The Client –Part 5

by Anne Woolsey

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© Copyright 2005 - Anne Woolsey - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; reluct/nc; X

continued from part five

The Client - Part 6

It was now approaching dusk and Anne had spent the remainder of the day restlessly exploring her prison and thinking long and hard of scenarios for her escape. She had not bothered to dress or eaten anything and to be honest about it, she was feeling increasingly despondent. As the day passed and her situation became clearer, her outrage and steely anger had flagged and now she just sat and stared out the window. It was difficult to maintain an edge of anger even though she still desperately wanted to be away from here. She knew she would have to rekindle that anger if she was ever to escape.

As Anne knew would happen, Julia did return.

She entered the room, chattering away, as if nothing like the horror that had been inflicted on Anne had ever happened. She found Anne in the living area and drew her to her feet. Anne knew that Julia wanted sex and she was surprised and elated that her flagging anger immediately resurrected itself in the face of this arrogant and cruel woman. Anne knew that this would be her only shot. The situation made her nervous and determined at the same time.

Anne let herself be led to the bed. As before, Julia was the sexual aggressor and this time, Anne reluctantly followed her lead. The feeling of discovery and out-of-control arousal of being with a woman she felt yesterday was gone. She was repulsed by Julia and struggled to keep that reaction from showing. Just the touch of Julia's hand made her skin crawl, but she had to go through with this. Yet, in spite of her vow to keep cool and overpower Julia, Anne found herself beginning to be swept up and carried away by the skill and intensity of Julia's lovemaking. Julia had learned quickly what turned Anne on and she was using all her knowledge now. Anne fought to control herself as Julia's tongue found her clitoris and launched an all out assault on it. Julia sounded like a dog slurping water from a bowl. Anne lay on her back, her legs spread and heels dug in to raise her hips upward. Julia crouched between Anne's thighs, her hands spreading Anne's lips and her mouth and tongue all over Anne's pussy. Anne, almost overcome by the sensations Julia was creating in her, did her best to remain coherent enough to take her chance should it arise.

As Julia performed her magic between Anne's legs, Anne, distracted as she was, realized that she had an opportunity now to overpower Julia. Julia was totally intent on pleasuring Anne's sex and was vulnerable.

Anne reached out with both hands and placed them on Julia's head. For a moment Anne caressed Julia's hair. Then she grasped Julia's head and drew Julia's face against her pussy. Julia looked up from her work and then back down as Anne released the pressure. She did it again and Julia didn't react. Anne twirled one hand through Julia's short hair and drew her other hand back so that she could use it to raise herself up. She adjusted her position slightly, dropping the angle of her hips in the guise of a passionate wiggle, so that she could raise her torso.

All thoughts of passion had cleared from her brain and Anne was ready. She grabbed a fistful of Julia's hair in her hand and jerked the woman's head up. At the same time, she swung her other hand in a fist and crashed it into the side of Julia's face. Her torso was dropping back to the bed as she swung and some of the force of the blow was lessened. Nonetheless, the force of the impact shot up Anne's arm and her hand hurt tremendously, but Julia had taken the worst of it. Anne watched Julia's eyes roll up in her head and for a moment thought she had really hurt her. Anne removed her hand from Julia's hair and the woman's head dropped down onto the sheet as Anne untangled herself from Julia. Anne sprang up from the bed and dashed over to where the ropes that had bound her this morning still lay.

She gathered them up and pounced on Julia's unconscious body. Anne was a bondage novice, but knew how to tie secure knots. And she had received a crash course in bondage over the past two days. She was a fast learner and had no doubts that she could adequately secure Julia. She soon had Julia's hands tied palm to palm behind her back. She checked Julia's breathing and was relieved to hear her breathe in and out as if she was asleep. All the ropes seemed to be entangled so Anne had to take precious time to sort them out. Julia had not stirred. Anne shook a piece of rope out of the pile and tied Julia's elbows together. Julia was more flexible than Anne was and Anne was able to draw the woman's elbow together so that only the rope cinch kept them from touching.

Anne was beginning to enjoy the process of tying Julia up now that the tension and uncertainty of whether she could overpower her had passed. The anger that had been residing inside Anne began to erupt. Anne decided that Julia should get a taste of the same medicine she had been doling out to Anne. She gathered another length of rope and crossed Julia's ankles. Anne tied them tightly and then using a second piece of rope cinched between the ankles and run through the wrist rope to draw her ankles up towards her hands. Anne, remembering the tie that Julia put on her out at the project site, continued to pull and tighten the rope until she had Julia's heels touching her hands. The tension pulled Julia's shoulders up off the bed slightly. Anne decided that she liked that look and looped some rope around Julia's chest and shoulders and tied that back to her ankles. More pulling and tying and Julia's shoulders and upper body were arched off the bed at a satisfying angle.

Julia began to stir and finally lifted her head up off the bed. She was disoriented and her eyes didn't quite focus on Anne. She had a darkening bruise on the side of her face. Anne hoped she hadn't given the woman a concussion. Julia shook her head a few times apparently to clear it and then appeared to come around.

"You bitch, Woolsey! You fucking little bitch! After all I've done for you, you treat me like this? Untie me this instant!"

Anne was surprised at the vehemence of Julia's outburst.

She sat down on the edge of the bed and looked at Julia.

"How do you like being on that end of the rope, huh, Julia? You were very interested in tying me up. I hope you have the same interest in being tied up!"

"You stupid bitch! I will make the rest of your life miserable for you if you continue with this. I have power and connections you wouldn't believe and I will use them all to destroy you, you ungrateful cunt!"

"My, my, Julia! You seem to have a problem with this. I am aware of your connections. But I'll bet there are a whole lot of people who are not aware of this part of your life and who would be reluctant to get within a telephone call of you if they knew about it."

"You miserable little lowlife cunt! You are trying to blackmail me?"

"That I am, Julia. There are a lot of memory cards for the cameras and I intend to fill up several with pictures of you enjoying your unusual little hobby. I think your country club and Junior League friends may not be friends much longer. What do you think?"

As if a switch had been thrown, Julia changed her tone and approach. In a soft, almost sultry voice she said, "Anne, please don't do this to me. We've shared so much and I really do care for you. I want to hold you and make love to you like we were just doing. I know you loved that and I know you want it! Please, Anne, let me go and we'll forget all about this! Please?"

Anne felt a twinge of desire and regret. Julia had really turned her on sexually and these past few days had irrevocably altered Anne's life. All that Anne knew or thought she knew about herself had been scrambled and disrupted. Anne knew that she would have to sort all this out and that she would be a different person when it was over. But Julia, despite her sexual hold on Anne, was not a person Anne wanted in her life. Julia, if not insane, was seriously unbalanced and, in Anne's opinion, potentially dangerous. No matter the effect that Julia had on her, she was not going to be a factor in her life.

"I am sorry, Julia. I don't want anything to do with you!"

Another switch was thrown and Julia began cursing and threatening and thrashing around on the bed. Anne actually backed away from the woman even though she was securely tied so intense was her anger.

Anne searched the floor and found one of the knee socks she had been forced to wear this morning. She wadded it up and pressed it against Julia's lips. Julia was practically humming with hate and refused to open her mouth. Anne pinched Julia's nostrils together until Julia had to gulp in some air through her mouth. With a slight opening available, Anne began to push the heavy wool sock into Julia's mouth, being careful not to give the woman a chance to bite her fingers. With alternating nose pinching and pushing, Anne soon had the entire sock wadded in Julia's mouth. Julia was incensed and struggled relentless; hate lasering from her eyes. Anne used the second sock to secure the wadding, pulling it tight between Julia's lips and securing it at the back of her neck. Julia face was beet red and she continued sputtering more threats from behind the secure wadding.

Anne retrieved one of the digital cameras from a tripod and checked the contents. It had a full complement of pictures of her in her recent bondage. She was not surprised to see that no identifiable pictures had been taken of Julia. Anne was going to delete the pictures, but didn't. She removed all the cards from all the cameras and set them aside to take with her. She found a clean card and loaded it. She advanced on Julia and began shooting. Julia tried to turn or move her head out of the picture but could only lower her head because of the ropes holding her in position. Anne held Julia's head up by her hair and shot several close-ups of Julia's face. There would be no doubt at all as to her identity!

Anne was enjoying this power she had over Julia.

It was, in fact, turning her on!

She didn't want to stay around her too long in case the Amazon head mistress returned, but she also felt a need to further torment Julia. Putting down the camera, Anne began to drag Julia to the edge of the bed. The woman was vibrating with anger and fought as best she could. Anne got her to the edge of the bed and lowered her to the floor. Julia was on her knees with her back leaning against the side of the bed. Her legs were spread a bit because her ankles had been crossed and tied. It all looked very uncomfortable!

Anne found one of the vibrators that had recently inhabited one of her own orifices. The head mistress was very messy, not bothering to clean up after she had finished abusing Anne. Or maybe Julia was going to put her back into this stuff after some sex. It didn't matter now, because Anne had the upper hand.

She knelt in front of Julia and felt between Julia's legs. Not surprisingly, the woman was wet! The look in Julia's eyes was very disturbing, so Anne took the case off one of the pillows and pulled it over Julia's head. Anne secured the hood with a rope snugly, but not too snugly, tied around Julia's neck. Then she went about inserting the small vibrator. It slipped in easily and Anne fashioned a crotch rope to keep it in place. Julia twisted as much as she could to try and expel the intruding device, but it was there to stay. That particular vibrator was remotely controlled. Anne found the controller and turned it on. She placed her hand on Julia's mound and felt the tremor from the vibrator. Julia definitely felt it too because she was began moving her hips in a humping motion. Anne shot several more photos of Julia humping the vibrator. Satisfied that it worked, Anne switched it off to an audible moan from Julia. The controller had a timer on it that stopped and started the thing on an interval basis, but Anne didn't have time now to figure it out.

She needed to get dressed and out of here. She didn't know where her clothes from the other day were, so she had to be satisfied wearing the schoolgirl costume. She found some underwear on the floor and pulled it on and donned the blouse and skirt. She pushed her feet into the shoes and laced them up.

Now she had to figure out what to do with Julia. She remembered Julia saying that the house staff never came to the studio. As much as she disliked Julia, Anne did not want any permanent harm to come to her.

Anne pulled the sheets from the bed and doubled them up on the floor in front of Julia. She tipped the woman forward and lowered her, none to gently, until she lay on the sheets. Gathering up the ends of the sheets, Anne gave an experimental tug and found that she could slide Julia along the floor. Anne needed the key to the studio door. She was sure Julia had one on her and searched through the clothes she had been wearing. She found it on the laces of Julia's right shoe. Julia was quiet, just lying on the rug. She probably had a headache! Anne prodded her with her foot just to make sure she was still with her. Julia responded with a grunt and a curse.

Anne bent at the waist and began to drag the woman toward the door. The key fit the lock and Anne's heart pounded in anticipation of escaping this place. They went through the short hall and through the second door at the end. That door opened onto the platform of the stairs that rose from the garage floor. Anne thought for a moment and decided that there was no way she could get Julia down the stairs in one piece. Julia would have to stay here.

She ran back into the studio and got some more rope. She rotated Julia up from the sheets until she was on her knees again and leaning against the railing. Anne used the rope to secure Julia in place against the railing. Anyone coming into the garage would be sure to see her.

Anne's car was still in the garage. She found her spare key and opened the door. The car started right up. Anne shut it down and checked in the back. All her stuff including her clothes, laptop and papers appeared to be in the car. She looked around the garage and found the panel where the door opener switches were located. She went back up the stairs two at a time, a sense of urgency and the desire to get away from this place driving her.

"Julia? I'm leaving you here. The staff will find you after I am gone. Make no mistake, Julia! If you try to come back at me, I will expose you to the world. I have all the camera cards and you are in those pictures as well as the ones of you alone. I will send them wherever I can to discredit you. Do you understand?"

Anne was pretty sure Julia said fuck you from beneath her hood.

"Here's something to remember me by, Julia!" Anne switched on the vibrator and watched as Julia jerked to the sensation that began to pulse through her. Anne tossed the control aside and was down the stairs and in her car in no time. As soon as the garage door was open she was out the door and headed down the long drive.

Her phone still had a charge. About 15 minutes from the house, she dialled Julia's number.

Using a husky voice and accent, she told the woman who answered that Julia needed some help in the garage. She knew that whoever discovered Julia would probably either lose their job or come into a large sum of money. She didn't care either way.

As she put distance between herself and Julia's house, Anne began to relax. She had a lot to think about. There was something about bondage that had touched her core and she was sure she would need to experience it again. She had slept with a woman and had enjoyed it. She had to sort that out! Was it the bondage foreplay that expedited that or was she really interested in women. She had threatened Julia with exposure, but she was not sure that would be enough to keep her away. What should she do to keep herself safe from that mad woman?

Anne's life had been changed by these last few days. The only thing she knew with certainty was that she just didn't know what her life from now on would be like.


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