The Chateau

by Budman

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Storycodes: F/f+; cell; rope; bond; cuffs; oral; clamps; training; electro; punish; cons; X

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Author’s Note: As with most of my stories, you will get very lost if you don’t read this story from . I encourage you to go back and take the chapters in order if you aren’t already.

Chapter 12 – Lucija Learns to Suck Cock

A few days later, on one of her usual days, I noticed Lucija had arrived but then I didn’t see her around. On a hunch I checked the Wine Cellar security cameras. It’s amazing how people completely forget cameras are present. I guess it’s because they are everywhere nowadays, we just don’t think about them. Anyway, on the camera was Lucija, tied on her knees in front of the Blow Job Trainer that was mounted to the cell bars sucking for all she was worth. Maggie was kneeling next to her talking, Heather handcuffed to the bars.

OK, I admit it, I’m a voyeur, I had to see this. I rewound the tape until I saw Lucija and Maggie enter the basement then turned up the sound.

As they entered the basement, I noticed Maggie was carrying two pieces of rope and two pairs of handcuffs.

Maggie: “Up against the bars slut.”

Lucija: “Me?” She sounded offended, then saw Heather get up from her Nadu position.

Maggie: “No, her.”

Lucija: “What are you doing? I thought I was going to try the trainer.”

Maggie: “You are, but we never unlock the slut’s cell unless she’s restrained.”

Lucija: “Why?”

Maggie: “Tell her slut, while I go get the gate padlock key.”

Heather: “Yes ma’am. Lucija, they never leave me unrestrained even for a minute. You remember when we first came down here and I had you lock the gate and put the key on the nail before unlocking my chains? They always take the keys away so the keys to all my restraints are never within my reach. I think it was Heath who told them to pretend I was Hanibal Lecter and would eat their liver if they gave me a moment's chance, Ma'am.” Heather giggled at the thought.

Lucija: “I get the impression you wouldn’t escape if you had the chance.”

Heather: “Oh, I wouldn’t. But it makes me feel like they care when they keep me in constant bondage. It makes me feel secure and safe, Ma'am.”

Lucija: “I don’t think I’ll ever understand you, Heather.”

Maggie: “None of us do, except perhaps Heath, but we’ve accepted her kink, and we stick to protocol.”

Lucija: “So are you just going to leave her standing there against the bars?”

Heather: “Oh, I don’t mind. Can I ask what you’re going to do to me today? It’s not bath day, Ma'am.”

Maggie: “I don’t remember giving you permission to ask questions slut.”

Heather: “I’m sorry Ma'am. I was just excited Lucija is here, Ma'am.”

Maggie left the cell to walk to the equipment cabinet and came back with two nasty looking nipple clips with weights.

Maggie: “So, Lucija, you want to use your company’s products, I believe you guys sell these,” and she held up the clips. “Heather needs to be punished for speaking without permission, would you like to put them on her nipples?”

Lucija: “Is that necessary? Those look like they would hurt.”

Maggie: “Yea they have quite a bite. Clamp them right on the meatiest part of the nipple, close them slowly and watch Heather’s face when you do.”

Lucija: “No, I don’t want to, that’s OK.”

Maggie: “Heather, tell her why you have to wear the clamps and why you would rather she put them on you than me.”

Heather: “Lucija, I’m only allowed to speak when spoken to or when I’m given permission for ‘conversation’. If I’m not corrected when I break the rules, then there is no order in my life and my behavior will only get worse. Please correct me, Ma'am?”

Maggie: “And why would you prefer Lucija put the clamps on?”

Heather: “Because Maggie will snap the clips closed and drop the weights to inflict the most pain. And she’ll probably leave them on for a long time. I hope you’ll be gentle.”

Lucija looked shocked but she did take the clips out of Maggie’s hand.

Lucija: “You tell me if these hurt too much.” As she gently closed one clamp on a nipple and slowly lowered the weight. Lucija did watch Heather’s face and waited for her to complain. What she saw was pain, what she heard was silence. Lucija closed the other clamp and got the same reaction.

Heather: “Thank you for correcting me, Ma'am.”

Maggie: “And Heather, we didn’t come down here to do anything to you. Lucija wanted to personally try the Blow Job Trainer. OK Lucija, strip.”

I bet Lucija hadn’t been completely naked in front of anyone other than her last boyfriend in her adult life. She obviously had not expected this.

Lucija: “Why? It just goes in my mouth?” she stammered.

Maggie: “You want the whole experience; you want to test this device like most people use it; like we use it on Heather? I’m going to give you the whole experience. Strip, put your clothes on the bed or let’s drop this idea and go back upstairs.”

Lucija’s head must have been spinning, I could see the fight or flight reaction in her whole-body posture. Did she continue to argue or leave? She must have decided that she had to know what it was like. She started taking off her clothes.

Once Lucija was naked, she went through that awkward series of poses that uncomfortably naked people do as they try to figure out what to do with their hands.

Then Lucija must have noticed that Maggie had picked up the second pair of handcuffs because she asked a dumb question to which there was only one obvious answer.

Lucija: “What are those for?”

Maggie just gave her the stare and said, “Turn around, put your hands behind your back.”

Lucija looked like a deer in the headlights. Her eyes went wide, and she looked back at her clothes on the bed. Maggie just waited. I think Maggie was almost hoping she would bolt.

Lucija turned around and presented her wrists. Maggie cuffed her then double locked the cuffs, putting the key in her pocket.

Maggie: “OK, kneel down, put your ass on your heels.” And Maggie started to unwind the two hanks of rope she had brought. By this time, cuffed, naked Lucija just slumped, prompting Maggie to say firmly “Sit up straight.”

Maggie bound each of Lucija’s ankles to her thighs so she could no longer stand or straighten her legs. Then she had Lucija waddle up to the Blow Job Trainer. Maggie then picked up the shock collar and turned it on, pulled her cell phone out of her back pocket and made sure everything was paired. As she buckled it around Lucija’s neck, she felt her shudder just a little and noticed goose bumps all down her arms.

Maggie: “Slut, un, Slut Heather I mean, you can be in conversation. I want you to be able to make suggestions to Lucija and give feedback since you have experience with this thing.”

Heather: “Yes, Ma'am.”

Maggie: “Ok, I’ll start the program. I believe you wrote the manual, so you know how to begin.”

I could see that Lucija was deeply humiliated but followed the process.

Lucija: “Please machine, may I suck your cock.”

The mechanical voice of the machine responded, “Yes slut, you may suck my cock four times per minute.”

I’m betting Lucija thought, “OK, I can handle once every 15 seconds, that’s not too bad.”

Up to this point, I had been fairly detached, just watching a video from a security camera in the cell. But when Lucija asked a machine to suck its cock, I felt my dick swell. So much for being detached and cool.

Lucija must have failed to keep enough pressure on the dildo to trigger the first switch, the one just behind the head, because before she got halfway down the dildo with her lips the machine shocked her and said, “Please begin.”

Lucija: “I DWID BGIN," she tried to say with a fake cock in her mouth.” You could see that the shock startled her but didn’t cause that much reaction.

Heather: “Lucija, you have to suck, actually create a vacuum with your lips and hold your lips on the dick, hard! NO. Start again!”

Lucija did pull her mouth off the dick and back on it, and the second time she must have triggered the first switch, but when she got to her gag reflex, she just stopped. About then, time ran out and she received a level 2 shock. That one stung enough that she squealed around the dildo and tried harder to push down.

Heather: “No. If you trigger a shock, you have to start over. Quick, pull back.”

Lucija did and then started down again.

Heather: “Relax your throat, relax your whole body then just push!”

Lucija just couldn’t do it. Anticipation of the shock kept all the muscles of her throat tight, and her gag reflex was strong. She tried for about ten seconds and then the level 3 shock hit her. She screamed and came off the gag, panting.

Heather, shouting: “You can’t stop, get back on it, try again!”

Maggie was just standing to the side watching. I was about to get out of my chair and head downstairs to intervene, to tell Maggie this had gone too far. Then I remembered I wasn’t watching real time, that I was about 10 minutes behind. So, whatever was going to happen had already played out.

Lucija did try again, with no more success at reaching the switch at the base than the first three times. When the level four shock hit, she curled up in a ball and fell over on her side sobbing.

Heather screamed at Maggie: “Don’t be a bitch, turn it off, it’s too much for her, she’s just a girl!”

I could tell Maggie had already turned it off.

Maggie knelt down, rocked Lucija up into her lap, held and rocked her, stroking her hair. “I’m sorry baby, this machine isn’t designed for beginners, It’s OK, it’s over now.”

Once Lucija had calmed down a bit, Maggie reached down to untie her legs.

Lucija: “NO. I haven’t learned to do it yet!”

Maggie: “You’ve had enough for one day.”

Lucija: “NO, I want to learn to deep throat.”

Heather: “Lucija, you may not be able to master this in one day, I don’t remember how many cocks I sucked before I learned.”

Lucija: “I can try again, I just over-reacted, this fucking collar hurts. I can handle it. Let me try again.”

Heather: “Maggie, can you uncuff me please, I want to help her try without the machine.”

Maggie: “OK, but the nipple clamps stay on, you haven’t been punished enough yet.”

Maggie first locked Heather to a long chain attached to the gate, then unlocked her cuffs. Once free to move around more, Heather knelt behind Lucija.

Heather: “Just relax, breathe, close your eyes, feel my hands.” And Maggie started to massage Lucija’s shoulders. Lucija had never been touched like this by another woman, especially another naked woman who’s breast she could feel pressing against her back.

Heather: “Relax, relax, especially your throat, focus on relaxing your whole neck and throat,” she cooed.

“Now put just the head in your mouth. No, don’t tighten up, relax. Now start going up and down on it. Don’t rush it. Relax. Keep going deeper every few strokes. Relax. Feel it in your mouth, on your tongue. Relax, breathe with each out stroke. Relax, deeper. When you start to feel your gag reflex, stop. Just go back and forth to the gag point. Relax.

Heather surprised all of us, especially Lucija, when she smoothly but firmly pushed the back of Lucija’s head until that silicone dick was balls deep in her mouth. “Relax," she cooed, but, after several heartbeats, Lucija panicked and jerked her head off. Heather let her.

“You did it!” Heather said quickly and Maggie was clapping.

After she got over the shock Lucija looked back at Heather, then looked up at Maggie.

“I did it," she said in disbelief.

Heather: “OK, when you’re ready, do that again, but do it yourself this time. I’m going to back up and take my hands off you. Keep your throat relaxed, start with just the head, go back and forth. Go deeper each time. Go down to the gag reflex, then you quickly push it past your gag reflex and down your throat. Try hard to relax, try to surprise yourself. And once it’s in, see how long you can keep it all the way in.”

I watched as Lucija tried and tried again. Just when I thought she wasn’t going to master it today, she was ball deep and holding. When she came up for air, she was giddy.”

Maggie: “That was great, but you need to be able to do that anytime you want to, multiple times in a row until your throat is sore.”

Lucija went right back to work. After another 10 minutes or so, she was able to down that silicone 7 or 8 times out of 10. The failures were the result of hesitating, or coughing, or getting distracted.

Maggie: “Time to turn the machine back on, are you ready?”

Lucija nodded and said, “Please machine, may I suck your cock?”

Machine: “Yes slut, you may suck me six times a minute.”

Heather: “Bitch, Maggie that’s too fast.”

Maggie: “Slut, I said conversation mode, I didn’t say you could disrespect me. You’re going to be lucky if those nipple clamps come off before dinner.”

Lucija had started to suck. She got the first two repetitions in time but then I suspect she failed to suck hard enough or press down on her lips hard enough because she was shocked. But then she went all the way to the base three times in a row and was starting to feel smug. She missed one and was shocked at level 1, then she missed the second in a row and was shocked at level 2, that upset her so much she got hit with a 3. She didn’t curl up in a ball, but she was obviously too out of control to continue. I saw Maggie cut the machine off.

Heather, looking up at Maggie, “Don’t you think that’s enough for today, Ma'am?”

Maggie: “Yes, I think she’s accomplished quite a lot, and you were a good teacher slut, I just don’t have your patience. Untie her legs and roll the rope up.”

As Heather was untying her Lucija asked: “Could I stay down here for a bit with Heather, I want to ask her more about oral sex.”

Maggie: “I don’t see why not, but the handcuffs stay on, I don’t want you fingering Heather to an orgasm.”

Lucija started to protest but I guess she looked at Maggie’s face and quickly figured out that Maggie was just looking for an excuse to continue dominating her. Her suspicions were confirmed when Maggie picked up the pile of Heather’s clothes and walked out of the cell, locking the gate behind her.

Maggie: “You can take those clips off slut. Why don’t you see if the slut in training wants to try them.”

Heather mumbled under her breath: “Bitch.” I heard it on the camera, but I don’t think Maggie did as she kept going.

I got up from my monitor and moved to intercept Maggie when she got to the top of the steps.

“That was a little harsh, I just wanted you to help her try the Blow Job Trainer,” I said sternly.

“Perving the security cameras again?” Maggie said, “And I did help her.”

“Maggie, she’s just getting started in all this, go easy on her. How can you be so protective of Heather and so mean to Lucija?" I asked.

“I’m mean to Heather; did you see her face when I put those nipple clamps on?” She replied.

“You know what I mean, don’t skirt the question,” I said.

“Did you hear Lucija complain?”, Maggie asked indignantly. “Did she ask me to stop? She wanted me to treat her that way, she just didn’t know it until it was happening. She and Heather have completely different motivations, but they want the same thing. Heather’s a bondage and pain slut, I care for her by giving her what she craves. Lucija is desperate for knowledge and acceptance; I’m giving her what she needs too. Trust me Heath, I think I’m reading her better than you are.” She finished and walked off.

I checked the cameras one more time before getting back to work.

Lucija was amazed at how much Heather swore when she removed the clamps and how she gently rubbed her nipples.

Lucija: “Those hurt huh?”

Heather: “They hurt going on and then the pain starts to fade as long as you hold them still. But having weights on them means they are always moving. They hurt like a mother when you take them off and the blood runs back into the tissue. It’s like after a limb ‘goes to sleep.’”

Lucija didn’t understand the expression “goes to sleep” as it applied to a limb and Heather had to explain It to her.

Heather: “So, are you ok? Is your throat sore? You did great for a first time by the way.”

Lucija: “I’m good. That was MUCH harder than I expected. They always make it look so easy in the videos.”

Heather: “Some people are blessed with less gag reflex than others, but you can get the hang of it. The worst part is when they intentionally choke you out, or when you don’t get a chance to get a breath before they go deep and stay there. So, what else do you want to talk about?”

Lucija: “Um, the nipple clamps... are you going to put them on me?”

Heather: “I think you’ve done enough today.”

Lucija: “Please? I really want to see what they feel like?” and she looked at Heather with 18-year-old puppy eyes.

Heather thought for a minute. She really wasn’t into this, but Maggie had given her permission.

Heather: “OK, but just for a minute.”

Lucija: “How about you leave them on for as long as you wore them. I want to feel what you felt.”

Heather just shook her head in disbelief then gestured to Lucija by pointing to the floor in front of her. Lucija was still cuffed behind her back and Maggie still had the keys, so she crawled over. Heather picked one of the clamps off the floor with one hand and started massaging Lucija’s left nipple with the other.

Lucija: “What are you doing?” she asked with some confusion. I’m betting she had never had another woman touch her nipples.

Heather: “Making you nipple hard so the clamp has more to grab onto and so it hurts more.”

Lucija: “Oh.”

Heather: “OK, I was lying. These are the longest, most magnificent nipples I’ve ever seen, I just had to touch them. Bad news is, I bet the clamps are going to hurt worse on these babies than they do on my little ones.”

Lucija had never thought of her nipples as anything unusual, and she wasn’t sure how to respond to Heather’s compliment, so she just looked at Heather.

Heather looked Lucija right in the eye and closed the clamp. She knew exactly what Lucija was feeling.

Lucija exhaled, “Ooohh, shit, that hurts.”

Heather: “That hurts Ma'am, Thank you Ma'am. You should always show your dominant proper respect and thank them for the pain! Or they might do this!” And Heather dropped the weight.
Lucija: “OH CRAP, Ow.”

Heather, speaking kindly: “You said you wanted to feel what I felt. Do you want me to take it off now?”

Lucija took several deep breaths and calmed down. “No, please continue, Ma'am. Do this one, she said looking down at her other nipple.

The fact that she had said ‘Ma'am’ didn’t escape Heather’s notice.

Heather: “Let me give you a tip. You know what Winston Churchill said about fear?”

Lucija: “Yea, the only thing about fear is fear itself.”

Heather: “Close. It’s the same thing with pain. The more you fear it, the more it seems to hurt. Just like with cock in your throat, relax. Look at your nipple. Watch me close the clamp. Feel the pain, don’t run from it, don’t try to push it away. Absorb the pain into your breast. Keep breathing. Experience the pain, think about how it feels. Ready?”

Lucija nodded and watched as Heather closed the clamp on her nipple. She didn’t make a sound or curse this time, but her face did screw up in a grimace.

Heather dropped the weight and Lucija again said “SHIT!”

Heather: “OK, that was just mean but sometimes a dominant doesn’t give you time to prepare for pain and you just have to take it when it comes,” she smiled.

I watched a while longer as Heather and Lucija talked and Lucija would occasionally shake her breast from side to side slowly, experiencing the pain that produced.

I went back to reviewing invoices but kept glancing at the monitor from time to time. At one point I heard Lucija ask: “Do you think Maggie will bring my clothes back?”

Heather: “You should be more concerned about the handcuff key; your shoulders are going to start aching soon. But no, I don’t think she is. I think she plans to lead you upstairs for lunch naked and in handcuffs. How do you feel about that?”

Lucija: “Nervous, embarrassed. What will the guys think about my body, my tits?”

Heather: “That’s what you’re worried about? I wish I had your tits.”

Lucija: “But one of them hangs lower than the other, look!” and she tried to stand up, which caused the weights to swing which caused her to say “OW!”

They both laughed but Lucija did manage to get up on her knees and hold her chest out.

Heather: “If you say so, I don’t see it, but with those clamps and weights on there even your ‘B’ cups aren’t hanging naturally.”

“But Lucija, I don’t know if anyone has explained this to you. But BDSM has to be consensual. If you don’t want to walk back upstairs naked or in handcuffs, just say so. If you tell Maggie to stop, in clear language, she will. If there is any confusion just say RED.”

Lucija: “I know about safewords, I’ve read blogs on the internet. I didn’t know you guys used them. You mean you could get out of here anytime you want?”

Heather: “Of course I can. I like to pretend or fantasize that I can’t, but I know I can. When we first came to the chateau, Heath set a rule that if I asked to be released, the entire group would have to move out immediately. Since we were basically trespassing and squatting here illegally, he could have done it too. I think he thought that put pressure on me not to back out. But I wouldn’t back out anyway. I’m home here.”

Lucija: “So would he still throw the group out?”

Heather: “No, I wasn’t upstairs at the time, but Paula told me he rescinded the rule months ago. We have all become family since those first few days when we were squatters.”

Lucija: “Would you say you’re in a long-term CNC Scene?”

Heather: “Well look at you throw English BDSM terms around like a pro. Yes, Lucija, I think that’s a very good way to describe why I’m locked in this cell with you.”

“Why are you here, in this cell, playing at bondage?”

Lucija: “To do a better job selling sex toys of course.”

After several more minutes, Heather removed the clamps from Lucija’s nipples one at a time and slowly rubbed the nipples, watching Lucija absorb the pain.


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