A Game for Some

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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© Copyright 2020 - Walt A.K.A. Xan - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f+; bond; gag; costume; rope; hogtie; toys; flogger; cons; X

All characters are fictitious and any similarities to any persons, living or dead are purely coincidental.

Continues from

Part 15

Beth was the first one to be drug off. This whole thing was exciting Sam and he wanted to do his wife in the worst way. Even though Deirdre’s arms were free and she was ungagged so she could calm a still slightly agitated young wolf, the others remained in their simple bondage. Jimmy took blocked scan-shots of the others as they sat there and squirmed. I gave Jimmy the sign to cut his filming and had a few words with Dulcinea to not look so enthused about her captivity. With her gag off, she reminded me that with this many women, there was a decent chance that one of them could be getting off on the kidnapping, and because we hadn’t physically abused them, yet, that her character was just adding flavor to the scene. I nodded, put her gag back in and then re-tied Deirdre, pulling Merlin out of the frame. He was calmer now. 

The other two nuzzled him as if to say, “We’re with you. No one’s going to hurt any of our mistresses. It’s okay buddy.” All three were way more intelligent that many gave them credit for being.

When Beth came back out, she looked well used. She was wearing a sequined miniskirt, midriff tank top, fishnet hosiery and she looked like a trashy streetwalker from the ghetto. As I tied her up again, I put black pumps on her and tied them on. Beth glared at me, but I just shrugged and motioned my head towards Sam. This time, for a more permanent gag, her mouth was packed with a wadding and gray tape was wound around and around her head from just under her nose to the tip of her chin. She snorted her derision.

One at a time, each of them got drug off and came back wearing trashy but sort of sexy clothes. Maddy came out in gold lamé bell bottom chaps, a sparkly midriff vest and a child’s cowgirl hat looped on under her chin. When I was retying her wrists and ankles, she also got a crotch-rope pulled up between her exposed pussy lips and the same type of gag as Beth wore.

Dulcinea came out in a few strips of Pleather imitating a leotard, held tightly around her body with thin straps forming a cargo net pattern. It looked exceptionally trashy considering it was in shiny red.

Delilah came out wearing very slutty looking thigh boots with a four-inch arch and four-inch platforms in shiny black vinyl. Her outfit was a simple set of shorts and midriff T-shirt, but all of the material was split everywhere, inch by inch to show a lot of skin. It was also very tight so these splits would stretch to show more skin. The whole outfit was in fuchsia pink.

Connie came out wearing a naughty nun’s outfit. Sure, it had the full veil hood and the white half-moon bib, but the rest of it was black vinyl. The hobble tight miniskirt over fishnet stockings was matched with the revealing macramé string bikini top and vinyl arm sleeves covering her arms.

In contrast, June was dressed in white crotchless pantyhose, a pink tutu and a long-sleeved, white scoop-necked leotard, along with actual ballet shoes. She was every bit of a ballerina. As she came in, she stood on her toes, pirouetted around to get her wrists tied, and stayed on her toes while I did.

Janey came out wearing a neon-yellow micro-mini tube dress that was made of a wide fishnet pattern. I thought it was a size too small for her. She had to really suppress her giggles as I tied her up because she kept falling out of this outfit with every wriggle. I’d tug the dress up over her nipples and she’d purposefully wag her tits at me which just exposed her tits again. As if they weren’t exposed enough through that fishnet. Finally, I just stood her up in her five-inch yellow pumps and swatted her ass. Pouting, she behaved as I gagged her. When my back was turned, she wagged her tits and it fell down again.

Being the last one to be drug off, Merlin went with Deirdre and Sam. When he brought her back in, she was wearing a see-thru light tan blouse and a black string tie. Her short flouncy-skirt was also the same denier weight of see-thru material. She also wore tan hosiery. Jimmy spent a lot of time focusing on her, using several minutes of video recording her stepping into her five-inch heels and then getting tied and gagged.

It was determined earlier that off screen, all of the women would make audio recordings of them getting abused and making noises of protest that we could layer onto some scenes to add a bit more realism to the video. After Jimmy videoed several minutes of the newly costumed women sitting there, bound and gagged in the main cabin, we released them for a break. They all put their deck shoes back on but left their basic costumes on, covering them with the robes they’d brought with them. Then we all went out to the deck on the stern.

Considering we were past the twelve-mile limit, four of the sailors put a nine-foot model of a tramp steamer into the water. Deirdre had repainted this one to look older and mostly dilapidated. The armorer had packed it with a series of low yield explosives, incendiaries and smoke bombs set to a phone detonator. He and Jimmy had conspired to make this a real Hollywood special effects project, wasting an exact model of a second one of these radio remote-controlled crafts to get the effects just right. Now, we were going to show the ladies what happened to the slavers that were going to pick them up for sale on the white-slavery markets of Africa. 

Jimmy recorded the sailors preparing this mock-up craft, putting it in the water and motoring it out to a realistic and safe distance from our yacht. Jimmy put the DSLR camera on a tripod, changed lenses, and the armorer manned the remote controls. At the right distance, Jimmy recorded several minutes of this RC craft motoring through the calm sea to rendezvous with us. Turning the craft to a more broadside view, we all stood there with our binoculars and watched as the armorer dialed the number and hit send.

Our model started to explode with small sections of the craft blowing up in sequence from M-80 sized charges. Fires from the incendiaries started on deck and dark smoke billowed through the miniature portholes. Finally, the whole center of the craft blew up and the pieces sank quickly below the waves. Jimmy kept filming until all the smoke had dissipated and then gave the signal. We all cheered, clapping to show our approval of the masterful job the armorer did. Everyone patted him on the back, smiling. Sam handed him an envelope with cash in it and asked if that was enough. The sailor nodded and started to divvy it up amongst his fellow crewmen for their assistance. Jimmy automatically stored the SD card and put a new one in the camera, swapping lenses again and stowing the tripod for other scenes.

While we waited on dinner, we started making some of the audio recordings of each woman being abused by the rapacious ways of Sam the pirate, as he dressed them up for the slavers. We were trying to make it sound like he had raped all eight women, one right after another. It was a video after all, and we were suspending disbelief. Being the same age as my friend, I knew the limitations of our sexual proclivities. Our libidos may say yes, but the body rarely agreed. Jimmy would eventually video Beth getting well used, but the others would just be sound effects for the video. Janey and Deirdre thought this was a delightful and very amusing plotline subterfuge. 

After dinner, while Pete was feeding the sailors, the ladies shed their robes, put their heels back on and Jimmy started to video me hogtying them in the main cabin. He got good footage of each of them helpless and wriggling. Once they were all hogtied on the couches and tabletops, Sam had some lines about who he was going to sell them to now. Playing the antagonist, I quietly suggested that we just throw them overboard and feed the sharks circling the boat, but the pirate Sam told me he could find another buyer. We might not get as much, but it was better than drowning them. They did have their uses. I agreed, and while I was tying and mauling Janey, I informed him that I wanted this one to use until we sold her off. Jimmy had to shoot that scene over again, because Janey giggled when I said I wanted her. She was incorrigible. 

I untied Janey’s legs, pushed her back to our cabin and Jimmy videoed her getting ravaged by me in her yellow net dress and her yellow heels. She was still arm and torso bound and heavily gagged, but she seemed to be getting off on the whole roleplay scenario. For the video, Sam drug off Beth again to be ravaged. Leaving an arm bound and gagged Janey in our cabin, I went out to release the hogtied captives for the night. Jimmy took the camera and his lovely captive Deirdre back to his cabin, and the others all started to share a bottle of wine. I gave Maddy specific dispensation to join them.

I didn’t know it until later, but Connie and Delilah visited the off-duty crewmen and sated some of their lust that had been building in them all day by the way they’d been treated. Obviously, no sailor, even the married ones, objected to some free and guiltless strange. Some may have wanted some of the other women, but never pushed the issue. They understood the proprieties.

Pete went out of his way with a magnificent breakfast for all of us, frying up eggs to order, with French toast, Belgian waffles, maple bacon and maple sausage patties. We were used to this, but Pete was spoiling the crew. I’m constantly surprised that all of us aren’t spherical from weight gain.

To rest their full bellies, the eight captives got tied on the stern deck to the railings, in all but two of the deck chairs or just hogtied on the deck. Connie, Delilah, Dulcinea and Maddy were naked, except for their high heels and crotch-ropes, and the others were near naked in bikinis that barely covered them. They too wore heels. 

Janey and Maddy were tied back to back because their bodies were so much alike. Their hands were tied in front of them and anchored to their ankles. Their ankles were crossed and tied, tying them into the Indian position. Their upper arms were tied to each other and interconnected chest harnesses kept them close together. June was hogtied and her arms and ankles were stretched up in a suspension hogtie. Delilah and Dulcinea were tied to a table, hogtied head to knee, meaning one of their neck’s was tied to the other one’s knees and vice versa. Connie was tied with her arms around a railing stanchion and each ankle up in the air, tied off to the stanchions on each side of her. I tied her body to the stanchion to make the position a little easier to maintain. Deirdre was tied kneeling on a chair, facing the back and Beth was simply hogtied on the side of pirate Sam’s deck chair. All of the women were gagged with large waddings and four-inch micropore wrapped around and around their heads.

Beth was grumpy, because hers’ and Janey’s were the only heels that were tied on. Sam snickered. I smiled. Jimmy focused on them, which made Beth glare all the harder over her gag. If she didn’t subconsciously let them slip off of her feet, we wouldn’t have to do this to her. When Jimmy was trading the used SD card for a fresh one, Sam told Beth he didn’t want to see her $700 Louboutin pumps slide off the deck and into the ocean because she didn’t want to keep her heels on her feet. Everyone else, except for Janey and Deirdre had cheaper heels on, and Janey just liked having her heels tied on her feet.

Jimmy did close-ups of each woman struggling while the pirate Sam and I sat back and sipped our bourbon. He paid particular attention to Connie, who was literally dripping onto the deck because she was so excited. To add to it, she got her nipples pinched with clover clamps. When she came, she quite literally squirted all over the deck, and the lens of Jimmy’s camera. Deirdre was a little jealous but got over it quickly enough when Jimmy petted her, and not Connie. Sam and I went over to stick a finger in the fluid, making sure it was a viscous lubricant and not just pee. It was definitely direct discharge.

When the sun got a little hotter, and the women started to pink up, we took them back into the cabin. We untied all of them so they could have a break, rehydrate and use the facilities. Connie and Delilah used this time to go up and flirt with the crew, promising as many encounters as they could. All the men were accommodating and anxious for their amorous rendezvouses. 

Jimmy wanted to finish the audio recordings, so Janey and I slipped into our cabin to make a little noise of our own. We found out later that Sam and Beth did something similar. Jimmy would come and find the next recording artist when he was ready for her. Until then, Maddy went in and played sous chef for Pete for tonight’s Mexican dinner. Surprisingly, Dulcinea joined her and they all chatted about life on the ranch while they diced up tomatoes and chives, and shredded the chicken, lettuce and cheese. Pete was deep frying the taco bowls, frying up the beef, baking pies and preparing his special green sauce. Deirdre was playing with the young wolves below decks. June was up by herself, soaking in the hot tub. Being out of shape, the strappado hogtie had been a little tough on her. 

A couple of the sailors tried to chat her up, but after thanking them for their interest, she explained that she was happily married and was just doing this for the money. They, and the other sailors left her alone for the rest of the cruise. They had to give it a shot but understood that no meant no for everyone and accepted that. Even if it might be sloppy seconds, they were going to get laid tonight anyway, by the other two.

That night we docked in Miami. After we enjoyed Pete’s Mexican dinner, we all went out dancing, even Pete. All of the women spent the next day in a spa getting pampered. Jimmy and the armorer picked up some extra 5.56 ammo, and peripherals that we might need from the Marine base. The Marines also transferred two weapon’s cases from IWI to us. One held four full auto Tavor X-95’s and the other held additional magazines and optics. They were naturally suspicious, but when a sitting Senator tells their Commander to jump, Marines salute first and then jump while still saluting. While everyone else did this, Sam and I sat back on the boat and sipped bourbon, hatching plans for our high sea’s excursions. That was our job, and we were dedicated to doing it well. At the moment, I was busy researching El Yunque National Forest in Puerto Rico, the only tropical rainforest in the park’s service. We had the idea of dragging our captives through a rainforest to sell them off to drug lords. 

When they got back all shiny and happy, it was time to start abusing them again. All eight of our women seemed more than willing enough. Sam brought out some toys and we got started. 

On the table in the cabin, naked except for heels, Connie and Delilah got connected pussy to pussy with one of those long double-headed didoes. One leg was positioned over her partners and I tied them that way with an ankle tied off to the other one’s wrist bonds and their other ankle tied off to a corner of the table. With their arms tied over their heads they squirmed around, grinding and humping that dildo while Jimmy got many minutes of footage of them moaning into their gags. Nipple clamps were added to both and all of us, including them, found this very entertaining. They really got into this position.

After a while we released them to go up and entertain the crew. Both of them were more than ready for this type of fun. Maddy and Dulcinea were the next two to get tied and connected in this way. They put on just as good of a show as the other two and Jimmy recorded it all. Beforehand we had decided not to do this to June and Deirdre. Both of them were frog tied and squirming around on the sofas, moaning heavily into their gags.

When their performance was done, I tied both Maddy and Dulcinea to the easy chairs in the cabin, allowing them to recline in their helplessness and watch what was happening next.

Janey and Beth started humping the freshly cleaned double-headed dildo as soon as they inserted it and got it situated. Already gagged, they screamed out their arousal as they humped the monster between their legs. Tying them seemed a bit superfluous but this was a video of pirates abusing their prey, so I tied them very securely and then Sam and I picked up short fluffer floggers and started to whip them into a frenzy.

These floggers had wide but very light-weight tails and were more noise makers than instruments of pain and discipline. Even Janey liked these. I’d used them on her before to make her writhe. They only stung for a couple of seconds, but the noise made the recipient pay attention. Sam’s was a little stiffer, but then again, Beth was a masochist. This ‘horrible’ abuse just made them hump that dildo even more vigorously. Jimmy caught it all.

When he wasn’t whipping or otherwise tormenting his wife, Sam was stomping around the cabin, waving his little cutlass and making terribly suggestive threats for their sheer intimidation value. Sometimes he pulled the trigger on a three-foot snake whip he carried which always made everyone but Beth and Dulcinea cringe. It made them look hungry. He was such a ham.

Janey, Beth, Sam and I went up on deck and soaked in the hot tub as we watched the millions of stars in this clear dark night. Beth, a little tipsy from the rattlesnakes I was pouring them wanted to be a bound figurehead, or as they sometimes called them a maidenhead for this yacht. Sam and I put our glasses of bourbon aside to smile approval at this idea. Janey decided that this was a great idea and wanted her turn on the bow too. Janey was a dyed-in-the-wool follower, especially when she’d been drinking. Like I’d described her before, Janey was a cute and happy drunk, and rattlesnakes agreed with her. Not wanting to disturb the Engineer, in case it was his turn to be getting some, we decided we could wait until the morning to check the feasibility of this project. I had some ideas, but not being a structural engineer, I ignored them until I could get some consensual validation.

We talked over going to Puerto Rico with our women, stating that being a US Territory it might be safer and easier to deal with than the Bahamas or any of the other countries around there. Besides, even though we told everyone to bring them, we weren’t sure if they all had their passports with them. We didn’t need a passport to get onto Puerto Rico, and it was beautiful this time of year.

After Pete’s morning feast, we took our ladies below deck and tied them naked, gagged and barefoot in the cargo hold. There was just enough room for them to sit down along the central walkway. Naturally, all of them had their wrists and arms tied behind them. Not super tight, but tight enough to keep them from escaping. Toe ties, ropes around their bundled legs keeping them from standing and continuous neck leashes were the rigor of the morning and after we turned the lights out, Jimmy got some low-light footage with little more than one low wattage emergency light at the far end illuminating our captives. The camera lens he was using was able to do sub-1-lux recordings, so this would be a good special effect for our video. Squirming women tied and gagged in the near dark of the cargo hold was just what this video needed. Leaving them there for longer than they expected, Jimmy made sure that he got audio recordings of their sniveling whimpers and muffled pleas for mercy. 

“You know, if we really wanted to scare them, we should’ve gotten recordings of rats scurrying across the floor and played it for them while they were down there in the dark,” said Sam.

Snickering, I said, “Now that’s just mean.”

While Jimmy watched over them, being as quiet as possible, Sam and I went up and discussed our options with the engineer to post our women as figureheads on the bow of this yacht. He didn’t have the necessary materials but said that at our next port of call he could probably find what we’d need. Sam told him to go ahead and draw up his plans and then get what he needed when he had the chance.

We released the women in plenty of time for lunch and then decided to whip them into shape. With winches out of the question, I used the stanchions on the upper deck to anchor the ropes I’d need. I strung up Deirdre, June and Janey first. Using a version of the fluffer flogger with longer tails, I made a lot of noise flaying the hydes off these three. In reality, I barely got their skin pink before my arm started to give out, but it looked good for the recording.

When the captain came down to check to see if we were abusing these women, I threw him the fluffer flogger. He examined it, slapped his hand with it a few times, rolled his eyes and went back to the top deck laughing.

“This is a video, and it’s not like we’d use knotted rope dipped in sea water,” I called after him. He waved, continuing to laugh.

While I released these three and started to string up the next three, Maddy, Delilah and Connie, Sam loosened up the heavier deerskin flogger. They would feel this one, especially with Sam’s arm behind it, but they were more used to SM than the first three and we could be a little harsher with these three with a clear conscience. Besides, you couldn’t really hurt someone with a deerskin flogger. Sam beat them well for this recording and then I released them and strung up the real masochists.

While I was, Beth commented over her shoulder, “You know, if you wanted to try that wet, knotted rope flogger, you could twist my arm if you needed a willing victim.”

This came from a real masochist. 

For this next beating, Sam switched to a heavier latigo flogger. He knew what his wife liked, and Dulcinea had been making, ‘I like it rough’ noises since we picked her up in Charleston. Now, we would see just how much she could take. Sam twinned his impacts, giving each of them identical marks on their backs and butts. Both women writhed and both seemed to definitely be enjoying themselves. This just invigorated Sam’s arm. Dulcinea’s whitish blonde hair just flew back and forth as she got beat. She was undoubtedly enjoying this way too much. Beth was by far the most intense masochist of the two of them, but Dulcinea took a whooping and kept on smiling. Once I took them down, Sam immediately drug Beth off to their cabin, leaving me and Janey to give some measure of aftercare to Dulcinea.

“Bat,” asked Dulcinea. “I’ll write it up if I have to, all proper like, but I’d like to petition you all for a position on Sam’s ranch as a domestic servant. I’ve searched my soul, and I need to be adopted by a BDSM family in the worst way. I’ll obey anyone I have to and be as good as I can be, but there’s no one I’ve found in South Carolina that can scratch the itch I need scratched like you and Sam. There’s a lot of good people there, but too many remember me as a dominatrix, and even the ones that want to Top me always give off that switch vibe when I’m with them. It’s hard sometimes to find dominants that won’t switch, like you and Sam. I need that in my life. I would never want to get between you and Janey, or Beth and Sam, but I need solid, unrelenting domination in my life. Please? Maddy tells me that you don’t use her, sexually, but that she feels the constant aura of domination around her all the time on the ranch. I want that so badly. I’d do all your jewelry work for you, and, …”

“Jewelry work? What do you mean?”

“For a steady paycheck, I’m a secretary-receptionist for a small jewelry store run by a friend of mine. She’s been teaching me the jeweler’s craft since I started with her eleven years ago and I’m now a fair amateur jeweler in my own right, being the equivalent of a journeywoman in the trade. I could repair and maintain all of the jewelry on the ranch, and even design and make some pieces for y’all if you asked me to.”

“I’ll bring it up to the family and let you know no later than when we drop you off back in Charleston. Do you have any other talents?”

“I was born and raised to be a traditional domestic woman. I cook, clean, and I can even sew a little. I’d make a good domestic. I have a bachelor’s degree in business. I’m healthy and fit. I love your bondage and I am, as you can see a masochist. I now adore and need the submissive lifestyle. I’ll do anything you need me to do from mucking out horse stalls to being a bartender in your saloon-slash-living room. I’ll be good. Just give me a chance, please?”

“If you’re going to take my sis, I want to come too,” said Delilah. “I can be good too, and I’ve never felt unconditional acceptance from anyone like I have from this family. Even now that I’m all woman, it’s tough finding acceptance, especially from the clans at ESCAPE, who knew me before my transformation.” 

“And what are your secret talents, dear,” asked Janey?

“I’m a commercial photographer. I work for a fine arts studio in Charleston, doing catalog photography for these new online clothes businesses. I’m getting a little bored with it though. I would love to transition into videos, especially BDSM and fetish videos like what you’re doing. I think a woman’s perspective on what men like to jerk-off to would be refreshing in the industry, and I do have a unique perspective from both sides of the fence.”

“Jimmy,” I called?

“Bat, in all reality, I am a bit overwhelmed playing photographer for you guys. I don’t mind it, but there are times I get a little behind in my other work. And truth be known, I would like to spend more time with Deirdre.”

“That’s something I can understand and get behind. She’s such a sweetheart, all warm, loving and delightfully submissive. I think you two deserve more time together. I’ll talk to Sam. Did we bring any Pappy with us?”

“Yes, but just one bottle.”

Pete stuck his head out and said, “I brought two extras. Just in case.”

“Love that man,” I said, laughing.

He took our orders for our steak dinners and then went back into his galley. Looking at Dulcinea, I got an idea.

“Dulcinea, go in and help Pete. He deserves a sous chef.”

“Yes sir. I can do that,” and she left smiling.

“Husband, this is shaping up into one of the great Bat plans. I can see your wheels just a grinding away between those handsome ears.”

Snuggling up all close, she whispered what she believed I was working out in my mind, and when she moved back, I grabbed her and kissed her.

“You’re getting to know me my wonderful wife. That’s exactly what I was thinking. I love you.”

“And you husband. This’ll work you know. I’ll help with Sam and Beth.”

“I don’t think it’s going to be a hard sell.”

“What’s going to be a hard sell,” asked Sam as he and Beth joined us.

“Jimmy,” I said, “the Pappy. It’s family meeting time. Ladies, would you excuse us. Sam, Beth, Janey, Jimmy, Deirdre and I have to put our heads together. You’re done until after dinner. Thank you.”

After I explained it all to Sam and Beth, his first comment was, “Janey, dear, you and Beth have got to teach them how to suck dick, correctly. I don’t want anymore shark-mouth incidents like Maddy. Any objections from anybody? Beth?”

She shook her head and smiled.

“Jimmy? Deirdre?”

Both of them gave him a thumbs up sign.

“Okay then. We have two new ranch hands. Jimmy, go in and get Pete and break out the Pappy.”

When Pete popped his head out, Sam said, “Buddy, I just hired you a sous chef. Teach her well. You’re her new boss. Okay?”

“Yes sir. Thank you. That will help, a lot. You’re a good man, Sam,” and he went back in.

“I guess it’s a good thing we still have that doublewide,” and he laughed.

“You do realize that neither one of them asked for what you were going to pay them, right,” I said sipping some Pappy?

“Bat, you know my Sammy has never been a piker,” said Beth.

“I’m not worried about it. I figure Dulcinea will work for room and board, plus the occasional abuse from one or both of us, and Delilah will want to start her own BDSM website. We do have that big-box studio, so something equitable will come out of all of this. Pete will most probably enjoy working beside Dulcinea, and who knows what close proximity will bring about down the road? Maybe we can encourage her to be a mainstay model for Delilah’s new website. She is definitely pretty enough. I’ve known uglier models that made a fortune with various riggers. Being an exclusive would give her a certain mystique.”

“And I suppose you’ll want to be the rigger for this new venture.”

“Actually no. First off, that would cut into our time with our authors, playing villains for their stories. Then, it would also cut into our bourbon drinking time. Then there’s our other activities, so no, maybe occasionally I’ll do some guest rigging just to keep my name out there, but it will be much less than you might think.”

Janey hugged me, tightly and whispered lewd suggestions in my ear.

“So, what is Delilah going to do for riggers? I don’t want a revolving door on my front gate.”

“We’ll work on that. I don’t have a good answer for now, but I’m sure we can find a way around this. Maybe we can fly in a model or two ‘and’ a guest rigger, transport them to the ranch in a blacked-out van, let them do a shoot and take them out the same way. I do know a lot of riggers.”

Beth looked at both of us and shaking her head said, “I’m beginning to think that your encephalitic fluid has been replaced with that bourbon you two are constantly drinking. Just buy an old farm with a fair amount of acreage around it for privacy, fence it in, post ‘No Trespassing’ signs everywhere, remodel the inside into a studio, and let that be the home for Delilah’s website. Riggers and models can fly in, do their shoots and no one will be able to connect it with us. We can either tell or for that matter show the authorities this isn’t a raunchy porn site. I can sweet talk Sheriff Gatsby into just about anything, so that’s covered, and with confidentiality agreements signed beforehand, it’ll all work out. Simple.”

“And that’s why I love her. Sound good Bat?”

“Works for me. Janey?”

“We don’t have to go too far for a good rigger. Sam, your arm’s around a woman that would make a good Top and a better rigger. What do you say Sis? Husband’s paid you that compliment many times and an all-girl site would make it unique.” Changing into her British accent, Janey said, “The ‘wankers’ will just be all over this idea.”

“I think you have something there, Sis. Filmed by, rigged by, and produced by women would be a good selling and branding point.”

“I could help,” said Deirdre, excitedly chiming in.

“We were already counting on your help sweety,” said Beth. “You and Janey are the producers.”

“Smashing,” she said enthusiastically, pumping her little fists around.

“And none of this would cut into our bourbon consumption,” I said, smirking. “Sam and I need time to come up with good ideas like this.”

“I’m glad to see that you’re taking credit for this,” and Beth launched herself from beside Sam, tackled me out of my lounger and kissed me as we landed on the deck. Everyone laughed.

For the next two days I coached Beth as she did elaborate ties on each one of the ladies individually. We actually hid Beth, Janey, Maddy and Deirdre behind white masks and clear plastic masks that we had onboard. No sense in giving away who was actually behind this. Delilah manned the camera and Deirdre handed Beth rope and gagging material, getting into her producer role. Delilah got many SD cards full of bondage scenes to start off her new website. We hadn’t settled on a name for it yet, figuring we could add that in when the girls decided on a name they liked, a logo and fonts for the credits. 

For the few times I felt it was necessary to coach Beth, I used a Bluetooth system so I could speak directly into her ear and no one would know I was helping. Beth had been tied up so many times in her life she knew where the ropes were supposed to go, and the look she wanted for her bondage creations. Basically, I coached her on things like tightness, when she got a bit too enthusiastic, or lazy and especially on what was overkill. It was easy to wrap too many ropes around a model. Beth learned quickly, and most of the time Sam and I just sat back and sipped our bourbon, watching. Unfortunately, we didn’t have many decent costumes for this adventure. Maybe we could pick some things up in San Juan, when we docked in Puerto Rico.

June didn’t want to participate in videos that were going to be published, citing the ‘Gramma, is this you’ eventuality, even if she didn’t even have kids of her own yet. She was alright with Sam’s pirate video because that was purely private, but even though all the paperwork was on file, she wouldn’t work or sit for this new adventure. Finally, Janey got her to look at pictures of herself wearing a full plate-gag harness, blindfold and one of the wigs we had onboard. Seeing that this made her quite unrecognizable, she signed the proper forms, using a stage name for secrecy, and did several videos as the helplessly masked ballerina, wearing her tights and tutu. Jimmy said he could obfuscate her real name in any deep search of the website records. He was the official custodian after all. June didn’t do any nudes, just bondage, and that was alright with everyone involved.

Connie was a different story all together. Under Beth’s prompting and direction, she told everyone why she liked BDSM, and everything about BDSM that she wanted to have done to her. These weren’t scenario or storyline videos, these were real life confession videos, about a BDSM enthusiast getting to express herself. 

We were naturally taking advantage of having her and June available on this cruise, and Connie spent a lot of time in bondage. Not only did she get tied up and gagged a lot, she got physically abused. Connie got her butt spanked by Beth while she was tied, usually wriggling around and begging for more. She got her tits mauled and used while she was tied and gagged. She even got her crotch-roped pussy flogged while she was spread eagled upside down on one of the sofas. She got vibed until she was screaming, and then she happily got her pussy-flogged again as she came over and over again from the attention. In each scene, under the prompting of our ladies, she told the audience how hot all this got her and what she wanted in the next video. She was really selling this all-girl adventure. 

I was thinking that if we had a stable of studs on the ranch to keep a nympho like this satisfied, we’d have to hire her too. She was already satisfying the crew of sailors on this yacht, so I was figuring half a dozen studs just for her would be about right. I had to quit thinking about this before I got us all in trouble by trying to figure out a way to make this work. But if they were all riggers, - - - no, no, quit thinking about this, I told myself. Just quit.

Caught up in the project, Connie was talking to Beth as she tied Connie’s toes and feet together.

“If only I could get a man I like to tie me up like this. Sometimes it seems all they want to do is tie my hands behind my back, cross and tie my ankles, gag me so I can’t make suggestions to them, pull my panties down and fuck me. Now, I like to get laid by a man I choose as much as the next girl, but I also like having every little part of me tied up and then given enough time to wriggle and writhe around just to feel how the ropes hold me helplessly tight. Do these men even realize that I can have hundreds and hundreds of feet of lovely rope wrapped, cinched and knotted around this body and still be taken from behind, doggie style. I love rope, and I would love to find a man that knows how to tie me right, and then use me as the bondage slut that I am.”

“No, honey. There are a lot of horny men that like to tie women up. It makes them feel like they’re in control, but there’s only a few real bondsmen out there. I used to sub for one, but he’s not here now. Now, let's get those elbows together sweety. I want to see just how much rope I can wind around those lovely arms of yours.”

This gave me the idea for a series of videos featuring Beth’s memories of some of our old efforts. I figured we could splice in clips from what I used to do to Beth, when she was Dianna, as she tied these newer models in the same way. I’d talk to her and Delilah about it later. I thought there was a lot of potential in this series, not to mention a triumphant return of the Bart and Dianna show. I was busy daydreaming as Sam poured me some bourbon.

“A nickel-ninety-eight for your thoughts?”

After telling him that one day I was going to charge him the full six cents, I told him of my ideas. Sam got all excited. He knew as well as I did that Beth and I had done some really erotic stuff and casting me as the ghost of her memories, the ghost that got away, would really add a special touch to her rigging. Sam called Jimmy over and we started laying our plans. Of course, we would need more bourbon for this. Jimmy brought Pappy to join our sit-down.

Jimmy told us that with the mixing board he had back at the ranch, that he could do voice over on the old video clips like I was a ghost talking to Dianna and then overlay those enhanced clips onto the new videos. This was exactly what I wanted to have happen, and all three of us got excited about this new project. Jimmy said that he could teach me how to do all sorts of special effects using this mixing board. I couldn’t wait to get started. Now all we had to do was convince Beth and Delilah that our grand idea could dovetail into her plans for her new website. 

We all wanted to promote a woman’s view to BDSM videos, and we felt that this might be a fun addition. We certainly weren’t going to try and turn this into a testosterone fueled typical bondage website. There were enough of those already. We wanted something like those new women-oriented porn sites showing human sexuality from a woman’s point of view. We just wanted this to be a real BDSM site.

Just about then Janey came in, made a blender full of margaritas for the women and took it and some glasses out to them. To our surprise, she came back in and cuddled under my arm.

“I heard some of what you masterminds were talking about. May I join you? I have some input from the players out on the back deck.”

“You know you are always welcome. What’s on your mind,” I asked?

Out of nowhere, she hit us with a sucker punch.

“Considering this is a female run and oriented website, what are you going to do when they want to start tying up men?”

Sam fuzzed up and said with a distinct tone to his voice, “Considering I’m putting up the money for the farm, the fence and the renovations, I’ll just lock Delilah out. Beth knows exactly how I feel about submissive males and if she insists on trying to be some kind of a fem-dom rigger, I’ll just divorce her ass and disown her until she begs to come crawling back on her knees.”

“Oh, Sam,” said Janey, “you know you love her too much to divorce her. Punishment seems a bit futile on a masochist like her, so what will you do?”

“I’ll lock six-inch heels on her and make her stand in them from dawn until well into the evening, - - - I’ll, I’ll, …”

“Calm down Sam. We all know that that’s just bluster. You don’t want to cripple the woman you love,” Janey said.

“Janey, we’ve talked about this before. Beth knows I have very strong opinions about submissive males. They have their place, and I accept that, but I don’t want any, and I mean any of my money supporting that type of thing. I can barely stand to watch them at play parties in dungeon clubs. That’s why I was so comfortable at the Lair, in LA. Conquest was a male-dom/sub-fem party we went to. None of that sniveling ‘mistress, will you dress me up like a girl and spank me’ shit. I don’t like it and I won’t tolerate it anywhere around me or mine. And don’t you get any ideas either, young lady.”

Janey looked at me and I simply pointed and replied, “What he said.”

“Well,” she said a bit huffy, “it’s clear now where you two stand.”

“Three,” said Jimmy. “Of the ones I know, I’ve never met one I could trust. Work with and tolerate, yes, but trust, no. They’ll sell you out for a lover’s smile and feel no guilt in doing so. I’m with the boss. Sorry Janey.”

“Ladies, would you join me in here please,” called out Janey?

Janey was already cuddled up under my arm. Deirdre knelt by Jimmy with her head on his knee. Maddy knelt between Deirdre and Sam. Beth plopped down right besides Sam on the sofa and snuggled in close. Delilah got Dulcinea out of the galley and then sat down in one of the EZ chairs. Connie crawled onto her lap and June took the other chair. Naked except for her apron and deck shoes, Dulcinea leaned against the door jamb to the inner sections of the boat, playing with a dish towel. 

“Ladies,” stated Janey, “I’ve just been told what we can and cannot do.”

“You mean about the website, right, Sis?”

“Yes. It seems we’re married to gender bigots, who cannot appreciate or tolerate the full spectrum of BDSM.”

“Stop right there,” I said. “I may not be the wordsmith that you are, but let’s paint a picture with the true colors of my feelings and intentions. Like my friends, I can barely tolerate submissive males. Everyone has their own little niche within the BDSM communities, and I support that. I just cannot support certain aspects of the full spectrum of BDSM activities where I live and play. Janey, you brought up tying up submissive males on this new website, and to me that is a waste of time, effort and good rope. I for one will not tolerate my slave producing any part of that. Janey, that collar, and that brand I marked you with, consensually, makes you my slave, and I really don’t care whether you think it’s fair or not, you may not be a part of that level of hypocrisy. If you want to be released from service and divorced, we can talk about that, but as of this moment, this is an absolute edict from your master. You will not touch a submissive male, play any sorts of BDSM games with one or support, in any way, anything that does, especially this new website. Understand?”

Sam looked at Beth and reiterated, “What he said.”

Jimmy looked down at Deirdre and said, “I agree with them. Doing that is intolerable and it would nullify all the trust I have in you.”

Deirdre looked like Jimmy had just slapped her and began shaking her head. Then she broke out in tears and buried her face in her arms that were leaning against his knee. 

“Janey,” I said, “you didn’t answer me. Do you fully understand my edict and all of its ramifications?”

“Yes, Master, I understand.”

“You’re not happy about this though, are you?”

“A slave finds happiness in odd places. A slave must obey. She does not have to agree with her master, she just has to obey him. I am obeying, but you’re right, I’m not happy.”

“Well, here’s another edict. Get over it.”

“And what if she doesn’t?” demanded Beth.

“That’s between my slave and me.”

“No, I want to know now. What will you do…”

Sam grabbed her by the back of the neck and shoved her onto the floor, face first at his feet, holding her there by force while she screeched for release. When she finally calmed down, Sam released his grip on her neck. Beth started to get up and when her face came up, Sam slapped her and shoved her back down until she got the message to stay there.

“And you may have been my slave/wife for decades, but I have not released you, which makes you my slave, still, until I release you, which I haven’t, yet. We entered into this relationship agreeing full well on who was the boss, and which one of us obeyed the other one. Remember your place, ‘my’ slave. You do ‘not’ tell my friend Bat what he will and won’t do with ‘his’ slave/wife. I will not tolerate you even trying. You are way overstepping your boundaries. Now apologize to him.”

“I’m sorry Bat,” she whimpered.

“Both of you,” said Sam, “asked to be, agreed to be and have lived happily up until this point as our ‘slaves’. Both of us love you two enough to respect your opinions and we try to show you love and respect, as long as you two act like the slaves we signed up to marry. Pissing us off by even thinking of bringing submissive males into the mix is ‘not’ something we think our slaves should do.

“Now, as they say in my neck of the woods, ‘Let’s get to the hog killing’. Delilah, you seem like a nice enough woman, but despite what they may have told you, we have our limitations. I support the idea of you starting a website owned, manned and produced by women. I find that very admirable. However, I will put no money into any website that isn’t completely sub/fem. If you want to tie up and dominate males, have fun. You will do that ‘all’ on your own. I have no problem wasting large amounts of money. That’s what it’s there for, to have fun with it. Supporting a website that dominates males ‘is not fun’, in any way, shape or form. Period. If you want to keep that type of heresy off of your website, I will buy a farm house, fence it in to keep the nosy people out, help you remodel the inside into some type of studio, buy the necessary equipment and even use my influence to smooth things over with the law and judicial system to keep them from shutting you down. Start up money is not an issue. 

“Now here’s the flip side. The first submissive male that crosses your gate, no that’s wrong, ‘my’ gate, and I will close you down, lock the doors and the gate, take out all of the equipment that I footed the bill for, and notify the sheriff that you are running a porn site catering to children. And, I will sue you for breach of contract, and win, because I keep an entire firm of lawyers on retainer to do what I tell them to do, and they’re good lawyers too. You won’t be able to get a job at a flea market taking pictures, because you’ll have a pedophile collar on your record. My kind of money can make that happen. So, technically, considering I bought them, and did not just give them to you, all of the SD cards you’ve already used are mine, so you have nothing but memories. That’s my camera and you don’t have any leverage with me. Yes, I am that big of an asshole. So, are you going to go out and start a fully functional, pan-sexual, full spectrum BDSM website, all on your own, or are we going to hash out a contract that suits me and my needs? Your choice. Let me know. You have until we dock in San Juan to decide. I’m angry enough to just catch a flight back to Kentucky and let the crew of sailors take all of you back to South Carolina. Dulcinea, you’re on the fence and will have to decide. Delilah, or us.”

“If it’s all the same to you Sam, I choose you guys. My friend Delilah’s nice and all, but she can’t offer me what I want, so if it’s alright, and you’ll have me, I’ll fly back to Kentucky with you guys. I want and need a BDSM family, and Delilah cannot give that to me. So, I choose you.”

“I’m sure Pete will be pleased. You’re adopted. You should go back with them to South Carolina and pack up your household. I’ll have Jimmy arrange for a mover to haul it west, to us, and you can drive your car out. That sound okay with you?”

I don’t really have much more than clothes and a few nick-knacks. I could fit everything in a small U-Haul trailer and just tow my stuff out. Could I stay with you guys and fly back to Carolina? I’d feel better if I could. Please?”

“Sure. I’m going to stay in Puerto Rico for a couple of days anyway, and then fly back. I want to go take a couple of days in El Yunque Forest. My pirate ambitions have been put on hold for now, but that forest should be beautiful, and I want the diversion.”

Delilah decided to stick to her guns and do her website all on her own so she could have full control of its content. We all just shrugged. 

Janey was still being a bit too huffy and self-righteous for me, so when she scraped her teeth along my dick during our nightly blowjob, I kicked her out of our cabin, telling her to sleep on one of the sofas in the main cabin. Handing her a robe, a blanket and her purse she looked puzzled until I literally shoved her out and locked the door behind her. I heard her crying and sobbing on the other side of the door like I had beat her. Apparently, Beth was too helplessly tied to go and render aid. Deirdre was too. Maddy came out of her cabin and slept out on the sofa with her for moral support, but it was just not enough. It was reported that Janey cried all night, and she looked it in the morning when we docked in San Juan. Pete and his new sous chef made everyone eggs, hash browns and bacon, and then he packed up his stuff, left what was left of the wagyu for the crew and got ready to go back with us.

The crew refueled the boat, took on supplies and then left immediately with the three remaining women to go back to South Carolina. Once they would be dropped off, Captain Williams would take the boat back to the Marshals Service for us and then report to their next duty assignment. He thanked Sam and me for a fun tour of duty and then motored out of port.

Sam, Beth, Janey, Jimmy, Deirdre, Maddy, Dulcinea, Pete, the three young wolves and I all took a two-day overnight excursion into El Yunque, from one of the tour guides who was paid handsomely for herding us through the tropical rainforest. We dove off cliffs into the river, played on some all-natural water-slides, ate fruit right off the trees, hiked all over and just had a grand time. We saw all sorts of wildly colored bugs, birds and lizards and took SD card after SD card of photos and short videos. It seemed like Jimmy was constantly changing cards and/or batteries in the camera.

Once back in San Juan, we indulged in the tourist industry, spent two days and one night as tourists and then Sam leased us a jet to fly home in. Sam, who always contributed to the local crafters, sent several boxes of trinkets and souvenirs back to the ranch. We’d had fun, spent tourist money and didn’t get into trouble, so we knew that Puerto Rico would be on our list of places to return to one day.

However, while we were on our vacation, neither Janey or Beth got tied, or played with or even touched sexually. Neither one of them had apologized for upsetting us and personally, I’d be damned if I rewarded them before I got one.


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