The Chateau

by Budman

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Author’s Note: As with most of my stories, you will get very lost if you don’t read this story from . I encourage you to go back and take the chapters in order if you aren’t already.

Chapter 10 – Hiring Lucija

As I headed back to my apartment for the night, Lucija called. I was a little surprised but kept cool.

“OK, can you meet me at my parents’ house at 7, you can talk to my father then, not that it will do you a lot of good,” she said.

“I’ll be there,” was all I said.

At 7pm I rolled up to an older home but one befitting the mayor. Lucija and her mother were sitting on the front porch, obviously waiting for me. Her mother was an attractive, trim woman, I’m guessing in her mid to late 40’s. She reacted shyly but smiled warmly as Lucija introduced her. I couldn’t help but wonder how much Lucija had already told her and if I had an ally or adversary.

“You are still sure?” was all Lucija said. I nodded. She led the way inside.

His honor the mayor was sitting in a big armchair watching a Croatian version of Wheel of Fortune. He seemed reluctant to turn it off; strike one, I thought.

Lucija introduced us and he stayed in his chair, I shook his hand anyway. Strike two.

Lucija had told me he only spoke a few words of English, so I needed her to translate which was going to be interesting.

“Sir, I would like your permission to hire your daughter as my company’s Croatian translator,” I opened.

Lucija started speaking in Croatian. Her father said just a few words and then the two of them erupted into an angry argument. The argument didn’t seem to be winding down and I was pretty sure what was going on. Lucija’s mother, who was sitting on the couch with us, seemed to want to melt into the cushions.

“LUCIJA!” I shouted, startling everyone, “You are not showing me that you can be a professional translator. Your job, your only job here, is to translate between you and the Mayor exactly what is said.” I intentionally did not refer to him as her father.

Lucija started to protest, and I held up my hand in the universal “Talk to the hand” gesture.

“If you can’t translate under pressure then there is no job,” I said.

I looked over and the Mayor was laughing. In fact, he was belly laughing. He was laughing so hard he couldn’t get his breath.

Lucija glared at both of us. Then she said, “He said, ‘over my dead body.’” He also said, ‘You don’t need a job, you’re going to University. And you’ve always been headstrong’, and a bunch of other stuff. Then he asked what you sell anyway," she ended by begging, “Please don’t tell him that.”

“And I assume,” I continued, “that you told him you were 18 and would do what you wanted.”

“Yea,” she replied, “that and that he was being a stubborn ass and a few other things.”

While Lucija and I were having this conversation the Mayor said something between belly laughs, to his wife, who at least smiled and started breathing again.

“Translate?” I asked.

“He basically said he was impressed that you got me to shut up,” Lucija said red faced.

After the mayor calmed down a bit I continued. “Sir, I came to you because this town has been good to me and the people staying with me at my chateau. I want to be good for the town. I want to move part of my business here, create jobs and make a life here. I like it here.”

I paused to let Lucija catch up then continued, “It will take me years to learn Croatian although I intend to try. I will need a good translator and language teacher for my business. Your daughter speaks the best English of anyone I’ve met here.” Another pause to let Lucija translate.

“I want her to attend University also, and I’ll arrange the hours of her job so that she can do so. My company will even provide a scholarship to help pay for her University costs. And her salary will provide spending money.” I finished and Lucija translated, looking at me intently when I mentioned the scholarship.

The mayor spoke emphatically, and I watched Lucija get red again, but she calmly said, “He said that he can pay for his own daughter’s education.”

But then he paused, spoke again and Lucija translated.

“But then, he says, “a scholarship wouldn’t hurt. And you seem to be able to control my daughter, which I didn’t expect.” And Lucija’s face got even redder. It must have been taking ALL of her self-control to not add to the conversation.

“Tell him we sell sex toys,” I said. Lucija’s face went from anger to panic in the blink of an eye. She hesitated, wanting to argue with me.

The Mayor said, in English, “Sex?” Apparently, that was one of the English words he understood.

“You better explain it to him before he attacks me,” I laughed.

Lucija launched into rapid-fire Croatian. There was back and forth. I heard ‘sex’ several times. Finally, I held up my hand.

“Sir,” I said, “my company creates things that married couples use to make their marriages more fun. Vibrators, cock rings, lubricants.” I left out BDSM toys. Lucija translated.

Lucija translated the response, looking surprised, “He says he knows what sex toys are, he’s been in Madam Cosecu’s back room.”

I kidded her, “You seem surprised that your father is an adult.”

Her father said something that I assumed was ‘Translate?” and when she did, he smiled, but then he got serious again. When he spoke this time, Lucija shouted “Otac!” which I later learned is Croatian for Father or Papa.

“Lucija, I just don’t think this job is going to work out, you’re just not cut out to be a translator.” And I started to get up.

“He said,” she said angrily, “that you are old and asked if you are, um, making love, no, what he said better translates to fucking me! Which is none of his damn business.”

“But I’m not,” I said.

“Tell him I think you’re a very attractive young lady, you obviously inherited your mother’s good looks, but I respect my employees and keep work and personal life separate. I also have someone in my life.”

When Lucija translated, I saw the Mayor look over at his wife who smiled at him. Then she gave him what I can only call ‘the look.’ That non-verbal exchange that speaks volumes and that only long married couples have.

“You have my blessings to hire my daughter," Lucija translated and she looked genuinely surprised.

“But, he also asked,” she said looking embarrassed again, “that some free samples would be appreciated.”

Lucija walked me back to my car. “So, what sex toys do your parents already have?” I asked.

“How the hell would I know?” she snapped.

“Because you snooped in their nightstands when you were younger," I replied.

“You’re awful confident," she replied.

“I just know human nature, so, what do they have?" I asked again.

“Well, as of a couple of years ago they had petroleum Jelly, a cheap ass plastic vibrator and, um, well, a pair of handcuffs. But he may just have those because he’s mayor,” she added quickly.

“Well, those kinky parents of yours. Yea, I’m sure those are just ‘official’ handcuffs. Were they pink and fuzzy?” I kidded.

I opened the back of the Land Rover and started opening boxes.

“First, give them some of this strawberry flavored lube," I said, pulling things out. “Oh, they will love this basic vibrating cock ring, they don’t need the remote-controlled version yet. Then how about a Hitachi knockoff, oh wait, let’s give her the rechargeable one, a cord is so inconvenient. And then take this BDSM starter kit with the wrists and ankle cuffs.”


“Well, I guess I could upgrade it to the heavy-duty cuffs if you want," I said smiling.

Then more seriously, “Put the stuff in this bag and just leave it on the table. But Lucija, you should really talk to your mother about sex. And I don’t mean the basic birds and bees talk.”

“The what?” she asked.

“Sorry,” I said, “that’s a western phrase for that talk every teenager gets about ‘When the mommy and the daddy have special feelings for each other the daddy puts sperm in the mommy...’ talk. But” I continued, “You might discover that your mom is an adult human being with a very active sex life. She might teach you some things.”

“No, not going to happen," Lucija finished, “but I’ll dump this stuff on the table for them. So, when do I start?”

“Well, after your Dad’s lecture, I don’t think we should meet at the apartment, I’ll set something up at the chateau. Meet me there Saturday morning about 10,” I said as I left.

For months after I visited Lucija’s parents, every time I passed her Mom on the street or in a store, she would flash me the biggest smile. I was never sure if the woman just really liked me or really liked my toys.

Mal was making slow but steady progress on fixing up the chateau. Over time he developed friendships with many tradesmen in the area of almost all professions. When he needed help with something, like plumbing or electrical, he would trade work for it. He was also a master scrounger. Any time he was asked to help with a remodeling job, he always came home with a sink or light switches. One time he completely replaced the ancient electrical service panel with a replaced unit.

As Mal worked, with various members of the team helping as they could, one room after another became habitable. The electrical throughout the house was modernized, and most important to the group, we installed the appliances that Maggie had been buying with her work at the appliance store in town. The outside of the chateau was now wind and watertight. The fireplaces had been inspected in preparation for winter, we had even put an electric oil heater in the slut’s quarters.

One thing that slowed down the work was the need to keep Heather in the basement when Mal had outsiders over. We also had to keep the outsiders out of the cellar. At one point, Mal and a couple of plumber friends were replacing the sewer pipes in the ceiling of the cellar so we took Heather way out in the wood behind the chateau, chained her to a tree and made her dig a hole. It took all day. We just covered the entrance to the wine cellar with a tarp. We never told her why she had to dig a hole. She was a dirty, sweaty mess after that day. But then a month later, when Mal needed electricians to run wires in the cellar, Heather got to fill that hole back in. The one advantage of getting the sewer pipes upgraded, Mal put a real toilet in the wine cellar, no more emptying the camping toilet.

Paula and I were spending more and more time together. We were the first to move into a room. We took what had probably been the master and I splurged on a big four poster bed, nightstands, and dressers I found at an estate sale. Paula had never engaged in spontaneous, random sex like the rest of the group. She and Carl had, I take it, hooked up a few times but Paula had become quietly monogamous since our night on the beach. She did not, however, seem to have any problem with my face or ass fucking Heather nor I with her getting oral from Heather. From the few comments I heard from the women, the slut was getting quite talented with her tongue. I guess the chance for iPad points was more of a motivator than I expected.

Over time, Mal and Reese seemed to get closer together. It started when Reese got Mal some work helping her restore some murals, then Mal got Reese a job painting a nursery that he was refurbishing. Before long they had moved into one of the refurbished bedrooms upstairs. Cradic and Maggie also seemed to just fall together and, in part because sleeping in the old living room was open and drafty, they also moved into a bedroom. That left Carl and Tim, who each took a room and all of a sudden, the living room was a living room again and not a dorm. Of course, none of these sleeping arrangements meant that anybody was being monogamous and casual sex still happened all over the chateau. The lone duck seemed to be Tim. Over time the women just got tired of his macho, misogynistic attitude. But that really didn’t seem to bother Tim too much since there was always a slut in a cage in the basement that he could use anytime his dick got hard.

I converted a room on the first floor to an office. I don’t know if it had been a sitting parlor or music room, but it was the perfect size for Lucija and I to have a workspace. Once Lucija enrolled in the local equivalent of a Junior College, she had classes three days a week. Of course, she had to study and do projects, etc. but it still left her time to work for me. First, I set her to translating all the manuals, for those products that needed them, into Croatian. Then I had her study all the other products and translate our website into Croatian. She did most of this work at her dorm or the library, but she was around the chateau more and more. Her presence was becoming a bit of a problem because we couldn’t bring Heather up to exercise and we had to take care in talking about our slut.

Everybody had met Lucija, but I thought it was time to have a party and to give Lucija a test of her sales skills. At dinner one night when Lucija wasn’t around, I had a chat with the group.

“Have you ever heard that advice to nervous public speakers to ‘picture your audience naked?’” I asked.

“Well, Lucija is going to visit shops around Croatia and sell my line of sex toys. Most of those shop owners and employees are going to be professional, but occasionally she’s going to encounter a jerk who’s never mentally gotten out of puberty. I want to train her to handle it. Would you guys like to help me?” I asked.

“Sure,” Carl said, looking around to make sure he had agreement. “What do you want us to do?”

“I want her to make a full presentation of our product line to you as a group, and I want you to all be naked. And I want you to politely try to throw her off her game,” I explained.

I knew the group had no problem with nudity around each other, and they had accepted me, but Lucija was still an outsider.

“Naked?” Paula said. “OK, I’m game.”

“What do you mean ‘throw her off her game?” Mal asked.

“You know, when she’s describing the advantages of our various lengths and colors of dildoes one of you could say: ‘Have you ever tried one of your products? What’s the biggest one you can fit?’ and see how she reacts and handles it.”

“Oh, I can do that,” Tim said enthusiastically, “Hea baby, I’ll buy one if I can shove it in that tight ass of yours.”

Maggie punched him in the arm, hard.

“Tim, I knew you would get the idea, but let’s remember, Lucija is an 18-year-old, she may be a virgin, and she’s not used to jerks like you. Let’s challenge her, not traumatize her.”

“You know,” Mal said, “I like her, and it’s really nice to have someone around that I can ask about the language and practice with. But sooner or later we’re going to slip up and she’s going to find out about the slut.”

“I know, but for now Paula has Maggie’s exercise days coordinated with Lucija’s class schedule. So, we’ll deal with that Rubicon another day.”

Two days later, Lucija said she was ready to give a practice presentation and I invited her over for dinner. After dinner I took her to the office while the women cleared the dishes, and the men arranged the chairs in a semi-circle in the living room.

I’m sure Lucija thought she was simply going to present just to me in the office. But before she could start, I stopped her.

“You’re worldly enough to know that men, and some women, have never matured beyond puberty. I’m sure, with your body, that you’ve been whistled at on the street. Most folks you present to will be mature, professional business-people. But, in selling sex toys, you’re occasionally going to run across a jerk or a situation that is embarrassing or uncomfortable. You need to show me that you can deal with these types of situations.”

“I can," she said confidently.

“I believe you can but to prove it, you’re going to do a group presentation of these 12 items to the residents of the chateau,” and I handed her a bag with the products I wanted her to sell.

“Now?” she asked, “Where?”

I pointed out the door and we walked across the entry hall and into the living room.

Everyone was sitting around, completely naked, and intentionally chatting about sex.

“God, that was so hot last night when you were riding me, cowgirl.”

“Oh yea, Reese has strong legs, she can bounce on a dick!”

“I prefer you on top doing pushups as you push in and out of me, I love to watch our pecs flex while I’m getting pounded.”

And so on.

Lucija was, as expected, momentarily taken aback. But then I watched as she gathered herself together, took a deep breath and said, “Good evening everyone.”

Everyone quietened down and looked at her. Tim was slowly stroking his already erect cock. ‘Dam it Tim,’ I thought, ‘I said don’t traumatize her.’

But then I realized how sexually charged the room was. Part of it was the intentionally sexy talk as we were coming in, part of it was the whole CFNE (Clothed Female Naked Everybody) vibe. But as I looked around on a warm evening, the guys all were semi erect and several of the women had very prominent nipples, including Paula.

Lucija started by giving the group a short history of my company and our philosophy of quality. That resulted in a little heckling, “Your tits sure look like quality, are they a product of your company?” for example.

Then Lucija reached into the bag and pulled out... a pump bottle of strawberry lube. As she explained how long lasting it was: “I bet my dick can last longer than your lube.” And how it was non-toxic and strawberry flavor: “I bet you taste just fine without artificial flavors.” And how silky smooth it was: “I’m so wet thinking about tasting you that I don’t need a lube.”

Several times I heard Lucija catch her breath. I think she started to panic several times, but every time she pulled herself together and kept going, staying smooth, professional, and convincing.

She went through the bag one item after another. Most of the heckling was predictable and Tim was always the most inappropriate. When Lucija was explaining how great the ridges on our lifelike dildo felt, someone asked if she was speaking from personal experience. But Tim said, “Stick that thing in your ass baby and let’s fuck, a DP will make you feel so tight.” After that comment I thought Maggie and Paula were going to burn holes in him with their eyes, but Tim pretended not to even notice them.

When Lucija finished everyone broke into loud applause, even Tim. We broke out beer and wine and people started to congratulate and talk with Lucija, and even ask genuine questions about some of her presentations. Everyone but Tim, who leaned against a door frame drinking a beer and just stared at Lucija's body.

During a break in the conversation, I noticed Lucija walk directly over to Tim, and talk very quietly to him. I couldn’t hear a word, but Lucija was doing all the talking. After about 15 seconds, Lucija was standing very close to his naked body and talking almost into his ear. Then she suddenly and quite violently kneed him in the balls. I mean she drove her knee in so hard I saw his heels leave the floor. Most people were absorbed in other conversations and didn’t see. What they heard was a loud grunt, Tim’s beer bottle hit the floor, and Tim dropping into a fetal position and crying.

Lucija walked quietly back to her bag and started packing up the 12 products. All the women in the room looked at her with serious respect. Only Mal went over to see if Tim was alright. I never asked Lucija what she said to Tim, and I never talked to her about her actions. Tim never apologized as far as I know, but his whole attitude to Lucija changed. He still watched her intently when she was around the chateau. But I also noticed he started saying ‘good morning’ and opening doors for her, and actually being a gentleman. The other women started gossiping about his sudden change in behavior, which, they noticed, only applied to Lucija. Tim was still Tim around Reese, Maggie and Paula who started wondering if they should ball bust him. And of course, Tim kept using the slut in the cage.

Lucija told me, the next day in the office, two things she learned from the presentation. One, she was amazed at how totally comfortable everyone was naked, and how that made her feel totally uncomfortable being clothed. She said she was actually considering stripping after the presentation was over. Second, she realized that she needed to test and use the products herself. She wasn’t sure how she was going to do that with the ‘couples’ or men’s toys’, like cock rings, but she would think about it. I was trying to think of a way to tactfully ask if she could test a dildo without breaking something. She must have guessed what I was thinking because she said, “My father’s wrong about my virginity, I did have a boyfriend in high school.”

The group seemed to be enjoying the lending library of toys. Mal scrounged a metal cabinet and arranged the toys along with lube, condoms, and disinfectant cleaner wipes. Every time I went by the cabinet, a different set of toys were ‘checked out’. And one afternoon I was almost knocked down by Reese, who was running through the halls naked, her hands bound behind her with leather cuffs being chased by Mal. She was giggling uncontrollably. I didn’t follow them to see what happened when Mal inevitably caught her.

Over the coming weeks, even though she was only working weekends and two other days a week between classes, Lucija was becoming indispensable. I had debated putting her on commission but ultimately decided on mostly salary and a small commission on what she distributed or sold directly. As a result, she did get out into the field and quickly sold all of the initial shipment of products, not counting the ones I had given away. But she also did excellent work on our catalog and website translations. In working on the website, she gave some excellent suggestions on changing the design and especially the user interface of the store. When she discovered that Carl had web development experience, she started picking his brain and the two of them worked on several designs. When I discovered that my web developer was months backed up, I put Carl on the payroll too. When they decided it was taking too long to have my graphics designer in California get work done, I bought Reese a high-end Mac with Photoshop and put her on the payroll.

Cradic and Maggie were added to the payroll when Lucija wanted to expand her sales efforts across eastern Europe and pointed out that we needed a local warehouse. Maggie knew that the second floor of the appliance store she worked at part time was empty and had a loading dock and freight elevator. She negotiated with the owner for an extremely good rate and some free product. She and Cradic set to work cleaning it up and became my Eastern European warehouse and shipping managers.

I quickly realized that Lucija was a business prodigy. She might be in her first year of University, but the woman had a head for marketing, distribution, and sales.

With everyone interacting with Lucija more and more, it was probably inevitable. She skipped class one day and came back to the chateau unexpectedly. She HAD to talk to Reese about some art that was hitting a deadline for the catalog printer.

When she couldn’t find Reese in her room or the office, she went into the kitchen to ask Paula. Paula tried to distract her, but Lucija glanced out the back window and saw Heather at the back of the yard, doing her slut walk, in full chains.

“What the hell!” Lucija said in Croatian.

“It’s not what you think, Lucija," Paula said quickly. “Well, it probably is what you think, but it’s consensual. That’s Heather, a member of our group you haven’t met because she normally lives in a cell in the basement.”

Lucija looked at Paula. Paula looked at Lucija. Lucija looked at Heather again. And then she walked out into the back yard with Paula trailing close behind.

“Do you need help?” Lucija asked with concern in her voice.

Heather was probably as startled as Lucija. She had been told, of course, about the young lady who worked for Heath, but she never expected to meet her. Despite her surprise, the ever polite, meek, and submissive Heather reacted calmly,

“No thank you," she said firmly. “But Paula, if you wouldn’t mind, my water bottle is empty. It’s hot out here and I don’t want to get dehydrated.”

“Sure slut, I apologize, I should have checked that earlier," Paula said.

Now Lucija was completely confused. Paula, who everyone called ‘Mother Paula’, just apologized to this woman in horrible chains, and then called her a slut? Lucija took in the whole setup, as Heather kept walking on her cable, and realized how she was attached to the overhead cable.

“She’s bleeding!” Lucija said, pointing to Heather’s legs.

“Oh, she’s just on her period,” Paula said, picking up Heather’s water bottle.

“But it’s running down her leg, doesn’t she have a tampon or anything?” Lucija asked with concern.

“Naw, she never wears clothes that could get ruined and sleeps on a plastic mattress cover so there’s no need,” Paula answered casually. Paula wasn’t at all sure how to handle this, but she decided if anyone could make Lucija comfortable, it was going to have to be Heather.

“Heather,” she said, “you can stop for a break and come over and meet Lucija while I go fill your water. I’m sure she’s in shock, we hadn’t told her about you before now. Heather, meet Lucija, Lucija meet Heather. You can talk to her, Heather.”

After Paula walked away Lucija whispered, “Where are the keys? Or should I just run for the police? My Father is the Mayor, he can protect you. He won’t put up with this abuse.”

“Oh, please don’t, Ma'am. I’m exactly where I want to be, I chose to be locked up,” Heather responded calmly.

Lucija remained shocked, “You’re naked, bleeding, chained up like an animal outside,” she said like that explained everything.

“We’re not in danger,” Heather explained calmly, “please don’t be concerned. I’m so sorry if I’ve upset you. But I don’t need saving, honest.”

Lucija just stood there with her mouth partially open, trying to take it all in.

Paula came back about that time and held the water bottle up where Heather could drink, “drink at least half of it now slut.”

“Yes Ma'am, thank you Ma'am," Heather replied as Paula tipped the water bottle back.

“I think you need to hold these," Paula said as she handed two rings of keys to Lucija. “Those are all the keys to her cuffs and the overhead cable chain,” she explained.

Lucija looked at the keys, looked at Maggie, who smiled at her, then looked back at Paula.

“But,” Paula continued, “there is more to the story that you haven’t heard or seen. Why don’t you use that key,” she said pointing to one, “to unlock her from the overhead chain and the slut can show you to her cell.”

“You can try to ‘save’ her and take her away if you want, but trust me, she will panic and freak out if you do.”

Paula walked away again thinking it would be interesting to see what happened next. She also hoped Heath would approve of the way she was handling this because he was in town at the warehouse and hadn’t responded to her texts yet.

Lucija unlocked Heather from the overhead chain then knelt down and started trying to figure out which key fit the leg irons. Heather kept backing up and saying “Please don’t Ma'am. Please? Believe me, I don’t want you to save me.” Every time Lucija moved to unlock the leg irons again, Heather sounded more and more desperate.

“You’ve been brainwashed!” Lucija declared.

“NO. I chose this. Please, just come see where I live and let’s talk, please. You need to believe me.”

Just as Paula had explained, Heather was getting more and more panicked and desperate in her pleas.

Lucija, against her better judgment, decided to at least explore further. As she calmed down and thought things through, everyone she had met at the chateau had been wonderful people. The job was everything she could hope for. But these were ‘interesting’ and the most sexually free people she had ever known or met. She had seen more naked bodies in the last few weeks than in her entire life. She knew that ‘free love’ was practiced at the chateau and that Heath, among his company’s products, bondage toys including cuffs and whips and chains, oh my. Was it that far off that one of the group liked to be chained up?

Heather asked Lucija to pick up her water bottle and put it in her hands, which were chained close to her waist. Lucija was impressed with how gracefully and fast Heather was able to walk in leg irons. It obviously took careful, measured steps and concentration, so Heather didn’t talk much on the way. They approached the door to the cellar steps that Lucija had seen but, since it was usually locked, had not been through.

“One of those keys unlocks it, Ma'am," Heather pointed out.

“You don’t have to call me Ma'am!” Lucija snapped.

“Oh, but I do, if I forget you’ll have to punish me,” Heather explained reasonably.

“This is fucked up,” Lucija thought.

“Please go down the steps in front of me Ma'am, they always do that since I might fall in these chains,” Heather explained.

“I could take them off," Lucija offered.

“Oh no Ma'am, not until I’m safely in the cell, I might attack you!” Heather said, smiling at Lucija.

“Was that sarcasm? A joke?” thought Lucija.

When they reached the gate Heather decided that, since Paula had given her permission to talk to Lucija, she could explain her ‘home.’

“I call this my ‘home’ because I feel safe and cared for when I’m locked up helpless in here. Heath says it used to be wine storage. It must have been valuable wine because it has these bars across the front and this heavy gate. It has a sink, and they just installed the toilet a few weeks ago. I used to have a camping toilet before that.

Lucija took in the heavy iron bars and gate, the simple bed with a two-inch-thick mattress with its plastic cover, the sink with a bucket nearby, and then she saw the demerits and iPad points posters.

“I used to get so horribly bored down here. The first few weeks I just sat here on the floor in the dark. I only saw someone when they came to feed me or to fuck me. Then they took me out for a gang bang orgy! Then they set up my slut walk so I could get some exercise, and now I have a system where I can exercise and choose tortures for points. I use the points to buy time on my iPad. I love to read bondage porn on the internet. Paula made the posters to remind me, and Carl made an App everyone uses to keep up with my points," Heather said.

Lucija’s head was spinning. This woman was standing, naked, in chains, in the middle of a cell In a dark, dingy, rock walled cellar. Yet she was explaining, like it was completely reasonable, that she had been gang banged (yes, Lucija knew that English term), forced to exercise and tortured to be allowed to use an iPad. What’s more, she seemed grateful for the treatment and impressed at the way it was done. It was almost like she felt loved by this treatment. Could that be? Lucija wondered.

“I don’t understand any of this!” Lucija almost wailed.

“Well, why don’t you lock the gate with that padlock there and take the key and hang it on that nail across the cellar, see it, the nail labeled ‘gate’,” Heather instructed.

Lucija mechanically locked the gate, shaking her head the whole time.

Heather stood up against the bars. “Now unlock my handcuffs from the belly chain here. That will let you take the chain off too. OK, drop that and use the handcuff key to unlock the hand and leg cuffs. Great, now use the padlock key again to unlock the transport chain from my collar. That’s what this long one is called, a prisoner transport chain.”

“What about your collar and cuffs?” Lucija asked.

“Oh, those stay on, always. I don’t even know where the keys to those are. I guess they are upstairs somewhere. I’d feel naked without them anyway,” Heather smiled at her own joke.

“Now please put the chains in that cabinet and hang the keys on the nails where they belong,” Heather said. “I need to keep my cell clean and organized or I’ll be punished.”

When Lucija came back to the gate, Heather was still standing against the bars. “May I clean up please Ma'am?”

That’s when Lucija remembered that Heather had blood on her thighs from her period. As Heather rolled up some toilet paper and dampened it in the sink, Lucija said “That’s so gross!”

“It’s just natural. It’s only blood, Ma'am. It washes off,” Heather said, laughing and adding, “I doubt the cave women had tampons or pads.”

“I guess,” Lucija said, “I read once that in the middle ages, women stuffed old rags up there, that’s creepier that just letting it flow I suppose.”

“May I sit Ma'am?” Heather asked when she was finished cleaning her legs.

“Of course, you may sit," Lucija said.

“Thank you, Ma'am. There is an old metal folding chair against the wall you can sit in and talk to me.” The way Heather constantly deferred to Lucija, the way she called her Ma'am, even though she was older, Heather’s whole submissive attitude and tone of voice was changing Lucija’s attitude towards Heather, little by little.

Lucija sat and studied the posters. She asked Heather about several of the punishments and tortures that she didn’t understand. For example, she didn’t understand what ‘beans’ meant until Heather explained it and pointed out the cookie sheet of dried beans outside the cell.

“You get points for oral sex?” Lucija asked.

“Yes Ma'am,” Heather replied, “Would you like me to show you, I’m told I’m very good.”

Lucija had never thought about another woman, she wasn’t a lesbian, why did she suddenly feel her cunt spasm. Was she wet?

Heather saw her reaction and guessed what it meant, “Oh, I’m not a lesbian either. You learn that there is a difference between sex and love. Personally, I love sex, oh and bondage, and pain.”

“How can you love pain?” Lucija had already made the transition from being horrified to being curious.

“Why don’t you hurt me, and I’ll try to show you.” Heather asked like it was the most reasonable request,

“Oh, that’s OK, Um, I wouldn’t know how, and I’m not sure it would be OK,” Lucija stammered.

“That’s ok,” Heather said, “I understand. This must be a lot. But really, they wouldn’t mind. The only thing they might get angry about is if you gave me an orgasm.”

“Why can’t you just finger yourself?” then Lucija thought, ‘did I just ask that out loud?’

“I’m weird,” Heather explained, “Since I first learned to masturbate, I can’t come without something big in my vagina filling me up and rubbing my g-spot. Just clit stimulation won’t do it.”

“Are you serious? I can’t cum without rubbing my clit. The few times I’ve been with a boy they didn’t get me off at all,” Lucija said.

“That’s sad, you really need to explain to men what you need. Don’t be afraid to talk to them and appeal to their egos. I’ve never met a man who didn’t want to be god’s gift to women," Heather said and they both laughed.

“So,” Lucija asked, still not able to imagine someone controlling her sex, “why don’t you just stick something in there.”

“Do you see anything in this cell I could stick in my cunt?” Heather asked. “That’s the reason they won’t give me tampons, they are afraid I can get off using the cardboard applicator. They are wrong, of course, I tried it when I was a teenager, the cardboard gets soft before I can cum. Even the bed is bolted to the floor so I can’t flip it over and ride the ends of the legs. Trust me, I’ve imagined what it would feel like.”

Heather continued in a dreamy tone of voice, “I think about dicks pounding in and out of my cunt all the time. I wake up most nights dreaming about sex and discover I have several fingers in my cunt. If I didn’t think it might get you fired, I’d beg you to get the penis shaped vibrator out of that cabinet over there. I haven’t cum in almost two weeks.”

“That’s awful,” Lucija sympathized but she also realized her panties were getting wetter. What, she wondered, turned her on about this? Was it not helping Heather get off, or imagining she was the one denied an orgasm for weeks?

Lucija and Heather talked for an hour; Lucija had a lot of questions. They were still down in the Cellar when I got back from the warehouse. I had seen Paula’s text but there was nothing I could do about it now. Paula briefed me on what had happened out back and her plan to let Heather handle it. From some listening at the cellar door, Paula thought the plan was working.

I went downstairs. Lucija was surprised when Heather suddenly shut up and assumed her position in the middle of the cell.

“Well, Lucija, I hear you’ve had an interesting afternoon,” I started.

“You could have warned me about this,” she said waving her hand at Heather and the cage, “before I took the job.”

“No, I couldn’t. You would have never understood. You needed to meet the rest of the group first. I hoped we could have waited a few more weeks before introducing you to the slut here.”

“Slut!” Lucija spat, trying but failing to get very angry.

Heather had not broken position or said anything. “Tell her what you are Heather,” I said.

“I’m a bondage slut and a pain slut,” Heater said as if it was just a natural fact.

“And what is a slut?” I asked.

“A woman who constantly needs sex, and bondage, and pain. Sir,” Heather said formally.

Lucija seemed to slump a bit, the fight over before it started. “Well, you might have told me yourself, explained it, you know?”

“And could I have convinced you? Would you have believed anyone other than Heather herself?” I asked.

“I need to go talk to Reese, that’s what I came here today to do anyway,” Lucija said as she walked off.

I decided to give Lucija one more lesson in Heather’s place. “I’m horny slut, mouth or ass?" I asked.

“My ass is still a little sore from Tim’s use this morning, but you may use either sir,” Heather replied.

“Then I’ll take your ass, slut, we need to keep it sore, back it up to the bars.” And then I heard the door at the top of the steps slam.

“She seems very nice, sir,” Heather said as I shoved my dick in her ass, and we both laughed.


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