A Game for Some

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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© Copyright 2020 - Walt A.K.A. Xan - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f+; bond; rope; gag; zipties; crotchrope; tease; cage; costume; roleplay; tape; cane; spank; blindfold; cons; XX

All characters are fictitious and any similarities to any persons, living or dead are purely coincidental.

Continues from

Part 17

Becca spent her first night on the ranch naked and flat on her back. Her legs were zip-tied in three places around her thighs and just two places on her lower legs. Each zip-tie was tied off to the bars on each side, keeping her fairly immovable. A knotted crotch-rope was snug in her pussy and each hand was taped with electrician’s tape so that she couldn’t separate her fingers. They were not fisted. Her taped fingers were extended, although her thumbs were taped down. Basically, she had black taped hook-claws for hands. Other than that, her arms were not tied down. Her mouth was stuffed with a large penis gag and that was held in with a full trainer gag. Each strap was sealed with a smaller zip-tie to avoid any loosening or removal. Her ears were plugged but she was not blindfolded. Becca lay locked inside the low cage under one of the playroom beds. She had been hydrated and was still feeling the effects of the energy shake when I sealed her in. I gave her a pillow and a plugged in Hitachi wand. My intention was for her to experience a self-inflicted orgasm overload and then sleep it off when she exhausted herself. She did say she liked cages, especially when she was helpless. Even though this might not be your normal fare, I believed that this fit the bill.

For safety sake, I made maid Maddy sleep on the bed above the cage. She was mostly naked. I handed her the panic button, which rang over the house intercom system in case of emergencies. I stuffed her mouth with her panties but didn’t seal them in, tied her legs together, tied her heels on, and left her in charge. We kept the ambient temperature skin comfortable for them. Both were masturbating and moaning as I left. I considered that properly humiliating.

Dulcinea, who everybody was calling Cin now, rang and stood at the door in her matching bra, Hottskirt, apron, espadrille wedges and wearing her coat until I remotely let her in. I released Janey, who had gotten well used last night and then put my insulated running clothes on. Janey put the kids vests and booties on and the three of us went out the door. Naturally, our daughter was out there, stretching, twisting and jogging in place. As usual the kids relieved themselves and then they warmed themselves up by attacking Merlin for their daily ritual. All was right in the world as we headed into the snow.

Cold hands mauled Janey and she giggled as she was getting into her Cecelia McGovern outfit. She’d showered and eaten while we ran. I took a hot shower with the kids and then we went down to release the captives, while Cin made my breakfast.

Wearing just a robe, Becca wasn’t used to not getting her own breakfast, but with the smell of bacon in the air and a stack of waffles ready, she sat there and waited to get spoiled. Wolfing down my eggs, bacon and hash browns, I soaked my waffle with melted butter, and sprinkled it with cinnamon and powdered sugar. I’m still shocked we don’t weigh 500 pounds and waddle everywhere. Maddy ate her oatmeal out of the bowl on the floor and then started cleaning up our breakfast mess. Cin cooked, but Maddy cleaned.

“So, Bex, what’s on your agenda today?”

“No one ever calls me Bex anymore. Hearing you call me Bex makes me smile. At any rate, if I’m going to meet those cheekbones Tuesday, I have to call and cancel my bookings up North. KK will be furious. She was really looking forward to getting her hands and ropes on me. I’ve had to cancel on her twice already, but to tell you the truth, her stage patter kind of annoys me. It sort of grates. Your incessant rhetorical questions put my mind in the right place. You keep my mind active while I’m getting more and more helpless. Others don’t do that. Problem is she pays well, and up until now, she was the toughest rigger I modeled for. I like that, but she ain’t got nothing on you. You’re as thorough as her mentor, without being as brutal. Her ex isn’t bad, but I just don’t like to bottom to switches. A bottom can tell things about her rigger by the way he touches her. Winding ropes is one thing, but touch plays a big role. Sometimes you don’t want to be touched any more than is necessary, and with some riggers, you can’t wait for them to touch you again. That’s why we negotiate touch ahead of time. You, well, you’ve just gotten better with age. In fact, you don’t touch me enough. I never should have let you go.”

“Well, it’s too late now. I really am in love with Janey.”

“Is that Mistress Morrigan’s real name? Janey? If you mentioned it last night, I must have missed it. My mind was all over the place last night. She’s tough, but she’s got such a sweetheart. I can see why you fell for her. And Mistress Epona is Beth? I wonder why she chose that stage name?

“You don’t know it yet, but this is a horse ranch. Epona was an equine goddess. Beth chose well. I imagine she and Janey are out riding now. That’s their girl-time.”

“I see. And what are you going to do today?”

“Deirdre is putting the finishing touches on another portrait of Sam and me, so I’m going to go in and put my cowboy clothes on and then pose for Deirdre in the saloon.”


“You’ll see. In fact, just stick your head around that corner. That’s what I call my living room.”

The heat sensors flipped on the automatic lights and she saw my saloon.

“It suits you Bart.”

“It’s Bat now. Bart was my old screen name.”

“That suits you too. Okay, I’ve got phone calls to make and you have to morph into a cowboy. I’ll wander in when I’m done.”

Sam and I were two men from the old west facing each other at an angle in front of and leaning on a saloon bar. He looked like a Doc Holiday-esque gambler and I looked like I just came in from the range. Deirdre had her easel set up and was dabbing and brushing paint onto the canvas in front of her. Sam was paying her $10K for each portrait and part of her responsibilities to earn this money was to occasionally stop painting and come over and refill our glasses with more good small batch bourbon. We didn’t want to break our pose. Today, we were steadily sipping Angel’s Envy.

Bex came in and whistled. Then with the bundles of rope she’d brought in with her, she sat down and started tying her legs together. Tying her five-inch heels on first, she made six main wraps up her legs, cinching and knotting them off. Her next effort was a crotch-rope snugged up over her panties, which along with her heels was the only clothing she was wearing. She popped a ball-gag in next and strapped it tightly around her head. Scooting the chair to the side, Bex hopped carefully over to the nearest post and started tying longer ropes around the post and her chest above and below her E-cup tits, knotting each one off in front and securing the ends to the other rope between her tits and knotting them off again. When she was secured to the post, she carefully locked her wrists behind the post with a pair of handcuffs. Sam and I lifted our glasses of bourbon up a little to salute her and maintained our pose for our daughter’s efforts.

When Deirdre was done to her satisfaction, she picked up her camera and walked around taking pictures of Bex’s efforts. Sam and I inspected the painting first and then I went behind the bar to get more rope. Soon Bex’s elbows were tied, her handcuffs were exchanged for winds of rope, and another rope secured her waist and forearms to the post, with proper cinching to make them snug. I exchanged the ball-gag for a wadding and three-inch micro-pore tape to cleave gag her and for grins and giggles, her tits got mauled and pinched with nipple clamps. Even knowing that all the knots were well out of reach, she got her fingers taped into an extended wad with electrician’s tape.

Deirdre took pictures of each step and then sat down with her big pad and started to sketch Bex. Her pads and toolbox of various pencils, pens, inks, erasers, sharpeners and blending styluses were always close, and she had extras in both houses. Deirdre was nothing if not prolific. She loved her craft and worked at it constantly, happy that her benefactor gave her the opportunities she had. For centuries, the rich have sponsored artists so they could create beauty without the drudgery of needing to earn. Deirdre was appreciative of Sam’s generosity and produced art with her talent and soul.

Janey, Beth and Cin came in carrying lunch. Our girls still had their ‘librarian’ uniforms on because they had been writing. Cin had the tray of shakes and Beth had the wagyu beef and mozzarella cheeseburgers. Beth was the caretaker of the big brown bag of seasoned fries. Janey got the Ollie’s Trolley sauce out of the fridge and we had lunch. I untaped Bex’s gag and fed her one of the imitations we enjoyed.

Pete had scientifically experimented with the sauce to reproduce it perfectly. Ollie’s was a small burger joint that had the most amazingly unique sauce, so instead of driving up to Louisville to get some, Pete just used his genius to make our own. He was good like that.

After we ate, the girls untied Bex so she could go over her scripted thoughts for their video. Using our mixing board, they would use audio overlay technology to voice the thoughts going through the mind of the woman bound and gagged. I thought this was a great add-in for bondage videos. Deirdre went in with them carrying her toolbox and pad so she could sit in the corner and sketch the technical proceedings. Sam and I went back to sipping bourbon.

“You know, she doesn’t have but a couple of sleazy costumes with her, and if she’s going to impress Mike, she’ll need some clothes,” said Sam.

“I wouldn’t trust the Stang or the Spider on roads like this, so this means the Expedition and the Land Rover.”

“Of course. Personally, I want a cookie, a pretzel and some ice cream.”

“I hear they have a Philly Cheesesteak joint. That sounds good.”

“You know Pete gets jealous when we don’t use him for our food.”

“Let’s take him. He has skin in the game now, and we’re not going to want his good food after a day of junk food. He has to learn that sometimes cheap and greasy is a treat. Besides, Cin will want to show off for him. She’s quite smitten. Besides just using her, he’s teaching her. Powerful stuff there.”

“Should we treat our maid Maddy?”

“She’s been a good girl lately, so I’m sure she’ll want a mani/pedi at least. She still has her clothes, but no woman I know turns down shopping.”

“Okay, Beth, Janey, Deirdre, and Bex in the Land Rover, with Jimmy driving. We’ll take Maddy and Cin with us and leave early enough to fall in the doors when the mall opens. That’ll give you time to exercise your kids, so they won’t want to throw a temper tantrum this time.”

“Oh, I’m taking them with us. I don’t know if Deirdre will want to bring Merlin, but service dogs can go anywhere. Besides, my kids deserve some junk food once in a while.”

“Oh,” he said laughing, “this ought to be fun.”

After a night of fun and play we went through our morning ritual, ate a surprisingly light breakfast with energy shakes and headed to the mall. Maddy headed to Dillard’s hair and nail salon while Bex, Dulcinea, Deirdre and Merlin headed straight into Forever 21. Our wives went shoe shopping.

Sam and I headed to the security office to announce our service dogs were with us. All three had their service dog vests on and signs velcroed on saying, ‘Ask before trying to pet.’ Little kids were alright. Our dogs liked them, but the older ones could ask first.

Then we went straight to Auntie Anne’s with the kids for pretzels. We had Pete with us, while Jimmy went with the wives. While we enjoyed ours, the kids shared one with cheddar sauce and licked their lips sensing this was going to be a treat day. The Disney store had mostly the same stuff, so we went to Hot Topic for T-shirts. My foot got stomped several times, but I was expecting this. I praised their diligence and with a bag full of snarky T-shirts and steampunk trinkety stuff in hand we headed for Charley’s Philly Steaks. Each one of the kids had a ‘just meat and cheese’ sandwich, while Sam, Pete and I had sandwiches with the grilled onions and peppers, sauteed mushrooms, and what they called gourmet fries. Pete informed us that he could understand the junk food mystique, but that he could easily recreate these and do better, if we wanted him to. Smiling, we decided to give this a try when Frank and Mike joined us. He smiled, already thin slicing the wagyu in his mind.

As we left Charley’s we saw both of the kids take off at full speed, which was easily 35mph. Sam and I followed as fast as we could. When we caught up, we saw the three dogs in a triangle around a group of young toughs, growling and showing their teeth. Several of the boys had knives out, but they were cowering and crowded back to back in a tight group. Deirdre was standing right behind Merlin and in front of Bex, shielding her with her arms. Cin came running up to us, wide eyed and breathless.

“They recognized her and tried getting fresh. Deirdre told Merlin to guard, and he let out a single low howl. Before I knew it, your dogs came up and the three of them cornered these assholes. I called the mall security number and, well, here they are now.

Sam stepped up and badged the two security guards. I showed my badge and they called for a supervisor. When a man in a suit, carrying a radio showed up Sam took the lead.

“Mr. Sullivan, one of our party is a visitor from out of state. She’s done some adult videos. No crime there. Apparently, these boys recognized her and got a little too excited. Their manners and judgements were obviously lacking. Now, we’ve all been there, overexcited that is, and boys will be boys. She is quite beautiful. Who could blame them for their enthusiasm? So, if you’ll simply disinvite these ‘a little too rambunctious’ youngsters, we’ll continue with our shopping and everything will go back to normal.”

“But your dogs...”

I cleared my throat, snapped my fingers and all three went from snarling and intimidating to sitting quietly. They still kept an eye on the toughs, but they showed how well trained and behaved they were. The supervisor was amazed and a little shocked.

“Mr. Sullivan,” I said, “they were just protecting our women. Our dogs are well trained and fully responsive to our control. Check in with LPD. They know our dogs well. Now, about disinviting these young men.”

I motioned for the young men to close their knives and every pocket-knife disappeared quickly back into their pockets.

“Then you don’t want to press charges,” asked Sullivan?

“Not if they’ll forget all about this and promise to mind their manners.”

Under the watchful eye of the two security guards they all left, glancing back at Bex as they passed her. She smiled at them.

“Sweetheart,” I said to Deirdre, “Merlin deserves a treat. Charley’s sandwich shop is right down there. Just get him one without the extras. Meat and cheese should be enough. He’s been a very good boy, so be a good mom.”

She kissed my cheek and headed off with Merlin. Bex and Cin followed closely behind. All were carrying packages, which we knew would be added to as the day progressed. I praised my kids and considering our women would hear all about this later, Sam and I wandered off to investigate Kentucky Branded, a store of and from the Bluegrass State. I found a couple of half-barrel end tables for the bedroom and Sam found an old wooden crate that at one time carried twelve bottles of Pappy. We arranged for them to be delivered to the ranch and wandered off to Kustom Teez to make us all some hoodies for the season.

At the cart, Sam got enthused because they actually had his ranch logo on file and had them emblazon hoodies for everyone, including Ben, Gina, Carlotta and the other ranch hands. Then he decided to give them some more business after he saw that they could do silk screening.

“Geri, go find Merlin and bring Deirdre back here,” and she took off into the mall. When the girls showed up, we had Deirdre show them the design we’d had her create for the ‘Horse and Crow’ logo we’d designed for the wives’ website. She had it on her phone and after transferring it to their computer we ordered a couple of hundred ‘V’-necked, sleepwear length T-shirts, in assorted pastel colors and appropriate sizes emblazoned for the models to wear and keep as mementoes. With this done, the girls went back to shopping and being young women in a mall.

We took our stuff and theirs out to the Expedition and came back in to visit The Sweet Stop for some ice cream, of which Geri and Freki enjoyed bowls of vanilla, while Sam, Pete and I enjoyed our overloaded sundaes.

 While the women shopped, Sam, Pete and I played and ate. We bought silly stuff at Spencer’s, expensive sunglasses, more wigs, jewelry for the women from several stores, scented candles, Hallmark Christmas ornaments and figurines, and Pete stopped in one store and bought some teas for his private collection. Before we left, we got cookies by the bagsful for everyone and the kids enjoyed their sugar cookies right there. To turn Pete’s hair a little grayer, we stopped at White Castle on the way home and bought two 30-count boxes, one with pickles and onions and one without pickles or onions. The kids and I pigged out on the box without. Sometimes you just gotta have some sliders. There was going to be no living with them tonight, but they had been very well behaved today, and I felt like spoiling my kids. I felt like the Bugs Bunny cartoon, ‘If I do dis, I get a whoopin’. ‘I dood it.’

Our womenfolk modeled their new ‘pretty things’ for us, and we had to reassure Bex that we thought ‘The Cheekbones’ would like what she’d bought to wear for him. Our women loved the sample T-shirts we’d bought for their new business venture. Sam had them make a light blue one for Beth and Janey got a lilac colored one. These were just ironed-on decals, but the bulk T-shirts would be silk-screened. Our other women would have to wait for the rest of the T-shirts to be made. They playfully pouted.

They all appreciated the jewelry and trinkets we bought them. No man in his right mind goes shopping without bringing the womenfolk presents. Even Maddy got a necklace that looked like a collar and some scented candles. She was very happy. She told us that the ladies at Dillard’s, when they learned about her sacrificed hair, gave her peach fuzz a shampoo anyway, and massaged her scalp, which she said was just like nirvana.

It was getting kind of late and tomorrow was Tuesday, so we all decided to turn in early. Beth and Janey got played with, but the others were all on their own. Bex slept in the guest bedroom above the saloon.

Jimmy ferried Frank, Minxy and Mike to the ranch in the helicopter. Frank was carrying another fringed rifle case, and Beth got her very own goose gun, just like ours. To make her feel special, Frank had had the gunsmith engrave it with an 008½ serial number, because Sam’s was number 008 and mine was 009. She was very excited and carried it around in the crook of her arm all morning.

Jimmy had clued his counterpart into the surprise waiting for him and Mike told Jimmy that from the fingerprints that Jimmy had sent him, Bex was cleared as a non-combatant to be around the senator.

Wearing an asymmetrical green dress that was shorter on one side than the other and exposing one arm with a large bow covering the other shoulder, Bex presented herself when we got everyone in the saloon. Bex also wore black seamed hosiery and four-inch pumps with three straps across the insteps. Her hair and make-up were done, yet she looked nervous. Mike laid his bourbon down, walked away from the bar, took both of her hands and kissed her on each cheek.

“You’re even more beautiful in person. As part of my job I had to run a background check on you to make sure you were no threat to Frank, and you came up squeaky clean. My name is Michael Greyson, with an ‘e’ then an ‘o’, and I hear you’ve been calling me ‘Cheekbones’.”

Bex blushed deeply, and muttered “Can you blame me?”

He laughed. “Family trait. My brothers have them too, and of course, my father and his side of the family. Strong genes and all. So, is there some place quieter that we can get acquainted? Would you like a drink, or anything first?”

“No, I’m fine. Bat...?”

“The den will be fine. None of us will disturb you until you come out. Have fun. The remote for the entertainment center is on the table. Music will give you two a little privacy, unless you want to go down into the basement.”

“We’ll let you know about the basement, Bat, but thanks for the offer,” said Mike and holding his hand out he took Bex by the hand and led her deeper into the house.

Everyone gave everyone else the thumbs up signal and all of us were smiling. Sam poured bourbon and I made Rattlesnakes for the women. Sam called Pete and had him send Cin over on some excuse so Frank could meet her. She came over with a tray full of bowls of bar snacks. Frank told her he was charmed, and she stayed just long enough to be polite and then scurried back to Pete. I think meeting a sitting senator scared her a little. The term family hadn’t quite registered with her yet. Minxy’s affection was lavished on all of us and she glowed, basking in Frank’s aura. They made a good couple.

“You and Fencesitter look happy,” I said to get a rise out of her.

I got the rise out of Frank.

“She’s not sitting on any fences anymore. She wallows in her submission now. Well, I have to qualify that by saying that there are power players all over DC that wipe their feet before they come in and a couple had to leave their shoes by the door, but they did it without a cross word. In ‘her’ home she runs a tight ship,” and he laughed while Minxy looked smug, grinning like a kid.

“Yea, they all have maids, but when they learned that I did all of my own cleaning, they got religion very quickly. Our house is immaculate, even after all of Frank’s visitors. And speaking of immaculate, is maid Maddy working out?”

“She’s over helping Carla prepare one of the suites for the three of you, unless Mike gets an invitation to stay upstairs. We’ll see.

“He really needs somebody. I worry about him,” Minxy said.

“Just like we did for Jimmy, and now that’s working out better than any of us could have imagined.”

Deirdre came up from her sketching just long enough to kiss Minxy on the cheek and say, “I owe you a life debt for that introduction, Sis. My Sir James really is so much more than I could have ever hoped for. He makes me so happy. Life here is just sublime.”

“That makes me so happy baby Sis. You deserve the best. That’s another brick for my house in heaven.”

“May I do a portrait of you and Frank?”

Sam looked up and said, “Do two. I want one here, and they need one for Minxy’s new home. Work on theirs while they’re here and you can do ours after that. That sound good to you?”

“Just smashing Sam. Let me go get a canvas and I’ll get started straight away,” and she almost ran out the door, without even putting her coat on.

“Oh, to be that young again,” I said, and everyone laughed.

We drank and caught up with the little things in our lives and before long Cin came in to announce, ‘dinner in fifteen’. I stood in the hall and repeated the message loud enough for our missing guests to hear and then we all wandered over to the main house.

Pete served us wagyu Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches, with his version of gourmet fries, which incorporated more exotic potatoes, fried in special oils and seasoned with his own blend. He also used various cheeses and home baked rolls which turned junk food into a gourmand’s treat. Cin looked so proud of her new Dominant as they sat down with us as part of the family. Even Maddy got to sit at the table and enjoy Pete’s creations. For dessert we all enjoyed Pete’s soft pretzels and dips, and a wide range of ice cream sundaes.

After drinks we all adjourned back to our basement, because it was bigger and well stocked. Letting them take the lead, Mike attached a naked Bex to the chain spiderweb with cuffs and started laying out toys to use on her quivering hyde. A Violet Wand, Hitachi vibrating wand, an assortment of floggers, nipple clamps, clothes pins, crops and abrasion play tools were examined in front of her wide eyes and then laid out in front of her.

“I may not be as skilled as my friends here, but I am no stranger to BDSM. Let’s see how you take this assortment before I expand our play. I hear you’re an experienced and eager bottom. That sounds like fun to me.”

Most of us just snickered looking at Bex’s face as Mike started to smear his cheeks on her skin.

“See, they don’t cut you. But they do enhance a thoroughly wicked mind. Let’s see what I can use that ‘could’ cut you, but won’t as long as you stay perfectly still,” and he picked a pointy knife to trace along her skin for fun.”

Bex was figuring out that there was very little that Jimmy and Mike didn’t share. She moaned and smiled like a kid as Mike started to work her over. She wondered just how good he was, and then resigned herself to the play, not caring about anything but what he was doing to her.

I planked Janey similarly to what I’d done for Beth, but I used wide wraps of ropes instead of zip-ties. She was still naked, except for a corset, hose and heels, and stretched out horizontal to the floor, grinning and loving the feelings of suspension. For Janey though, where Beth’s legs had been strapped together, I tied Janey’s legs in a wide ‘V’, so I could winch her up to the proper height and indulge in a more sexual dessert.

Minxy got tied in the swing and Frank took full advantage of her going in all three directions just to hear her squeal and laugh, as they made-out. When he blindfolded her, she got even more excited.

Pete practiced various bondage positions on Cin. With each different position, Pete would brush her hair while she was helpless and she melted into his touch, smiling and encouraging him to do more to her. Her sensuality glowed as he tied, touched, brushed and played with her.

Jimmy practiced his newfound skills by webbing Deirdre into the standing and rotating cage with several hundred feet of short pieces of rope. Merlin, laying off to the side with the kids, raised his head, wagged his tail, and then went back to napping to recharge the dog batteries.

Sam strung up a naked Beth and used a wide variety of different clothes pins to pinch parts of her flesh. Looking at him I could tell he was trying a slightly different variation of the Harlequin because of the placements of the clothespins. Once they were in place, Sam used a six-foot snake-whip to remove one of the imagined squares, then used various floggers, crops, canes or quirts to further enliven those areas. Then he went back to removing the next batch of clothespins with his single-tail. This took longer, but Beth seemed to be enjoying the pain, and Sam was having fun being creative.

Maddy was assigned to play gopher for all of us that were playing, handing us whatever we called for while we played. Degrading her by making her fetch toys while she wasn’t getting played with was exactly what lit her up. Maddy was an odd duck, and the more degradation we heaped on her, the more she thrived. My mind went to ‘Furry’ gopher costumes, but we’d revisit that at a later date.

Eventually, all the men left their ladies to maul, grope, pinch and tantalize a hanging Beth after her Harlequin. That was now part of her scene, and she reveled in the sensations, begging them to do more. Then, with her still hanging around, we released the womenfolk and they mauled their friend, in a more feminine way of course.

Looking at Sam, Frank said, “You will let us know which grope-fest she liked better.”

“She’s so out of it I don’t think she cares. It’s just the touching that she wants. Having all of her friends touch her is music to her soul. Pain and our friendship is what she thrives on. Just look at the expression on her face. It’s almost beatific. I’d love to see an EEG of her brain activity.”

“You know,” said Frank, “I could ask a friend of mine to borrow the equipment. It’s easier and cleaner than the hundred wires glued to the scalp now? She uses a headset with sensors already in place and it transmits a signal to a laptop, which shows you real time images immediately.”

“Call her tomorrow and get one of those set-ups and have it shipped out here. Tell her I’ll buy it if you have to. Hell, tell her she can name a reasonable fee for coming with her equipment and showing me how to use it.”

“I’ll ask her. She is a trained psychologist, and this might just prove interesting to her. Human encephalography is fascinating, and this would be a unique opportunity to measure something she probably hasn’t seen before. She shouldn’t have any problems with the NDAs. Mike’s already run a background check on her. She did some work for me a while ago. She’s okay.”

While they were talking, Bex led Mike up the stairs by the hand. No surprise there by the amount and types of noises he was pulling out of her. Jimmy and Deirdre disappeared too, along with Pete and Cin. Minxy was helping Maddy straighten up the mess we’d all made. Janey was still playing with her sister, and I was pouring bourbon for Sam, Frank and myself.

Janey popped up with, “If we’re having the girls over for a barbeque, invite the shrink and we can watch her trying to get information out of the girls. Call it a training exercise. She’ll wonder what an extra dozen, beautiful, young, single girls are here for, and her mind will probably go straight to us having a harem. Wouldn’t that be a kick? She can jump to all sorts of conclusions like that. At any rate, with the cameras and spy gear we have covering this saloon, which is the only logical place to have a winter barbeque, we can easily see who does what to whom. The porch is closed in and vented for the portable grill, and we can run in and out without wasting too much heat. She can run all of her experiments in the basement playroom and the hummingbirds can wander back and forth, and up or down. It’ll be fun.”

“Ya just gotta love the way her warped little mind goes deep out in left field to catch the fly ball that wins the game,” said Frank, smiling at Janey.

“Just trying to help guys. You know, Sis is still flying high,” exclaimed Janey. “This should be a good test for her scan. Do you think Beth’ll be ready by then for another go at this?”

Sam smiled ruefully and said, “My Beth would be ready for another round like this tomorrow. She’s nothing if not a glutton for pain and this level of sensation. She loves all those hands on her body after a Harlequin.”

“She’s nodding ‘yes’ Sam,” said Janey.

I looked at Janey and said, “Tattletale.”

Janey giggled. She was still flying from our play, just not as high as Beth. When I was talking to her, she told me that she’d felt like Supergirl, flying through the air while I was eating her pussy. She did ask to have her wrists and arms tied in front of her if I ever did that to her again. I smiled.

Leaving Mike and Bex to settle in and get to know one another better, Frank made his own phone calls the next day. Carmen Epolito PhD, out of Yale called him back quickly. They chatted about her coming to the ranch, and especially about the sensitive nature of this private study. Being a smooth talker, and due to his position, Carmen readily agreed, and they set a date for her to come out. He arranged for her, and her alone to fly into Louisville, on Sam’s dime, knowing Jimmy could ferry her and her equipment onto the ranch in the helicopter. Secrecy and discretion, even at this stage of the game was emphasized and she agreed with no coercion. Few say ‘no’ to a sitting senator.

When the kids and I got back from our run Frank was already with Sam in my saloon, drinking without me. Cin made me some breakfast burritos and I joined them after a quick shower with the kids. She tried feeding the kids and they just sat there looking at her, cocking their heads when she encouraged them to just eat. I had to dump and refill their bowls. I praised their restraint and explained things to Cin, so she understood.

Under the guise of his secret project for the government, Frank could take fairly long periods of time off from his more mundane duties in DC, which gave him a chance to recharge his personal batteries. If there was an important vote he could always fly back in and then fly right back to us. It also gave us a good chance to hang with Fencesitter again. All of us missed her. She was a special light of submission in our lives. I wanted to hear all about her new life in DC through her eyes. She was a living precedent.

Joining us, she played bartender. Clad only in a bikini and espadrilles, her tall sexy frame added something light and enjoyable to the early morning debauchery. Our planning sessions needed to be fueled by more than bourbon, no matter how good the bourbon was. Janey and Beth were writing. Sam had tied them to their chairs. Maddy was cleaning up the basement. Cin had gone back for more culinary lessons from her Dominant. Mike and Bex were off somewhere. I think they had talked Ben into getting them a couple of horses to take a ride around the ranch in the snow so they could be truly alone. Deirdre was working on Frank and Minxy’s portrait and Jimmy was taking care of the day to day business of keeping this ranch running smoothly.

With Minxy fingering the laptop, the four of us did an info dive on the psychologist. Dr. Carmen Epolito was a professor in the psychology department at Yale, 51 and looked it. Not many professors are glamorous. Many are well kept, but not what the standards of glamor imply. Pretty, in a stern way but nothing special physically, she was five-foot five, 135 pounds according to her driver’s license with gray eyes and blonde hair. She was also divorced. We discussed her academic life, but her accolades, although impressive, really didn’t fascinate us. We’d just have to wait and see how she reacted when she got here. Mike had the deep dive in his files if we wanted it, but this was fine for now. Then we looked up what could be done with an electroencephalogram.

“Both Janey and Beth should be very interesting test subjects. The way they light up before, during and after a session ought to be a kaleidoscope on an EEG. I’m sure we’ll do readings on the others...”

“Pick me. My hands highest,” exclaimed Minxy, throwing her arm up in the air and laughing.

“Well naturally hot stuff. I want to see what Bex, Maddy and Cin do to her machine too. I’m not sure if Deirdre will want to go on record but I think she’d be an interesting addition. I’ll put money down on Pete declining. Any takers on a sawbuck? Just checking. I’m sure the good doctor will want you to spit in test tubes to measure your cortisol levels at different stages in this and she might even want to collect before and after blood samples, to help round out her learned opinions. I would. I’d also bet there’ll be questionnaires and possibly one on one interviews with everyone. I’ll make sure we’re all labeled as test subjects by gender and a number. She can add descriptions to those. I don’t want any more information than that getting out there,” I said.

“Oh, I’ll convince Deirdre,” said Minxy. “She’s a pushover. If she was fat and spotted, we could hire her out to teenage farm boys for cow-tipping.”

“Oh, you are so bad,” and I laughed along with the others.

“Now be nice,” said Frank. “Your friend is doing our portrait.”

“Yes Sir, I’m sorry,” Minxy said. She sounded surprisingly contrite. Frank’s discipline for the DC crowd was obviously having an effect on her. He was training her for what he needed from a fiancé. She was among family here, but the DC crowd was a harder and a much less forgiving audience.

“Put your coat on and go see how she’s doing. Pet her and just visit with your old friend. I’m sure she’d like the company,” said Frank.

Minxy disappeared out into the cold. Deirdre’s little studio was in the main house right next to Jimmy’s office. Basically, it was the walk-in closet that used to be attached to the bedroom that Jimmy had converted into his office. He liked being able to get up to stretch his legs, visit with his little artist doing her thing and then get back to work. Wireless headphones usually covered her ears while she painted or sculpted her little figurines and Jimmy would sometimes just lean against the door watching her. He told us it was calming and comforting. Sometimes she never realized he was quietly adoring her. Other times he’d flick the light off and then on again to get a kiss and a hug, and then both would promise the other of more, later, and get back to work. Jimmy had loosened up a lot with Deirdre in his life.

Minxy went into the main house and made the rounds. She was a lover. Pete and Cin were the first ones to get a hug and a kiss, then she hugged and kissed the bound and typing women adding to their written adventures. Jimmy got a warm hug and a kiss and then she went in and just sat in the studio watching her friend paint. When Deirdre got up, seeing that she wasn’t alone they hugged and talked for a while. Minxy told her how talented she thought Deirdre was and they talked about how their lives were so much different now that they were out of LA. While they were talking, Deirdre did a quick wallet-sized pen and ink portrait of Minxy. She went next door and Jimmy laminated it so Minxy could give it to Frank for his wallet. She was a prolific artist.

“Deirdre, honey, would you do two more of these, only one of Bex and one of Mike, please? I want them to have something to spark their interest.”

“Sure, I have enough pictures of both of them to do a couple of quick pen and inks for them.”

Soon enough, Jimmy was laminating two more small portraits and Minxy was giggling at the thought of giving these to them. Deirdre reminded her that she had to get back to work on their painted portraits, so Minxy kissed her and left. On the way out, she loved on everyone again, showing them what she had.

Coming in out of the cold, Mike and Bex joined us at the bar, leaving their coats on. The ambient temperature, even after they opened the doors, was 70° to 72°, but their cores hadn’t warmed up yet. They’d been riding for a while. Being female and wanting attention, Bex was the first to take off her coat. The bite of her second Rattlesnake was warming her up. Mike, although he appreciated good bourbon, was hitting the Patrón Reposado I had on the back shelf. I had some more expensive bottles of tequila, but he called for this one and I couldn’t argue with his choice. I liked Reposado too. It was smooth.

“Did you two have fun,” asked Frank?

“I’m seriously infatuated. Pure lust is undeniable at this point, but this fascinating woman has depth and character. I’m intrigued by more than this body, and what it can do to me. She can carry on a conversation.”

Bex blushed and a giggle slipped out.

“I think she likes you too Kemosabe,” I said, smiling.

“Yea, I kinda got that feeling. She’s a keeper, so can you guys hold onto her here for a while? I need to figure out a way to work her into my life. Frank keeps me pretty busy and DC is not a friendly environment. Frank likes it. I don’t and I wouldn’t want Bex here swimming with those megalodons while I’m off watching Frank’s six. She deserves better than that.”

Feeling his bourbon, Frank said, “I’ve suspected for a while that DC grated on your last nerve, and you just admitted it. You’re a good man Mike and you’re the best right-hand man I could’ve ever asked for, but now you deserve to be happy. Hell, I may just have to fire you and let Sam hire you.”

“I can do that,” said Sam. “I work Jimmy too hard as it is, and Mike’s creds speak for themselves. My family is growing, and I need to protect it. They work well together, and I think Mike would be happy here working beside Jimmy, with Bex by his side and in his bed. Whatever he pays you, I’ll match or better it. Find Frank a really good replacement and come and work for me. He’s family too, remember. Hell, as far as I’m concerned, you can go on retainer right now, and I’ll pay you to find the best replacement possible.”

“Both of you are kidding, right,” asked Mike?

“No,” said Sam shaking his head. “Now, have another shot, kiss that woman that’s about to wriggle out of her skin and start looking for a good replacement. That is if you want to trade in the DC beltway shuffle for the easy-going Kentucky Bluegrass lifestyle. You’ve got to have some friends that could step into your shoes and take good care of your friend the way you took care of him. Take the time you need to find the right one, train them right and then move here. It’s not like I ignore talent when he’s already a family member. You two can live in Janey’s old double-wide. Bex will be fine here. We promise to only molest her on days ending in a ‘Y’. She does still have videos to star in. You don’t mind, do you?”

“Not with you guys, but she and I will have to talk over who else she models for. I’m beginning to feel a little protective all of a sudden.”

Sam and Frank clinked glasses and went right back to sipping their bourbon. I refilled Mike’s glass and winked at Bex. Her face almost broke with the size of her smile. Happy tears leaked from her eyes.

Just then, as if on cue, Minxy came in and after giving both of them a hug and a kiss, just because, she handed them their gifts from Deirdre. Both were amazed at the likeness as they held them up, scanning the pen and ink next to the face in front of them. Bex squealed and threw her arms around Mike. As soon as he could he deposited his in his wallet.

Frank looked at her, seeing she had one more and asked, “And where’s mine? Surely I get one too.”

She handed her lover his wallet-sized pen and ink portrait and then gave him a big kiss after throwing her arms around his neck.

“Sam, do you have a secure Internet connection,” asked Mike?

Sam spun the laptop we’d been using in Mike’s direction and said, “The best hardware I could buy, augmented with Frank’s NSA software additions. Have at it.”

Mike’s fingers started flying across the keys, pulling up file after file and making comments either yea or nay for each, considering their status and availability. He e-mailed a few and Bex massaged his shoulders while peeking over them. The rest of us went back to drinking. Minxy poured, we drank. This was how the tsunami flowed back into the ocean.

Bex slipped away to change into something sexier. Mike nodded and kept on searching. He was on a mission. She obviously wanted attention when Mike took a break from his search. Women usually know how to get what they want.

After a full Italian spread from Pete, we had drinks and relaxed and then we all adjourned downstairs to play.

This time, Mike turned Bex into a go-go dancer, locked in the standing cage. He used a cheap flogger to beat on the bars when she wasn’t trying her hardest to please, occasionally letting the tips sting her naked, except for heels, hyde. Earbuds piped in the music for her dancing beat and she gyrated and pranced to the tunes she heard. He gave her a choice of dancing in the cage or on one of the two poles we had down there, reminding her that the bars of the cage stopped the flogger tails. She danced with abandon in her confinement.

Tonight was caning night in Sam’s mind, and he chose the thinnest, most flexible one’s to light up Beth’s world. Light canes, usually carbon fiber, but sometimes Delrin only did surface damage, but they stung like hellfire after a while. Beth was in for a full body beating and Sam strung her spread-eagled between two posts. She began to wonder when he didn’t want her to wear heels and tied bow knots on the posts from her ankle wraps. Then it dawned on her and she threw her head back and just moaned, knowing what he planned to do to her poor feet.

Feeling adventurous, Pete wanted to experiment with abrasion play and that meant Cin got tied to the chain spider’s web. Kitchen scrubbing sponges, bottle brushes, nut picks, silk scarves, knife points, feathers, big make-up brushes, suction cups, ice cubes, toothbrushes, fur mitts heated with chemical heating pads, strips of latex, bristly hairbrushes, and my favorite, the Violet wand over sensitized her hyde for Pete’s entertainment and amusement.

To give her a break from clean-up duty, Maddy was assigned to be a pole dancer. Janey handed her the sluttiest, sparkly, shiny, fringed outfit from her private collection that she could find and told her body clone to tease all of us. I trained a couple of spotlights on the pole and told Maddy not to step out of the light. The idea of being a slutty pole-dancer rocketed her humiliation factor way up there, and we found out that the governor’s ex could put on a fairly decent show. We put earbuds in her ears and cranked up the music with a hard driving beat and Maddy danced lewdly. She found a second career if being our maid didn’t work out for her.

Jimmy decided to see how much rope he could tie on Deirdre. With each of her wrists tied to the corresponding thigh and her ankles tied together, Jimmy started to wrap ropes around her. To make it fun he used every different kind, size and color of rope we had in stock. Everything from half-inch hemp, to cotton string, to nylon fishing line went around his sweetheart’s body. Golden sash rope, a dozen or more colors of dyed nylon rope and of course, multi-colored scarves bound little Deirdre. If you could see through the bindings, you might have said she glowed with pride. Ungagged, she encouraged him to tie more and more on her. Anchoring her to the ceiling to keep her from falling, the next thing he did was use the white ropes to crosshatch his windings. Deirdre just giggled.

A little earlier I’d searched for and found a program for a set of VR goggles to give me the effect I wanted for Janey. This program showed the view of flying into, out of and through clouds from a pilot’s POV. For Janey’s session, I planked her again like the night before, legs tied wide, but this time her hands were tied in front of her and they too were attached to the winch above her. When I placed the VR goggles on her, I also pulled up a standing fan and pointed it directly in her face. Letting her soar through the air of virtual reality for a while I took my time touching and stroking her and then eventually indulged in my favorite snack, - pussy, particularly her pussy. She was sopping wet and tasted so good. Eventually, I lowered her enough so that I could mount her from behind, telling Supergirl that Superman was giving her a push.

Frank had tied Minxy to the waterbed with her hands over her head and her legs just slightly apart. Her world was sealed off with a blindfold and earplugs and she was on an ocean voyage in rough seas. As he bounced around on the bed, teasing, tickling, licking and poking her with various things, she sloshed up and down, rolling with the waves. Knowing that Maddy could shop-vac it up, Frank splashed Minxy with a bucket of water, continuing her wave induced rollercoaster ride which just sent her over the edge into the depths of Davey Jones’ orgasm locker.

Considering that it was a limited engagement, I released Janey and lowered her to the ground just in time to watch Sam bastinado his wife’s foot. To my surprise, Janey got down on her knees right in front of Beth and started to eat her out, making her scream in two different voices. I poured myself some bourbon, sat back and watched. In the back of my mind I knew they’d been intimate before, but the natural flow of this widened my eyes. Watching Janey stroking Beth’s crosshatched leg, caressing her reddened tit, fingering her asshole, and watching Beth’s reaction to all of this was entertaining. Especially watching Beth’s reactions to getting caned by Sam at the same time. Sam had to physically move Janey out of the way a couple of times to hit where he wanted to cane his wife. He was working to evenly score his wife’s hide and now Janey was in his way. This show just got better and better. Janey was determined though. Sam would move her away, and as soon as he moved, she’d lean back in to ameliorate her sister’s sensations, savoring the taste of the sweat and the hormones. When he got tired of this, he just let Beth down and the two women cuddled up in a kitten-puddle right there on the floor.

Laughing, he looked at me and said, “See what happens when you let her think she’s Supergirl and that she can fix the world? Pour me one, okay?”

We watched Pete pink up Cin’s skin and listened to her encourage more out of him. She reeked of horny woman.

We found and stuck paper currency in Maddy’s clothes, laughing and mimicking her performance as we drank.

I complimented Jimmy on such a special scene and his methods of totally encasing Deirdre in ropes and Sam got a shriek out of her when he suggested that Jimmy hoist her up by her ankles and let her swing back and forth upside down. Jimmy didn’t, but Deirdre worried until the ropes came off.

Frank’s scene was very unique, especially when the speakers over the bed played ‘The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald’ and he threw another bucket of water on her. Minxy screamed and although exuberant, because she knew it was all suspension of disbelief, there was an edge of terror in her voice. Frank was almost giggling himself because his plan was working out. Later he told us that he’d given Minxy some Dramamine, and that she was wearing one of those magnetic relief bands on her wrist. He didn’t want her sick, just out of her safe zone and a little scared.

The lining of the waterbed caught most of the excess water, but Maddy would have some serious cleaning to do tomorrow. Ours was one of the older style waterbed mattresses, that was just a plastic lined bladder in a padded frame and on a heater, without any of the waveless foam inside. We wanted the softness of the enveloping mattress because Janey got screwed on this bed often, with her hands tied tightly behind her. She reported that it was easier on her arms. I wanted her happy in her helplessness.

We handed Minxy towels when Frank released her and complimented him on the originality of his scene. Minxy was all smiles and giggles. Dulcinea came down off the web and they disappeared in a hurry. I think his scene had really excited Pete. I know it did Cin. Bex was tired when Mike unlocked the cage, but not too tired to pull him up the stairs for some deep breathing exercises. When we told Maddy she could quit she fell to her knees and counted the dollars she had earned. We laughed as she stuffed the bills in her cleavage and smiled. All of us realized that she’d be dancing for us again. She told us that she’d taken pole dancing classes. We started to help Jimmy untie Deirdre, and after trying to undo several fouled knots and wraps, Sam looked at me. We pulled out our EMT shears and both of us just started cutting, Sam from the top and me from the bottom. My knees were better than his. Jimmy peeled the cut ropes off as best he could and even cut a few himself.

While we did, Deirdre asked us to leave the pile of ropes where they fell until she could get a close-up picture of them. She wanted a colored pencil sketch of the aftermath of this scene. We all smiled at her diligence. We knew she would take the video we always made of our scenes and do a side by side colored pencil sketch of her tied the way she had been and put the cut pile of ropes right beside it. She was always proud of what her Sir, James, did to her.

Janey and Beth were sleeping peacefully in a kitten-puddle on the floor, where you had to look twice to tell which arm and which leg belonged to whom. Sam and I just sat back, sipping Pappy Van Winkle and watched them while we made plans for when the shrink showed up.


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