by Anne Gray

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Storycodes: F/f; kidnap; drug; bond; hogtie; rope; gag; transport; cuffs; restraints; boxed; concealed; toys; insert; cons/nc; X

Author’s Note: For more than two decades it has been my honour and pleasure to write stories that have been well received by more than three million readers. I have received several awards from the world of bondage enthusiasts for which I will always be grateful.

Time, however, is a hard taskmaster that has delivered several on-going health problems including two heart attacks and several mini-stokes.

At one time when I was writing my fingers could not keep up with the thoughts and ideas coming from my brain. Several of my shorter works were done in a couple of hours. Now, however, writing has become almost hard work and this story has taken over a year from start to finish.

Ebony is the last story I plan to write and I hope you find it up to the standard of my previous work. It is my swan song.

Thank you all for your support over the years – God Bless.


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Standing at the head of the rubber padded bondage table I gradually increased the pressure on the palm of my left hand, covered in its skin tight black kid leather glove, to force her forehead back and down a couple more inches.

“Remember what I told you Ebony, you have to learn to control that gag reflex and breathe evenly through your nose.”

With her head now tilted backward far enough to present an almost straight passage through her mouth and down her throat I was able to ease the penis shaped white rubber toy between her teeth and through the ring gag that wedged her jaws wide open.

There was the expected grunting and three or four involuntary jerks of her body against the straps holding her as the rubber shaft reached deeper. Quickly her training allowed Ebony to get control of the shudders caused by her body’s natural reaction as it tried to expel the invader. With a final twist I settled the oval shaped base of the gagging dildo against her teeth and locked it into the ring gag then tucked the flexible rubber edges into her cheeks and under her lips. When I lifted my gloved hand her head remained tilted backwards over the edge of the table held by the rubber shaft down her throat.

I pulled her lips as close together as possible over the plugged mouth and smoothed a neat oblong of white tape firmly from under her nose to her chin and from ear to ear; finishing the gag. She was, yet again, silent except for the air whistling in and out through her flaring nostrils.

I moved a little way down the right side of the table and leaned over a bit until she could see me by looking down along her nose. The glare I got from those beautiful dark tear filled eyes proved that there was still a lot of work to be done until she came to accept her fate. To again drive home my complete control of her I took one of the swollen nipples, as it poked through a hole in the leather bondage long line bra covering her chest, and rolled it between the fingers of my left hand as I slowly pulled it upwards. My right hand, out of her sight, picked up the electric wand.

Smiling down at her I gently continued to roll the nipple between my gloved fingers and settled the wand in position barely touching the metal studs on the tight crotch strap. Deliberately I let the smile leave my face, released the nipple letting it snap back and triggered the wand – once, twice and then a third time.

I left her leather encased form strapped on her back to the work table and staring at the ceiling – helplessly uncomfortable, humiliated, crying in frustration and fuming!


It was not too often, in fact very rarely; that I would agree to take a contract that required committing a lot of my time to what could turn out to be a fairly long period of training. But, after looking at all the background information from my contact, I just knew I was going to accept this one. It had been a couple of busy, very stressful, yet profitable years and I needed a break to just relax at home. Relax, that is, with just one unwilling visitor in my loving care and my dungeon!

Besides that, the price was right and the bitch involved needed to be stopped and then taken down hard. I was just the one to take on the challenge and love every minute of the process.

Working through several cutouts it took nearly five weeks to complete the required homework and make the arrangements to take possession of the young woman.

She didn’t know it yet but twenty seven year old Grace Newburgh had used her skin colour as a weapon once too often. Her method of attack was simple in the extreme. She would fabricate elaborate ways to drop any co-worker, male or female and mostly white, that she considered even a potential threat or rival to her ambitions, in to the politically correct racial shit. The charges were usually vague but completely indefensible and enough to get her target relocated to a different branch, another city or even fired.

Senior management was her best, if usually unwillingly, supporter and always bent over backwards to avoid any sensitive issues that could become messy public lawsuits involving racial discrimination or harassment whether it was warranted or not. With her closest competition out of the way Grace rapidly moved up the management ladder in the company.

She was gorgeous; majestic even at 5’ 8” with a figure any woman would die for. The actual numbers were 36 – 25 – 35 but they didn’t do justice to the way she carried herself. Her long, straight hair was so jet black that it had a bluish sheen. As she moved it was with fluid movements that reminded some of a lioness on the hunt. She had perfected an imperious pose with her chin held high and, when possible, eyes looking down her nose at any inferior beings that might be in her field of vision.

Power suits and stiletto heels added to the picture of arrogance she used to try and make those she considered lesser humans cower.

She lived alone in a rented furnished town house, not trusting or getting involved with anyone who might get in the way of, or distract her, from reaching her goal. Simply put that ambition was a very senior management position that would allow her to lord over underlings and demand the respect she knew she deserved.

Grace was as black as the ace of spades yet her facial features were delicate and fine. A perfect set of gleaming white teeth were not often seen because she rarely smiled. They remained hidden behind a pair of luscious lips that were usually pursed in a scarlet sneer. Unbeknownst to Grace her co-workers called her Ebony behind her back. It is a hard wood that doesn’t bend and, when polished, could match the sheen of her skin and the hardness of her heart.

Her remaining colleagues in the department had finally got together, having worked out what was going on, and decided they had had enough. Like the rumbles of a volcano getting ready to blow things threatened to explode out of control. Even two or three of the management bigwigs had decided enough was enough with Grace’s antics. The problem was that no one had any workable idea how to handle the situation without leaving the company open to the unwanted negative publicity, which she was bound to threaten them with, if they moved to get rid of her.

Strangely enough, and with an element of poetic justice, it was an African-American female Vice President in another division of the company who heard about the growing undercurrent of trouble. She took it upon herself to investigate and quietly decided to act before things got out of control and the company was compromised.

Tanya York was active in the local BDSM scene and made some discrete calls. One of her contacts followed a few links and eventually I got a call. We negotiated through several cutouts and came to a very satisfactory agreement. I was going to be the one who burst the bubble of Grace’s ambition.

It had been simple getting in Grace’s town house the first time, while she was at work, to get acquainted with the layout. A couple of days later the door lock had required even less effort because I had taken an impression of a spare key found hanging in the kitchen and made my own copy.

Leaning on the wall behind her bedroom door when she got home on the first Friday evening of the rest of her life I waited. Ten minutes after I heard her come through the door from the attached garage the toilet flushed and she came, heels clicking, down the hallway.

The acquisition was simple really because any one used to coming home to an empty house has a problem when they unexpectedly run into another female, in their own bedroom yet, who is tall enough to look them in the eye, grin and then spray something in their face that smells funny.

The surprised look hardly had time to reach her face before she slumped to the floor in a heap. The needle slid in and out easily and I had several hours to make her just disappear.

Grace drove a three year old SUV and, after digging the keys out of her purse, I checked it in the attached garage. While I didn’t expect anyone to miss her until she was a no show for work on Monday it was a four hundred mile drive to my dungeon and there was no way I had planned to take a chance on that journey in her vehicle.

But it would be good enough to transfer her and most of her belongings to my own Ford Super Duty with a specially designed camper cover over the truck bed.

On my first visit I had noticed some cardboard boxes along with several suitcases and garment bags in the storage cupboard that saved me from making other arrangements. After pulling a pair of disposable surgical gloves over my soft kid leather ones I got a couple of the boxes and started in the kitchen. Everything came out of her refrigerator and then I turned it off and pulled the plug.

A simple thing like that would just help to confuse the whole investigation of what had happened to her. I mean, who would figure foul play when the fridge was empty, clean and unplugged?

The rest of the tins and food staples from the cupboards went in another box and then to her vehicle.

It really is amazing how much one of those SUV’s can hold. With the suitcases and garment bags, now full, and enough shoes and boots to stock a store there was still enough room for the comatose naked form of Grace Newburgh.

Even though she would be out for at least another five or six hours I had some fun with about fifty feet of lovely white ¼” cord. The hog tie was effective, efficient and, maybe, just a little bit brutal. But then I figured I might as well start as I intended to continue. The leather blindfold and the rubber ball gag were also white and I just loved the contrast of them against her skin.

Checking through her purse again I found her cell and completely disabled it. For some reason, maybe it came with it; she had a GPS app on the phone that could have been traceable. I made sure that was out of action and the unit would end up at the bottom of the first river I crossed as I was leaving town.

I laughed out loud as, on a final swing through the house, I checked the bedside table and found a very large and very life-like vibrating dildo. It was white! All sorts of thoughts started running through my mind as I pulled a publicly vanilla looking cashmere coat over my body hugging leather cat suit, turned off the lights and locked up.

Less than twenty minutes later I parked Grace’s SUV, where it looked positively small next to my Ford, in the underground executive parking lot of her employer and shook hands with Tanya York, the Vice President of the company that had hired me.

Like most companies these days they paid their employee salaries through direct deposit to their bank account so, with what was the supposedly confidential information, it had not been hard for the VP to access the system as soon as Grace left work that day.

Several convoluted transfers of the funds, that I didn’t even want to know about, and Tanya had made Grace Newburgh’s account balances disappear.
I assumed that they would eventually find their way back to help offset the large amount of cash she handed to me in a briefcase.

The Vice President had also arranged for the security cameras to be, shall we say, ineffective for a few hours. I dumped my coat on the front seat of the truck and went to get the next step over and done with. Between the two of us it didn’t take long to transfer all of Grace’s possessions to my truck and then we lifted the unconscious woman down by the hogtie cords to a blanket spread on the concrete floor.

It didn’t escape my attention that, as we lowered the limp body, Tanya had grabbed a handful of black breast and dug her nails in as she squeezed it hard. I really couldn’t blame her for that or the angry look on her face.

Grace had caused a lot of trouble for the company and hurt many potentially very good employees with her nasty games. I guessed that Tanya was also upset because, as a participant in the local BDSM scene, she was now doing something that was definitely not consensual in any way. Breaking the hard and fast rule of the scene that nothing took place without the informed consent of the participants was going against her grain.

I was somewhat sympathetic but personally felt the old principle of action and reaction was more the case here. Grace had taken action that hurt people to advance her career and we were reacting to stop her hurting anyone else. Besides I thought, as I stashed the briefcase full of cash in my truck, it was also very profitable.

Working together we soon had all the ropes off and Grace, still fast asleep, flat on her back.

I pulled a large bag from the truck and set it on the floor.

“By the time we get the bitch settled Tanya, I estimate she will wake up in about four hours. Then she will have another few hours to wonder what the hell is going on. Let’s get started.”

“I’m not comfortable with this whole situation but it had to be done. I started the process and I’ll help you now.” She paused for a moment and then said. “I don’t even know your name.”

“You can call me Anne; now take this and fit it around her upper right thigh as high as possible.”

I handed her a hinged 2” wide metal band that had a smaller round band attached to one end. On the smaller band was a flat flange with a 3/8th hole drilled through it. The bands were lined with a thin rubber coating. Taking a duplicate one I positioned it around Grace’s left thigh and worked it up close to the crease of her ass cheek. The hinge closed the band until one end slid through a slot under the smaller band that was on the outside of her leg.

Tanya watched as I continued to close the wide band until it pinched the flesh but not so much that it would interfere with the blood flow to the leg. A small catch locked it in place and I took Grace’s left wrist, fitted it inside the smaller band, and locked that one as well.

The angry look left her face as she did the same on her side then looked up at me.

“I like those Anne. Simple but very effective I think I’ll try to find a pair to use on my sub’.”

It only took a moment to go to the cab of my truck and jot down the Internet address of the manufacturer of the patented limb cuffs. I didn’t bother to tell her that I had designed them myself and had a seventy five percent investment in the company.

“Here be my guest, they also make this one.”

‘This one’ was a wider band big enough to go around Grace’s waist with another set of two smaller ones that locked around her forearms. With that in position I asked Tanya to stand astride the girl’s shoulders as I lifted and spread the unresisting legs until she could grab an ankle in each hand.

A large white butt plug slid in with the steady twisting pressure of my right hand. A small soft rubber plug blocked her urethra before her own, currently inactive, vibrating dildo slid in its place and I locked everything where it was with another metal piece that attached to the waistband and became a chastity belt.

Two more sets of the limb cuffs went just above the knees and around Grace’s ankles. The wide neck ring had a flat flange on either side and locked in place snugly but without interfering with the air flow down her throat.

The hard rubber ball gag had a one inch diameter tube through it that extended 4” out of her mouth and I pulled that lovely long hair out of the way and held her head so Tanya could fit the gag strap through its buckle and pull it tight at the back of the comatose girl’s neck. I handed her a black blindfold and she fastened that in place.

The back doors to the camper cover on my Super Duty opened wide and a set of steps folded down to allow us to climb in fairly easily. I had Grace by the shoulders as Tanya hooked her right arm under the knees and lifted until we could slide the body on to the bed of the truck. We followed it in, lifted again and settled our captive inside a six foot long ‘tool box’.

The floor of the box was also covered with a fairly thick rubber pad but we lined up the flanges on the limb cuffs with several matching holes through the pad. Using a cordless Black & Decker wrench I fed simple ½” by 1 ½” inch bolts through the holes in the flanges. Either side of the neck, waist, upper thighs, knees and ankles and the bolts were screwed in. Technically, any single bolt would have stopped Grace escaping but, with all of them in place, it stopped any movement of her body.

Turning her head to the side so it was resting on the left cheek I snapped a curved metal clamp over the gag tube and locked that in place. Now her head was immobile and, with her head turned, there was less chance of any involuntary choking on her saliva.

I tucked a light blanket around the naked form and then Tanya helped me settle a false bottom shelf inside on a ledge around the perimeter. There was just one cutout over the end of the gag tube that was more than sufficient to allow Tanya to get air. The rest of the shelf we piled with an assortment of tools and small boxes making sure nothing could slide around and cover the air cutout. The lid of the box could also be controlled by a switch in the cab so I left it open for now and it would remain open unless I felt it necessary to shut it down. We closed up the camper and I locked the doors.

Tanya would arrange for Grace’s SUV to disappear so I thanked her for her help; shook hands again and climbed, literally, behind the wheel of the Ford. One hour west I pulled over to a deserted layover at the side of the highway and changed the truck’s license plates to the ones registered to the vehicle.

As a treat for the local wildlife I dumped the perishable food from Grace’s refrigerator behind a couple of convenient trees. There was not a doubt in my mind that the black bears would love the unfrozen lasagna; with a side of melting strawberry ice cream.

I used the crew cab to strip out of my leather body suit and boots then peeled off the brown wig and cleaned the heavy makeup off my face. Dressed now in jeans, a light sweater and low heeled ankle boots I pulled a wrapped sandwich and bottle of water out of the small fridge and moved to the driver’s seat again.

From a safe hidden under the seat I took my real, and perfectly legal, identification and replaced the ones in my purse with them.

Tanya had seemed like she was on my side and the money was correct but there had been quite a few people involved in the highly illegal project and I liked to increase my odds of not being identified or traced.

A switch under the dash allowed me to turn on a small monitor with a feed from the camera in the camper. Obviously, the current picture was of the toolbox but it was the microphone I wanted. Grace was still out cold but it wouldn’t be long before she woke up and I would keep listening in on things to make sure there were no problems as I drove home.

The rest of the drive was uneventful and with just a couple of brief stops I pulled into the garage at my home around mid-morning. There had been some throaty muffled noises from the monitor but they just told me that my passenger had woken up and was getting enough air.

I needed a few hours rest before introducing myself as Grace’s worst nightmare so I took the easy route. A quick trip to the kitchen, a few moments with the blender, and I was back opening up the camper doors. Getting rid of the crap on the false bottom I lifted it out and used the cordless to loosen the bolts holding her neck down.

After taking off the clamp on the gag tube I used a handful of hair to pull her head up to open a pathway down her throat and slowly poured in the enough of the mush to keep her fed and hydrated for a few more hours. After replacing the neck bolts and gag clamp I left the lid and the doors of the camper open, picked up a spare monitor and headed for my shower and bed.

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