The Client Part 3

by Anne Woolsey

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The Client 3 by Anne Woolsey
Part Three

Anne watched quietly as Julia began to unlace her boots.

"I believe we are the same size, Anne dear.  These boots will look stunning on you, although I would have liked a higher heel.  A little unpractical out here, don't you think?"

Julia prattled on as if they were having lunch or something.  Anne began to wonder about Julia's sanity.  Putting aside the fact that Julia had kidnapped and forcibly restrained Anne, she was certainly acting oddly; carrying on these one sided conversations and laughing at inappropriate spots during the conversation.  A chill spread through Anne as she reassessed her earlier thinking that Julia wouldn't really hurt her!

Julia removed both boots and padded over to Anne in her bare feet, boots in hand.

"Lift up your foot, dear!"  Anne raised her right foot and Julia slipped the boot on.  "Now step down!"  Julia was right, the boot fit comfortably.  Warmth and moisture from Julia's foot were still in the boot.  It gave Anne an odd feeling to be wearing this woman's shoes.  They repeated the process with her left foot.  The higher heels on the boots took some of the strain off Anne's neck.  Julia sat cross-legged at Anne's feet and began to lace the boots up.  That process took about 10 minutes and Julia was very fussy with how the laces were looped and tied. 

When she finished, Julia popped to her feet and said, "Oh my!  They look wonderful on you.  I will have to get you a pair, don't you think?  But with higher heels!"

In fact, the boots did feel good.  The tight lacing, stiff leather and the length of the boots imparted a confining feeling to Anne's legs.  She couldn't move her head enough to see what they looked like.  Julia obliged her curiosity and shot a few pictures of Anne.  Again, Anne was amazed at how she looked.  It was difficult to believe that she was herself.  She thought she looked so exotic and₀. well, both submissive and dominant at the same time.

She watched as Julia pulled on Anne's wool socks and hiking boots.  She thought she detected a faint look of disdain over the style and quality of the footwear.

"This is so fun, don't you think, Anne dear?  Trying on each other clothes?  It reminds me of boarding school!"  She stopped and looked at Anne.  "Actually, my dear, seeing you bound as you are reminds me very much of my boarding school!"  Another off-kilter laugh escaped from Julia.  Anne took a deep breath to try and calm her nerves.

"Alright, Anne dear, on to the next photo opportunity!"

Julia set about binding Anne"s ankles.  Anne could barely feel the rope through the leather of the boots, but she knew she was tied.  Her ankles were tightly held together and there was no movement possible.  Julia placed more ropes around Anne's legs just above her knees.  These she felt as Julia cinched them tightly.  She felt Julia tying rope to her wrist rope, but because it was behind her back she couldn't see what was going on.   Anne was relieved when the neck rope was loosened.  She rolled her head on her shoulders to relieve the tension.  It felt good!

Her relief didn't last long as she learned the purpose of the new rope at her wrists.  Julia had thrown the rope over the branch and was now pulling Anne's hands and arms up behind her.  Anne had to bend at the waist as her arms continued to be pulled up.  The discomfort was real and painful.  Julia didn't seem to notice Anne's muffled protests.  She continued pulling until Anne's arms were almost pointing straight up.  Anne's legs were straight and her knees were locked and she was bent over at the waist.  She had a good look at the boots now!  Not for long though.  Julia worked a rope under the ball gag strap and used it to raise Anne's head by passing the free end between Anne's upraised hands and pulling.  The free end of the rope ended up entwined in Anne's ponytail.  The relief she had felt in her neck muscles was replaced by an uncomfortable strain. 

Now she was looking straight ahead and she couldn't move her head at all.  Just to make sure of that. Julia took the neck rope and slipped the free end between Anne's bound ankles.  She pulled and tightened the rope and continued with it up to Anne's raised hands.  The rope was passed between her hands, pulled down and tied to Anne's waist rope.  Anne was frozen into this odd position with tension on all her limbs.  She felt entirely helpless s and very uncomfortable.  In particular her shoulders ached due to the extreme rotation of her arms.  She couldn't stop herself and began to sob.  Tears welled up in her eyes and trickled down her cheeks.

Julia had busied herself with preparing the camera.  When she saw that Anne was crying, she was ecstatic!

"Perfect, Anne!  Perfect!  You are the quintessential damsel in distress.  They will absolutely love these photographs!"

For twenty excruciating minutes, Julia shot Anne from every angle.  Anne's tears eventually stopped and were replaced by a white-hot anger.  She cursed vociferously at Julia from behind the gag, drool and spit flying out along with the muffled curses.  Julia did not react except to take close-ups of Anne's angry face.  So much for her promise not to take pictures of Anne's face!  Anne couldn't even move her head.  She just had to endure the taking of close up photos of her face. 

Finally, Julia set the camera down and began cutting Anne loose.  As her arms were lowered she breathed a heavy sigh of relief even though they were cramped and very sore.  Julia helped to lower Anne so that she sat on the ground, but still gagged with her elbows, wrists, knees and ankles bound.  Anne pleaded with Julia to release her.  She was so uncomfortable that even though she had been released from the arms up position she was still hurting.

Julia squatted in front of Anne.  She reached out and squeezed Anne's cheeks hard and pulled her head around so that Anne had to look right at Julia.

"You listen to me, you little bitch!"  She emphasized 'bitch' with a hard squeeze of Anne's cheeks!  "Don't think for a minute that I didn't understand what you were saying when you were cursing at me.  I don't care if you think I am insane or what you think at all.  You had better understand your place in this relationship!  You are mine to do with as I see fit.  You will act as I want you to act!  I will use you in any way I want and you cannot, will not do a thing about it!  I was going to release you, but after that outburst, I have changed my mind.  You need additional training, Anne dear, and you will rue the day you insulted me!"  Julia released Anne's face from her grip and began collecting all the clothes and cut rope and other things strewn about the area.

Anne began to sob again.  She felt totally alone and totally frightened.  What had she fallen into?  What would this mad woman do to her? 

Adding to her growing fear, Julia reappeared and patted Anne on the cheek she had just been squeezing.  Julia acted as if her rant had never happened.

"I am going to untie your knees and elbows now, Anne dear!  You must be very sore!  You are a wonderful model, you know!  I am so proud of you!"

Anne was thoroughly frightened of this woman.  She must be insane!  And yet there was the thrill Anne felt at times when she was tied and there was Julia's touching her.  Maybe I am going crazy!  She was scared and confused and still remained a captive of this strange woman.

"I think we are done here," Julia said.  "It is getting dark and cooling off.  I think we should move to somewhere cozier, don't you think, Anne?"

Anne didn't know what to think except she wanted to get away from this woman.  Still, bound at the wrists and ankles and cramped and sore, she had little chance of getting away now.  But she didn't want to go anywhere with this nut case.  Julia knelt beside her.  "Lift your chin, dear!"  Anne did as she was told and Julia buckled a wide leather collar around her neck.  She fussed with it a bit adjusting the location of the buckle.  "I think that looks much nicer than the rope, don't you?"  Not waiting for an answer, Julia tied a rope to the collar loop.

"I am going to retie your ankles now, dear."   Anne watched helplessly as Julia retied her ankles about eighteen inches apart.  "This is a hobble, dear.  You'll be able to walk but not very quickly.  You'll have to be careful that you don't fall.  We wouldn't want that to happen now would we?"  Julia helped Anne to her feet.  "I want you to try walking now.  That's it!  You're getting it!"

Anne stumbled back and forth with her restricted gait.  It was more of a shuffle than a walk, but she was able to move.  What she couldn't do was move fast and far enough to get away from Julia.  Julia took several more pictures of Anne in her hobble.  Anne was getting used to being the subject of photos.  She just wasn't at all happy that they were destined for the Internet.

Julia gathered up her pack and took the lead end of the leash attached to Anne's collar.  With Julia in the lead, the two set off down the hill and back to the cars.  Anne scanned the area hoping that someone would see them and come to her rescue.  It was just too isolated up here.  No one else was around.  The walk back to the cars took longer than the walk in because of Anne's condition.  They reached the cars just at dusk.  It was a beautiful evening, but Anne had no appreciation of it.  She was totally consumed with what Julia planned next.

"Well, Anne dear, that was quite an afternoon, wasn't it?  I must say you took to this much better than I thought you would!"  Anne shook her head and tried to protest.  "Now, now, dear.  You know you loved it!"  Julia approached Anne as she spoke and reached out to caress Anne's breast. Her nipple hardened at the attention from Julia.  "See?  You do like it!"  Anne shook her head again, but her body betrayed her, especially as Julia inserted a finger under her crotch rope and gave it several gentle tugs.  Anne groaned in dismay and arousal.  What was happening to her?  This was a crazy woman who could very well kill or maim her and she was responding sexually to her?  Anne was totally confused and upset by these conflicting emotions.

She had no time to dwell on it, though.  Julia had opened the back door of Anne's car and was pulling her toward it.  "I want you to lay down on the seat, dear."  Anne crawled in and lay down.  The fight was out of her right now.  She was the docile toy that Julia wanted.  Julia got in the front and pulled Anne's hobble rope to bend Anne's knees.  She fastened the hobble rope to Anne's wrists with a short length of line.  "You stay right there, dear.  I am going to get something out of my car!"  She returned with a blanket and placed it over Anne's inert form.  "We don't want any prying eyes to see you, now do we?  No, no, we certainly don't."

Julia slid over into the driver's seat of Anne's Toyota.  She turned her head to speak over the back of the seat.  "Oh, don't worry about my car!  I'll send one of my staff to pick it up!  What a cute little car!  Now how do you start this?"

Julia started the car and pulled out to back the car around.  They bounced along the woods road back to the main road.  In the back seat, Anne was numb.  Her brain had shut down and she lay there, unthinking, a bound and gagged captive of her former client.



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