A Game for Some

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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© Copyright 2020 - Walt A.K.A. Xan - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; rope; club; party; rom; X

All characters are fictitious and any similarities to any persons, living or dead are purely coincidental.

Continues from

Part 8

With the three of them securely tied up in the middle of the floor I scooted them around until Janey was facing the big screen. I untied her legs that had been tied side-by-side like the other two and tied each leg so it was bundled up with her ankle attached to her thigh, frog-style. Then I laid on the floor with my head down between her legs, grabbed one leg in each arm and started watching the TV. Sam sat on the couch behind us watching the other two for a while and then the TV for a while.

When Beth and Vonny started to whine, complaining through their ball-gags that they couldn’t easily see the screen, I simply said, “Janey doesn’t try to escape. She appreciates the bondage I give her, so she gets the rewards of snuggle time and being able to watch our entertainment. I can either teach my friend ‘all’ of the little tricks I know to keep Houdini-bottoms from ever being able to escape, or you can just sit back and enjoy what he gives you. One way is less comfortable. One way gets you rewarded. I’ll let you decide which is which, and which one you want.”

Sam laughed sardonically, which did nothing to assuage their feelings. Looking up at Janey I saw her expression was quite smug and she was proud of her role in this. I could tell by the vibrations that Vonny was determined to escape. When her whining, mewling, huffing and puffing turned into frustrated whimpers, I knew she had accepted her fate.

“Can’t do it, huh niece? I’ve been tying up women since before you were born, and I’ve learned more than one or two tricks to keep them as helpless as I want them. You couldn’t escape yesterday. You can’t escape today. Starting to see a pattern developing?”

Taming a Houdini-bottom was a lot like training a puppy. Patience, kindness and firm, exacting methodologies eventually got the job done. Vonny was basically Sam’s problem, but I was destined to be the one to housebreak her. Janey came housebroken. She just wanted to be loved and cuddled while she was tied up and gagged. Vonny would take some time and effort. Especially considering that I had absolutely zero interest in cuddling and petting my new niece. I would, as part of her training and regimen, but I liked a little meat on my women, especially after Janey. Sure, Beth had always been long, lean and svelte, but when you grabbed her, anorexic was not the first thought in your mind. Vonny needed to pack on some pounds. Looking at her brought images to my mind of those unfortunate women coming out of Nazi concentration camps. I’d emphasize this opinion to her mentors. Maybe Pete could help?

After a while Sam took the group ropes off of our women and leaving them arm and ankle bound, he pulled Beth and Vonny up on the couch with him. I carried Janey over to the side couch and we got lost in the cuddling and petting. She seemed happy in my arms, staring up at me. I loved looking at her eyes when she was gagged like this. That no-man’s zone between her bangs and the top of her gag made me smile and put happy thoughts in my mind.

Sam was unwinding the gray tape off of his slave/wife. When that was off, he tried to untie the ropes.

“You weren’t kidding,” he told me. “That knot’s not going nowhere.”

“Now think about trying to pick it open when it’s behind your back. Sure, she might be able to wriggle her bound arms over her butt and get her wrists in front of her, but you can see how difficult it is even then. Now, consider the hindrance of the two layers of tape and you’ve officially thwarted the Houdini-bottom. When it turns into a battle of wills, sometimes you just have to cheat.”

He cut Beth free with his EMT shears and after taking her mittens and gag off she helped him peel the gray tape off Vonny. Beth took off the mittens but left Vonny’s wrists tied.

“Now try to scoot your arms around your butt and get them in front of you. When you do, I want you to try everything you can to get out of those ropes. This is a challenge. Go for it,” Beth told her.

It wasn’t much of an effort for Vonny to wriggle her arms around and get them in front of her. She wriggled, fought and strained against her bondage until Beth stopped her and cut her ropes off of her. She then slathered some ointment over the abrasions that were beginning to make her wrists raw and red. Using some clean gauze Beth individually wrapped the youngster’s wrists up, took her gag off, sat her down between her and Sam and hugged her.

“Okay,” I asked, “What’s the obsession with escaping? You told us you liked being tied up, but as soon as you are, the first thing you try to do is to get out. Have you given this any thought?”

Vonny was quiet for a while and then said, “For me, it’s always been get tied up, escape, and have sex. I’ve never really been tied up for the sake of just being restrained. I’ve never played with lifestylers before. I’ve never played with anybody that didn’t want to fuck me within the first few minutes after putting ropes on me, and sometimes for a good fuck, ropes can get in the way. I’m out of my element here, so the fight or flight thing kicks in, and considering I wouldn’t last very long in a fight, flight is my only option, so I wriggle free, escape and go find a nice safe place. Just what do all of you want from me?”

Before I could stop myself, I blurted out, “I want you to put some weight on. You are just way too skinny girl.”

That got me some wide-eyed indignation and then a flood of tears. Beth cuddled her for a while, but the whole wild-eyed waif thing came out. 

Vonny cried for a while and then, sniffling, got up, came over, stood in front of me with her arms locked straight at her sides and her fists balled up and asked, “How?”

“Go ahead and kneel down. Right there is fine. We’re going to talk.”

I started to peel the tape off Janey’s hands, starting the process of untying her while I talked to Vonny.

“Do you remember when you came over and we were headed over to pack up our stuff and move here?”


“When you asked if we wanted you to come along, what did Sam tell you?”

“He asked if I wanted to be a part of the family or just a hired hand.”

“Well, that’s the answer to what we want out of you. These two wonderful women want you to be a part of the family. Yesterday, they ‘notified’ Sam and me that they had adopted you, using our proxies to make it unanimous. Because we love them, we supported their decisions. Short of a decision to leave me, I’ll back any and all of Janey’s decisions. Beth is one of my two oldest and best friends, which means she gets the same level of support and backing from me. So, you are our niece, and their daughter, which means we want you healthy and happy. This,” and I gestured to her body, “is not healthy. That cannot be a surprise to you. I’d lay long odds that your daily caloric intake is well under a thousand. I’m going to talk to Pete, who is more than he seems, and if we have to force feed you peanut butter and mashed potato milkshakes twice a day we will. That’s an exaggeration of course, but I will ask him to slowly build up your caloric intake. He’s the nutritional expert, not me by any means. Beth will arrange with the doctor to give you a complete and thorough examination to make sure it’s not physical, and then we’re going to start packing the tonnage on you. I’m assuming you’re going to cooperate with this. Your alternative is becoming an unhealthy hired hand.”

Vonny was sniveling and doing everything she could not to look at me.

“Now here’s the deal. I don’t know many women that have been tied up as much as Beth has. In fact, I really don’t know ‘any’, and I know many of the active and retired bondage models in the industry. You can’t have been tied up as many times as Beth has and not pick up a trick or two about bondage. I’ve always thought that she’d make a great Top, so, from here on out, Beth is your new Mistress. 

Sam may be a knowledgeable and accomplished sadist, but unless you’re secretly a pain-slut, he’s just going to be your ‘patron’. Also, there’s a reason why he wants me to do the bondage aspects for our videos. He’s capable, but I’m the artist with ropes, and I’m the one with the professional experience.

“Now, here’s the problem with the timing in all of this. This delectable woman I’m untying right now and I are on our ‘honeymoon’. This is only day two of our honeymoon. I want more of her. As much as I like to play with my extended family, this woman is someone I ‘want’ to spend a majority of my time with. She is my priority because I want her to be. I’m just a bit obsessed with her. So, I am ‘not’ going to have time to train you, ‘in what we want out of our family members’. Hell, truth be known, I’m barely housebroken myself. 

“Beth has a good heart, and she likes you, so you could do a lot worse than having her as your Top-slash-mistress. Many Tops are not known to have her qualities. I know for a fact that she has more than enough knowledge to settle, calm and purge a large number of the demons inside of you. Bondage will help, but you have got to trust her enough so that she doesn’t have to force the issue. There is no crime in being able to do something, and not doing it for the sake of harmony, like constantly escaping. Trust me, I have a wide variety of ways to thwart Houdini-bottoms, and I will teach her each and every one of them if I have to. I shouldn’t have to though. Let her tie you up and learn why bondage is something they’ve been using to aid in meditation for the last five-thousand years or so. When I have more time, I’ll give you the history of bondage, as I understand it from the research I’ve done. So, for now, go offer your bandaged wrists up to your new mistress and remember, ‘no one’ is going to hurt you, or take advantage of you, or do anything untoward. Okay Vonny? Remember, this is a game for some, but for us, it’s a lifestyle, and many real rewards come with this lifestyle. Tie ‘em up and fuck ‘em games are fine, but there is more. Fucking is momentary fun. What we do lasts a lifetime.”

Vonny nodded, sniffled and went back over to kneel in front of Beth, who started to pet her and play with her hair.

Janey pointed towards the bathroom and I told her to take her gag off when she was in there. I went over to the stacks of clothes we had down there and came back with a change for Janey. When she got back, I availed myself of one of her fetishes. When it came to swallowing my cum, Janey was voracious, and happy with my indulgence.

The teddy, boots, and the satin gloves were replaced by a very sheer, black, long-sleeved leotard, and white six-inch pumps. I laced her into a white steampunk merry-widow corset and added white opera-length leather gloves. Still not happy with the look, I threw her a short, white Hottskirt mini and she wriggled into it. Smiling, she knew I was happy with this look by the mauling she got. Janey giggled, a lot, as she straightened up what I did to her.

Sam helped me take the ‘swing’ out of the package we had it stored in, which up until now was largely unnoticed in the corner. Lowering the main winch and the two side winches, we attached this contraption to the main bar, synchronized the winches to lift and lower together and then high-fived each other. Needless to say, the women were very curious and quite fascinated.

“As you all know, Sam and I are really just a couple of kids wanting to play, so in one of our drunken stupors we got this idea, bounced it back and forth off each other until we worked the kinks ‘into’ it. Sam had one of his engineers design and make this for us to play with. Janey my dear, you have been elected to be our first playmate.”

“Guinea pig is more like it,” said Beth, who still couldn’t tear her eyes off this thing. Janey giggled and snuggled up under my arm.

“I’ll gladly be ‘your’ Guinea pig, husband. What am I volunteering for?”

“Did you like going to the park and swinging on the swings?”

“Of course, doesn’t everybody?”

“Well, this is just a version of that, for kinky adults.”

“Okay, that tells me everything I need to know,” and she giggled even more, staring up lovingly at me. 

Taking her over to the seat I showed Janey that the rigger could either tie her legs individually to the hinged leg rests that could open for more intimate play while she was tied to the seat, or they could be tied together.

“I’ve seen pictures of bondage chairs like this before, husband. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so enthusiastic with my blowjob.”

“No, for this trial run, tying your beautiful legs together will be a good test position. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use them to boost your swing like you could on a simpler model. I’ll be pushing you though.”

“Okay, I like it when someone pushes me in a swing. So, husband, am I going to be tied to this swing?”

“Yeah, you’ll have to be securely tied to this swing.”

“See, I told you that you were a Guinea pig,” said Beth. “They have something devious planned for you.”

“Oh, come on Sis. I do like to get tied by husband. He does do such a good job of it,” replied Janey. “And it’s just a swing. How bad could it be?”

“Just saying.” 

With Janey standing in front of the swing I tied her legs together with as many four-strand wraps of rope as I could fit on her legs, going from her ankles to the very tops of her thighs, just under her crotch. Each separate cinch attached one wrap to the next wrap on her legs with a hitch-stitch, and they all were anchored to wraps around her waist. This wrap also anchored her crotchrope. After tying her white CFMPs on her feet I smoothed her skirt down and helped her into the swing’s seat. With her arms over the back of the seat I tied her arms together so that her elbows were welded together. With wide wraps of rope going over her shoulders I securely tied her into and to the chair of that swing. When I was done, Janey couldn’t move.

Making out with Janey when she was very helpless was a delightful experience. Only able to communicate with her lips and her eyes did more for me than her words could express. She knew that her words were insufficient, but her emotions were relayed with a clarity few will ever know. My eyes would close because I was lost in the moment, and when I would open them, I would see her staring into them, opening a wormhole directly into my brain. Finally, I used a wide silk scarf to blindfold my lover, went behind her, released the first brake and started to push her forwards, letting the force of gravity bring her back to me so I could push her again. 

Smiling and giggling, Janey said, “This is fun, husband. It feels so different being tied for this.” After several minutes of this she asked, “Is there more to this ride?”

“I’m glad you asked,” and I released the second brake. This allowed the swing to rotate on an axis so that the seat and its occupant spun around in a circle, either clockwise or counterclockwise. I didn’t spin Janey too fast, lest she get queasy. Her squeals and giggles told me she was still having a grand time. The swing still went forwards and backwards, just like a normal swing, but now it also went around and around. Janey seemed to love this. 

I pushed her around for a while and then asked, “Ready for the next part of this ride?”

“Go for it, husband. I’m having fun.”

I released the third brake and now Janey screamed and laughed as she rotated forward until she was upside down and hanging from the ropes. I spun her around on this new axis, righting her and then letting her tumble upside down again. Then I went back to swinging her and letting her slowly spin in a circle, upside down of course. Janey howled in delight, laughing and woo-hooing for all she was worth.

“This is so great. I am so out of control and totally at my master’s mercy. I feel just like a little kid again,” and then she went back to her caterwauls and hoots of unsuppressed laughter. Swinging back and forth, spinning slowly around on her ‘X’ axis and then rotating head up and then head down on her ‘Y’ axis was the bondage ride she had never had before.

With eyes the size of saucers, Vonny rhetorically said, “They really are just a couple of kids.”

“Yes, we are,” said Sam, proudly, and then he did the Elvis, “Thank you, thank you very much,” imitation. “Beth. Later, we’ll sneak back down here, and I’ll give you a ride.”

“We are definitely going to have to put one of these out in the studio,” she said. “Do we have winches set up out there?”

“Yea, why didn’t I think of that,” and Sam immediately sent a text out to his engineering buddy that designed and built this swing, telling him to start making a second one. “And yes, we do have winches out there.”

Pulling the blindfold off, the light shining from Janey’s eyes reminded me of cartoons where rays of light came out of the super-heroine’s eyes. Beyond happy, the woman’s lips drew mine to hers like a magnet. While we kissed, I locked down all three brakes and then started to untie Janey.

“My turn,” exclaimed Beth, bouncing up. “Bat, please do the ropes. Sammy can push me around, but you do the ropes so much better than he does. I’ll let you beat me later if you want, but I’ve just got to try that thing out. I want to feel totally out of control too.”

“Beth, I’ll tie you down for the ride, but I’m going to be a little too busy to beat you. My friend does that better than I do anyway.”

Beth made just as much noise as Janey had, and the two of them were delighted with our new toy.

Looking lovingly into my eyes Janey said, “You’d better tie your niece into the swing, too. She’s going to want a ride. After you do that, may I get a different kind of ride from you? Or is it too soon?”

“If it is, the foreplay will just be longer.”

Janey squealed and kissed me. That got me thinking.

While I was tying Vonny into the swing for her ride I did that meditative deep-thinking thing I could do when I was mechanically tying a woman. I weighed my decisions and decided.

When Beth started to push Vonny around I went over and asked Sam, “Can I get Jimmy to give Janey and I a ride into the airport? I’ve decided to take my wife on a proper honeymoon. It struck me that we can hibernate and play in this new house anytime. I want to spend some money on Janey and show her off on my arm for the world to see.”

“Where ya’ going,” he replied.

“I was thinking L.A. I know my way around out there, and there is a wide variety of things to do out there in granola-land.”

“Is this just a private thing, or do you want company?”

“There will undoubtedly be times when we wander off on our own, y’know kind of lost in each other, but yea, letting me show you and Beth my L.A. would be fun. I’ll get online and make us some reservations.”

“Slow your roll cowboy. Just let me call Jimmy and we’ll take the jet out there. I do own a Cessna Citation X that’s just getting all dusty in the hangar because I don’t take enough trips. I’ve been getting a bit sedentary in my old age. You and Janey have inspired some new life in my soul, so let’s go exploring. Are all of your permits up to date?”

“Yeah. You and Jimmy current?”

“Of course. The good senator keeps us on some obscure government payroll that allows us concealed carry in all 50 states and the territories. Hell, we got government badges and everything. Is L.A. really that dangerous?”

“You know that it’s better to have a gun and not need it than to need a gun and not have one. And yeah, there are places that can be a little hard on tourists and pretty little girls. You never really know. I’ve seen blood spilled in the most innocuous places out there, but for the most part we should be fine.”

“I don’t know what you had planned but I would suggest packing light and we’ll get what we need out there. It is L.A.” In a louder voice Sam said, “Beth, honey, we’re going to chaperone these two on their honeymoon. We’re all going to L.A. When you get done with Vonny, untie her and then go pack.”

To give Jimmy a good night’s sleep, we left in the morning. This gave the girls a chance to pack and for Sam and me to pare down that tonnage. Jimmy booked us into the Viceroy L’Ermitage Beverly Hills. This was a five-star hotel, but it was a little off the beaten track. He got us four rooms, two singles and two doubles. Our womenfolk could actually walk to Rodeo Drive if they wanted to. Sam and I knew we would lose them to shopping extravaganzas during this trip. He and I had both the Petersen and the Nethercutt car museums, the USS Iowa, the space shuttle Endeavor at the California Science Center, and a few out of the way places that I knew of that never made the tourist guides. Even though the hotel had a car service Jimmy rented us a pair of Escalades for our excursions. One for Jimmy and our women, and one for Sam and me. I had a branding-iron to pick up from a friend in NoHo and arrangements to make.

In fact, considering it was still morning when we landed at Burbank, the girls indulged in an in-house spa day as soon as we checked in, so they could get all ‘pretty’ for us. We all laughed when Beth emphasized that word. Sam decided to play one-upmanship and the two of us went out and got fitted for several new suits that fit our gentleman cowboy look. The tailor that the hotel called in never questioned our concealed carry and fitted us accordingly. Of course, we had to get new Stetsons and boots. 

We went out afterwards to Wurstkuche in Venice Beach for one of my favorite treats that we figured the girls wouldn’t appreciate. Sam and I indulged in ‘Rattlesnake & Rabbit with Jalapeno’ sausage sandwiches, Belgian fries and some Floris Apple Ale. This was just the first of the dining experiences I had been missing. Some were well known, like Johnnies’ Pastrami and Tito’s Tacos in Culver City, Slater’s 50/50 bacon burgers, while others were hole-in-the-wall restaurants that only the locals knew and appreciated. And I wasn’t even going to mention the food truck cuisine. I had no intention of eating healthy on this trip into La-la-land, and Sam just wanted to have a good time being a glutton. I liked that about him. That evening, after picking up our pretty womenfolk, we went to Yang Chow’s on Broadway in Chinatown for some Chinese. Definitely one of my favorites. Their sweet and sour pork, Mmmm Mmmm good.

For the next several days Janey and I did everything but honeymoon. Although Janey got my undivided attention every night by showing me and modeling the treasures she and Beth had found, Sam and I had a lot of time to kill together while the womenfolk gathered these treasures for our approval. The sex actually seemed a little better because we had most of the day apart and began to miss each other. Well, at least I missed her and believed her when she said she missed me too. We really hadn’t been apart since we met a couple of months ago. Naturally, we all had breakfast together, but after that Jimmy escorted them all over SoCal as they shopped and bought and then shopped some more and bought even more. A couple of times we all had lunch together, usually at a food truck, but they seemed obsessed with their chances to gather. Sam and I put our feet down and told Jimmy he had to bring them back to us for our evening meal, but for the most part Sam and I had to amuse ourselves during the daylight hours. Sure, we could have gone shopping with them, but with their ability to send us pictures of what they thought we might like, our presence was actually superfluous. So, Sam and I played.

Considering we weren’t gathering anything but memories, a few small mementos and photographs, Sam took the Escalade back and found a place to rent us a 2020 Ferrari F8 Spider to cruise around in. Actually, they didn’t rent it to us. Sam took out a short-term lease of some kind. I really didn’t pay any attention to his negotiations. I was too busy studying this little yellow monster they called the Giallo Modena. It didn’t have the horsepower of the Stang, but no one in their right mind argues with 710hp that’s able to get you to 60 in just under three seconds. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as loud as I expected. We were going to have fun with this. I knew the cops out here, and two, well dressed, older men in a brand new $400,000 car like this one got ignored more times than not. We didn’t push our luck, but we did have fun. Sure, L.A. traffic is, not can be, but ‘is’ a major bitch, but I knew back streets. We still laughed a lot as we zig-zagged through the streets and got stuff done. Beth was not the happiest camper in the pack when she saw us pull up in this, but they had told us to go play. The phrase ‘boys and their toys’ was muttered frequently.

After calling his private number, I scheduled lunch one day with Sire Kane. Having known him since before he had established the official Lair De Sade on Lankershim Blvd in North Hollywood, and considering my membership card had a number consisting of only two digits, when the latest members had four-digit membership numbers, Sam and I enjoyed a pleasant meal with one of the premier kinksters in LA. He assured us that we were more than welcome at his Conquest party and he asked if he could officiate the festivities. I told my old friend that I would be honored, and Sam broke out his ever-present flask of Pappy to seal the deal. Over cigars, Sam made sure that Kane knew he had a standing invitation to the ranch, if he ever ventured East. When Kane found out who Sam was married to, he smiled, saying he still had copies of some of our videos. Actually, I knew he had at least one copy, because I’d given it to him when I left L.A. I knew I could always get a copy from Sam’s private collection if I really wanted one. 

On our way back from Ojai we stopped off in NoHo and I picked up the branding-iron, thanking and paying my jeweler for this. He surprised me with a special wedding present. He’d made Janey a pair of long dangly earrings with tiny representations of her brand on golden chains. I thanked him profusely and told him that I wanted a signet ring made with this design. We discussed the particulars and I paid him in advance for this. He said he’d just send it to the ranch when it was done.

Down the street where we had parked, six young toughs confronted us.

“Hey cowboy, we sure would like a ride in your pretty little yellow car you got there. You should just give us the key, white-boy.”

“I’m afraid that not all of you would fit, so that means that a couple of you are going to have to stay here with us, and that would not be healthy.”

“Won’t be healthy for you, white-boy. Now hand over the key.”

Sam and I took off our suit coats and threw them and our package into what pretended to be the backseat of the Spider. We then began rolling up our sleeves. Two of our assailants pulled guns out and started waving them around at us, holding them sideways and talking smack, just like in the movies. When they fired to intimidate us, both Sam and I pulled from the holsters behind our backs and shot each and every one of them. I killed the two of them waving the guns with triple-taps and Sam shot and wounded the other four, incapacitating them as they tried to pull out their guns. We made sure none of the rest of them had holdouts and just laid the guns and knives we found on them in a pile by the bodies. Then I dialed 911 and waited by the car. Sam called his brain trust of lawyers. The cops got there surprisingly quickly. Kudos to them. The first group of his legal representatives pulled up right behind the ambulances and we all went down to the station to sort things out. 

After all their bluster, and with the help of some video coverage collected by our lawyers from one of the nearby stores, Sam’s legal eagles and more than a few phone calls to friends in high places to vouch for us and verify our creds, they released us. After these phone calls and the fact that the lawyers had already put up $5 million bail for the two of us, we didn’t even have to go to an arraignment. Sam’s donation to their ‘widows and orphans fund’ didn’t hurt either. 

Outside of the station one of Sam’s lawyers handed each of us a G19 and two full clips until we could get our licensed replacements from the plane. I normally carried a Glock like this, but Sam wanted his Sig back. Go figure. He called Jimmy and told him to have our spares waiting for us when we got back to the hotel. Jimmy said that the women were worried and that they’d cancel their shopping so they could meet us at the hotel.

Janey flew into my arms and started crying tears of joy, touching me like she was looking for wounds. Beth did something similar to Sam and Jimmy, being his official self, exchanged our loaners for our licensed replacements.

“Looks like we’ll be visiting L.A. again when our court dates roll around. Please quit crying. Sam and I were prepared, and they weren’t. I’m sure it’s been that way all throughout history. No one really wins a fight. The prepared just have a better chance of walking away after the confrontation.”

“Beth called the lawyers and they said these gangsters shot at you!”

“Yea, but neither of us are hurt. Two of them are dead and four of them are probably still in surgery. Prepared, and not prepared.”

I cuddled Janey, calming her down while we had a long conversation about this. Knowing what she needed I was tying ropes around her while we touched each other. I had her legs tied and was tying her heels on when my phone rang.

Answering an unknown number was odd for me, but with the day’s activities I figured it was prudent.


“Is this really ‘my’ rope-man,” said a sultry voice?

“Fencesitter? Is that you? Wait while I put this on speaker,” I said excitedly, laying the phone down so Janey could easily hear our conversation.

“It’s Minxy now, my rope-man. I officially changed it to Minxy Maxwell. You know I had to get the double ‘X’ into my new name. So, Sire Kane tells me you’re back where you belong. When can I see you?”

“We’ll be at the Conquest party. Can you stand that much dominant testosterone to see me?”

“For you and your ropes, lover, I’ll wear heels and be on my knees when you get there. I have news for you. I’m ‘all’ woman now. Isn’t that great?”

“Fencesitter, first off, you need to meet my wife. She’s why I put you on speaker. Janey, this is Fencesitter, or I guess, Minxy now. Fencesitter, this is my new slave/wife Janey. Janey, I asked an old friend to get in touch with Fencesitter for me. She’s the one I videoed being branded all those many years ago. I figured you’d want to talk to someone that had experienced a branding.”

“Hello Minxy. Nice to meet you,” said Janey tentatively.

“Janey, I apologize for flirting with Bart. I did ‘not’ know he was off the market. I am so mad at Sire Kane for not telling me. Janey, Bart was the only major player out here that didn’t make me feel small and ashamed when he tied me up and played with me. All the others didn’t really respect me the way Bart did. You see, I’m a trans-gender woman. Sir Bart always treated me like the woman I wanted to be. He was just the right type of crude, never pussy footing around the issue, and the dominance just dripped off of him. I could relax and submit to him without feeling cheap and used. And I’m sure you know just how good he is with his ropework. I just love him to death, and although I’m a little sad that I didn’t get to him first, I’m happy for the two of you because I can hear the happiness and satisfaction in his voice when he just says your name. I can’t wait to meet you. You have got to be a special woman to take a man like him off the market. Congratulations.”

“Thank you Minxy. He’s busy tying my arms behind my back as we talk. He’d just finished tying my legs when you called. This will calm him down after the rough day he’s had. I’ve got my work cut out for me tonight.”

“What happened Bart,” she asked innocently enough?

“I killed two men that shot at us. They tried to rob us a few hours ago, and my best friend shot down four others.”

After a long silence, she asked, “You’re kidding, right?”

“No. They pulled and shot first. We defended ourselves. It’s nothing to get upset about. Janey is way more upset about this than I am. That’s one of the reasons why I’m tying her up. It’s not like I don’t like doing that to her anyway. It is our honeymoon and all. Sam and I were coming out of Chewy’s Jewelers and getting in the Spider when six young toughs wanted to take what wasn’t theirs. Like I said, they pulled and fired at us first, and we defended ourselves. Cut and dried self-defense. Check out the NoHo crime blog later.”

“Oh, My, God! Are you alright? What can I do to help?”

“Nothing Fencesitter. Thanks, but it’s in the hands of the lawyers now. Just talk to Janey about your branding. She asked me for one, and you were the only one I knew that could talk to her about it, woman to woman. I’m not trying to talk her out of it, but I figured a little bonding with someone that had experienced it couldn’t hurt. That’s why I had Kane contact you.”

“Bart, of course I’ll talk to her, but you’ve got to know I was hoping for more when he told me you were back in the city.”

“Fencesitter, considering this is actually part of our wedding ceremony, I’ll be a little too busy to play around like I used to do, but maybe one of the times I come back in to go to a court date, which I’m sure will happen, I’ll bring Janey by and I’ll tie the two of you up together.”

“Only if she says it’s alright. I do not want to be, …”

“Remember who the Dom is here. Janey knows I love her, and she will be there any time I lay ropes on you, but I’m still the boss,” I said emphatically.

“If you think so. Janey, as much as I love his bondage, I won’t let him touch me without your approval.”

“Thank you for saying that. So, tell me Minxy, why does he call you Fencesitter?”

From the other end of the phone came a wry laugh.

“Sir Bart is a purist, as you know by now. He’s 100% male, dominant, and heterosexual but has little tolerance for those of us that play the field. He shows respect for our individual choices, but he doesn’t really approve. I’m a bisexual switch. I’m a Top and a bottom, depending on who I’m playing with, and I like both men and women. And now you know I’m a trans-gender woman. I’d been doing my hormone therapy for a while and I was deep into my psychological therapy, to make sure that I was really prepared for the change when we used to play together. I just didn’t have my junk all tucked up inside of me yet. He used to tease me that I was sitting on a fence. Sir Bart always told me to pick a yard, whether it was a dominant yard or a submissive yard, or a heterosexual or gay yard and jump off the fence so I could wallow in the yard of my choice. His words. I knew he also meant for me to fully commit to my gender reassignment surgery, but I wasn’t quite there yet. Ergo, he started calling me Fencesitter, and knowing that from him it was not malicious or belittling, the nickname stuck. He’s the ‘only’ one that can get away with calling me that. If you really want, I’ll extend the courtesy to you, but I really would appreciate you calling me Minxy. I like my new name, and Mickey is just not my name anymore. I’m Minxy now and forever.”

Janey laughed and I knew the ice had broken. I smiled.

“I love hearing stories about my cowboy Sir from before I submitted to him. We’ve known each other, through friends, for years, but I just found out about his extracurricular activities a couple of months ago. As soon as I did, I called him up, invited him over, showed him my tits and begged him to tie me up. I’ve been tied up every day since then.”

It was Fencesitter’s turn to laugh, and it was a genuine laugh too. “He does like his boobies. My latest surgery just pumped mine up to a G-cup. I think that’s about right for my new figure.”

“Wow, I’m only an E-cup. And yes, he still maintains that delightfully juvenile fascination for boobies. He stared at mine when they were just saggy little C-cups when we knew each other from before, and that’s why I flashed him with my new tits. I’m happy to say that that worked.”

“How tall are you sweetie?”

“I’m 5’4” and a little thick, but he tells me he likes the ‘all tits and hips show’, so I snuggle my curves against him and tell him I love him as he’s tying me up. We just got my arms to touch behind my back and I’m so proud that I can do that for him now. How tall are you?”

I was happy that they were becoming friends. Janey needed more friends from inside the lifestyle.

“Five-inch heels make me taller than Bart. I’m five-eleven and I was a skinny, kind of lanky man before my change. Now, after my surgeries, I think I’m just about right. Does he do corset training with you too?”

“Yes,” Janey said excitedly and smiled. “I liked them before, but now that he’s shown me how to elongate my torso with some suspension, he can pull an extra inch or so out of them that I just couldn’t manage before. It’s a work in progress but I’m already starting to see a difference. I like any and all types of restraints and corsets are just another form of restraint.”

“Yeah, he got me started on them too. Told me the benefits of an hourglass figure were worth the effort. Now, I love them too. They are deliciously addictive, aren’t they? You know, I could make you one if you want.”

“You could? Are you a seamstress?”

“I was a costume designer for one of the studios, before they started farming the work out overseas. God, sometimes I hate the Internet. Luckily, my ex left me a little money when he died so I’m not hurting. I was actually thinking of opening a small dress shop for the kinkier ladies in our lifestyle. You know, fetish costumes and the like.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. How did he die?”

“Suicide. It’s one of those happy but sad stories that would make a good tear-jerker movie if anyone had the balls to get it passed the Indie market. We met in the early stages of my transformation. He was bisexual too and just as kinky as I was, so we had all sorts of fun. He was fairly well off and sponsored all of my therapies and surgeries. He was a lifesaver for that. This full body transformation is expensive. At any rate, everything was going good until I had my gender reassignment surgery and then it was like someone turned the light switch off in him. I couldn’t do anything to please him, in real life or sexually. We went to counselling but it just evaporated before my eyes. I was finally the woman that I’d always wanted to be, but now I was living with a stranger that didn’t want a woman in his bed. He tried, but it just wasn’t there. Finally, one day he just took a three-month supply of sleeping pills. I was devastated.”

“This was Milton,” I asked?

“Yes, you knew him, but just tangentially. He really was a good man Bart, and I loved him, but I wasn’t enough for him after the change. I tried everything, but the spark and the light was just gone. In the back of my mind, I lit up when I heard you were back in the city, but now that’s not going to make a difference, is it?”

“Nope, sorry,” I said. “I’m very married now and it suits me, somehow.”

“I’m happy for you Bart. You too Janey. Listen, I have to go…”

“Nonsense,” interjected Janey firmly. “We still have things to talk about. We’re at the Viceroy L’Ermitage in Beverly Hills, and you’re coming out to dinner with us. If Bat doesn’t gag me, I’ll tell Sam and Beth and we’ll all go out to break bread together. Hell, if I have to, I’ll convince my Sir to kidnap you. He and Sam are always up for an adventure. When the two of them are together they’re really just a couple of juvenile delinquents.”

“Janey, is this the same Sam from Kentucky? His old friend?”

“Yea, we’re all living on Sam’s horse ranch now, just a little outside of Lexington. Sam built Bat and me our own house on the property, just to keep Bat around. The two of them are worse than a couple of kids, but they kind of balance each other out, and Beth is just a sweetheart. You’ll love her. We’ve got a couple of other friends out here too, but everyone is cool. Get in your car and come over. We’ve been investigating the food trucks here in LA, but if you want something more substantial…”

“I couldn’t.”

“Yes, you can.” You could almost hear Janey stomping her foot. “We haven’t made dinner plans yet and I’m sure Bat wants to see you again. There is a price though.”

“And what is this price,” she asked warily?

“You have to dish dirt on my Sir. I don’t know any of his friends from his Dom days here in California, and I get gagged when I ask too many questions. If I didn’t like being gagged so much, it would be infuriating, but Bat won’t gag me in a public restaurant, so you’ve got to help me, girlfriend, please?”

“You call him Bat, and not Bart? What’s all that about?”

“Oh,” and Janey laughed. “You’ll see the new Bat when we get together. Now put your face on and come over. Just have the desk ring us when you get here. Or you could just call. You have the number.”

“Okay. I’m in Culver City. That’s not far. I can be there in…”

“Stop. Cool your jets, woman,” I interjected. “Mexican or pastrami? Whatcha’ in the mood for?”

“Oooh, I love Johnnie’s pastrami. Janey, if he hasn’t already taken you already, this pastrami could turn vegetarians into carnivores. It’s that good.”

“If my Sir, and now you recommend it, I’m in. I’m all in.”

Knowing they were right next door I hollered, “Sam?”

A moment later he stuck his head in the door.

“We’re doing pastrami tonight. There’s someone I want you to meet.”

“Sure, I’ll tell Beth, Jimmy and Vonny. Dress or casual?”

“Cowboy casual.”

“Be ready in ten. You’d better untie wifey-poo.”

“Ohhh, you’re going to get yours,” said Janey in her mean girl voice, and then just giggled. “You know I’d go just like this if he’d let me.”

“Fencesitter, if you get there before us, try to get them to push a couple of picnic tables together for us. There’s six in our party, plus you.”

“Will do. See you there.”

Jimmy parked on the side and Sam and I roared up and parked right in front, on Sepulveda. We put our Stetsons on and strutted around in lockstep to the side, collecting the rest of our crew waiting for us. Sam, on my advice from the drive in, went into the glassed-in center portion of the small restaurant, slipped the waitress at the cash register a C-note, tipped his hat and asked her to open up the unused side patio. One side was always open, but unless they got busy, they didn’t always open up both sides. We wanted our privacy.

“Fencesitter? Get up. Come here and smear some woman on me.”

A gorgeous, curvy woman with long wavy red hair stood up, turned around and just stared at me for a few seconds. She squealed and then flew into my arms, crushing me in a hug you couldn’t see daylight through. Swatting her on the ass I pulled back, held my hand out to Janey and ushered them both over to the other side.

“You see, Janey, just the right type of crude,” and Minxy smiled. “I can see the whole cowboy reference now. I like it. Bat huh? Kind of like Bat Masterson I’m guessing?”

“Janey, Fencesitter. Fencesitter, my new slave/wife Janey. This other cowboy is Sam, and this long lean and luscious woman is his wife, Beth. Jimmy is Sam’s majordomo for the ranch and this little goth is Vonny. She’s our seamstress. We’re getting into cosplay for our new video endeavors, and Vonny makes our costumes for us.”

Minxy gave Janey a hug, held both of her hands while she stared at her, tilted her head and asked, “Where have I seen you before? You look so - - - familiar?”

Before Janey could speak I asked, “Maybe on the inside cover of one of her Cecelia McGovern mystery novels? My Janey writes those. And now she’s collaborating with Beth to write some new mystery adventures.”

“Yes, of course. I’ve read a couple of those mysteries. You’re good. And now I can see why and how you stole Bart’s heart. You’re lovely and just glowing. I’ve seen all sorts of gorgeous women throw their hats in the ring for this man. You’re a lucky woman Janey. He chose you. You’re doing something right. You should feel honored.”

“Thank you. He makes me very happy. And yes, Bat Masterson was his childhood hero. Now you need to meet my co-author. Beth, Minxy, Minxy, …”

“Dianna? Dianna Prinsse? Is it? It is you! You and Bart, …”

“It’s just Beth now. It’s nice to meet you, and it’s always been Beth. Dianna was just my stage name for the videos. This is my husband Sam. He’s the other half of the terror-twins here.”

Sam, holding his Stetson over his heart said, “Aw shucks Ma’am, we was just trying to have a little fun here,” and with his exaggerated southern drawl, you could almost see him scuffing the toe of his boot in the proverbial dirt. Everyone just broke up laughing.

While everyone else sat down, Minxy went over to Janey, pulled the side of her wrap-dress aside and showed her the scar high up on the flat of her thigh. Then she handed Janey a thumb-drive.

“That’s a copy of the video that Bart took of my branding. Just so you’ll know. Here’s my number,” handing Janey a business card, “in case you have more questions than I can answer for you tonight. You’ll see how my friend pumped up my endorphins beforehand. A good sound beating worked for me, but that’s between you and Bart. Follow his lead. He’s a good man and I can tell just by looking at the two of you that he loves you. You scored honey.”

“Thank you,” and she got up and hugged Minxy.

“Now, Beth,” said Minxy, “I thought you broke Bart’s heart by marrying his best friend while he was overseas, fighting for our country?”

“You’re right, I did, but that’s behind us now. Bat and I have made up and we’re back to being friends again. All is forgiven, if not forgotten.”

“Okay. I’m just a little protective of my friend. He just gave me the highlights one night at a bar and didn’t get very specific with the details. Don’t mean to ruffle any feathers. You did some very erotic stuff with Bart. I’ve seen several of the videos that the two of you made. Hot stuff there.”

“Back then Bat and I had a love that was on fire, but Sammy really had my heart. When his partner Moly died from her addictions, well Sammy and I consoled each other, and my real feelings came out. All four of us met in high school and I watched these two grow into close friends. The terror twins are inseparable now. Janey and I have our work cut out for us to keep them from getting into serious trouble. They feed off of each other and that’s an out of control turbine on overload.”

Minxy and Janey laughed, while Beth just glowered. She was not happy.

“Beth honey, you never talk about this Molly person. What was she like?”

“Moly, one ‘L’ not two, was named after Molybdenum, a very hard metal because her ass was so hard. Her real name was Amalia. When she eagerly volunteered to take Sammy’s birthday spankings on his 15th birthday we quickly learned that she liked her stepdaddy spanking her a little too much. Moly was the quintessential masochist, which just lit my Sammy up like a Christmas tree. Raised in the south to respect and never harm a woman, a woman begging for him to beat her just sent him into overdrive. For years they ‘explored’ SM. Moly could never get enough, and she was the poster child for pain-slut. An endorphin addiction is just another name for an opioid addiction, and that’s what eventually killed her. They used to call the four of us B-D-S-M, for Bart, Dianna, Sam and Moly. Bat and I were the Bondage and Discipline end and you can see the SM aspect of this.

“When Bat left to fight in Desert Storm, Sammy and I got closer. Never finding enough pain, Moly found heroin. One day, on a jag, she stole Sammy’s corvette and nosedived into another car, killing herself and a family of five. The autopsy proved she probably would’ve OD’d anyway from the amount of heroin in her system, but she broke my Sammy’s heart by going out that way and taking a family of innocents with her. That kind of played a big part in why the two of us got together. Friends come together in times of crisis.”

With a tear in her eye, Janey sniffled and asked, “Beth, is that why you became a masochist?”

“No honey. I’ve always been a masochist. I like my pain, but I could never even come close to the pain that Moly enjoyed. She was a real pain-slut.”

Trying to set a different tone, Sam asked, “So, Minxy, do you like to play, and how?”

“Yes. And that’s a yes to everything. Bart calls me Fencesitter because I like to Top, I like to bottom, I like to be with men, and I like to be with women. I adore being tied up by someone like Bart that knows how to do it right and I am equally happy getting beat or beating someone else if that’s how they like to play. I’m an attention slut and if it feels good and is consensual, I’m up for just about anything. My list of fetishes is long and detailed, and my picture is next to hedonist in the dictionary.”

Having been as quiet as a mouse up until now, Vonny popped up with, “You’ll fit right in with these guys. They’re introducing me to the difference between ‘tie-em-up-and-fuck-em’ games and this so-called ‘lifestyle’. I like being tied up and fucked, but I really haven’t found the transition point into this ‘lifestyle’ yet. Maybe I’ll find it at this Conquest party.”

“If you like to submit to dominant men, you’ll love Conquest. They have several other parties at the Lair, but Conquest is just for dominant men and submissive women. That’s how Sire Kane plays, and that’s his signature party. Bart taught bondage for a few years at the Lair. That’s where I met him. I like the other parties at the Lair, but sometimes a woman just has to submit to some bondage and a good beating by a dominant man to scratch that itch. I know some men that would just love to get their hands and ropes on a cute little Goth like you. I’ll introduce you to them, if you’d like me to.”

“Okay. That sounds interesting. These two are stingy and are usually too busy playing with Beth and Janey for me to get any real attention. No one knows how Jimmy plays, so he’s no fun.”

To my surprise, Jimmy stated, “I am a disciplinarian. I prefer exacting service, with style and panache. My tastes are highly refined.”

I dropped my chin and stared at him out of the tops of my eyes because this surprised me. Who knew, but it made sense with his background. Janey giggled and Beth just nodded, knowingly.

“Do you train them,” asked Minxy?

“In this country, most assuredly. In England, some ladies know how to act and not all are tainted by the Ad-Council.”

Sam and I snickered. Janey continued to giggle and Minxy smiled, cocking an eyebrow. I never underestimated her mind, and I could tell she had something brewing between her brows.

Gluttony was experienced by one and all, and we gave Johnnie’s a five-star rating on Yelp for our experience. Vonny actually ate a full sandwich all by herself. Sam always tipped well for service and the staff went home happy after we left. 

Three days later, all of us met up again at Kane’s Conquest party. Sam hired a stretch limo for this, and we all dressed for the occasion. Sam, Jimmy and I wore charcoal gray southern-cut tuxedos. Sam and I wore our Stetsons and boots of course. Beth got all slinky in one of her royal blue side-slit low-cut gowns and the white collar and cuffs she wore at the wedding. She also wore five-inch stilettos and a corset. Janey wore a white, fitted silk sheath dress with tie-on spaghetti straps. Underneath, she wore a white corset and her white six-inch bondage boots. Nothing else, except for her collar and wedding ring. Vonny was still in her black goth garb. 

We fell in the door when they unlocked it at 9 o’clock precisely and signed everyone up to become members at the gate. Kane graciously greeted our entourage and made everyone feel welcome. He almost fawned over Janey, congratulating her on taming the ‘Wolf’ in cowboy clothes. Sam paid for their memberships and then handed Kane a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle. Kane smiled. Smiling myself, I gave my friends a guided tour of the near 7,000 square foot dungeon facility.

It wasn’t long before Minxy showed up with a friend in tow.

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Originally, I wrote this chapter with the appropriate references to the Black Plague of the 21st century, but when I was editing this tale, it depressed the hell out of me. So, I rewrote this like it would play out in happier times, without masks, sanitizers and other social safeguards. If you must, use your imaginations to add in the realistic social distancing, closures and other limitations. I can’t and won’t. This is just a story.

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