A Game for Some

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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© Copyright 2020 - Walt A.K.A. Xan - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f+; bond; latex; gag; whip; flogger; sendep; cage; hum; cons; XX

All characters are fictitious and any similarities to any persons, living or dead are purely coincidental.

Continues from

Part 13

Leaving Maddy hogtied to the back of the ATV while we went in and got ready, just to further embarrass her, started her degradation. I went in and found a set of heavy rubber wrist and ankle cuffs, and a ball-gag with a rubber strap through the two-inch silicone ball. Janey, bless her heart, found an old pair of sandals from before we started going together, with a five-inch arch on some cork wedges. They weren’t very sexy, but for shower detail, they’d do. I also found a pink woven nylon one-inch dog collar and a cord lead. Grabbing a fistful of zip-ties I went out and began to transform Maddy. Janey suddenly got an idea and went running back in.

I exchanged the red ball-gag Maddy was wearing for the rubber one and, with a small zip-tie, I locked it on through one of the holes to the buckle, so she couldn’t remove it short of cutting it off.

“Maids are obscene and not heard,” I told her and then untied her.

I immediately put her cuffs on, used more zip-ties to lock them on and then attached lengths of welded quarter-inch hobble chains to the D-rings with larger zip-ties. I snipped off all the excess plastic and then had her kneel in front of me right there in the courtyard. Janey came out with a black rubber, tank-top, latex leotard. Because they were practically the exact same size, she handed it to me. I cut just enough zip-ties for Maddy to get it on and then refastened her wrists about nine-inches apart and her ankles about twelve-inches apart. After that she put on the wedges and slipped on, well, more like tugged on a heavier, black, rubber miniskirt. I used the same technique to zip-tie lock her pink collar on. I clipped on the wound cord lead and led her over to the main house.

Her first mission was to wash both Sam and Beth in their shower. Sam used a medium sized bungee-cord flogger and hand signals for non-verbal communications. He talked to Beth, but his new maid hadn’t earned the privilege of being spoken to yet. He talked about her, but not to her. She soon clued into the pecking order and the ritual. Maddy tried to mumble polite responses to her directions, encouraged by the flogger, but the ball-gag made that difficult. She’d learn. Sam made sure that Maddy was very gentle with his wife’s bruised flesh.

After she dried them and herself off, Beth took her in and showed her the first things about being a lady’s maid. For this, Beth directed her with words, but did not actually talk to her. There was definitely no attempt at conversation, even if it would have been a bit one-sided.

This was all designed to degrade her from her position as the Governor’s wife and aristocrat in her own right. Beth had gotten an accurate feel for what would light up and fulfill Maddy’s fantasies, and total degradation was the answer. Normally, you would see this more with rich, successful men, but some women enjoyed it too. When you’ve had the world handed to you for your whole life, being someone’s subservient footpad had its own charms and appeals. Maddy had asked our wives for this, and this was what she was getting. Ordering others around all the time, with little to no concern for their personal well-being took a toll. Sam was enough of a humanist to garner the respect, admiration and love of his close employees, but not everyone was a Sam and Maddy wasn’t near the humanist Sam is. Being an unhappy wife and an underappreciated heiress, she admitted to the girls that she was not very kind to her household staff. A taste of her own medicine wouldn’t hurt her.

Beth dressed in an oxblood jumper with short shorts to show off her long shapely legs. The jumper had long sleeves and a wide ‘V’ neckline adjusted by a zipper. She had on dark brown support hose and boots with a five-inch stiletto heel that matched her jumper. She looked hot.

Maddy was induced to perform the same service for Frank and Minxy. She fought the bridle doing this, thinking Minxy was just hired help. She didn’t want to soap up the hired help, but Frank laid into her with a short silicone hand-whip and she straightened up quickly. That little monster could sting or leave a painful welt. Frank welted up the house maid to have her show some respect for a member of the family. Maddy cried, cowering from the pain but eventually performed her maid duties in the shower for both of them.

Then, to continue her degradation, Minxy had Maddy perform as a lady’s maid for her too. To make matters worse, Beth leaned against the door jamb with a four-foot single-tail and snapped it on Maddy’s butt a couple of times when she didn’t respond to Minxy properly. Rubber does very little to dampen the sting of a whip. Occasionally, Beth would pull the trigger and crack the whip in the air, either over her head or next to Maddy’s ear. This really motivated Maddy.

Then it was Janey’s turn. We had been drinking energy shakes with Pete in the main kitchen. Janey grabbed Maddy by the cartilage of the ear, twisted and said, “You disrespected a member of this household. A member of our family. I don’t care how you treat your household, but this is my family and you, a relative stranger will not disrespect anyone in my family. Your opinion of someone’s station does not matter here. When a member of our family tells you to do something, you will do your very best to comply, or one of two things will happen. You’ll make us punish you, or if you’ve really been a bad girl, we’ll just dismiss you, and suspend your lessons until you are contrite enough to beg our forgiveness and petition us to return. Understood? I’ll turn you over to Husband in a heartbeat. He’s a legendary sadist too.”

Then it was my turn. I took a surprisingly long, thick and heavy flogger and draped it around Maddy’s neck.

“I learned a little trick out in California. Sam doesn’t like it, but I do. I use this flogger and with a special martial arts shuffle and focused impact, I move in and hit someone so hard with this flogger that I knock the breath right out of the lung on the side I hit them on. Then I wait until they regain their breath and composure and I do it to them again. Several impacts like this and I get their undivided attention. A punishment flogging of this nature is remembered. It’s slow and painful, but I use it to ‘punish’ someone.”

Maddy tried to pull away from Janey, but the grip on her ear was unrelenting.

“I also want you to know that because of the number of wide, thick tails on this flogger, it doesn’t leave a mark when I punish a woman like this, so you could leave here and go straight to a hospital and all they would find is some slightly reddened skin, if that. It would take an autopsy to determine the bruising. Do not piss Janey off enough to make her ask me to punish you. You, until you use your code-word to get out of this role, are the low girl on the pecking order. Do your duty, and we’ll fine tune your BDSM lessons to turn you into the sexiest, most submissive woman you could ever imagine. Maybe not as sexy and submissive as these two, but damn close. I would have taken a different tack with you, but I trust Beth and Janey and they say this is the way to your heart. So, low girl, that is your lot in life. All of the women here, even the ones we don’t play with, are above you and you will respect them or pay with your hide. I told you this was a 500K buy-in to sit at the big boy’s table. Guess what? You don’t win every hand dealt you.”

Maddy began to sob, and when Janey let go of her ear she fell to her knees, lowered her head to the ground at my feet and sobbed until it was all out of her system.

With that settled, it was our turn to get washed by Maddy. In our version of a shower, Janey would not let Maddy touch me. She was the only one allowed to do that. She made Maddy kneel, facing the corner and Janey washed me. She allowed Maddy to wash her, but Maddy couldn’t touch me.

Janey used a Devil’s Tongue Quirt to discipline Maddy as she trained her in her version of a lady’s maid. Maddy helped her smooth on her pantyhose, fasten her flimsy little bra behind her and buckle the hook and staple fasteners on her corset before I tightened it up. Even though it was perfect when it came out of her closet, Janey made Maddy fill up and plug in the steamer and steam the imaginary wrinkles out of her short-sleeved see-thru blue blouse. Wearing a blue, vinyl, mid-thigh pencil and that gauzy blouse was a picture I cherished. Matching blue six-inch pumps made her all the more beautiful. Janey had Maddy fasten the three thin straps around her ankles, her instep and across the arch of her foot and then restraighten the seam in her pantyhose. The last thing Maddy helped her on with was the blue, vinyl, long gloves. She obviously wanted to be tightly tied tonight.

I used to pick out every piece of her clothing, but now all I had to say was blue, shiny, short, see-thru, and hot, and this is what I got. I was happy with our shorthand.

Minxy came down into the dungeon on Frank’s arm looking like some caricature of a saucy farm girl, with slutty five-inch spiked sandals, pantyhose, super short and tight Daisy-Dukes and a red and white polka dot midriff top knotted under her tits. For Frank’s attention, Minxy was now platinum blonde. She had dyed it almost a week or so ago. Tonight, it was in pigtails with pieces of rope wound around each tail just in case someone might want to tie her wrists and elbows, or her wrists and ankles, or... well you get the idea. Frank seemed happy, and she did wear that well.

Jimmy and Deirdre didn’t always join us, except for his lessons, but tonight they did. He was in his dark suit, as usual and Deirdre was wearing what appeared to be a three-piece suit over a very short, flouncy, plaid skirt. This was the private school girl look from the sluts-R-us catalog. Her five-inch Mary Janes over lacy little socks and pantyhose added to the look.

Earlier, when offered, Jimmy would not let Maddy bathe them, or work with Deirdre as a lady’s maid. He rightly did not trust her not to offend his lover with her caste prejudice. Even though she was growing every day, Deirdre was not strong enough to stand up to a woman like Maddy, and Jimmy’s instincts were spot on to protect her in this way.

Deirdre was a kind and gentle soul, still all starry eyed with wonder at the world she lived in now with her new man, but she was still young, and did not have the thick skin of Minxy, Janey or Beth. We all protected Deirdre as the daughter of the family. If Maddy ever abused her, I would crush her for it, if Jimmy didn’t just shoot her.

With Maddy kneeling in the middle of the floor, Sam went over the house rules again, belaboring the pecking order. He made sure Maddy knew that because Carlotta, Pete, Ben, Gina, Billy, Betty-Jo, Joe, Mike and even Carrie did not play with them like this that they were never to be disrespected or looked down on because they were ‘hired hands’. In our world, they were all family. Cousins maybe, but family. He specifically asked her if she understood. She nodded her agreement. He threw in the fact that if he wanted to abuse someone that she was the one he would start with.

Then he established titles for all of us. He was the Lord High Rancher, and Beth was the Lady Beth. I was the Lord High Sheriff and Janey was Lady Jane. He explained that Janey was a term of endearment and that to Maddy, it was Lady Jane, until further notice. He did stipulate that M’Lord, or Milady, was an acceptable use for the titles. Frank was M’Lord Senator and Minxy was the Lady Minx, again reserving Minxy as an endearment, not a proper use of the word. Jimmy was to be referred to as M’Lord James and Deirdre was to be Lady Deirdre, and to never slur it out.” Deirdre giggled at this.

He also went down the list to make sure that all of the others would have a respectful acknowledgement of their names. Maddy accepted all of this as her new station in life and then I exchanged her rubber cuffs for heavy, fitted metal shackles and using the winch, I strung her up until her toes were barely able to touch the floor.

“We’re going up to eat. You lost your privilege to eat this evening because you needed to be taught a lesson in propriety,” and being the last one up the stairs, I turned the house lights off. Unknown to Maddy, IR lights popped on, invisible to the normal spectrum of human sight, but illuminating her so we could use the infrared cameras to watch her while we ate.

It was Italian night for Pete. We had lasagna, angel hair pasta, meat sauce, wagyu meatballs, garlic bread and a tossed green salad. The ladies had wine, and the guys all sipped bourbon. Sometimes I was surprised we weren’t all 500-pound behemoths the way we ate. We finished up with sorbets of various flavors of our choice and then went back down to a crying Maddy.

“Safe word or no,” I asked?

She shook her head, so I released her, then had her strip completely. She crumpled into a pile of naked woman in the middle of the floor.

“You stink of fear and honest work, wretch. Go scrub that body. The refresher is in the corner, and hurry. There’s a luffa in there. Use it. While she was in there, Janey laid out a plain high-neck, knee-length, long-sleeved, black dress; a white cotton apron from the costume rack along with a ruffled white bonnet, pantyhose and a pair of five-inch black patent pumps from Maddy’s satchel. Maddy’s skin was pink when she came out and started to dress in the maid’s outfit that was laid out for her. When she went to her satchel, Beth held up her make-up case and shook her head, but she did throw Maddy her hairbrush. Maddy brushed out her long dark brown hair. Just a few inches shorter than Beth’s, where Beth’s was coal black with near invisible dark blue strands, Maddy’s hair was dark brown with black tints. Both had thick luxurious locks and watching Maddy brush hers out, Beth got an idea.

“Maid. Come here and do that in front of me.”

As Maddy knelt in front of Beth and brushed her long brown hair out Beth grabbed a handful of it, pulled her head back so that she was staring up at Beth.

“It just dawned on me that you may be a masochist, like I am, so having my friend Bat beat you might not be the best punishment. I’ve decided that your hair is on the chopping block. If you upset us, any of us, we will dismiss you from service, but before we do, you will donate your hair to some poor kid in a cancer ward that had to shave her hair because most of it fell out from Chemotherapy. Janey, get the camera. Now maid, you will kneel up straight and tall, stick those new tits out and convince the camera that you want to donate your hair to help a cancer victim. Understood?”

I set the lighting up and Janey took the video with the small vid-cam that we kept on hand. Maddy didn’t know that all of this, everything we did was being recorded and duplicated on our server farm anyway. She continued to brush her hair while she made her speech.

“I don’t know if I’ll be able to help one or maybe even two of you, but I’d like to donate this long hair of mine to make wigs for those girls, or women, that have lost their hair to the ravages of cancer. Money to cancer research is one thing, but this is a personal touch from me to you. Please wear my hair and be a bit happier. Thank you. May God bless you.”

When the camera was off, Maddy said, “May I speak?”

“Yes,” said Beth.

“Please, go ahead and shave it all off, now, and we’ll donate it to some little girl with a bald head she never wanted. I’ve seen those heads covered with scarves and those sallow eyes looking into the lens, so let’s put a sparkle in at least two pair of eyes again. I’ll donate my hair, right here and now for the cause. I can wear wigs. Some child can wear this,” running her fingers through her hair.

Minxy popped up and said, “So can I. Wear wigs that is. They can take my hair too. It may be bleached out, but it's still human hair and I can do with it what I want, and I want it to go to some kid.”

Beth looked at Sam with a tear in her eye. He got up and ran his fingers through her luxurious hair and said, “If you want to. They should be able to get two wigs, maybe even three pixie cut wigs out of this mane. I love you, and I love this hair, but hair grows back, and I love making kids happy more than this hair. You have my blessing. Anyone else?”

“Mine too Sir. Those sad little faces make me weep, and this will make one girl at least, smile,” said Deirdre bravely.

“Mine’s kind of short, but they can have all of it they want,” said Janey. “Husband will just have to forego his caveman cosplay until it grows back,” and she laughed as I swatted her butt playfully.

“With you wearing a fur bikini, I could always just throw you over my shoulder and carry you back to my cave,” I said.

“Oooh, that would be fun too,” and she giggled.

Beth proclaimed, “Alright, we’ll all go in tomorrow and get the salon to take as much hair off of us as they can get. Then we’ll hand deliver it to the wig makers. Bat, you’re looking a little shaggy, what about you too?”

“Sure, why not. My Stetson will flop around for a while but if Janey don’t mind...”

Sam said, “C’mon, you know me. If we’re all going to be bald, you and I will just get smaller Stetsons,” and he laughed. “Then we’ll all go out and pick wigs out for the girls.”

That night, all four girls took turns on the swing set. Squeals, shrieks, laughs and of course giggles resounded through the basement. Frank practiced his bondage on Minxy, and Jimmy did likewise with Deirdre. I tied the other two and checked the work my students were doing.

Beth had already been beaten, so, under my direction and approval, she tied Janey to the Lazy Susan Pole so we could spin her around and see her in her bondage from any angle. We made sure that maid Maddy handed us the right bundle of rope, or whatever else we needed.

Considering we had other Lazy Susans in the dungeon, Frank helped Sam out putting a standing cage on one. The cage was 2½ x 2½ x 7feet tall. Beth went inside after we tied her arms tightly behind her back and her ankles were tied off to the bars on the inside of the cage. Then, using single limb ties all over her body, I webbed her inside that cage so she couldn’t fall even if she just relaxed every muscle group. It wasn’t really pretty, but she was very helpless. Sam had sealed off her world with a wide collar and a full leather sens-dep helmet. Her mouth was stuffed with a thick rubber phallus, her ears were plugged and of course, she couldn’t see anything but the insides of her own eyelids. I even reached in from behind and wrapped a two-inch Kerlix bandage around her fingers and thumbs.

Janey, massively entertained by this, kept suggesting more and more things to do to her partner in crime and adventure. Janey reminded me of the torment that I had used on her the day we started to play and told me where I could find rubber bands. Beth basically only had her thighs exposed, but they got snapped by both Sam and me.

Since seeing the one at the Lair De Sade, in LA, Janey had pestered me to get a chain spider’s web for our playroom. Not wanting the engineers down there, we had them make us an easily assembled frame and the web itself to attach to the frame once we had it up. Joe and Billy had managed to assemble it for us while I was in the hospital, and now Janey had something new to be tied to. Our dungeon was constantly expanding.

However, tonight it was Minxy suffering the torments of the damned at the hands of Frank. She was tightly webbed to the web with ropes holding her quite immobile against the concentric chains. Tilted back at about a 20° angle the web kept her a little off balance. He had the Violet Wand plugged in and he was making her scream and plead through the giggles and shrieks for mercy from those biting little arcs of electricity coming out of all those various shaped neon bulbs plugged into the tip of the wand. I got a really dirty look when I reminded him of the side of her foot sticking out from the sandals she was wearing. He’d overlooked that part of her body until my reminder.

“Oh, boss, you’re going to pay for that remark,” and she just threw her head back against the chains and laughed.

Deirdre was tied to the swing and was still spinning around on all three axes, doing her own shrieking as Jimmy spun her this way and that way. She loved playing on our swing.

However, maid Maddy was jealous as hell that everyone got to play but her. She did her duty and fetched and handed us what we used on the ‘ladies’, but Maddy wanted to play too. It just wasn’t her turn. When Janey noticed her unmistakable expression, she called maid Maddy over.

“Your sacrifice was noble, and we did use that to forgive you and balance the scales to the positive, but you’re here to learn submission, not sacrifice. Tonight, and for many more nights you have to serve, and learn to serve. Can you just look at a bundle of rope and tell me how long it is? I can. Beth can. Minxy can, and I’d bet little Deirdre could get it right most of the time. If I called for a specific costume could you go right to it and fetch it for me? No, I’m betting you’d have to search for it. Do you know which drawers each of the toys are in? Doubt it. So, to be of service to us as a maid, you have to learn these things. It’s called paying your dues. I’m betting you never, or just recently started paying any dues whatsoever. So, those of us that have paid our dues will play, while you fetch, carry and be of service to us. Again, you are here to learn to submit and be of service to us. Not to play. If you want to just play, go to one of the established professional dungeons, take off all of your clothes, kneel down and someone will be along to collect you for play momentarily. If you want to stay here, submit and quit looking like a beat dog. We can arrange for that if you insist on this martyrdom. Now go help Frank torment Minxy.”

While Minxy was spread-eagled on the web, Frank was sparking up the inside of her upper arms and trying to gnaw on the insides of her thighs at the same time. Minxy was screaming she was so happy. Janey told me while I was pawing and groping her as she was tied to the pole that she could see a full body-rush shiver run through Maddy as she watched the look on Minxy’s face under this kind of torment. She wanted to play so bad. With a pocket rocket in one hand and a tit in the other, Janey started screaming too.

With Beth all sealed up in the cage Sam grabbed maid Maddy, tied her hands behind her back, and tied her elbows as close together as he could pull them. Taking his dick out he tried to get her to suck his dick, but she wasn’t very accommodating. Oh, she was willing to get skull-fucked by having her open mouth slammed against his dick, but Sam was used to accomplished and talented cocksuckers, so after only a minute or so he cast her aside, tucked his dick back in and found a penis-gag for her to wear. He made sure it was a full trainer gag and he made sure to lock each and every buckle so she couldn’t take it off. Then he threw her in the long, low cage under one of the beds in the dungeon. He tied her feet to the cage bars, so she was laying on her bound arms and locked the door to the cage.

He came over to Janey and demanded, “One of the first things you will teach that shark-mouthed bitch is how to suck cock. Okay?”

“Okay Sam. We’ll move that to the top of the list.”

He went over and began to untie Beth. I went over and helped. Taking her leather helmet off, he took her out of the cage and upstairs. I went over and using my set of keys opened the cage doors and untied Maddy’s legs from the bars. Leaving her in that position all night could have been a choking hazard from the saliva buildup. I checked her bondage and only slightly loosened her arm wraps. Then I took her over in the corner and shoved her nose against the wall. Putting her on her knees and using ropes anchored to the waist high mounted rings there I tied her in the corner. While I had been doing this, Jimmy and Deirdre disappeared. I never saw them leave and Jimmy didn’t get his lesson. The only thing I could guess was that Sam had given him the high sign and rather than leaving Deirdre with me, he untied her quickly and followed his boss upstairs. The ropes were just lying around under the swing.

Once Frank had taken Minxy down off the web he went in the refresher and she came over to the sniveling Maddy.

“Hey girl, be thankful he’s in a good mood,” and she turned and winked at me to make sure I was listening. “He tied me in that corner over there, only instead of tying ropes to these rings to hold me here, he tied my earrings off to each ring. I was wearing hoops and he used string to tie them off so that if I moved my head at all it would have ripped one out. That was a tough position to hold. He’s being nice to you,” and she made the ‘up your ass’ gesture with her arm, like the Italians do behind Maddy’s back. I laughed.

Frank came out and took Minxy upstairs. I guess it was going to be an early evening. While I was untying Janey, I decided to turn this into a teaching moment. I released Maddy from the corner but kept her gagged and arm bound. I took my pants off and with Maddy watching, Janey showed her how she pleased a man with her mouth. There was no skull-fucking, and Maddy watched attentively as Janey did all the work. Janey, as always, was meticulous and eager to give me pleasure with her lips and tongue. Maddy watched me arch and moan as I pumped my seed down her throat, and then how lovingly we cuddled and kissed afterwards.

Maddy saw that Janey remained arm bound the entire time and how she didn’t try to jack me off with her mouth over the end of my dick. Personally, I hated that, and was so glad that Janey was someone who loved to ‘suck’ cock. If I wanted a hand job, my talented hand knew precisely what made me happy. I wanted someone talented enough to suck every last swimmer out of my balls and loved doing it. Janey more than fit that bill, easily being one of the best cocksuckers I’ve ever known.

I looked down at Maddy who was still kneeling in front of us and asked, “Were you paying attention? That’s how it’s done. No teeth, just all lips and tongue. Sam called you a shark mouth. That’s a ‘big’ negative. You have a lot of learning to do. Janey can teach you. Pay attention and learn.”

I went back to cuddling and kissing my slave/wife, enjoying how her soft little body snuggled up against mine. Using my fingers over the crotch of her pantyhose, I played with her until she got off, shuddering and moaning, kissing everything she could reach. I looked down and Maddy looked so sad I almost felt sorry for her, but that quickly evaporated. She deserved no rewards, even if it wasn’t her fault no one had ever taught her how to properly suck a dick.

We eventually took her up to the room next to Minxy’s. Stripped naked we let her use the facilities, and then I tied her face down on the bed, crosswise so her head could hang over the side edge. Her position was a simple spread-eagle. I was keeping her gagged all night and this would allow the drool to pool on the floor, not on the bed. Janey got out a pair of vibrating dildoes and after lubing them up, unceremoniously shoved one in her pussy and one in Maddy’s ass. She then got some rope and tied them in there. Janey turned them on for about three seconds and then turned them off.

“Just to let you know I could’ve been nice, but that you didn’t rate a treat tonight. Maybe tomorrow, when you’re balder. Oh, and by tomorrow, that bush will be gone. Maybe a small landing patch, but no bush. This is not the jungle. We’ll take you in for a Brazilian wax job tomorrow. Anyway, Good night. I know you’ll be sleeping ‘tight’.“

As sweet natured as she was, Janey could be a bitch sometimes. Just for my own grins and giggles, I put Maddy’s five-inch pumps back on her feet and tied each one on for the night. Swatting Maddy’s ass I walked out with Janey, leaving the door open. Janey giggled all the way to our room.

Waking up to slobbery kisses from the kids, we knew it was just moments passed O-Dark-Thirty, which meant the skies were pinkening the horizon, but the sun was nowhere near up yet. I untied Janey and we got dressed. Then we went up and untied Maddy, took the gag off, and gave her some sweats and some extra running shoes. Janey had extras and they wore the same size shoe. Then all five of us went out. Deirdre was already out there and looking all athletic, and Merlin got trounced once again by the mean kids on the block. They had fun like this every single morning. Maddy thought they were actually fighting until I cleared my throat, and everything stopped.

Three cherubic faces lifted out of the dogfight that they’d just been in and looked around wondering what I wanted. I said, “Nothing, go ahead,” and they went right back to snarling and fighting in this well-rehearsed play. Maddy was amazed. Janey and Deirdre just laughed. Both country singers joined us until they spotted some quail feeding, and they had to keep them away from the ground. We ran until my sides started to ache. I was still on the mend but pushing myself to get back to my morning runs. Then we walked for a while.

“May I speak, please?”

“Feel free.”

“Last night was intense M’Lord High Sheriff and Lady Jane. I must say I was expecting something very different.”

“Like I said, the difference between penny ante poker and a 500K buy-in to sit at the big boy’s table. You gonna’ stick with it,” I asked?

“I’ll pay you for more of the same. I woke up all warm and fuzzy and had the happiest dreams last night and, well, I, uh, please, uh, I just want more. I will pay you. May I continue with all of you, please?”

“You are paying me. We’re shaving your head a little later for sick little girls. I consider that partial payment for this level of education and training. Maddy, we are lifestylers and this isn’t just ‘spanky-spanky time’ for grins and giggles for us. Over your lifetime, you’ve picked up a lot of bad habits. Watch the people around Sam. They love him and all of them would either lay their lives down for him, and Beth too, of course, or work for free just for the opportunity. He’s a humanist. He treats them all like his extended family and they love him for it.”

“Yes, we do Miss Maddy. Sam literally bought me just to keep my Sir James happy. Now it worked out swimmingly because I love my Sir James and he loves me, but Sam wanted him happy, so he went out of his way to find me a job, and a home, and to make me feel like family when I came out here. I’ve never been happier. He lets me do what I love to do, cherishes and treats me like a daughter and he even pays me for what I would do for free, or at least for just room and board. Sam’s a wonderful boss to Jimmy and treats him like a son. He’s just capital. And Beth is just as good as me mum. We have long talks and she takes such good care of me. I’ve been blessed, really I have.”

“There ya’ go, Maddy. Deirdre, I didn’t know you realized Sam bought you for Jimmy that day in Canter’s.”

“Sir, I’m not a child. Sam knew I wanted to stay with Sir James, and that he wanted to be with me, and Sam just put all the pieces of the puzzle together so we could be with each other. It sounds rather crude, but in a way, he did buy my services so Sir James and I could be together. I don’t mind. It all worked out smashingly, didn’t it?”

“Yes, it did dear. You are a heart-warming addition to this family.”

“Thank you, Sir, and, I got this wonderful dog out of the deal,” and she smiled and giggled, reaching down to ruffle Merlin’s hair. He licked her hand.

“And M’Lord High Sheriff, will I eventually get a dog if I stay here long enough,” Maddy asked, half kiddingly?

Unless you can cozy up to one of the country singers, you won’t get one from this pack. Martina and Shania are the sisters of these three and they live out in the stables with Ben and Gina. Their whole mission in life is chasing away dangerous rabbits that threaten their horses and occasionally stomping a snake to death. I watched them one day with a rattler that got too close to the stables. One jumped straight up in the air and stomped it with its front feet, and before the snake could turn and bite the first one, the other one snapped it behind the head killing it instantly. Then they both carried it in, to Ben.”

“Husband, you didn’t tell me that story about the country singers. I would’ve loved to have seen that happen.”

“These three would do something similar. It’s inborn with them.”

“Alright, M’Lord High Sheriff, what’s on the agenda for today?”

“After we let Pete fix us some breakfast, we wake sleeping beauty up and poke Beth to get him motivated. Then we all go out and get shaved. After hand delivering our scalps to the wig maker, we’ll pick some wigs for you girls to wear and then Sam, Frank, Jimmy and I are going hat hunting,” I said.

Janey giggled. “And what do you want to see me wear, husband?”

“You’ve had short hair for so long, I have to admit I’ve had a couple of fantasies of you in a long curly ‘big-hair’ wig. Maybe something in platinum. When Minxy dyed her hair for Frank, I started getting ideas. Just buy what you think will tantalize my appetites, and anything I hate we’ll just donate to the costume shop. Remember though, I like bangs.”

“How could I forget,” and she giggled

After picking out three wigs apiece for each of our women, we turned them loose in the wig maker shop and promised to return. We set no time limit on our return, but we did say we ‘would’ return. The women were in the Land Rover. Sam and Jimmy were in the Spider, and Frank and I were in the Stang.

After stopping off to get full head shaves from straight razor wielding barbers we hit the road, with the tops down and the wind on our skin.

When we took off, we drove 41 miles south to Berea and then headed east to the box canyon base. From the wig shop to the gates of the base was just minutes less than an hour for us. It took us longer to get shaved. Being Ancient Aliens buffs, Frank and I nicknamed this Camp Anunnaki. The government had a string of numbers and letters for it, but Frank, I, and the military personnel manning it called it Anunnaki. It even sounded a bit like an Indian name. The military was fond of using Native American names.

The Anunnaki were ‘supposedly’ deity/space travelers that transformed primates into homo sapiens so they could mine gold for these aliens that needed it for their home world of Nibiru. At least according to the published author Zecharia Sitchin. I figured some of the symbolism would be appropriate. We were growing and training a type of gold digger. They would be mining for information which was oftentimes better than gold.

We roared down the road into camp, fishtailing in the gravel and letting everyone know we were there. I even used that line out of the original 1970 MASH movie, “We’re the Pros from Dover and those are our favorite caddies,” pointing to Sam and Jimmy. The older Sergeant at the gate recognized the line and laughed. Once our bona fides were checked and assured we were shown where to park, and we walked into a large building half buried into the cliffside. IDs were checked again; new pictures of our bald heads were taken, and official badges were issued. They didn’t take our cellphones because they wouldn’t work here anyway. Too many jammers. Then we met the recruits.

Walking into the classroom, a dozen women jumped out of their chairs and snapped to attention. Each wore a standard military blouse and skirt with pantyhose and two-inch pumps. No insignia showed but each one wore a simple nameplate with even simpler names. It looked like a standard college classroom, with tiers of seats, but only the first two rows were occupied, with three recruits per row, six on each side, with the access to the front down the center. On the dais was a desk, with twelve laptop computers and A/V equipment on one side and a large stack of shoe boxes on the other.

Frank came down the aisle and stood in front of the desk.

“You are recruits for the opportunity to serve your country in a unique capacity. You already know the basics of this camp. Using sex to persuade and manipulate targets to divulge information that your country needs. Now, the next step in your training is BDSM. I’d like you to meet the finest instructor I could find. This is codename Deadeye.”

I walked down the aisle and pissed off the powers that be.

“Thanks for the Top Gun intro. Hi, my name is Bartholomew. My friends call me Bat. You should call me Sir. I recognize three of you from the party the other night. You could’ve heard my name mentioned there and put two and two together. I’ll make this really simple for all of us. I love my country. I’ll do damn near anything for it. I am a patriot. I’ve shed blood for my country, and I have spilled blood to protect it. So, here comes the primary intimidation. Fuck with me, or this program, or my favorite country in any way, and I’ll clean your ear canal with a super-sonic 9mm Q-tip. Got it,” and I pulled my G19 out and slammed it down on the desk.

“I’m here to teach you the most potent weapon in these sex games you will be learning, and that’s how to use BDSM in your manipulations, whether as a Top, a Switch or as a bottom. Sure, some of you can actually spell BDSM, and I’ll bet some of you have played tie ‘em up and spank ‘em games, but I’m here to teach you the power of real hardcore BDSM. Vanilla sex is like a firecracker in your hand. Close your hand around it and you may lose a finger. BDSM is a two-pound block of C-4. Just being near it when it goes off will kill you and probably anyone else in the room with you. I’m a lifestyler. I’ve been a lifestyler longer than any of you have been alive. I live the BDSM lifestyle 24/7/365¼. If you listen and learn, I’ll teach you things you never believed were possible. If you think you know more than me, come up here and seduce me. Volunteers? Good. Now, let’s get acquainted. Ann, I met you the other night. Come up here.”

Ann was a 20-year-old according to her file, a natural blonde with a trim stick figure with nothing special going for her but a pretty, symmetrical face, but then again, they all had pretty, symmetrical faces.

“Take all of your clothes off and find your stack of boxes over there. Find the highest heel you can walk in and put them on. Then walk back to me, turn around and cross your forearms behind your back so I can tie your wrists.”

Naked, she came back to me in five-inch heels and I tied her wrists.

“Betty, you’re next. Same instructions.”

Betty was black and had straightened tinted brown hair. She was a pear-shaped cutie. When she was tied, I called Cat up.

Cat was cute and curvy with black hair and blue highlights. Shorter than the other two, she came back in six-inch heels and after she got her hands tied, she wagged her tits at me and smiled. I tried not to smile.

Going to the other side I called up Debby. With an Israeli/American heritage, she was curvy too with auburn hair on a 21-year-old head. When she was tied and back at her seat Erin came up.

Erin was by far the sexiest one so far. She was 21, taller and had an hourglass figure. She just dripped sexy, and sighing when I tied her, she thanked me. She even bobbed her red head as she gave me a little curtsy.

Fran was a small brown haired mousy little thing, 22, with a thin stick figure and almost no tits. Her Café-o-lait complexion was an eye catcher.

Gigi was a brown haired 21-year-old Latina BBW who had a decent shape, it was just thick. She was exceptionally curvy though and would probably be very popular. She was a major candidate for corset training. She and Kelly wore six-inch heels too. All the rest wore five-inchers.

Hallie was the same age, but she was a top-heavy stick. All tits, straight waist and almost no hips. She did have nice, well-muscled legs.

Izzy was an Asian athlete. At 20 she was probably a long-distance runner. Blond-ish and pretty she would appeal to a certain type.

Jules had an athletic frame too and was undoubtedly Izzy’s running buddy. She was 20 and there might have been something more than friendship going on between these two.

Another redhead, Kelly was the oldest of the recruits at 22 and she was a shorter hourglass version of Erin.

Lynn, also 22 but a little younger than Kelly was tall and thin, like Beth, with spectacular legs. Her dirty blond hair framed her face and set her beauty apart from the others. She reminded me of a young Jackie DeShannon. I wondered if she could sing.

“Alright now. You’re all naked, in high heels with your wrists tied behind you. This is how you will attend my classes. Yes, I’m an old pig and you are the fair flower of feminine pulchritude, but that doesn’t matter. There is a very low chance that I will sexually molest any of you. I save my swimmers and energy for my very appealing slave/wife back at the ranch. Ann, you saw her at the party. She was in the angel costume. You can tell the others why they’re safe from me. However, if I want to, I will do anything I want to you. Anything. My friend is passing out laptops to you. You will record my lectures and demos, and study them when you practice your new craft. Understood?”

All twelve said, “Yes Sir.”

“Now, follow me out to our cars. The first six of you will pose against the green Stang, and the other six will pose next to the yellow Spider. We will take pictures to show our slave/wives what we’re working with here. I want you to pose as suggestively as you can. Don’t be afraid to show your bound wrists. Prints of these pictures will be on display in my home dungeon. I want to remember my first class of Hummingbirds.”

“The Russians called their women swallows and sparrows. If and when you graduate from here, you will be Hummingbirds. They can fly forwards, backwards and even upside down. I ‘will’ turn out a better product than our foreign friends. Never kid yourselves that upstarts like North Korea, China, Iran, Pakistan, Columbia and all the others that don’t like us aren’t trying to put together programs like this to use against us. That would be unforgivably naïve. Honeytraps are as old as civilization. So, study hard. On each of your laptops are lectures I’ve already recorded about the basics and fundamentals of BDSM. Study them. I do give quizzes and I will find something you really don’t like to punish you with for not doing what I suggest. I am a task master and we don’t have until your beauty fades to learn this and put you out in the field. Any questions?”

Gigi stood up and asked, “Debbie and I were talking the other night and we’d like your opinion. Is it beauty or submission that seals the trap?”

“Beauty is nice, and is a fundamental for the draw, but you all know what glamor can do to improve your first impressions. Every man wants to feel he has something special, a woman all for himself, that makes him the center of her universe. So, the key to all of your efforts is submitting to his wildest fantasies, all the while keeping your duty and goal in mind so you can milk him of his most important secrets. Manipulation is ‘your’ duty.

“You will walk a tightrope and there is always the possibility that you might succumb to his charms and turn on us in the name of love. For that unforgivable sin I will instantly, and without regret, give the .22caliber Q-tip order to some SOCOM badass or some completely undetectable assassin just to keep any of you from becoming a double agent. My country comes first, so control your hormones, fine tune and focus your intent, and do your duty for this country. I’d like you all to retire to a very comfortable life with wild memories that make you slyly smile when you’re sipping tea and watching your kids play. This is what you signed up for and you cannot tell your kids and grandkids what you did in the war. You were a file clerk, you were in logistics, you were a mechanic in the motor pool, etcetera and etcetera. Got it?”

“Thank you, Sir,” said Gigi.

“Any other questions?”

No one asked anything.

“Okay, now let’s go get those pictures. I have tits to squeeze while I’m getting head and you have studying to do.”

On the way out I whispered to the Master Sergeant, “Don’t untie them until they ask you to. And watch the two Irish beauties. Both are dangerous.” He smiled and nodded.

On the way home, Frank was leafing through the pictures on my phone and whistling a little ditty.

“This is going to be interesting my friend. I have to get back to DC in a few days. I’m going to miss Minxy.”

“Hell Frank, take her with you. It’s plain to all of us that you two get along and you certainly spend a lot of time with her. We’re not blind, man.”

“Oh, wouldn’t that go over big with the press corps. I think I may love her but having someone on my arm that looks like her would spell my ruination. She’s got pole-dancing hooker written all over her.”

“You didn’t study when they were teaching you about spin, did you? Listen, Minxy is the perfect choice for you. Melania, bless her gorgeous heart took the shine off of frumpy and dour as the politico’s choice of mates. She’s nothing but smoking hot. Play to Minxy’s best features. One, she went out of her way to be a woman. Use her trans-gender status to show her gender choice was not an accident of birth. And I won’t even mention the LGBT constituents, not to mention all their liberal butt-buddies. Sure, you’ll lose a small, probably very small percentage of the hardcore conservatives, but play up her own conservative qualities.”

“Hell, the woman stays home and mends or makes your damned clothes. She cooks your meals. She cleans your clothes and your home. How much more conservative do they want a woman to be? She gave her hair to needy kids for Chrissake. Have her adjust her wardrobe to a sexy but conservative flair, like Melania. She can do that herself, without any fashion assist. Play up her clean record. We both know her’s is spotless. Hell, she hasn’t had so much as a speeding ticket since high school. Tell them her voting record has always been conservative. She was never one for protest marches for LGBT rights or any liberal nonsense.”

“She told me she purposefully kept a low profile, so they can’t throw that in your face. She has impeccable manners when she wants to, and knows which fork goes where and what you eat with each one. She knows which wine goes with which course. She has no bad habits. Yea, she drinks a little and smokes a little, but nothing in excess. She’s charming and gracious and when people meet her, they like her. She’s educated with a degree in consumer fashion. What’s not to love? Voters love something bright, shiny and new. You could do a lot worse my friend, a lot worse. Do you think she’d go with you?”

Shocked, he said nothing for several minutes and then said, “I don’t know. I’ll bring the subject up when we get back,” and he was quiet for the rest of the way back to the ranch.

In the quiet, I decided to bring it before the family.

I showed Janey where we had been, and the thing she worried about was that we didn’t get new Stetsons. I laughed and hugged her. Printing out the pictures I transferred them to a secure file and deleted them off of my phone, completely. Then I went and found Sam and explained what Frank and I had talked about.

“Jimmy? Do what we have to do to put a positive political spin on Minxy being on the arm of Frank. He may want to take her back to DC with him. Get with Bat. He has some ideas already brewing.”

“I’ll get right on that. I know just who to call,” and Jimmy went into his office. He gave other movers and shakers a bad name.

When Frank and Minxy came out to dinner, it was clear that she had been crying, but she hung onto Frank’s arm very tightly.

“Alright,” said Sam, “let’s break the ice. Minxy dear, do you want to go with him, yes or no?”

She started blubbering happy tears all over again and nodded her head, smiling like a kid.

“Jimmy has already got my PR firm on it. When they’re done with you, you’ll be the trans-gender Donna Reed of the new millennium. Sweet, conservative and fully fit to be on the arm of a sitting, conservative senator.”

Just then, Maddy stopped adding butter to the butter dish and started tapping the leather plate on the trainer gag that was holding the dildo in her mouth. She would use both of her hands, that were chained three inches apart, to tap the front of her gag, move her hands forward like she wanted it taken off and then tent her hands into the prayer position, repeating this gesture over and over again.

Beth asked, “Are you going to be a good girl?”

Maddy nodded vigorously, so I got up and started to unbuckle all the straps holding her penis-gag in her mouth. Whispering in her ear I said, “You’d better have something positive and productive to add to this conversation.”

Maddy continued to nod, so I held a dinner napkin up to catch the drool I knew would follow the removal of the rubber dick in her mouth.

“May I speak?”

There was a chorus of “Yes” from around the table.

“My family owns one of the biggest PR firms in New York, and if you’d allow me to help, I’ll put the full weight of them behind making sure the Lady Minx gets just the right, positive spin for her being with M’Lord Senator. I know the PR firm that you use M’Lord High Rancher and with mine in the mix, it could be a grand slam for the two of them. It’s taken a lot to keep that fat bastard that I married in a good light, and if they can make him look like a saint, then the Lady Minx would not be a problem. Please let me help.”

Minxy jumped up and ran around the table to Maddy. Grabbing her by her upper arms she exclaimed, “You mean it? You would do that for me? For us? Yesterday you didn’t want to touch me, and today you say you’re offering this? What am I to believe?”

“Lady Minx, I apologized earlier, but you might have interpreted them as just words. This is what I can do to show you just how sorry I am for my actions. I’m very serious. Peterson, MacWhyte & Schulman are a top-notch PR firm, and short of you having major skeletons in your closet, they can scrub you clean enough for Trump or Pence. They’re good. And with M’Lord High Rancher’s firm, we could put you in such a positive light that they would wonder how M’Lord Senator kept you quiet for so long. America would love their new sweetheart. I can make this happen. Please let me make up for my previous indiscretions. I’m trying to be good.”

“Frank? Could we? Please?”

Doing his best Oddball imitation out of the Clint Eastwood 1970 classic, ‘KELLY’S HEROES’, Frank said, “So many positive waves, like how could we go wrong? Let’s do this,” and we all laughed.

I replaced Maddy’s penis in her mouth, buckling it tightly around her face and watched her hobble back in to see Pete for more instructions. The tight P-leather hobble skirt our ladies had put her in kept her gait to about four inches. After we ate and were enjoying our sorbet, we watched as Beth laid down a dog dish of oatmeal for her to eat. She took off the penis gag, and then cuffed Maddy’s hands behind her back. Beth let her eat her meal and lap up some water from another bowl and then refastened the gag back in Maddy’s mouth.

Later that night, while the eight of us were going over the Hummingbird files, Maddy got to watch us as she was tied naked to the stripper pole with fishing line, like Sam had done to Janey a year ago. She was happy with the attention of being played with. She was wearing six-inch pumps, borrowed from Janey, and had clover-clamps on her nipples. Grinding on her tight crotchrope, she was trying not to move, but it was difficult. Maddy moaned around her mouth-filling gag.

All of our women were bald and beautiful tonight.


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