The Client Part 2

by Anne Woolsey

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The Client 2 by Anne Woolsey
Part Two

After removing some of the more sensitive ropes, Julia produced a knife.  Anne recoiled at the sight of the blade, but Julia calmed her by saying. "On, don't worry!  I'm just going to cut the ropes off.  Much faster that way and there is plenty more rope in the car!"

Soon Anne was only bound at the wrist and ankles, a pile of cut rope beside her.  The numbness abated and she tried to stretch the stiffness out of her body.

Julia helped Anne to her feet and gave her a moment to get her balance and circulation back.  It felt good to be out of that pig tie or whatever she had called it.

Julia approached Anne with a long piece of rope in hand.  She looped it around Anne's neck and tied a knot that snugged the rope tight to Anne's throat like a leash.

"Now Anne dear, I want you to go to that tree over there."  Anne looked to her left.  "No, dear, that one over there with the low branch."  Anne looked to the right and saw a huge maple with a stout branch parallel to and about fifteen feet above the ground.

Anne was puzzled.  How could she get to the tree?  Her ankles were tied!  Julia tugged on the leash hard enough to cause Anne to lean precariously.  She hopped about on her socked feet and gained her balance.

" That's right, dear, I want you to hop!"  Another tug on the rope and Anne began hopping towards the tree.  It was tough going and she almost fell several times.  Eventually she got into rhythm and managed to hop the fifty feet or so in several minutes.  She was huffing through her nose and winded by the time she reached the base of the tree.

Julia gave her a pat on the cheek.  "Very good, dear!"

Julia threw the end of the rope up and over the tree branch.  She caught it on the way down.  Anne did not like the implications of that and tried to voice her alarm.  Julia answered her by gradually pulling on the rope stretching Anne up onto the balls of her feet.  Julia tied the rope off leaving Anne with her neck stretched and bent to the side and all her weight on her toes.

Julia walked up to Anne and undid her belt.  She unsnapped Anne's jeans and pulled them down over her hips.  Anne protested from behind her gag, her face red with embarrassment.

Julia bent and untied Anne's ankles and lifted one of Anne's legs up.  She pulled the jeans and sock off.  She did the same with the other leg.  Julia slid Anne's panties down over her hips, letting them fall to her ankles.  "Kick them off, Anne!"  Anne danced her way out of her panties and now stood naked from the waist down in front of her tormenter.  Anne tried to hide her face as Julia retrieved her camera and began shooting Anne.  She circled the bound woman taking shot after shot.

The picture taking stopped and Julia approached Anne with the knife in hand.  She inserted it under the hem of Anne's top and slit the top all the way up.  Julia pulled the top to the side and slid Anne's bra up, exposing her breasts.  Julia stroked each nipple as Anne squirmed in embarrassment.  With her eyes riveted to Anne's, Julia bent and licked each nipple.  Anne felt a stab of desire in her belly.  This was so wrong…yet here she was getting aroused.  

Julia stepped back and let Anne absorb what had just happened.  She began to cut off the rest of the top and the bra.  Anne's emotions were in turmoil: a part of her recoiling from this woman's touch and another part wanting it.

More photographs were taken of the now-totally naked Anne.  Her head buzzed and her breath came in ragged gasps as she struggled to regain her composure.  Julia stepped up close and took Anne in her arms.  She opened her mouth around Anne's gag and pressed her lips to Anne's, one hand on the back of Anne's head pushing their lips together.  Her other hand slipped under Anne's bound hands and caressed Anne's buttocks; a finger tracing the crack of her butt.  Their nipples touched and Anne felt hers harden.  No doubt about it now.  Whether it was the bondage or Julia's touch or both, Anne was turned on.  She moaned involuntarily when Julia stopped her caresses and stepped away.

"I thought you might like this, Anne.  This is a bonus for us both!"

She stooped to retrieve her pack and brought out a flimsy gray ball of fabric.  She shook it out and held it up by the shoulders.

"This a spandex cat suit, Anne, and you are going to look fantastic in it."  Anne stared at the tiny garment wondering how she was going to get it on.  Julia answered that unspoken question by crouching next to Anne and fitting the fabric over one foot and then the other and tugging it up to Anne's waist.  Julia fussed a bit with the fit on Anne's legs and then pulled it further up to just below Anne's breasts.  Anne was surprised to find that the suit had feet in it and also at how good the stretchy fabric felt against her skin.

"I'm going to untie your hands so that we can get your arms into this.  Don't be foolish and try to get away.  Remember you are tied at your neck to the branch and a little shove from me will get you into a world of trouble.  Understand?"  Anne nodded here assent and for the first time in what seemed like hours, Anne's hands were free.  The recent sexual contact not with standing, Anne considered trying something to get away, but didn't when she saw how intently Julia was watching her.  She inserted her arms into the suit and stood quietly while Julia zipped it up her back.  The suit had a high turtleneck collar that seemed a little stiffer than the rest of the garment.  Julia pulled and plucked on the suit here and there until she was satisfied that it fit just right.  

"Want to see how you look?"  Anne nodded her head.  Julia snapped a few picture and showed them to Anne.  Her eyes widened at the image of spandex clad body.  The suit clung like…well like spandex and emphasized her body in a very sexual way.

"You look delicious, Anne!"  Anne blushed and looked away.  The insistent tickle of arousal came to life in her belly.  God!  What was going on here?

"Now we are going to have some fun.  Or at least I am, my dear!"
Julia walked behind Anne and drew her elbows together.  Anne experienced a chill as the rope compressed the skin above her elbows.  

Julia purred into her ear, "I knew you could get these to touch.  You are so flexible!"  Anne still felt the aches and strains from her recent experience and was not so sure about being flexible.

Her wrists were retied in the same fashion as before.  Julia stepped around to face her, rope in hand.  She wrapped several loops around Anne's waist and pulling them tight.  The wraps compressed Anne's waist accentuating the flare of her hips.  Additional loops were placed around Anne's forearms at waist height.  This rope was intertwined with the waist rope, pinning Anne's arms in place in the middle of her back.

Once her arms were rebound, Julia loosened Anne's leash from the branch, but left the rope still attached to the branch.  Anne rolled her neck on her shoulders, relieved to be free of the strain of the leash.

"I think you'll like this part" Julia said with a sparkle in her eye, "Spread your legs a bit."

Anne was surprised at this request and reluctant to comply.  A cold sweat broke out on her.  It was one thing to have Julia touch her breasts…oh…and kiss her.  But open her legs to her?  I don't think so!  She shook her head.  

Julia slapped her twice, first on one cheek and then the other.  Tears of surprise and shock appeared in Anne's eyes.

"Anne, dear, this isn't a voluntary exercise.  You do what I say when I say it or face the consequences.  Do you understand?"

Anne hesitated…and then nodded.  She wasn't good at taking direction.  The conflict in her mind continued.  She was drawn to this bondage thing and maybe even Julia, but she was balking at giving up control.

"That's better.  Now spread your legs.  A bit more!  Excellent!"

Anne watched warily as Julia attached a short line to the midpoint of her waist wrapping.  She threaded the rope between Anne's legs and turned Anne around to retrieve the loose ends.  These she tied to Anne's wrist ropes, but not until she had pulled them very tightly into Anne's crotch.  Julia turned Anne again and began to adjust the rope so that it was centered precisely between the lips of Anne's pussy.  Anne gasped at the sensation that ran through her when the rope invaded her crotch.  Julia spun Anne one more time and applied a rope between Anne's waist rope and the crotch rope that further tightened the crotch rope.

Julia stood back and studied Anne.  "You should see how you look, Anne.  The effect is stunning."  She picked up the camera and shot pictures of Anne from several angles.  

She showed several to Anne.  Anne was stunned by how she looked.  From the front she appeared to be armless.  The gag distorted her features slightly, and, with her hair pulled back from her face in a ponytail, her face was dominated by the gag.  With her arms held tightly behind her, Anne's breasts became more prominent.  Her erect nipples were clearly visible beneath the tight fabric.  The crotch rope was buried in the folds of her crotch.  It was so tight that it pulled the waist rope, which was very tight, down her belly a bit forming a slight 'v'.  From the back, the tightened waist rope made her hips look wider.  

Responding to how….sexy she looked all tied up, Anne moved her hips a bit and felt the pressure of the crotch rope on her sensitive spot.  She moaned at the intensity of the feeling.  That rope may come in handy, she thought.  

"See?  I told you that you would like it!  Now, there are certain people I know that are very interested in seeing the bound female form.  Your body is almost the ideal shape, size and weight to satisfy their interests.  That is why I am taking these photographs of you.  I am going to sell these to my contact and they will appear on web sites and other places on the internet. "

Anne abruptly stopped her undulations.  Internet, she thought, 'what the hell'!  She tried to voice her disapproval, but it came out, along with a flush of drool, as a garbled mish mash of sounds.  Julia, apparently, understood gag language.

"Don't worry about being recognized, Anne, my dear.  I will provide them only with the shots in which your face is obscured."  Julia paused.  "For now!"

For now?  What did that mean?   Anne began to struggle against the bonds holding her.  She made no headway in getting loose and stopped immediately when Julia said, "What did I tell you, Anne?  Didn't I say do what I say when I say it or face consequences?"

Anne stopped her struggling and let her head fall forward.  

"That's better!  Now let's continue!"


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