The Chateau

by Budman

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Author’s Note: As with most of my stories, you will get very lost if you don’t read this story from . I encourage you to go back and take the chapters in order if you aren’t already. But if you don’t want to read the entire story, you at least need to read and to understand this chapter.

Chapter 27 – The Doctor Reports

About a week after the party, Carl came into my office. “Ana wanted me to invite you and Paula over for dinner. She has that info about the physical and mental dangers of solitary confinement you were interested in.”

And so, Paula and I rang the doorbell of Dr. Ana Horvat’s house at about 6 the next evening.

Carl opened the door and led us back to the kitchen, the gathering place in most homes. What greeted us there was a bit of a shock in spite of our kinky nature.

Yes, Paula and I knew Ana was a ‘kink aware’ doctor. Yes, we knew Carl occasionally liked to play bondage games. But we were not expecting a naked Ana, chained to the oven door handle by about 20 feet of chain, busily arranging crackers, local cheese, fruit and wine appetizers.

“Oh, hey guys, um, surprise?” Ana said as she threw her arms out to her sides and sort of wiggled her tits at us, which is when we noticed the clothespin on one nipple.

“Uh, yea," I said, showing my sophistication and intelligence.

“Well, I shouldn’t be surprised I guess, but I am a little jealous,” Paula said, “given that Carl never even tied me up!”

“Hea,” I protested, jokingly, “That’s my job now!”

“Then you probably need to be fired!” Paula joked.

“Uh, yea," I said, now very confused since I had always thought of Paula as a Dom. Had I missed something?

“Who wants wine?” Carl asked as his phone, which was laying on the counter made a ‘bing’.

“Paula,” he asked pointing at Ana’s chest, “while I pour would you move that clothespin?”

“Damn, five minutes is short!” Ana complained.

Realizing they were playing ‘5 on 5 off’ with the clothes pins I replied, “Have you ever tried more than five minutes? The longer you leave them on the worse they hurt coming off.”

“Owww, sranje!” Ana shouted, which learned is “shit” in Croatian, as Paula took the clothespin off.

“OOOOWWW,” she moaned as Paula put it back on the other nipple, “did you have to put it right on the end!” But I noticed Ana was smiling at Paula.

“Yes,” Paula replied, “at least I didn’t do this.” And she squeezed the clothespin and twisted it for a second. Ana just opened her mouth and sucked in breath.

“Ana is a bit of a brat as a sub,” Carl commented laughing, “and I find that endearing. It also gives me an excuse to torture her with a vibrator later.”

Ana’s chain allowed her to reach the end chair at the dining room table, and their protocols didn’t require her to eat off the floor or anything. It’s good that Ana was given some freedom of movement during dinner because her roast lamb and roast vegetables were so good, we sent her back to the kitchen several times for more. All through dinner, Carl’s phone binged every 5 minutes, and Ana would lean over, and Carl would move the clothespin – usually to some form of swearing from Ana.

I didn’t know exactly where the evening was going after dinner, would Carl order our local doctor to perform sexually? And when were we going to talk psychology? But I learned that, while they wanted to demonstrate that they were into BDSM, Ana was more into ‘playful and sexy’, than hard core like Heather.

“Shall we move into the living room? I have some thoughts on isolation to share with you Heath,” Ana said, indicating to Carl that play time was over.

“Let me get that chain dear," Carl said while fishing a key out of his pocket.

“Thanks, and may I remove the clothespin?” Ana asked with a gleam in her eye.

“And deprive me the pleasure of pulling it off?” Carl said while suddenly yanking the pin off without opening it. I didn’t understand the stream of Croatian swear words that erupted but I understood their tone!

“Would you like a robe dear?” Carl asked with a smile.

“I doubt my nudity is bothering our guests and I’d rather not have anything rubbing across these nipples right now!” Ana exclaimed.

“Define bothering!” I joked, which earned me a punch in the arm from Paula.

After we were settled in the living room and wine glasses refilled Dr. Ana took charge of the conversation using her professional voice in spite of being the only naked person in the room.

“I’ve read several recent studies on ‘restrictive housing’ more commonly called solitary confinement. The dangers, as you may expect, are related to mental and physical health with increases in depression, paranoia and even hallucinations. The percentage of people who die in the first year after release, from suicide and or drugs, is very high. 

Also, if the prisoner has any existing mental health condition, they can be greatly exacerbated by solitary. To my knowledge, Heather has not been diagnosed with anything other than a love of bondage, but I could check her history more thoroughly.

Physical problems can include rash or fungus, Vitamin D deficiency, and muscle atrophy. Those can all be handled and don’t pose any long-term or permanent problems.

The studies I read focused on people who were kept in solitary for years. The United Nations has set standards at 14 days maximum for restrictive housing and include some contact, sometimes even an hour a day in the exercise yard. But the cistern is a different kind of solitary. I couldn’t find any recent, scientific studies of the kind of solitary we’re talking about.

In summary, solitary can have some extreme mental effects, but it takes time, more I would think, than weeks or even months. But we’re also talking about a different environment than those in the studies. Our solitary is in complete darkness, no human contact, naked. In short, we’re in unknown territory here. But I think it can be done safely, we just need to keep a close eye on the prisoner and watch for signs of mental deterioration. Also take some steps, like embedding vitamins in her food, to control physical problems.”

“And what if your nurse wants to be the first resident of our pit?" I asked.

“She does seem to have a fetish for it, doesn’t she?” Ana said. “Well, I would probably be more comfortable with her in the pit, at least she could recognize her own physical decline.”

“Yea, your nurse definitely has a fetish for that pit,” I explained. “We ran power and an Internet cable out to the cistern; I can put a camera up in the corner where it can’t be seen. Infrared cameras are available in two frequencies of light. The lower frequency gives a picture that looks like normal black and white, but the LEDs have a red glow that can be seen in the dark. I don’t want that. I ordered the higher frequency which is completely invisible to the eye – but the picture looks more like an x-ray to me. Still, we can monitor the prisoner, whoever it is.

“Can you give me remote access to that camera so I can watch for behavior that would indicate depression or paranoia?” Ana asked.

“Absolutely, and it will record 24/7 so you can fast forward and look for trends.

“Perhaps I’ll write a paper on this experiment someday,” Ana mused.

“I’d like to see how you explain the experiment in a scientific paper,” Carl laughed.

“Well, now that we’ve covered dinner and business, I think it’s time for bondage!” Ana announced.

I could tell from her expression that Paula was not expecting this turn of events and I was pretty surprised myself.

“Umm, what did you have in mind?” Paula asked.

“You can probably tell from the chains and all that Ana and I have been experimenting lately. I mean, we all knew that Ana was cool and all, but she’s been asking me to try more and more stuff.” Carl explained.

“It’s erotic, it’s challenging, everything is a new experience, and I like it. I especially like sex tied up!” Ana cut in.

“Yea, she does like sex.” Carl laughed. “The problem is, I’m not really that experienced. I mean, I’ve helped dominate Heather and all, but you guys know all kinds of safety stuff and tricks and techniques and have toys.”

“Well,” I offered, “I’m glad you put ‘safety stuff’ first in that list, and I’m glad you are asking for help. That is what’s going on here, right. You’re asking for our help?”

“Absolutely!” Ana exclaimed. “Carl is really wonderful but he’s the first to explain what he doesn’t know.”

“Paula and I would love to help," I said as I looked at Paula to make sure I wasn’t speaking out of turn.

“How come I have to help?” she said, momentarily confusing me. “Maybe I want to get tied up too.”

“Umm, Paula, can I speak to you for a minute? In the kitchen.” I said quickly. “Sorry Carl, Ana, we’ll be right back.”

Once we were in the kitchen I asked, “Do you really want to switch? A long time ago you told me that you might switch for the right person. I want to make sure you aren’t just doing this to make Ana feel more comfortable, because I don’t think she needs support, she seems pretty together.”

“I haven’t bottomed since you’ve been around, but as I told you, I used to switch all the time in London before I met my husband. ‘Right person?’ I don’t know, perhaps I want to see what it feels like to be your rope bottom,” she said, quietly.

“I don’t know,” I said thoughtfully, “this just seems kind of ‘out of the blue.’”

“Look, do you want to tie me up or not?” she spat. “If not, that’s OK, let’s just go home!”

“Woah woman. I didn’t say that. I just want to make sure you’re into this, OK? Let’s negotiate limits,” I said quickly.

“You should ask Ana that question, I’m quite sure I’m up for anything she can handle," Paula replied, “sorry I jumped at you. Let’s just go have fun, OK. Make me your rope bunny.”

When we went back into the living room, Ana and Carl both had worried expressions. Carl started to say something, and Paula cut him off, “It’s OK Carl. Honest. Heath here is just being overly cautious. He wasn’t sure I really wanted to switch tonight.”

“Switch?” Ana asked.

“Yea,” Paula explained, “switch between being a dominant and a submissive or a top and a bottom. Heath’s never seen me in anything but a dominant role.”

“So, Ana, what we are about to do is usually called a play session and it’s always wise to start with negotiations,” I started.

“Red and Yellow.” Ana said quickly, I learned about safewords in my Medical School seminar on kink.

“OK, those can be your safewords,” I continued, “But did they explain what should happen if you use them?”

“Yes, Yellow = pause the action and check in. Red = stop everything, and you’re done for that session. Debrief later to see what went wrong,” she explained.

“Good, that must have been a good seminar. How about limits?” I asked.

“Oh, I don’t think we need limits tonight, I just want to try some rope bondage and I trust you and Carl.” Ana said.

“So, no limits. So, we can tie you to that tree in the front yard facing the tree, then drive nails through your boobs into the tree and leave you there till morning?” I said quickly.

“Heath!” Paula shouted at me.

“Oh hell no!” Ana said. “You wouldn’t do that would you?”

“No, I wouldn’t, at least not tonight," I said with a smile. “But you see my point? You do have limits.”

“Might I suggest we just use rope, no suspensions, no pain like whipping, caning or um, nailing?” Carl interjected.

“And nothing inside me that isn’t a part of Carl’s body,” Ana added, “No offense Heath.”

“None taken,” I said, “Your body, your limits.”

“What about MY tongue,” Paula asked quietly.

The room was quiet for a while. For the first time tonight, I started getting an erection as I waited for the answer. I looked over and Carl’s pants were starting to tent as well.

“OK,” Ana said.

“OK what?” I said, “In negotiations you have to be specific to avoid misunderstandings. Can she French kiss you? Or lick your clit, or stick her tongue in your pussy?”

A few more seconds of quiet passed then Ana said seriously, “I’ve never done it with another woman.” Then she added, “both,” and she looked at Paula and smiled.

“Seriously?” Carl asked in amazement. “You didn’t even experiment in college?”

“No. I might have but my roommate was a bitch, we hated each other.” Ana replied. “If it’s OK with everyone, I’d like to try. This is all about new experiences, right? And if I’m tied up, I’d have no choice but to enjoy it, right?”

“OH, with me, you WILL enjoy it,” Paula said emphatically and Carl and I exchanged a high five.

“Paula,” I said simply, “strip. Carl, what have we got to work with, show me your toy collection.”

Since Ana was pretty much a novice bondagette and I wasn’t really sure how serious Paula was about bottoming despite her protest, I wanted to keep it light and fun. I had an idea.

Carl didn’t have a lot, but he was prepared for rope bondage. He had bought 100 ft. of ¼ inch cotton rope, cut it into various lengths and finished the ends so they wouldn’t unravel.

I wanted a couple of spreader bars but the best I could find was a mop handle, the type where the actual mop detaches so it can be washed and a pretty ratty looking broom that, with Carl’s permission, I broke the broom off its handle.

“OK, Ana, on the floor, face up,” I instructed. Paula, you lay on top of her. No, not that way, head to toe.”

“Ohhh, you dirty boy you!” Paula smirked.

“Carl,” I explained, “Tie each of Paula’s wrists to Ana’s knees, just below the knee. Watch how I tie Ana’s wrists to Paula’s knees and just do what I do. Make sure you can slip a finger under the ropes but also make sure she can’t slip her hand out of the tie.”

“Good,” I continued when we had both finished, “Now help me wrap this longer rope around their waists several times.”

When their waists were bound tightly together, I handed Carl the broomstick and I took the mop handle. “OK, now tie one end of this to one ankle and the other end to the other ankle. Tie it tight on the stick so it doesn't slip down. It would have been better if we had real spreader bars, but this will work.”

When we finished, we both stood up and looked down at the lovely sight of Paula’s shapely bottom, and under it, pressed into Paula’s crotch, was Ana’s face. Likewise, Paula had to hold her head up to keep from having her face planted in Ana’s crotch. With their legs held wide with the broom/mop handles there was no alternative.

“Grab the ankles on your end Carl,” I suggested, “and let’s flip them over. I wouldn’t want Ana to get crushed for too long.”

When we had flipped the girls over, too much grunting and complaining about being man-handled, Paula was on the bottom and Ana was laying on top of her. With their legs spread wide there was no way they could turn themselves over. Either woman could bend her knees but that wouldn’t change the fact that each woman’s mouth was basically hovering right over/under the other woman’s clit.

“Whew!” I exclaimed. “That was hard work. You got any beer?”

“Hea,” Paula complained, “Where are you going?” I could barely understand her with Ana covering her mouth.

“Oh, we’ll be back in a bit,” I said, “In the meantime I’ll bet you two can figure out something to keep yourselves entertained.”

When we reached the kitchen, Carl got a couple of local beers out of the fridge, opened them, handed me one and said, “We are going back in there, right? I don’t want to miss this action!”

“Yes, Carl,” I laughed, “I don’t want to miss it either but let’s give them a few minutes of privacy to explore each other. I especially want to give Ana some space. Plus, I wanted to discuss my plan with you and make sure it’s OK. Ana’s your girlfriend.”

“OK, what did you have in mind?” He asked.

I laid out my plan. “Well, we need to flip them every few minutes. Having someone’s full weight laying on top of you can make breathing hard. And I want to encourage them to really get their tongues into each other. I don’t know if either of them can have an orgasm like this but that would be incredible if they can. I’m sure Paula will give Ana a great experience, but if Ana hasn’t gone down on a woman before, and Paula can’t coach her... “

“Yea?” Carl prompted.

“Well, how ticklish is Ana?” I asked.

“Umm, I don’t know, I guess I’ve never tickled her.” Carl replied.

“Well, Paula is VERY ticklish in a couple of spots, her ribs, the bottom of her feet and her belly, which is kind of out of play right now.” I continued. “So, we go back in there, watch for a while, then complain that the woman on top, right now it’s Ana, isn’t working hard enough. So, you start tickling her. Just try different places, different techniques, light stoking, pinching, digging in, you’ve tickled someone before.”

“Cool,” Carl said enthusiastically.

“Tell her, as you tickle her,” I continued the rules, “That you’ll stop when she begs us to flip them over.”

“Ohhh,” Carl said, starting to understand, “Then you’ll tickle Paula.”

“Yes,” I continued, “after watching her eat Ana for a while.”

“How long do we play this game?”

“We have to balance letting them turn each other on, with tormenting them, with not wearing out their tickle reflex. You can only tickle someone so long before they go numb.” I suggested. “I think we’ll know when the game is over.”

“Then what?”

“Seriously Carl? You’re going to have a raging hard on by then, I imagine you can figure out something to do with it. The only question is where?”

As we reentered the living room there was a quiet slurping sound coming from each end of our little package. Paula later told me that she started tonguing Ana first and then she realized that Ana was trying to imitate everything Paula’s tongue was doing.

“Sluts, I haven’t heard anybody cum yet. Are you trying hard enough?” I taunted.

After another minute Carl got in the act, “Ana I don’t think you’re trying very hard, please remember that Paula is our dinner guest, you need to make sure she has a good time.”

And after another 30 seconds or so, “Ana, let me help.” And Carl ran his fingernails down the side of Ana’s arm from the elbow through her underarm, down the side of her ribs and stopped at her waist.

Carl and I both noticed that she stopped licking and started squirming as soon as he put his hand on her. But when his fingers crossed her under arm she bucked and when the fingers reached her ribs she squealed “STOP.”

“Ana,” I explained, “Carl isn’t going to stop until you make Paula cum OR you beg us to flip you over. And I do mean beg.” I stopped and let that sink in while Carl started a run down the other side of Ana’s body.
“I can’t concentrate when you’re doing that!” Ana screamed in frustration and laughter.

Meanwhile I could hear the sloppy sounds coming from underneath Ana as Paula increased her efforts in whatever she was doing to Ana’s cunt.

Carl didn’t let up, and it’s really hard to explain what followed. Ana laughed, she giggled, then screamed “Stop” and “NO, no, no, no.” and “I can’t breathe” and “Please.”

Every once in a while, Carl would have to reset his hands or just give her a break to catch her breath and she might focus just a minute on Paula’s clit. But then Carl would start again. As he went, he ramped up the tickling, He dug his fingers into her ribs and got an explosion of expletives. But mostly Ana started bucking and writhing and twisting. Of course, since she was tied to Paula at the wrist, waist and knees, the result was taking Paula on a wild ride as well.

“OH God, (hysterical laughter), NOT THERE, (laughter), OH Please, (more laughter).”

Ana and the attached Paula must have wormed and squirmed several feet across the floor and poor Paula was getting pounded with a bucking, thrashing woman on top of her. Also, Ana was making so much noise I couldn’t tell if Paula was still licking her clit and I doubt she could have stayed on such a moving target.

“Oh, NO, NO, Please, Oh Flip us, please Flip us, I can’t stand this anymore, I’m going to pass out, OH FLIP US PLEASE.”

I tapped Carl on the shoulder, and he stood up. Without any pause or ceremony, we each took an end and flipped the women over so that Paula was on top.

“Get to work Paula, I expect you to do a much better job on Ana’s clit," I said sternly. “I want to hear some serious sucking and licking sounds. And Ana, If I don’t think you’re giving as good as you get, we’ll just flip you back over – or for that matter I’ll bet Carl can reach those ribs of yours now.”

I could see Carl was ready to attack Ana again, he was really enjoying this. I thought his penis was going to rip a hold in his shorts. But since the women seemed to be really working on each other, I held up my hand to indicate we should wait. I wanted them to get really wet and think they might actually get to cum this way.

I guess we waited about five minutes. It must have been getting really interesting for Ana and Paula because both of them were having trouble concentrating and would stop licking occasionally until reminded what would happen if they didn’t. Finally, I thought they were getting too close. Besides, Paula hadn’t had a turn as a ticklee yet.

“Paula, I just don’t think you’re trying. You keep stopping just when Ana is getting close.” I told her.

“Yes, yes, I’m trying, seriously, I’m trying,” she complained.

“And yet you keep stopping to talk, how is that trying?” I observed with a smile. “So, Carl, help me out here, you take that side and I’ll take this side.”

I had already decided I wasn’t going to handle Ana without an invitation. But Paula and Carl were intimate before I ever showed up at the Chateau, so I knew Paula would not have a problem being manhandled by Carl. Well, she might have a problem, but it wouldn’t be a moral objection, more an objection to what he was about to help me do to her.

In addition to the areas I already mentioned to Carl, he and I both started to experiment. We learned quickly that Paula was ticklish on her ribs and under her arms, but the real gold mine was behind her knees and that little area right above the hip bone. Oh yea, those two spots drove her wild. And her feet! Grab a foot, wet your finger with saliva and run it between her toes! But be prepared to get kicked.

Paula was amazingly focused on Ana’s clit. We didn’t hear a peep out of her for several minutes of tickling. We could tell we were having an effect as she bucked and squirmed and fought us. Finally, she gave up working on Ana’s cunt and just started laughing out loud.

I never heard Paula laugh like this. It was inhuman, and constant, and all I was doing was running my fingers between her toes. By now, Carl had stopped working on her waist and was helping me hold one of her feet down with one hand while he tickled the back of her knee with the other.

“You bastards, STOP, Crap, Oh No, No, Oh God!” she yelled and so much more that was unintelligible as she ran out of air.

Finally, after an inhuman amount of time laughing hysterically, she started begging, “Please, Please, Flip us over, please.”

And so, Carl and I stood up, and flipped the women over. Ana on top now.

At this point, Carl and I were getting tired. It’s amazing how much of a fight Paula put up. Holding her down took major effort even with Ana tied to her.

“Ladies,” I said, “Carl and I are going to take a beer break. If you don’t want us to take another tickle break, I suggest you make each other cum before we finish these beers.”

As Carl and I enjoyed our beer, we also enjoyed our view of two panting women trying to focus on licking while getting higher and higher themselves.

At one point, Carl pulled Ana’s hair back so he could watch the action and I positioned myself so I could see what Paula was doing between Ana’s thighs.

After several minutes and swigs of beer I said, “Seriously ladies, I just don’t think either of you is trying. This is taking way too long!”

“Well,” Paula protested, “You keep interrupting us, I could have cum twice if you didn’t keep stopping us with that insane tickling!”

“Is that how you feel Ana? That it is all Carl and my fault that you’re bad at oral?” I asked.

Sensing this was a setup and playing the brat, Ana shot back “Oh you’re both a couple of right bastards!”

“Did you hear that Carl, and from your girlfriend too!” I said in mock outrage.

Carl and I simultaneously dropped to our knees on either side and started tickling BOTH women.

After a few seconds the wild bucking and thrashing got so bad that Carl sat on Ana’s shoulders, and I sat on Paula’s ass facing her feet so I could concentrate there. Carl mostly worked on Ana’s ribs and arms but would occasionally spend a little time on Paula’s waist, giving Ana time to catch her breath.

But sadly, nobody’s tickle reflex lasts forever, and although we moved around from spot to spot, I could tell the hysterical, couldn’t catch their breath laughter was turning into just laughter. Paula was also getting crushed with basically three people on top of her.

I called a stop. “Do you ladies think you’ve learned your lesson? Are you ready for those orgasms now.”

“Bastard. You probably won’t ever let us cum!” Paula said, but I could see her smile between Ana’s thighs.

“Actually,” I said, “Carl and I are going to sit down here on the couch and enjoy the show. But we want good solid orgasms. Announce when you cum. And I want honesty, no faking!”

Then I added, “Carl lets flip them over again, I think Paula needs a break.”

I seriously hoped Ana and Paula could cum. They had each had their clits sucked and licked for a while now, and not always with finesse and technique as it must have been hard to lick tenderly while being tickled. So, the chance that they were both numb and past orgasm was real.

Luckily, I was wrong.

Ana came first, and she didn’t need to announce it. Her whole body stiffened up, she stopped licking Paula, her toes curled, her fist balled up, and then she screamed in pleasure. I wasn’t particularly surprised given that Ana was the least experienced linguist.

Once Ana had come down a bit, Paula started to coach.

“Suck my whole clit in your mouth, now flick the clit with your tongue. No, suck at the same time you flick. Not so hard. No suck hard, just flick soft, barely touch it. Good, oh yeah!” Paula exclaimed. 

“NOW, suck HARD and stop licking!” Paula yelled, and I knew she was cumming hard!

While the women caught their breath, still tied to each other on the floor, Carl and I stripped. I’m sure it was no surprise to the women that both of us were rock hard.

“Heath Zagaroff, you are one creative, sadistic bastard!” Paula said.

“Careful woman, you’re still tied up you know,” I replied.

“Yea, I kinda noticed,” she joked.

Carl took one end, and I took the other and we untied the women. First we untied their ankles from the makeshift spreader bars, then we untied their hands from each other’s knees. But as soon as I had Paula’s hands free, I flipped her over on her stomach, crossed her wrists and did a simple tie. She didn’t resist at all, which was good because Paula was pretty buff and probably could have taken me in a wrestling match. Ana was watching us and as soon as she figured out what I was doing, she crossed her wrists behind her back and waited.

“Well, that’s not subtle,” Carl joked.

Putting the women on their knees I stood in front of Paula’s face. “I suppose now you want a blow job?” She said, returning to brat mode.

Carl was about to move into position as well when Ana suddenly said, “Can I watch?”

Paula and I both looked at her, like, ‘now?’

“I’m not very good at giving head, at least I don’t think I am. I figure I could learn a lot from Paula,” Ana said.

“Oh sweetheart, you do fine,” Carl said, obviously more interested in getting into Ana’s mouth than having to watch a master class in fellatio.

“Un huh, ‘fine’ is not how I want you to describe my oral skills. Please, can I watch, then I’ll do you Carl, I promise,” Ana begged.

Carl shrugged and Paula licked her lips before starting by licking the underside of my head.

I’m of two minds on tying a woman’s hands for oral. If they are tied, the bondage adds to the excitement, and the sub has to work harder with her mouth, be more creative, and have more stamina. But if they are free to use their hands, they can stroke the shaft or massage the balls while they suck the tip. Paula, of course, didn’t have the options. And this was the first time she had gone down on me without the use of her hands. I was interested to see how she handled it.

She handled it just fine! Working me up slowly, she licked the entire shaft but especially the bottom. She sucked just the tip and teased me with her tongue. She started taking more and more into her mouth and eventually I could feel the back of her throat. She would pull out to catch her breath but never stop some kind of contact, usually her tongue around the head or her lips up and down the sides of the shaft. I was about to grab her head, but I also didn’t want to take control, I wanted her to teach Ana.

And teach she did, suddenly pushing down until her chin hit my balls and then face fucking me until she was almost turning blue. Then she would pull off, grab a breath, and go right back to it. I lasted for three rounds of pumping up and down in her throat and I came. Knowing my body as well as she did, she knew it was coming, grabbed a breath, put the shaft all the way down her throat and just stayed there.

I honestly don’t know if a woman actually swallows sperm in that situation, or if it’s more like a feeding tube and it just goes straight down to the stomach. I’ll have to remember to ask Paula someday. Not tonight however, tonight I could barely stand and probably couldn’t have put together a coherent sentence. I dropped onto the couch, but I could hear Ana giggling and bouncing up and down on her knees. I think she would have been applauding except, you know, tied hands.

“I want to learn to do that!” Ana squealed. It was downright cute to have our local doctor, who could be so ‘take charge’ in a medical situation, acting like a little girl saying something like, ‘I want to learn to skip rope!’

Once Paula caught her breath, she crawled on her knees over to where Ana was kneeling in front of Carl. “Don’t expect to do that tonight. Overcoming your gag reflex and taking a cock down your throat takes practice.” Paula cautioned. “I’ve been doing it for years. You can get started, and I’ll coach you, but I don’t want you to be disappointed.”

“Cool, so I assume you’ve sucked this cock? What does he like?” Ana asked.

“Oh, Carl is not shy about giving directions,” Paula smiled, “just start like I did, remember, slow with your tongue at the tip. Yea, like that.”

Once I got my wits about me, I moved behind Paula and untied her hands. She looked at me and winked to say thank you but didn’t break her constant verbal coaching of Ana. It took a while, but Carl finally dumped his load into Ana’s mouth. Her facial expression made it clear that she was struggling with the idea of having sperm in her mouth but was determined to swallow it.

“Wait!” Paula instructed. “If you take it in the mouth, hold it there, suck the last bits out of him, then look up at his face, make sure he’s looking, open your mouth and let him see it, then smile and swallow it.”

After Ana did her best to follow Paula’s instructions, she screwed up her face. “God, that was straight out of a porn movie! Why do you do that?” Ana asked.

“To see if you would!” Paula said laughing.

“You bitch!” Ana said smiling. Then she added, “It was sort of hot though!”

“More beer? Wine?” Carl asked. And just like that, the orgy part of the evening was over, and Ana served fruit and cheese for dessert, once Carl untied her wrists of course.


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