The Chateau

by Budman

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Author’s Note: As with most of my stories, you will get very lost if you don’t read this story from . I encourage you to go back and take the chapters in order if you aren’t already.

Chapter 26 – Labor Day

When I discovered that Croatia celebrated Labor Day, or International Workers Day, I was pretty excited. Growing up, Labor Day always involved a big BBQ, lots of food and drink. It also signaled the beginning of summer!

“Let’s throw a big Labor Day BBQ for all our friends!” I suggested, during dinner one mid-April evening.

“Sounds fun, what do you have in mind,” Paula, ever the practical one asked, “and how many people are we talking here?”

“Well, if the weather is nice, we can hold it in the back yard around the fire pit. If we ask everyone to bring folding or camping chairs, then we could have a pretty big party," I replied.

“And who,” Paula asked with a smile, “do you think is going to plan and organize all this?”

“Well, I doubt she’s ever done anything like this, but Lucija is pretty organized," I said with just as big a smile. That earned me a punch in the arm.

“OK, I’ll do it, since you asked so nicely,” said Paula, “but you didn’t really answer how many?”

“Well,” I answered, having thought about this for a while, “There's the ten of us, Dr. Horvath and Nurse and Mr. Gruba, Borislav and Helen, Madam Corsecu, Lucija’s roommate and her Mom and Dad.”

“WHOA, WHOA,” Said Lucija suddenly, “You are not parading Heather around in chains in front of my Mom and Dad, he’s the Mayor for heaven’s sake.”

“Really?” I said, “I got the impression your Mom, at least, was pretty kinky.”

“NAANAAN NAANAAN, I’m not listening, don’t want to hear it, nope!” Lucija sang at the top of her voice.

“OK, I’ll talk to Heather, perhaps she will agree to wear clothes and go sans chains for one holiday if I promise to lock her in the cistern for a week!” I offered. “But what do the rest of you think?”

“I think our grill’s too small,” Mal offered, “But I hear the butcher down at the grocery store knows how to cook a pig in a pit!”

And so it was that we had a lovely spring Labor Day celebration with all our new and old friends. Little did I know at the time that the celebration was the start of the last summer with our little community intact.

The locals brought traditional dishes. Several people brought instruments, there was music, great food, good drink, and mostly, fellowship. Heather did agree to clothes, but she would not agree to forgo chains, even for the opportunity of a week in the cistern. I could have ordered her, and she would have obeyed, but why would I discourage kinky behavior. I figured the Mayor and his wife would be cool about it. Neither of them batted an eye when Heather, wearing a beautiful yellow sun dress and full transport chains, hobbled up to them and offered to help carry the food they had brought to the table. Lucija, however, was burning a hole through me with her eyes.

A few minutes after they arrived, I made a point to greet His Honor. Carl was trying to help translate but thankfully, Lucija came over after a few minutes. I learned that His Honor’s name was Luka, and his wife was Una. After exchanging pleasantries and being thanked for inviting them, Luka turned to his wife and said something in Croatian. I noticed Lucija gave a quiet gasp, then Una looked at her husband with a smile and nodded. Lucija said “Otac” (Papa) in an almost pleading voice, but it was to no avail. Luka pulled a pair of shiny steel handcuffs out of his back pocket and placed them on his wife’s offered wrists.

Lucija, all the while looking at the ground, translated as her father said “Una and I have a pretty good idea of what goes on in your house Mr. Heath. We really appreciate your inviting us to this party. I know, like most children, our little Lucija here thinks we are saints, but I would remind her that she wasn’t a virgin creation – no – immaculate conception.” Lucija was obviously getting so embarrassed that she was having trouble speaking, much less finding the right translation.

“We thought,” Lucija reluctantly continued translating, “that we would break the ice and show everyone some of Una’s favorite jewelry so everyone can relax and be themselves.”

By now most of the party had realized something interesting was going on with our little group and had gathered around. General applause broke out. I heard Lucija whisper something to her father and he replied after which Lucija melted away. I looked at Carl with raised eyebrows, hoping he caught some of the exchange.

“I think she suggested he could take the handcuffs off now that he made his point. And I’m pretty sure he told her the keys were at home.” Carl replied.

Yes, the more I was around His Honor, the more I liked the guy.

I met Sara’s (Nurse Gruba) husband for the first time at the party. Quinn Gruba’s English wasn’t nearly as good as Sara’s, but we managed. He was telling me how the two of them met in High School when I noticed that Sara was standing a little away from the party, nursing a beer and staring at the steel hatch to the cistern. She was staring just as she had the first time she saw it. I nudged Quinn and pointed with my beer bottle to where Sara was standing.

“Is that the cistern she’s been talking about?” Quinn asked.

“Yes, but I didn’t know she’s been talking about it?” I replied.

“My wife has been fixated on oubliettes since we toured Istanbul a few summers ago. Do you know the Fortress of Rumeli Hisari?” He asked.

“No. Is it in Istanbul?”

“Yes, it was built in the 1400s by a Sultan as a castle and fort,” he explained, “It’s impressive with several large towers, one of which has oubliettes deep under the tower. Deep, dark, inescapable places where, it’s alleged, the sultan would simply throw prisoners and forget them, allowing them to go mad, or worse, starve.”

“And Sara has been obsessed with deep, dark, inescapable places ever since,” I mused.

“I wouldn’t have used the term ‘obsessed’ until she saw your cistern,” he explained.

We both wandered over to Sara, who was so lost in thought she didn’t notice us until we were almost right beside her.

“Oh, hi,“ she said, “you boys getting to know each other?”

Quinn said something in Croatian and Sara turned red, looked down, then looked at me.

“Yes, I think I am obsessed. Ever since I saw this thing, I can’t help thinking about being completely helpless and hopelessly locked at the bottom.”

“Well, how much vacation time do you have available?” I asked with a smile.

“Oh, she never takes vacation, I’m on her all the time about it. The last time we took a trip was that weekend trip to Istanbul, and that was two years ago.” Quinn said, making it obvious he was not happy about it.

“I’ve been on her case about it for years,” Dr. Horvath said behind us, startling all three of us.

“Oh, sorry, didn’t mean to eavesdrop but I was wandering over here to talk when I heard ‘vacation’. Why did this topic come up? Are the Grubas finally planning some time off?”

I was learning that Quinn had very few filters as he replied, “No, Ana, your nurse would like to spend her vacation locked naked, helpless and hopeless, at the bottom of this oubliette.”

“QUINN!” Sara shouted, but Ana was barely able to contain her laughter.

“Yes, I’ve seen her staring at it, I can see a fetish from across the room,” Ana replied.

“So, since we started cleaning out and converting this old cistern, I’ve been reading up on everything from oubliettes to solitary confinement.” I explained, “It was partly my idea to build it, but now I’m worried about the psychological effects of locking someone down there. Days, weeks or even months with no light, no human contact, minimal food, absolutely nothing to do, it could cause mental problems.”

“Ohh, you really know how to turn a middle-aged kinky nurse on!” Sara exclaimed.

I smiled but added, “No, I’m serious, I can play pretty rough sometimes but it’s ALWAYS consensual and I may hurt people, but I always try not to harm my partners. I know how to control physical harm, I’m worried that I don’t know enough about mental harm. What do you think Doc?”

Ana looked thoughtful for a while. “I’m sure a day or two wouldn’t be a problem, but I honestly don’t know how long before serious problems occur and what the symptoms are? I could ask some of the psychologists at the hospital, discreetly of course.”

“I’d like to be bug on wall of that conversation,” Quinn commented.

“You’re right, maybe I should just read up on it,” Ana replied.

In spite of Luka and Una’s show of solidarity with our lifestyle, our Labor Day celebration did not, much to Lucija’s relief, devolve into another of our wild orgies. 

After we served up the roast pig, and everyone had their fill of BBQ pork and all the wonderful side dishes, everyone was sitting or lying around on blankets enjoying each other’s company. The mayor and his wife were gathered with the other Croatian speakers around the fire and when I noticed a lull in the conversation, I waved them over. Using the universal signal for “follow me” I led them inside and upstairs to the second floor. Luckily, Luka had cuffed Una’s hands in front, so we didn’t have to help her up the stairs.

On the second floor, Lucija had converted one of the unused bedrooms into a sort of love-bondage den for her catalog shoots. There was a big four poster bed with anchor points to both spread eagle someone on the bed but also to do a standing spread eagle at the end of the bed. There was a padded spanking bench, and a small steel cage with a padded top. Most importantly there was a cabinet full of our less scary impact toys, several types of vibrators, clamps, lubes, etc. Luka may have been in Madam Cosecu’s back room, but I doubt Una had, her eyes went wide when we entered the room. I took them over to the cabinet and waved my hand at the contents. I also showed Luka that there was a handcuff key in the cabinet, at which point, with a smile, he pulled one out of his pocket.

I waved my hands, in an expansive gesture towards the whole room. As I walked to the door, I pointed to the lock. Then I pointed at my watch and made a circular motion with one finger over the watch face. I think they got the idea from my sign language that they were welcome to stay as long as they wanted, use any of the toys that they wanted. I also made a mental note to send Luka one of our better high security leather cuff and collar sets because I noticed that Una’s wrists were getting a little red.

“What did you do!” Lucija practically attacked me when I got back downstairs.

“Nothing," I said, feigning innocence, “I just thought your parents would like to see how beautifully you decorated that spare bedroom upstairs.”

“You didn’t!” she said, turning a lovely shade or red again.

“I did. Showed them all the wonderful features of the room and indicated they were welcome to stay as long as they want. Say Lucija, you look tense, now that your parents are occupied, why don’t you get Tim to relieve some of that stress with his tongue.” I said with a smile as I left to find Paula, I had some stress relief on my agenda as well.

NOW the party devolved into an orgy.

When he realized what was happening, Quinn approached me while Paula was on her knees, noisily prepping my penis before making use of it. I figured he would be a bit uncomfortable as neither he nor his wife had done anything like an orgy. Oh, they were obviously a bit kinky, but also very monogamous. So, I really expected him to thank me for the party and take their leave.

“Ummm, would you mind if I took Sara down in the cistern for a few minutes?” He asked.

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised, but catching on quickly I replied, “Sure, but let me get you a backpacking pad or something, that stone floor is hard.”

“Ummm, well, um, I don’t want to interrupt, um, what Paula is doing, um, I was actually thinking about doing her standing up against the wall anyway.” He replied.

“That should be fun," I said with a smile, “Do you want us to close the lid?”

“No, I’m not sure I could take the dark, but do you have a ladder?” He asked.

“Yep, laying down behind the shed over there," I replied and he left quickly, looking relieved.

A few minutes later, when I was six inches deep into Paula, we heard screams of what I can only assume were expressions of extreme pleasure, echoing out of the hatch to the cistern. Paula later said she felt me get noticeably harder.

I don’t know what time it was when I was awakened by the Mayor tapping my leg with his shoe. Paula and I were laying on a towel in the grass, naked and exhausted. Luka and Una were standing over us, clothed but with disheveled hair and Una was again wearing handcuffs and a huge but tired smile. His honor gave me a thumbs up sign, followed by a wave, goodbye. And they departed. I looked around and there were naked people everywhere cuddled up in twos and threes and one foursome all around the firepit. Lucija and Tim were sound asleep with Tim’s head resting on her crotch between her legs. I didn’t plan to tell her that her parents came down before they left.

The next morning, I staggered out of bed very hung over, in need of a shower but more in need of a cup of coffee. Of course, Paula was up before me, already in the kitchen and already pouring me a cup as I walked in.

“Morning luv!” She chirped, “You look like shit!”

“I love you too.” I mumbled, “Thanks for the coffee.” I replied. Then I noticed the frying pan. “Scrambled eggs with cheese?”

“Not for you – for Heather, She’s going to need her energy today. Want to take them to her?” Paula asked as she shoveled them onto a plate.

“Not sure it’s safe for me to navigate the basement stairs this hungover," I replied.

“Oh, you don’t have to, she’s in the entry hall. You may have to hold the plate for her however,” Paula explained.

When I started to ask more questions, Paula just handed me the plate of eggs, a spoon and pointed to the kitchen door. “Go see for yourself.”

As I walked into the entry hallway, I saw Heather standing with her back to me, naked of course, but without any visible chains. Her hands were just hanging by her sides. Then I noticed the pole. There had been a bad spot in the tile floor here for some time. We didn’t have matching ceramic tile to fix it properly, so Paula just found a nice runner at a thrift shop to cover it. Now the runner was rolled up, and the broken tile had been removed. In its place a 4-inch diameter stainless steel pole came up out of the floor and disappeared between Heather’s thighs. I also noticed she was wearing 3-inch pumps, downright gaudy red shoes that, frankly, looked like stripper shoes.

“Good morning, Heather,” I said after taking this all in.

“Oh, good morning, sir,” she replied.

“I’ve brought you some breakfast, Paula thought you could use some eggs this morning.” I said like it was a completely normal thing to be bringing her breakfast in the entry hallway.

“Thank you, sir, I’m hungry!” She replied earnestly.

Deciding to leave the explanation to later, I simply walked around in front of the slut and, since her hands were free, handed her the plate. “You may eat.”

It didn’t take long for her to scarf the eggs down and I took the plate back to the kitchen and came back with a cup of coffee for Heather as well as my own cup.

“Conversation mode. So, this is a fascinating predicament, fill me in,” I asked.

“Well, last night at the party, my Dom In Charge was Mal and he was so nice to let me have a few beers and stay in conversation mode all night. I didn’t think I’d have a good time, but when Mrs. Mayor…”

“Her name is Una,” I interrupted.

“When Una was in handcuffs and Mal felt comfortable leaving my chains on, I relaxed. Perhaps I relaxed too much, what with the beers and all.”

“What did you do?” I asked.

“I complained a little,” the slut said apologetically.

“About what?” I asked.

“That I wasn’t getting enough opportunity to earn iPad points since I finished cleaning out the cistern. I may have also complained that Mal wasn’t nearly as creative at building devices to torture me as in the past, you know, like when he built the St. Andrews Cross and some other stuff,” she added.

“Challenging Mal is probably not the best strategy; he can get a little competitive,” I said thoughtfully.

“I guess that depends,” Heather replied with a smile, “But in this case, it turns out he must have been working on this for some time. He disappeared from the party for at least an hour. When he came back the Mayor and Una had gone upstairs, and the party was in its fun stage. I had my tongue deep in Nurse Gruba’s cunt and her husband was playing with my clit when I realized Mal was standing there. When Sara came, he said ‘excuse me, I need this slut,’ grabbed me by my hair and pretty much dragged me to this hall. ‘You want creative sadistic devices and the opportunity to earn points, voila!' he said as he showed me the pole.

“You can’t see it, but the top is shaped like a dildo, but it’s still steel and completely inflexible. He can raise it up and down about a foot and there is a set screw almost to the floor that locks it in place with an Allen wrench. It’s too far down for me to reach, and I don’t have an Allen wrench anyway,” the slut complained.

“And would you like me to loosen that set screw, Heather?” I said, giving her a chance to opt out even though I already knew the answer.

“OH, no, I didn’t mean, I mean, that’s your and Mal’s decision Sir,” she said, reverting to protocol. “Besides, It’s really big, it feels kinda nice.”

“So,” I asked, “How many orgasms have you had?”

“Well, that’s one of the frustrating parts. I love having this hard, long, big thing in me, and it IS hitting my G-spot. But I can’t really move much at all with heels on. And it’s SO FAR up inside it’s really pressing against my Cervix,” she replied.

“So,” I continued to ask, “Why don’t you just hop off?”

“Seriously Sir?” she said in frustration, “You don’t think I’ve tried everything I can think of? Because I’m already on my toes in these heels, I can push up farther with my feet. I can’t get any leverage on the pole with my hands. There is nothing out here in the middle of the hall for me to pull or push up on. And the pole and dildo are so unyielding that if I try to bend over or lift one leg it hurts like hell. And it doesn’t work anyway.”

I grabbed the pole between the slut’s legs and gave it a good push, it didn’t yield a fraction of an inch. Mal must have u-bolted it to one of the Chateau’s massive floor joists.

“Looks like he did a good job!” I noted.

“Yes sir, he said he started working on this when he had some leftover steel from a railing job at the new school. He almost had it finished but got distracted. Then when I, um, complained, he finished up mounting it here,” the slut explained. “I think Reese was wondering where Mal went for so long and she came to find him,” the slut continued. “When she saw the setup, she went and got a battery powered Hitachi and edged me. I expected that surely I could cum with this thing in me, but she knows me too well. She brought me right to the edge and stopped. Then she left the vibrator on the floor right in front of me. She came back twice more; I would have done anything for her to finish me, but she wouldn’t.”

About that time, Paula walked into the entryway. “How long do you think she can stand there without injuring herself?”

“I’m sure Mal has a plan, but we’ll keep an eye on her.” I replied.

“Well, Mal’s passed out. If he doesn’t wake up by noon, I’ll get him up.” Paula said.

“Conversation mode off," I said to the slut, but to my surprise she broke protocol.

“Sir, there is something important you need to know.”

“OK,” I replied, knowing if the slut spoke without being spoken to, it must be important, or she was in trouble.

“The Mayor and Mrs. uh Una left by the front door last night.” Heather said, looking down.

“So? Oh. You mean you were mounted on the pole when they left!” I said, finally getting it.

“Yes sir.” The slut replied.

“And did they say anything?” Paula asked, looking concerned.

“Yes ma'am, but I don’t speak Croatian,” the slut replied.

“Did they look mad or concerned?” I asked.

“Well sir, Una pointed the pole out to the Mayor, then knelt down and examined where it, uh, goes into me. Then she, uh, picked up the vibrator with her handcuffed hands and handed it to the Mayor.”

“Oh shit," Paula said.

“And then she pointed to my clit while speaking in Croatian. Then he, uh, well, uh, he edged me. He had a huge grin on his face. Well, at least he did right up until I almost came, and she made him stop,” the slut almost wailed, “then they just left.”

Paula and I looked at each other and just smiled.

“Well slut, I think you’re in for a LONG day.” I grinned, “Where did the Mayor put that vibrator?”

As the morning progressed, and each member of the household woke up and stumbled downstairs, They found their way into the front hall and examined Mal’s creation. Working in my office right off the hall, I heard Heather explain her predicament at least six more times. Almost every conversation started with “Well, why don’t you just hop off that thing?”

Mal himself staggered down just before noon. He was the one person who didn’t say a word to Heather. He had the charger for the Hitachi with him and, finding it on the sideboard where Luka had left it, plugged it in to charge. I can’t think of a more elegant and silent way to send a clear message to Heather that she was in for a long day. At this point she had been up about 29 hours and on her feet in 3-inch heels for about 10 hours.

Lucija had left the party a little early last night. I think it was inhibiting her, knowing her parents were upstairs doing who knows what kinky stuff in the bedroom/dungeon she designed and built. But she also had class this morning. I was about to head to the kitchen to see what was for lunch when I heard a voice in the hall. At first, I didn’t recognize the voice, but then I realized it was Helen, Lucija’s roommate and catalog model. “Što dovraga?” (What the hell?).

“It’s just a naked slut? You’ve seen her before. Although I don’t know why she’s out of her cell?” Lucija commented.

“But look between her legs?” Helen almost shouted in English.

As I headed for the hall I heard Lucija reply, “Well that’s interesting.”

When I came out of my office, Lucija and Helen were both down on their knees examining the pole.

“You ladies done with class for the day?” I asked.

“Apparently not!” Helen said.

“Yea, this is a lot more interesting than Finance 203!” Lucija said, adding, “What’s going on?”

“Well,” I explained, “Apparently the slut here complained last night that she wasn’t getting enough torture, so Mal made her a new toy. I think it’s called a ‘one bar cell.’”

“Mal said it was called a ‘one bar prison’ sir,” the slut said without thinking.

“Speaking without being asked a question – one demerit, slut," I said quickly.

“Demerit?” Helen asked?’

“I’ll explain later," Lucija said.

“But I don’t understand,” Lucija continued, “why doesn’t she just get off it?”

Here we go again, I thought, “Why don’t you ask her? Slut, conversation mode.”

And for the seventh or eighth time that morning Heather explained the whole story.

“Conversation off," I said as she finished. “So, Helen, what are your plans for the day? Are you modeling sex toys again, I thought the catalog was finished?”

“Oh, I just came with Lucija. She has some work to do, and I thought I’d just read. It’s quiet here. Usually,” she replied with a smirk.

“How would you like to make a little spending money while you read?" I asked. “I’ll pay you 20 Euros to help keep the slut here from hurting herself.”

“I don’t understand?” she asked. I noticed a smile start to spread on Lucija’s face as she looked at me.

“Well, you see,” I explained, “the slut here has been awake for, oh, about 32 hours now. And she’s been standing in those heels for 12. Mal locked her in this predicament and so, by our rules, Mal should be the one to release her. I have no idea how much longer Mal will leave her here. That steel pole in her cunt is completely unyielding. If she falls asleep and starts to topple over, she could rip or damage something.”

“Oh, I see," said Helen, not really seeing how she could help.

“So, you can help her by keeping her awake. We’ll pull a comfortable chair into the hall so you can sit behind the slut and read. Every time you finish a chapter, you take a few minutes to use that vibrator over on the side table. Make sure she’s wide awake and squirming on that pole but don’t let her cum. We all know that a good orgasm can put a girl right to sleep and we wouldn’t want that now would we.” I heard Heather moan. “Then just go back to reading the next chapter.”

“Oh, no SIR, we wouldn’t want her to get hurt!” Helen said, now getting the ideal.

“Ohh, Helen’s book has LONG chapters, I have an additional idea," Lucija said as she sprinted into our shared office, popping right back out with our battery powered office clock in her hand.

Lucija propped the clock on the side table where the slut could see it clearly. “I want you to call out the time every five minutes. Like Two Oh Five, Two Ten, Two Fifteen.” Helen, you set your Apple watch timer to vibrate your wrist every five minutes, so you notice if she gets drowsy and forgets to call out the time. If she does, just smack her bottom with your book, hard!”

Now it was my turn to pop into our office. Coming back with a large, wood, ‘fraternity paddle’ I said, “Helen might damage that library book, better if she uses this paddle, it will sting more too.”

Helen settled into a large armchair to read, and Lucija and I went into the office to work. All afternoon we heard our human clock calling out every five minutes. Only four or five times did we hear a loud whap of wood impacting flesh. And about every half hour or so we would hear the clear buzz of the Hitachi and the even clearer moaning of a slut. I don’t think Lucija and I got all that much work done.

Several times during the afternoon Mal came down to check on Heather. He spoke cordially to Helen but never even acknowledged the slut. Finally, just before dinner time Mal came in and had an Allen wrench in his hand. Good thing because I was about to intervene, Heather was exhausted and barely standing.

“Ready to go back to your cell slut?” he asked.

“Yes sir,” was all she had the energy to say.

“I think,” Mal added, “you’ve spent about 18 hours on this pole so that should be worth 18 iPad points.”

Then as he lowered the shaft out of Heather’s cunt, she fell to her knees in front of the pole.

“Turn around slut and clean your juices off my creation, I can’t put it away with all that girl cum on it.”

The slut found the energy to turn around on her knees and begin to suck and lick the steel dildo. Helen was watching her intently. Not knowing I was paying her, Mal looked at Helen and said, “Thanks for your help this afternoon. Would you like to use the slut before I put her away?”

“Um, oh, no thank you. Um, I’m not really into girls.” Helen replied.

After a moment's pause, she added, “But this was quite an afternoon, and I am pretty horny. If you’re not busy later...” I could tell by her expression that this exchange surprised the hell out of Lucija, who didn’t know her roommate could be that much of a slut herself.


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