A Game for Some

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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© Copyright 2020 - Walt A.K.A. Xan - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; oral; vag; rope; bfold; gag; chairtie; bdsm; costumes; ranch; rom; XX

All characters are fictitious and any similarities to any persons, living or dead are purely coincidental.

Continues from

Part 10

All three were costumed identically as the sluttiest stereotypes of stewardesses, in uniforms that were way too tight and lewdly revealing. Personally, having grown up in an age where certain Stewardesses from major airlines became a symbol for anything goes promiscuity, and worldwide guiltless perversions, I liked the look so much I knew our new seamstress Minxy would be redoing these into permanent editions for the cosplay wardrobe. Well, at least for Janey. Maybe adding snaps closures under the buttons, reinforcing the seams for that rip-open action and re-cutting them to be even more alluring and suggestive. I’d think about it and we’d work on this, but right now they needed our immediate attention. This flight was only so long, and Sam and I had specific plans to work them over, although I guess we could always have Jimmy fly around in circles. There was always that.

To start with, once they changed into our stewardesses, the two tall ones got bent over the backs of the seats, kneeling on the seats with their arms around the sides and tied behind the seat. Each ankle was tied off to the front corners of the seat and of course, the slutty, too high CFMPs were tied on each foot. Wraps of ropes above each knee and around behind the seats, like their arm bonds kept them accessible. Bound to the seats like this, one was flogged for a while, as the other one was pounded doggie-style by the other of us and then we’d switch, going back and forth for short bursts of intense, high energy use. Janey, with each wrist bound up to her bicep was orally servicing the one flogging his stewardess, trying her best to get him to come in her mouth before he went back to fucking the other one.

With some Chinese herbs in Sam and me to rejuvenate us, about halfway home Janey got arm and torso bound. Trapped in full sensory deprivation mode under a leather hood, a huge phallus gagged her. She was kneeling in the seat facing me and bouncing up and down on my hard-on. Beth and Minxy, bound and blindfolded, were making a game of how many licks it took, five at a time from each of them in turn, to get to the orgasmic center of a Sam-pop. Sam was nothing if not creative. 

Commemorating their induction into this exclusive club, Jimmy had made up laminated membership cards for them. Labeled as The Premier BDSM Mile-High Club, then their name, with the date, other participants, (in small print) on one side, and ‘Harrison Air Services’ inside the outline of a small personal jet on the other. Once we’d landed and were departing the aircraft, they giggled when they were handed one upon departure by their pilot, Jimmy. They laughed and all three stuffed their membership cards in their bras.

On the ground at Bluegrass Airport in Lexington, the freshly attired ‘ladies’ departed first, getting into the Expedition. All three had changed right before we landed and now looked much more ladylike and demure, in light summer dresses to allow them to adjust to the 20° higher heat and significant humidity. Even Deirdre had changed to match the others, in style, if not in color. They wore more sensible heels but all of them were going commando. Once in the Expedition, Jimmy drove them home. Ben, Billy and Joe got in the Ram pickup and followed them back to the ranch. Sam and I climbed into the Spider F8 and tore up some back roads, laughing like maniacs. We were home.

Jimmy immediately disappeared into his office inside the house because he had mounds of work to catch up on. Janey went into the main kitchen and after giving him happy kisses on the cheek, and a big tit-smearing hug, she begged Pete for one of her go-fast shakes, actually asking for enough for all four of the women. He smiled and got to work. While he did, he asked her what she wanted for supper. Janey had forgotten about the time difference and losing time flying East. 

Shake in hand she walked over and used her palm print to unlock her house, throwing the doors wide and holding the swinging half-doors open for Joe and Billy, who were carrying the first rack of hanging clothes into the saloon. They had lots more to bring in, but this was just the first of several rolling racks of clothes that they had been keeping in the main house for their return. They’d start on the boxes of shoes and toys when this was done.

Beth was giving both Minxy and Deirdre a quick guided tour of the main house, showing each of them where they would be sleeping. Naturally, Deirdre would be sharing Jimmy’s bed, but considering that up until now his lifestyle had been fairly spartan, with just a small room holding a single bed and his few possessions, Beth was moving the two of them to the suite that Janey and I had occupied while they built our house for us. This would give them room to breathe and get acquainted as a couple. 

For now, Beth was giving Minxy one of the guest bedrooms, until the doublewide could be cleared out and fixed up for her. Pete brought their shakes to them and introductions were made, and supper orders were taken. Carla popped her head in to greet Beth with a hug and both of the other two met her too. With the main house finished they started to head over to my place.

“Beth,” said Jimmy coming in to find them, “I just got a text from Sam, saying that he and Bat were having pizza, donuts and coffee with guys at the LPD station. He stopped by to show them his new yellow car and apparently one thing led to another. He made it a point to extend his apologies.”

“Ladies, like me, you’ll get used to things like that. The terror twins are back on home turf so there’s no telling what they’ll do next. Let’s all grab a box of their stuff and I’ll show you where Bat and Janey live. It’s just across the yard. Pete will have supper for us in a half hour or so. We’ll come back then.”

Once across the courtyard, Minxy fell in love.

“Janey sweetie? You live here?” Minxy said spinning around in the center of the saloon with Janey’s box still in her hands. “This is great. I love it.”

“Thank you. Beth tied me to that post right over there and that’s where Bat and I exchanged our vows. She and Vonny stood over me with shiny shotguns, like it was a real shotgun wedding,” and they all laughed. “Jimmy got ordained online and performed the ceremony. I’ll tell you all about it later, but right now, follow me back to walk-in closet #1, which is just a warehouse for all of my shoes. Warehouse #2 is for clothes, and warehouse #3 is for costumes, lingerie and Bat’s favorites. Our wing is right behind the kitchen-slash-dining-slash-pantry area. I’ll show you the rest of the house later.”

Laying down her box, Minxy said, “I love it. I am so envious. You not only scored with a talented Dom that really and truly loves you, but this is a dream lifestyle. I want to live like this. I never asked, but does Bart have a brother?”

Janey looked at Beth and both of them shrugged and smiled.

“For tonight,” said Janey, looking at Beth but talking to Minxy, “why don’t you try out one of the guest rooms upstairs? There’s three of them just up the stairs off our saloon. It’ll take a couple of days to make that doublewide presentable, so dust off the bed of your choice up there and make yourself at home. I’m sure my lord and master won’t mind. He wanted to turn you into a bartender and a saloon wench anyway. So, is it time to go eat? I’m hungry.”

“You mean it? I could live here? Oh God, thank you sweetie. This sates some old fantasies I used to have before I started my transformation. Oh my God, this is so great. Living over a saloon? Oh my.”

Over dinner in the main house, the four of them talked. Jimmy was still buried in his office and eating off of a tray that Pete had brought him. Deirdre wanted to go in and eat with him, but Beth said that he had to catch up on things for the ranch and that she should enjoy a peaceful dinner with ‘just the girls’. Deirdre shrugged and sat down at the big table.

Speaking to Minxy, Beth said, “I know you haven’t seen it yet, but a doublewide is just that, a doublewide. Right now, it’s full of Vonny’s things, her clothes and other possessions. It made a good studio and workshop for Vonny to make our costumes, and she did sleep there, but it’s yours now, as long as you live here, you can do anything you want with it. We want you to feel welcome here, so you’ll be as productive as possible. Janey and I have all sorts of projects for you. You good with that?”

“That’s right up my alley. What kind of cosplay have you gotten into so far, so I know the directions this is going in?”

“On our wedding night,” said Janey, “I dressed up as a slutty woman covered up by the habit of a nun. One day I’ll show you the video we made. Now, Beth, as the mother superior and Father Sam want in on the next scene, since Bat, playing a redneck parent has broken the ice with Sister Mary Jane. Yea, we chose the name intentionally for the double entendre.

“Another cosplay we got into was from my book. When I was first with Bat, I dressed up as the naughty librarian from my books, and he was a thief that broke in, subdued me and ‘made’ my character tell him where the information was for what he wanted to steal. It was so hot, honey.”

Poor Deirdre looked shocked but very intrigued.

“Oh honey,” said Beth, “you were holed up with your man in that hotel room, but the three of us always do our slutty best to keep the terror twins entertained, and it’s going to be just as intense back here. Both of them have massive libidos and, well, we do too for that matter. Maybe even a little more so sometimes,” and the three of them just laughed.

Out of nowhere, the mouse that roared asked in a meek little voice, “Can you teach me? I want to be all the woman I can be for Sir James. He deserves the best. He’s such a wonderful man.”

“I have an idea,” announced Janey, all excited. “We have three guest bedrooms upstairs and a large luxurious spa across the hall as a communal bathroom at my place. Minxy darling, if you don’t mind, please take the one at the far end of the hall so we can keep the one closest to the stairs for actual guests, if we ever get any, and we, all of us will turn the center bedroom into an all girl’s room, for just the four of us. You two animals have convinced me that I’m not as heterosexual as I thought I was, and this room will make a nice sanctuary for just us girls. What do you say? Sound like a good idea, sisters?”

“You’re a genius sweetie,” exclaimed Minxy. “You in, Beth?”

“You had to ask?” and they all laughed, as Deirdre just looked bewildered? Beth reached out and they all grabbed hands. “To the women that fuel the tsunami, the typhoon, - - - and we need a designation for Jimmy.”

“The volcano,” said Janey with a little giggle.

“No,” said Minxy, “he’s more of a tornado.”

“No,” said Beth, “he’s too calm and collected to be anything as wild and unpredictable as a tornado. Jimmy is more like the Earth’s core. Our core is a spinning mass of nickel-iron that’s around 5,000° Celsius, or so. It makes our world spin and keeps everything together with the magnetic field it produces. I vote to call him The Core.”

“Sir James is definitely that hot, and he does get as hard as iron,” said Deirdre, and the other three laughed, embarrassing her.

“Good, it’s settled then,” stated Janey. “Sam is our tsunami. Bat is our typhoon and Jimmy is our core. All in favor,” and they all raised their hands and gaily laughed as only happy women can do.

“Now,” said Beth, “Let’s settle on who does what to whom, when, where and why. Janey, we are far in arrears with our writing, so we have to get cracking on that. I’ve got all sorts of new ideas for Cecelia, Olivia and our two rapscallion miscreants that are going to complicate the lives of our heroines. Minxy, Deirdre, Janey and I are coauthors for a series of mystery novels. Janey wrote several on her own, and then when we met, I was such a fan I almost begged her to let me coauthor one with her. Now, we’re working on our second novel and there are many more in here,” and she pointed to her forehead. “We dress up in period pieces, the terror twins tie us to our chairs, and we write for hours. We will need new ‘librarian” clothes, so that’s one of your jobs.”

Minxy nodded, saying, “That’s easy enough.”

“Oh, oh, oh! Deirdre, do you want to help us out with something?”

“If I can, Janey, of course,” she replied.

“Marcia, our publisher, has been after me to record the series for audio books for forever now. Deirdre has a lovely voice, and just the right accent. If Jimmy can set her up in a recording studio, here, with a good mic and all, then I can satisfy Marcia and we’ll get a lot more sales for our efforts. What do you say Deirdre? Wanna’ become an audio sensation?”

“If you’re sure I could do it, I’ll do what I can to support the effort.”

“Okay, that’s settled. You’re going to be a busy girl with audio recordings, portraits and ‘slutty girl lessons’ to keep the Core happy. I’m just going to add even more to Jimmy’s plate,” and Beth started to text him. And while she was doing that, she said, “And don’t worry honey. Jimmy will always know where to find you and he can come and drag you off anytime he feels the need. We’ll make sure he’s not too busy to do that. We aren’t trying to bury you, but this ranch life has a different pace that you’ll have to get used to. This is a marathon, not a sprint.”

“Beth, we’re also going to have to get them up on horses. Do you have any in mind for the two of them?”

“That thought flashed through my mind earlier, but we’ll give it some serious consideration in the morning when we all go out. Minxy, Deirdre, to dilute the testosterone around here, Janey and I go out for some girl-time, usually at the crack of dawn every morning and ride for an hour or so. I hope that the two of you will join us. I’m sure with all of our horses in that stable, we can find suitable mounts for you.”

Both of them looked a little bashful, and Minxy finally said, “I’ve never been up on a horse before.”

“I haven’t either,” said Deirdre, chiming in after Minxy admitted to her sad little shortcoming.

“Then I’ll have Ben recommend tamer ones for you and we’ll teach you. They are noble beasts. You’ll learn to love them like we do.”

“The typhoon knows how to ride, but he doesn’t like horses. Ask him about them one day if you ever want a laugh,” giggled Janey.

“I’m surprised that Bat hasn’t gotten himself a dog yet,” said Beth.

Janey put her finger up to her lips, got a serious look on her face and said “Shhh." She got up and whispered in Beth’s ear, for thirty seconds or so, and then both of them grinned and nodded.

“What’s up,” asked Minxy?

“You’ll see in about a week,” said Janey, giggling and looking very pleased with herself. “We timed getting home just about right.”

Jimmy came in just then, carrying his tray into the kitchen. Returning to the dining room he gave Deirdre a kiss and announced, “Sam and Bat will not be joining us until the morning. At the station, they were sipping heavily off of Sam’s flask and the captain on duty took their key to the Spider away from them. Instead of just loading them in the back of a patrol car and bringing them here, they all got into a confiscated batch of Apple Pie. Apparently, several of them will be sleeping it off in one of the cells. The desk sergeant told me that the cell isn’t locked, and right now they are all back there, singing songs, off key of course, with some of the off-duty officers and just having a fine time. He said that you could collect them in the morning.”

“Apple Pie,” asked Minxy?

Beth was shaking her head and said, “Apple Pie, here in Kentucky is a concoction of 190 proof moonshine, which is 95% grain alcohol by volume, cider, which is only about 5% alcohol by volume, combined and mixed with some of the seasonings they use to make actual apple pie. You know, brown sugar, cinnamon, and other spices. Depending on how it’s mixed it can either be fairly tasty, or a lot like trying to swallow crushed glass. Truth be known, one of the rights of manhood for these good ol’ Kentucky boys is to acquire a taste for that stuff. They all seem to love it, regardless of its alcohol content. The boys down at the station must have confiscated a fairly strong batch if the captain is having them sleep it off there. We’ll have to pick them up in the morning, after our morning ride of course and nurse their hangovers. 

“Janey, you and I will take the Land Rover in to pick them up. That’s what I drive. The Expedition is nice, but I like a bit more luxury when I hit the roads. Sam has his Mustang, and now that little yellow Italian horse but I like my Land Rover. It’s set up for Momma-Bear to ride around in comfort. Plus, we can do a lot more in that than the boys can do in those little speed demons.”

“What do you mean Beth,” asked Janey?

“It’s a Land Rover sweetie. Land Rovers were not designed to be driven exclusively on city roads. We could go damned near anywhere we wanted to go in that all-terrain 4-wheel-drive monster. I got it to chase down stray horses if I had to. I’ll show you what it can do one day.”

“Ahhh, I see. Well, there’s no sense in not having a girls-night. Shall we all adjourn to my saloon? I have some new recipes, and a blender. Shall we?”

With a combination of Midori, light Bacardi, Triple-Sec, sweet-n-sour mix and both pineapple and orange juices blended with ice into slushy goodness, they got Minxy set up in her room and decided what they wanted to do with the center bedroom. Then they all enjoyed a soak in the hot tub across the hall, discussing how they wanted to decorate ‘their’ room. Deirdre left after a while, anxious to be with Jimmy again, and the other three ended up christening the bed in Minxy’s room. She’d found a home.

Wiping our brows with cool damp cloths, Beth and Janey woke us up with whispered promises of lewd acts of sex. Both of us came fully conscious and grabbed our women amorously. The other officers sharing the holding cell with us were a little jealous, but they knew better than to complain. Their injuries, like ours had all been self-inflicted as we told them stories of our adventures out west. They just didn’t have their women waking them up. 

With aspirins washed down by lots of water, Sam and I staggered up and thanked the chief for his hospitality. We commended the shift captain for upholding his sworn duty and for offering us his fine hospitality. We then each stuffed a piece of cold, leftover pizza in our mouths, grabbed a freshly re-taped cardboard box that was waiting for us on the captain’s desk and left with our women guiding us to the Land Rover.

After showers and a good breakfast, we discovered that Jimmy had come to the station with our wives and driven the Spider back to the ranch. Feeling fat, I put on some sweats and headed out for a run. Sam thought about joining me but decided that Jimmy needed him to do his exercises with a pen, which would have to do for now.

When I trudged back on leaden feet, about half dead, I found Janey and Minxy clearing out the doublewide. Joe and Billy were boxing up everything carted out by the women and hauling it off for storage. Pushing me away and telling me I needed a shower, Janey was making the cutest noises, obviously meant to inform me that I was a bit whiff. Sniffing my armpit, I agreed and went in to clean up. I was still sweating out Apple Pie.

Janey whistled when I got back because I was wearing my Stetson, or one of them at least. I grabbed her and got Minxy’s attention.

“This gorgeous woman has legs that excite the hell out of me. They may not be as long as yours and Beth’s, but I like them, a lot, so when you’re making clothes for her, or refitting them, or whatever, make damned sure I get to see these gorgeous legs to their best advantage. Now, in addition, look at these delightful tits. Yours are spectacular too, but I married her for ‘these’ tits. Well, for them and some of her kinkier fetishes and desires of course. When Vonny was playing around with her clothes, the child’s mind thought that cleavage was accomplished by unbuttoning another button and leaning forward. Change that. I want to see ‘chest and cleavage’, and more of both of them. Why in the hell have beauties like these and not show them off to their best advantage? Widen the view this way” and I used my fingers to draw out what I meant. “And deepen any and all ‘V’s. I like her damned freckles, and I don’t give a rat’s ass about the latest fashions. So, ya’ got it? More legs and tits. I’m going in for a nap. I’ll be naked, so either wake me up with a blowjob, or let me sleep this off. I have bourbon to get reacquainted with later, and then ropes to tie around woman flesh. Any questions?” 

As I walked off, I heard Janey say, “My lord and master has spoken.”

Minxy replied, “You see, just the right type of crude.”

Once in the saloon, I put two quart sized mason jars of Apple Pie on the top shelf where the good booze was and stored the rest of the 21 jars in the storage room behind the bar. Last evening, Sam and I, along with a half dozen cops, barely finished off one of these quart jars. Later, I figured I’d have to cut it with some more cider, or something. But for right now I cracked open one of the jars and had some hair of the dog that bit me, which was an old witches cure for hangovers. Living with a witch one time, she told me where the legend came from and why it works. This time however, without Pappy numbing the tongue first, it tasted a bit like burning apple-flavored napalm. Finding some apple juice, I seriously diluted my drink and then went in to take my nap.

After using her decidedly talented mouth to encourage every one of my swimmers to evacuate my balls and travel into her throat, I was awake now and Janey snuggled up next to me. She used this happy time to tell me that we had a new house guest. Figuring it wasn’t Deirdre I wondered how Minxy had gotten the invite. 

As if on cue, considering Janey had left the door open, we heard Minxy screech out, “Mother of God, that stuff’s just vile. Damn. Shit. Double damn.”

“Sounds like Minxy found the Apple Pie. Remind me to cut that stuff tonight with some battery acid to mellow it out. I meant to earlier, but the nap took precedence.”

 “Husband, you should go and apologize to her.”

“Why? She’s a big girl and no one held a gun to her head to take more than a tiny sip of that stuff. Let’s get dressed and go see if her jaw melted off.”

“Is it really that bad, husband?”

“I’ll give you a little taste before I cut it. Just be careful and sip it.”

Back in western garb, Janey was handed a blue lace over sheer black fog scoop-neck minidress, pantyhose and blue five-inch two-strap sandals. I called them two-straps because they had a thin strap across her toes and a second thin strap around her ankle. Women had other names for them, but I could never get the same name for them from any two different women, other than ‘sandals’, of which there were many different types of sandal, so they were two-straps to me.

After Janey made “Ewww” sounds to the raw stuff, I cut the Apple Pie with some apple juice and then both of them nodded their approval to the stuff that had the alcohol content of strong wine. In fact, that’s what the two of them drank for the rest of the night.

Minxy had changed into the standard saloon-wench look, with a long, ruffled skirt going down her backside to mid-calf and cut away to barely cover her crotch in front. I liked this style because it showed a lot of leg. These semi-steampunk fashions also had a built-in bustier-slash-corset affair. Patterned hosiery and lace-up boots, along with lacy half-gloves completed this outfit. Janey wore her cute little child-sized top hat and Minxy wore something similar. Both had long wide ribbon sashes as hatbands.

“More of those, bar-wench, in every color. You can do this, right?”

“Of course, Sir. At least one in each color for each of the wenches that will frequent this saloon, good Sir. Anything else, Sir?

“Make some with leather bustiers with real corsets. Cloth, ruffles and lace is nice, but I want something a bit unique, and practical too.”

“Of course, Sir. When would you like to discuss the rest of Janey’s wardrobe? What will you regularly want to see her wearing for you?”

“The slutty Dale Evans look has a lot of appeal for a saloon setting. Short tight naturally tan suede skirts, tan suede pencils, with and without side slits, but no pants. Both short and long-sleeved blouses, in cotton, silk and satin. Mix in solids and checkered ones, and for the ones showing a lot of chest, add beadwork and embroidery patterns. Then over that she’ll need vests, with and without fringes, in tan, browns and black. And gloves of course.”

“Of course. You don’t want much, do you?”

“You asked. I don’t expect you to complete these by tomorrow. The end of the week will be fine,” and all three of us laughed.

“Do what you can,” I told Minxy. “Janey now has more clothes than I’ll probably ever see, much less tear off of her, so we’re more than fine. One thing I do want you to get to work on is a Halloween costume for the two of us. I want to be something other than a cowboy. We’ve only got a few weeks until that blessed event, so let’s decide now and make that a priority.”

“Okay husband, let’s start with what you don’t want to be.”

“Okay, I do not want to be Trump. He’s too overdone. Love the job he’s doing but not his image. No zombies, soldiers, from any period and no cops. Lawyers are just better dressed vampires, and no, - - - wait, that’s it. I want to be a Capone era gangster, with a Tommy Gun and a pinstripe three-piece suit, with black and white wing-tip shoes. How about that?”

“Don’t forget the Fedora,” said Minxy.

“So, husband, what do you want to see me wear?”

“Minxy, Greek women wore those shift dresses with the crisscrossing ropes going around them to hold the material on, right?”

“Let me do some research on it and I’ll get back to you. You know, you could always just put some metal shackles on her wrists and ankles, add a few links of chain and put any old Greek or roman garb on her and call her Andromeda. She was chained to a rock as a sacrifice to the Kraken.”

“What’s Sam going as?” Janey asked.

“He wanted to order some make-Sam-much-taller boots, put on a moth-eaten coat and tails, get a top hat, a skull cane and go as the Baron Samedi from the Haitian vodou legends, complete with the half skull mask over some black-face make-up, but he figured some do-gooder with no clue and a closed mind would go all liberal on him and make a scene. So, he’s going as a red-skinned alien with long antennae in a Green Lantern costume.”

“Yeah, the Djinn didn’t get all upset and scream racist slurs when Will Smith put on blue-face make-up in the Aladdin movie, so, …” Minxy said.

“True, so are you going as Jessica?”

“No, I’m doing my version of Elvira.”

“We could tie you to a post driven in the ground, throw some wood kindling around your feet and wait to burn you at the stake?”

“Now husband, be nice” giggled Janey.

“I don’t know sister. I thought that was a nice idea,” and Minxy giggled.

Both of them were soon tied to each of the two posts in the saloon. Janey got tied first and wriggled for attention as I tied Minxy. It wasn’t long before Sam came through the double swinging doors unceremoniously carrying Beth over his shoulder. She was tied and gagged, naturally. 

We ended up sitting around one of my tables, playing double-deck rummy. The women were torso and leg bound to the captain’s chairs around the table. There had been some debate about leaving Minxy free to fetch us drinks, but she openly admitted that she would peek at our hands as she went by, so we tied her up so we could win. All of them knew just how to manipulate us to get what they wanted, and all three were bondage sluts.

Tonight, Sam and I were sipping Angel’s Envy, another small batch bourbon for something a bit different. Besides, we needed to stock up on our favorites lest the well run dry. Angel’s Envy had a rich mahogany color and a decent nose. It was good but it just wasn’t on our favorites list. Our women were all drinking the diluted Apple Pie and smiling at the blend I’d achieved.

“Beth, what costume are you wearing for Halloween,” I asked?

“It’s a toss up between a high-born Egyptian princess, or Lady Godiva, with a long wig strategically glued in place.”

“Of the two, the princess has my vote,” I said. “Any other choices?”

“That’s exactly what my Sammy said too,” she exclaimed! “Almost word for word. You two really are joined at the hip.”

“Yeah, if I wanted to show her off like that at a party, I’d just hide all of her clothes. She’s the hostess at this soirée, not the entertainment.”

“Well, I was also thinking of Amelia Earhart, in the jodhpurs and the bomber jacket, or Joan of Arc.”

“Ya’ see, another one we could burn at the stake while it’s still warm after your immolation,” and I laid down three aces.

Beth lowered her head and looked at me.

“Honey, I’m coming as Elvira,” Minxy announced again, “and he wants to chain me up and burn me at the stake as the supreme witch.”

“Oh, okay. Makes sense now,” and she laid down a nice spread.

“Hey,” I said, “we could get those lighted fans in the cauldrons pushing up the streamers that look like flames. That would add to the effect.”

“So, you want me to come as Joan of Arc so you can burn me at the stake, huh,” questioned Beth?

“Just saying. C’mon. I’m bad but not malicious.”

Considering they were teasing me, the women just looked at one another and giggled. Janey went out and we started counting points. Pete had brought over taco salads which we dug into and Jimmy came over not far behind him with Deirdre snuggled up underneath his arm.

“We’ve been talking. Although I have no problems with you three bringing her a little further out of her shell, I wouldn’t appreciate enriching her libido to something akin to yours. I like a little innocence and the virtues of the old-world proprieties in my woman. We just went through one of those programs to assist in finding the right hairstyle for her facial proportions and I’m sending her out tomorrow to a salon to get it cut like that. She has a printout. I’ll also be recommending some wardrobe additions for her. Maybe you could help her with those, Minxy?”

“Sure. So, you don’t want us to turn her into the same level of sluts that we are, eh? Just a few lessons for the boudoir?”

“I wouldn’t put it so crudely, but essentially, yes.”

“No, no, don’t worry about it. All three of us are ravenous sluts with high libidos set on boil, not simmer. Listen, I could have introduced you to a couple of different women that were just as submissive as she is, but were more libidinous, like us, but I figured you wanted a woman like her, so she’s the one I shoved in front of you. I know men, from a unique perspective, and I know women, from a learned perspective. We won’t spoil her. We will teach her how to enjoy deep throating you and how to relax and take it up her ass without tearing her to pieces. We’ll also teach her how to work her vaginal muscles until she’s milking you during coitus the way a woman should. That keeps her from having vaginal lips that hang down to mid-thigh when she gets older. We’ll teach her a few tricks about teasing a man until he throws her down and has his way with her, which is something almost all women want, but we won’t induct her into the all-slut, 24/7/365 club. I don’t think she wants to go there anyway. She just asked for a few pointers. Good enough?”

“Yes, thank you. I knew you would understand. Now there’s one other thing. Bat, would you teach me about bondage?”

“It would be my pleasure my friend, from the ground up and I’ll teach you the whys not just the how-tos. When I get done pouring my information into your head, and with you regularly practicing on this lovely lady, you’ll be able to do everything I can do. I’ve wanted an apprentice for a long time, and I can’t think of anybody that I would rather pass my legacy onto, than you. A good Sensei always wants his student to get better than he ever was. Here,” and I pulled out the pair of EMT shears I almost always carried and threw them to him. “First lesson, always carry a pair with you.”

Sam pulled his pair out and spun them like a propeller around his finger to emphasize the point.

“Thank you, Sir.”

I laid my cards down, got up from the table and escorted both of them into the basement. I was going over rope types, and why one type and size of rope worked better for this bondage or that restraint, taking into account the skeletal size and frame of whoever he was tying up at the moment. Sam had untied all three of our womenfolk and they all joined us. I explained, in particular to Janey, that I was going to use Beth as my bondage model because her skeletal size was closer in size to Deirdre’s. They all paid rapt attention to a master rigger beginning to teach his new apprentice the magical art of bondage. I worked with Jimmy until I saw his eyes glaze over and cease to transmit information into his brain and then with a bow to him and a hug and kiss to Deirdre, I sent them back to their new suite with about 300 feet of new, pre-cut nylon rope, and another 300 feet of new, pre-cut hemp.

Coming up and kissing me, Janey said brightly, “I love watching you teach. It’s times like this that I wonder just how much knowledge is in that brain of yours.”

“Yeah buddy, you do stomp the Earth when you teach. You rock, brother,” said Sam and he started to tie Beth back up to carry her home. 

“Aren’t you glad we didn’t stay home tonight,” he asked Beth. She laughed as he wadded up a cloth to stuff into her mouth. 

Talking to me he said, “She didn’t even want to come over tonight. I made an executive decision,” and after wrapping gray tape around her head he laughed as he threw her over his shoulder and walked up the stairs.

“I knew living here was going to be fun,” giggled Minxy.

As Sam was going back to the main house, it was just starting to rain. For the next five days we experienced heavy thunderstorms, torrential rains and lightning that lit the sky from dusk to dawn, at least once every day.

Two days after it started, we caravanned everyone on the ranch forty miles south to help a family that lost their home and farm to an F-3 tornado. We all worked throughout the night under towed-in searchlight arrays, slogging around in wet clothes searching for survivors and irreplaceable personal treasures, like photo albums, for the family. Sam started a relief fund with $50K and set them all up in a motel with all of their bills, including food and medical coming to Jimmy. Then we went back to the ranch and cried.

On the fifth day, when the weather radar showed the stalled storm was dissipating, Janey came up to me, put her arm through mine and asked, “Are you ready for a good surprise husband? Something you’re really going to love?”

We’d all been a little depressed since the other night, knowing that tornadoes were indiscriminate killers and that it could have just as easily ripped through this ranch, so yeah, I needed some cheering up.

“What’s up?”

“You’ll see my love,” and she kissed me.

Sam was sitting behind the wheel of his Spider, and Beth was behind the wheel of her Land Rover when we got outside. Janey got in the front seat with Beth. Minxy and Deirdre were in the back seat. All of them looked very excited. We drove South-East, down two-lane roads for over an hour using our phones to navigate the directions. Deep in the countryside of South-Eastern Kentucky, close to the tri-state border of Kentucky, Virginia and West Virginia we eventually stopped at a run-down farm. Sam parked on the road, but Beth pulled into the gravel driveway. 

Grizzly Adams slammed the torn screen door open and came out with a beer in his hand. No, it wasn’t really him, but this goon was several inches taller than Sam and me, outweighed us by what I guessed to be 70 to 80 pounds by the size of his gut. His bib-overalls were stained, and he had a revolver in his front pocket. Janey walked up to him.

“So, yor’ the purdy liddle thing that wantz one uh my pups for yor’ huzban? Tell ya’ wut huzban, if y’all can whoop me, I won’t drag tha’ purdy lil’ thing in my house an’ show her wut a real man can do. C’mon boy. Les’ see whatcha’ gotz,” and he walked up to me. 

The drawl was atrocious, and he piqued a nerve with me. With measured focus, I stepped in and hit him in the solar plexus. I focused the punch deep, to get passed all that lard. He “Ooofed” and went down on one knee and I knocked him out cold with a heel kick to the side of his head. I was removing the shells from his revolver when I heard ‘the’ most recognizable sound in America. Someone to the side of me racked a round into the chamber of a pump shotgun. Not something anyone enjoys recognizing.

“Y’all shudn’t uh dun that to Clem,” came a young female voice.

Several things happened in the next split second. I rolled forward, diving over the stretched-out body of this fat buffoon. A large dog came out of the barn and charged me, and I heard three shots ring out, all sounding like 9mm’s. Pulling mine I looked up and saw what had happened.

Sam had pulled and shot the dog, twice. Well, it wasn’t really a dog. Once I looked at the size of it, I knew it was a wolf. Looking, it was down, but still crawling forward. He must not have had another clean shot, so I finished off what I recognized as a Canis lupus Lycaon, or Eastern Timber Wolf with three more shots and turned to see the rest of this disaster. A young girl, maybe sixteen or seventeen had come out of the side door with a shotgun and seemed to have every intention of shooting me. Beth, who had casually pulled as soon as this buffoon started to speak, brought the pistol out from behind her leg, took careful aim and put a round through the receiver of the shotgun. 

From our training, she always carried a hot-loaded metal piercer as her chambered first round. This was more for engine blocks, but in this case, it worked for shotgun receivers too. She then made sure that the girl didn’t try to pick the shotgun up off the porch.

“I’ll check the house. Bat, you and Beth got this out here?”

“Yea Sammy, Bat and I got this,” and Beth went up on the porch, looked and knew the shotgun would never fire again. With a fistful of hair, she put the girl on her knees, screwing the warm barrel of her gun in the girl’s ear.

“Anybody else here,” Beth demanded?

Scared but defiant the girl said, “No, it’z jus’ Clem an’ me. Ain’t no one ever whooped daddy like that b’fore. Y’all gonna kill us?”

“I might,” snarled Beth. “Damnit, all we wanted to do was buy one of your damned puppies. That asshole wanted to fuck my friend there, picked a fight and you were going to shoot my other friend,” and with that, Beth fired a shot into the porch, right next to the girl’s ear. The girl with the now ruptured eardrum screamed and grabbed her ear.

“Be thankful that wasn’t ‘in’ your ear,” and Beth moved the pistol to her other hand and used her right fist to hit the girl. She went down whimpering. Beth picked up the useless shotgun and tossed it away into the yard.

Sam came back out, ejecting rounds out of a second shotgun, threw it out in the yard and headed to the barn. A few moments later he came back and said, “The barns clear too, except for a half-dead bitch and five pups. Bat, go pick one up and let’s get the hell out of here.”

For good measure, I grabbed this asshole’s bushy beard with my left hand and hit him squarely between his bushy eyebrows with the center knuckle of my right hand as hard as I could. I really didn’t care about any damage I might have done, he deserved everything he got. And I wanted him out for the count.

From somewhere far behind the barn I saw an immediate flash of lightning and then a few seconds later, a long roll of deep thunder. A profound thought went through my mind, like a revelation.

“No, I’m going to do this my way. Sam, cover me,” and I stripped off my duster and my shirt, dropping them on the ground and walked into the barn. 

Looking in I saw a malnourished bitch laying on her side, barely able to lift her head up, with five fuzzy little pups, about eight weeks old lying around her. They were surrounded by a low wooden pen of sorts. It stunk in there. 

I took a horse-stance, did some slow, regular, deep breathing and some specific isometrics to begin to gather my power. I then went into a special kata designed to focus my inner Chi, and to focus my will. This took several minutes of deep breathing and isometrics. By then Janey had come up behind Sam. She had my coat and shirt. When I was ready, I formed an energy ball. Today, it was a good-sized ball about eighteen inches in diameter, powerful and energetic. I played with it for a few seconds and then released it up into the air.

“In the name of Odin Allfather,” I called out loudly, “as a warrior of the Ulfheonar, I summon the spirits of Odin’s companions, Geri and Freki to inhabit these pups, for I need companions. Geri,” I called, and one of the pups stood up, it’s ears went up, it cocked it’s head to the side and it walked forward toward the wooden barrier separating us. “Freki,” I summoned, and a second pup stood up, with its ears raised and moved forward. None of the others moved. I picked Geri up in my left hand and Freki up with my right hand, pulling them against my bare chest with my hand under their bellies.

“Sam, pick up the bitch. Janey, grab Deirdre and we’ll take the rest of the puppies too. We’ll drop them off at a vet and maybe they can be saved, but I’m not leaving them to abusers like these fools. I’ll take these two but put the rest of them in the back of the Land Rover. We’re done here. I’d like to be gone before I have to shoot that asshole and his little Lolita.”

Still bare chested, Janey draped my duster over me and the pups once I’d gotten in the Spider. Before he got in the Spider, Sam went up on the porch and after peeling off twenty-five C-notes he folded them over and stuffed that wad in the mouth of the girl cowering on the porch. Luckily, Deirdre had been videoing this entire incident with her phone.

“Keep your mouth shut and forget this ever happened. Understand?”

She nodded, crawled back against the side of the house, and whimpered.

While we were driving back, he asked me, “You used a word back there I didn’t understand. What did you mean when you said you were a warrior of Ulf-hay-something?”

“Ulfheonar. It comes from old Germanic and is referring to the berserkers. You remember them from history. Fighting my way away from the overrun compound in Iraq, I became a berserker a couple of times, charging crazily into groups searching for me, screaming fanatically and acting like one of the legendary berserkers, killing as many as I could before they got me. It worked. They died or ran away and I survived. So, when I looked up the berserkers, apparently there were whole units of Germanic berserkers that they used as shock troops in battle. Scared the hell out of their enemies. I claim the right to call myself one because of what I did in Iraq. Did you see how these two came when I called their names? You know who Geri and Freki were right?”

“Those were the two wolves that accompanied Odin everywhere, Right?”

“Right on the money. I got a profound thought in my head when I saw some distant lightning behind the barn and decided to play a long shot, so I summoned them in the name of Odin Allfather, and I think it worked.”

“We’ll see. Will any vet do, or do you want a specific one?”

 “Just a good one. These two need the full exam, shots, deworming and the whole nine yards, and I’d like to save the bitch and her other pups if we could. That would be nice, but these two are my priority.”

Nose to nose, with their little noses buried in my chest hair they slept the whole way back to the ranch, seemingly content cuddled against me.

“I’ll handle it buddy. I know just the woman,” and using his Bluetooth he made a phone call.

Carrie was the vet that made house calls out to the ranch. She looked after all of Sam’s horses. Sam called and she was waiting for him by the house. She and Beth greeted each other warmly.

Dr. Medcalf was a young and pretty woman, a little portly but still pleasingly shaped. With my mind still deep in mythology, I immediately saw Gaia, the Earth mother, because of the way everything just calmed down around her. She went to the bitch first, working on her for a long time.

“She may not make it, but we’ll do our best.”

Ben was with her. He was a learned man and if he’d had the calling, he could’ve easily been a vet too. He did really well with horses, but only marginally as good with other animals. From somewhere, Pete showed up with a basket full of baby bottles full of warm milk. Later we found out they were filled with formula, but it looked like milk to me. Each one of the women fed one of the pups and Sam tried to get the bitch to take some sustenance from a bottle. While Carrie examined and serviced one of my pups, I fed the other one and then we switched off. When she started to put Geri down with her siblings, I had Carrie put her back on my arm like before.

“I want these two to get used to my scent. To learn my heartbeat. Taste my breath. Feel my body warmth and experience my energy field. I have to bond with these two right here and now. I feel it’s imperative.”

“I wondered about the whole shirtless thing. Okay. You’re doing it the right way. I wish more new parents took this approach with babies like these. Skin contact is just as important with puppies as it is with newborn babies. They need to learn to love.”

Deirdre took her top off and draped a towel over herself and the puppy she was holding like she was breastfeeding. Seeing this, Beth and Minxy did the same thing. Janey had draped my duster around my shoulders, but my chest was still bare and open to the pups. She petted my pups, cooing at them and talking baby-talk, but they paid her no attention. They just slept peacefully in my arms. Pete disappeared again and came back with a tray of energy shakes for all the humans.

“I’m taking mamma back to my clinic, so my associates can keep a better eye on her. Maybe we can save her. Personally, I hope you shot whoever did this to a beautiful Malinois like her,” said Dr. Medcalf. 

“I mark them at being right at eight weeks old, so you can count back if you want birthdays. I’ve recorded Bat’s names for his two and taken pictures for my records, so when you name these others, let me know. I’ll be by every few days to check on them.

“By the size of these pups I have little doubt that they were sired by a Timber Wolf. This 50/50 Belgian Malinois/Timber Wolf combination should give you some surprisingly intelligent and very loyal companions. They will have the potential to be a bit aggressive though. Bat, I’m not worried about you, but whoever else parents one will have to be firm and maintain control. Sadly, many people shy away from anything but movies with the term wolf attached to it, so just don’t tell anybody. That opinion about wolves is just ignorance, but you can’t educate that ignorance out of everyone. 

“If you continue to raise these babies with the love I’m seeing here, they should be happy, well-adjusted members of your family once they get the playful-pup period out of them. You’ll lose some shoes, and there will be some seriously messy incidents, but you already know that. They are intelligent, so either keep them interested and involved, or be prepared for the disasters of them amusing themselves. You have mischievous children now. Deal with it.

“I’ve left feeding recommendations with Pete, but for right now, I would recommend that all of you strip, bag everything and send what you’re wearing out to a professional cleaner, and don’t use Carla for God’s sake. Tell the cleaners about the fleas and other bugs you brought back with you. Sam, take everyone out behind the barn, definitely not ‘in’ the barn and use that hot water thing you had installed to give everyone here, including and especially these puppies a flea bath. I left you several bottles of what I recommend. And have the cars detailed by someone else. I recommend Tyvek suits and foggers, before the detailing, but it’s your skin. These poor babies are definitely infested. Like I said, I’ll be back in a couple of days, or you know how to find me.”

After she left with the momma, we followed her instructions. Joe, in a Tyvek suit, was issued the chemicals and equipment and fogged the cars when the wind was blowing in the right direction. 

That night, with our puppies, we had a meeting in the saloon. Ben and Gina took the other two females, named them Shania and Martina and decided that they could grow up around the horses, turning them into patrol dogs for the ranch. Jimmy and Deirdre took the last one, the other male and named him Merlin. Being his ever-efficient self, Jimmy had already ordered all 233 episodes of Cesar Millan’s, ‘The Dog Whisperer’. He figured Deirdre might need some guidance.

Still shirtless, I cradled Geri and Freki and they looked happy when they weren’t sleeping. Deirdre cradled Merlin under a bath towel like before, but Ben had different ideas for his two. They would be working dogs, not personal pets. That was his choice. He would never abuse them, but he wouldn’t get as close as Deirdre and I would get to our dogs. 

I told her about my plans for my two, and Deirdre wanted to train Merlin right alongside mine. She wanted a Service dog that was also trained as an EOD/Drug sniffing K9. Jimmy just wanted a guard dog for his woman. I convinced him that he could have the whole package, and if Deirdre eventually used her dog to help LPD’s K9 unit occasionally for big events, then that extra layer of protection for ‘one of their own’ would keep both of them much safer than they were. Nodding, he saw the wisdom in this and gave his approval.

When Ben and Gina took Martina and Shania back to their residence above the barn, Jimmy got another lesson on how to make Deirdre a helpless little girl. For this lesson, much to her embarrassment, I had her kneel there, naked, with Merlin between her legs while Jimmy got tutorials on box-ties, of which I taught a wide variety. Little Merlin watched her closely, getting a good whiff of her pheromones as she submitted for her bondage. He would crawl up, trying to be all sneaky and butt her right in her crotch with his little nose and then scurry back, wagging his tail, occasionally giving a little ‘woof’ like he was saying ‘tag, you’re it’. Little nips to her thighs made her squeal and they played while Jimmy learned. This delighted her and embarrassed her at the same time. Janey, who was sitting on the couch with Geri and Freki on each side of her was naked too, except for some six-inch pumps. I would tie her later. She was petting them. Both were watching everything going on in that room.

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