A Game for Some

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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© Copyright 2020 - Walt A.K.A. Xan - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f+; F+/f+; bond; rope; oral; costume; roleplay; crotchrope; tape; tease; gag; clamps; zipties; chair; cons; XX

All characters are fictitious and any similarities to any persons, living or dead are purely coincidental.

Continues from

Part 16

We got back just in time for the first heavy snowfall of the year. Our young wolves became maniacs playing in the thick snow, just having the times of their lives. Last year, they were too young to really appreciate it. This year, all bets were off. In fact, once they got back with the country singers all five of them crashed through the snow, chasing each other until they were just exhausted. We could always find them from the billowing clouds of their steamy breaths as they laid down, tired and waiting for one of their siblings to pounce on them to start playing again. Wolves, romping in the snow. Go figure.

Geri and Freki came into the saloon through their dog door, looking very pleased with themselves, tracking wet paw prints and went immediately to sit in front of the shower doors. I took my clothes off and joined them for a steamy rain shower of hot water. Janey joined us but got ignored. She knelt down to give me some head, but I just turned aside, rinsed off and left to bundle up in a long, thick terry-cloth robe and used towels to dry off the kids.

“You used to love getting head from me in the shower!”

“You used to be submissive to my will.”

I didn’t see her face to face for the rest of the day. She went over to the main house, and I heard that she and Beth tried to do some writing. We tied neither of them up for this, so Beth tied Janey and then tied herself to her chair and they pounded on the keys for a while. Sam and I sat in my saloon and sipped Rock Hill Farm’s single barrel, talking. That was a good, heady small batch for this type of weather. The kids were sleeping it off at my feet.

Dulcinea brought over a tray of enchiladas, a large bowl of Spanish rice and all the fixings for our dinner. Under her long winter coat, she was still naked, wearing only a long apron and flats. Apparently, Pete liked her like this. Who could blame him?

Dulcinea was five-foot six, curvy with an hourglass figure, C-cup tits with small pink nipples, a cute butt and long shapely legs. Her straight white-blonde hair came to the middle of her back and she was shaved bald below. Whether Pete would fit her with a uniform or keep her dressed in just an apron would remain to be seen. The temperature of the house was set to skin comfortable so it’s not like she’d be getting cold. Sam and I placed one-dollar bets as to how long it would be before Pete asked for BDSM lessons. She would be a handful without some taming, and Sam didn’t exactly hire her to be an extra body to play with. He hired her for Pete.

We retired down to the basement to watch our old videos from the Bart and Dianna days. When the kids notified me that the women were at the door, we turned on the overhead video feed. Both were incensed because they couldn’t get in. Janey tried her palm print, and when that didn’t work, Beth tried hers.

“May we come in,” Beth said over the intercom?

“Is something wrong,” asked Sam very sarcastically? “That door usually opens to the palm prints of submissive females. I’ll have the new subbie-boy technician look into it when he arrives to be tied up. His employment starts as soon as we become tolerant of such heresy.”

“Oh, Sammy, you two are impossible. May we come in and talk about it?”

“Just leave the dominant attitude on that side of the door,” and the door clicked open. Both women stood on the platform on the top of the stairs and took their clothes off. Janey sat on the top stair and put her five-inch dark gray and oxblood stiletto Oxfords back on. At the bottom of the stairs they both knelt with their arms pulled behind their backs.

“Closer,” I said.

Both got up, came over and knelt in front of us, lowered their heads keeping their arms behind them.

“Look up, I want to read your eyes,” I said.

Janey looked up immediately, but Beth hesitated and eventually looked up slowly, trying to retain a neutral expression.

“Did you see that,” I asked Sam?

“Unfortunately, yes. So, Beth, my darling wife? What inspired this rebellion? You know that subbie-boys are a hot-button topic around here, yet you chose that particular button to push to get us angry,” said Sam. “Why?”

She cleared her throat, giving her time to choose her words carefully as she collected her thoughts.

“Being a rigger is heady. I got a real power rush from what I did, and I wanted to do it all. Connie mentioned that she’d like to see Bat all tied up, but I knew that would never happen, so I started to think about tying up submissive males and pretending. I talked this over with my sis here, and she didn’t see a problem as long as we didn’t sneak around and try to do it behind your backs. That’s why she brought it up to you. I knew we could find plenty of submissive males at ESCAPE, when we dropped the other girls off and I wanted to try it out, to see if it was the rush I suspected it might be.”

Sam looked at me and said quietly, “Please don’t injure her.”

“No, she likes pain too much. So, hot shot, you want to tie me up,” trying to speak as calmly as I could through the adrenalin? “I can see that in your expression. One of the first things you have to realize is that a rigger ‘must’ be able to subdue the bottom. That can either come from voluntary submission, or from overpowering your bottom from either physical force or drugs meant to incapacitate them. You’ve known since our teens that because of early child abuse, that I am phobic of being tied, especially by women. It’s a hard ‘red’. Period. All are warned. Some have tried anyway. Even multiples at the same time. They ‘all’ got injured. Not hurt, injured. Big, huge difference. That’s why Sam just asked me not to injure you. That’s also why it’s such a hot-button topic. I can barely wrap my head around why anyone that has testosterone as his primary hormone enjoys that type of play. Yea, I’ve studied it, in depth, and talked to more people, men and women about this subject than you can imagine. Hell, there was a time when I almost gave up bondage all together. It was a real depressive episode in my life. Luckily, I got better. Now, I know that you know better, but even the notion of you trying, and getting injured for the effort, means I have to give you this lecture again. And seeing you do that to some subbie-boy, knowing that you were imagining that he was a stand-in for me, would infuriate me, and you know how bad my temper is, and of all people, you know what I’m capable of doing to someone. This is your warning. Beth, I love you more than you know. It’s different from how I love Janey, but I do love you. Busting you up for something you’ve been warned about would make me eat my gun, but I ‘would’ bust you up and then deal with my demons. This is as rational as I get on this subject. Fair warning.”

I got up to leave. Janey started to get up and follow me, but I said “No. Stay here and talk to Sam. You need to hear the rest of the story. I need to be alone. I’m not fit for company tonight. The kids and I are going out for a run. Look for me tomorrow. I have my phone Sam. Geri, Freki, come.”

Both followed me up. I knew from the weather station that we were expecting another one to two feet of snow, so I packed a winter kit into my Alice pack and onto my frame. I put their winter carry vests and booties on the kids, packed a bright yellow and red two-man tent and loaded everything onto one of the winter ATVs. We’d drive out and set up camp and then take our run. Up to two more feet of snow on top of the three feet already on the ground would be trying for anyone, and I’m not stupid. Reckless, but not stupid. We’d survive. It was almost morning before we headed out.

While I was using the small electric chainsaw to cut up enough firewood for a long while, Mother Nature started with flurries. There are few things funnier than looking at two young wolves, laying in and partially buried by the snow with their noses sticking up and rotating like radar dishes to watch the terrain. I took pleasure in the simplest of things. We enjoyed the steaks I cooked and then settled in for some sleep. By the time we woke up to turn some snow yellow, our tent was sagging from what looked like another two feet of snow and it was still snowing. I stoked the fire, got it roaring and we went for our run, which was more like a wade and hop. It was exercise and that was the whole idea, anyway. The kids loved sharing this with me. I thought I heard the sound of a two-stroke snowmobile, but with my singing, which I did when it was just the kids and me, I didn’t pay attention. They didn’t stop and howl anymore, but they did run a bit further away from me.

My phone rang with the heavy, pounding fanfare ringtone from the 1986 ‘The Final Countdown’ by Europe, which was Janey’s ringtone. I stopped, puffing out thick clouds of overheated breath and answered it.

“Hello handsome. I got lonely, so I brought bacon, egg and cheese biscuits, and they’re getting cold. Hurry back to the camp site. I’ll be the Eskimo all bundled up by the fire.”

“We’ll be back as soon as we can. See ya’ soon hot stuff.”

“Love you.”

“Love you too. Don’t eat ‘em all.”

Janey had brought two dozen with her, four steaks and a flask in one of those silver insulated coolers. She rode out here on a snowmobile, heading for the smoke from my campfire. They all had had us pinged by the phone I carried but driving out here she just headed for the smoke. In her insulated winter camo snowsuit, with her furry hood up, she did look like an Eskimo. An Eskimo that shopped at Cabela’s.

I had four biscuit sandwiches, Geri and Freki had three each and Janey ate two, and we had that many more for later. We started walking out to saw down more firewood. It was about 25° and night was coming.

“I’m so sorry Husband. I remembered you said you were phobic, but you never elaborated. I never would have even brought it up, and I will never, never, never bring up the subject again. I swear on the lives of our kids here. I’m sorry Sis and I upset you.”

“Did Sam tell you about his episode with that little bitch Moly?”

“Yes. If she was still around, I’d hurt her for what she did.”

“Remember, she was a more intense masochist than Beth is, and that’s why she did that to Sam, to get him to really hurt her.”

“Did he? He didn’t get into that last night.”

“He hurt her, but not physically. He hurt her by not touching her. Goes back to the old adage, ‘How do you hurt a masochist? You don’t beat them’. We always figured that’s what drove her over the edge.”

“Then that’s why she killed herself?”

“We figure it was a contributing factor. Sam told me how pissed off he was for what she did, so he didn’t dig too deep when she did. At any rate, Beth should have known better.”

“You know he’s punishing her the same way. He locked her out of their bedroom, and he isn’t touching her. He told her he still loves her, but she’s cast out of heaven until further notice. She’s sulking and so depressed that that’s why I left to come find you. A whining Beth is not fun to be around.”

“And here I thought you just missed me.”

“I did Husband, I did, but I was torn between dealing with my Sis and invading your alone time with the kids. I decided I wanted to see you more than listening to her whine and belabor her stupidity. She admitted to knowing better. After all, she’s known the family secrets for a couple of decades now. I’m just a relative newcomer. She should have remembered.”

I told Janey about some of the ideas for videos that Sam and I came up with and Janey got about as excited as Sam had done.

“Husband, do you intend to tell the whole internet world that Beth Harrison, author and prominent wife of millionaire Samuel Harrison III is a bondage Top tying up pretty girls that we drag onto the ranch?”

“Well Sam and I talked about ways to disguise you two. We were thinking about stage make-up to give both of you Cyrano de Bergerac noses, cheek and chin prosthetics to hide your features and colored contact lenses. To further hide the ear shapes, we could get you an overabundance of fake earrings and rubber lobe extensions, not to mention the natural coverings from your hair, or wigs. You know that you can identify someone by their ear shape and it’s as accurate as fingerprints. It would take a lot to obfuscate your appearances, but the alternative is just letting it all hang out and taking the heat for being kinky.

“We were also going to do the farmhouse thing, but just for you two. That way, if a model wanted to stay over, we could bunk her at the studio and she’d never even have to come on the ranch. How does that sound?”

“You two mad geniuses have this pretty much sewed up, and again, you didn’t tell us anything about your plans. Husband, that’s not fair.”

“We were upset with you two for the subbie-boy thing when we came up with most of these plans. The basic plan of remembering the old Bart and Dianna clips would work with any rigger, and bondage models are easy enough to find. It doesn’t have to be an all-female thing, but it would be nice if it was. Hell, I could be the rigger you know. It doesn’t matter who sees my face, and I do own the rights to all of the old clips and videos we did back then. I still get royalty checks sometimes. So, are you staying?”

“Could I?

“Did you bring anything I could use to tie you up?”

“Is the pope catholic? Do bears shit in the woods, - - - wait a minute, are there bears out here? I don’t want to get eaten.”

“Yes, you do. Just not by a bear.” And we both laughed.

Later, on her back, with each leg bundled and tied ankle to thigh, with her arms box-tied so she could lay on them, Janey got eaten. In the beginning I growled and made bear sounds, but the kids wanted to get in on this and kept licking us and sticking their noses where they didn’t belong. It’s hard to concentrate and have fun when there are not one, but two dog noses sniffing and licking, even occasionally nipping what you’re trying to find amusing. Finally, we just gave up and I played with them for a few to calm them down.

We stayed out in the snow until our food ran out and then instead of letting Janey go back for more, we broke camp, packed everything up and motored back to our house. Dulcinea took our orders and Pete fed us and the kids. There were only three people in the world that the kids would take food from, and Pete was one of the three. I learned that lesson after getting shot.

Deirdre told us that Sam and Beth had made up and that the two of them and Jimmy were out buying a farmhouse they’d found. She took pictures of us as soon as we came in so she could render our winter look in one of her charcoal sketches. Our shared daughter had way more than $100K in her bank account from selling Sam oil portraits, and she had several pads of pencil and charcoal sketches of us all in our normal activities around the ranch and on vacations. If a price was ever set, she could retire off of her artwork, but she was doing what she loved, and we encouraged her to do more. She showed us one of her latest creations of Dulcinea chopping stuff up on the counter and Pete behind her frying something up on the stove. We showered her with praise. She just smiled, wriggled and went back to sketching.

In fact, Deirdre was going to be a big part of our new bondage video adventure. She was going to provide graphic representations of the models tied and gagged and a few would be on offer with each video. Others would be going into a compilation set of stills as a graphic collection of our efforts. We were going to offer her sketches at such a high-resolution rate that they could be blown up with the right enlarging equipment and used as fine art prints for proper display. We figured it would be a unique offer for our customers. It would also make Deirdre one of the premier artists for the Fetish set.

Within a month we had the farmhouse set up, the equipment in place and the stages set for video production. An enlarged garage out back with a covered ramp into the house allowed us to move different sets into and out of the main house so it didn’t look the same for each video. Couches, sofas, chairs and tables got mixed and matched for different set-ups to keep our sets unique, or more unique than many others. We had a full basement to use as a dungeon environment and even an attic above the second floor. In my opinion, too many producers used hotel rooms.

We would fly the models into Louisville and ferry them out in the helicopter to get tied up by Beth and photographed by Deirdre at the farmhouse. Janey was the production manager setting the stage and getting just the right costume for each model for each video. Both Janey and Beth scripted the general dialogue for each video, even if only a few of the models got their lines right, they had a gist of the intent to work off of, so it all worked out for the content. Our videos would also be a bit more complicated than the ‘drag ‘em onstage, tie ‘em up and make ‘em squeal’ videos some sites used as their mainstay. Also, many of our videos were from the perspective of a lonely woman wanting a little excitement in her life and calling someone from 1-555-263-7447, (or BNDRGGR) to come over and tie her up for a while. Most all of our videos were this softer sell than the fake kidnappings and contrived forced bondage scenarios of some sites. We wanted to show women that wanted to be tied up, and not forced to endure something, that if done properly, could bring them pleasure. Yea, these other sites were all done with pro’s, acting their distress, but we just wanted something a little different. Who knows if it will fly? We’re having fun and that’s the whole show. Either or both Sam and I would be at the farmhouse if for no other reason than we wanted to be there.

Some of the older models knew me personally, if not just by reputation, and wondered why I wasn’t the rigger for some of these videos. Truth be told, I blindfolded a couple of them and took them back to the ranch and down into the basement to do private videos from a male-Dom POV just for our private amusement. You can only listen to so much ‘soft rock’ before the ‘heavy metal demons’ rise up and assert themselves. Almost all of these were MILF videos involving older, tougher models, reminiscent of the earlier stuff I did with Beth as Dianna. All were very erotic and suggestive, but relatively tame when you saw the unedited footage. Sam was the videographer for these. I was the villain-slash-rigger. I’d fake blowjobs by putting rubber phalluses sticking out of my unzipped pants to let them suck on my ‘dick’ while they were tied and helpless. I lightly flogged one of them and for these videos, tits got tied, or at bare minimum compressed between wraps of rope. I knew all of these women well and this was all very consensual play during these videos. Like I said, older and tougher MILFs.

Erring on the side of her green-eyed monster, Janey and Beth wanted to closely examine the raw footage, until they realized that these were legitimate bondage videos and not excuses to play with old friends. A couple wanted more play and less photography, but I made it plain I was off the market. They all wanted to meet this woman, but I just said ‘No’, and that was that.

Janey got bound, molested and ‘raped’ every night after one of these private videos. I was taking all of my pent-up emotions out on her after these other models got me all excited and horny. Janey didn’t seem to mind in the least. In fact, I think she encouraged these videos for just that reason.

Considering we weren’t doing these videos for a paycheck, we could and did take as much time to get them as right as we needed them to be. They were edited very carefully, our overlaid clips were inserted at just the right times, and while we were making them, if we needed to cut and redo a certain scene, we did. Our models were getting well paid, and several of them appreciated the careful production values we instituted. It was different from many others. The fact that we let them soak out the strains of longer sessions in the in-house hot tub seemed to help. Some even got re-tied in the hot tub. This also gave us time to get their feedback and ideas for other videos before we took them back to the airport and off to their next assignment.

One of our repeat models was a woman named Rebecca, who worked under the stage name of Hialeah Hilyf. Becca, or Bex was a 40ish middle eastern beauty of Persian descent with exaggerated Hollywood proportions. She got ridiculously bent out of shape when someone compared her to any one of the Kardashians and demanded to be respected in her own right, because she had paid her dues. As an adult entertainer, she had more than paid her dues in her late teens and 20s. Her video collection was legion. When she got fewer jobs and less attention in her 30s, she switched to being a fetish model and won a new round of fame as a bondage bottom, refusing to pretend to be a mistress or a dominatrix. Many walked both sides of that street, but she only played on the screen the way she did in private.

In my wilder days after my closest friends got married, she and I had a brief but wildly torrid affair. I wanted exclusivity, but couldn’t provide the lifestyle she wanted, so she continued making videos and I found other bottoms to play with. When she showed up for a shoot, we found a spark from before, but like I told all of them, I was off the market. She was and is a very erotic model, dripping a particularly virulent pheromone that you can smell even on a video, and the camera and ropes loved her.

At five-foot ten inches, her E-cups fit her hourglass frame and her long legs looked like they were made to stretch up above the highest heels. Becca’s narrow shoulders made her elbows touch easily behind her back and she could stay in tight bondage longer than many models. Her pixie cut blue-black hair was straw-like enough to deal easily with tape adhesive and regular yoga made her extremely flexible. Living in Nashville, she was also just a helicopter ride away. Sam liked her and she was a regular model for our male-Dom videos.

For our continuing and serial productions, Becca played a flight attendant that came to get tied up for her layovers between flights. Her role was a woman that couldn’t afford to be caught doing naughty, kinky things, so when she found a rigger who could sate her lusts, she chose this particular airport for her layover base of operations. Liking her play a little rough, she always put up resistance until her elbows were tied and then she settled right down into the most submissive of women. In all reality, at least the reality I remembered about her, it was like this in real life for her. Once she knew that there was no way of escaping the ropes binding her, Becca became very submissive. Until that point though, you had to take her. She was no wallflower. Even at 6’3”, strong and trained, subduing her was a challenge. Not impossible, but a challenge. Wrestling and slamming around a tall, buxom woman, then tying her up so you could have your way with her looked really good on the videos though.

Even though she saw all of the raw footage of these videos Janey’s green-eyed monster reared its head. One day, after working with Becca at their site, they followed her as she was driven, blindfolded, over to the ranch. The two of them told us later that Becca was just a little too excited to come over and get manhandled by the menfolk. So, they decided to watch one of these videos in real time from the hidden cameras in our dungeon basement. Sam and I didn’t know they were upstairs, and it wouldn’t have mattered anyway. We treated Becca the same for all of our productions. Sometimes, you just had to feed the green-eyed monster though.

Becca came down the stairs, took off her uniform jacket and at the bottom she grabbed the hem of her tight knee-length uniform skirt and ripped it open to the top of her thigh. Smiling, she took a strip of cloth out of her purse and fitted it along the hooks part of the Velcro, so it wouldn’t snag her hosiery. On the sofa she crossed her legs, sitting at an angle and showing a lot of leg with the slit now fully exposing her thigh. She made an effort to dab some perfume behind her ears, on her cleavage and on each wrist. In all reality it was just distilled water in an old perfume bottle, but it looked good on the video. She fluffed her hair, opened a couple of buttons on her blouse and settled in like a cat, waiting. Sam walked very slowly around in a semi-circle and took a full minute of her just sitting and waiting, smiling slyly with her thoughts of things to come. While he did this, I climbed the stairs so he could get footage of me coming down the stairs to join her. As I did, she put her hands together in her lap, squeezing her tits closer together to show me more of her decolletage.

“I like it when you do that. Now stand up, turn around, pull those arms behind you because I want to get you tied.”

“What? No civilities? We never talk anymore. All you ever want to do is tie me up, throw me down and screw my brains out. We used to cuddle, and you would listen to how my day went.”

“Talk just allows you to tease me longer in an effort to excite me into roughing you up, manhandling you into some tight rope bondage and taking what I want from you. Just a glimpse of you, especially like this is enough of a tease to pull those actions out of me, so stand up so I can tie you up. There, how’s that for talking?”

I turned around to pick up a few pieces of rope, stuffing some in the cargo pockets of my pants. When I turned around, Becca was behind the couch.

“No,” she said, “talking is the closest thing to foreplay as I get. You’re going to have to take me today. And, I’m not going to make it easy for you.”

“Good. I like a good fight, just like you like to get manhandled.”

I chased her around the sofa a couple of times while she laughed and said I couldn’t catch her. Coming over the top of the sofa, Becca squealed and ran behind the standing cage that we’d never taken off the rotating platform. We spun around the cage a few times until I just popped the door open on her, startling her enough to get a hand on her wrist. From then it was all over but the wrestling. She beat on my back with her fist as I twisted one arm behind her, picked her up with the other and bounced her butt off the couch. With a quick wrap of rope, considering her legs were in the air I loosely tied her ankles together. This wasn’t the real bondage, but she couldn’t get up and run off anymore. Now, it was just a matter of holding her arms behind her with one hand and wrestling her blouse off of her, trying hard not to just rip the buttons open to get it off, which would have torn the blouse. This did allow her to wriggle and squirm for the camera. Sure, she fought me, but not like a woman her size could have. Once the bra came off too, I threw her onto her belly, pulled her wrists behind her and tied them palm to palm, knotting this tie off in between her forearms. Sitting back, straddling her, I huffed and puffed for effect and then grabbed a twelve-foot coil of rope to tie her elbows together.

“You think this will hold me,” she challenged?

“Just long enough for me to pull those panties off, tie your legs tighter and then gag you with that sodden pussy silk. By the smell of them, you’ve been wearing them all day and you got plenty excited from just this wrestling.”

“They’ve been on since Dubai, and that was several hours ago. Can’t you find something longer and harder to stuff in my mouth once I’m all helpless to your sadistic desires?”

“You haven’t earned the right to suck me off yet. I want to enjoy watching you cum a few times from being in tight and inescapable bondage for a while, and then maybe I’ll take your stinky panties out and replace them with my hard dick. You know my tastes.”

“Why do you think I called you a sadist? You’d better hurry up. I can wriggle out of this you know.”

I wrestled her skirt off of her and then the panties came down. When I got a ‘You beast’, I smacked her butt, hard. The response I got caused me to pick her up, spin her around until she was facing the other way, pull her across my lap and commence pounding her ass with my open hand. She screamed, cursed and encouraged me in the same breath. In the middle of her spanking I took the time to tie a tight knotted crotch-rope on her, snugged up between her sloppy-wet pussy lips, and then went right back to making her ass red, and purple, in spots, heating it up until it felt like it was on fire. Becca ground on that crotchrope and came at least once before I quit beating her. I hadn’t been in a hurry, so Sam finished out the card from our play.

While he changed out the card for a fresh one, I asked, “Having fun?”

“You have to ask,” she replied in the soft sultry voice of a satisfied woman. Aftershocks ran through her and she stuck her butt up in the air.

Becca purred when I tied her upper thighs tightly together. Tight wraps and cinches went around her lower thighs just above her knees and another wrap was wound and cinched in between these two. She fluttered her ankles when I took the loose ropes away and pulled her panties off. Her five-inch spike-heeled pumps came off. She got three more wraps of rope tied and cinched just under her knees, mid-calf and around her ankles. With her legs tied properly, I squirmed out from under her, retrieved her heels and put them back on her feet before I tied them on so well that she couldn’t get them off anymore. Now to finish off her torso.

Moving her down off the sofa and onto her knees, facing out, I loosened and re-tied her elbow bonds because she had wriggled enough to dislodge them. Cinching them with a longer rope I tied a chest harness around her shoulders, securing this tie back to her elbows, but leaving long ends. Longer ropes were wrapped around her arms and torso above and below her tits. Another rope cinched them behind her, and I brought the long end over her shoulders, looping them under the ropes below her tits and then back over her shoulders.

“You think you’re such a hot-shot rigger. I can still get out of this.”

“I’m amused to hear that you think I’m done with you.”

I attached this rope to her crotchrope, knotted it off and then with wraps around her waist and forearms I secured this latest tie with a cinch between her back and the tight forearm wraps. Then I took the long ends from the elbow wraps and tied all of these wraps together, so that none of them could be dislodged or move without untying this support rope.

“Are we channeling Houdini yet,” and I got a roll of electrician’s tape.

 Moving her hands into a prayer position I started just under her thumbs and wrapped her hands down to her fingertips. Then I wrapped her thumbs together. To exaggerate her helplessness, I wrapped a few more yards of that tape to seal off her wrist bonds, turning them into well covered black little coverings over the ropes. With another rope, anchored to the shoulder harness, I pulled the long ends down, secured them through the ropes tying her heels onto her feet, pulled her into a restrictive hogtie and knotted the ends off to the ropes across her taped palms, once around her thumbs and then to her tied and taped wrists, finishing them off with a bowknot.

“Okay, you’ve proved your point. I’m helpless. Now, bend me over something and fuck me, or untie me if you haven’t gotten a hard-on from all of this. Surely there’s not much else you could tie on me.”

“How easily they forget,” and I stuffed her mouth with her panties, making sure the dampest part was on her tongue.

She started to try and fight me, cursing me again, so I started to wrap the lower half of her face with the electrician’s tape, pushing the panties deeper into her mouth, cleave gagging her with a few more yards of tape. Next came the Breathe-Right strip on her nose, the compressed foam plugs in her ears and the sleep mask. With her a little more quiescent, I took a four-inch roll of Kerlix and completely wrapped her head up, making sure to pull wraps under her chin and over the crown of her head. Then, just to piss her off, I finished off the roll of electrician’s tape to seal the Kerlix on so she couldn’t rub it loose. Sam finished off this SD card getting every conceivable angle of her helplessness. I took short pieces of rope and tied her wrists off to her crotch-rope and then made sure everything was snugged up tight and secure. When I swatted her ass again, her orgasm was undeniable.

Clapping from the top of the stairs got my attention.

“Well done Husband. May we inspect your work?”

“Not until you kiss me. Did you two have fun today?”

Even after she’d slipped into some strappy six-inch heels, Janey still had to stretch up to kiss me. She always squealed a little when I picked her up around the waist to make it a little easier. I moved her veil off to the side to get a good lip-lock on her. Both were still wearing their working disguises.

Both Janey and especially Beth, because she was on camera more, wore facial disguises. Each one wore small cheekbone extenders, and fake noses, along with prescription colored contact lenses to alter their features. Even with make-up, to hide the fact that these were stage prosthetics, they also wore black 50 denier weight veils, leaving just their eyes exposed. These were not cheap veils and each one looked to be encrusted with small jewels at the top and the bottom, making them contour to the face better. With these longer noses glued on, even Sam and I barely recognized them.

“Go take Cyrano off, and I’ll untie Becca.”

“You didn’t give me time to inspect her,” Janey pouted.

“Sorry, be my guest. She isn’t going anywhere,” and I snickered.

Janey checked everything while Beth got thoroughly mauled by Sam and then she joined Janey. A woman, especially two of them, inspecting another helplessly bound woman is something I find very erotic. It’s definitely not the woman-on-woman juvenile fantasy so many seem to manifest. It’s just the feminine touch they use, especially when both know what bondage like this feels like. It’s always so different than a man’s touch, no matter how gentle men try to be. You have to see it to understand it.

“Husband, please leave her head bound until we get dressed for the pleasure of you two. Any suggestions?”

“Burgundy steam-punk merry-widow corset, fishnet print brown pantyhose, short red Hottskirt, burgundy boots, red gloves, see-thru black blouse and waterproof make-up with a mid-back platinum wig.”

“I can do that,” and Janey giggled.

To rid themselves of their disguises, both went up to their rooms upstairs. Sam and Beth’s designated room was right next to our bedroom and we shared the bathroom in between. They had all their girly stuff up there and both needed partial facials after wearing latex prosthetics and glue for hours on end while they did their videos.

Scrubbed pink, both came down to get their corsets snugged up properly. Beth wore skin-tight peg-leg black leather pants and five-inch two strap sandals. With her corset squeezing her waist, she put on a black half-shelf bra, crème colored silk blouse and a black leather vest with matching business jacket. Her last addition were some leather driving gloves

“Quite the power suit there, hot stuff. You wear it well.”

“I thank you sir. Is she getting anxious?”

“Yea, it’s manifesting itself in arousal. Becca’s been touching herself all over as you can see, especially her rope marks. She’ll reach up and touch her sensory deprivation wrappings, but not try to undo them. In the beginning we slapped her hands a couple of times, and now she just touches the wrappings.

“Her other movements are very sensual in nature. Her hands roam all over her body, lightly touching her skin like it’s way over sensitized. Regular aftershocks wrack her body when she plays with the rope indentations and I don’t think it would take much to send her into orgasm overload.”

 “Let’s see,” said Beth. “Sis, you do the left nipple and I’ll do the right.”

Both women took one of Becca’s nipples in their mouths and started to work on arousing her even further. When Becca reached up, they controlled her need to touch them by grabbing a hand and physically restraining her possible movements. Nipping her nipples and nibbling on them got Becca screaming inside of her gag and when they applied a vacuum she came energetically. Beth used her gloved fingertips and Janey used her fingernails to roam and tantalize Becca’s body. Mauling her the way only women can, they sent Becca over the edge into orgasm overload.

Offering her a brief respite to catch her breath, Beth went behind the couch and grabbed both of Becca’s wrists and pulled her arms back into straight-arm armbars. Janey applied nipple clamps and then attacked Becca’s pussy with a Hitachi wand on high. Beth controlled her while Janey sent her deeper into orgasm overload. Janey did a little wrestling but soon Becca surrendered to having her brain lit up in a profoundly sexual way. Eventually, she went limp, unconsciously floating in the deluge of neurotransmitters.

Naturally, Sam recorded all of this for prosperity. When he put the camera down, he got out an industrial bulk-size box of heavy-duty zip-ties and started restraining Beth. We’d talked about this while they were changing, and we intended to suspend Beth like a plank.

In addition to the standard zip-ties around her wrists, forearms and above her elbows holding them welded together, Sam zipped on about another dozen around her arms and torso from her shoulders down to the start of her hips. Then he did another massive wrapping of zip-ties on her legs. While he was doing this, I attached two suspension rings to a three-foot suspension bar. Situating an electric winch above Beth, I took lengths of 1/8th-inch rope and started attaching lengths of rope from each individual zip-tie to the suspension rings that were shaped like the Triskelion BDSM symbol. The first ring would lift her torso, and the second ring would support and lift her outstretched legs. I webbed these ropes to lift her as evenly as my skill would let me.

During our test lift, Janey came back down with two huge frosty mugs of energy shakes. While she was guzzling down hers, she put a double straw in the other one, knelt down and fed it to Beth as she floated about a foot off the ground.

“Thanks Sis, just what I needed.”

“That looks intense Husband. When are you going to do that to me?”

“When you get a heavy leather suit to protect your hide from the zip-ties. They can be a bit tough on you and you’re not the masochist your sister is.”

“I’ll work on that because that looks like fun,” and she got up and kissed me, giggling the way she did when she was excited. I wondered if she was going to work on getting a leather suit, or if she was going to do extra work on her masochism. Both worked for me, so I just made the last-minute adjustments to Beth and then we lowered her to the ground while I tied up Janey.

Becca was still in sens-dep La-La-Land. Her only movements were the jerky aftershocks as they rippled through her muscles.

Originally, I had another position planned for her, but I changed my mind, so I took Janey’s Hottskirt off of her. Going to the racks of clothes, I threw her a pair of shiny red hotpants and she wriggled into them. They were short as they were tight.

 To start things off right, I tied a snug multi strand crotch-rope on my Janey, anchoring these off to saddle loops around her upper thighs. While she giggled, I tied her wrists behind her back, positioning her hands back-to-back. I used cotton twine to tie each pair of fingers and her thumbs together so that there was no chance whatsoever of her getting free until I untied her.

“I love it when you tie me like this Husband. I feel so vulnerable,” and she kissed me, giggling.

Next came wide wraps of rope tied and knotted around each thigh. I left long ends dangling from the knots. I then tied similar wraps around each ankle, again leaving long ends. Positioning her sturdy chair by the sofa, I had her straddle the seat of the chair. I tied each thigh off to the back frame of the chair forcing her to keep her legs spread wide. Her ankles were tied off to the back legs of the chair to further reinforce this position. Then, with a simple lark’s head wrap around her bound wrists I lifted them up into a strappado with the help of another winch I’d moved into position. This bent Janey forward and I adjusted the height for easy access to her mouth.

“This is why I try to be a good girl, so I get rewarded with giving my husband bound blowjobs like this. Thank you, Husband,” and she giggled.

“Let’s wake Becca up for this,” and I started to unwrap her head. Sam took over the remote controls and lifted his wife up so she would be eye to eye with our guest when she could focus. When that was done, he called Pete and had him make us another round of energy shakes. Beth and Janey had had theirs, but we wanted some too. It would also help revive our space cadet.

Dulcinea delivered them and stayed for the entertainment. Pete had been dressing her in short HottSkirts, matching front closure push-up bras, and white aprons. On her feet she wore wedged espadrilles with a three-inch arch. She looked cute and this attire worked for her in this role.

I kept Becca’s sleep mask on until she slurped down the energy shake and then Beth’s voice brought her to full consciousness.

“Are you fully awake Becca?”

“Yes, Mistress Epona.”

“Would you care to see how we play?”

“You and Mistress Morrigan? Yes, please.”

Sam took off her sleep mask and while her eyes were adjusting, I stuck my hard-on in Janey’s mouth. The woman was voracious.

“Wow! Is that really you Mistress? You’re beautiful.”

“We feel the need to disguise ourselves for our videos. In the editing process we even put a slight voice distorter on our audio tracks. We wanted to do an all-female bondage website, but we didn’t want our identities known, or easily recognized. We watched the video Master Sam and Master Bat did of you earlier. Do you like that intensity of helplessness?”

“Yes, Mistress Epona. That was amazing.”

“You do realize that we play at this level all the time. We are lifestylers.”

“I thought you were just a mistress. I didn’t know you also bottomed.”

“Oh, it’s much more than just bottoming. Sammy is my Master and husband of many years, and Morrigan is enjoying her favorite pastime with her Master and husband, sucking Bat’s dick while helplessly bound. We are their slaves, and this is our private dungeon and playroom.”

“They don’t make you call them Master?”

Laughing, Sam said, “Oh we can tell when they’re not showing respect, and we have our ways of correcting their negative behavior. Epona doesn’t get beat or even touched, and Morrigan there doesn’t get tied up or loved. A short period of that flavor of abuse and they straighten right up.”

“Some of the more polite protocols are lax around here. When Morrigan calls Bat, ‘Husband’, you can easily hear ‘Master’ in your mind. It’s the same way when I call my master ‘Sammy’. And yes, before you ask, Bat and I were together at one time, but that’s in the past and we’re all one big happy family now. We share everything, in our own ways of course, including our women.”

About that time I roared as I came in Janey’s mouth and she cleaned up every last drop before I stepped back and away from her mouth. Sam handed me the camera, unzipped his pants and Janey continued sucking dick with him. Becca’s eyes were wide with amazement.

“Mistress Epona, what do you want from me? Why am I here, and why are you showing me this?”

“Becca, like this little blonde beauty here, you are almost too beautiful. You both have symmetrical features, contoured to the accepted Phi standard of true beauty. Let me guess. You have more attention than you want, but damn few, if any know how to satisfy that little demon in you. Correct? Which is why you seek the BDSM lifestyle and the extremes of sexuality.

“Yes, mistress. So many want to possess me, but don’t know how.”

“Cin, isn’t that the same with you?”

“Yes, Ma’am. That’s right on the money.”

“And are you finding some measure of satisfaction, lately, here?”

“Oh, yes Ma’am. Pete is wonderful. He’s sweet and kind yet very exacting and domineering. He’s teaching me to be a chef, which is way more rewarding than I would’ve ever imagined. And I’m teaching him to be a Dominant in our bedroom. It may be Topping from the bottom, for now, but he has to learn somehow. I think he’s embarrassed to ask any of you for help, so I’m giving him the basics. Would you help him if he asked?”

I said flatly, “All he has to do is ask. I’m already teaching Jimmy and you see how happy he is with his submissive. She’s thriving under his dominance. Doesn’t she seem happy to you?”

“She glows Sir, and they’re obviously deeply in love.”

“Like I said, all Pete has to do is ask. I can’t force anyone to do something unless they want to do it.”

“I’ll talk to him.”

“Now, back to you Becca. We’re collecting women that need a home. A metaphysical home that’s lacking in their souls. Some, like Cin here are slotted into relationships that have been lacking a sense of balance before. Others, like you will just be offered a haven, a safe haven for relaxing and getting away from all the bullshit.”

“And what’s the price for this,” she asked suspiciously?

“You’ve done three videos today. Did you have fun,” Beth stated.

“Even though I like working for you and Mistress Morrigan, that last scene with the men was absolutely mind blowing. That’s got to be in my top three experiences of my entire life. Yes, I had fun, and I loved the whole day of being used like this.”

“And we paid you, right? Fifty percent over standard wages?”

“Yes, of course. I checked my bank account and the money’s there for all three videos. Your masters paid in advance.”

“Okay, we don’t want exclusivity, but we want first choice of your time, which will depend on the whims and machinations of the Terror Twins here. Yes, that’s a term of endearment for these two. They drive Morrigan and I crazy, but we wouldn’t want it any other way. We couldn’t respect them if they were any less than they are. Both are gods to us.”

“And we love both of them for the total submissives they are,” I said while still recording these proceedings. “And for the record, this recording is not a video, this is just for our private archives. This will never be published.”

“If I may ask Mistress Epona, what would my duties be?”

I butted in before Beth could speak and said, “You may ask, but you’re not going to get an answer. That’s because we don’t plan minutia like duty rosters until we have a relatively sure thing. When and if you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and a private time contract, we’ll put some skull-sweat into how you fit into this family. Until then, you’re just a model.”

“Will I get used like I did today?”

“There’s one thing you have to remember. These two women are our top priority. We married them, and we’re not just collecting some kind of harem for our egos.”

Just then Sam roared like I had as Janey’s throat was scalded with his seed. She made happy little sounds as she cleaned him up. When he was done, he poured some bourbon for us, started sipping his and then reached out for the camera. I took a sip and then started petting Janey with my free hand.

“Could I get, ...”

“Not until you sign or decline. We don’t want to seem like we plied you with alcohol to make this decision.”

“And as a model, even under exclusivity, would I still get paid?”

“Yes,” said Sam. “Money is a tool and I got enough to keep us all productive.”

“This sounds too good to be true. Where’s the catch?”

“No real catch. If we devise one of our “master plans’ and call, you’d have to cancel any immediate engagements and get flown out here to do our evil bidding, which is basically specific videos that we want you to star in. There may be the occasional party that we’ll want you to attend to distract our guests, and if we plan any BDSM vacations, we’ll want you to attend. Cin got hired on our last BDSM vacation.”

“Uh, Sir, hired? Am I getting paid?”

“Have you checked your bank account since you’ve been hanging around our chef,” asked Sam?

“Uh, no, Sir.”

“Check it and let me know if you’re happy with your salary,” said Sam. “I’m not a piker.”

“Thank you, Sam. In all reality, I should be paying you for the education that my Pete’s giving me, but I’m sure that whatever you’re paying me is more than enough. It’s not like I have any expenses living here.”

“That’s another thing, Sir. Will I be required to live here, wherever here is,” Becca asked?

“Sign, or decline, and then if you sign, we’ll worry about specific accommodations,” said Sam.

“Who am I kidding? Where do I prick my finger and use my blood to sign on the dotted line?”

Getting out his phone, Sam touched the screen and just said, “Jimmy?”

Jimmy opened the door to the basement and let Deirdre and Maddy in with him. Surprisingly, Pete followed them in with a tray of frosty mugs filled with more shakes. Dulcinea jumped up to help him. The Janey-clone, still in her hobble skirt sat down on the stairs and scooted down. Merlin pushed her with his nose to help. At the bottom he settled in with the kids.

Jimmy laid out the contracts for Becca on the desk down there, pulled a chair up for her and said, “I suggest, as with any contract, you read them.”

Becca did the speed-read tracing and then signed first one and then the other. She even asked Jimmy for an ink pad and thumb printed each of these documents while Sam recorded the whole thing.

While she was doing that, Pete asked me for help. I told him the same thing that I’d told Jimmy and we did the bro-hug to sign this contract. Maddy held up the mugs so both Janey and Beth could drink more of their favorite shakes. Deirdre took pictures with a separate camera so she could do drawings of this later, and then sat back with her pad and started to sketch the latest member of our family.

Using Cin as our crash-test subbie, I was giving Pete his first lesson when I got a brainstorm. I looked at Becca and said, “I got a plan. Go take a shower and put your, ‘I want to impress somebody,’ face on. Then put on something sexy. Scoot woman.”

When she came out, she’d dug in her travel bag and came out with an expensive teddy, new black, seamed hosiery, put them on and slipped her feet back into her heels.

Nodding, I told Pete to practice, pulled out my phone and contacted Frank. It went to voicemail, but Frank called me back in a few.

“Frank, buddy, busy?” I asked, putting it on speaker.

“Just molesting Minxy. What’s up?”

“Is Mike still single?

“Yea, what’s on your devious mind,” he said suspiciously?

“Wanna’ meet your latest cousin in our extended family?”

“Sure, why not?”

I switched it to video conference and showed him Becca. She greeted him reservedly but politely, posed, showing him her professional talents and then just struck the age-old feminine pose and stood there, smiling.

“Hello. My name is Frank, and you are?

“Becca, Sir. I just got inducted into this family tonight. Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you. Bat, the canyon-critters are due back from their field training next week. I guess Minxy, Mike and I ought to fly in to welcome them back. Donna Reed wants me to move there and commute to DC.”

“Yea, buddy, we miss you guys, too. Besides, you’re working too hard corralling all those liberals. You’re looking a little haggard. You need a break.”

Laughing, he asked, “Is Tuesday too soon?”

“Tonight’s not soon enough, but Tuesday will have to do.”

Sam broke in and said, “Hell, bring the recruits and we’ll have a barbeque. How’s that sound? Thinking about it, you haven’t met Dulcinea yet either. She’s Pete’s new sous chef. You’ll like her.”

“If she’s a part of the family, I know I will. Okay, Minxy is whining for attention, so we’ll see you guys Tuesday.”

“Until then buddy,” and everyone hollered a goodbye.

“And that was,” asked Becca?

“Senator French from this glorious state.”

That’s the senator that has the trans-gender fiancé. And he’s a member of this family too?”

“Him and Minxy both, along with his attaché Mike. Mike is the one I want to rub on you to see if there’s any sparks or chemistry. I try to keep things in the family, so to say.”

“Is he hot?”

Jimmy pulled up a picture of the two of them on his phone and showed her what Mike looked like so she could use Jimmy as a comparison.

“Oooh,” and she smiled. “I could cut myself on those cheekbones. I like.”

“He’s six-two, about 200 pounds, give or take, and all man. Tough as nails and a surprisingly nice guy on top of that.”

“I’m hoping there are some sparks and chemistry. And you say he’s a senator’s attaché? That speaks to a level of sophistication and culture.”

“Did you miss the part about him being Frank’s ‘bodyguard’, and attaché? He does for Frank what I do for Sam.”


“Firearms instructor at FLETC and for Delta. He’s paid his dues.”

“I’m getting wet. Do you think he’ll like me?”

I gave her a DiNozzo slap. “Quit fishing for compliments.” Becca giggled.

“Sir, you know a woman just wants to be fully appreciated.”

“You just cleaned-up under orders to look good. Yea, you look good.”

“Thank you, Sir. All compliments from dominant men are appreciated.”

“I guess we’ll just have to find some way to properly amuse ourselves until then.”

“You could tie me up, gag me and throw me in one of those cages. I like cages.”


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