Ebony 3: Bondage Goes Hi-Tech

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2014 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

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Over the next two weeks Ebony and I had daily sessions to help her memorize the names of all those her selfish pursuit to reach her career goal had hurt. Besides humiliating her by making her learn how to deep throat a dildo and control her gag reflex there was a much more effective method.

For at least a couple of hours each day I suspended her stark naked in a spread eagle and carefully attached twenty six small metal alligator clips to her body. The ear lobes, nipples, the soft skin inside her elbows and at the back of her knees each received one. Several went around the vagina, one on the clit and the last ones at her anus. All of the clips were wired to a control box and all of them were numbered. The numbers also appeared on the monitor beside the list of names.

I would flip a switch and send a small shock to a clip.

“Number 8” I would say!

“Brian” Ebony would scream.

I could juggle those switches and play her like a piano. Two, three or four switches at once until she danced in her bondage and went hoarse yelling out names.

During the weeks I was working on the girl I was always trying to come up with an idea as to the best final punishment for the things she had done in the name of her self-serving vanity.

She couldn’t know, of course, that Vice President Tanya was tracking those hurt by Ebony and would personally find ways to alleviate the damage she had done to their careers and families. The hurt of their lost baby could never be offset but that family would find their lives turning a corner to become much more comfortable and everything in place to nurture their other children.

In the knowledge that two minds are twice as productive as one I used our usual convoluted method of contacting each other to get in touch with an old friend. Among other things in the scene she also happened to own the company that manufactured my patented limb cuffs.

Tatiana and I had quite a history and both of us had almost settled down although we each kept a few irons in the fire to stay active in our chosen field. We didn’t live that far apart and she said she could free up a couple days to visit.

In my life there were, of course; a number of people who knew where I lived but not what I did. Likewise, a number knew what I did but definitely did not know where I lived. Only one knew both of those things – Tati.


I picked Tati up at the airport and admired her royal blue leather traveling suit; the jacket had contrasting pale blue lapels and was clinched at her waist with a wide matching belt. Her high heeled black boots nearly reached her knees and the skirt ended just above them – she was gorgeous!

Once she was settled and unpacked I took her to see Ebony. I had the statuesque black figure on display against a white background. Her bonds were minimal but held her in a standing spread eagle. A white strap around each wrist held her arms straight out from the shoulder. From the knees down her legs were wrapped in the wide white laces of a pair of strappy high heeled sandals.

Short chains connected each ankle to a floor hook. Other than that she was naked except for the white ball gag that accented a pair of scarlet lips stretched around it and a white crotch strap that held large toys deeply inside her.

“Well, well so this is the bitch that caused so much trouble.” Tati’s ever present whip rose a few inches and she snapped her wrist, as only she could, to make the tip just seem to touch Ebony’s right buttock. The whip was only 14 or 15 inches long but Tatiana was an artist and, for the next couple of minutes, she made the tip dance over the taunt black cheeks.

If she could have Ebony would have been screaming, as it was she tried to move her body away from the painful assault but the stinging tip was unrelenting.

“So what are we going to do with her Anne?”

“That’s why you’re here Tati; beside the fact that we haven’t seen each other for a while and I’ve missed you - a lot.”

We were relaxing in the living room with a glass of wine and, since Ebony was wrapped up for the night, the only sign of leather in the room was the furniture. Fluffy bathrobes were the outfits for the evening with, I might add, nothing underneath.

Tati smiled, “I’ve missed you too and look forward to showing you just how much later. So let’s see what we can do with your problem girl.”

“We need to find a way to drive home the harm she’s done and make her realize that it has consequences. She needs something approaching humility drummed into her every day for the rest of her life – and then some.”

Tati looked at me and then that slow smile I knew so well started to appear.

She got up and headed for the bedroom returning a few moments later with a small bag.

“I brought something with me show you and boast about but maybe it will help in this situation. It’s still in the testing stage with a lot of details to work out but let’s just see what our devious minds can think up.”

Tati pulled something out of the bag and held it up; it looked like a dull brown over the elbow opera glove and she threw it to me.

“Try that on.”

I had no idea where she was going but pulled the glove over my left hand and up my arm.

“So what’s special about this besides the fact the colour sucks?”

She reached over and held my gloved hand in hers then stroked my arm with her right hand. As she moved her hand down my arm it felt very strange and suddenly my elbow was locked and when she reached my fingers I couldn’t move them either. It was like the material had turned to steel.

“How did you do that? What is this stuff?”

Tati turned her hand up so I could see a small metal plate in her palm.

“Magnet - It activates the material that’s got a web of new age threads embedded in it. Don’t ask where I got the idea but let’s just say a techie friend was working on improving body armor and stumbled on it!”

“Well I hope he stumbled on a way to release it because, even though it’s not tight enough to really hurt, I would like my left arm back.”

She dropped the magnet back in the bag and pulled out a small object that I recognized as a Taser.

“Woe – that’s going to hurt, I think I’ll just cut this thing off.”

“Well first of all you couldn’t cut it and would probably lose a lot of blood trying. Secondly, this is gives a shock about as strong as you get from static electricity off a carpet – trust me.”

Tati reached over and just touched the back of my hand with the gadget then pushed a button. I hardly felt it but the glove suddenly was just that – a glove – and I peeled it off.

Closing my eyes I ran the material through my fingers. Every tactile sense told me it was leather, it even smelt like leather and let’s face it, I am an expert.

“Except for that shitty colour this is leather Tati!”

“There’s lot of work to do with this before I can put it on the underground market for our restraint enthusiasts. But then it will be worth a fortune. We need to dye it a range of colours and do about six or seven months of testing so someone can’t touch a sub’ with the magnet and end up strangling them. Then there’s the problem that for some reason the material sometimes deteriorates after two or three uses.”

“You can dress a sub’ in this stuff and literally mould them into any position you feel like and they can’t move a muscle until you give them a buzz. Imagine the possibilities, they’re unlimited.”

“So how does that help me with Ebony?”

“Well for the last few weeks I’ve had to use two of my trainee’s as guinea pigs and they are not happy campers. Suppose we took Ebony to my dungeon and turned her over to the tender care of a couple of pissed off blue eyed blonde student dommes in their early twenties. Would that burst her arrogance bubble?”

A quick trip to the kitchen and I popped open a bottle of champagne.

As we killed the bottle we discussed several options that would be open to us once the material was ready for regular use and I just knew that Ebony was going to really hate the testing process.

A couple of days later we packed Ebony in the back of my Super Duty and, with both of us taking turns driving, headed for Tatianna’s home to deliver her into the hands of her new Dommes.


During the following months I spent a lot of time thinking things over and decided that it was time for me to retire from an active role in the underground community. My monetary resources were more than enough and, with the income from the bondage products on the market; it would be difficult to be extravagant enough to ever have to worry about money.

Consequently, when I received a message from Tatianna asking me to visit for a few days, I made another decision.

Over the years when I was travelling in public it was always as a bit of a frump, timid, innocuous and, therefore, unnoticeable.

This time would be different. I drove a couple of hours across the State and checked in to the airport hotel. The next morning I treated myself to “the works” in the hotel spa, had a light lunch and went to my room to get dressed.

I admit the reaction I got as I crossed the lobby to check out was very gratifying and a real boost to my ego. I mean, I’m no spring chicken but I was nice to know I could still turn a head.

The bone white leather maxi coat had a stand up collar and closed down its full length with large matching buttons. A four inch belt was clinched tightly around my waist and the hem of the coat brushed around my ankles which were encased in sky high stiletto heeled knee boots.

A perky white leather po’boy cap and kid gloves completed the outfit. My makeup was impeccable and the salon owner had worked on my jet black pageboy until not a hair was out of place. I felt great and, obviously, the heads that were turning and the eyes that followed my progress to the front desk, liked what they saw. If only they knew!

“I see you decided to take your favorite white leather out and in to the light.” Tatianna laughed when she met me at the airport.

“Since I’ve decided to retire there’s no reason to stay in the background anymore so I prefer to go out with a bang not a whimper now I’ve nothing to hide.”

On the drive to Tati’s home she filled me in on progress with the experimental material and Ebony. She lived in an upscale apartment over her two stores that housed ‘Tatianna’s Treasures’. The one outlet was open to the public and sold a full range of leather clothing, shoes, boots and other ‘acceptable’ products. The other, at the back and in the basement, was by invitation only and catered to a very specific clientele that had much more exotic tastes.

“MagnaBind, that’s what we’ve tentatively called the material.” Tatianna explained. “Because of the thousands of other possible uses I’ve had our lawyer start the patent and copyright process. We’ve got it nearly perfected; it can be tailored like any other material and now comes in every imaginable colour.”

Instead of parking in her private spot around the back she stopped directly in front of her store.

“What do you think?

Looking at the window display I studied the mannequin for a few moments. It was a full adult size female with no facial features just a curved shiny black mask that reminded me of a small turtle shell. It was dressed in a pale blue leather trench coat with a wide belt closed with a gold buckle that matched the buttons down the front and on the storm flaps.

The figure was frozen in full stride with its right leg six or seven inches off the ground and slightly bent at the knee showing off the stiletto heeled black boot that reached just over the knee. The left toe was firmly on the floor and you could just see a slender pole between the legs that came from the floor and disappeared under the coat.

The outfit was completed with black kid gloves, a Gucci handbag hung from the wrist of the extended right arm; a blue and white silk scarf was wrapped as a head covering and tied loosely under the chin.

“I love the outfit but there’s nothing special about it.”

She laughed and started to drive around to the back of the building. “Tell that to Ebony - she’s the model and you won’t believe where the end of that supporting pole is buried.”

Up in the master suite she watched as I unpacked and filled in some details.

“My students have had a wonderful time with your friend for the last few months. As we continued to make improvements to the MagnaBind we used her to experiment with it and you’d be amazed at the contortions a body, however unwilling, can achieve. Ebony still has a tiny part of that spark left in her eyes but the constant humiliations have dulled the arrogance to make her a lot easier to handle. Now let’s go down for dinner.”

* * *

“So now our biggest problem is promoting the material to our own particular corner of the bondage world. When it’s used for vanilla projects or products the name will suffice but I’d like to do something special for our clients.”

They had brought Ebony in from the window and dressed her in the proverbial French maid outfit. I had watched, fascinated, as they teamed up with one of the girls touching an arm or the wrist with the mini taser and removing the blue leather coat then the other ran her hand held magnet over the black leather skin covering and it locked again.

The head covering was just slightly larger than the discipline helmet and gag strap that was underneath and from up close you could see the area around her nose was a very fine black mesh that allowed her to breathe.

They then added the black latex skirt, white apron and frilly head piece. Adjusting the right arm they positioned it to carry a small silver tray at shoulder height with several glasses on it; while the left held a single glass of champagne. They straightened her legs, still in the high boots, and fitted the support pole into a floor bracket beside the table.

“The beauty of the material is that, when it’s locked, it is unaffected by weight. She could stand there all night and that tray won’t move an inch.” Tati was gloating and I couldn’t blame her.

Through the meal I kept looking at the motionless figure as an idea gradually took form.


Ebony was completely naked except for the simple ropes that held her ankles against her thighs and her wrists to a ring at the back of the collar around her neck. A ring gag held her jaws wide apart but left plenty of room for her tongue to work.

As Tati and I fell off the bound girl between us into the mound of pillows on the bed to get our breath back the idea that had been growing suddenly flowered.

“Tatianna do you have any clients or members who are very good with all aspects of the photographic arts? If so give me a week with them and two of your top student Dommes and I’ll solve your advertising problem as a final favour.

I was wrong. After we turned one of the basement dungeons into a studio and got all the equipment set up it took nine days before I was satisfied. By that time the students were ready to graduate, the photographer was looking around for an Oscar, Ebony was a basket case and I was very, very proud of my last project.

There were nearly two dozen people packed into Tatianna’s living room. Some were invited guests, others the ones involved with developing the material plus the photographer, Dommes and staff from the store. Then there was Ebony who was kneeling, rigidly encased in black leather, beside my chair.

Tati dimmed the lights and her huge flat screen TV came to life.

A huge eye, brimming with tears, filled the screen and then the camera slowly drew back to show first a head covered in leather with just the eyes showing and with a very tight gag strap over the bulge at the mouth.

Gradually a full figure appeared of an exquisite adult black female body slowly revolving on a pedestal against a white background. It was naked except for the helmet, a crotch strap and a set of wrist cuffs holding her arms to her sides. There was a pile of black fabric on the floor.

One of Tati’s girls, masked, and in full Domme leathers, reached into the pile and picked up a shoulder length glove then ran her right hand over it and held it towards the camera so the fact it had become completely stiff it was obvious. In the next frame the glove was on Ebony’s arm.

Frame by frame pieces appeared until the figure was completely encased in the black leather but now her arms were stretched straight up behind her head in a laced binder that ran from the fingertips to shoulders. Ballet boots forced her feet almost on pointe.

Soft music had been playing and that suddenly changed to a hard throbbing beat like the theme from a James Bond movie. Through the magic of stop motion photography the figure started to bend smoothly at the waist. As her stiffened fingertips reached the level of her knees a duplicate figure appeared facing the first one and repeated the movement until the two sets of fingers touched forming the letter ‘M’.

A starburst of colour surrounded the letter and it moved off to the top left of the screen.

The ‘A’ was easily made with Ebony’s body leaning with her forehead against a full length mirror and her toes about 30” from its base. Her arms, from shoulder to elbow, were clamped against her sides and her forearms at an angle with the fingertips also touching the mirror forming the cross stroke.

Again a starburst and the ‘A’ moved left next to the ‘M’.

The music was gradually building as each letter was formed – use your imagination and you’ll figure them out – and as the final one joined the others the full word ‘MagnaBind’ filled the screen and the music reached a final crescendo.

The room exploded with applause and Tatianna gave me a big hug.

I took Tati’s hand and placed it on the head of the immobile figure kneeling beside me.

It was, I thought, a fitting end to my career.

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