A Game for Some

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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© Copyright 2020 - Walt A.K.A. Xan - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; M+/f+; bond; rope; costume; roleplay; latex; maid; gag; club; cons; X

All characters are fictitious and any similarities to any persons, living or dead are purely coincidental.

Continues from

Part 14

Minxy stayed on the ranch while the two PR firms got their ducks in a row and their facts straight, and then they went to work. Frank had to go back to Capitol Hill but as soon as his immediate work was done, he flew back to the bluegrass of Kentucky. When Frank and Minxy flew back to DC the PR firm’s first article on Minxy, ‘A 2020 view of the Donna Reed for the new Millennium’ was just the tip of the iceberg for the two of them. Positive press articles followed her all across DC. Minxy eventually appeared on TV shows and they were photographed together in many of the DC hotspots. She’d redone her wardrobe and made enough of Frank’s suits so that he could regularly brag about wearing a ‘Minxy original’ for the cameras, always looking sharp, crisp and fashionable. Reporters documented how domestic she was around Frank’s home and it just snowballed from there. She sported a beautiful engagement ring and America revised its thinking. I thought the deal was sealed when Trump wore a ‘Minxy original’ suit, but when Melania was talking about the Minxy original she was wearing, the press went wild and America’s new sweetheart shone brightly. 

I went to Camp Anunnaki on a regular basis, but to everyone’s surprise, once their clearances passed muster, we took Janey and Beth with us. Their insight that first night, just looking at how each candidate posed on the cars was more than priceless. The candidates learned as much from our women as they did from Sam and me. Learning the ‘whys’ made all the difference. The girls told them ‘why’ this worked and ‘why’ that didn’t. It didn’t hurt that our women were bald too, especially when the recruits learned why we were. Even the coldest heart can be thawed by an unexpected act of kindness to kids.

Except for her morning runs with Janey, Deirdre, me and the young wolves, Maddy was getting used to wearing long hobble skirts with a four-inch gait. Stairs were a bit much, but to save time, she learned to just sit down and scoot down, or up, stairs. To my surprise, Maddy was turning into a productive maid for the household. As she eased a lot of Carlotta’s burden, they were becoming fast friends and we regularly found Maddy in the dungeon learning as much as she could about everything down there. She was now officially separated from the Governor and was happily living over the saloon in Minxy’s old room. She kept our house spotless, and our gear and costumes in order.

Things around the ranch were getting back to a more even keel. When they weren’t with us teaching the recruits, our ladies went back to getting tied to their chairs and writing their novels. When we weren’t role-playing our parts as their nemeses, Sam and I were sipping good Kentucky bourbon and quietly hatching plans for things that we thought were amusing. Deirdre was busy and constantly sketching us and/or painting another portrait. Her portrait of Sam and me all kicked back and sipping bourbon on the patio was truly inspired. It captured our industrious lassitude perfectly. Sam hung it in his basement. 

We, Sam, Jimmy and myself got into a habit of taking our ladies out dancing with us to that dinner club I’d taken Janey to. The large number of men that wanted to cut in and take Janey for a spin around the dance floor was almost embarrassing. Of course, who could blame them with Janey, who was all curves, smiles and giggles, as she floated across the floor in five-inch heels. Janey always wore enticing gowns and just glowed from the attention. To our amusement, a couple of the men even tried to entice her away from me, offering her anything she wanted, except for what she really wanted.

After careful consideration, I began to suspect the men just wanted to feel the corsets she always wore under their hand as they did laps with her around the ballroom. Janey’s tits, hips and corseted waist was a big hit.

On other nights we were working our way through the closets and racks of clothes and costumes for our cosplay that the womenfolk had collected. We enhanced, added to, or just added a second chapter to many of the videos that Beth and I did years ago. For a few we just substituted Janey for Beth’s character. This was all done out in the big-box studio we had, and our collection of new videos was growing steadily. Unfortunately, many of them looked like pornos but we were having fun, not going for awards. Our second adventure into heresy and sacrilege practically guaranteed us a front row seat in hell. I’ll tell you more about that one later. 

For now, Sam was planning a major production about pirates capturing prominent ladies from southern ports of call. 

One day out of the blue he said, “I want to be a pirate and steal the Governor’s daughter and wife away for our dastardly and rapacious ways. You with me? I can find an extra eye patch.”

How could anyone say ‘no’ to an offer like that. Over some Angel’s Envy we hatched our plans, which just kept growing and growing with, “Well, if we’re going to do that, we really should do, …”.

As soon as the Beaver Moon started to wane again, we’d already taken a weekend trip into Savannah to photograph and video our women looking like southern belles in front of plantation mansions that Sam had rented for backdrops. Sam arranged to have an SPD patrol car there when we performed each of our ‘kidnappings’ so that no one got too righteous. People watched from behind the scenes as our damsels promenaded down the sidewalks and then had large sacks thrown over their heads that went down over their arms and tits. A couple of quick loops of rope and with them thrown over our shoulders, we scurried out of the frame. As someone yelled “Cut”, we released them. Sometimes we did the same shot a couple of times just so we got different angles.

We looked the part, with costumes, cameras, lights, props and believable scripts in hand. Sam also hired a local film crew to do the superficial video work. They knew just the right settings, made the arrangements with the owners and set everything up for us, including a local catering service. Sam didn’t mind. He wanted a professional looking production. We fired off black powder reproductions in the streets and did it up bigtime. Even with a vest on under my gentleman’s costume, that big wad of red wax that hit me square in the pecs still left a mark. Janey, mothering me afterwards more than made up for it though. We did a low light kidnapping at dusk in front of one of the big mansions in Savannah for Janey, and then two more in front of different plantation mansions, grabbing Maddy in one and Beth and her daughter Deirdre in the second. We had to shoot that scene a few times, because every time Jimmy grabbed Deirdre, she giggled and squealed which did not fit the kidnapping theme. Finally, I had to be the one to kidnap her because she enjoyed it too much when Jimmy did it. 

For our fourth scene that night we got several minutes of all seven of us in a rowboat. Sam playing the pirate captain stood in the bow with one foot propped up looking like that portrait of Washington crossing the Delaware. Right behind him, wearing thick white cleave gags, and half-inch hemp rope wrapped around them from just under their tits to their hips were our four captives. Beth, Janey Maddy and Deirdre played their parts, looking scared, squirming and mewling for help, while Jimmy and I rowed the boat.

They had smoke machines out there putting a misty fog on the water and yellow tinted spotlights from the front and the back that matched the yellow light of our torches amidships, to show off the captured ladies. Sam was paying for the best.

To get the right pirate vessel, Sam had Jimmy scour the coastal areas for Brigantines. We finally found one for rent by the week which was just about right for our private shooting schedule. We found it in Charleston, S.C., but unfortunately, it wouldn’t be available until the beginning of the week. We laid our plans out for the film crew and took the weekend off. 

Jimmy, being his efficient self, found us a dungeon to visit and play in for Saturday night. On that Friday afternoon, we went to meet and visit with the owner and proprietor of this hidden gem. Ashley L. Tarew, a man in his 60’s met us in a private room of one of the better restaurants. He was a bit portly at 5’10” and close to 250 pounds, but his demeanor was pleasant, and his manners spoke of genuine southern charm. He and Sam really hit it off well after Sam offered him a bottle of Blanton’s small batch sipping bourbon. 

Ashley told us all about his club, which was named E.S.C.A.P.E., or Esoteric South Carolina Adult Power Exchange. He used his tablet to show us brag shots of the interior of his club, showing us each of his 40-plus stations for play. That seemed a bit crowded to me until he told us that the playroom floor was over 7,000sq.ft. and there was a recently added lounge and kitchen area of another 2,450sq.ft. connected to the main building. He told us that at one time it had been a processing plant for chickens and asked us not to reiterate the obvious jokes. He seemed very proud of his upgraded winches that were electric motor driven winches with the sound effects of ratcheted hand cranked winches. I thought the idea and application was novel. He finished his presentation telling us that there would be an educational demo on wax play the next day, then a barbeque, and the play party would start at around 8pm. All of us smiled.

Extolling the virtues of soy wax for wax play but giving the audience a thorough and well researched education about the melting temperatures of different types of wax and wax infused with other ingredients for color, scent and hardness proved enlightening. His wife/model got very enthusiastic about wax splashing on hose covered legs. This was obviously something she favored, because she liked the effect on her legs. In his demo, he said that he used a therapeutic hand-dip pan used to relieve arthritis to measure the wax temperatures. 

Sam got an idea from this for wax play with Beth and told Jimmy to research it out and get the equipment for the ramped-up play he wanted to do.

Buying enough of her candles for a good waxing scene tonight, Sam refrained from buying out her entire stock to give the other members of ESCAPE something to play with. He liked supporting home-crafted kink, but not at the expense of other players. 

Before everyone disbanded to attend the barbeque, Sam got up on stage and made a pitch to the audience.

“I notice that many of you ladies are enthused about your BDSM, just by your turnout. My name is Sam and my friends and I are creating a private movie for my personal archives. Although my beautiful slave/wife has done some bondage videos in the past, under the name of Dianna Prinsse, this one will never be published. My extended family of lifestylers has recently gotten into cosplay, with a serious BDSM bent, and with my money we’ve gotten very elaborate with our new video productions. Again, none of my videos will ever be published. If you hire on as an extra you will not be able to get a copy of this video for your home library. Sorry.

“We are here to do a pirate production about kidnapping the prominent ladies of Savannah and Charleston, and to add flavor to this production, I am looking for extras. To be an extra in my production, you will be required to be dressed in rags, chained or tied hand and foot and be in the background for our main characters. Now, I could hire professional models, but I would rather give you a little extra spending money by hiring you. The problem with hiring professional models is that they look like professional models. I want women that can look disheveled easily, without three hours in a make-up chair. 

“Now, I’m offering $2,000 dollars, US, per day, $3,000 for nudity, paid in cash, daily, after the shoot for you to be bound as background for our scenes. This offer is unlimited, and you can sign up for one day or all six that we will be renting the ship for. This is not a cash for sex or any impropriety deal. My offer is just for being bound or chained up in the background. We will naturally offer amenities and this production will be catered. If you’re interested, this is my major domo and good friend Jimmy. He will answer any and all of your questions and sign you up if you’re interested. Thank you for listening to me.” 

Carrying extra clothes with us was a good idea considering that some of us wore the BBQ ribs we all enjoyed. I won’t mention any names, but her initials are ‘Janey’. Anyway, I thought Janey looked really hot in a long pink T-shirt, pantyhose, rope belt and six-inch two-strap heels. Not being very careful, Janey giggled every time a dollop of BBQ-sauce landed on her braless tits. Wagging them at me for my amusement, she made jokes about this being a different form of low-temp wax play. I loved her playfulness. I thought about licking the sauce off of those tits, but with the red glitter spelling out ‘Rope Slut’ on each side of the deep ‘V’ of her T-shirt, I decided to just occasionally gnaw on her neck. Janey squirmed and giggled as those watching approved of our loving interactions. Even pinching her nipples got my fingers sticky with BBQ sauce, and when I looked at them, they had red glitter all over them.

Driving back to our Hotel, we cleaned up and changed for a night of different dungeon delights. Beth wore an easy-on/easy-off halter neck sheath gown, naturally slit up the side, corset, seamed hosiery and four-inch heels. 

Deirdre wore another schoolgirl outfit, consisting of a white blouse, tie, school vest and jacket, with a very short pleated flouncy skirt. She seemed to like wearing similar get-ups and Jimmy smiled when she did, so that put his seal of approval on it. Pantyhose, white ankle socks and Mary Janes with a five-inch heel always set off her outfits to their best advantage. 

With the girls helping, Maddy squeezed into a rubber maid’s outfit. The black LBD was knee length, almost hobble tight, long-sleeved and high-necked. She wore a full rubber helmet, open at the mouth and eyes that were heavily made-up, a rubber four-inch posture collar and boots with a five-inch stiletto heel. Her white apron was a thin latex as were her forearm-length cleaning gloves. Of course, she wore pantyhose and a tightly laced corset under her LBD and a white silicone ball-gag hung around her neck like a necklace. Her mission for the night was to be the packhorse for our gear.

Janey wore a backless cocktail dress of black gauze with wine-colored lace appliques. It had a deep, wide ‘V’ neckline and the hem came to the middle of her thighs. She looked so hot. Five-inch wine colored cage sandals over black pantyhose and long wine-colored gloves completed this outfit.

We had all read the rules and signed the appropriate consent forms earlier in the day so as soon as we got into the playroom Maddy started handing me rope. I did a fairly elaborate arm and torso tie on Janey who giggled the whole time I was tying her. A giggling Janey meant a happy Janey. With a rope leash around her neck, she eagerly followed me around as I observed the others getting ready for play.

It wasn’t long before Ashley came up to Janey and me with four women in tow. All of them looked a little embarrassed but all four were smiling and each one of them carried a couple of hundred feet of rope with them.

“By the artful job you’ve done here to tie up your wife Janey, I am assuming that you’re the rigger of this extended family, right Bart?”

“Please, I go by Bat now, but yes, I am the family rigger for most of our more elaborate bondage situations.”

“These ladies heard your friends offer, and they’d like to audition you to see if they like being tied up by you. Would you be willing to tie each of them up to let them experience your craft? That is, with your wife’s consent and approval, of course.”

“Go ahead Husband. You know I have no objection to you tying up other women in front of me. I love watching you practice your ‘craft’. Do the blonde first. She’s the most anxious. Then do the transgender woman behind her.”

“Would you like me to untie Janey while you get to work, Bat?”

“No, Janey loves long endurance bondage. When I tie a woman, I use my skills to make sure she doesn’t have to be immediately released. I do not believe in quick ins and outs for bondage. If they code, that’s one thing, but until they do, or I get bored, they can stay tied up for my amusement.”

“Then it’s not all about their satisfaction,” he asked?

“No, it’s for ‘our’ amusement. I like to tie, touch and watch them wriggle in my bonds. Hopefully, they get more out of it than an experience.”

During the next hour, after getting verbal consent and after quick safety negotiations I tied these four women up plus two more that showed up for my audition. I tied each of them identically to how I had tied Janey, with elaborate but easy to maintain torso and arm bondage. Each of them wriggled and squirmed, but they all commented to Janey how comfortable this was and that they wanted more. After getting more rope from Ashley’s supplies, I tied each of them on their knees, with wide wraps of rope all along their bundled legs, expertly cinched and holding their ankles up against their thighs. Then, with Ashley’s help, I hoisted and suspended them from the central beam in this kneeling position and got them all swinging like kids on a swing set at a playground. Naturally I included Janey, and with her, all seven women squealed, laughed and giggled like young girls enjoying recess in the park.

Once I started to take them down, two of them didn’t want to be untied, claiming they were very comfortable and liked endurance bondage like Janey did. The three of them knelt there on the floor, chatting, while I untied and thanked the others. Maddy made sure that all three had something to drink and watched over them. Jimmy showed up to sign all four of the others up for being extras on our production, giving them specific instructions on the who, what, when and where he needed them to be on Monday. While Jimmy signed up Janey’s new friends too, I made sure that Maddy would stick close and watch them all. She draped light blankets around the shoulders of all three and they just knelt there, helplessly bound and happily chatting away like it was a Sunday book club meeting. I went into the kitchen to get something cold to drink and with that in hand, I went to go find Sam and Beth.

Sam was happily beating a strung-up Beth, but as I rested and watched it looked odd. He was only beating certain parts of his wife and then moving to other parts without finishing his earlier beating. Ashley came up behind me and tried to explain.

About three years ago, some people from a very exclusive Male/Dom – sub/fem BDSM society came by and played here. They called this a ‘harlequin’ beating and it’s only done to different halves of the bottom.

“Different halves,” I asked incredulously?

“Okay, think of it this way. Your friend started out by waxing just half of his wife’s scalp. Then he slapped her cheek on the other side. Switching sides again, he did a heavy vampire-like gnawing on the other side of her neck, leaving a nice mark. He’s only attacking one side of her body at a time, leaving the other side hungry for sensations. Extend this to a full body mauling, which he’s in the middle of now and you have a harlequin. Think of her body like a chess board. He’s only attacking the black squares, and the white squares are hungry for sensation. These people from this BDSM society taught us this, and now it’s a staple in my club. The bottoms all seem to love it.

Clued in now, I could see what he was doing to Beth. She loved sensation play involving pain and I figured this would be right up her alley. She looked happy and for that matter, Sam looked focused and determined. I watched for a while and then knowing that Janey was being watched over by maid Maddy, I wandered around watching some of the other passion plays in progress. 

After walking up on a type of scene that disgusted me, I left the area quickly and went back to where I’d left Janey and her new friends. Sometimes a scene, in polar opposition to how you play, just rubs you the wrong way. It’s their consensual choice, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Some people just don’t get that openly displaying contempt is just rude, however there’s not a damned thing that says you have to stay and watch it. 

When I got back to Janey it was like I’d never gone. All three were kneeling, facing each other and gabbing away like they’d been friends for decades and being bound like this was the most normal thing in the world. I started to untie their legs so they could get up and stretch, but both Delilah and Dulcinea pleaded with me to stay arm and torso bound. Janey gave me the high sign, so I agreed. The five of us retired to the lounge area, and then after she bundled up my loose ropes, I released Maddy so she could go watch scenes and enjoy herself. She was being a good girl and deserved a break. She was under strict orders not to play, but she could watch.

I discouraged a couple of male attendees from trying to wait on ‘Mistress Cin’. I can understand and tolerate submissive males to a certain degree, but I don’t want them practicing their kink around me. Besides, Dulcinea was bound, and in a submissive role, which in my mind negated any male waiting on her, just to be close to her. I told them this offended me and that if they didn’t leave immediately that I would notify the dungeon monitors of their rude behavior. Pouting like little bitches, they left. 

“I apologize Sir Bat,” she said. “I used to play at being one of the house dominatrixes in this club, until someone showed me that I was really a submissive,” and she sniveled a little. “I don’t come to parties all that often anymore, and many of those that I used to session still believe that I’ll switch back to my old ways just for them. It’s been so long that I don’t think I could even Top them if I wanted to. Topping just has no more thrill for me. I’ve done some real soul-searching in the last three years and I’m happier in the submissive role, although I don’t get near enough good playtime in as I would like. That’s why I wanted to stay bound like this. Your ropes feel so wonderful that I’d like to just luxuriate in them while I can. Janey is being so gracious allowing me to share this with the two of you. Thank you both so much.”

“That goes for me too,” said Delilah. “So few have your skills with rope. Thank you. I’m loving this.”

“Dulcinea, there seems to be a good percentage of dominant men here. Couldn’t one of them scratch that itch for you?”

“Several have called and arranged a proper date with me where I could submit. I just can’t find any chemistry with any of them. They just weren’t him. They didn’t have his touch.”

“Husband, according to these two, if we moved here, you could have your choice of women,” said Janey, suppressing a giggle.

“I already have my choice of women. I chose you.”

“Thank you, Husband. And that, ladies, is one of the reasons why I love him. Like all men, he has his faults, but I wouldn’t trade him in on any five men from this club. Husband makes me happy.”

“If you get this on a regular basis, I am so envious of you,” said Dulcinea.

“A ‘very’ regular basis. Other than when he was in the hospital, I’ve felt his ropes on me every day since we decided to play together. Husband likes tying me up.”

“I want one,” said Delilah. Looking back and forth, Dulcinea just broke up crying. Janey motioned with her head and I put my arm around the sobbing woman, pulling her close and trying to comfort her.

“Husband, about three years ago a man came to this club and turned Dulcinea’s world upside down. He completely disregarded her claims of being a dominatrix and proved to her how much she enjoyed submitting to a man with skills. He was from this very exclusive private estate that catered to the elite of the BDSM world. He promised to do a background check on her, and if she passed, he told her that he’d come back and enslave her for his own. It’s been three years and he hasn’t come back, yet. She’s still pining for him. She says your ropes feel like his did.”

“I think I know of this estate. Was it by any chance AH Estates?”

Springing to life, Dulcinea almost jumped out of her skin.

“You know who they are and even more important, do you know where they are,” inquired Dulcinea?

“My friend was offered an invitation to join them a couple of years ago. The lifestyle seemed idyllic, but he couldn’t justify ponying up the admittance fee for something he already had on his ranch. Sam leads his own idyllic lifestyle now, and he never felt the need to hobnob with the gentry. He has or buys everything he wants or needs now. That’s one of the reasons we’re here. He wanted to make a pirate video starring his wife and his close friends and here we are. He may still have their contact information. I’ll ask him for you, and we’ll inquire why you failed your background check. Okay?”

“Thank you, thank you. I will be forever in your debt. This has been eating at me, and although I can accept being rejected, it’s not knowing why that’s affecting me. Closure would be nice.”

“I’ll see what I can do. Now, if we’re all rested and rehydrated, let’s rejoin the party. I want to talk to Beth about this harlequin scene.”

I tied a rope collar and leash to all three women, and we went to go find Sam and Beth. On the way back in we passed Jimmy and Deirdre coming into the lounge. Jimmy looked very pleased with himself and Deirdre had the look of hyper-focused love in her eyes as she stared at her lover. They were so lost in one another we just nodded and went our separate ways.

Finding us before we found them, Beth looked at me and said, “Touch me. Put your hands all over my body. Maul me like you used to. Janey, I’d have you do the same thing, but you’re a bit tied up at the moment. This feels so good I want everyone to touch me, but only the ones I trust will get to. Touch me. My body is on fire. This is so wonderful.”

While I began to maul my ex’s body, Sam untied Janey and soon six hands were making our friend writhe, squirm and giggle. Anyone could tell by her reactions which part was hyper-sensitized and which quadrant was hungry for sensations. This form of aftercare was exactly what Beth wanted and needed. I hadn’t seen her this turned on in a long time.

“So, this is what a harlequin does to you? You’re going to have to do this to her again Sam, so I can take notes. Who knows, Janey may even be interested in one?”

“Oh sister, even you’d love this. Every nerve in your body would be lit up, and it feels so marvelous after the pain subsides. I highly recommend this as a step into the world of SM.”

Janey looked very excited but didn’t say a word as she helped Beth peel the wax off of her scalp and put her wig back on. While they communed in their own way, I pulled Sam off to the side and explained a little about what we had discussed in the breakroom.

“While we’re here, let’s go find Ashley and see what we can come up with? I’m wondering if he has the same contact information that I have.”

When the two of them compared numbers on their phones, they both had the same number, which we knew was just an answering service, but Ashley had a Duke Grandville as a personal contact and Sam had a Jackson McMal as his personal contact. Sam told me that Jackson was on two of the boards of directors for different companies that he owned, so he figured that contacting him would prove more fruitful than Mr. Grandville. Ashley told us that he had tried to contact Mr. Grandville twice before about this but hadn’t gotten anything more than a polite brush-off. Sam figured that he might do better with his contact. We thanked Ashley and went back to find the girls still talking about how marvelous Beth felt. 

Maddy found us and got in on the grope-a-Beth-fest. She went off to find Jimmy and Deirdre and they joined the aftercare which was turning into its own little scene right there in the dungeon. Apparently, having multiple people touch, grope and tantalize a recipient of a harlequin was not a common sight. The members were used to harlequin scenes, but this just took it to a different level. Beth’s enjoyment was unmistakable, and many took note.

 Delilah and Dulcinea just looked envious, until I started to untie them and then they looked disappointed. Maddy collected our gear and after thanking Ashley for his hospitality we left, telling several of them that we’d see them Monday morning on the docks.

Sunday, the girls spent the day as a spa day. Maddy needed a facial after wearing a rubber mask all the night before and the other three just wanted the pampering. Shiatsu, mud baths, facials, mani’s and pedi’s along with everything else were what they wanted and needed. 

I took all three kids out for a run and a romp at a dog park. While we were jogging, we were stopped by a pair of policemen that started to cite me for their leash law. I had to explain to them that these were very well-trained service-dogs and that I carried a government badge. Geri, Freki and Merlin behaved admirably. While we talked my kids stomped my foot and bumped my leg when some men passed us. When I informed the police officers that this group of four men had both concealed weapons and drugs on them, one officer called for back-up. My dogs and I helped them detain these men until back-up arrived and affected their arrest. The command sergeant thanked me for the assist, and I praised my helpers for their part. He took my contact information and the dogs-of-war and I went back to running, romping and playing. Stopping off at a hotdog vendor, we each had one with the works. 

Sunday night, over bourbon, Sam told me what he’d found out. He’d had a talk with his friend Jackson McMal and got the skinny on why Dulcinea was rejected from the Estates. Jackson explained that up until Stony, one of the Estate’s grooms that had affected a change in her, Dulcinea was quite the little bitch. Apparently, about six years ago, this submissive little male was being sessioned by her on a regular basis. He fell deeply in love with her. When she didn’t make it exclusive with him, he hung himself. Unrequited love and all that. When she was questioned by the police, her callous attitude did nothing to endear them to her and their report from their psychiatrist painted a pretty ugly picture of Dulcinea as a heartless, predatory pervert. It was determined that Dulcinea shouldn’t be rewarded with acceptance onto AH Estates, not even among the ranks of their chattel slaves. He told me they had their own standards. Sam didn’t seem fazed, one way or the other. We discussed how much we’d tell her during the video shoot.

Over dinner I bragged about our kids and Merlin.

“I wish you could’ve seen them. You would have been so proud of them. They alerted me and then I alerted the cops, who immediately called for back-up. I told Merlin to take spear-point. He bounded out in front of them and turned to face them. He began snarling to tell them to stop. The fur on his back was standing straight up and he was fierce looking blocking their way. When they began to draw their weapons, Geri and Freki hit the first two from behind, knocking them flat. Merlin hit the third one like a bolt of lightning and had him by the throat. He was completely terrified. I shoved my pistol under the chin of the fourth one, and the cops moved in to arrest and cuff them. Their back-up arrived just in time to supply enough handcuffs for the other two. We found over an ounce of heroin, packaged for sale, some marijuana and four handguns on them. Our dogs and I now have friends in the ranks of the Charleston Police Department. They were impressed.” 

Later that night I remembered why you never give a fully loaded hotdog, with onions, sauerkraut and Jalapeno cheese sauce to a dog. The kids just about drove Janey and I out of the room. Both Deirdre and Jimmy complained to me the next day. I had to promise to be more selective with my treats.

 Monday morning brought a certain level of chaos. Unprepared for such a confined set, we spent time doing camera blocking. The only really productive ones on the set were the eight volunteer women and Deirdre, who sat around teaching them how to paint their own plastic chains, changing them from black to what appeared to be rusted iron. Jimmy had had several sets of the plastic chains run off on a 3-D printer, just like the ones Janey had worn for Halloween the year before. These were the ones they were painting while we waited for the production crew to get set. Sam had me straw boss the camera crew while he thoroughly inspected the ship to see what would be good for the video and what would take too much work to make it look old again. 

Giving this craft a careful examination, Sam determined that it had been modernized way too much for his tastes. He wanted old-timey, and he got modern with a wooden shell of old-timey. The galley was state of the art, the staterooms were plush and well appointed, even the lower decks were well kept. He spent time on the phone with the owner of this vessel making necessary reparations, and then we all departed. Giving each woman that showed up a thousand dollars, just for showing up, he had Jimmy double check their contact information, thanked them and sent them all home until better arrangements could be made.

Then the family went yacht shopping.

Sam was a bit obsessed with this whole pirate thing and if he couldn’t get ancient cosplay, he’d settle for modern pirates on the high seas. The girls and I went out for a bite to eat while Sam and Jimmy burned up the phones calling all over the place. When he looked disgusted enough, I looked at both of them and gave them the solution.

“You want a yacht to play on for a couple of weeks, and you don’t want to spend two arms and three legs on a charter. You also need a crew that you can trust that’s efficient and composed enough to keep us safe and all together, while we play, right? Have you thought about doing it the easy way?”

“Easy way,” Sam asked frustrated and a little cross?

“Yea. Call Frank and see if the badges he gave us entitle us to use one of the impounded yachts from drug seizures. I’d also bet he has a few military friends from the Navy, retired, current or under contract that would crew this yacht for us without asking any questions. I’m betting he could help us.”

Sam’s eyes got huge, and Jimmy was already punching numbers into his phone. Sam jumped up, pulled me out of my chair and bounced me around in a bearhug for a while. 

“I knew there was a reason why I wanted you around.”

Jimmy handed him the phone and he talked with Frank for a few before handing the phone over to me. I explained, in guarded euphemisms what we wanted, and Frank said he’d get back to us tonight.

After spending most of the next morning signing our lives away at a DOJ office of the Marshals’ Service, we met our guide to cheap luxury. Nathan was a fireplug of a Marshal, with the upper half of his left arm and torso bandaged and in a sling. He still looked meaner than a Pitbull on steroids. He was friendly, but even injured he was someone you wouldn’t want to get in a fight with. We showed him our badges and he whistled.

“The three of you’ve got Special Elite Services badges. You guys do sneaky stuff for the Senator, don’t you?” 

Stretching out the word I said, “Yeah.”

“Hey, you’re the one that saved Senator French last year, right?”

“Yep. Cost me a belly full of 7.62s, but I got Frank out of the way. By the way, what bit you?”

“Twenty-gauge sawed-off at close range. My vest absorbed most of it. Anyway, he’s dead, I’m not and that’s good enough for me. I’ll get ‘you’ one of the good yachts. These three yours’?”

“These two, Geri and Freki are mine. Merlin over there belongs to our friend Deirdre. Jimmy wanted her to have a guard dog.”

“I see their service dogs. Are they trained further?”

“All three are drug and EOD trained. We just took down some drug dealers in Charleston. You should have seen them. They made me proud.”

We went back and forth like old friends at the office and then we all drove out to the slips. Sam picked out a sleek, fast, 135-footer and we signed some more forms before we got the keys from the attendant. This Sea Ray slept twelve and crewed nine. This craft was named ‘Into the Mystic’. Somebody liked Van Morrison. Can’t say as I blame them. I did too.

Frank was making arrangements for a crew we could trust, and Sam was flying Pete in to do our cooking for us. Jimmy was arranging for the proper arsenal for us and the crew, and Carlotta was packing up the special costumes we wanted for our girls. We all knew that the girls were going to get the last-minute essentials in clothes from local shops tomorrow. We would take this motor yacht down to Charleston, pick up some volunteers and then head south to bikini climates.

That night, after a sumptuous dinner of seafood I wanted to tie up bookends, so in the living room of our suite I sat Janey and Maddy down on the floor. Both were wearing a pair of black support pantyhose with a fishnet pattern to them, black corsets and long sleeved, scoop-necked leotards made of 30 weight black denier fabric, making them a little lighter than the hose they were wearing. Both wore long black fingerless Lycra gloves and five-inch black T-strap heels. Before we snugged up their corsets, I tied a crotch-rope on each of them under their pantyhose. Janey was used to that, but Maddy had to stop for a moment and help herself get the first of many orgasms out of the way. Watching her with her legs spread and her fingers going over her reinforced crotch panel, with her eyes closed and her head back made us all smile. Janey’s tits got played with while we watched. She liked that form of personal attention as she giggled and ground her butt against my hard-on.

After tying their ankles side by side and their heels on their feet I tied wide tight wraps on their upper and lower thighs. Maddy was very excited about getting to play with Janey and me. With them holding their wrists on the outside of their ankles I tied each wrist to her corresponding leg at the ankle, naturally forcing them into a bent over position. Then I tied each forearm to that leg positioning the ropes just below each knee. To reduce their arm movements even further I tied wide wraps of rope around their upper arms, noose-cinching this tie like it was rope cuffs on their arms above their elbows. Both women wriggled around exploring this unusual position and how it restrained their movements in it. Putting a padded footstool in front of the chair I wanted to sit in, I positioned one woman on each end of the footstool and with a very long rope going around their waists I secured them to this footstool, just like bookends. After blindfolding them over their pixie-cut Asian style wigs, framing their faces in parenthetical shapes of black hair I sat back in my chair and propped my feet up on the stool, looking left and right at my matching bookends. It helped that they were basically body clones.

“That’s interesting,” said Beth as she physically inspected their bondage and their bodies. After she was done with that, she plopped down on my lap for a snuggle session. Beth was wearing nothing but a sky-blue satin camisole, matching thong and a matching pair of five-inch pumps. This left a lot of leg to touch and stroke.

“Bat, I’ve been thinking, and we did some hot bondage pornos when we were working together, so what do you think about doing some duplications or maybe even some follow up videos based on the ones we did. Adding in my sister and the family cousins would only make these new videos even hotter. Recently, I’ve had several fantasies about turning Deirdre into my daughter onset, and you coming back to tie up mother and her nubile daughter for your evil and rapacious purposes. How does that sound to you?”

Being ungagged, Janey added, “I think that would be so hot Husband. I could be the nosy neighbor that gets tied up with her yoga buddy. There’re all sorts of ways I could insinuate myself in the extended themes of your old videos. I know Deirdre would love to be included in this. It would just make her nights with Jimmy even more exciting. And this time, we could add in all the sex that was just suggested the first time around. I know the laws were stricter back then, but we’re not laboring under any such censorship now. What do you say, oh master rigger?”

“Gee, I don’t know. You may both have to twist my arm, - - - okay, that’s enough, I’ll do it,” and we all laughed. “I’ve had some thoughts along those lines myself. There’s a couple of those videos I always wanted to do a chapter two to. There were several of our scenes that should have shown what happened after the cameras quit recording. You were always ready for a good horse-fucking after some of those scenes. We should have done a blooper reel.”

“Well, now we can do it right and get all that recorded properly.”

Beth ended up with her arms tightly tied behind her back at wrists and elbows while we made out and discussed the ideas she had for our revamped video series. She was always a delightful snuggle bunny, especially when she was bound. Getting up, Maddy got her full harness penis-gag shoved in her mouth, but I left Janey ungagged so she could make suggestions as we discussed this. She did get some clover-clamps on her nipples. She thanked me. Then I crawled back on my throne, propped my feet up and pulled a now leg bound Beth back on my lap. Sliding rope cinches in between the tight wraps of rope around her thighs brought back touch-memories of those days. No one would ever believe that I didn’t like to tie Beth up. This time though, because Sam wasn’t here, I didn’t tie her heels on her feet. To thank me, without actually verbalizing her thanks, Beth didn’t try to kick her heels off or even dangle them off her toe. I smiled.

We were still discussing the possibilities and our plans when Sam, Jimmy, Deirdre and Merlin came back. My kids met them at the door and then the three of them went over and laid down. When not in service, the dog’s job-one was to lay around and sleep. Gotta recharge those dog batteries.

“Doesn’t this look cozy,” said Sam. “So, what are you three hatching?”

We gave him the highlights of our discussions and Sam got out the DSLR, checked the memory and started playing photographer.

“Jimmy, would you mind adding our daughter to the pile?”

I pulled my legs down while Jimmy positioned a giggling young woman on her knees on the footstool. He tied her thighs to her ankles to keep her in that position, and then tightly tied her wrists up to her biceps so she looked like she had wings. He made sure to add surgical gloves and then tape her fists into useless little nubs before he stuffed her mouth and wrapped the lower half of her face with the electrician’s tape. Her eyes just glowed with his attentions.

“Good job young Padawan Apprentice. Learning well, you are, the ways of the Jedi-riggers,” I said. Jimmy chuckled.

Deirdre was dressed in a light ‘V’ necked sweater and a short flouncy skirt, but it wasn’t as short as her schoolgirl skirts. She looked very cute tied like that on her knees in front of me. Even though they were tied so she could open her legs if she wanted to, the prim and proper young English girl in her kept her legs together as she knelt there. She wasn’t the slut these others were.

Sam wandered all around us capturing this moment on an SD card with his camera. Beth suggested certain angles and even though she couldn’t see, Janey reminded her of the classic angles. Sam actually used up two SD cards before he put the camera down, grabbed Beth, threw her over his shoulder and went into their room for some fun. Jimmy untied our daughter and they went out the door to their room with Merlin in tow.

“Husband, I can hear Maddy slurping on that big rubber dick in her mouth and I’d truly love to be doing that to you.”

Soon, Maddy was all by herself, still blindfolded, still sucking on that rubber penis gagging her and still helplessly bound in the room. Although faint, she listened to our muted revelries and scooted back and forth on the floor enjoying the degradation of grinding on her crotch-rope trying to get off all by herself. Even though she would have paid through the nose for this, she knew that this priceless guidance was exactly what she needed to feel free and truly alive. She was happily continuing her journey into self-discovery. I went out and released her for bed before I turned in for sleep. Before I took the first rope off though, I turned her on her side and ground a Hitachi wand into her pussy until she came so many times she was a ragdoll as I took the ropes off.

At dawn, Janey, Deirdre, Maddy, the kids, Merlin and I gathered outside for a run. Like they knew the environment was not conducive to their normal behavior, the kids did not roughhouse with Merlin this morning. As the sun crested the horizon, we ran in silence, each considering deep personal thoughts. As we would pass strangers, they almost tripped me as my foot got stomped occasionally, but there was no head butting. At breakfast Sam told us that Frank had arranged a crew for us, and that we would meet them for a shake-down cruise this morning. Jimmy left early to pick up Pete and the tonnage of wagyu he was bringing with him. We would eat well on the high seas. We studied the dossiers that Mike had sent to us. He was the one that made the actual arrangements. Frank just set everything in motion for us.

Captain Zack Williams and his first mate, Jonny Fistorson met us on the deck when we arrived. The crew of seven others were lined up. After talking with the captain, he dismissed two of his crew because they overlapped with us. Pete was already storing his extra stores and Jimmy was helping their armorer properly secure our weapons. Sam did not want our ‘pirate’ excursions interrupted if we ran into the real thing. Then we checked with each of the Navy sailors individually, below deck, to make sure they had no personal issues with what we intended to do. With that done we dismissed them to their duties, and we pulled out of the dock and into the inlet, heading for the open ocean. 

To my great surprise, none of our children seemed to have any difficulties adjusting to the more unstable footing we were experiencing. They were troopers, slipping and sliding occasionally, but never having any real problems. Staying below deck, on the carpeted areas helped and they snoozed a lot on this shakedown cruise. Maddy stowed most of our costumes and stuff and the girls helped a little. Those cute little white deck shoes replaced the high heels and we motored South along the coast, getting our sea legs. Pete served angel hair pasta and wagyu meatballs in his own meat sauce for lunch and took everyone’s order for the steaks he planned to prepare for dinner.

By morning, we were docked at the Charleston harbor and eagerly waiting for us were the double Ds, Dulcinea and Delilah. With them was June, a sweet little dark complected young woman, and Connie, a surprisingly pretty young woman with straw blonde hair and a sort of raw-boned figure. There was little doubt that Connie had been raised on a farm and had gotten used to hard work at an early age. At five-foot two and a hundred pounds dripping wet, June had all the earmarks of a ballerina.

Acting as the spokeswoman, Dulcinea said, “The four of us were the only ones that could take the next two weeks off for this cruise. Others wanted to come, but they just couldn’t take the time on such short notice. June’s a housewife that needed the money. Her husband drove us all out here today, so he’s cool with this, as long as no means no with you guys. Connie’s just a slut that likes to play, anytime, and anywhere. Both are as submissive as you could want, love ropework, especially Bat’s, and are anxious for this adventure.”

All four of these women were among the swinging bottoms of the audition at ESCAPE, and they would do nicely for this. Jimmy immediately transferred $50,000.US into each of their bank accounts and told them that we’d settle any differences when we dropped them off two weeks from now. Our girls took them below decks to show them where they’d be sleeping and to get them into the first change of clothes for our video adventures. We motored south towards Miami, which would be our next port of call. 

Thinking about it when I saw June, I had Janey get the appropriate shoe sizes and had her call ahead to one of the best shoe stores in Miami to order the locking ballet toe-boots for all of the women. What better way to restrain women on a boat than fetish ballet boots? Janey giggled loving the idea. I knew Beth would lose her mind when she found out about this, but this was for a video, not common street wear. I also had Janey order the appropriate steel ankle manacles and locking hobble chains to wear over the ballet boots. As a safety precaution, I had her order ankle braces to wear under the boots. Fetish fashion footwear and personal safety are two completely different things.

While Jimmy manned the DSLR camera to record this adventure, I laid out the first plotline for the women. Sam, who was already snickering and dressed in his swashbuckling pirate outfit, straight out of some 50s movie set, was going to intimidate a cabin full of captured women, bound, gagged and supposedly terrified. He was playing the part of some delusional maniac that had kidnapped all eight women and was taking them out to sea, passed the twelve-mile limit to sell them to some other scoundrels for the modern slave market. He was going to shred the clothes off of them with his knife, which looked like a short cutlass and then I was going to tie them up even more helplessly. We got another round of verbal consent recorded for the archives and then I started to tie them up. 

This initial scene was just with their hands tied behind their backs and their ankles tied. All were gagged with a wadding and a stretchy cloth cleave-gagging them. All eight were wearing thrift-store bought disposable outfits looking like common streetwear. We used bottles of Murine to over-wet their eyes to smear their eyeliner to make it look like they had been crying. Being the ersatz director, once I had them tied and gagged, I had them practice their whimpering and mewling protests until I was satisfied with their acting abilities. Jimmy continued to roll footage, figuring we could edit out the parts that we didn’t like. SD cards and batteries were cheap enough, especially when we bought them in bulk.

To add insult to injury, I took their vests off and had our three young wolves join us in the primary intimidation of our captives. With them having extraordinarily high IQs and able to understand and follow phrase commands, I was able to position them at the avenues of escape and have them snarl and fuzz up like they were mean and nasty. This worked fine until Merlin smelled real fear coming from Deirdre and walked up and began wagging his tail and licking her face. Jimmy would definitely have to edit this out. I pulled her gag off so she could reassure her protector and after a few, we resumed this scene with full wolf cooperation.

Sam started with Beth, who was dressed in a pantsuit and looking like the lawyer she was supposed to be. He made a production of jerking her up, slapping her around and physically intimidating her. She cowered admirably, even though we all knew she was getting into being manhandled. Using his long knife, he peeled the lawyer uniform off of her until it was just rags laying at her feet. Naked, except for her bonds and the gag, he pushed Beth down and went for Maddy.

She was in a long skirt suit and got the same level of manhandling, until she too was clothed only in the ropes and her gag. Dulcinea, easily looking like their personal assistant in another long, proper skirt suit with low-heeled loafers was the next one to be roughed up, because she was sitting next to our executives. As I watched, I thought to myself that we may have to reshoot or heavily edit this part of the scene, because of the look of sated bliss on Dulcinea’s face as Sam manhandled her. I’d talk to her between scenes. Talk about a horny little slut. Wow!

Sam was a little gentler with June, who was next in line. June was wearing skin-tight stretch jeans and Sam took his time slicing them off of her. Her tank top went quick, but those jeans seemed to fascinate our pirate intimidator. Delilah was wearing yoga pants and some off the shoulder Cotton top tied with knots to emphasize her femininity. Connie was another one I’d have to talk to. She looked very eager to be thrown down and raped when Sam cut her jean shorts and cotton blouse off. Her kitten heels went on the same discard pile as the rest of the ugly shoes. 

Finally, it was Janey’s turn. She was simply dressed as a common secretary in a white blouse and gray skirt. Sam threw her back and forth but didn’t slap her around like he did for his masochistic wife, Maddy and Dulcinea. Janey’s clothes were shredded but she was not treated badly.

Deirdre was the last one. She was wearing gym shorts and a compression tank top leotard looking like an athlete. Behind the scenes I had to take Merlin up on deck to calm him down because he wanted to protect her from Sam. He was woofing under his breath and pulling his lips up. She was emoting her distress into her acting and he was picking up on her projected fear. I didn’t see her interaction with Sam the pirate, but Jimmy cut the action as Merlin came in to see if his mistress was alright. Again, I took her gag off and untied her hands so she could reassure him. When he was okay, I tied her back up again. Jimmy continued recording while I told them about the next scene.

Ladies, if any of you need a break, I can untie you and then re-tie you later. Sam is going to bring out selected outfits for each of you to put on so as to impress the warlords he intends to sell you to. You will be taken off scene one at a time to change. Do any of you need a bathroom break, or do you have any questions about what we’re going to do to you next? Okay then ladies. Just sit there and relax for a while. 


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