The Client –Part 5

by Anne Woolsey

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The Client –Part 5 by Anne Woolsey
Part Five

Anne awoke early the next morning.  There was no sign of Julia.  The memories of the previous day came flooding back, along with the fear and loathing.

How could she have slept with that woman?  Julia was nuts; certifiably insane, and had treated her very badly.  She had kidnapped her for god's sakes, binding and gagging and beating her!  And yet as she thought these thoughts the embers of desire flared within her.  She remembered their fevered lovemaking and despite her disgust at herself, she was aroused again.

She burst into tears.  What was happening?  This vile woman had taken control of her body and her emotions.  Anne knew she had to get away from here.  If she stayed, she would descend into the same depraved, madness that was Julia's life.

She fought to gain control of her tears and arose from the bed.  Naked and still striped with the marks of Julia's beating, Anne hurried to the door.  It was, of course, locked.  She pulled on the door futilely and slammed it with the palm of her hand.  She spun around and leaned back against the door.  The view from the window wall was before her.  It was beautiful, the rising sun tinting the tops of the tree line red.  She walked slowly to the window.  For a moment she took in the view, her forehead against the cool window, her hands touching the cool glass.  Then she roused herself and looked around the sparsely furnished room.  There was nothing substantial in the room that she could use to smash the window.  A close inspection of the panes revealed they were Plexiglas anyway.  There was no way she could break them!

She tried all the cabinet doors along the back wall.  All were locked with recessed hardware that she couldn't get to.  She didn't want to get into the cabinets anyway.  She wanted out of this room.

Her eyes fell on the only other door in the room.  She hurried to it.  Her heart beat faster as the knob turned and the door yielded to her push.

The door swung open, revealing a furnished room.  There were rugs and furniture and paintings on the walls.  The room was smaller than the other room, but had the same window wall.  There was a small refrigerator filled with food and beverages and a microwave oven.  She looked towards the back of the room and saw two other doors.  One opened into large, empty walk-in closet.  Anne felt and knocked on all the walls of the room and closet hoping for a secret panel or something.  There was none that she could detect.  The other door opened into a large bath and dressing room complete with more closets and a spa as well as the usual bath fixtures.  She remembered that she had to relieve herself and did so.  

She poked around in the bath closets.  Except for towels and linens, all were empty.  There wasn't anything that could help her out of this situation!  She went back into the living room.  Everything that could possibly be used as a weapon was securely bolted in place.  There were no light cords visible, no vases or knickknacks she could use to whack Julia with, nothing of any use as a weapon.  There were no bottles in the fridge, only cardboard containers.

Anne began to feel despair take hold.  She fought it, not wanting to spiral down into a mental state where all she could be was a depressed sex slave to Julia.  She had to maintain her spirit and her desire to escape!

Anne caught sight of herself in a wall mirror and was shocked at how disheveled she looked.  She thought of how good a shower would feel and decided that it would be a welcome distraction from her plight.  She found soap and shampoo and towels in the bath and indulged in a cleansing shower.  She emerged for the stall twenty minutes later feeling refreshed and reenergized.  There was no hair dryer so she dried her hair with a towel and wrapped a large bath towel around her.

Clothes were a problem.  Julia had apparently taken the cat suit with her when she left and Anne wouldn't have put that thing back on anyway.  She would have to try and convince Julia to bring her clothes back to her.  

Meanwhile, she was without clothes or a plan to get out of this place.  She sat on the edge of the sofa and tried to formulate a strategy.  She needed to catch Julia off guard.  Once Julia tied her up again, and Anne knew that was Julia intent, she would be trapped.  Anne well knew that Julia was strong.  Anne wasn't confident that she could overpower her.  She was also wily enough to know that Anne wanted out.  Anne could act as though she was acquiescing to Julia's assault on her, but Julia would still be wary.  Getting the drop on her would be difficult!  Anne turned her thoughts to their lovemaking.  Julia had been vulnerable then and if not for Anne's desperate desire for sexual stimulation and release, she could have tried to subdue her.  Anne cursed her weakness and vowed that it would not happen again.  She would have to play up to Julia and get her into the bed again, but this time Anne would do her best to overpower Julia. 

As she sat in the quiet room thinking of a plan, Anne heard a sound outside the other room.  Heart racing, she rushed out of the living area into the studio.  The door of the studio was being unlocked!  Anne was shaking with tension and fear, not yet ready to deal with Julia.

The door flew open and a figure was propelled through the opening and ended sprawled out on the floor!  

Anne took a few steps toward the supine figure and gasped as she recognized Julia.  Julia was clad as a schoolgirl in white blouse and plaid skirt.  Her hands were tied behind her.  Her mouth was filled with a large ball strapped in place and similar to the one that Anne herself had worn yesterday.  Anne rushed to Julia's side, her towel falling away as she knelt beside her.  Julia lay quietly on the floor not moving or making a sound.

As Anne tried to make sense of what she was seeing, a pair of strong hands grasped Anne's upper arms and pulled her up from the floor and away from Julia.  Once on her feet, she was roughly shoved against the wall.  

Angered and surprised by this manhandling, Anne, when her arms were released, spun to take on her attacker.  A very large, very fit looking woman confronted her.  The woman was at least six feet tall and muscular.  Her hair was blond, cut very short, with dark roots.  Her face was unremarkable, her features almost coarse, except for her eyes.  They were strikingly blue, cold and emotionless.  She was wearing a white blouse and black skirt with dark tights and oxford shoes.  She had folded her arms across her chest and stood, legs slightly apart, daring Anne to try something.  Anne stopped in her tracks!

"Who…who are you?"

"You know very well who I am, Ms. Woolsey!  I have been head mistress of this school ever since you have been here."

Anne shook her head to try and clear her thoughts.  School?  What school?

The woman continued,  "Why aren't you dressed, Miss Woolsey?  It is well past the time when you should have been in uniform."

Without another word, the woman grabbed Anne by the wrist and pulled her across the room.  Anne shot a look at Julia who still lay unmoving and silent where she had fallen.

"Julia?  What's going on?"

Julia didn't respond, but the woman did with a resounding slap on Anne's backside.  Anne yelped in pain.  The woman pushed Anne's back against the wall next to a cabinet door.  She held Anne in place with one large hand around her neck, while she used the other hand to retrieve a key from her key ring.  She unlocked the door and pulled in open.

"You have 5 minutes to get dressed, Miss Woolsey!  And only 5 minutes!"

The woman stalked off to where Julia lay.  Anne watched as the woman took a position over the prone Julia, her eyes fixed on Anne.  Anne turned her attention to the open cabinet.  It held a school uniform similar to what Julia was wearing.  There was underwear and shoes and everything else that Julia wore.  Anne glanced at the woman and then at Julia.  The woman had shut the door to the studio and was now pulling the quiet Julia to her feet.  Julia did not meet Anne's eyes.  She kept her eyes averted and cast down towards the floor.

"Four minutes, Miss Woolsey!"

Anne retrieved the underwear and pulled the white cotton high waist panties on followed by the simple cotton bra.  Anne removed the white blouse from the hanger and buttoned it up.  It fit perfectly.  There was a striped tie on the hanger, already tied.  She slid it over her head and left the knot loose.  Next came the pleated skirt.  It was a green and white plaid that barely came to her mid thighs.  There were also knee socks on the shelf.  They were heavy white wool and Anne began to itch immediately after she had pulled them on.  She stepped into the chunky heeled lace up shoes that were on the shelf of the cabinet and tied the laces.  She caught sight of herself in the mirrors at the end of the room.  She looked ridiculous in this outfit!  She glanced at Julia.  Julia was staring at her and Anne again saw the fevered look in Julia's eyes.  She remembered a comment from Julia about her boarding school or something.  It began to dawn on Anne that she was playing a part in one of Julia's twisted fantasies!  

She wanted to run and barricade herself in the next room, but the large woman was advancing on her, rope in hand.  Anne began to back away, but the woman had her in her grasp before she could flee.  For a large woman, she moved incredibly fast and was as strong as man.  She crossed and roughly bound Anne's wrists behind her.

"Now young lady, you and Miss Morse are going to be punished for what happened yesterday.  You both know the rules about sex and you both chose to ignore them.  You therefore must accept the consequences."  

Anne blurted out,  "Who the hell are you?  Get your hands off me, you fucking freak!"

Big mistake!  Anne was knocked off her feet by a hard slap to her face.  The woman dropped to her knees and grasped Anne by her collar.  She pulled her up and Anne could smell her bad breath and body odor as she hissed in Anne's face.  "You listen to me, Miss Woolsey.  I will not allow profanity.  Your punishment will be increased for that infraction."

Anne's fear overwhelmed her and she began to sob.  She was living a freakish nightmare!  The woman said,  "I am not moved by your tears, Miss Woolsey.  And I don't want to hear you speak again!"  The woman produced a large ball gag.  She pinched Anne's nose shut and waited until Anne had to gasp air through her mouth.  When her mouth opened, the woman the ball into Anne's mouth.  Anne tried to adjust to the intrusive gag as the woman tightened the strap at the back of Anne's neck.  

Anne was jerked to her feet and pulled by the arm to where Julia still stood.  During all of this, Julia had not moved.  As Anne was deposited next to Julia, she saw that Julia was still staring at her.  Her gaze was cold and reptilian.  Anne shivered in revulsion and vowed to herself that Julia would not win this battle.  Anne would not become Julia's toy.  

The two women stared at each other for several seconds until the 'head mistress' grabbed them both by the forearm and pulled them towards the mirrored end of the room.  Anne watched their images in the mirror.  They looked like two wayward students in their uniforms.  The 'head mistress' told them to stay where they were and went to open one of the cabinets.  Julia continued to stare at Anne in the mirror and Anne began to get very creeped out by this strange woman.  She knew she would have to endure some abuse at the hands of the head mistress and she was steeling herself for it.  But when that was over, Anne was going after Julia! 

The woman wasted no time in restraining Anne.  She was rough and efficient.  A bar cuffed to her ankles spread Anne's legs wide.  Her hands were pulled up high behind her back, bending her at her waist until her torso was parallel to the floor.  Heavy straps were buckled to the tops of her thighs and additional ropes were wrapped around her chest.  Using these restraints, the woman pulled Anne up and off her feet until she was hanging in an upright 'L' position by her shoulder ropes and the straps on her thighs.  The toes of her shoes barely touched the floor.  The woman secured the bar at the midpoint to the floor further straining Anne's already tortured body.  She roughly pulled Anne's head up and back by threading a rope through her hair and pulling it tight to her wrist ropes.

The strain of the position was excruciating and Anne began to sob uncontrollably.  Her shoulders ached at the joints and the straps cut cruelly into the soft flesh of her crotch.  She sought out Julia who was now sitting on the floor, still bound and gagged, and pleaded with her eyes for mercy.  Julia responded with a cold predatory stare.  Anne could tell from the look in her eyes that Julia was excited by Anne's plight and would offer her no comfort or relief.  As Anne was trying to reach out to Julia, the other woman was busy further restraining Anne.  Her elbows were tied together, which was almost unbearable given the position of her arms and her crossed wrists.  A few adjustments, a few more ropes here and there and Anne was totally helpless.

From time to time, the woman would pick up a digital camera or recorder and shoot pictures of Anne.

The 'headmistress' moved in front of Anne and grabbed her cheeks in one massive hand.

"Stop your crying, you little slut, or I will really give you something to cry about!"

Anne was terrified of this woman and couldn't stop herself from sobbing and in fact began to cry harder.  The woman slapped Anne hard across the face.  That did nothing to stop Anne from crying and she blubbered on while the woman continued to slap her.  Finally, her face stinging from the relentless assault of her tormentor, Anne gained controlled of herself or, maybe, just ran out of tears.

That didn't satisfy the woman.  She hissed in Anne's ear.  "I don't like you, Ms. Woolsey.  You are soft and disgustingly weak!  I am going to toughen you up a bit so that you'll be better able to handle the minor discomforts you'll experience here."

She began to unbuckle the gag.  Just before she popped it out of Anne's mouth she said to Anne, "If you make a sound, one sound, I will beat you until my arms fall off!  Do you understand?"  Anne, in a state of total fear, could only nod her head.  The gag popped free to Anne's relief, but the relief didn't last long.  The woman produced a ring and forced it pass Anne's lips and lodged it behind her teeth.  When it was tightly strapped behind her head, the device held Anne's mouth open wide.  She couldn't tilt her head or swallow fast enough so saliva began to trickle out of her mouth and onto her chin and pooled on the floor.

Anne's skirt was already bunched up on top off her butt because of the straps and now she felt the woman shred her panties.  She whimpered in fear.  The woman's fingers penetrated Anne's pussy and roughly spread her.  First one finger and then a second found its way into her butt hole and spread it.  Anne squirmed in revulsion at the indignity of being touched by this disgusting woman.

The woman appeared in front of Anne with a dildo in her hand.  She shoved it past Anne's ring gag and told her to wet it.  Anne struggled to keep from gagging on the intruding device as the woman moved it around inside her mouth.  Anne fought down her gag reflex and the device was withdrawn.  The woman walked behind her and pushed the dildo against the lips of Anne's pussy.  She pushed and maneuvered it until it passed into Anne who despite her revulsion at this intrusion was helpless to stop it.  The woman withdrew the dildo and inserted it into Anne's mouth again.  "Not wet enough, Ms. Woolsey.  Do it again."  

Anne tasted herself on the hard rubber as the woman forced the dildo far back into Anne's throat.  This time Anne gagged on it and the woman snickered at her discomfort.  The dildo fully penetrated Anne this time filling her.  A second smaller dildo found its way into Anne's mouth and Anne shivered at the understanding of where that was going.  The woman placed the tip against Anne's anus and pushed hard, forcing the muscle to expand.  Anne cried out in pain as the dildo was forced into her.  She had never allowed anyone to penetrate her there and she hated the feeling of it.  She began to cry again.  The woman continued pushing until the full length of the dildo was embedded in Anne's ass.  

She than came back around to Anne's front and slapped her hard several times.  "I told you not to cry!"  Anne smothered her sobs and tried to ignore the sensations caused by the intruding dildos.  She was almost hysterical with fear and discomfort, but she fought for control.  She couldn't see Julia from her position, but she knew she was there and Anne's hate for Julia sparked and blazed.  Anne knew that the only way she would get through this was to rededicate herself to getting out of here.  She tried to get her mind to focus on other things, to compartmentalize this outrage and survive it.

The woman knelt in front of Anne and pushed a foul tasting rubber thing into her mouth.  Out of the corner of her eye, Anne saw that the thing had a hose and bulb attached to it.  The woman began to squeeze the bulb and Anne felt the rubber thing expand in her mouth.  The woman pumped the bulb quickly and soon the rubber bladder had expanded and forced Anne's tongue down to the bottom of her mouth and caused her cheeks to painfully expand.  The sensation was one of being blown up and it was almost overwhelming.  Again Anne fought to control her gag reflex and calm her nerves.  These cruel women were systematically brutalizing her.  It made her angry that anyone would treat another person this way.  Being tied up was one thing; this was torture, pure and simple.

To bring home that thought, the woman ripped open Anne's blouse and cut off her bra.  Anne felt her pull roughly at her nipples and then felt the sharp pain of a clamp being attached to each nipple.  The clamps must have had weights attached because Anne felt her nipples and breasts being pulled downward.  The feeling was beyond description.  Anne wanted those things off and tried shaking her herself and screaming for their removal, all to no avail.  It was such an intense, intrusive feeling that she thought she would pass out.  She willed herself to think of other things in an attempt to escape the discomfort.  She was only partially successful, until the woman began a systematic beating of Anne's legs and butt.  Julia had already done this to her, but this was different.  This woman had skills way beyond those of Julia.  

Anne forgot about the pain in her nipples and struggled to acclimate herself to this new torture.  Using different instruments and techniques the woman worked Anne almost to the point of unconsciousness.  The blows weren't confined to just her ass or legs.  She was also struck on the breasts and belly and on her pussy.  Bound, helpless and abused, Anne felt herself sinking into a deep hole where she was barely aware of what was happening to her.  She tried to focus her attention on the revenge she would exact for this, but it was impossible to fully withdraw into that fantasy.  It seemed so far away and difficult to envision.  In the end, she hung there and accepted her abuse with no reaction other than a grunt of pain as each blow landed on her sensitized skin.

Gradually she became aware that the beating had stopped.  She felt the gag being deflated and removed.  Her entire body was on fire and her cheeks felt as if they would never go back to the same shape.  

She jerked back to full awareness when the woman began to spray her with cold water at high pressure.  She directed the stream at Anne's face and at the parts of her body sensitized by the beating.  While it woke her up, it hurt like hell.  The spraying didn't last long, but achieved the result of bringing Anne back to a conscious level of understanding of what was happening to her.

Anne had no idea how long she had been held like this.  Parts of her body were numb and the rest was sore.  She wished with all her heart for release, but she knew that was not going to happen until these two maniacs were through with her.  She hung docilely in her uncomfortable position waiting for something to happen.  She could hear the 'headmistress' whispering to someone, presumably Julia.  Whatever she was saying to Julia, they apparently had reached agreement.  The woman strode over to one of the wall compartments and withdrew a strappy thing and began putting it on.  Anne waited with wildly beating heart for whatever would happen next.

When the woman turned and began to walk back towards Anne, she was wearing the thing.  It was a strap-on dildo of immense size.  It bobbed up and down as she strode towards Anne.  Every instinct and nerve in Anne flashed to full alert.  She struggled and screamed in an attempt to ward off this indignity.  The woman just smirked at her and walked right up to Anne and shoved the dildo into her mouth.  She thrust it in and out several times gagging Anne and jostling her as she hung in space.

She withdrew it and went behind Anne.  The dildo residing in Anne's pussy was jerked out and in an instant, replaced by the thrusting strap-on.  The woman held Anne at the hips and pistoned in and out of her.  There was nothing sexual about this.  It's intent was purely humiliation and degradation.  After her initial shock, Anne gritted her teeth and endured the indignity.  The abuse continued for what seemed like forever.  The woman finally withdrew and slid the dildo into Anne's mouth, telling her to clean it off, all the while smirking at her.  Anne did as she was told, a white-hot fury flaring within her.

Finally, it was over!  The woman undid the restraints and paraphernalia and allowed Anne to slump to the wet floor, with only her hands loosely tied.  Anne refused to look at either woman.

Keeping up the charade until the end, the 'headmistress' lifted the still-tied Julia to her feet and led her to the door and out of the room.  Neither of them acknowledged Anne was sitting there.  The door locked behind them.  Anne fervently hoped that Julia was going to receive similar treatment from her trained torturer, but she knew it would not happen.

Anne stayed in her slumped position for a long time.  She finally marshaled enough strength to wriggle out of the wrist rope.  Once free of that, she was seized by a spasm of energy.  She rose and tore off her clothes.  She moved as fast as her tormented body allowed her to the bathroom where she threw up while she ran a bath of hot water.  The tub also was a spa and the jets of water helped her to recover some strength and ability to move without pain.  The water helped ease the abrasion caused by the restraints, but her psyche was untouched by the healing waters.

Oddly enough, though, Anne didn't feel beaten down.  The fury that had built up inside her towards the end of her torture remained ablaze in her heart and mind.

She knew Julia would be back, maybe tonight, certainly tomorrow.  

She began to plan her escape.


concludes in Part Six


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