The Chateau

by Budman

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Author’s Note: As with most of my stories, you will get very lost if you don’t read this story from . I encourage you to go back and take the chapters in order if you aren’t already.

Chapter 11 – Lucija Becomes Family

Lucija never talked about her time with Heather, but she did start spending several hours a week in the cellar, just talking, and learning from Heather. She even asked Paula to put her on the Dominant in Charge rotation, but Paula convinced her she wasn’t experienced enough with domination. She was allowed to take meals down, give Heather hose baths and help in other ways as time went on.

Lucija’s added to the company in more and more ways. She brought fresh, and sometimes deliciously naïve, ideas for products. She inspired the rest of us to think about new sex toy ideas. As a result, Carl and I came up with another idea for the app we used to track Heather’s points.

We started with two of the company’s Bluetooth enabled shock collars. These were based on a unit originally designed to train dogs. Normally you pair a remote to a collar. Press the button on the remote, the collar shocks. But I hoped Carl could write code for a small NIC computer to pair both the remotes to the computer instead. And also, to pair one of the shock collars to the computer. We would just save the other shock collar as a spare.

I wanted to disassemble the remotes, removing the circuit board, coin batteries and the activation button from the plastic case. Next, we used a large silicone dildo with realistic testicles. I was sure we could cut a slit at the base of the testicles and slide the circuit board in. Then cut two holes in the shaft, one at the base and one behind the tip. Into each of these holes we could insert a switch, then cut slits in the silicone to run the wires back to the circuit board. I figured we could glue everything back together with Silicone sealant from Mal’s toolbox.

My objective was to make a silicone penis that could be screwed or nailed, right through those testes, into a wall or post at mouth height when kneeling. If a sub had her (or his) hands chained out of the way, the only way they could reach and depress the switches in the penis would be by wrapping their mouth around the dildo and squeezing. I wanted Carl to write a program that would monitor the Bluetooth connections for button presses and could also send a Bluetooth command to the shock collar. The program should have three parameters that could be set on screen.

  1. How many times per minute the buttons must be pressed in sequence to avoid a shock (button at the head of the penis, button at the base, button at the head, repeat).
  2. What level of shock is administered as a baseline; the collar could do from 1 to 10.
  3. The time, in minutes, between rest breaks. 0 would mean no breaks.
  4. The length, in minutes, of rest breaks.
  5. A countdown counter of how many times the sub would have to deep throat the cock before the exercise stops.

You can probably guess how this would work. A sub would have to deep throat the dildo at a preset speed until given a rest period. The button behind the head would make sure the mouth came all the way out before going back down.

I was picturing a simple program. Carl implemented my original simple requirements in just a few hours of coding, but then, over the coming days, he kept adding features. He couldn’t stop tinkering.

We started testing the prototype on Heather by zip tying the penis’ balls to her cell bars at the right height. It worked but Carl had some additional ideas. First Carl integrated a speaker to let the box announce when Heather had to begin, set the pace, and could rest. Second, he added a microphone and voice recognition so he could make Heather talk to the soulless machine. He used a very mechanical computer voice to make it more objectifying. One of us could put the shock collar on Heather, cuff her hands, lock the cell gate, and start the program. Heather was then free to relax in her cell. At a random time, the program would activate the shock collar at level one. Heather was then required to kneel in front of the dildo and say, in a loud, clear voice, “Please machine, may I suck your cock!” She was to keep repeating this request, again and again, until the machine told her to begin. It would also tell her how fast she was required to suck, in repetitions per minute. 

The machine would say, “Yes, slut, you may suck me four times per minute.”

Heather was required to respond, “Thank you, machine.”

Since Heather had no clock, she had to estimate the pace. If she went too slow or failed to press a button hard enough to register, she would get a level five shock. Every time she failed, either in pace or technique, the strength of the shock would go up. Only at a rest period would the shock level reset to whatever base level had been set.

Heather had to keep pressure on her lips because failing to squeeze hard enough to trigger a switch was a technique failure. Because she couldn’t feel the switches, she quickly learned that sucking and keeping hard pressure all the way down the shaft was the only way to make sure she didn’t miss the switch. She was warned if anyone found any teeth marks on the silicone, she would be severely punished after the session. She could only use her lips.

Lucija frequently turned up in the cellar when Carl was testing the device on Heather. She even started making suggestions for improvements. Starting the shock levels at 5 was her idea, she thought it took too many mistakes to get to any real pain. It was interesting watching the transformation in Lucija. She was completely professional and detached in working with Carl. It was like any marketing manager working with any product designer. But when Carl would go upstairs for something, or she didn’t think we were watching, she would slip her hand inside her jeans. One of these days I’d have to tell her about all the cameras.

It seemed like every week Carl added new features to the deep throat trainer program. His next addition was the requirement to hold the dildo deep in her throat. Randomly, when the program detected the base switch had been depressed it would announce “HOLD!” Heather would have to keep pressing that switch, keeping the dildo all the way down her throat, until the machine announced “Continue.” The amount of time she had to hold that monster in her throat was random within reasonable but challenging limits. After she was caught off guard by the hold command a few times, she quickly learned to take a deep breath each time she went down on the silicone dick. The shock she received if she had to withdraw before the machine allowed it kept her motivated.

The only mercy Carl programmed into the machine was that it allowed her to skip pressing the switch at the head of the penis after holding on a deep throat. She was allowed to come all the way off and take a deep breath. BUT, she had to say “Thank you, machine, for fucking my throat!” before she continued and she still had to keep up the required pace.

Of all the things we did to her over time, I think Heather dreaded and hated the deep throat machine the most. For days she would gag every single time she had to reach the base switch. Several times she threw up, which threw off her speed and resulted in painful shocks. After several days her throat did start to accept the invasion, but she would still occasionally panic when a particularly long hold was required. Unknown to Heather, Carl kept slowly changing the parameters to make the program more and more challenging. But mostly, Heather hated that it was a machine. Once it was started, she was completely helpless to control it. It couldn’t see her begging with her eyes. It couldn’t see her throw up. It didn’t hear her scream around the silicone cock when it administered higher level shocks. It didn’t care. It was merciless and cold.

But Carl, Mal, Cradic and Tim all agreed that Heather became a MUCH better cock sucker.

I had Lucija send diagrams and pictures of the design to my Chinese manufacturer along with Carl’s code. The resulting product became one of our most profitable. The manufactured model included not switches but pressure sensor strips molded along the entire length of the shaft on the top and bottom. These sensors allowed Carl to make significant improvements in the code. For example, the program could set and detect how far the lips had to slide down the shaft. That allowed a progression of training from just sucking the tip to completely swallow the dildo and holding it.

When the samples of the manufactured product came from China, we promptly replaced the dildo in Heather’s cage with the new one. Carl programmed it where it would start Heather off slow, having her suck just a few inches, then slowly increase the depth and speed required until she had to face fuck herself, then stop and hold all the way down. Carl based this routine on how he liked Heather to suck his cock. Carl then downloaded the control app to each of the guys and encouraged us to program a routine based on our likes. We left the shock collar on Heather for days and it would randomly wake her up several times a night announcing “Slut, come suck ______’s cock.” This would announce which of our routines the trainer would carry out.

The slut never complained, and I spent many entertaining hours watching the night vision videos from the cameras in her cell. I was the one who took Heather her breakfast one day and I was shocked at how worn and tired she looked after a week of being trained every night. After she finished her meager breakfast, I pulled out my penis and suggested, “Heather, why don’t you show me how your training is going, and if I’m impressed, I’ll take that collar off. She woke completely up and attacked my penis with such enthusiasm that she almost puked her breakfast back up. As it was, she added a huge shot of cum as a chaser.

When I got back upstairs, I congratulated Carl and Lucija on the effectiveness of the device but told them I was concerned with the toll the nighttime training was having on the slut’s health.

“I’m going to set a new rule. Since the blow job trainer only benefits the guys, only the women can put the collar on her,” I explained.

“Does that include me?” Lucija asked.

“I don’t see why not, since you helped develop it,” I said. “Paula, you can decide on iPad points, and we’ll add it to the chart. But let’s minimize its use overnight, don’t let her ask for that more than once a week.”

Carl, who was Dominant in Charge (DIC) of Heather for the day, announced that the group was going on a morning bike ride and asked if I could substitute as DIC while they were gone. We never left Heather alone and locked up at the chateau.
“Sure, I’m planning to be here all day,” I replied.

“I was going to be around too," Lucija chimed in.

“Yea, I think I’ll skip the ride and stay here too.” Tim said.

“NO,” Lucija said immediately, “You’ll go on the ride.”

“OK,” was all Tim said but I saw Carl smirking and wondered, what was that all about?

After the group went to their rooms to put their bike shorts on, I cornered Carl, “OK, I saw that smirk when Lucija told Tim to go on the ride, what’s going on? Spill the gossip.”

“Never pictured you for a gossip,” Carl smiled. “Haven’t you been paying attention? Anytime Lucija’s here at the chateau, Tim follows her around like a lost puppy. He even found an excuse to go to the warehouse yesterday to “see if he could help Lucija.”

“Do you think he’s in love?” I asked with surprise. “I didn’t think Tim loved anything, but a woman’s cunt.”

“Well, I don’t know how to label it,” Carl said, “but whatever it is, it definitely isn’t reciprocated. She acts like she can’t stand him, but she’s not above ordering him around, having him do things for her, unload stuff for her, even had him bringing her lunch.”

‘My my, how people change’ I thought. Lucija is a strong, confident woman but in many ways naive. Now she’s willing to use our slut to help test products and she’s becoming dominant and using Tim. Will wonders never cease.

After the group left on their ride, Lucija wanted to go over some pages of the new catalog. We were in the office together when she pulled her chair over in front of my desk and said, “I need to ask you a few things?”

“OK,” I said, getting a little apprehensive just at her tone of voice.

“What,” she asked, “is it going to take for me to be accepted as a full member of this group?”

“What makes you think that you aren’t?” I asked.

“Well, you won’t let me have a rotation as DIC,” she said.

“You aren’t experienced enough as a dominant," I replied using the logic I used previously.

“But were any of you when you first locked her up?” She asked.

“Paula and I had some experience,” I said.

“But the others were not,” she argued.

“Well,” I said, letting my sarcastic side get the best of me, “Perhaps if you bought a bike, got in shape, rode with them, moved into the chateau, fucked all the guys and licked all the girls.”

She looked thoughtful, said, “OK,” and started to go back to her desk.

“I’m kidding,” I said quickly.

“But if that’s what it’s going to take?” She said looking right at me.

“Lucija, you don’t need to fuck anybody to fit in. It took me a while to be accepted into the group, but I didn’t fuck my way in, nor do I own a bike. You’re doing just fine, everybody likes you, accepts you, respects your opinions. If being one of Heather’s DIC’s is that important to you,” I said, “then I’ll tell Paula to add you. But promise me, if you’re ever uncertain about Heather, you’ll talk to Paula or me. I had the others make the same promise.”

“But what’s really going on in your head?” I asked.

“I just feel so sexually immature, the more I hang around here and the more I sell products, the more I realize just what a sexual novice I am,” she said.

“You’re 18!” I almost shouted, “You’re supposed to be a novice. The rest of the group is 5 to 10 years older than you, and Paula and I are three times your age. Enjoy the learning curve, the exploration, the fun. Find that special guy or gal to explore with. Don’t rush it, you have years ahead.”

“Ugh,” she groaned, “You sound like an adult.”

“I am an adult,” I smiled.

“Speaking of adults, what’s going on with you and Tim?”

“Uggg, nothing. He’s revolting. He won’t leave me alone, so I just started ordering him around and he just does stuff,” she said.

“You realize he follows you around like a love lost puppy?” I asked.

“Gross, when I thought you were suggesting I had to fuck myself into the group the only thing I could think of was how to avoid fucking Tim. He’s such a misogynistic prick.”

“Do you intend to keep using him?” I asked.

“I don’t know, what do you think?”

“I think,” I replied, “That you need to have a long, private, and completely honest conversation with Paula about Tim. She’s known him a while, but more important, she’s dominated men before.”

“You think I’m dominating him? Like BDSM dominating?” she asked, surprised.

“Domination comes in many forms, Lucija. I don’t think you’re doing it intentionally, but you’re definitely doing it. And none of us would have expected Tim, of all people, to fall under your spell so quickly. But Lucija,“ I emphasized, “you either need to quit OR you need to get very intentional about it AND accept the responsibilities of being someone’s dominant. I STRONGLY suggest that conversation with Paula.”

After Lucija thought for a minute I asked, “What else did you want to talk about?”

“I had another idea for the Blow Job Trainer,” she said.

“I’m sorry, Lucija,” I smiled, “but you're too much of a sexual novice to have any ideas about sex toys.”

She threw her pen at me, and I laughed.

“Seriously, I think it’s a good idea," he continued.


“Do you know if we can source fake cum?” She asked.

“No, but I know where we can source some of the real thing?” I said.

“Quiet,” she said exasperated, “I’m serious, I think we could make it squirt. Just put a tube in it, an electric pump, and a reservoir.”

“You seem to be taking a lot of interest in this device, is there something I should know about you?” I kidded. She just glared at me.

“Have you looked at product, I think it’s number 10438?” I asked. “It’s a dildo just like you describe but without the electrical pump, it uses a bulb. Most people fill it with mayonnaise.”

“Mayonnaise?” she said, not quite pronouncing it right.

“I think it’s a French word, but it used to be made out of egg whites and vinegar. Most people put it on sandwiches or make chicken or egg salad with it,” I explained.

“OH, majoneza, my mom makes it from scratch, puts spices in it and calls it Aioli or something," she exclaimed. “Yes, that would be perfect. Hmmm,” she thought out loud, “but if we make and sell something, we could make more revenue, and we could also make it taste just like cum.” Then she asked, “What DOES Cum taste like?”

“I have no idea,” I replied, “I’ve never tried it. You would have to ask Paula, Reese, or Maggie.”

“Or Heather,” she said. “Wait, you’ve never tasted cum? I should have swallowed, but I could never get my boyfriend off with just my mouth and we weren’t together that long. He got frustrated when I wouldn’t, you know, let him, um, in the back door.” She stopped suddenly, realizing that she was oversharing.

“You could probably have something made out of soy protein, that’s the major ingredient in store-bought Mayonnaise. We would need to add preservatives.”

“I wonder if my mom could work on a formula,” Lucija mused.

“Really, you’re going to ask your Mom to make fake cum?” I laughed.

“Well, I made myself have that talk with her, like you suggested, you know, about sex and stuff. You were right, damn you,” she said smiling, “Mom’s cooler than I expected. I bet she even knows what cum tastes like, at least my dad’s. Yuck, that’s a thought that will be stuck in my head for a while.”

“Moving on quickly,” I said, “Yes, you have my permission to work on adding a lifelike squirting accessory to our Blow Job Trainer. I think the manufacturer that we commissioned it from is the same one that makes product 10438 for us so they should be able to easily combine the two. Perhaps we put the tube in every dildo but sell the pump as an add-on accessory. I think your biggest challenge isn’t going to be the fake cum, however, I think finding the right pump that can pulse and decrease the amount each pulse, that’s cheap, small, low power, and reliable; that’s going to be your challenge.”

“Anything else for this ‘meeting’?” I asked, “you said you had several things?”

“Yea,” she continued in her best sales presentation voice, “I think I could contribute so much more to the company if I could try all the products. It would help me write catalog entries, write instructions, do sales presentations, and most importantly perhaps improve existing products and generate ideas for new products.”

“You mentioned that before and I gave you permission.” I reminded her.

“Yea... but... I can’t test many of the products alone.” She had now gone back to shy Lucija.

“Just spit it out Lucija, don’t get hesitant now,” I smiled.

“OK, can you lock me in the Blowjob Trainer Shock Collar?” She said so fast it was like one long word.

“No. That would be crossing a line I’m not willing to cross with an employee half my age,” I said. “But I agree it’s a good idea and I suggest you ask Maggie to help you.”

“Why Maggie?” she asked.

“Well, I suspect that any of the men would agree to ‘help’ you instantly, but you might get more help than you want. But of the women, I think Maggie is most likely to agree to help. She sees herself as a protector and mentor to Heather, I think she might adopt you in the same role. But you have to realize, Lucija, that you are crossing a line. There are no secrets in this house. You will change the way the entire group views you.”

“That sounds like a good thing!” She replied.

The group took a picnic with them on their ride and didn’t come back till midafternoon. Both Lucija and I got a lot of work done in the quiet house and almost forgot to take Heather her lunch.

Lucija was joining us more and more for meals as her school schedule allowed. At dinner I noticed she sat with Maggie and the two were having an intense conversation. At one point Maggie looked over at me and raised her eyebrows. I just nodded. It’s nice when people know each other well enough they can communicate with just a look.


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