The Chateau

by Budman

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Author’s Note: As with most of my stories, you will get very lost if you don’t read this story from . I encourage you to go back and take the chapters in order if you aren’t already.

Chapter 25 – Sex Toy Catalog

Lucija had suggested that our company's sex toy catalog pictures, both for the web and print, were sterile. They were just pictures of our products sitting on tables or against solid backdrops. “They show the products clearly, but they don’t incite the imagination of the customers,” she argued. “Besides, we should be using short video clips, especially on the more complex electronic products.”

“But we don’t have the sets, lighting or photo equipment to take the kind of shots you are suggesting.” I countered.

“I think I know a guy!” Lucija said, “Trust me?”


The next day was a class day for Lucija at University, so she stayed over in her dorm. Friday, she showed up at the Chateau and walked into the office with a very handsome young man in tow. He looked to be about her age, and I guessed he was a fellow University student.

“Heath Zagaroff, meet Borislav Juric,” Lucija said. “Heath is the founder and president of our company. Heath, Borislav is a senior in the Arts program with a major in photography and videography. He’s also kinky as hell!”

Curious, I asked, “And you know this how?”

 Borislav was the one who answered, “Oh, Lucija’s roommate Helen is my girlfriend.”

“Yea,” Lucija smiled, “and unknown to me or the university, Borislav here installed a hard point in the ceiling inside a light fixture in the middle of our dorm room.”

“Yea,” Borislav continued, “We’re pretty into rope, shibari, and suspensions.”

“So,” Lucija picked up the thread, “I dropped by the dorm room one-night last week when they weren’t expecting me to find Borislav here, six inches deep into a flying Helen. It wasn’t like he could suddenly hide what they were doing, so he just calmly finished dumping a load in her. That’s when I figured out, he was our kind of people.”

“You can’t guess what she did next that let me know SHE was OUR kind of people,” Borislav said, smiling at Lucija.

“Oh,” I replied, “I’ll bet I can. She dropped to her knees and right in front of your girlfriend she cleaned your dick off with her mouth.”

Borislav laughed, “Yea, then French kissed Helen and shoved a load of cum in her mouth.”

“Yea,” I said, shaking my head, “that sounds like our Lucija. Well welcome to the chateau. Your English is excellent, where are you from?”

“Oh,” he replied, “I’m from about 30 kilometers north of here. But I want to work in Hollywood or New York or London someday, so I’ve been taking English all through school.”

“Sit down and tell me, what’s the plan?” I asked.

“Borislav can check out all the equipment we need from the University Art Department, Cameras, lights, backdrops, you name it.” Lucija explained.

“Is that legal?” I asked.

“Oh sure,” Borislav assured me, “They want students to check out the equipment. I might film a short documentary about the chateau or something just to have a ‘project’ to turn in, but even if I told them I was just practicing, the equipment manager wouldn’t care as long as the stuff comes back in good shape.”

“We can film in the Cellar and the backyard,” Lucija continued. “We can use CGI tools to change some of the background to a really creepy dungeon scene, or a medical scene, or a prison scene.”

“The software is becoming ridiculously simple to use, we just film in front of green screens then use copyright free images of old Eastern European castles, dungeons, old Soviet era mental hospitals. It will look great!” Borislav declared.

I was certainly impressed with their enthusiasm.

“And what about models?” I asked.

“Well, I could do it," Lucija said, “But I was also thinking of asking Heather and Timmy. If they want to stay anonymous, we could put them in some of our hoods.”

“I’m glad you said, ‘ask Heather’ not simply, ‘use Heather,’ because I don’t think we should just automatically assume modeling falls under our CnC understanding with her. Do you think Tim will agree?” I asked.

Lucija simply raised her eyebrows which I took to mean, ‘Timmy will do what I tell him to do.’

“Lucija, same as with Heather, controlling someone who really wants to be controlled is one thing, splashing their body and perhaps face over the internet is another completely. You have to ask him.” I said firmly.

“Well, I’m sure if I offer to uncage him and let him visit one of his whores downtown, he’ll agree to anything,” she replied.

“We have whores downtown?” Borislav asked. Lucija punched him in the arm.

I took Borislav on a tour of the chateau while Lucija went downstairs to talk to Heather. Borislav and I ended our tour downstairs.

“Did Lucija explain our resident slut to you?” I asked before heading down the stairs.

“Well, she told me there was, like, a house submissive, slave, that lived in a cell in the cellar,” he replied.

“Yea,” I said, “That pretty much sums it up. The thing I hope you’ll accept is that this is where Heather, we call her the slut, wants to be. It’s very much a Consensual non-Consensual or CnC understanding. All members of the house have total control and free use of the slut. We treat her like a high security prisoner, a house slave, and a sex slave and ultimately that is her choice.”

“Cool!” he replied.

As we crossed the floor, the slut stopped talking to Lucija and smoothly dropped into the Nadu position. “Heather!” Lucija exclaimed, “you were in conversation mode, do you really need to do that?”

“Yes ma'am,” she replied.

I knew approximately how the slut would answer, but I wanted Borislav and Lucija (who should have known by now) to hear her response. “And why do you need to assume the Nadu position, even when you’re in conversation mode?”

“Because it shows proper respect to sir and his guest. And I’m not in conversation mode with them,” she explained.

Borislav was looking down at a completely nude slut, kneeling on the floor of her cell, knees spread, hands on thighs palms up, back straight, head down. He looked puzzled. I knew exactly what he was curious about.

“Slut, this is Borislav, I’m assuming Lucija was just telling you why he’s here. Please explain to Borislav why we call you the slut, what Nadu is, why you’re in that position and about modes of conversation,” I asked.

“Yes Sir,” she replied.

“Wait,” I said, “first stand up, press your breast between the bars, look Borislav directly in the eyes and don’t break eye contact until you’re finished. Borislav, you may grab her nipples between your thumb and forefinger and roll them around while she talks if you wish.”

Borislav looked at me, looked at Lucija, who just smiled at him, then looked at the slut who was just waiting, with her breast stuck at least six inches through the bars.

“You don’t need her permission, or Lucija’s, you just need mine. No one will think less of you, but the slut WILL think less of you if you don’t show her you know how to dominate a woman,” I said. “See if you can break her concentration. Don’t worry, she has iron nips.”

Heather smiled at him, trying to put him at ease as he stepped closer and tentatively grabbed each nipple. Borislav had tweaked a woman’s nipples before but never a complete stranger, on first meeting, who was in a cell, nude. He also had to position his fingers top and bottom because Heather’s nipple piercings went horizontally.

“You may begin Slut, don’t break eye contact no matter where he looks.” I instructed.

“Yes, Sir,” she began, “They call me the slut because that’s what I am, I’m a slut for sex and I’m a slut for pain. A slut is a woman who can’t get enough sex, will do anything to get sex and pain.”

At this point I assumed Borislav was applying pressure because the more she talked, the more strained the slut’s words became. Her face was calm, but each word was clipped and measured like she was really concentrating.

“Nadu is a position from the John Norman books ‘The Chronicles of Gor. Most women on the fictional planet of Gor are slaves and are required to assume the Nadu position to show respect. When a member of the household approaches, I always get into Nadu unless I’m tied or chained up where I can’t,” the slut continued. “I’m only allowed to speak when spoken to or unless it’s an emergency. The exception is when a member of the household tells me I’m in ‘conversation.’ In conversation mode I’m allowed to speak freely as long as I’m respectful and call everyone sir or ma'am.”

The slut never paused, but by the end her face was showing the strain of whatever pressure Borislav was putting on her nipples.

“Are you always naked?” Borislav asked.

“Yes Sir. I’ve been naked for the last months, I’ve honestly lost track of time. Except, of course, when I had to get dressed to go to the doctors for my checkup, sir.”

“Any other questions?” I asked, looking at Borislav.

“Um, how do you feel about me hurting your nipples?” he asked, looking at the slut.

“I’m sorry sir, are you hurting my nipples?” she said with a wicked smile.

“Ohhhhh, the pain slut brat comes out to play!” Lucija said.

Borislav cocked his head to the side with a curious look. I don’t think he had ever had a woman taunt him to hurt her before. But he only needed a minute to process the situation.

“I’ll bet you a beer,” I challenged, “your fingers wear out before she pulls away.”

Without saying a word, Borislav clamped down. His thumbs went white. He twisted the slut’s nipples almost 180 degrees as he squeezed. He was obviously hurting her because her jaw muscles bulged, and her fists were balled up. I think even her toes were curled. Then I noticed tears rolling down her cheeks. Still, she didn’t move, didn’t speak, didn’t break eye contact with him.

Finally, he gave up. “Shit. Those are iron tits.” 

“Thanks for the beer, slut!” I said with a smile.

“I’ve never met a woman like this.” Borislav said.

“And you probably never will again," Lucija said. “If you ever treat Helen like that without negotiating and exploring with her first, I’ll help her kill you in your sleep! Women who genuinely enjoy bondage and pain at the level Heather does are unicorns. That’s why we protect her.”

“Damn,” I kidded, “You’ve been spending too much time around Paula and Maggie.”

“Conversation on, slut,” I said. “So, Lucija, what did you guys work out before I so rudely interrupted?”

“Heather is on board. She says she doesn’t mind at all having her face in the videos and photos. I’m trying to convince her that once something is on the internet it will be there forever and that we can do this just fine with hoods, blindfolds, and other things to disguise her identity.”

“Ma'am, it will be more realistic if I’m my natural self,” the slut added. “It’s just a modeling job. I’d be proud to represent the company as a model. Besides, I’m a slut, I’ll always be a slut, and I don’t mind the world knowing it.”

“Well, I have no doubt,” Lucija said, “that Timmy will want to be anonymous. I guess I should let him.”

Lucija enlisted Reese and Mal to build some sets. We had leased a Volvo box truck for the company and Lucija and Reese spent a day hitting junk shops, antique shops, yard sales and other sources for furniture and set decorations. Lucija took her bedroom upstairs in the Chateau and turned it into a ‘love nest.’ She created a dungeon in one corner of the cellar where the rock foundation wall of the chateau was exposed. There was already the wine cellar, which looked like a prison cell. They also put a green screen backdrop at one end of the living room. With the green screen and software, they could create pretty much any set they wished.

Lucija’s idea, with Reese’s and Borislav’s help, was to take photos of each of our products in use in an exciting and fantasy-rich setting. But also, to shoot a one-minute video of each product that used a fantasy or story to show the product in use. These were always portrayed as fun and consensual stories or settings. She usually had the slut and Tim playing loving husband and wife and frequently encouraged the slut to get very bratty. She wanted the average person to identify with the products, not view them as something only hard-core players used.

The shoot went on for weeks. I would wander in front from time to time, more out of curiosity than any desire to oversee what the team was doing. One afternoon I found the team in the bedroom. The slut was stretched in a tight spread eagle, nude. Her wrists and ankles were wrapped in our BDSM starter kit cuffs, nylon, padded, pink with Velcro closures. She was wearing the blindfold and the small ball gag that also came in the kit. Tim was lying face down between her legs, obviously eating her out. Her thighs hid his face and the fact he was face down hid his chastity cage. I’m sure he was giving good head, but it was also obvious that the slut was exaggerating the effect he was having on her. Since the slut wasn’t allowed to orgasm, Lucija had her ‘fake’ several loud orgasms, one take after another, until she was satisfied that any woman who watched the video would want the starter kit, just so she could have an orgasm like that.

A more extreme scene greeted me the next morning in the dungeon. The slut was again nude, in a spread eagle. But this time she was hanging from her wrist in our most expensive leather suspension cuffs. Her legs were held wide with her toes just off the ground using our two-inch leather ankle cuffs. She was wearing a high leather posture collar and our best blindfold. Tim was standing behind her, his face hidden by her body, arms wrapped around her body, the fingers of one hand pinching and rolling a nipple, the fingers of the other hand stroking her clit. Lucija had the slut in brat mode, lovingly taunting Tim. “I suppose,” she said, “that this pain and pleasure combination is going to make me beg you to fuck me?”

Between each take, Lucija would slide a couple of wood blocks under the slut’s feet so she could relieve the strain on her wrists and body. It almost looked like the slut was disappointed every time Lucija gave her a break. After a few takes I called Lucija over and quietly pointed out to her, “Have you noticed how the slut’s face falls every time you give her a break?”

“Yea, she also sighs pretty loudly,” Lucija replied, “but I don't want to hurt her. That’s a really stressful position.”

“I know, but she can take more than you think. When you’re done, ‘forget’ to put the blocks under her and declare a coffee break. I’ll stay behind quietly but you, Tim and Borislav make lots of noise going back upstairs to get some coffee. I’ll make sure she’s ok,” I suggested.

After a couple of more takes, Lucija signaled to Borislav and Tim with a wink and then said “OK! Good shoot! Let’s get some coffee.” And they all stomped up the stairs making much more noise than was necessary. I waited several minutes, trying to breathe and move quietly but watching Heather carefully. At first, she twisted her head this way and that, trying to hear if everyone was gone. Then she let her head fall back and she visibly relaxed in her bonds, accepting her bondage and whatever Lucija was doing with perfect submission. She never called out. She certainly never showed fear or panicked.

I watched her breathing and observed the increase in strain and effort each breath took. I expected the realization that she might suffocate would cause her to panic; she did not. I let her hang for about 10 minutes, which given that she had already been in this position for half an hour, was really becoming stressful. She was not wearing a gag, yet she never appeared to consider crying out for help. When I decided she had had enough, worried more about her wrists and hands than anything, I blew on the back of her neck. She stiffened for a second, then relaxed again.

“Having fun, slut?” I asked.

“Yes sir, it’s one of the most helpless and painful things I’ve done. I love it,” she replied.

“You have permission to beg!” I said, expecting her to beg to be let down.

“Thank you, sir. May I please have an orgasm? I’m SO very wet!” she begged earnestly.

I should have guessed, but her request caught me completely off guard. I didn’t answer her but kicked the blocks back under her feet. She sighed but didn’t say anything.

After a couple of weeks of shooting, Lucija came into the office, and she obviously had something on her mind.

“Hey boss?” she started.


“We’ve done shoots for everything except the vibrators.” Lucija said like she was asking a question.

“That’s great!” I said.

“Well, I have a problem,” she said slowly. “I have a model who isn’t allowed to have orgasms unless you say so.” Lucija explained.

“Hmmm, that is a problem. But I’ve seen her fake a pretty convincing orgasm,” I argued.

“Yea, but that was with Tim’s head hiding her cunt. I need closeups of her using the vibrators and it would be helpful if she was creaming while she’s screaming, if you know what I mean?” Lucija said.

“I like that, you should make that a slogan, ‘the vibrators that make you scream while you cream!’” I laughed.

“But I’m serious!” Lucija was getting frustrated with me.

“I’m sorry. Look, why don’t you shoot all the vibrators as below the waist closeups. Use every female you can get so you have all kinds of cunts – big clits, little clits, big labia, little labia, different skin colors, etc. I’ll even give permission for the slut to have an orgasm so you can use her cunt too. But just one.” I suggested.

“Do you think everyone will help, that’s only three?” she asked.

“You make four. But I bet if you ask, and explain that it will be anonymous, that you could recruit your roommate Helen, Nurse Gruba, the Doctor, and perhaps even Madam Cosecu. You should be able to come up with eight women. At two vibrators each, that should cover the models we have,” I said.

“Why would Doctor Horvat and Nurse Gruba do something like this? They are professional women?” Lucija asked.

“You might be surprised, there is a little exhibitionist in all of us. The idea that hundreds of thousands of people will watch them anonymously masturbate with a vibrator on video and never know it’s them. Well, it might just be exciting, daring, adventurous. Just ask, all you can get is a no. Just make sure to get a model release signed,” I advised.

Before the week was out, there was a steady stream of women, quietly coming into the chateau and wandering up to Lucija’s bedroom with her. Most of the women coming through I knew, but there were a few I did not. I assumed they were friends of Lucija from school or town. She had Borislav set up the camera and lighting in advance so only Lucija was present for these shots. When I saw the finished results, there were only a few cunts I could recognize, Lucija did a great job of making it anonymous while also making it extremely erotic and exciting. This was going to sell a lot of vibrators!

When Lucija announced that shooting was done, at least until we created some new products, I asked, “So what did all those vibrator models cost us?”

“Everybody did it for the vibrator.” Lucija explained.

“You’re kidding?” I exclaimed.

“Nope, you were right, I think most of them did it because it was daring and liberating. But I let them keep the vibrators they demonstrated since we couldn’t exactly resell them,” she laughed.


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