ebony and you did it. The records show that you pulled your racial stunt at least eleven times on both men and women and most of them had families and all of them suffered because of you.”

I hit another button.

“Here’s the list of their names Ebony; there are twenty six people affected by your actions and before this evening is over you will memorise them. I’d start now if I were you because very soon some of their pain will become yours and the longer you take the worse the pain will become.”

The white lips parted and the tip of her tongue flicked across them and then she said, “Fuck off and let me loose.”

“Oh that is a very bad mistake you heartless bltch and let me tell you why. What you have currently jammed up your ass and cunt are two peeled roots of horseradish. They had been soaking in vinegar until I was ready for them. After drying them I wrapped a couple of sheets of rice paper around the roots which takes a while to dissolve.”

“Once that happens your bodily fluids will activate a chemical reaction and produce, well, the medical term is allyl isothiocyanate, but it is more commonly known as a component of mustard oil.”

“The oil will cause extreme irritation and pain where it touches against your very sensitive internal surfaces and you can’t move a muscle to prevent it; so let’s just wait and see how long that rice paper takes to dissolve.”

What I didn’t tell her was that although it would get extremely painful the horse radish oil would not do any permanent harm. Once I removed the roots and flushed out her systems the pain would cease but until that happened she was about to get a glimpse of hell.

Watching her closely I saw a quick intake of breath and knew things were about to get interesting.


In my world my reputation as a Leather Domme was well known and understood. I was very, very good at what I did and used what-ever means necessary to obtain the desired end to any contracts I undertook. That included every conceivable form of bondage some of which caused a certain amount of pain to the subject.

But, I was not a sadist who used pain just for the sake of causing pain. In Ebony’s case I was, for the next couple of hours, going to skate very close to that line because within minutes she was going to start experiencing pain that would verge on the unbearable.

It had not been an easy decision but it was the only way I could start to penetrate Ebony’s mental wall that had her believing she was better than everyone else. Her overwhelming self-confidence told her that what she had done had no consequences except to move her up the management ladder.

Physical pain for an hour or two would not be comparable to the devastating affect her actions had on the lives of so many innocent people. There was also the fact that, once it was over, the threat of a repeat performance should make her very obedient.

There was a low moan from Ebony and her eyes closed for a moment then snapped open again and stared at me.

“Start memorizing that list before the rice paper completely dissolves Ebony you don’t have much time to concentrate.”

A shocked grunt came from the white leather statue and if she hadn’t been bound so severely it would have been accompanied by a muscular shudder that would have racked her body.

“The list Ebony, study the list of your victims!”

She looked at me and then to the monitor her eyes began studying the names but then they closed and a mewling sound started in her throat and she bit her lips.

It was time to protect her from herself so I moved behind her and waited. It didn’t take long until I heard the sharp intake of breath and her head jerked backwards. As her mouth opened in the start of a scream I jammed a large white ball gag between her lips and buckled it tightly at the back of her neck underneath the black waterfall of her hair.

A stiff white neck brace stopped any movement of her head and I sat down again to watch as the inserts did their work.

I didn’t know what her pain threshold was but it didn’t take long to reach it as tears sprang from her eyes and started to run down her cheeks. I moved to stand in front of her and wiped the first burst of tears from her face.

“That is pain Ebony but nothing like the pain you caused those families so let’s just see how long your self-confidence helps you now.”

Sitting there with a smirk on my face I was in fact studying her very closely. The pain was obviously increasing and, held as she was by the layers of laced leather, I was not too worried about her straining or even breaking something as she struggled. Her breathing was another matter.

The waves of pain made her try to scream through the ball gag but at the same time she was also trying to get sufficient air to her lungs through her nose. I couldn’t take out the gag because it was stopping her from biting her tongue so the balance was critical.

Ebony had to suffer to drive home my lesson but there could be no lasting effect other than the massive blow to her ego.

With my experience I knew there was another possible answer and that was to interrupt the pattern of her uncontrolled screaming. I moved beside her and swung the braided whip sharply across the tight leather covering her buttocks.

Bingo. The shock of the new pain stopped her screaming for a vital few seconds.

“The pain is not going to go away yet Ebony so cut out the screaming and breathe.”

Tears were flowing freely down her cheeks and around the bulge made by the ball gag jammed in her mouth but she was still able to glare at me as she panted to get air.

After taking in a half dozen strained breaths it was obvious that the pain was building and she lost control again. As she started another scream the braided whip in my right hand rose and fell across her ass.

For the next ten minutes this scene repeated itself until I knew that the sting of the whip was no longer effective; so I let her scream herself hoarse and then subside to a few sobs and finally mute.

I could no longer rely on the stringent bondage to keep her from doing some damage to herself so I grabbed her chin, looked into her eyes and gave her a big grin then a couple of quick squirts of the happy spray in each flared nostril. For Ebony the evening was over.

For me there was still work to be done and after a quick change to jeans and a sweater, I tied on a waterproof apron then stripped Ebony out of the top layer of leather and the boots. That done, and with her arms still locked behind her in the reverse prayer pouch, I arranged her limp form so she was sitting up on an open rack with her knees pulled out to each side and strapped to two metal arms. Once I used another couple of straps to hold her ankles in place I pulled on pair of latex gloves then, to be safe, another pair over the first.

Using a spreader I was able to manipulate a small pair of tongs inside her, get a grip on the dripping horseradish root and pull it out of her vagina. The one up her ass was a little more difficult but I managed to remove it as well. I dropped them in the wide metal trough positioned under Ebony then washed my gloved hands before continuing.

First I flushed her with a fluid that stopped the chemical action and neutralized the acid that had caused all the pain. Even though she was out cold her body reacted immediately; I could see the relaxing of tension in her muscles and the low moaning like someone makes when they are having a nightmare – stopped.

Using a large clean syringe I pushed it deeply inside first her vagina and then her anal canal and squirted in a load of soothing lotion. Before it could work its way out I plugged her with a large dildo and butt plug.

Less than an hour later she was tucked up for the night; strapped to a wheeled gurney, in tight white latex panties and a buckled crotch strap, with her legs back in the double leg boot. I had a padded rest under her neck and it held her head sideways. The ring gag was back in and I had suspended a simple baby bottle so that I could screw the bottle top into the gag. She was going to be dehydrated when she did wake up and would automatically find the nipple and a source of plain water.

The first thing she would see when she opened her eyes was the monitor with the list of her victims and, dangling beside it, a root of dried horseradish!

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