A Game for Some

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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© Copyright 2020 - Walt A.K.A. Xan - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f+; costume; bond; rope; blindfold; sendep; gag; toys; flogger; cons; XX

All characters are fictitious and any similarities to any persons, living or dead are purely coincidental.

Continues from

Part 18

Sitting in front of a dozen women that were wearing nothing except high heel pumps and the rope holding their wrists crossed and tied behind their back is heady. They all were paying rapt attention to one of their own that was standing and reporting on what she had gotten out of her mark that she had been assigned to manipulate. All had been assigned to extract information from men that we felt were conspiring with the wrong competitors and divulging too much information to the wrong people about certain government projects. All of our girls had succeeded in getting them to incriminate themselves, some on a treasonous level.

“Once he had me tied up and I snuggled into his arms, he felt very brave and bragged about couriering the diagrams to his counterpart in Iran, who was ‘just doing research along the same lines’. He felt so safe with me tied up. This worked for me, probably better that any vanilla honeypot scheme could have.”

“Thank you, Lynn. Now that we’ve heard from all of you, in turn, I commend each and every one of you for doing your duty to your country. All of you were successful and your service has been noted. Now you understand the power of BDSM a little better. Each of you used it, in one form or another to manipulate your marks into betraying themselves. Only Fran came back a little bruised up and she’s smiling and wearing her bruises like a badge of honor. Isn’t that right Fran?”

“Yes Sir. He roughed me up a little, but then he got all guilty and spilled his guts, which got him a cell in Gitmo for a long dark time. I’ll heal up with no lasting effects in a week or so and he’ll still be in a six by nine cell for years to come. I’ll make that trade every day, Sir. I’m tougher than I look. Sure, he bruised me up but, in the end, I won, he lost, and my country is safer because of it, and that works for me.”

“Ladies, you see how powerful BDSM is and that it works. With practice it will just get easier for you to manipulate your marks, and there are hundreds that we need to sort through. Your work is cut out for you. Sure, we have vanilla honeypots out there, and they’re working hard too, but you ladies get the tough nuts to crack, no pun intended. At any rate, thank you and continue doing your duty. We’re proud of you and your country is proud of you.

“Now,” I said, “we won’t always do this, but it just so happens that we have a unique situation coming up soon. The primary involvement is for you ladies to come out to the ranch and enjoy a barbecue. Wear your stainable clothes. No barbecue is without its hazards of drippage, and you have permission to get shit-faced drunk if you want. The bar is open and free for this. You can play amongst yourselves, but no male guests will be in attendance.

“There will be a Pshrink in attendance, but she is ‘not’ there for you. You can banter with her, but she does not, nor will she know who you are or what you do. She’s here for us and it was just convenient to have her there at your barbecue. Your job is to eat, drink and enjoy yourselves. Dr. Epolito will be doing EEGs on our ladies before and after our play. Yes, you will be able to watch how we play. That should be entertaining to a couple of you. We will provide some other amusements for the others, including horseback rides from our stables and big screen video gaming. So, any questions?”

“You’re serious about no men,” asked Kelly?

“Unfortunately, yes I am. No male guests are cleared for this, not even the men here. I would imagine that you’ve already gotten tired of them due to your training. Three ranch hands will be there, but not at the party. They all know about the pervasive BDSM atmosphere on the ranch and they are alright with that, but they are ranch hands and not party goers. You may decline your invitation to the barbecue and go out scrounging on your own. Buses will be provided into Berea, where you can rent a car if you want to and go wherever you want to go. Attendance at our barbeque is not mandatory, and you deserve a weekend pass, so just let us know if you’ll be attending our barbeque or going off on your own.”

Betty, Gigi and Kelly decided to go out on their own to hunt for strange, but the other nine told us they wanted pulled pork sandwiches drenched in BBQ sauce and wagyu beef ribs. I think being able to watch us play sold it for a couple of them. Then again, I’m vain about my play.

“A Blackhawk will bring you from here to the ranch and back again in time for your classes on Monday. Like I said, wear something stainable and bring other clothes if you’d like, or nudity is optional. Due to our play I always keep my house at skin comfortable temperatures. We’ll find sleeping quarters for you in the bunk house. Our ranch hands do not know what you do for us and you will not tell them. They work for the ranch, but their off time is their own. You’ll be there from tomorrow, Friday afternoon through early Monday morning. The actual barbecue will be on Saturday. My bar and the kitchen in both houses will be open all weekend. We’ll see you then.”

Sam, my kids and I walked out, got into the waiting helicopter and headed back to the ranch. The wives were finishing up their latest masterpiece and didn’t want to come today if there wasn’t going to be any classes. Frank was enjoying non-vanilla time with Minxy. Mike and Bex were getting better acquainted. Maddy was being her usual self, cleaning something. Pete and Cin were fixing a meal for us all and Deirdre was finishing up the portrait of Frank and Minxy. Jimmy was flying the helicopter.

As soon as we got back, Sam and I changed into our Edwardian outfits, tied the arms and wrists of our authors, fed them another round of go-fast shakes and started reading their latest novel. We may not be speed-readers like Bex, but we don’t have to use our fingers to keep our place or sound out each word either. Reading side by side like they wrote side by side, we commented on their latest adventure, and the pride just dripped off of us. We knew better than to let them comment on our comments, so both of them were gagged with satin wadding and their heads were wrapped with three-inch micro-pore tape cleave gagging the wadding solidly in their mouths. We thought they looked cute like this, bound, gagged and watching us read their novel.

Deirdre came in, kissed both of us on the cheek and then said, “When you have time”, and wandered off again. Anxious, but knowing we’d be fussed at if we didn’t include them, we finished the novel reading, continuing our commentary in a relaxed and unhurried manner, and then released both of our women to go in and see the portrait of Frank and Minxy with us.

Deirdre had painted them with their heads side by side and the outline of both of their heads formed a heart shape to subliminally emphasize how much in love they were. It looked just like them. We all hugged and congratulated our daughter, lavishing praise on her skills and Deirdre just glowed. Setting it off to the side to dry, our little artist got started on the second painting. At this rate, both would be done before Frank had to go back and that way, he and Minxy could choose which one they took back to DC with them and Sam would keep the other one. Frank had offered to pay Sam’s going rate for the portrait, but Deirdre insisted that it would be her gift, for the introduction to her Sir James. Fair’s fair, and Deirdre didn’t need the money. Ranch life was free for her and she had a six-figure bank account from Sam.

Professor Epolito was due in the evening. She would be catching a late flight out of New Haven after concluding her duties at Yale, and Jimmy would fetch her in the helicopter from Standiford Field. That would give her all day Friday to set up her equipment and interview us. The recruits weren’t due until Friday afternoon.

Jimmy had Carmen sign the NDAs at the airport and after a short flight helped Carmen Epolito out of the helicopter. He and Mike carried her equipment into our house and her clothes into the main house. She’d be sleeping in the main house, but she’d be working out of our house. I helped Jimmy with the equipment cases while Sam, Beth and Janey met her at the door and explained to her that this was a saloon-slash-living room and that it was not open to the public. Carmen was a little confused. Janey hung her coat up and she and I took Carmen for a quick tour. I offered to make her a drink and when she asked for bourbon and water, I smiled knowing that we’d get along. Frank and Minxy were sitting at the tables, along with Bex, Deirdre and Maddy. Pete and Cin were in our kitchen preparing horderves. Once we all got settled in, I played bartender, Maddy was my cocktail waitress and Janey played hostess, introducing everyone to our guest.

“So,” asked Carmen, “all of you are into BDSM in one way or another?”

Everyone chimed in with affirmations and Carmen went on.

 “I would love to get in-depth interviews from each of you, and if I could twist some arms, questionnaires would be a big help to me.”

“Sure, we have no problem with that as long as our anonymity is assured. As you can see, a few of us have reasons to stay anonymous.”

“Oh, absolutely. You’ll each be getting a number for our files, and only I will know who belongs to each number. So, let me just ask all of you, why BDSM and how long have you been into this?”

I started off with, “As a student of human sexuality, aspects of BDSM make me sexually aroused. It’s been that way all of my conscious life and I can’t imagine sex without it. Tying and seeing an erotically dressed woman bound and gagged makes me hard.”

All of the men chimed in with similar sentiments.

“You said aspects. By that, am I to believe that you’re only into parts of BDSM and not the encompassing genre?”

“As you know, BDSM is an initialism. Some call it an acronym but that’s not accurate. BDSM breaks down into Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and submission, and Sado-Masochism. I identify as a heterosexual bondage-oriented Dominant with sadistic tendencies. My wife, Janey identifies as a bisexual bondage-oriented submissive with limited and uniquely specific masochistic tendencies.”

“Janey, is that an accurate description of your union?”

“Husband said it all. I adore being tied up and will happily submit to anything Bat wants me to do for him. You should know I begged him to brand me, so I would have a permanent reminder that I belong to him and him alone, although I do play with a select few others. I can play anytime with other family members, male or female and Husband has used my charms to entice others into revealing their shortcomings.

“I see. Are all of you like that?”

Sam said, “I am more sadistically oriented, but I do like bondage and discipline and the lines of dominance and submission are clearly delineated between Beth and myself. I identify as a heterosexual sadist influenced by the other aspects of BDSM. My wife identifies as a bisexual masochist, who is submissive to me and a few other strong and skilled men, but dominant to most women. She might also be dominant to submissive males, if I’d let her.”

“If you’d ‘let’ her,” inquired Carmen?

“Being the Dominant, I won’t allow any submissive males on my ranch or allow any to model for her while she produces her videos. I bought the studio she uses, stocked it with the equipment she would need, so I have final say as to who and what gets into her video productions.”

“Would you beat her if she tried?”

“Oh, no, she likes being beat. I would punish her with abstinence and rejection. It’s really not worth it for her to push that button. I am the absolute Dominant here, and she submits to my rule under threat of banishment. That is what we agreed on when we got married and during her enslavement rituals and I have not changed my mind as to how we live.”

“Beth, that sounds rather stifling. How do you feel about that?”

“Where Sammy leads, I follow. Even though in my mind Topping a male is an insignificant thing, it would upset my Sammy, and I know the reasons why, so I won’t do it. His love, guidance and support means more to me than satisfying a whim. I know I could do it without affecting the core intimacies that he and I share, but on some level, it would still negatively affect him, so I defer to his wishes.”

“I would like to explore this while I’m here, but later, not now. So, Senator French, how do you and your fiancé identify?”

Frank spoke up and said, “I identify as a heterosexual Dominant heavily influenced by the full spectrum of BDSM. I’ll let Minxy explain her identity.”

Giggling, Minxy sat up straighter in her chair and said, “As you know, I am a trans-gender woman. Bat used to call me Fencesitter because I’m a hedonist that’s played whenever and in any way I could. For the moment, I am submissive to anything Frank wants to do to me. I am bisexual. I can be a switch, which is someone that can be a Top or a bottom, although I happily bottom to Frank. He makes me happy. I’m mostly a bondage-oriented masochist now; however, I know the finer points of sadism. I love being bound and gagged, especially by Bat and Frank. Bat’s just so technically proficient but Frank puts the love in his windings, and it makes me purr. I am perfectly happy submitting to Frank and doing whatever it takes to make his life happier and more productive.”

“And you Jimmy? As the butler are you involved in all of this too?”

Sam butted in and said, “Although Jimmy is technically my major domo, which is so much more than a butler, like everyone here, he, Deirdre, our artist, Pete, our chef and culinary nutritionist, Dulcinea, his sous chef, Mike, Frank’s personal assistant and bodyguard, at least until I can hire him away from Frank, Bex, one of our top models and Maddy, the estranged wife of the Governor and our personal maid are all considered family, and that’s not just a label of endearment. So, Jimmy, please enlighten her how you play.”

“I’m a disciplinarian. In my daily life I am very detail oriented and it extends to how I play with my lover, Deirdre. Her absolute submission delights me and warms my heart with passion and desire. I’ve realized how my life was surprisingly empty before her. Bat is teaching me how bondage is an extension of my joy of exactitude and how expandable the minutia of bondage can be for someone with my interests. I don’t enjoy the infliction of pain, so SM is not a part of our play. For Deirdre and me, dominance and submission are the primary motivators that bring us closer and happier.”

“And for you Deirdre,” asked Carmen?

Blushing deeply, Deirdre replied, “My Sir James makes my blood course through my veins like superheated magma flowing through lava tubes. Have you noticed how handsome he is, always dressed so smartly and stylishly? His mind is crystal clear and always working on so many things at once. Just fetching for him thrills me because it eases just that little bit of stress from him when I can lighten his load. And he’s so appreciative of the little things I do for him. He consumes me. How could anyone not love a man like my Sir James?”

“Michael? How do you play?”

“First off, I prefer Mike. Michael seems too formal. I’ve been into BDSM since one long weekend of leave from my duty assignment with a woman I will never forget. I’ve played every chance I’ve gotten to since then. I identify as a heterosexual Dominant who enjoys bondage, discipline and controlled sexual sadism. I believe I’ve found my Yin with Bex. We play well together.”

“Is Bex short for Rebecca?”

“My mother calls me Rebecca. Within the adult industry, I’m known as Hialeah Hilyf. Most people I know call me Becca, but around here, because of Bat, I’m Bex. We had a brief affair at one time years ago and he always called me Bex. Now that I’m around him again, the name got revived and I like it within the ranks of this new family.”

“And what floats your boat?”

“Mike,” she said, glowing.

Everybody laughed.

“Okay, but what about Mike makes you light up like that?”

“Because of my looks, I’ve acquired a taste for being an attention slut. I make a good living as a model, and an even better living as an escort for rich and powerful men. I look good on money’s arm. That’s undoubtedly why Bat and I never could come to terms. He’s powerful within the community, but money was my god all throughout my earlier life. I’ve seen the world on the arms of tycoons. However, there comes a time when you know too many casino managers, maître Ds, concierges, media moguls, trust fund playboys, rock stars, producers and philandering misunderstood men on a first name basis. Eventually, a woman reverts back to her core drives and searches for the strongest, most virile specimen of manhood she can find, sells her soul to feel cherished, loved and protected and gives up the rat race of a beautiful woman. I believe I’ve found that in Mike. He makes me happy. I feel cherished and the love is growing. No one could doubt he’s more than capable of protecting me and just look at him. He’s a strong, intelligent, sophisticated, cultured and a virile man. He’s not gay, nor is he a psycho. He makes me laugh and I feel safe in his arms. I’m experienced, he’s experienced, and he can do anything he wants to me. Can you in all good conscience imagine a better partner? I can’t, and he wants me. Not Hialeah Hilyf. So, to answer your question, I’m a bisexual submissive, in need of the Dominant I’ve just recently found. Nuff said?”

Nodding, Carmen said, “Nuff said. Now, Pete. You’re next.”

Still a little shy, Pete said, “I’m basically their chef. I’m new to all this BDSM stuff, but when Sam hired Dulcinea her proximity was arousing. She’s so beautiful. Even though I’ve known what goes on around here since I was hired, and accepted it because Sam was, no is such a good boss, I was alone in the kitchen, which is my passion. When Sam threw the two of us together, I tried flirting with Dulcinea when we first met but she surprised me when she said, ‘why don’t you just tie me up and have your way with me’. This shocked me, but I was too infatuated to say no. For a while she taught me what to do to her, and with encouragement I asked Bat for help. The way he teaches, things began to make sense. It’s important to know, as he says, who does what to whom, when, where, why and how. I’m still learning, so I really don’t know for sure what about this genre I like. I like tying up Dulcinea, and she seems to like what I do to her. I can’t imagine submitting to her, so I guess I’m a newbie Dominant. I like bondage, and spanking her is fun, oh, and putting nipple clamps on her makes her squirm in a delightful way. We haven’t tried whips or anything like that, but Dulcinea says she wouldn’t mind me experimenting on her. I’m still a little hesitant. I don’t want to hurt her, but Bat says he’ll teach me how to beat the snot out of her and make her come back for more. He’s a good teacher, so I guess I’ll just be patient and wait. Is that good enough?”

“Thank you, Pete, that’s what I wanted for my files. Now, Dulcinea? What about how you like to play?”

“Please call me Cin. I think Pete calls me Dulcinea because he likes the way it sounds. I’m Cin to everyone else. My Pete is a natural dominant. If you could see him in his element, the kitchen, you would learn a respect for his exacting ways and meticulous attention to detail. He’s teaching me to be a chef, and the scope and span of his knowledge is breathtaking. I am in awe every day. My previous experience with BDSM was at best a veneer. I’ve been involved in it for years, but I was what Bat calls a Victoria Secrets dominatrix. I dressed up in the right clothes and looked the part but had no real clue what I was actually doing. Listening to my Pete dominate me in the kitchen all day and then later listening to Bat teach him about BDSM is mind blowing. I never knew how much I really didn’t know. Bat’s amazing, and so cool about building a house from the foundation up, well, I’m in awe of both of them. I was a Vicky Secrets dominatrix for years, but about three years ago or so another professional Dom came by the club I played in and taught me that I would be happier as a submissive. I floundered for a while after that because there was a dearth of good doms there. There were domineering men, much like me but no good dominants to submit to. Then this crew came along.”


“This wonderful family. Sam had rented a boat and wanted to make pirate videos. After they visited the club I played at, I recognized real talent and volunteered to model for them. For his own reason, Sam threw me in with my Pete to chop up and whip things, excuse the pun, in the galley of the boat. I easily recognized his natural dominance immediately and it was no longer a chore, but something I wanted to do. On the boat the other models and I were mostly naked, so I knew I aroused his interests and played on that to encourage him into kinkier things. Seeing us getting along so well, Sam offered me the chance to come back here to the ranch. Tired of my job and the club scene, I jumped at the chance. As my Pete began to teach me, I started to fall in love with him. No one can be around this family and not play. I saw the natural talent as I Topped him from the bottom and encouraged him to ask Bat for help. Bat is the same type of natural teacher as my Pete is, and Bat started to teach him. Things between my Pete and me have gotten much better since then. So, for your record, I identify as a heterosexual submissive, eager to explore the full range of BDSM with my partner.”

“Maddy, you’re the only one not partnered up. Why is that?”

Shuffling up in her hobble skirt, with a tray of drinks for all of us, Maddy said, “My husband’s a pig. He may be the Governor, but he’s a philandering dog going through secretaries, political supporters and whores at an alarming rate. Over a year ago, at their wedding, he fell in lust with the Lady Jane. At the time I was a dowdy, frumpy heiress that he used only to support his political agenda and his licentious ways. When he had the nerve to brag about how wonderful she was, my detectives got me a dossier on her and I arranged a meeting. The Lady Jane was nothing like I imagined. She explained that she was very married and her nonsexual involvement with the pig was a teasing power play to ensure his good graces. She went on to explain how with a decided effort I could transform into the type of woman that drew his attention. She had transformed and graciously explained, woman to woman, how to do what had worked for her. A year later, after a lot of hard exercise, eating healthier and some plastic surgery, I transformed. As these wonderful men around here call us, we’re now clones, in many ways, such as age, weight, height, shape and disposition. At a party I decided to leave The Governor. We are officially and legally separated now, and M’Lord High Rancher was kind enough to take me in to learn what the Lady Elizabeth calls sexy woman lessons. During our initial negotiations, the Lady Elizabeth identified a peculiarity in my demeanor. I responded to and actually got off on being degraded. Raised in luxury and spoiled as an only child, I got my way in life by using money and prestige to bully those around me. Being sexually degraded and used is shockingly satisfying. Being a member of this wonderful family, I am learning lessons in humanity. Observing them interact with each other is teaching me a sense of humility and appreciation for loving one another for who they are and not what they can do for me. I am not the queen bee around here. Far from it actually. My family’s money cannot compete with M’Lord High Rancher’s money, although it comes close. My constructed beauty is commonplace around here, and I am learning manners from the ground up. I am not abused, in any way, but my degradation comes in the form of exacting servitude. I am happy being their maid. Even though I offered to pay to be treated like this, I could never buy what this family gives me freely for my personal and spiritual growth. I’m sure that when they feel I’ve grown into it; a man or woman will be introduced for my continuing development. I identify as a bisexual submissive happily serving my masters and mistresses for their pleasure and my growth. M’Lord High Sheriff balances everything out. He keeps things real and meaningful.”

“Wow! That’s quite the story,” said Carmen with wide eyes. “Now I’m assuming that Bat is the High Sheriff. Is that correct?”

“Yes,” said Sam. “He’s our warrior-poet, the glue that keeps my wild eccentricities grounded, Beth humble, and Janey satisfied. He teaches Jimmy, Pete and even Frank how to be better at our chosen pastime, and he’s the chief rigger for our videos. He’s been my best friend since high school and he’s the closest thing to being a true brother that I could ever imagine. While you’re here we’ll show you some of the videos he did with Beth before we got married. They had real chemistry and produced scorching hot videos. His only fault is he doesn’t like horses.”

Again, everyone laughed.

“Bat? Comments?”

“Damn smelly beasts shit everywhere, draw flies, step on your feet and it takes a monumental effort to train them. I like dogs. Dogs slept beside us in the caves, hunted beside us, guarded us and made much better companions than horses. There are three dogs in here, quietly minding their own business until they sense danger and the horses are still out in the stables, where they belong. They...”

“Bat, honey, let it go,” said Beth smiling. “I think she was asking about how you fit in around here.”

“Okay. But they...”


“Okay, fine. Well, it’s no big secret. Sam and I get along so well because I don’t want his money. I have my pension and some small investments, and Janey makes good money as an author, and we don’t need much. Sam and I sit around, sipping bourbon and hatching nefarious plots and plans that sound entertaining to us and then we play with our friends and family all night long. I also do some government consulting stuff for Frank. Mike makes sure no one interferes. Pete, and now Cin feed us. Deirdre draws pretty pictures and paints portraits for us. Jimmy runs the everyday necessities for this entire ranch. Minxy was our seamstress for a while because we like to dress up and do cosplay. Bex looks pretty on Beth’s videos. Beth and Janey write novels and shoot softer videos directed more for women to enjoy and Maddy cleans up our messes. That’s about the size of life around here. I just do what’s necessary and pick up the slack.”

“I get the feeling that you do more than just hang out, drink bourbon all day and play bondage games all night.”

“No, That’s pretty much a typical day around here.”

“We’ll see. So, what time does everyone wake up around here,” Carmen asked?

“Deirdre, Maddy the kids and I wake up between five or five-thirty and go for a morning run. You’re more than welcome to join us. Janey and Jimmy get up about the same time, but Janey gets ready for the slave pits of old London town and Jimmy does, well, Jimmy stuff. Pete rises early to feed us, so I guess Cin gets up with him. Sam and Beth usually sleep in, although some mornings Beth wakes up to go writing about old London with Janey. Sometimes Janey and Beth go riding. I really don’t know about the others.”

“I’d like to go out with you,” said Mike looking at Bex.

“I’ll sleep in if you don’t mind. That sounds way too early for me.

Frank said, “Minxy will be a little tied up that early in the morning, and someone has to make sure she doesn’t slip the leash and go wandering off, so we’ll sleep in too.”

“Yes, I think I’d like to stretch my legs on an early morning run, and then if they’ll wait for me, I’d like to get up on a horse and go riding with Beth and Janey. That sounds like fun,” said Carmen.

“Well, set an alarm and meet us in the courtyard. We usually do a few miles, depending on the conditions. We’ll wait until six and then take off.”

“Bat, give Beth and I a beep on your way back and we’ll meet Carmen in the stables. Carmen, are you an experienced rider or a neophyte?”

“I haven’t been on a horse in years, but I used to ride a lot.”

“Just wanted some measure so I could pick out the right mount for you.”

“Well, Carmen, we’re heading back to the main house to go to bed, so if you’ll follow us, we’ll show you to your guest room. Good night everyone.”

Sam got up and Beth, Carmen, Frank, Minxy, Pete, Cin, Jimmy, Deirdre and Merlin all went over to the main house. Mike was sleeping with Bex in the guest room above the bar. Maddy started to clear the glasses but I told her that it could wait until the morning and to go to bed. She smiled, took her hobble skirt off and headed up. Mike and I swapped Bex stories for a while, thoroughly embarrassing her and then we all headed off to bed. Janey was anxious for some attention and got it. Tied for sleep she got well used.

Like many that had seen them, Carmen was amazed at the kids at play. Scared at first, I explained their daily ritual of fighting and she saw the logic behind it. They were toughening each other up and staying in shape. I likened it to martial artists sparring and she immediately understood. Mike laughed knowing what was going on.

She asked Mike, “How did you know they were playing. It looked plenty fierce to me.”

“No blood,” he said calmly, smiling. “One of them would have had their throat torn out if that had been a real fight. They were just sparring.”

While we ran, she asked about the diversity of play this family enjoyed.

“Maybe it’s time to get into fetishes,” I said. “Everyone has likes and dislikes about certain things involving their partners. True magic happens when two people share many of the same fetishes. You are familiar with fetishes, aren’t you Carmen?”

“Of course, but you have such a concise viewpoint, I’d like you to explain it from your point of view specific to this family of yours.”

“Okay, let’s start with Janey and me. Janey is very orally oriented. She’s a bit obsessed with fellatio. Like most men I like it, but Janey could live happily fellating me as often as I could generate swimmers and get hard again. I would consider that a shared fetish. Obviously, both of us share the fetish of bondage. Another fetish Janey has is high heels. She’s a self-proclaimed shoe whore. I like the extremes of high heels, so that’s another fetish we share. I also have a fetish for hosiery and pantyhose, which dovetails nicely with her shoe fetish. Since we’ve been together, we’ve discovered another fetish for cosplay. Janey dresses up almost every day in her 19th century librarian outfits to do her writing. We tie her body and legs and she and Beth type away, happily sharing that fetish. Sam has hired two seamstresses to keep up with our cosplay fetish since we discovered it, Minxy being one of them until she went off to live with Frank. We lost the first one to the jungles of LA. This cosplay is not limited to fantasy costumes. I like to see Janey dressed in a variety of erotically glamorous clothes and certain uniforms.”


“Yea, like a nun’s habit, her librarian outfits, typical secretarial clothes, steampunk and corsetry, saloon madams, and vinyl catsuits.”

“I see. Any other fetishes?”

“Janey likes to be kidnapped and ride around in the trunk of a car, or even tied and gagged in the front seat.”

“In the front seat? Aren’t you afraid of getting caught or even seen?”

“First off, although not approved of in certain circles, consensual play between adults is not illegal. Unless you are blatantly breaking other laws, the police have no reason to even pull you over. Secondly, when she rides in the front seat, we camouflage her bondage as much as possible. It’s very safe around here because there’s not a lot of traffic and the local constabulary have all of our license plate numbers and give us a certain latitude because of Sam’s largesse. These three dogs work with LPD when they need the extra help. They’re trained as drug and explosives sniffers, and we’re friends of the police. Speaking of that, they informed me that you are carrying drugs with you.”

Embarrassed, Carmen confessed, “I like to smoke some pot for my aches and pains occasionally. I hope you don’t mind. I’ll be discreet.”

“I don’t mind, but when my kids inform me of these things, I do like to check. You might invite the girls to share. They occasionally like to toke up.”

“You don’t?”

“No, Sam, Jimmy, Frank and I prefer our small batch bourbon. Mike likes tequila and I have no idea what Pete prefers. To each his own. I won’t allow the harder stuff like heroin or amphetamines, but hell, we all juice up on Janey’s energy shakes which are basically herbal based central nervous system stimulants. I have no problems with certain hallucinogens either, in limited doses. Others may, I don’t. I’ve thoroughly done my homework and as they say, everything in moderation.”

“You seem educated. What is your scholastic pedigree?”

“I’ve gone to several colleges, but never signed up for a particular discipline. I take classes that interest me. From the time I separated from the service I was always taking a class here and a class there. I’m big on sex-ed, anthropology, English, physiology and engineering, all of which can be applied to my fetishes and lifestyle. Again, all in limited doses. Nothing too in depth. I’m trained to be an EMT and first responder. I appreciate aspects of history and philosophy and I’ve taken most every one of the psychology courses that junior colleges offer. I would guess the correct label is to call me a Renaissance man. Oh, and I hold a 3rd degree black belt in Kenpo as a combat style.”

“What about the others and their fetishes?”

“I really think that you ought to ask them about their individual preferences. I could make observational guesses, but they know the secrets in their hearts. I’ve given you as much common knowledge as I could, so now it’s time for you to pry into their heads.”

“Deirdre, what kind of fetishes do you like?”

“My Sir James has decided ideas of how I should dress, and I truly love catering to his whims. When he sneaks in to watch me paint or sculpt, I want to be pretty for him. I adore it when he ties me up, and his fetish for exacting posing and posturing inspires me when I mold clay into statues. Other than that, we’re still exploring the variety of possibilities out there. Nothing set in stone as they say,” and she giggled.

“And your level of education?”

“I have a degree as a graphic artist with a minor in art history.”

“And Maddy? What gives you that special tingle?”

“A while ago, the family had me dance on a pole in their basement playroom, while they played. I’d taken pole dancing classes as a form of cardio-exercise while I was trimming off the excess fat and I like dancing of any kind. I like the attention I get when they stop their play for a few seconds to watch me gyrate around the pole. It’s sexy being watched. I guess in that way I’m an exhibitionist. I like being watched. Around the house they usually dress me up in corsets, hose, heels and hobble skirts. Being dressed like that is fun because they notice me. Even though I don’t get enough of it, I dream of being tied and gagged. I also adore being spanked. I’m not a ‘whip me till I scream masochist’, like Beth, but turning my butt a bright red with blotchy purple bruises makes me feel hot and appreciated. I love being of service and the role of being a maid is thrilling in its own way. Maybe when I earn a lover, I’ll get more of the special attention I desire, but for now, I’m happy with my place in this family.”

And your education level and pedigree?”

“I have a degree in Poli-sci, and a minor in sociology, specifically rural sociology. I was groomed to be the perfect wife for a Kentucky politician. My parents sold me off at an early age.”

“So, Mike? What kind of fetishes do you have?”

“I prefer a woman to look classically feminine. I get excited seeing a woman wear skirts and dresses, but pants, no matter how tailored or tight do nothing for me. They don’t offend me though. Shorts work because they show a lot of leg. Exaggerated femininity is infinitely preferable to the dour and more conservative fashions. High heels are nice but not a must have like Bat and Janey. Pin-up fashions go a long way to make me smile. I like to be creative with sexual sadism, using toys not common in a BDSM toy bag. And I have a fetish for sweet breath. Bex has the sweetest breath all the time. That’s a big turn-on. Oh, and small nipples that get excited easily get me going.”

“And your education level?”

“The Army, warfare and languages. One time when I was recuperating from a nasty wound, I had the time to take an online course in computer science and excelled. That’s part of how I got this job with Frank. I also speak Mandarin, Korean, Farsi and I can muddle my way through Indo-European languages, all courtesy of the Army. It helps that I have a good ear. If I switch jobs and come to work here, I’m going to become a Renaissance man like Bat. I think that’s the way to go. UofK is a top school and I could learn a lot there. This world needs more warrior-poets.”

“Thank you. This has been enlightening,” and we ran the rest of the way in relative silence.

I beeped the wives about twenty minutes out and Carmen stopped off at the stables and met up with Beth and Janey while the rest of us went in to clean up and eat. When they returned from riding Carmen started her individual interviews. Sam, Frank and I sat in the saloon sipping some Blanton’s. Mike was with us sipping tequila.

“When are the girls due to arrive,” asked Sam?

Frank replied, “About three hours from now but I could call the base and have them up the time schedule if you’d like.”

“Yea,” said Sam, “I feel like hearing young girls squeal, giggle and chatter. What about you Bat? Any ideas running through your head?”

“Yea, but they should be on tonight’s play agenda. I think we’ve been neglecting Maddy. Listening to her talk to Carmen she dropped some big hints. I have something interesting planned for her tonight.”

“Does your brain ever quit,” asked Mike?

“My brain will rest when I’m dead. Until then, have you thought about siccing Minxy on Bex, with Bex helplessly tied? That might prove entertaining.”

“And then swap them out to see who does the better job of making the other one squeal,” said Frank excitedly. “I like that idea.”

“That does sound like fun,” said Mike, raising his glass in a toast.

Sam looked up and proclaimed, “Let’s round-robin Beth and Janey into this mix. After watching them play with Minxy, I’ve wanted to get my nose full of the shared pheromones they throw off. I say we tie Bex up first, let the three of them go at her, then round-robin the rest of them the same way. What do you guys think?”

“Bat? Maybe spread eagled on the cage bed,” asked Frank?

“I’m thinking that there’s more skin to attack spread-eagled between two of the posts. I could tie the lucky victim just loosely enough to give her room to move and squirm but so she couldn’t really reciprocate until she was released.”

“You have your mission parameters my brother. This should be fun,” said Sam as Frank and Mike nodded their approval.

“And remember,” I said, “we will have an audience of nine neophytes eager to get in the mix.”

“Oh yea,” said Mike.

Frank added, “What about a little quick sensory deprivation for the lucky victim? What do you think?”

“I want to leave them ungagged though, for our entertainment,” I said, “But blindfolds and earplugs sounds doable.”

“Good idea my friend, with all the stationary cameras rolling. This just keeps getting better and better,” exclaimed Sam.

“Should we offer them toys to use,” asked Mike?

“It’s not like they won’t be surrounded by the arsenal already down there. We might want to discourage some of the heavier toys, like bullwhips, but I say let ‘em have fun,” I replied and got nods all around.

Four minds are better than one. Booze and machinations. Go figure.

About an hour later the Blackhawk landed and nine eager young women spilled out in cold weather gear. All had bags with them. My kids and I greeted them and ushered them into the dormitory the ranch hands used after showing them where my saloon was. They could shower and change in the dorm for the evening festivities. I found out with the rush we put on them coming out ahead of schedule that they’d missed lunch, so I called Pete and asked for him to do some of his magic. He said he’d perform his stage show out of my kitchen. All nine of them drinking on an empty stomach was not a good idea and being soldiers on a pass, they would be drinking. Especially with free booze.

Out of a special cooler I served them all their choices of beer for their meal of wagyu cheeseburgers and gourmet fries. This was much better fare than Army chow. To show off a lot of leg, each was wearing a short skirt, or short-shorts, pantyhose, and heels, all with a skimpy top. It’s not like they weren’t used to being naked in front of us. Most were wound up and chattering like schoolgirls. After their second round of beers I reminded them that if they were too drunk to play then I would limit them to being observers. With the hint of possible play, they settled down to a mild roar.

Coming in to find her next interview participant, Carmen was surprised to find our guests sitting around the tables eating and drinking.

“Are these women escorts, Sam?”

“Carmen, these are some lost souls we found at the nearest Army training facility. They had a pass waiting for them and all of them decided to spend their weekend with us here on the ranch. They are all in a special school for our government and therefore cannot be interviewed. They are not by any means incommunicado, but you can’t do a deep dive on any of them. Just treat them like students not in any of your classes, studies or projects. The names they will answer to are not even their real names and they are being observed and graded on their participation and interactions. Any questions?”

“With the reputation you have, are you sure they’re not high-end escorts here for your entertainment? Your very own harem?”

“No,” I said, “they’re just soldiers in our military. Select soldiers on a special assignment, but each took their oath like other soldiers and are doing their duty. This is a weekend pass for them, and you can imagine what soldiers will do on a pass, with a well-stocked bar, free booze and free food. You may make any assumptions you choose to make, but no one will confirm or deny anything they haven’t been told is acceptable. Understood?”

“If you say so, Bat. Frank, it’s your turn on the hot seat.”

Mike entertained them with anecdotes about his time in Delta and a couple of them were getting all gooey eyed until Bex came in and sat down very possessively on his lap. Realizing he was not there for their entertainment they’re adjusting their attitudes to fit the situation at the moment, and they started treating him like a brother soldier, instead of some savory hunk of prime rib to be devoured. He still wowed them with his exploits, but the chemistry was different with Bex playing with his chest hair, whispering in his ear, and smearing her tits on him. Hopefully, they were taking notes in their minds. Bex had years of experience entertaining and exciting men. One could call it her super-power.

One by one we went over into the basement of the main house to be personally interviewed by Carmen. She used all of her psychological wiles to dig into what we did and why we did it. She’d put together an interesting paper with all of this information on us.

After an Italian dinner of lasagna, angel hair pasta, wagyu meat balls in a meat sauce, garlic bread, green salads, and sorbets we headed down to my basement for some play.

I had Maddy strip down and put on a corset, with hose attached to the eight suspenders, a see thru matching bra and panties, five-inch heels and then with a wadding and Kerlix, I swaddled her head, sans wig, except for her eyes, much like a balaclava. Taking her over to a dancing pole, I pulled her hands on one side in front of her and tied them together with a wound twelve-inch hobble. This gave her limited access to her pole dancing abilities while still keeping her tied, loosely, to the pole.

Talking to the recruits I said, “Ladies, this woman likes to dance and get spanked. Let’s see if you can encourage her.”

With earbuds supplying her tunes Maddy started to dance, but you could tell it was lackluster at best, like a tired old whore on an afternoon shift at a backstreet strip club. She wanted to be inspired. Making Maddy stand up with her legs locked and bent over they took turns spanking her. Nine women spanking one butt got it bright red fairly quickly. The only break they took was when one of them got out some make-up and darkened up Maddy’s eyes to make them pop past the Kerlix. Using lipstick, they even drew lips on her gag. But just getting her butt red did not stop them from swatting this dancer whenever she slowed her gyrations. One of the nine always seemed to be behind Maddy on swatting detail. Some of them danced with her, forming a line of women shifting their hips from side to side, prancing, thrusting, grinding and gyrating for attention. Most of us stood around and watched.

Since the first time, Sam had had Jimmy stockpile stacks of ones so we could stuff nearly meaningless paper between her skimpy clothes and skin. It did add to the effect of enthusiastic excitement. Maddy was quite the ham and got deeply into her role as a pole dancer. Singles in her G-string thrilled her. It amused us to watch her kneel at the pole and count her treasures during breaks. The woman was a multi-millionaire, but the singles she earned dancing on a pole got her all giddy and delighted.

Carmen was with me setting up for the next show. I had stripped Bex down to a pair of five-inch cage sandals. I tied her spread eagled between two of the supporting posts in the basement with room to move but not enough slack to move too far. I made sure she had my suspension handles to hold onto. They lessened the overall strain on the wrists. Carmen had put one of her wireless sensor crowns on her head and snugged up the chin strap so it wouldn’t shift too much. While she did this, I plugged Bex’s ears with simple foam plugs. Next, I put a sleep mask over her eyes with make-up pads to help seal out the light and secured it in place with a single wrap of Kerlix. This also helped secure the electrode crown. After thinking about it, I tied a Hollywood cleave-gag between her teeth with no wadding. This would give her the feel of being gagged yet do nothing to alter her exclamations during this scene. Carmen checked her readings on her laptop, and we were ready to go. She got a base reading before I tied her and a just bound reading as Bex waited for her torment and attention. I gathered Janey, Beth and Minxy around and explained this game to them.

“We, the menfolk, your lords and masters want to be entertained, so we are going to round-robin all four of you in this game. Each one of you will eventually be tied just like Bex here. When it’s not your turn being the center of attention, the other three of you will do everything in your power to make the center of attention squeal, squirm and scream. And during this play, Carmen will be taking EEGs of each of you so we can map your pleasures centers. This is pretty self-explanatory. Any questions?”

Beth asked, “What’s fair game and what isn’t?”

“We discussed this, and decided that nothing too heavy, like bullwhips should be used, but anything else, in moderation of course should be fair game, as you say. Oh, and remember, paybacks are a bitch. Did I mention that this is a timed experiment, and at the end of round four we start all over again? That way you all get to return favors visited upon you, and this will in no way be the last time we play this game. We think this will be very entertaining.”

Old Scratch would have been tickled by the devilish gleams in their eyes. Bex let out a long moan as they started kissing her. It was a little hard to French kiss Bex with the strip of cloth in her mouth, but our girls found a way. Three sets of lips with dancing tongues going over her body got Bex squirming. Fingernails and fingertips tantalized what flesh wasn’t being kissed and/or licked. They quickly upped the ante to butterfly pinches trailing excitement like an artist’s brush. Before long, all three of them had short rubber string floggers in their hands and were making more noise than pain. Every inch of skin was targeted and while one knelt down in front of Bex and started to eat her out, all the while flogging her ass at the same time, one worked over her legs from her insteps up to her hips, while the other stayed up top to work over her tits, ribcage and back. At the twenty-minute mark I broke their fun up and after untying Bex, we switched everything over to Minxy, including the EEG crown.

For our part, we really didn’t care who did what to whom as long as squeals and soulful moans were elicited, and goose flesh appeared. We just sipped our drinks and enjoyed the show, occasionally watching Maddy dance.

With Minxy crowned, blindfolded, plugged, gagged and tied with her arms and legs stretched out I set the timer on my watch and said, “Go.”

Beth, the obvious leader of this ratpack let the others tantalize her for only a couple of minutes before one started to eat her pussy, one rimmed her sphincter while all three took her around the world as the third attacked her tits, nipples and neck. While they did this, they flogged Minxy anywhere they could reach from just below her neck to her ankles. Minxy went wild, cumming at least once from their ministrations and titillations. Her exclamations were very loud. Minxy’s twenty minutes went by quickly.

Janey was the next victim in the lineup. She giggled from the time Carmen fitted the electrode crown on her head until I pulled the cloth between her teeth. Then she fell quiet until she heard me say ‘Go’, which took an extra few minutes. In the meantime, the straw boss silently directed the other two to find abrasion play toys.

One put a vampire glove on her right hand and after inserting a chemical heat pack into its sleeve, she slipped her other hand in the fur mitt. One put on dragon claws over each finger and picked up some toothbrushes, one with stiff bristles and the other with soft bristles. The other one picked up a hundred count package of plastic clothes pins and lit a series of soy wax candles, so they had time to pool up some liquid wax. When they were ready, I said “Go.”

Candle wax was immediately splashed on her back. Not much had melted yet, but the shock was there. One tit got the vampire spikes while the other got the warm cozy fur mitt. Her legs were scored lengthwise with the dragon claws while clothespins pinched her flesh all over. More colored wax made interesting patterns while the vampire glove attached itself to her vulva while the fur mitt caressed her butt cheeks. Lines of clothespins got swept away with the sweep of an arm and Janey’s torments were targeted by her sister Beth. Again, her twenty minutes went by quickly but erotically.

Last but by no means least was Beth. Carmen crowned her and I sealed it on with the blindfold. I tied the flimsy rag between her teeth very tightly, pulling her jaws back in a horror-show grimace. While we did this the others scraped the wax off Janey and lit a series of wide, colored centerpiece candles made from paraffin that had been infused with hardening agents and scents to make them burn a little hotter. They also got out three latigo floggers when I made them put the knotted cat-of-nine-tails back. Minxy handed out thin flexible Delrin canes, paddles and then they were ready.

“Now remember ladies, Beth gets forty minutes due to the back to back twenties of the rotation, so don’t burn her out in the first five.”

Once I said ‘Go’, her friend was planning to be mean. She immediately switched Beth’s more conservative heels with 18cm ‘Dagger Heels’ and quickly tied them on. Then she moved straight into her crotch using her finger in her rectum, and her lips and tongue on her vulva to get her sister turned on. One of her tormentors started to flog her back and butt while the other one flogged everything she could reach on the front side, flogging around the one kneeling in front of her. Women always seem to know where another woman is most sensitive, and they uncannily target these areas during scenes like these. Beth moaned and writhed under their torments. This drew Sam’s interest and he almost got in their way a couple of times. Stinging swings caught Beth in very sensitive places. They couldn’t snap her with a single-tail, but you could snap the ends of a flogger in ways that left an interesting little weal. Doing this to her triceps and lower calves made Beth moan and dance, and dancing in her seven-inch heels caused its own pain. When they tired of flogging Beth, paddles were introduced and blotched up her thighs and butt. One continued to explore Beth’s privates while the other two began pouring hot candle wax on her hide. They immediately began to try and remove the wax with the scraping effect of impacting canes. This went on until the warm, soft mouth was replaced with a flogger, whipping Beth in her most sensitive place. This elicited a scream. As soon as she screamed, they all stopped their high impact torments and went to softer torments like artist’s brushes, soft caresses and the warm breath of her tormentors. Kisses were shared and the couple remaining minutes of her forty went by like aftercare.

Thoroughly wrung out from her session, her friends took Beth down and all four ended up in a kitten puddle in the middle of the floor. They took off the blindfold and the electrode crown, handing that back to Carmen. Each one needed this level of aftercare for their own healing. Everyone else let them be. We all went over and watched Maddy dance, shoving singles between her flesh and her clothes.


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