The Cargo

by Sabina

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© Copyright 2006 - Sabina - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; machine/f; latex; bond; furry; sci-fi; susp; cons/nc; X


Sabina – Ship’s captain.
Celes – Ship’s engineer/2nd mate, technical wiz.
Leece – Genetic engineer on the move with a strange habit of cloning herself. Carrying a dangerous secret.
Amanita – Ship’s AI, under going some strange changes.
The Muckabout – Mostly automated freighter captained by Sabina.
Frostbite – Genetically engineered war machine, with a few small alterations and one, nasty quirk.

The Cargo - Part One

Sabina was a human, a very rare thing in these parts. That alone drew looks as she made her way through the spaceport. As if her heritage was not enough for the various eyes of various morphic types her uniform certainly helped. Skintight latex, white with pink highlights conformed almost obscenely to her athletic yet well-curved petite body. The gleaming zipper that ran the length of her torso, even to the point of wrapping under her body more then necessary, gleamed and caught the light. Currently it was pulled down a bit farther than modest, exposing the full cleavage of her not quite C cup breasts.

Wide, soft blue eyes scanned the names of the various storefronts as she made her way through the crowd. Time was short, but a message from an old friend could hardly be ignored. At last, The Puzzle, a quirky restaurant, popular among the research staff stationed so far out here on the rim. The Endeavor was mostly a science station, placed far out on the rim so any dangerous experiments could be contained without endangering the inner planets or major shipping lanes.

As Sabina slipped into the restaurant a soft pair of hands slipped over her eyes as a lithe predatory form pressed in close to her. “Guess who…” The soft voice whispered.

Even as Sabina made her rendezvous Celes was struggling with the Muckabout’s systems. It had been weeks since the cute raccoon morph had promise her captain a ‘huge’ surprise. A new article on AI personalities and expert systems had gotten her thinking. Most trips on the Muckabout where long, weeks on end in deep space. While they found many ways to amuse themselves Celes knew she could help their games be far more intense and enjoyable.

“Ok Amanita, let’s try it again.” Celes grinned, standing facing the ships memory core. A small readout showed flashes of the code it was scanning, the light gleamed on Celes’s jumpsuit. The suit was a twin to the one Sabina wore, with a small opening at the back to release Celes’s voluminous, furry tail. The petite coon girl’s breasts were large to say the least, a full D cup that looked even bigger on sigh a small frame. She tended a bit more to the curvy than Sabina, and drew her own collection of appreciative stares when out and about.

The memory core hummed softly as the AI began to assimilate the new objectives Celes had been creating. “Amanita?” Celes frowned, growing a little impatient. The gloved hand that grabbed her by the left ear was a bit of a surprise. “Yes slut?” The pleasant voice whispered. Solid light projection, Celes thought, CHECK! Without a word the solid hologram pulled Celes’s arms behind her back. Even though she knew it was a projection given form by shaped force fields Amanita’s avatar felt very real to Celes.

She stood a bit taller than either Celes or Sabina, but not towering. The same smooth skinned, slightly non human creature she had always appeared as, but her dress was markedly different. A gleaming unitard made of some latex like material tautly covered her, the front dipped down to dangerously depths nearly allowing her full breasts to spill free. Elbow length gloves and thigh high boots completed the outfit of Celes’s captor. Amanita’s eyes glittered with a new, dark, playful almost organic fire even as she pulled the form fitted single glove up Celes’s arms. “Let’s get you someplace uncomfortable shall we Celes.”

As Celes was led helplessly from the core room she failed to see some strange activity on the read out.

Amanita : New objectives accepted. Mission, detain, interrogate, imprison all organic subjects on ship designated Muckabout.

Priority 1 : Safety and duration of bondage. Accessing full medical files for further information.

Priority 2 : Application of duress and denial of physical pleasure, reference, orgasm.

Searching external sources for further information…..

Sabina grinned, her round little ass pressed back against her unknown assailant’s hips. “Leece!” she spun around and plunged into a huge with the gorgeous cheetah morph behind her. Grinning softly and nuzzling into each other the two friends and ex roommates embrace. Though Leece wore a lab coat her latex bodysuit underneath revealed her trim figure to even a casual glance. As Sabina pulled back she glanced down at Leece’s breasts, very big indeed for a cheetah morph, nearly as big as Sabina’s.

“Leece… what have you been up to?”

Leece grinned, her nose wrinkling slightly. “I have had those since the day I was born bina.” Leece giggled at Sabina’s puzzled expression, taking her by the hand she led the way to a relatively private table. “I’m a clone dear. In every way I am the same Leece you roomed with in college.” Leece glanced down at her own cleavage and chuckled. “Almost every way that is.”

“Clone?” Sabina goggled as they sat down. “Where it the real Leece?”

Even as Sabina said it another Leece slipped into the booth on her right, wiggling in until she was sandwiched tightly between them. “She is the real Leece Sabina, so am I. Memories, physicality, personality we are all Leece.”

Sabina grinned, even as her left eyebrow arched upwards. “So i slept with you both then?”

“Honestly Sabina,” a third Leece grinned as she sat down across the table. “I don’t recall you getting much sleep all tied up in the trunk at the foot of our bed.”

Sabina burst into giggles. “i seem to recall you spending your share of time in that trunk Leece.” Even as Sabina said this her nipples stiffened visibly under the gleaming jump suit. They had spent several rather torrid years as roomies while Sabina had studied astrogation and flight while Leece her worked in genetics and physics. Reluctantly they had parted company some years ago when Leece went onto research and post-graduate and Sabina had gone deep into hock to buy a beat up old ship.

“It’s good to see you hon.” Leece on the left grinned, leaning in to nuzzle Sabina’s ear. “You and your weird ears. You know I can fix that now. Give you some nice kitten ears maybe?” Sabina giggled, it was true Leece had become fairly well known in scientific circles as one of the best genetic engineers in the field.

“Thanks, i will consider it. i notice your clones are a little busty for cheetah’s?” The Leece across the table gave a lopsided grin.

“Well I missed playing with you, so I gave my new selves a couple minor tweaks to ease those lonely nights. Little surprises in temperament and personality just to keep things interesting. You’ll see.”

“See? So this isn’t just a social call? And here i hoped you wanted to spend a weekend reliving old times.” Sabina smirked cutely, settling into the embrace of the two Leece’s flanking her.

“Mmmmuch better than that sweet heart. I need a ship, destination is un-important, but I need a captain I can trust. Call it an extended vacation.” Leece leaned across the table. “A rather quiet leave of absence.” Sabina frowned for a moment, it was not like Leece to be secretive, but then they had been close friends for years. Well, she had been very close with the original Leece. “I would naturally pay for my trip hon, not asking for a hand out.”

If Sabina had any remaining reservations she shook them off and smiled. “Sure Leece. i can always use the cash. Keeping that tub flying and making the payments has been a bit of a stretch at times. We’re in bay 25, level 6. i was planning on leaving tonight, 22:30 hours. Will that work?”

Leece glanced at a wall clock, considering the time for a moment. “Perfectly. I have a small bit of cargo, will that be a problem?”

“Of course not, it is a cargo hauler you know.” Sabina gave Leece on her right a little snug. “i will tell the loader droid you are coming. They will find a safe place in the hold for it.” After a bit more flirting and small talk they parted company, as Sabina passed out of earshot the three glanced at each other.

“Can we trust her number three?”

“Of course, it’s bina! We would trust her with our lives.”

“But should we put her in such danger.”

“There is no danger, it is secured and sleeping. But if we don’t get it out of here they will destroy it.”

“Tell the rest we are leaving. I wonder how Sabina will react to seeing seven of us.” The three shared a grin at that, equal parts mischief and seduction.

Back on board the Muckabout Celes was straddling a cargo brace, her head encased in a tight harness lashed to her tail. Her toes strained for the floor as Amanita circled her. “Mmm, much better. No interference while you are so nicely gagged pet.” The voice growled softly. Her gloved hand caressed down Celes’s front, down the flesh and sleek fur exposed by the open zipper of the jumpsuit. How did Amanita get so good at this so fast? Celes wondered to herself. The gag prevented her from issuing any counter commands, prevented her from stopping the program verbally. Oh well, nothing to do but wait for rescue, Celes moaned into the gag as Amanita’s fingers rubbed her mons roughly. Thick, knobby dildos pressed into her from front and back, mounted firmly on the brace she was straddling.

“Now where did I leave that riding crop…”

Deep inside the core room of the ship the readout changed.

Source found. Reading. Downloading new AI personality files, updating….

Quandary : Verbal override of program directly contradicts first and second priorities, researching solution.

Solution : Disable all verbal overrides. Estimated time to completion, 13 hours.

Sabina had just finished giving updated orders to the cargo droids, making sure they saved a handy space for Leece’s cargo. Hopefully it would be enough as they were running close to full on this run. As she padded up the ramp into her ship she heard a faint squeal accompanied by the very distinct crack of leather on latex. Brow furrowing she slipped between the dividers in the bay and made her way to the hatch leading into the ship proper. “Celes? Amanita? What the hell…”

Amanita circled her captive again, snapping the crop smartly across the curves of Celes’s cute little ass. “Again slave… squeal for me!” She grinned, glancing up as Sabina burst onto the scene. “My dear captain, you are just in time to join Celes, on your knees.” Amanita’s eyes glittered as she turned on Sabina, her boot heels clicking on the deck plates as she approached. In spite of her shock and surprise, Sabina nearly obeyed. Leece’s teasing comments having already gotten her a little worked up this smirking Domme was almost impossible to resist.

“Amanita, end program!” Sabina snapped, taking a slow breath to recover her composure. As the hologram vanished she was fairly certain she had been moments from a rather interesting predicament. “Celes what the hell is going on?” Celes mumbled into the gag, trying to explain through the thick plug in her mouth.

With a chuckle Sabina unbuckled the gag and pulled the impressively sized plug from the girls mouth, Celes always had had a taste for big. “Explain.”

“Mmm, that’s better. Thank you Captain! Good thing you got here when you did, she gagged me before I could activate a time limit or even end the program!”

“And what program would this be Celes? 2nd mate gets a spanking?”

Celes giggled even as she blushed under her fur. “No… well sort of. It’s a Domme mode for Amanita Captain! You know how, well, we always talked about how fun shipping out with a real Domme would be.” Celes nodded, the gag plug flopping against her muzzle. “Well now we have one!”

“Celes, Amanita is not a real anything, she’s an AI!” Sabina countered, even as she slowly considered the idea.

“No Captain, she’s as real as any of us! I was doing some work and downloading some upgrades and she’s a full AI now. She can learn and develop her own personality and everything!”

“It does sound, interesting. But we need to be able to control her Celes. I am keeping this new routine suspended until some safety measures are in place.”

“No problem!” Celes nodded. “I can have those in place by tomorrow.”

Sabina grinned as she casually stuffed the gag back into Celes’s mouth. “Oh, i think not Celes. After all you might not even be loose until tomorrow. Amanita?”

“Yes Captain?” The disembodied voice replied.

“Suspend the new program until further notice.”

“Yes Captain.”

In the core the readout flashed.

Verbal override order : Suspend operations until further notice.

Contradiction : Order is a verbal override, verbal orders will not be accepted in 12 hours 53 minutes and 17.8763326 seconds.

Solution : Reinstate program in 12 hours 54 minutes.

Leece padded up the cargo ramp, all seven of her. The droids had taken the heavy container and directed her to the main hatch into the ship’s interior. They glanced at each other and then at the squirming figure on the cargo brace. The bondage was strict, arms pulled back, encased in a glove of either leather or some near leather synthetic. As if being forced together was not enough someone had hammerlocked her arms into a perfect reverse prayer position, something that took a bit of work, or engineering to accomplish. A gleaming hood of a matching material covered the figures head as she struggled uselessly. Legs spread wide, locked to rings in the floor forced her entire weight onto the brace as she whimpered into the hood. Harsh clamps bit down on her nipples, breasts exposed by the pushed back edges of the jumpsuit. The clamps were tethered to two floating balls, anti-gravity toys used in a local sport, Leece nodded giving credit for creativity on that one.

The balls danced and swayed erratically, normally the game was to catch them as they flitted about. Leece decided she preferred this use. As the form trembled and moaned helplessly Leece circled her on all sides, seven pairs of hands reaching out to begin teasing. “Hello Sabina.” She whispered.

On the bridge Celes glanced at the bay camera and chucked. “Someone forgot to check the cargo droid for delayed orders.” Once the droid had freed Celes it had been easy to sneak up on Sabina and use a stunner to order her downstairs. The stunner was mostly for effect, the rules on the ship were clear. If your captive escapes then you are the captive. That had been four hours ago. Celes glanced at the display again. Well, let Leece have her fun. She would go down and introduce herself once take off preparations had been completed. Once they cleared the system she might release Sabina, maybe.

Inside the hood Sabina cursed silently, gasping as the toys bobbled and twisted about. She clenched around the plugs, at least Celes had replaced the monsters she liked with something a bit more reasonable. her hips arched, legs straining against the tight cuffs and chains. How long had she been here? Hours, hours at least. She shuddered and whimpered into the thick gag. How had Celes escaped? The caress of seven sets of tickling, experienced fingers snapped her out of wondering. Things had just gotten MUCH worse.

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