The Cargo 3

by Sabina

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© Copyright 2006 - Sabina - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; machine/f; latex; bond; furry; sci-fi; susp; cons/nc; X

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Sabina – Ship’s captain.
Celes – Ship’s engineer/2nd mate, technical wiz.
Leece – Genetic engineer on the move with a strange habit of cloning herself. Carrying a dangerous secret.
Amanita – Ship’s AI, under going some strange changes.
The Muckabout – Mostly automated freighter captained by Sabina.
Frostbite – Genetically engineered war machine, with a few small alterations and one, nasty quirk.

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The Cargo - Part Three

On the bridge displays flicked to life as Amanita’s form materialized out of thin air. Her gloved arms folded as she watched the course being laid out. The route was a standard run, four weeks, nothing special about it at all. Another display scrolled past with the manifest, like most jobs the Muckabout took this was one was fairly low paying; all cargo arrival dates were open ended. Amanita’s eyebrow arched as the route display changed. The new route was longer, more than twice the travel time. As such it was not used very often, and even out here privacy had advantages.

Amanita smirked, closing her eyes as the timer expired and the new directives went into effect. “Now, let’s see what fun we can have…”

Down in the common bedroom the Leece’s sprawled about. Seven was curled up with a softly snoring Celes on one of the beds. Three was curled on the floor below, her leash tied off to the bed leg near the floor. Four and Five were cuddled together in the tub of steaming water, playfully whispering and grinning at each other. On the far side of the room Six had crawled under a blanket for a rest. Suddenly Celes snapped awake, her arms tensed against the sleek, gleaming latex sleeve that held her arms folded behind her back. Each hand gripped to the opposite elbow, held immovably by the tight latex.

“Sabina!” She squeaked. “We left Sabina and the other Leece’s down in the hold. They’ve been there for hours!” Seven slowly stirred, yawning and stretching with a glance at the nearest clock.

“Mmmmm, hours and hours,” she agreed with a smirk. “With hours yet to go. They’ll be fine.”

“But, her arms, the position…” Celes protested, only to get yanked back down to the bed by her hair.

“That slut and her little playmates are as safe as Three here is.” Seven chuckled in response to Celes’s confused look. “Sabina never told you? I did a yearlong project in school, regenerative enhancements in humanoids. The culmination of which was Sabina and I being test subjects for the final grade. Just like little Three here, Sabina and all my clones can stay in harsh positions indefinitely with no lasting problems.”

Celes considered this, her brow furrowing slightly. Her muzzle curled in a playful smirk slowly as she thought of events, games and situations she had seen the captain endure. “Don’t worry sweetie, we’ll get you taken care of as well soon enough.” Seven purred, pulling Celes down and shoving her head roughly under the covers. “Now get to work.”

There was a soft knock on Ms Gray’s door, an almost tentative knock. Anne looked up from the chessboard at her opponent, a smiling, charming and thoroughly dangerous man who captained the ship they were currently aboard. Thomas Wallace was every bit as dangerous and exacting with his crew as the legendary pirate captains of the past. But while it was his ship, it was Anne’s fleet.

“Come.” Ms Gray called out, slowly reclining her lithe form in the soft leather chair. Her booted legs crossed, the gleaming blue leather came to just over her knees revealing a smooth expanse of supple thigh. As the eyes followed along the tempting curves a matching blue leather skirt interrupted just in time to frustrate. A black silk blouse complimented the skirt and boots, unbuttoned just low enough to tease while showing very little of her cleavage. Leather gloved hands, practically a trademark of hers, caressed the arms of the chair as her red lips curled in a smile.

The crewman who walked through the door could not help but stare into Ms Gray’s glittering ice blue eyes, her face framed by the almost pixieish blond pageboy cut of her hair. “Report.” She snapped, the steel in her voice matching the harsh glance she gave the crewman.

The human nodded and quickly glanced at his captain, regaining a measure of composure before he reported. “Admiral, Captain, we are tracking a small cargo vessel on route from Endeavor on it’s way to Boden’s World. They were following the standard route, but then shortly after their first jump they adjusted heading. The crewman stepped to the left slightly, his left hand touching the controls on the nearby holotank. Two bright points of light appeared amidst a field of stars. A red line and a blue line connected the points.

“Blue is their original course, standard trade route. The red is the new route. By our estimates they doubled their travel time by changing course and will be far out of communications range of the normal patrols and check point stations.”

Thomas frowned for a moment, shifting in his chair. The frown highlighted a scar that ran along his jaw, the last remnant of a long since dead enemy. His short-cropped brown hair matched his trimmed beard and mustache. “Now why would anyone take such an isolated route…” He glanced at the Admiral and they both nodded. “Unless they had something to hide.” They both finished the sentence and the Admiral turned in her chair to a nearby console.

“The new route will take them near this pulsar, the radiation wash from it will make a perfect ambush point.” A green light flashed near the beginning of the red arc. “Captain make ready, I will notify the Falcon and the Hammer to fly patrol cover. Your ship will make the assault.”

Thomas nodded and looked back to his crewman. “Notify the bridge at once, make best speed to that pulsar, get us in tight to the radiation field, shields at maximum. Also prepare a boarding crew, tell them heavy stunners and body armor. No casualties, survivors are worth money, corpses are worth nothing.”

As Thomas turned to face the board again Anne smoothly slid her queen in beside his king. “Checkmate.” She smiled predatorily as he frowned at the board. “And Thomas, double the boarding party. I have a feeling about this one.”

Something stirred and growled in it’s sleep, enclosed in a steel box in the Muckabout’s cargo hold. Even as the unseen threat stirred in it’s slumber Amanita appeared. “Playtime my pets, now where do we begin.”

Sabina straddled the thick rubber strap. The tough, tautly stretched strap was made for securing extremely heavy cargo in the hold, but Amanita had found a rather ingenious use for it. Arms still folded in the strict reverse prayer pose, ankles held to the ends of a spreader bar as her slight weight pressed down in the inch thick tube of solid rubber. Every foot or so the rubber had been tied in a large knot, how exactly Amanita had managed that was still a mystery to her captives. But there they were, every foot for at least fifty feet across the open space in the bay. On each side of Sabina One and Two were in similar difficulties. Legs spread by a spreader, toes straining to gain more contact with the floor. Their arms folded, fingers to opposite shoulder, encased in separate leather sleeves, elbows strapped tightly together. Additional leather straps pinned their tails tightly to the armbindings.

“This is how we play this game ladies. I am going to blindfold you each, and you will race to the end of your strap and press your nose to the cargo brace there. There is a prize for first and a penalty for last. So I would strongly suggest you be first.”

“Amanita end program!” Sabina gasped, it was the fifth time since Amanita her removed her hood that she had attempted to call the kinky AI off. Gloved fingers caressed Sabina’s hair and then yanked her head back.

“I hardly think you are in a position to make demands slut.” She hissed, her eyes glittered with playful sadism. “Thanks to Sabina here you have all earned a penalty.” The Leece’s both whimpered softly as Sabina stammered frantically in protest. “Not another word slave or more penalties!” Amanita snapped, forcing Sabina to fall mostly silent. Sabina struggled, her slim hips grinding a little against the strap. The jumpsuit clung to her sweat slick skin, the zipper long since pulled all the way to the top of her ass, exposing her completely. Firm, perky breasts thrust forward by the bondage, mirroring the helpless cheetah morphs on either side of her.

The strap looked miles long from where she stood, the rubber pulled at her a little with every subtle, aroused movement of her hips. A tight latex blindfold cut off her sight, leaving the lingering image of that long, knotted strap in the darkness. “And now, the penalty.” Amanita purred into her captive’s ear. A moment later the painfully tight clamps bit down on Sabina’s nipples, still so very sensitive from the long, painful abuse and clamping she had recently endured. One and Two’s squeals mirrored hers as they were blindfolded and clamped as well. Those spheres, darting about on anti-grav fields, pulling, tugging, straight out, now up, to the right, so unpredictable.

Their legs quivered, calves already cramping. The long confinement, forced orgasms and the struggle to breath had been made for an extremely long, restless, difficult night for all three. “And go!” Amanita giggled, setting the three off on their painful, maddeningly arousing journey.

The strap joining Celes’s hood to her ankles as pulled slowly tighter, arching her body back, thrusting her breasts forward more and more with every notch. “Just a little further and we will be all ready pet.” Seven purred into her ear as Five teasingly caressed those pert almost a handful breasts. Her thumbs teased over the stiff nipples as they both grinned at Celes’s gag muffled moans.

“What do we do with her now?” Five giggled, her eyebrow arched.

“Well for starters you need to put what is in that duffle onto Three there.” Seven replied, nodding to an ominous black duffle bag in the corner. Like an eager kid opening a present Five pounced on the bag an opened it. Inside was a leather saddle that sported two rather large plugs on the seat. Each plug was made of glistening, black plastic, easily ten inches in length and as big around as Leece’s slender wrist. Five looked at the saddle for a moment, then looked at Three and finally at Celes. A grin slowly spread over her sexy muzzle as she approached the helplessly pet-suited clone.

“Seven, remind me never to trust you.” She chuckled while buckling the harness and saddle into place. Celes’s arms were still encased, wrist to opposite elbow, her ankles crossed and strapped back in a severe hogtie to the ring atop her leather discipline hood. While Five fixed the saddle into place Seven began wrapping Celes’s pert breasts in tight rubber strapping, stretching the thin rubber until it bit into the helpless girl’s fur and flesh cruelly. Over, around, under, and then pressing in, painfully bisecting her breasts, pressing deep into them as Celes moaned loudly into the gag. The bind was complicated to say the least, and expertly tied.

Five and Seven carefully lifted Celes, settling her slowly onto the glistening, lubed vibrators and then fitting her knees into the stirrup/restraints at the sides of the saddle. Celes gasped, squealing out even as Three whimpered under the increasing strain on her body. Five lifted Three’s head, pushing it gently up and back as Seven wrapped the strap ends from Celes’s breasts around Three’s hooded muzzle. The strapping was tightly knotted, forcing Three’s head back as far as her collar would allow, pulling on Celes’s breasts in the a most excruciating manner.

“Let’s take these two for a walk to the cargo bay and check on our other captives.” Seven suggested, extending a hand to Five. “And don’t worry about trusting my sweetie, you won’t get a choice in it.” Five rose, arching an eyebrow even as her nipples stiffened at the half playful threat. Celes whimpered, grinding her hips against the saddle, her soaked slit clenching tight around the vibrator as it flared to life.

“And you two play nice.” Seven giggled as she snapped a crop across Three’s ass. Four and Six could only squeal in protest as the others left them alone to struggle.

It had started innocently enough. Seven was toying with Celes on the bed and Five had playfully suggested a little mutual bondage for Four and Six to enjoy. Both had feigned reluctance, but agreed just the same. Soon each was bound in the bubbling, simmering hot tub. Each of the four corners of the tub held a wrist, bound tightly in inescapable leather cuffs. Five stretched them both into the center of the tub, until each girl’s slit was pressed firmly against the other girl’s.

Patiently Five had wound stretchy rubber straps around their legs, hips and feet as they began to protest. Each had to struggle to keep their head above the warm, bubbling water and every squirm rubbed them together in a maddening sensual way. Soon it was done, legs folded in an intricate pretzel, twining the two captives hopelessly together as they pleaded with Five to lower the water level. “Oh shush, you two know as well as I do that drowning is almost impossible for us. Your body will heal any damage as quickly as it occurs! Not that it will be at all comfortable.” She smirked, stepping from the tub. That had been thirty minutes ago already and both Leece’s arms were aching from the strain as they bucked and squirmed against each other.

Down in the bay the three lengths of strap glistened behind the captives, gleaming with their arousal and torment as they struggled along the length of it. So far One was in the lead with Two and Sabina not far behind. The soft moans, tortured squeals and ragged purrs of panted breath filled the air with a melody of frustration and lust. Amanita’s nose flared even as she silently gave thanks to her newly found sense of smell. The overpowering odor of sex, sweat, latex and leather was intoxicating. Sabina stumbled a little, sobbing out as her clamps pulled and darted. Bound longer than either of the two Leece’s she struggled to keep up. But the blindfolds prevented any of them from seeing how far ahead, or behind they were.

Each step was torment, the spreader bar forced them to twist their hips, pivoting into each step. And as bad as the straps were, the knots were ten times as torturous. Sabina sobbed, her knees buckling as she tried to push over and past the mid point knot, One was three knots ahead and Two about half way between them. Amanita casually strolled along, delivering sharp strokes of her crop to the all three’s bottoms as they struggled down the course.

Sabina screamed, poised on the verge of a shattering orgasm as Amanita’s crop snapped across the lower curves of both of her breasts. “Don’t you dare come slut! Any of you come and I will put you back to the start!” As Amanita made the threat Two exploded uncontrollably, screaming into her hood and bucking hard against the strapping. She sobbed into the darkness quite certain she was going mad for a few seconds as the unbearably intense sensations ripped through her like electric fire.

It was at that moment that Seven, Five and Three arrived with Celes. As they two pairs of eyes still able to see took in the scene they froze, jaws dropped slightly. “Ummm… hello there.” Seven spoke a little hesitantly, even as she jealously eyed the set up. “Nice work.”

Amanita casually reached down and snapped the strap that Two was straddling, making it hum like a giant violin string. Her smile grew darker as Two squealed in torment. “You’re the one known as Seven yes? I’m Amanita, the ships AI. Or in broader terms, I am the ship. You have a simple choice here Seven. Either you help me subjugate your friend there right now, or you get taken down with her.”

Five’s eyes narrowed a little as Seven paused for a moment. “And if I help you how do I know you won’t just space us all? Blast us out an airlock into the void?” Five spun around, her eyes huge. “WHAT? How can you be negotiating with her?”

Amanita chuckled, arching her right eyebrow. “I am not allowed to take sentient life Seven, the same as any other standard AI. But little Celes there was kind enough to introduce some interesting needs into my system. I’ve been watching since you boarded, I think you can help assuage these needs as my assistant.” Her eyes narrowed as she seemed to grow slightly, the lights in the bay flickered as her captives trembled on the taut rubber straps. “I know however that my needs WILL be met, either with you or inflicted upon you.”

Seven glanced at Five, holding her gaze for a moment. Five’s breathing was shallow, her eyes dilated slightly. Clearly whatever happened she was in as much trouble as the rest. “Deal.” Seven smirked as she circled Three and Celes. “Where should we begin with her?”

Five struggled, but it was useless. Seven was always the best at getting what she wanted, and Amanita’s form was backed by the power of the ship’s massive engines. In minutes she was bound the same as One and Two and another strap was stretched across the bay. Sabina squealed, struggling and stammering frantic protests as Seven pulled her back along the strap to the start position. “Not again,” she sobbed. “No, please, please!” As Leece pressed her back against the cargo brace at the beginning she cupped Sabina’s breasts and pressed into a savage kiss with her.

“Just so you know kitten,” she whispered. “If you lose, your little ass is mine for the next few days.” Straightening a little Seven cleared her throat. “And the winner gets freedom for a week to help Mistress Nita and myself in disciplining the others.” One’s moan expressed the same exhaustion Two was feeling, even as Five whimpered softly, tensing for the start.

“If you came you go back to the start.” Amanita warned as she stepped between Five and One’s straps. Seven took a similar position between Sabina and Two. “GO!”

Five leapt out to a very early lead, only to lose her balance and stumble. Two moved well, her needs set aside for the moment by her orgasm minutes earlier. One and Sabina struggled, barely moving to the first knot by the time Two has passed the third one. Five struggled to stand straight as Sabina’s tormented squeals rang out. Slowly she ground over the first knot alongside One with One gaining a slight edge. The toy sphere’s bobbled and danced about like butterflies on amphetamine drawing pained squeals and moans from the captives.

Five pushed along, gasping as one knot after another pressed through her soaked folds, quickly gaining ground on the very tired Two. Matching moaned screams erupted from One and Sabina as both succumbed to the pain and need and came within seconds of each other. Sabina’s mind reeled in the darkness of the blindfold. It was not possible, she was too tired, not again. The orgasm was pure hell, her exhausted, spent body responding eagerly to the torture. One was in slightly better condition, but only just.

Both sobbed, tears slipping free under their blindfolds as they were pulled back to the start again. Five was barely a step behind Two, so close as they approached the midway. But her own needs were rebelling against her mind, fighting her for control with every step. As they both rubbed painfully over the mid-point knot Five exploded, howling out in pleasure, her head arched back as Two struggled on ahead.

Celes’s ears perked as she listened to the screams through the tight hood. Her breasts aching unbearably as she ground against the thick plastic plugs. Three watched through the darkened lenses of her mask, transfixed by what she could see the shadowy figures going through. Maybe, she thought to herself, the suit isn’t so bad after all. Her back ached softly as Celes bucked on the saddle and exploded into orgasm above her. She tried to ignore the gnawing, searing need inside herself as she felt the cute little coon morph coming so hard just inches away.

Five was forced back to the start as Two struggled along step by step. Sabina had again cleared the first and second knots just as One was getting past the fourth. Seven followed close behind Sabina, urging the struggling, gasping, squealing slave on with crop strokes to the backs of both thighs. Five surged out again, gritting her teeth against the rasping caress of the wet rubber strap against her now very sensitive slit. Quickly she regained third place, and then passed One for second.

Two stumbled, slowing, struggling the last few feet as Five again surged closer with a ragged cry of desperation. Sabina had finally reached the midpoint as Seven straddled the strap behind her. Seven kept her feet close together, making sure she didn’t share in her captive’s torment. “You are so far behind Sabina, you have no chance at all now.” Her hands cupped and stroked Sabina’s breasts possessively, the teasing made her nipples hurt all the more.

One struggled forward, now four knots ahead of Sabina, but still hopelessly in third place. Two finally pressed against the far pole, sobbing in relief as she sagged against the hard plastic. Five pressed in a moment behind, sobbing out, both unsure if they had won or not. Without a word Amanita clicked a large metal device to Five and Two’s straps. The device began to hum, then it began to vibrate, sending intense waves of vibration through the length of the strap.

“Looks like Two is the winner! One, Sabina you both have to finish the course, quickly now!” Sabina squealed helplessly, sobbing as Seven licked her left ear. “Faster pet, only a dozen or so knots to go.” She giggled into Sabina’s ear, savoring the ragged, frantic sob that escaped those soft, full red lips. One pushed on, struggling over the last few knots as Amanita circled around behind her.

“Quicker! You don’t want to be Seven’s personal little toy do you One?” She whispered, snapping her riding crop across One’s taut little ass. With a ragged cry One pressed her nose to the cargo brace even as Five screamed out in another orgasm. “And One takes the bronze! Poor Sabina.” Amanita chuckled even as Seven bit down on Sabina’s left ear.

“You are mine.” She growled throatily into Sabina’s ear, forcing her to move faster, rubbing over the last few knots with a mind shattering quickness. Amanita clipped the vibrating devices to One and Sabina’s straps before stepping over to Celes and her faithful steed Three.

“Keep an eye on then Seven, I’m going to check in on the other two.” As a solid light hologram Amanita could weight just as much a little or a lot as she desired. So Three didn’t feel much more strain at all as Amanita settled in behind the saddle. Her gloved hands took a painful grip on Celes’s breasts, giving them a sharp jiggle. “Giddyaup Three!” She giggled, digging her boot heels into Three’s rounded flanks through the thin suit.

Seven pressed against Sabina, sinking down just enough to feel the vibrations of the strap as a pleasant tingle while she ground her hips forward against Sabina’s pert little ass. “All mine, I have such plans for you kitten.” She growled softly. One, Two and Five shuddered through orgasm after orgasm as Seven tormented and whispered dark promises of torment to come into Sabina’s blushing ear.

While Seven enjoyed the beginning of her little game with Sabina, Amanita guided her mount through the ships corridors, using Celes’s breast bondage as reins to guide her along. Three’s soft gasps and exhausted whimpers melted into Celes’s frustrated sobs and squeals of hurt as Amanita pinched her compressed breasts. “Just a few more turns and we are there girls.”

Even as Amanita neared her goal the ship flickered into its next jump, adjusting course slightly between each. As it slowed again for course correction a blip appeared on the bridge scopes for a moment and then disappeared. The radiation fields in this part of space made such anomalies quite common so the ship’s systems disregarded it.

Deep in the hold an eye opened in the darkness of it’s container, blinking once it slowly closed and tried to ignore the soft, muffled sounds of pleasure and pain that had awoken it.

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