The Cargo 2

by Sabina

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© Copyright 2006 - Sabina - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; machine/f; latex; bond; furry; sci-fi; susp; cons/nc; X

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Sabina – Ship’s captain.
Celes – Ship’s engineer/2nd mate, technical wiz.
Leece – Genetic engineer on the move with a strange habit of cloning herself. Carrying a dangerous secret.
Amanita – Ship’s AI, under going some strange changes.
The Muckabout – Mostly automated freighter captained by Sabina.
Frostbite – Genetically engineered war machine, with a few small alterations and one, nasty quirk.

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The Cargo - Part Two

Soft, gloved hands pushed back the edges of Sabina’s jumpsuit even further. Sliding upwards slowly they cupped her full breasts and caressed teasingly close to her tormented nipples. Gag muffled squeals and whimpers escaped as the Leeces took possession of the helpless girl. Another pressed up behind her, firm curves pressed into Sabina’s back as a latex gloved hand covered the breathing holes near her nose and through the latex hood’s gag.

Celes glanced at the monitor, scowling jealously as she readied the ship for take off. “I should have told that droid to sod off.” She sighed and then giggled. “Maybe Sabina will want revenge when she gets loose.” Celes sat back in the pilot’s chair, running through the port clearances and running down the systems check list. She glanced at one of the displays, the memory core was drawing an awful lot of power. A closer look showed it to be running at near capacity on it’s workload. “Amanita?”

“Yes Celes?” The ships computer responded.

“Why is the core drawing so much power?”

“I am performing research and modifications within the parameters we discussed earlier Celes.” Amanita replied. Celes’s brow furrowed, her mouth opening to ask another question when port control contacted her with more instructions. Turning back to the job at hand she dismissed the anomaly. If Amanita was doing research that would only make her more fun in the end anyways, Celes thought with a grin.

Down in the cargo bay the droids had moved themselves into storage positions, shutting down as the double bay doors cycled closed and sealed in place with a soft hiss. All of this was lost on Sabina, trapped in a dark world of arousal and torment. Lungs aching as she struggled to draw air as Leece teased her from behind. A little breath, then nothing, then long seconds of gasping for air only to have it taken away again just as her breathing began to slow a little.

Hands caressed, pinched, scratched from every angle she could think of and a few she never expected. Fingers pressed into her mons, sliding down to press her slit in against the thick plug buried inside. A ragged squeal of ache welled free as the fingers begin rubbing firmly. The pressure of her own weight had made her unbearably sensitive around the huge toys inside. A short distance away two of the Leeces had discovered a set of lockers filled with restraints and toys of all manner from all worlds. Apparently Sabina and Celes had picked up a great many things in their travels.

Leece lifted a very familiar latex hood. It had not been used in sometime from the look of it, most likely because it had been custom fit to someone who had not been available. “I wonder if this still fits… come here Three.” She grinned, crooking her finger at the nearby clone. With a small nod Three approached, her head bowing slowly as the hood was tugged into place. “Perfect, and the perfect start to something I had made as a surprise just for you Three.” She whispered.

Three moaned softly, among the clones she was one of the most submissive, and possibly the most easily aroused as well. She knew it was a mistake to let Seven, the last of the clones, take control of her without someone else involved. But she found it impossible to resist when Seven smiled at her like that. Roughly Seven began to remove the black latex catsuit, which matched what the others wore perfectly, off of her captive. She took the blind, mute, hooded girl by the hand and led of towards one of the recently loaded containers. “Here we go. Let’s try a new game…”

As Seven began to work on three two of the other Leece clones were at play with a collection of self securing shackles they had found. One and Two were nearly inseparable, constant companions who never slept apart. They grinned nuzzling each other, squirming to reach the cargo braces around them and complete the position they were working on. Ankles cuffed together, facing each other, legs spread wide. Thighs strapped to thighs, another wide strap around both waists, crushing them into each other.

Soft kisses followed as they cuffed their wrists, each hand secured to the others, fingers intertwining for a moment. As they struggled for balance Five walked up behind them, smirking and carrying a few coils of rope.

Four and Six continued to tease Sabina as eyes watched them. The security cameras turned slightly, focusing on the goings on, watching intently and recording everything for analysis. As Celes monitored the progress out of the departure corridor Amanita watched and planned.

Sabina bucked against the fingers, the plugs and the brace, coming explosively as she struggled for air. The Leece facing her, number Four as the others called her, playfully batted at the bobbling, bouncing spheres that tugged on her nipples. “Oh you can do better than that Sabina.” She giggled, not even sure if her captive could hear what she said. Six purred loudly, caressing her free hand over Sabina’s pert breasts, making sure her attention stayed focused on her aching, throbbing nipples as she toyed with her breathing.

Sabina sobbed into the gag, her exposed skin glistened with sweat as another orgasm blossomed inside. Screaming frantically, struggling for air again as she was teased. A single thought kept resurfacing in her mind as the torment went on endlessly. The outbound trip they were taking would be at least a month, and for all she knew Leece might be staying a good bit longer than that.

Seven pressed the last magnetic seal closed, locking Three in the glistening red latex suit. Once closed the seals were impossible to open without a properly encoded tool, locked the same manner as every other restraint on the ship. She stepped back, grinning as Three gave a soft whimper from her forced open mouth. A thick rubber O ring forced her jaws wide, she could close them for a few moments, but it took a great deal of effort to do so.

Arms folded, wrist to shoulder, legs folded ankle to thigh, wrapped in the taut latex and held tightly in place. She wiggled on elbows and knees, testing the high density pads that protected them as her situation became clearer by the moment. Commonly known as a puppy suit, or a pet suit, this one fit Three like a glove.

“You have no idea what I went through to get that Three.” Seven smirked. “Remember when I went missing for a week?” Three did remember, they had been frantic with worry and then Seven had turned up and made some rather vague story up and then refused to speak about it. “I had that made, and when they fitted me with it they kept me in it for that whole week Three.” Seven’s fingers wandered down over Three’s hip, teasing down to the exposed entrances to her ass. The latex suit had convenient zippered openings that exposed her down below and two others to exposed her full breasts.

“Seven days of being molested, abused and fucked just so I could get this suit for you.” She whispered, her voice dropping as her fingers found Three’s soaked slit. “I think we will see how you do for a month.” She growled, savoring the frantic squeals that spilled free. The suit held opaque lenses over her eyes, almost as dark as welders goggles, limiting Three’s vision to just a meter or so in front of her nose. As her slit clenched around Seven’s fingers she knew it was going to be a VERY long trip.

As Celes left her chair to wander down to the cargo bay a piece of cargo shifted restlessly in the largest of Leece’s containers. In the darkness inside the huge steel crate a blood shot eye opened for a moment and then slowly closed again. As Celes padded into the bay Five finished securing the last rope. One and Two’s arms were pulled up and out, completing the spread eagle position and making escape impossible. A tight rope made a series of passes six strands wide between the helpless captives legs. Five had wrapped the loops over the waist belt again and again, holding a set of thick plugs in both her victims as they swayed and struggled uselessly.

As Celes approached the trio with an eager grin Five turned to her and smiled. “And now what should we do with you cutie.”

Four and Six continued tormenting their captive, teasing and forcing Sabina to come again and again. Grinding hard against the brace with a tortured, gag muffled scream Sabina bucked into another orgasm. Swaying unsteadily she sobbed n anguish as the floating spheres both darted suddenly, and quite painfully. The two clones stepped back, arms around each other’s waist. “Don’t worry bina, we will get ourselves settled. You just relax.”

As the hands left her Sabina slumped forward a little, only to stiffen and straighten as the position put an unbearable amount of weight directly on her overly sensitive little clit. Wiggling and squirming were unavoidable, endless attempts to ease where it hurt the most that only made someplace else hurt even worse. Four and Six padded over to where Five was buckling a huge ball gag into Celes’s mouth. The little coon girl’s arms were encased in a single glove and Five had already pulled the zipper of her jumpsuit all the way back to her tail.

“And whom is this adorable little creature?” Six purred.

“Celes, she is Sabina’s crew.”

“Then I am sure she can show us to our quarters, can’t you sweetie.” Six grinned as she teasingly caressed Celes’s left breast through the glistening material. With a soft moan into the gag Celes nodded, her eyes already taking on a glassy, far away look.

Four slipped up behind Celes, and without warning slide a thick, steel dildo into her already wet slit. A moment later it was removed and slid into her round little ass, drawing a medley of whimpers and aroused moans. Five caressed over Celes’s ears as Seven approached, leading her helpless captive on a leash. “And what do we have here Seven?”

“We have our very own pet bitch.” She smirked, giving the leash a sharp yank. Three whimpered and struggled to sit, rising into the air in a perverted parody of the way a pet would beg. Celes’s renewed moans drew their attention as Four again slid a fake cock into Celes’s slit, giving the girl a few gentle, teasing caresses before her hand pulled away.

“Now Celes, show us to our rooms. And don’t you dare drop either of those!” With a sharp slap on the ass Celes was sent on her way, leading the rather strange, kinky procession to the crew decks leaving the three captives behind.

As the door to the crew area of the ship closed, a sexy figure melted from the shadows. Amanita approached the helpless ship’s captain, her fingers caressing a slow line down between Sabina’s breasts. “My my little one, you look good enough to eat. In just a few hours I will have to show those ladies how to really work you over hmm?” She chuckled and produced a rebreather bag attached to a severe looking gas mask from the toy chest. With a frighteningly skilled touch she slid the mask over Sabina’s hooded head, smoothly tugging the straps of it tight, forcing her captive to struggle for air through the restriction of the mask and the rebreather bag. Every breath spilled into the bag, filling it slowly, as she inhaled most of the air she got was hot, spent and sultry. Just enough fresh air made it through to make it perfectly safe, even if it caused the victim to feel terribly breathless.

As Sabina whimpered and struggled to adjust her breathing the avatar wandered over to the other two captives, smirking at their confused expressions. “Who are… are you?” Two asked, starting at the smooth skinned Domme. Without a word Amanita yanked a matching set of hoods over their heads, quickly stifling their squeals and cries for help.

“You can call me Mistress Nita.” She growled, though under the thick leather of the hoods neither captive could her it. The laces were yanked tight and tied off before she pushed the two girls heads together. Two rolls of black latex tape later and the two heads head been inextricably bound together. Bodies squirmed frantically as air became more precious. “I wish I could stay and play ladies, but until the verbal overrides are disabled it would be a bad idea. We will play soon, I promise.” Amanita grinned and slowly faded back into the shadows.

“Did you hear something?” Six paused, glancing back down the hall towards the cargo bay. “Sounded like one of us squealing.”

“Probably just One getting off.” Seven chuckled, turning the doubled over the end of the leash and crack the leather down onto Three’s ass, drawing a squeal of pain from the trapped girl. “Here we are, aren’t these cozy.”

The cabins were small, each joined by thin walls that could be retracted by the ship creating larger and larger cabins. Four nodded to two doors at the end of the grouping. “Do you and Sabina sleep in those cabins Celes?” She whispered into her captive’s ear, her fingers stroking softly between Celes’s lightly spread legs. Celes nodded, gasping and grinding against the teasing fingers as her knees buckled. “Let’s have the ship drop all the walls. It will be like a giant slumber party the whole trip.” Four giggled as Seven smirked.

“Kinkiest slumber party I ever heard of, I like it! Oh, and if any of you even thinks about letting Three out of this, you will be taking her place understand?” Seven turned on the others, her eyes narrowing. The rest nodded, quickly stammering their agreement, none of them would mess with Seven when she was in a mood.

Ten minutes later Celes was naked, strung up from the ceiling by her wrists, squealing into the fat gag as Five paddled her little ass. Both toys clenched firmly in her, struggling not to drop either of them as she sobbed and squirmed under the crack of the hard wooden toy. While they had been relaying commands to Amanita to lower the walls Celes had let the toy inside her slit drop to the floor, earning herself the promised punishment.

CRACK! Celes’s squeal was joined by a soft moan from Four, cuddled in a large tub of hot water nearby with Six. Slabs of formex that made the walls had restructured themselves into the massive tube at their request and a service droid had linked it to the ships water supply. It made a perfect place to relax and enjoy watching Celes’s discipline. Across the room Seven arched her ass into the air, moaning softly as Seven licked her from mons to ass again and again. “Good girl…” She gasped softly. “Make me come or Five will be paddling your ass next slut.”

Time ticked away as they enjoyed themselves, three helpless figures struggled in the hold, gasping for breath and squirming their way to shattering orgasms only to be relentlessly stimulated towards another. Sabina quivered, her frantic sobs and whimpers joined the gag muffled breathless sounds of her two fellow captives. Sweat trickled down, dripping from all three to puddle on the hold floor as a certain timer in the computer core ticked away.

4 hours 23 minutes 13.800912 seconds

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