The Client Part 4

by Anne Woolsey

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Storycodes: F/f; bond; susp; reluct; X

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The Client 4 by Anne Woolsey
Part Four

The trip from the project site to their destination took about 45 minutes.  Anne lay quietly on the back seat under the blanket as the vehicle swayed and bounced down the woods road and then cruised smoothly over the paved highways. 

There was no further chatter from Julia.  Apparently she was concentrating on driving and didn't want to be distracted. 

Anne was trying to understand what had happened today.  It was almost beyond her comprehension to process that Julia had kidnapped her.  It was not registering in her brain.  She was numb and her thinking was slow and fragmented.  She tried to pull herself together so that she could be alert and able to react to help herself if the occasion for it arose.  By the time Julia had stopped the car and gotten out, Anne had regained some of her composure.

Julia flipped the blanket off Anne and undid the rope that hogtied her.  She helped Anne to get upright and out of the car.  Anne saw that they were inside a garage, a rather large garage that included several other vehicles.  The garage was well appointed with tile floors and painted walls with fancy woodwork.  She assumed that this was Julia's house or rather, her garage. 

Anne remembered that Julia had spoken of staff.  She felt a spark of hope that maybe someone would see her and end this nightmare. 

As if Julia could read her mind, Julia said, "Welcome to my home, Anne!  We have entered through the garage since there is a private entrance from here to my studio.  Maybe some day, I will show you the rest of the house.  For now, you'll be staying in my studio.  Oh, and I'm sure you will be glad to know that the studio is off limits to all staff!  No one will be bothering us!  Isn't that nice?" 

Anne reeled as another avenue to her freedom was closed off.  Panic rose in her as she assimilated what Julia had said.  She was going to be staying here?  God!  What was going on?  She began to struggle and pull away from Julia.  Julia grabbed the line still attached to Anne's collar and pulled it, dragging Anne's head towards her until they were almost nose-to-nose.  Anne stared into Julia's eyes, frightened by the coldness she saw. 

"We're not going to have a problem with you are we, Anne?"  Another jerk on the line brought Anne even closer.  "Are we?'  Anne blinked and slowly and barely shook her head.  "Good.  We wouldn't want any trouble!  Well, come on now!  Let me show you your new home!" 

Anne closed her eyes and fought off the desperation she felt building.  Better to go along with her now and wait for a chance than to annoy her more now, she thought. 

Julia, with Anne in tow, headed for a set of stairs in the corner of the garage.  Anne shuffled along after Julia, trying to keep up.  Climbing the stairs was difficult, as she had to go up sideways.  The ropes hobbling her ankles would not allow enough slack to climb the normal way.  At the top, Julia stopped and produced a key ring.  She selected keys and unlocked first one door than a second just beyond it.

They entered a room with a long wall of curtained windows that looked out over a large field with woods beyond.  From the sun's position, it appeared that the windows faced to the north.  It was a beautiful view that Anne couldn't appreciate right now.  The room was probably 20 feet wide and 30 feet long.  The floor was polished hard wood and the ceiling was beamed with a plastered finish and was about 12 feet high.  As Anne looked around she saw that one end wall was covered with floor to ceiling mirrors.  The long wall through which they had entered had several cabinets built into it.  There were a multitude of hooks and other hardware attached to that wall and the ceiling.  There were many different types of lights hanging from the ceiling or standing on the floor.  There was a door at the far end of the room.  It was the only other exit except for where they had just come in.  There were several cameras on tripods set about the room.  As she looked around, Anne noticed that there was no real furniture.  There was a bed in the far corner near the other door, a bare wooden desk, some straight-backed chairs and some other structures she couldn't identify, but nothing to define it as living space.  The whole room had a new feel to it emphasized by the smell of fresh paint.  Anne looked at her reflection in the wall mirrors, still surprised to see her bound body.  Julia stood to one side of her a look of pride on her smiling face.

"Well, Anne what do you think?  Oh, we are going to do some good work here, my dear!  It's equipped with everything we'll need to create beautiful things!"

Seeing Anne's confusion, Julia continued, "Well surely you understand that this is my studio, don't you?"  The confused expression was fixed on Anne's face.  "This is my bondage photography studio, Anne.  You are going to be the model for photographs the likes of which no one has ever seen before!"  Anne felt her heart speed up as the words of her captor sunk in.  This was some kind of bizarre bondage torture chamber developed in Julia's mind and made possible by Julia's money and built for her!  Anne felt faint and began to sag to the floor.  Julia caught her on the way down and lowered her gently to the floor, placing Anne's back against the wall.  Her words reflected no understanding of Anne's reaction or feelings as she gazed out the window.  "Isn't it beautiful out there.  I think when get you settled in, you'll just come to love the view!"

No sooner had Julia finished speaking when she grabbed Anne's hair and pulled, dragging her towards the center of the room.  Anne struggled to raise herself to her feet, tears filling her eyes, but all she could do was roll and slide as Julia slid her to a point several feet from the mirrored wall.  Anne was sobbing loudly now, her eyes streaming.  Julia paid no attention to the miserable woman lying at her feet.  She was retrieving something from the corner of the room.  She returned with a stout bar with heavy straps at each end. 

Without a word, she began to unlace Anne's knee high boots.  When they were undone, Julia untied the hobble rope and pulled off the boots.  She tossed them aside.  Julia worked without speaking as Anne lay on her back, eyes closed, her crying gentled down to a sniffling whimper.  She offered no resistance as Julia spread her legs and attached the straps on the bar to each ankle.  When Julia finished, Anne's ankles were about two, two and half feet apart. 

She lay still as Julia walked to the wall and opened a small panel with a key she produced from her pocket.  A whirring sound filled the room and Anne opened her eyes and focused on the source of the sound.  She saw a boxy thing in the ceiling and noted with alarm that a cable with a hook was descending from the box.  The cable continued dropping until it was about a foot off the floor.  Anne, even in her addled state, had no trouble understanding what was going to happen.  She tried to squirm away, but Julia easily grabbed the bar between her legs and pulled her roughly back towards where the cable hung.  With one hand on the bar and the other on the cable, Julia lifted Anne's legs and hooked the cable to a link on the bar.  She dropped Anne's legs and they jerked to a halt partially raised off the floor.  Anne tried to lift her torso up off the floor and protested loudly through her gag, pleading for Julia to stop. 

Julia, ignoring Anne, strode to the panel and flipped the switch.

Anne's muffled screams filled the room as she was dragged along the floor towards the hoist.  Her legs were soon pointing straight up as the hoist slowly, inexorably lifted her, seemingly without strain.  Soon she was balanced on her neck and the back off her shoulders and then her head and then she was clear of the floor.  The hoist ground away until Anne's head was about two feet off the floor.  She was swinging gently side-to-side and was twisting slowly as well.  The noise and the lifting stopped.  Her head throbbed from the pressure of hanging up side down.

Julia, still silent, tied off Anne's leash to a ring that lifted out of the floor.  Now Anne was pinned straight up and down.  There was some tension on the collar but not enough to alarm her.  The straps at her ankles supported her weight and she was thankful that she had run and stayed in shape.  Her ankles and legs were strong and she felt she could survive this. 

That thought evaporated when the first blow struck her butt cheek.  It stung more than hurt and startled her more than stung.  She cried out in a muffled scream.  More blows followed the first; each expertly placed and laid on.  After a while, Anne ceased screaming at each blow and emitted a grunting sound as the blow landed. 

Julia began to punish Anne relentlessly and expertly with a variety of instruments.  This initial torment probably lasted about ten minutes, but Anne thought it was much, much longer!  As Anne seemed to anticipate the location and timing of the next blow, Julia changed it.  Anne was struck on the inside of her thighs, on her breasts, her belly and even on the soles of her feet.  The thin fabric of the cat suit offered no protection.  At first Anne tried to keep her bound arms up to protect her butt, but soon she tired and now they hung uselessly straight out behind her, parallel to the floor.  Her beaten flesh felt hot and sensitive to even a change in the air currents in the room.

The beating stopped and Julia pressed a throbbing vibrator into Anne's crotch.  A new sensation coursed through Anne, blocking out the discomfort of her beating.  She felt herself responding to the incessant buzz of the vibrator.  As Julia held the buzzer against Anne, she used her other hand to caress the burning skin of Anne's butt.  The vibrator was soon withdrawn and the beating began and then it was back to the vibrator.  Anne craved sexual release and marveled at the effect the juxtaposition of pleasure and pain was having on her.  She wanted the beating to stop and she didn't.  She wanted the vibrator to bring her over the edge, but she loved the seesaw of emotion the application and removal of that stimulus brought about in her.  It was all very confusing. 

Finally, after about an half an hour, it was over and Anne was lowered to the floor.  She lay still on her back, her equilibrium upset by the prolonged suspension.  Julia approached and knelt down beside her.  Anne looked up into Julia's eyes and saw something different there.  It was as if the crazy woman had departed leaving a soft, caring person in her wake.  She wondered what Julia was seeing in her eyes.  Julia helped Anne to sit up and began to untie her.  Soon Anne was only bound at the wrists.  Anne moved her legs and sat with her feet curled under her, happy for having the ability and opportunity to stretch her legs. 

Julia pried the gag out of Anne's mouth and held a finger to Anne's lips silencing her.  Almost involuntarily, Anne opened her mouth and flicked her tongue over Julia's finger.  Julia leaned in and kissed Anne on her mouth.  Julia's tongue pushed against Anne's lips and Anne opened her mouth and took her in.  The two women, one bound and the other responsible for her bondage, kissed passionately.  All Anne's fear of Julia evaporated in the heat of their kiss.  Or maybe Julia was the hot flame to which Anne was destined to be drawn.  Either way, Anne's body was in charge and the sexual energy and desire she felt were overwhelming.  Julia hugged Anne tightly and then released her.  Neither woman had spoken nor did Anne feel she could express what she was feeling.  Something fundamental had changed within her.  This woman and the way she treated Anne, the harsh lash and the soft kiss, seemed to Anne to be what had been missing in her life. 

Julia helped Anne to her feet and guided her to the bed.  Standing beside it, Julia pulled Anne to her and kissed her again.  Julia finally broke the silence.

"Anne, my sweet, I am going to untie your hands now.  Please don't do anything that we will both regret!"

"I won't, I promise."   Julia gently turned Anne and untied the rope on her wrists.  As soon as the rope was off, Julia slid her hands around to the front and cupped Anne's breasts.  Anne brought her hands up to cover Julia's and tipped her head back, resting it on Julia's shoulder.  Julia nuzzled Anne's neck as she continued to massage Anne's breast and nipples.  Julia withdrew her hands to undo the zipper at the back of the cat suit. She slid it off Anne's shoulders and let it gather at her waist.  Anne turned and, for the first time, embraced Julia.  She felt as if she were melting from the need inside of her.  She grasped Julia's wrists and drew her down onto the bed.  They tore at each other clothes and finally, in a tangle of discarded clothes and rumpled sheets, tasted each other and brought each other up to and over the edge.  They made love several times over the next few hours, each time a period of wonderful sensation and discovery.  Julia guided Anne to the places where Julia needed to be touched and helped Anne to free her mind and enjoy the touch of another woman. 

Late that night, Julia arose and kissed Anne one last time before she departed from the room.  "Rest well, my sweet!  We have a big day tomorrow!"



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