The Client

by Anne Woolsey

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© Copyright 2005 - Anne Woolsey - Used by permission

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The Client by Anne Woolsey

Anne was late again.  She had tried to get into a morning routine that wouldn't leave her so late everyday and stressed because of it, but she just couldn't get moving in the morning.

She had a meeting with a client at 8:30.  It was 7:30 and the meeting was 45 minutes away.  That meant no coffee, which would further darken her mood. 

The client, Julia Morse, was kind of a pain in the ass, a rich woman who aura of entitlement.  She tried to steer or order Anne in directions Anne knew were wrong for the property.  If she knew so much, why did she need me, Anne thought as she ran a brush through her shoulder length brown hair.  Of course, her hair wasn't cooperating either so she had to pull it back into a short ponytail.  Not at all pleased with how she looked, Anne threw the brush down in frustration.

"Damn it!" 

She studied herself in the mirror.  For a thirty-something gal she thought she looked good…well, she looked OK.  Fine lines were appearing around her eyes, but her skin was clear and gravity hadn't caused too much damage.  Her hair was still her own color.  Her body was still holding it's own due to regular workouts at the gym.  Maybe she should wear more makeup?

Truth be told, Julia intimidated her and Anne wasn't easily intimidated.  She was about Anne's age, but with the looks and confidence only money could buy.  She was nice enough, but there was always that edge of superiority in everything she said or did.  Anne, no shrinking violet, found herself acting defensively when she was with this woman.  It bothered her that this woman caused that reaction.  Anne thought of herself as a strong person, able to hold her own with anyone, but she was rattled around this gal.

Part of it was that Julia Morse represented a lot to Anne.  She was her first big client since going on her own and the money and visibility associated with this project would be a great asset to her fledgling company.

The meeting was going to be at the site.  Anne at least didn't have to compete with Julia in the apparel department today.  She was wearing jeans  (good ones, not the holey ones she usually wore) and an off-white long-sleeved pullover top. She pulled on ragg wool socks and her hiking boots.  They were going to walk the property and make some decisions as to where the roads and structures would go, so Anne was dressing accordingly.  She thought unkindly about her client being all decked out in her LL Bean and Eddie Bauer outdoor clothing.

"My, my, Anne.  You are a nasty little thing this morning aren't you!"

Of course the cat, Mama, the only other occupant of the house, didn't respond.  She was used to Anne's soliloquies and didn't even stir.

After a quick ruffling of Mama's fur, Anne grabbed her keys and files and was out the door.  In the car, she pulled on a ball cap and her sunglasses.  If she was going to look casual today she was going all the way.

Anne lived in a small town outside of the metro area surrounding Boston.  It was rural and quiet and she liked it.  Working on her own now gave her more time at her house and she loved that.  She settled into the drive and began to organize her thoughts about the meeting.  She checked her files with one hand on the wheel and one eye on the road to make sure she had what she needed.

It really hurt to pass by the local coffee place and the Dunkin' Donuts shop near the highway, but she didn't want to be late.

Traffic was good and she actually arrived ahead of her client.

The site was gorgeous with great views and topography and she began to visualize how the site would look when it was built.  That always excited her and she was lost in thought in a matter of minutes.  Her reverie was interrupted by the sound of a car approaching.  She turned to see Julia pull her Mercedes SUV off the road and park.

She walked toward the parked car and involuntarily took a deep breath.  The usual butterflies were rising in her belly, but Anne put on a smile and greeted Julia warmly as she emerged from the car.  The two women shook hands.

They chatted briefly about the beautiful day and made other small talk.  Julia had brought some coffee from Starbucks and Anne's opinion of Julia soared as she gratefully accepted the hot coffee cup.

As usual Julia was impeccably dressed.  She was all in black…actually black leather!  She wore tight leather pants with a short leather jacket over a tight turtleneck; silk probably.  On her feet she wore black leather boots with medium heels that laced up to her knees, maybe a little on the kinky side, but definitely stunning.  On top of the great clothes, Julia was beautiful.  Tall, about Anne's height at 5' 9"ish, she was slim with a great figure and glossy black hair that she kept cut short.  Striking green eyes stood out from her pale, perfect complexion.  Today, her eyes were hidden by black designer shades, probably worth more than Anne's whole getup.  All in all, Julia Morse was a striking woman.

Out dressed again, Anne thought.

She pushed that thought out of her mind and asked Julia how she wanted to proceed, suggesting that maybe they should review the plan first and then walk the site.  Julia agreed and they settled into an animated discussion about the project with the plans spread on the cooling hood of the SUV.  The stood side by side and from time to time their shoulders or arms or hips touched as one or the other gestured or pointed.  Julia also touched Anne a lot with her hands, placing a hand on Anne's shoulder or covering Anne's hand with her own.  Julia seemed to be unaware of the contact, but Anne was a little uncomfortable with it.  It happened whenever they met and Anne, trying to be discreet, kept moving away; putting space between them.  Julia always closed the gap and soon she was touching Anne again.

Anne had wondered briefly about Julia's sexual orientation.  There was no Mr. Morse or any male in her life as far as Anne could discern.  Of course in the client/engineer relationship they had there wasn't a lot of personal information exchanged.  It was just a feeling Anne had, but it was not an issue to her, more curiousness about this elegant woman.  But the touching did bother her.

They finished their hood-top discussions and decided to walk the site.  Julia pulled a medium size pack out of the SUV and locked the vehicle.

"Just my camera and phone", Julia offered.

Yeah!  And probably a hunk of Brie and the latest designer bread and a complete change of clothes, Anne thought.

It was about 9:00 o'clock now, the day cool and bright.  The leaves were just beginning to turn and it was just a great day to be outside.

They walked in silence for about five minutes to the point where the project road would begin.  Anne explained her approach to siting the road and Julia listened intently, saying little.

They headed off along the route of the road towards a rise that was the height of land.  The rise was about a half mile off the road and maybe several hundred feet higher than the road.  This was to be the focal point of the development and Anne had paid special attention to the planning of this area.

Ten minutes of brisk walking brought them to the top of the hill.  There were mature trees sprinkled about and off to the east was a gorgeous view of the valley spread out before them.  It was a site that always thrilled Anne and she turned to speak of her delight with it to Julia.

Julia, on the other hand had something else in mind.  As Anne turned towards her, Julia drew back her gloved hand and cracked Anne hard right on the side of her jaw.   Anne went down in a heap stunned by the suddenness of the attack, more surprised than hurt.  Before Anne could sort out her thoughts and speak or get up, Julia was on her, twisting Anne's hands behind her and cuffing them.

Julia roughly rolled Anne onto her back and sat on her chest, her knees pinning Anne's arms to her side.

"Surprised, Anne?"

Anne was speechless, her mouth agape and her jaw aching.  A big mistake!

Julia slapped a large soft foam ball against Anne's lips and forced it into her partially open mouth.  The foam expanded to fill her mouth, cutting off speech.  Julia with quickness and strength that Anne never imagined her to have rolled Anne onto her stomach and harshly tightened the strap that had been threaded through the sponge ball.  The edges of the strap cut deeply into the corners of her mouth.  Julia spun on her heels and quickly cuffed Anne's ankles.  In a matter of a few seconds, Julia had immobilized and silenced Anne.

But why had she done that?

Julia continued.  "Have you ever heard of bondage?  Bondage is when one person, with or without the person's permission, ties up another person.  You would probably agree that is the case here.  You see, Anne, you are a talented engineer, but your real appeal to me is as an outlet for my bondage needs.  I know what your thinking!  I must be crazy or perverted or both.  Well, maybe!  But that is not the point, is it?  Unfortunately for you, or maybe fortunately, after we get into it, you are the ideal that I look for in a bondage subject.  You have the looks and the intelligence and the spirit that makes you an ideal captive!"

In fact, Anne was thinking that Julia must be crazy and that she was certainly perverted.  Anne was also terrified.  She had no idea what Julia was talking about, but she was scared.  An apparently mad woman had her tied her up in a remote location.  What about that wasn't terrifying?

The cuffs weren't tight and Anne began to struggle against them, trying to pull a hand or foot free; trying to expel the gag.  Julia watched as Anne thrashed around on the ground, a smile on her beautiful face.

"See?  That's what I mean!  You're scared and angry and you will try to get out!  That is just what I want!"

Julia pushed Anne down against the ground and straddled her chest.  She reached out and firmly held Anne's face steady, pinching her cheeks.

"Over the next several hours, Anne, I will be tying you in various positions and photographing you.  Now, I probably won't hurt you, but". if you don't cooperate…well, you never know!"

Anne's whole body was tense and pulsing with adrenaline.  She had broken into a cold sweat as Julia had explained her plan.  Several hours?  Tied up?  Photographed?  A new spasm of struggling barely rattled Julia as she perched on Anne's chest.

"What is that line from the Star Trek movies?  Resistance is futile?  Well, Anne it is futile, but you will still resist won't you?"

A cold anger began to seep into Anne's consciousness.  Who the fuck was this rich bitch to treat her like an object for her pleasure?  Behind the gag, Anne screamed at Julia and swore at her and alternately begged to be released.  Julia had stood up.  Now she just looked down at the frantic woman bound at her feet, a thoughtful expression on her face.

"Let's begin, shall we?"

Julia easily rolled Anne yet again onto her stomach.  She sat on Anne and retrieving some rope pieces from her pack and began to tie Anne more thoroughly.  Struggling as much as she could, Anne could not stop Julia from further immobilizing her.  Tight ropes now encircled her elbows drawing them together.  The cuffs on her wrists had been replaced by several loops of rope that had been pulled tight.  Julia had quickly bound her ankles and removed the cuffs.  More rope followed above and below her knees.  Julia easily handled the struggling, cursing Anne, weaving onto Anne's body a viciously tight web of ropes.

Julia pulled Anne to a sitting position.  Anne was surprised anew at how strong she was.  More rope was wound around Anne's chest above and below her breasts.  These ropes were tightened and tied off to her arm ropes and soon Anne could not move her arms side to side or away from her body.

Anne continued to swear at and plead with Julia to no avail.  She glared at Julia and insulted her with every curse she could think of or fabricate.  Julia seemed to enjoy her anger and discomfort, working more ropes onto Anne with a far-away look on her face.  Soon Anne's legs were covered in rope.  At least six multi-strand loops extended from her ankles to the tops of her thighs, all tight and tied to each other.

Anne had ceased to struggle, aware that there was no way to get free of these ropes.  She sat on this beautiful hilltop, totally helpless and more or less consigned to her fate.  Or, at least until she had a better chance at escape!

Julia took Anne by the shoulders and with a surprisingly gentle touch, laid her on her back, then rolled her over on her stomach.  She lifted Anne's legs up off the ground and unlaced and removed Anne's boots.  Julia held Anne's legs in place at a perpendicular angle to the ground.  Anne felt rope being threaded between her ankles and shoulder ropes and groaned at the prospect of being tied more tightly.

And more tightly it was, as Julia slowly drew and pulled on this rope bringing Anne's upper body off the ground and her feet towards her head.  All the ropes on the rest of Anne's body shifted and tightened as Julia continued to pull.  When she stopped pulling Anne was arched off the ground.  Her shoulders were off the ground by a good six inches.  Her hands were almost under her ankles and the strain on her shoulders and ankles was tremendous.

Yet, Julia was not yet done.  As Anne groaned in agony, trying to adjust to this new position, she felt Julia work a rope around her big toes, jamming her socks into the space between her toes.  Anne was incredulous as Julia tightly tied her big toes together.  Anne felt a rope being worked under the strap of her gag.  She moaned into her gag as Julia pulled on this rope. The gag strap cut further into her cheeks and forced the foam further into her mouth.  The other end was attached to her toes and now Anne's head was held up and pulled back by a rope to her big toes.  It was so uncomfortable and yet Anne still had feeling in all her limbs.  As she squirmed and settled into this new indignity, the ropes adjusted and shifted on her body.  It was incredibly tight and she certainly couldn't move, but strangely it didn't really hurt her.

Some more rope work and Anne's pony tail was pulled straight back and tied to her ankle ropes.  That helped to relieve some of the strain on her gag, but it still wasn't pleasant.  Of everything wrapped on her body, her toes being tied together bothered her the most. She fought back the urge to cry!

Julia meanwhile was setting up her camera equipment.  She stopped mid way through and knelt down in front of Anne's upraised face.  Anne was stunned to see that Julia had donned a mask, kind of like the Lone Ranger's, that disguised her face.

"You are in a hogtie.  It is my own version of it, but the general principal is the same in all such positions.  Basically your hands and feet are tied together behind your back.  Just like a heifer at the rodeo!"  Julia laughed and returned to her photo equipment. 

Anne glared at her and silently swore revenge.  In fact, Anne's fear had subsided.  She knew intuitively that Julia would not seriously harm her.  She was just the spoiled rich kid's play toy and would be discarded after Julia was bored. 

Hmmm!  Discarded?  That thought sent a spike of fear through Anne.  Would this weirdo leave her here?  How would this end?

Julia, as if reading Anne's mind, stopped her photographing and spoke.  "These pictures ought to be a deterrent to you going to the authorities, don't you think?  I mean who would think that I could have done this to you without you're agreement?  And quite frankly, Anne dear, my family owns the authorities.  So relax and enjoy!"

This bit of information calmed Anne's fears a bit and she settled back into planning scenarios of escape or revenge against this whacked-out woman.  Just give me a chance and I will kick your ass, bitch!

The photography went on interminably.  From time to time, Julia posed with Anne, her hand on Anne's thigh or twisted in her hair.  Those photos she took with a remote shutter switch.  Anne was photographed from every angle, close up and from far away.  Every once in a while Julia showed Anne a picture in the digital camera window.  Anne's face flamed red at the sight of her bound body.  She also found the pictures fascinating, in a weird kind of way.

After what seemed like hours, Julia put down her camera.  "Time for a change, Anne, don't you think?"

Anne thought exactly that.  She was stretched and pretzeled into a small package and now the ropes had begun to hurt and a few of her fingers were going numb.  She nodded as much as her bonds allowed her to move her head and tried to articulate her agreement with Julia's plan through her gag.

Julia began to untie her.


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