A Game for Some

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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© Copyright 2020 - Walt A.K.A. Xan - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; M/f+; oral; threesome; bond; corset; rope; club; bdsm; brand; cane; spank; video; trial; court; rom; XX

All characters are fictitious and any similarities to any persons, living or dead are purely coincidental.

Continues from

Part 9

With Janey snuggled up under my arm, looking up and smiling at me with wide, happy eyes, we watched as Minxy came up to us in the central courtyard and she centered her friend in front of us for our attention.

Looking very similar to Janey’s Cecelia McGovern character, this young woman was maybe five-foot two or three. She was wearing four-inch Oxfords with slightly tapered chunky heels rather than spikes or stilettos, brown tights instead of hose and a three-piece, knee-length gray skirt-suit, with a crème colored ruffled buttoned-to-the-neck blouse. From what I could see she was pretty, without being exceptional, but her head was down, and she would not look up. Her hands were at her sides and her ankles were together, side by side. Her straight brown hair was parted in the middle and it looked to be about collar length. At maybe a buck fifteen, most of it in her hips, she was an average woman in her mid-to-late twenties.

“This is Deirdre, and she’s almost too submissive. I’m doing the mother hen thing to keep her from becoming a pass-around to this congress of well-dressed baboons. The other night at Johnnie’s, as soon as I heard Jimmy’s refined desires, I flashed on the fact that these two might get along. Deirdre, this is Jimmy. Jimmy, Deirdre.”

“Hello Deirdre.”

“It is my pleasure to meet you Sir,” she replied in an accent that was Straight Outta’ London, and she curtsied.

Leaning down I whispered, “This is going to be fun,” right in Janey’s ear.

Pulling my face in for a kiss, she said, “Don’t get any ideas husband. I can do that accent too; you know.”

I laughed and after kissing her I pulled her arms behind her and started to tie them. My ropes weren’t tight, but with wide wraps and careful cinches her forearms were soon welded together. Using white cotton twine, I even tied her hands together, lacing each pair of fingers into the prayer position with wrap and hitch work moving up all four pairs of her fingers and her thumbs, anchoring them off to her wrist bonds. Strategic wraps over her shoulders and around her torso, emphasizing her tits with a triangle delineation over each one completed this bondage.

In her own British accent, she said, “Thank you M’Lord. Are you happy with your little bint?”

This got her mauled and Janey giggled and laughed with delight.

Watching us like a hawk, Minxy was practically drooling. She was dressed in one of the many red Jessica Rabbit gowns that were her go-to gowns to get attention. This one was semi-transparent, probably using between 20 and 30 denier weight fabric. Very sheer overall, she was only covered with strategic, sequined appliques over her nipples and crotch. Backless and slit high on the side she wore the opera length purple gloves and four-inch red stiletto pumps, which put her eye to eye with me and Sam. Stage make-up and long lashes waited for the spotlight and a wave of red hair covered one side of her face. The whole look made me smile.

“Go ahead husband. She did a good thing for Jimmy tonight, so reward her with some bondage. I’m right here and I like watching you work your magic. Go ahead, tie her arms like mine.”

Minxy fell on her knees in front of Janey, looked up at her with glassy eyes and said, “But Janey, this is supposed to be your night. I wouldn’t want to take that away from you.”

“Whose idea was this anyway? Husband would never have just grabbed you and tied you up. Like I just said, you did a good thing for Jimmy tonight. I’ve worried about him before. He watches over Beth and me, making sure we’re very safe and comfortable. He takes care of everything and does all of the little things for us around the ranch. I’ve often wanted to find him someone to relieve a little of his pent-up tension. Jimmy can be a bit uptight sometimes. He’s so damned proper that he would never say anything, but no man can be an island. Hell, up until the other night I didn’t even know how he played. I guess I could’ve asked but I didn’t. Did you bring your own rope?”

“No, I didn’t think I’d get lucky tonight.”

Sam grabbed our rolling suitcase and said, “Bat is a little proprietary about the rope he uses just on Janey, but I brought extra rope, and a few other things. I want to play tonight.”

Using Sam’s large supply of hemp rope, I started by pulling Minxy’s arms behind her, checking her flexibility. Before I started tying, I said, “Sam, Beth, Janey, come here. “

I wanted to show them Minxy’s reinforced gloves. As everyone fingered them, except Janey of course, she said, “Yea, I sewed squares of leather into the gloves at the wrists and above the elbows. Not everyone is as skilled as Bart. Not only do they help to keep the gloves from sliding down and bunching up, but they keep the overenthusiastic rigger from cutting off my circulation. I do that with all my long gloves. They keep the shine of the satin, and are as durable as leather gloves, without the cost.”

As I tied Minxy, Beth asked, “How much do you charge for these. I want a pair in all the major colors and some for outfits like this.”

“So do I,” said Janey. “Where’s Vonny? Maybe she can make some for us. Where did she go?”

“This is a play party Janey,” said Minxy, “and the guys here are not shy when they find new meat waiting to be asked to play. I’d bet she’s in one of the rooms getting acquainted with a new dominant. She’ll be alright. These parties are safe, even if they can get a little rough in the wee hours of the morning. Sire Kane has a standing thing of never closing until the last couple stops playing. Several nights I’ve been sent out to buy bacon and eggs and then been pressed into kitchen duty to feed some of these animals, of which Bart is included.”

“She’s right. I’ve had breakfast here a few times. Not everybody knows about this, but Kane runs one of the most user-friendly clubs I know of.”

“Janey,” Minxy said. “Come around here. I want to show you the difference in something.”

As Janey moved closer Minxy said, “Sir Bart, move back a little, please. There you go, Janey. When he was tying you, Sir Bart had a noticeable hard-on. It saddens me a little, but he doesn’t have one as he ties me. His ropework is just as precise, and I am getting that deliciously helpless feeling, but he gets excited tying you up.”

Beth came up as I was knotting off my efforts, handed me several bundles of rope and asked, “If I grind my butt into your crotch while you’re tying me up, will you get hard for me?”

“You see what life around Sam’s ranch is like. Beth pesters me to tie her up when Janey is sucking Sam’s dick. She likes sucking dick and claims that Sam tastes good,” I said.

“He does husband, and so do you,” Janey announced, as I started tying Beth up just like the other two.

“That sounds like a fun household,” said Minxy, purring as she squirmed around to feel the ropes holding her arms tightly together.

As soon as I was done, Sam grabbed Minxy and placed her on Janey’s right, and then moved his wife to the other side. Stepping back, he crossed his arms and nodded.

“You see it,” he asked me?

“See what?”

“I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling very patriotic looking at them.”

I saw it then. Minxy was in red, facing us on the left. Janey was in white in the center. Beth, in blue beside her, made a Red, White and Blue bondage picture. I looked at Sam, both of us laughed and snapping to attention we saluted. Some of the other guys standing around watching us did too. We all smiled, and the women just stuck their tits out and blushed, giggling.

All of us moved back towards Jimmy and Deirdre to watch him put her through her paces. I’d been watching them out of the corner of my eye while I was tying the women and he’d been busy dominating her while he negotiated with her. He had fully inspected her, checking her hygiene and limited glamor, having her assume and maintain various positions while doing so. As we approached them, a fat little middle-aged man came up behind Jimmy.

“Hey Dee-Dee, when this dude gets done wasting your time, come and find me. I want to spank you tonight.”

Jimmy snapped around, got directly in the face of this guy and said sternly, “You have the manners of a berk, little man. This lady is with me, and we are negotiating something meaningful to us. Her name is Deirdre, not the slur that you called her. Show some respect. Your desires for her attentions are as meaningless and insignificant as you are. Now leave before I make you.”

Sam and I looked at one another, walked up and each of us took an arm from behind, locking off an armbar on each side. We lifted this chubby, slightly balding guy off his feet and carried him out to the front desk to talk to Kane. After a few minutes, he came back through the curtain, grabbed his duffle and stormed out of the party, flipping off Jimmy as he left. Sam smiled and both of us gave Jimmy a thumbs up.

Walking back to the women, Sam looked at me and whispered, “Tell me, what’s a berk?”

“A stupid fool,” I replied.

He nodded, saying, “Oh, okay”.

Jimmy looked at us, nodded once and smiled. Deirdre blushed furiously but smiled brightly, staring at Jimmy with wide eyes.

Minxy was giggling, so pulling her off to the side I asked what was so funny. Moving in to whisper in my ear, she said, “I put him up to that. Now Deirdre’s hooked because Jimmy defended her honor, and he did it very well. That little toad is a switch and I Top him at some of the other parties. Earlier, I promised him a spanking and offered to let him worship my feet if he waited for a while and then butted into their negotiations to ask to spank Deirdre. He played his part well, so I’m going to have to reward him, but it was worth it to me. Jimmy’s her hero now and, well, just look at her face.” I snickered seeing the glow as she looked at Jimmy.

Walking back to Janey I whispered that I would tell her later, and she smiled and nodded. Minxy walked up to Jimmy and asked, politely, “May I check on my charge, Sir James?”

“Surely. Shall I retire?”

“No, I just want to check on something. Please stay. Now, Deirdre, close your eyes honey and don’t peek. Take a deep breath and when you are ready, describe Sir James’ appearance.”

Standing there in the position he had assigned her, with her hands crossed behind her back and her legs eighteen inches apart, like she was at parade rest, her description was so accurate that a police artist could have produced a very realistic and detailed picture of Jimmy. She described him with pride, smiling as she did.

“I think that’s all I needed to know. Thank you for your indulgence Sir James. Now that I know my charge is in such capable hands, I will not bother you again. Please continue to enjoy each other.”

Jimmy nodded and smiled, and then went back to putting Deirdre through her paces. As described, she was very submissive, putting effort behind everything he asked her to do. All of us smiled, knowing something good was developing between these two.

Ushering the women around, we started to watch some of the other scenes going on in the different rooms. Usually, little play is started before ten-thirty or eleven. Most everybody socializes for a while when they get to the party, and then the players divide up and start their scenes. Also, most of the more experienced and heavier players don’t even start their scenes until after midnight, letting the kinky parents use the stations and then get back to their kids. Other early players are the ones that just came for a hook-up or to get their turbo-kink on, which is what they need to satisfy their desire for a wild night. It’s been that way for years. The really experienced players just waited.

We watched several floggings, spankings and even some single-tail play. Out in the courtyard we watched a Dom putting his sub through some pony-play, as she carried him around on her back. Janey got all excited when she saw the huge spider’s web made of chain in the garage area.

We found Vonny in ‘blowjob alley’ which was a long narrow area on the side of the house and in front of the garage area in back. Cuffed, with her wrists in leather cuffs over her head she was attached to the oversized metal bondage chair in the back of the space. When she saw us, she gave us a thumbs up and then went back to fellating the guy in front of her. This was a play party and she was a consenting adult.

Even with her special gloves, I had to eventually untie Minxy because she just wasn’t used to longer bondage sessions, like Janey and Beth were.

As she was shaking off the effects of her bondage, Janey asked, “How do you keep that dress from falling off your tits?”

“Glue honey. Many of the fashions in Hollywood are held up with a little dress-glue, in just the right places. Without it, the paparazzi would have many more pictures of celebrity’s tits and crotches than they already do. How do you do it honey? Tied for so long and walking around in six-inch heels all night?”

Beth answered for her, saying, “That’s how Janey gets her endorphin buzz. She tolerates light beatings because Bat is the one giving them to her, but long bondage sessions and ultra-high heels give her what she calls slow-pain. Hey, any road to Rome, eh?”

“Yeah, several hours standing in these heels gives me a good buzz,” and Janey giggled. Her giggles were a good barometer for her mood. “Big ol’ ball-gags do too, but Bat doesn’t like the drool,” and she giggled some more.

Before it got too late, Sam had Beth kneel down on the prayer-bench in the main room. He’d peeled her out of her long slinky dress and her corset, and while he did, Minxy asked them, “May I pray along with her, for redemption?”

Beth asked her, “Are you sure? He has a heavy hand Minxy. I like my beatings and he’s good at giving me what I need.”

“Puh-lease Beth. Anybody that’s even marginally aware can just smell the sadism dripping off of this man. I know what I’m asking for, and I’m hoping you’ll share him with me, like you share him with Janey. Just turn around and look at the grin on his face. He’s a strong and virile man with more than enough in his arm to wear both of us out. Please? Let me share your sadist?”

“Okay. You asked for it,” and it was Beth’s turn to giggle. Minxy peeled the sticky off her tits and stripped out of her gown. Neither of them had worn panties to the party. Both of them assumed the position of the penitent, praying for what they wanted. Janey and I stood off to the side and standing behind her, I started playing with her tits while she tried to rub my crotch with her still tied hands.

Before I got too enthusiastic, Sam asked me, “Buddy, may I press you into service to tie their ankles for me? And tie their heels on too if you would. We all know how much Beth loves that little extra torment. I don’t know about Minxy, but if you’re going to do it to one, you might as well do it to both.”

“You know, for you, I can extend this favor,” and I snickered. Not only did I tie their ankles together and their heels on their feet, I tied Beth’s left thigh to Minxy’s right thigh, cinching this wrap snugly. This kept them close, and properly penitent. We purposefully left their hands free, so they could pray.

Going back to pinching Janey’s nipples, I watched Sam warm up the Devil’s breath. This whip had other names, but that was what Beth called it. This was a weighted flexible handle with a dozen very thin braided tails coming off one end. Each tail was about nine inches long and knotted at the end. Now the object of this whip was not to be some oddly designed flogger. This was a skinner. A skilled sadist could accurately skin those dozen knots across the back or butt of his subject with a light touch, like a gentle breath, or adjusting it just a fraction of an inch deeper, cause some surprising surface pain. That’s why the flexible handle was weighted with lead shot the way it was, to give it the proper balance so an expert could choose his touch. Sam was an expert with this whip, and I knew it. This was the gift I gave to him as a wedding present, like the steel-cored crop I gave to Beth. Both had serious potential and it was up to the wielder to deliver the pain, or the mercy that was needed or deserved. I was much angrier at Beth back then.

After only a few minutes, both of their backs looked a little like chicken scratches that reddened their skin like a bad sunburn. Kane had come in and was smiling and nodding as he watched Sam play. This whip was not a penetrator, and produced only surface pain, so when the nerves were properly lit up, he switched to a heavy flogger, rhythmically pounding their shoulder blades. Sam never let the tips of a flogger stray outside of the designated impact zones. He was very precise with his punishments.

Taking time out to touch them with his fingertips he got both of them moaning. Actually, this was his test to see if he should continue. Both of them responded favorably, fully conscious and doing well in the pain zone. That’s when he picked up the twin eighth-inch Delrin canes and started to beat them like a drum set on a rock and roll stage. Again, being precise with not only his placement but with the kinetic energy delivered with each impact, he caned them across their butts and back, impacting them with just the proper amount of pain that was lighting their world up but doing no injury or real damage.

Cracking and shaking two cold packs to get them icy cold, he soothed both of his subjects down, making them writhe when he touched their backs. By this time, all four of their hands were grasping each other and squeezing their knuckles white. He then slathered a medicated, antiseptic cream all over both of their backs and butts, letting them use the cold packs to cool the flush in their faces. He switched from the cold packs to blankets as he untied them. Both women kicked their heels off and snuggled up against him right there on the floor. Both had sated-woman smiles on their faces.

Kane looked at me and said, “He’s good. I like a talented player. Listen, that little Goth you brought with you left right before I came in. She said she was going to get some tonight and that she would call you in the daylight hours tomorrow. She said she has her phone, some cash for an Uber and for you guys not to worry about her. I don’t think you know the guy she left with but he’s not a bad kid. Young and full of himself, but not one of the bad ones. She should be okay with him. So, are you about ready for this happening?”

“I will be as soon as my friends come up off the floor. I still have to add another few drams of endorphins to this lovely woman, so it’ll be another half hour or so. That good with you?”

“Anytime you’re ready my friend. I’m going to go and check to see who else is still here and to see if they want to come and watch your ceremony. You cool with that?”

“The only ones left will undoubtedly have some manners, so sure, I don’t mind if they watch. Is Jimmy and the little English girl doing okay? I haven’t seen them in a while.”

“I’ll let you know,” and he wandered off.

Kane is one of the classiest, good natured and honest humans I’ve ever met. I was proud to call him a friend and enjoyed any time we spent together.

Keeping Janey on her feet, we made-out for a while and the love and lust that poured off of her gave my heart wings. I was truly a lucky man.

Jimmy and Deirdre came back into the front room and under his precise directions, she began to set up the main stage for Janey’s branding. All of the tools, antiseptics and medications were unpacked and went on a side table. Once everything was set up, Jimmy checked to make sure everything was perfect while Deirdre began to sanitize the entire area, using two different sprays to wipe down everything, twice. Janey watched, torn between watching their preparations and looking up into my face. Both of us were smiling and happy. Sam was on his feet and playing usher for the players coming in to watch us, situating them so they could see but not be in the way. Both Beth and Minxy, naked except for their heels began to untie Janey and take her gown and corset off. They left her boots on because neither of them had the key to unlock them. They petted her and did the sisterly support thing, cooing and whispering encouragements to her and then Beth came up and handed me the white wedding paddle.

This was a leather paddle with a core of a thin spring steel plate sewn between the layers of white leather. This gave it a significantly sharper sting upon impact. On one side, spelled out in small Swarovski crystals set into the paddle, courtesy of Sam, were the names: Bat & Janey, and in a heart shape, the date of our first ceremony. I held it down and Janey kissed it.

Kane came in then and closed the door behind him, throwing the latch so no one else could just walk in.

“Janey, as is his right and as Master of Ceremonies, my friend Kane will start to raise your endorphin levels with a spanking. There is no doubt that his hand will hurt as bad or worse than this paddle. Being a former football player, his hand is as hard as they come. I’ve seen women spanked by him say ‘Oooh’ and come crawling back for more. He will start this ceremony for us, and then I will continue your beating with our wedding paddle. Are you ready my love?”

“Husband, my Sir, you don’t have to sell me on the proprieties. I will feel honored to be spanked by Sire Kane, and then we’ll continue with the rest of our special ceremony. Sire Kane? What position would you like me in?”

“My friends and fellow kinksters, Bart has been attending my parties since we rented the ballroom in that hotel, way before we got this location for the official Lair De Sade. Now, this lovely woman has taken him off the market and is filling his life with the joy only a true submissive can bring to a truly dominant man. I give this union my blessing and may they be happy for as long as they choose to be together. Janey, grab your ankles, lock your knees and stick your butt up in the air.”

Kane’s impacts staggered her, and Janey giggled happily throughout her spanking. He stepped back and I continued to beat her butt with our wedding paddle. Janey kept mumbling, “More Master, more, please.”

When I quit, Jimmy lit the flame on the propane torch and Janey moved over and picked up the branding-iron to hold it in the flame. While she did this, I sterilized the area I would brand. When it was glowing, she came over and knelt in front of me, holding the branding-iron out at arm’s length.

“Husband, My Sir and bondage master, please complete my enslavement to you in the way I asked of you. I am anxious to bear your mark on my flesh.”

She turned to offer me her right thigh. Beth held Janey’s hands outstretched in front of her, more for reassurance than as any form of restraint. Sam stood behind her, laying his hands on her shoulders for the same reassurance, ready to catch her if she passed out. Minxy knelt to the side, keeping Beth between us and stared up at Janey, smiling. Jimmy stood behind Sam ready with the Hydrogel bandage. I knelt down on one knee, kissed the spot where I would sear my initials into her thigh, centered the still glowing tool and marked my wife the way she had asked to be marked, pressing the brand into her flesh and holding it steady to make sure the mark had clean lines. Janey threw her head back and uttered an ‘Oh’ sound but made no other cry. Tears rolled down her face but the smile on her lips told me she was nothing but happy and satisfied.

I held her face in my hands and stared into the eyes that fascinated me as Jimmy dressed the wound properly. Janey grasped my wrists to hold my hands there. Jimmy had gotten specific instructions from Sam’s doctor and had been studying how to keep his friend safe and healthy. He liked Janey. Of course, we all did, but Jimmy catered to her with just a bit more attention than the rest of us got. After tonight, I realized how much he appreciated devotedly submissive women.

After we’d gotten specific permission from Kane, Deirdre had been keeping the image centered in the view screen of the tripod mounted camera that had recorded this ceremony, making sure nothing went wrong with the way we wanted this memory to be captured. Kane had her turn the recording off so that anyone that wanted to leave wouldn’t wander into the recording. She immediately took out the SD card and handed it to Jimmy for safekeeping.

Several of the players that I knew came up and congratulated me, many showering Janey with compliments. Beth and Minxy got redressed in less obvious skirts and tops, and then when Jimmy gave them the high sign, her ladies in waiting helped Janey into a clean white cotton wrap dress that put little to no pressure on her bandage. I unlocked her boots and she exchanged them for some wedge sandals with a much lower arch. Sam, Jimmy and Deirdre packed everything up, called the limo and we headed back to the hotel.

Deirdre sat next to Jimmy all curled up with his arm around her, smiling at him like she had just found the love of her life. Sam had bookends curled up next to him, and Janey sat on my right snuggled up under my arm, smiling, listening to music that only she could hear.

Sam looked at me when he heard my stomach growl and said, “Mine’s letting me know that we’re running on empty too, so,” and after a dramatic pause we both pointed at each other and said “Canter’s” in unison and started laughing.

He punched the intercom and said to the driver, “Please take us to Canter’s Deli, on Fairfax.”

Beth leaned across Sam and said to Minxy, “The terror twins have spoken,” and then snuggled back under his arm. Both of them giggled, which got Janey giggling too. She was still floating on her endorphin buzz and probably would have giggled at a nuclear explosion going off.

Over a lavish breakfast Sam looked at me and asked, “So, do you think we’ve lost Vonny?”

“Kane said she’d found a Dom and that she ‘wanted to get some’. I don’t have enough information yet. He said the guy was young and full of himself. I don’t know him so I can’t tell you much more than that. Guess we’ll learn more later. She promised to call in the daylight hours to report in. She may just be scratching an itch. Who knows?”

“Even with the womenfolk adopting her, she hasn’t seemed happy lately. Productive, yes, but not really bright eyed and bushy tailed,” Sam said between mouthfuls. “Especially with how we live our lives.”

“You’re right Sam. She has expressed to me that this opportunity is not what she was hoping for,” said Jimmy. “She’s doing it more for the steady employment and the money than for the lifestyle that the rest of you live.”

“If this is any example of how you people live, then sign me up. You could adopt me anytime you want. I’ll be a good girl, as submissive as you want me to be. You guys are fun,” exclaimed Minxy.

With his eyebrows raised and head tilted, Sam looked at Beth first and she just smiled and shrugged. Then he looked at me and with a shit-eating grin on my face I did the John Belushi head-wobble-nob and Sam just laughed. Janey was still off in space and I’d check in with her later when she was a bit more rational. I loved her enough to overcome any misgivings.

“Listen, I really will be a good girl. Topping is not a driving force in me and submitting to the likes of you two is a no-brainer as far as I’m concerned. I won’t step on any toes or try anything underhanded. You have my word on that. Bart is a good friend and Janey is safely his slave/wife with no competition from me, and the same guarantees go out to you too Beth. I’ll just appreciate any of the excess attention that comes my way,” blurted out Minxy, who immediately got all embarrassed, but looked at all of us with wide eyes.

Deirdre broke the spell as she started crying. Jimmy tried to console her, but she pushed him away and said, “You live in Kentucky. I don’t even know where that is! You’ll be taking my only friend away, my mentor and, well, my protector,” and she got up and ran off to the bathroom, sobbing.

Minxy and Beth got up immediately and went after her. Janey started to follow suit but knowing that she really didn’t know what was going on, I got her to just stay in her seat. She smiled at me, a little vacuously. Jimmy got up and followed them.

I looked at Sam and said, “You’re going to have to fix this.”

“I know. Funny how these things work out. I’m developing a plan though. Trust me. It’ll all work out. You really good with this?”

“Lead on MacDuff. Where you go, I’ve got your six.”

A short time later we saw Minxy leading Deirdre by the hand back to the table, with Jimmy and Beth close behind. Once they were all seated, Sam looked at Deirdre and asked, “Young lady, what do you do for a living in this sprawling metropolis and den of iniquity?”

Sniffling back more tears she said, “I’m a graphic artist for one of the studios. I draw the original layouts and then the CGI wizards do their thing.”

“And if you don’t mind me asking, how much do you make,” Sam asked?

She told him and you could see his mind doing some quick calculations.

“No family, lovers or other anchors holding you here,” Sam asked?

“No Sir. No one but Minxy. Why are you asking me all these questions?”

Sam looked at me. I thought for a couple of seconds and jumped in with, “Portraits, for prosperity. You and Beth need portraits. Family portraits, and she could even do paintings of your damned smelly beasts.”

“Excellent idea, my friend. Deirdre, could you paint portraits of Beth, me and my horses? You could even do portraits of Bat and Janey if you get bored?”

“Of course, Sir,” and she looked all surprised.

“Alright, Jimmy, it’s all up to you now. Do we have an open slot in our household staff that you could slip Deirdre into, until she can start producing portraits for us?”

“Bartender, Jimmy. Sam and I need a bartender. Show her the pictures of my living room and she’ll understand. Give me a few and I’ll come up with even better ideas,” I announced.

He pulled out his phone, flipped through some pictures and her eyes got big as she saw my saloon, realizing this was actually my living room.

“Jimmy,” said Sam, “get out your recorder and make this official. I’m offering her $5,000., no, $10,000.US for each family portrait, once we get her set up in a proper studio, on the ranch of course, and $5,000 for each of my thoroughbreds she paints for me. Until then, so she feels like she’s earning her keep, you, as my majordomo, have to assign her proper duties around the ranch, at 10% over what she’s making here. Give her the suite that Bat and Janey just vacated, at least until we can make other arrangements. Deirdre, all your meals, medical and dental insurance are covered, and you’ll have free rent with this employment offer. All you have to do is produce art for us. You ‘will’ have to learn where Kentucky is and move there with the rest of us. So, is that sufficient to make you pull up your roots here and try an easier going lifestyle in the heartland of America?”

She turned to Jimmy and asked plaintively, “Sir James? Is this really happening? Is he serious?”

Jimmy grabbed her face in both hands, kissed her and said, “Yes. I told you Sam was a good man. Nothing will be expected of you but what has been laid out here, but I, personally, am hoping that you and I could…”

Her “Yes” came out a bit too loud, but she quickly composed herself and said “Yes, Sir James, anything for you. Sir Samuel, if you are really serious, I would be honored to produce art for you and Lady Elizabeth.”

Minxy looked at Sam and asked, “And what do I get out of this? Maybe a nice finder’s fee?”

“You’ll get a spanking if you don’t start behaving,” he said snickering.

“Yes Sir. I’ll start misbehaving immediately.” And everyone laughed.

“Sir Samuel? I’ll need to give the studio my two weeks’ notice, and I’ll have to find some time to pack up the few things I have. Then there’s my little car, and…”

“Nonsense. Just don’t go back. I’ll write you a note. Hell, I’ll have my doctor write you a note saying that you’ve been hospitalized with boogaloo fever or something that sounds even more dreadful and that they can send flowers to your funeral. They’ll never know the difference and really won’t care. They’re a corporation and don’t really care about their employees. You’re just a slot in their organization they need to fill. Jimmy, add in a six-month severance package, effective immediately, in case she wants to bail like Vonny did. Good enough? Now quit worrying about job security young lady. Jimmy is your new boss now, and you’ll find that he’s a good man, fair and capable. He’ll arrange to get your stuff packed up, your car either sold here or transported back to the ranch and you can fly back with us on the Citation. I don’t think I can make it any easier for you. Just smile, sit back and get acquainted with your new family. We don’t bite, unless you ask us to.

“Now, there’s a couple of things we need to get straight. I’m ‘Sam’ and this is ‘Beth’. You can call Jimmy anything that the two of you think is appropriate, but I’m Sam and this is Beth. That mustachioed scoundrel across from me is Bat, not Bart, and that’s Janey. You’re Deirdre, and now that we’ve had Mouseketeer roll call, we’re all going to finish our meal, get some sleep and relax. Speaking of Mouseketeer roll call, Jimmy, I want you to make some arrangements for us.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Bat and I get into too much trouble on our own and I’m sick and tired of this never-ending shopping spree that you two have lost yourselves in. That’s what the damned Internet and FedEx is for. I don’t mind you spending money. That’s what it’s there for, but I do mind not seeing you. We want to have some fun ‘with’ our women, so, from here on out, you’re coming with us, either willingly or in chains. Your choice. Today, we rest. Tomorrow, we’re going to the happiest place on Earth. We’re going to Disneyland. Monday, California Adventure park. Tuesday, Universal Studios. Wednesday, Knott’s Berry Farm. Starting to see the gist of these fabulous ideas of mine? Jimmy, get the VIP executive packages for all seven of us. Include a trip to the LA Zoo. I love zoos. Add in aquariums but talk to me about the water parks first. I think you can skip Legoland, but just find fun things for us to do. Bat and I are really just overgrown kids, but life is short, and we want to have fun while we’re out here.”

“Sammy? Can we add in some museums? I love museums,” asked Beth.

“Jimmy, you heard her. Intersperse museums between our amusement parks. Bat and I have already been to see the Endeavor at the Science Center but going again to see a piece of history like that is a no-brainer. She’s a beauty. By the way young lady, you’ve been on the clock as of what, twenty ago, so your presence is required. Jimmy, willingly or in chains. Got it?”

He laughed, and Deirdre blushed, smiling. She was holding onto Jimmy’s arm with a death grip.

“I want to do it all and see it all,” said Sam.

Jimmy looked at Deirdre and said softly, “And that’s the Sam Harrison tsunami. Get used to it. He really is just a big kid, and Bat’s no better. They feed off of one another and you’ll have to help me pick up all the loose ends they leave behind. One is a tsunami and the other one is a typhoon. Can you help me with that?”

She was nodding and smiling like a kid at Christmas. I think it was more from being included in Jimmy’s world than from the adventure, but she looked happy and so did Jimmy. Minxy looked smug. She’d done a good thing, and all of us that depended so heavily on Jimmy would have to reward her for this.

On the way-out Sam whispered, “Good save on the portrait idea. I was floundering there for a moment.”

“Now, about that position for a bartender,” and we both laughed?

“Why do you think I’m bringing Minxy back with us. She has bar-wench and saloon madam written all over her,” and they all wondered what we were still laughing about as we climbed into the limo. They really wondered on the drive back, because every time we looked at Minxy, we broke up laughing all over again. She knew something was up but just didn’t know what.

Jimmy looked at Deirdre and said simply, “This is not all that unusual. You’ll get used to them. They mean well.”

“Of course, Sir,” she said, smiled and snuggled up even closer to him.

When we got back, the front desk had a package for me. I signed for it and opening it up right there, I found a black wallet with an official government badge in it, proper ID and a handwritten note from the senator.

[I heard what you and Sam did in NoHo. It took my staff a few days to notify me, but considering your other license is due to expire in a couple of months, you can now relax under the same umbrella I’ve offered to Sam and James. You’ll have to live with your picture. That’s the best one we could find for your ID. Thank you for your service and remember to call me when you get to DC. Hoo-Ah Soldier, Signed: Senator --- R:KY]

I smiled and stuffed it in my back pocket.

Once in her loosely sealed single-sleeve, Janey passed right out. She never knew I changed her Hydrogel bandage and its covering, or that I held her throughout the rest of the day while I catnapped.

A ravenous hose-monster woke me up trying to gobble my hard-on, working it like a Popsicle on a hot day. I smiled. Before she could suck all of my swimmers out, I flipped her on her back and buried myself into her literally sopping pussy. Janey’s entire vocabulary revolved around begging me to pound into her, harder and faster, calling me every scene-related endearment she could think of, embellishing these endearments with a loving selection of appropriate adjectives. After I splashed into her, I got the Hitachi wand out and made her scream for mercy. I’d heard somewhere that positive sexual activity boosted the immune system and aided healing. I was doing my part.

We all had keys to each other’s rooms and using his, Sam just came in and sat on the bed. He told us that he had been cast out of heaven because Beth was exploring her long dormant bisexual side with Minxy. Janey and I laughed. Janey got up and got on her knees in front of him. My favorite little cocksucker did have her own fetishes to attend to. When he flopped back on the bed, I released her arms and let her clean up a little. Afterwards, I changed her dressing and bandages and she and I got dressed. Janey wore a flouncy skirt that barely covered her bandage. She added a bra, panties, tank top and four-inch sandals. After showing Sam my new creds, I slipped my new G19 into a back holster and threw a suit jacket on to cover it up. We went down to Jimmy’s room and knocked on the door. Adjusting a short robe, he answered it after several long moments.

“Here’s the key to the Spider,” said Sam. “Take her out to a dinner for just the two of you, or stay in, your choice,” and laughing, the three of us turned and started to head out to the Escalade. Over his shoulder Sam said, “She’ll need fresh clothes and girl-stuff for tomorrow. Just saying.”

The Spider was gone when we got back, and Sam smiled. Stopping off at the bar, we sent Janey into the lioness’s den with their bag of tacos that we brought back for them and the keys to the Escalade. Tequila was calling our name because we knew that they didn’t have any decent bourbon at this bar. We’d checked. I was beginning to suspect that we were spoiled snobs.

Somewhere between the fourth and fifth round, Janey came staggering into the bar, a little disheveled, plopped down on a seat, ordered a double by waving to our glasses and holding up two fingers. Giggling, she exclaimed, “Sir, I’ve been raped! They’re animals. Animals I tell you.”

She slugged back her double and ordered a margarita, using words this time. The bartender just stared at her. Sam got his attention, motioned with his finger and the bartender started making her drink.

“They didn’t,” I asked, a little shocked but mostly sarcastically intrigued?

“Yes, they did,” she stated emphatically. “And they said they’ll do it to me again, but I won’t know when or where. Animals I tell you,” and throwing her head back she laughed.

“Where are these ‘animals’ now,” asked Sam, smirking?

“They took the Escalade to pack a bag for Minxy. Both of them are animals. I never stood a chance. They pounced on me as soon as I handed them the keys and I never stood a chance. What they did to my poor toes and feet, well Sir, they’re animals I tell you. Just animals”

Both of us laughed at her feigned indignation. The bartender looked a little sheepish but seeing Janey’s mood he accepted the levity of the situation.

Later, when they came into the bar Janey spun around, pointed and said, “See. Animal one and animal two. Animals I tell you. Just animals.”

Sam kissed both of them and asked, “And where am I sleeping tonight?”

“Are you a man or a mouse there, cowboy?” asked Minxy?

“Now about that spanking,” and he grabbed both of them around the waist and drug them out of the bar. All three were laughing and we could hear their laughter all the way down the hall.

Hollering at them as they left, Janey exclaimed, “Collars, chains and cages. They’re animals I tell you,” and she giggled.

I got a text message from Jimmy, notifying me about the morning itinerary and tentative plans.

“That just leaves you and me hot stuff,” she said and drug me back to our room.

Jimmy is good, but he’d been a bit distracted, which was easily forgivable. He couldn’t get us the top of the line VIP tour into the Magic Kingdom immediately, so he made reservations and spent enough of Sam’s money to arrange for seven of us, when they wanted to hold it down to six. Similar situations occurred for Universal Studios VIP tours, at Knott’s Berry Farm and everywhere we wanted to go, so we started off going to museums and the zoo. We went to the L.A. Zoo first and then the next day we traveled down to San Diego to go to theirs.

In the San Diego zoo, we were watching some macaque monkeys through the glass when we saw the perfect analogy to our more refined human sexual expectations and behaviors. We watched the big dominant male of the pack walk up a low branch to a younger female, grab her by the root of her tail, lift her up and stick his nose right in her crotch. It was not red and swollen to indicate that she was in heat, so he dropped her, turned around and sat at the other end of the branch. Ignoring her, he was obviously contemplating more profound macaque thoughts. She dutifully walked over to him and started grooming him from behind, picking bugs or whatever from his fur like a dutiful subbie. We laughed so hard that the big male got indignant and went over to the trees along the back fence and foraged for something to eat.

Wherever we went, whether it was the zoo or the aquariums with all the neon colors of the fish or the spacious halls of LACMA examining the classics of art, or the Museum of Natural History looking at their fabulous gem and mineral collection and dinosaur skeletons, or the endless roller coasters where Sam and I tried to outride the other one, our minds never left the proverbial gutter. We looked at everything through the jaded lenses of friends with an overamped libido, used to sharing our sexual expectations with one another. In the Science Center, Janey wanted to know if you could have sex in a Gemini space capsule, and how. At the La Brea Tar Pits, Beth decided she wanted to let her leg hair grow out and wear a fur bikini. With visions of the Raquel Welch movie “One Million Years B.C.” in his head, Sam agreed, until he focused on the unshaven leg thing and then told Jimmy to order numerous at-home waxing kits in case she even tried. We laughed. Especially when Minxy decided that she wanted to be flogged with octopus tentacles.

We laughed a lot on these excursions and outings, comfortable with each other and our double entendres, mixed with barely disguised innuendos relating to our sexual proclivities. Even our meek little mouse got into the act by telling us about some of the legends behind the famous characters painted by the old masters on the museum walls. Most were scandalous and we loved the fact that she was contributing to our intellectual debauchery. Her art history minor was paying off.

Up until recently, I’d thought Janey was the poster child for submissive behavior, but Deirdre even had her beat. Well, not literally beaten but you know what I mean. I have to clear up certain things in stories like this one. Deirdre would have stood passively on hot coals, barefoot, if ‘Sir James’ had asked her to. One of the delightful things we experienced during all of this was watching these two fall deeply in love with one another. No one doubted or questioned it, and we all wondered when they would make their union official.

Even though they were regularly getting their ménage a trois thing on, occasionally Minxy had to spend the night with Janey and me. Minxy was surprisingly submissive when she was with us and paid special deference to Janey’s place in this hierarchy, practically waiting on her like a lady’s maid. She really was being on her good behavior. Each one got bound for sleep, but only one had sex with me.

On the rare occasions when Sam was cast out of heaven, he just bought an extra room for the night and did the bachelor thing with a bottle of tequila and pay-per-view porn.

Occasionally, there were nights when Sam and I felt the debilitating and cruel effects of A.E.P., or accumulated estrogen poisoning. We loved them, but sometimes they could be too much. On those nights we would take the Spider out on midnight rides into the Anaheim Hills, tear-assing around those winding curves and laughing like teenagers, with the wind in our hair and sipping off of his ever-present flask of Pappy.

After one of those nights, Sam got us a room in another hotel all together, with double beds of course. Precipitating this had been when Janey had disappeared into the lioness’s den. The raucous noises coming out of that room could only be described as guttural and animalistic. Sitting in my room, it amused us listening to them, for a while, but no one could sleep with that noise right next door or even down the hall, so we just left. We escaped and found refuge elsewhere. The next morning, over breakfast, all three of them had sly, knowing grins on their faces.

Sam and I made a couple of court appearances. Neither of us said a word, letting our mouthpieces do all of the talking. That’s what they were paid to do. The opposition’s ACLU lawyers, arguing racial profiling, really never stood a chance. In this lopsided legal duel, they brought popguns to this fight and Sam’s lawyers brought that battleship broadside to our side of the fight. Eventually, Sam and I were exonerated of all wrongdoing. He paid the lawyers off with part of our bail money and donated the rest of it to a couple of homeless veterans’ organizations.

We collected our pistols from the armorer at the station, bought an excess of pizza for everyone at that station and arranged for the next two shifts to get fresh pizza delivered when they came on duty. We left with many new friends that would remember the two Kentucky cowboys that visited North Hollywood and drove off on a yellow horse.

After taking lessons and getting all the necessary gear, we spent almost two weeks scuba diving all around Southern California. We’d waited so no one could accuse us of trying to skip town. Our guide took us all up and down the eight-island archipelago of the Santa Barbara Channel Islands. Sam had rented a large yacht and we frolicked with dolphins, swam in schools of multi-colored fish, and marveled at the antics of the octopi. Loosely tying the wrists and ankles of our women and watching them undulate through the water with that more efficient swimming motion is something you had to see to believe. Luckily, Jimmy had a GoPro underwater camera rig and we brought home proof. Taking extra care due to the circumstances, that really wasn’t the only time they got tied up under the waves. We didn’t want any mishaps, but a group of perverts like us were not going to miss an opportunity like this. Beth even got spanked, underwater, with a flounder that Sam had speared.

Sam usually carried a spear gun, while Jimmy and I carried bang sticks. We weren’t stupid or naïve about the ocean. Truth be known, we also carried our G26 Gen 4 Glocks.

We also availed ourselves of the opportunity to get pictures and videos of a heavily bound and gagged Jessica Rabbit posing on the back of the yacht. Naturally, the other two hams had to dress up in mermaid tails and green seaweed wigs. Sometimes wearing clamshell bikini tops, with their arms trapped to their sides, their torsos were wound in ropes thick enough to tow a small ship so they could look more ‘nautical’ and share the spotlight with Minxy’s JR persona. Moments like those do not come along often enough. Cosplay like this just inspired more directions for future adventures.

The captain and crew didn’t share in this endeavor, but Sam’s money assured discretion and privacy.

Deirdre wasn’t quite ready for her video debut yet, but she was quite invaluable to Jimmy, who played photographer for our squirmy victims of the sea pirates. She handled the lighting and sometimes just sat back with a large pad of paper and sketched our damsels in distress who had several costumed Perils of Pauline adventures on the back of the yacht. Deirdre was honestly trying to earn her keep, and she turned out good art.

Even if she suspected it in the back of her mind, I detected no evidence from her that she realized that Sam had ‘bought’ her, just to keep Jimmy happy. The two of them were now a little too star struck with each other to notice much. Sam appreciated the job his majordomo did for him.

After returning from our ocean adventures and after dropping our stuff off, we flipped a coin to decide if we should have FatBurgers or In-N-Out. The double-double burgers won out, and shoving fries into his mouth, Sam said, “So Deirdre? Have you figured out where Kentucky is yet? We’ll be flying back there soon. You are coming with us, aren’t you?”

“If Sir James wants me to. And yes, I’ve been reading all about your Bluegrass State. It sounds wonderful and the pictures are just stunning. Sir James tells me that you raise thoroughbreds. Riding them must be just smashing.”

“Jimmy, just tie these two up, gag them and throw them on the plane.”

“My pleasure Sir. This one especially needs to get out of the L.A. smog and into some fresh, clean air. We all do for that matter,” and Deirdre just squealed and crushed his neck in a bear hug.

Feigning indignation, Minxy asked, “And what am I, chopped liver?”

“No, you are our new seamstress, costume designer, cosplay wardrobe consultant, and when you’re not chained to your sewing machine, Bat has decided that you might make an acceptable saloon wench and bartender for his living room. You cool with that job description woman?”

Vonny had waited two days to report in. We were just about to alert the authorities when on the third morning she called Jimmy. She said that she’d found the Dom of her dreams, a community of like-minded Goth souls here in L.A. and that she was tendering her resignation so she could stay here. She wondered if he would arrange to have her doublewide transported out to SoCal for her, along with all of her sewing stuff. Jimmy informed her that considering that Sam had bought the doublewide, her new HD sewing machine and all of her material stock, accessories and trimmings, that she could have her old sewing machine back, her personal clothes, possessions and the monies due her to that date, which would be transferred immediately into her bank account with no severance pay. Nothing else. He told us that she had whined, reminding him that Beth had adopted her and that the doublewide and all of that other stuff was hers by right. Countering, Jimmy asked her if she had anything in writing, giving her legal claim to any of that. He said she’d cried, threatened to sue Sam and then hung up. According to him, to date, even after repeated text reminders, she had not given him any particular place to send her possessions to, so they would remain in storage on the ranch. Jimmy even packed up and left her small carryon suitcase at the front desk for her to pick up. Beth and Janey were much more upset than Sam was, who just decided to turn the doublewide and supplies over to Minxy and let her fill the vacated slot of costume designer.

“I can live like that,” Minxy said, giggling, and smiling like the Cheshire cat. “That sounds like fun!” Fencesitter had finally found a family that could accept and appreciate her for who she really was.

Sam hired a moving van. The front of that trailer was packed with the tonnage of clothes and shoes that our women had to evacuate out of L.A. before the moths ate them. They’d also loaded up all of Minxy’s and Deirdre’s stuff. We brought our scuba gear with us, the new ‘toys’ we’d liberated from the various sex shops we frequented, what seemed like a pound or so of SD cards and the Spider F8 was locked down in the rear of the trailer, properly covered with a car cloth, layers of furniture pads and lots of insurance. It left for Lexington four days before we took off in the Citation X.

Sam and I availed ourselves of the hotel’s car service for the last few days we were there. Driving a Maserati around was not such a bad thing.

Taking off from Burbank airport, Deirdre sat in the co-pilot’s seat on the way back, squealing and clapping her hands delightedly because of how excited she was that Sir James was taking her to ‘his’ home.

All three of the other wenches were inducted into the BDSM Mile-High club.

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[Again, I apologize if you were expecting some Doom & Gloom story describing the realities of the Black Plague of the 21st Century in L.A. I’m trying to have a little fun here, so remember happier times, extend your imaginations and try to enjoy this ‘fiction’. My memories of SoCal didn’t include teams of pony-girls harnessed to carts and the Grim Reaper whipping them through the streets calling for everyone to, “Bring out your dead.”]

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