The Captive 2: Captivated

by R G Bargy

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© Copyright 2008 - R G Bargy - Used by permission

Storycodes: MM+F/f; kidnap; bond; bdsm; force; oral; enema; cage; toys; reluct/nc; X

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Part 2: Captivated

If David had thought that he had heard the last of Anne's captive fantasies then he was wrong. To say that she was dissatisfied would be a little unfair but despite the frightening finale Anne wanted more. It had been over too quickly. She wanted to explore the feelings of bondage and helplessness. She had enjoyed the sex but wanted more frustration. She was even curious about her pain threshold. And she wanted to be frightened again. Despite her subsequent embarrassment the emotions had been incredible, but she doubted that David could fool her again. In her heart she knew he could not harm her.

After months of preparation the scene was set. David had been working in the garage to prepare it for her. There would be no outside agencies this time. David was the kidnapper but she had allowed him to include some of his "mates" as part of the gang. It had surprised her when David had requested it. She had met some of his friends and they seemed nice enough. Maybe she did not know them as well as she thought? Or had David a few secrets of his own?

Her "capture" was still a surprise. She was drying the dishes when suddenly a hand was over her mouth and her arm cruelly twisted behind her. The dish crashed noisily to the floor and shattered..

"Fight and I will hurt you."

The voice was muffled and unrecognisable. Despite his warning she tried to resist but the grip on her arm made her squeal. A piece of cloth was forced into her open mouth and something locked onto her wrist. She did not know whether to try and spit out the cloth or concentrate on using her free arm to strike out. In the event it was academic as her other arm was grabbed and forced back behind her and locked in place. With her hands out of commission she was unable to fend him off. Something was pulled over her mouth holding the cloth in place. The speed and efficiency caught her off guard and her heart started racing. Was this real or was it the fantasy? She was forcibly encouraged out of the kitchen and across the small porch to the garage.

Her eyes blinked at the brightness of the lights. She stumbled forwards almost losing her balance. She was aware of there being more people around her. One must be David but there were more here than expected. Was that a woman? She looked around wild eyed at the circle of balaclava faces and her knees turned to jelly. She gasped for breath her mouth full of cloth. Her heart was beating hard and fast. Fear welled up inside her and no foreknowledge could convince her that this was not real. She searched desperately for a familiar face but they were too well disguised.

"I think she has too many clothes on."

The voice was female. Who was she?

"Be my guest."

That voice, muffled though it was, she recognised. It did little to calm her down. She was restrained and gagged and vulnerable. They circled around her. She had nowhere to run.

"Hold her please, I would hate to damage her for you." the woman continued, her voice flat and emotionless.

Somebody grabbed her arms from behind, holding with a grip like iron. Anne watched disbelievingly as the woman approached brandishing a wicked looking knife.

Anne needed no encouragement to stay still as the woman systematically shredded her clothes. The knife was sharp but it never touched her skin. Having finished the woman sheathed the knife and almost casually took a nipple in each hand and twisted them. Anne shrieked but the gag absorbed most of the noise.

"She's all yours, who is going first?"

She yelped again as her feet were swept from under her the man behind taking most of her weight. She was soon on her back with her legs spread and her vagina was being pounded by a half naked man. It was hard, it was emotionless. It was rape.

By the time the fourth man had entered her Anne was weak and sore. She had no fight left in her. She recognised the grunts of the final assault. David had waited until last. Did he enjoy seeing her abused? What had she created?

She was encouraged to walk over to a bed. Hands attached a collar to her and then released both the gag and the handcuffs before withdrawing. She was left alone, shivering uncontrollably.

Her reactions surprised her. Yes, she had been abused, but then again, wasn't that the whole idea? Her fantasies had included rape, yet the reality had shaken her to the core. It was so brutal. The bondage had been simple yet effective. Her screams had been muffled. David could not have known that she was really scared, besides, had she not told him to try and scare her?  How could he know that this time she had not enjoyed those sensations?

She rocked herself back and forth. Trying to convince herself that it was only sex. It was only fantasy.  It was her fantasy, but reality does not always live up to expectations.

Eventually she calmed down. The adventure had started. They had spent so long, and not a little money on this project.  It was time to see what David had been up to.

The most noticeable addition, apart from the bed she was sitting on, was the pole to which her collar was attached. It stood in the middle of the garage and went floor to ceiling. Anne tested the limits of the chain. It prevented her from reaching the door main door at one end and the house access at the other. She found various metal rings set into the walls and floor, which need no explanation. There were cameras in each corner so she could be watched at all times and speakers, which she doubted was for music. The bed was a metal constructed single. She noted four chains and cuffs at each corner. The was a metal chair bolted to the floor but no table. There a bucket for her personal needs. There was also a rather ominous looking wooden "horse" with a padded top about waist high. In far corner, and out of her reach was a cage, probably designed for a large dog. She would not be able to stand up or lay straight  if put inside it.

"Everything a jail needs," she murmured to herself.

She squatted over the bucket and successfully emptied her bladder. Almost as if this was a signal a voice boomed out of the speakers.

"Attention prisoner."

Anne stopped, she could not decide where to look. The words came from all around her.

"You will obey all commands or risk punishment. You will not speak unless spoken to unless you are in desperate need. Your safety word is Red. If you are unable to speak then a vigorous shaking of your head will have the same effect. Do you understand? Please nod your agreement."

Anne nodded.

"Good. Now go back to the bed and attach your ankles to the cuffs at the bottom. By the time you have done this you should be able to work out how to secure your wrists also."

The voice stopped. Anne saw no reason not to comply and set about securing herself. This was a new twist. She had never indulged in self bondage. The cuffs had a simple snap together clasp. Having secure her ankles she snapped one on her left wrist and with a little pressure against the mattress was able to close the last one. She was now spread-eagled on her back, naked and vulnerable. She shivered involuntarily. She could still see the small door and watched it intently to see who would come in. It was opened with purpose.

The vision that greeted her was not what she expected. It was the woman. She wore a sort of mask to hide her facial features. Her blond hair was in a ponytail. Anne did not know her. She wore a dressing gown loosely done up. It seemed probable that she was actually naked underneath.

"The boys have had their fun, it's time for me to have mine" she announced.

Anne squirmed a little uncomfortably. The idea of lesbian sex had never even crossed her mind. She could also not see how she could give pleasure with her limbs spread wide.

The woman disrobed. She was not actually naked but the leather harness only accentuated her body. The belt looked snug at the waist and her breasts were squeezed and accentuated. Straps ran round the tops of her thighs but her vagina was not blocked. This was some kinky woman. Anne's mouth suddenly seemed very dry.

"Have you ever been with a woman?"

Anne hesitated.

"You may answer, " the woman encouraged.

"No," Anne croaked.

"Then you are in for a treat. First I will drive you wild and then you will pleasure me."

It was a statement. Anne saw no need to respond

"But first let's get rid of that collar.  The chain will get in the way."

Anne was uncertain what to expect. Her first experience of this Amazon had been both humiliating and painful. Her nipples seemed awfully exposed and she could not fend off any sort of attack with her limbs spread wide.

As it turned out the woman was true to her word. Anne was driven wild, but not with pain. Her quivering body was caressed, licked and sucked into submission. The woman was older than Ann and knew exactly where to touch and how to touch. She played Anne like some sort of musical instrument causing moans and gasps and making her pull futilely at the chains that held her. When the woman knelt between Anne's legs and started to lick around and then into her pussy Anne went crazy. The release when it finally came was the biggest she had ever known It felt like her insides were trying to escape by any means possible. Anne could not stop the cry that left her lips and to her dismay the woman did not stop. A second wave engulfed her and her body shook from head to toe.

"Excellent," the woman purred, "now hold still, I am going to release you from the bed but you are not to try and move until I tell you."

Anne lay meekly, panting from the exertions.

"Now turn over and put your wrists behind you."

The woman was a rope expert. Anne felt the ropes wound and cinched and knew that she could not free herself. For good measure a rope was taken around her waist and her hands secured to it.

"Now you are going to pleasure me," the woman told her.

Without the use of her hands it was clear that all the work would have to be done orally. Anne struggled to her knees, adjusting to the restriction. The woman lay on her tummy. Anne was a little perplexed.

"Start on my back." she was instructed.

Anne did her best. She even risked licking the top of the woman's anus and got a shiver as a reward. The woman turned over and Anne forced herself not to rush straight to the nipples starting at the woman's feet and slowly working her way up and around the groin. It was hard work but the woman seemed more than content. Eventually she felt strong hands encouraging her to delve between the legs. It was moist but  not unpleasant and Anne set about her task with gusto. The woman bucked and screamed but the hands held her head in place. Eventually the woman called a halt.

"Excellent," she repeated, "we are going to have some fun, I can see."

She took her time getting up off the bed. Anne sat on her haunches watching her.

"My instructions were to leave your hands tied and to replace the collar," the woman informed her. There seemed a tinge of sympathy in her voice. Nevertheless she replaced the collar before donning the gown and leaving. Anne was left to contemplate the recent events and to wonder what else was in store. Her stomach told her that maybe some food would be nice.

The previous captivity had been short she had been fed once like a baby. Anne knew that his one was to be much longer but realised that they had not discussed it before hand. Mundane things such as eating and sleeping had never crossed her mind. She could not ask for food, she would just have to wait and see. Her tummy grumbled at her but she was not in a position to satisfy it. She waited.

She waited.

She got off the bed to stretch her legs. Thought about the bucket but decided there was nothing to release, paced around a bit and then perched again. No one came. She was getting very hungry.

Eventually the door opened and the smell of food reached her nostrils. She watched a tray being casually placed on the floor and waited for her hands to be released, but the person turned round and left.

Anne was flabbergasted. She pulled rather futilely against the ropes around her wrists. She had not been trying to escape. Should she have been? She was desperate for food but the idea of eating like a dog appalled her.

She agonised but could see no alternative.

"Eat or it will be removed" boomed from the speakers.

She had no choice. She was too hungry.

It was not physically difficult to get to her knees but she was already  psychologically wounded and this new twist only increased her emotional turmoil. She was not enjoying her captivity. Perhaps she should call a halt?

The stew was actually very nice, but it got all over her chin and cheeks and she could not lick it all off. The drink had a straw in it, that at least seemed more civilised. It was some sort of fruit smoothie.

Anne looked around for some way to wipe her face. The only possibility was the bed but she rejected it. If they wanted her to look attractive they would have to clean her up. She was developing a new mind set. This was going to be a test of her will and she was going to overcome it.

"Prisoner stand by the pole."

Anne jumped. She had no way to anticipate the blaring of the speakers. She moved almost in a trace and stood as requested.

"Now what?" she said to herself, yet she  knew that she was glad to have something else to think about. She stood resolutely facing the door her back to the pole.

David entered. She knew it was him despite the army fatigues and balaclava. She guessed that his friends had gone home but had no idea exactly what time it was. She showed no sign of recognition and tried desperately to look the part of the frightened prisoner. There was a little bit of truth in it anyway.

David was carrying some sort of wooden pole and a holdall. He went behind her without acknowledgement or even a glance. She felt the chain of her collar pulled tight to the pole. She was already helpless to stop whatever he had in mind.

It took a while. An extra rope around her waist pulled her hips to the pole. He spent some time winding ropes around her chest over and under her breasts and then cinching them under her arms then cinching her breasts. She did not attempt to look at him or what he was doing. Where had he learned to tie like this? The pole was used to hold her legs about two feet apart. She had thought she would be bolt upright? A ball gag was encouraged into her mouth. Was that for her or for him? Gagging was something they had discussed. She had said that it made her feel more vulnerable.

He checked she was secure. There was no need. She could not move. As he started to encourage her nipple to swell she guessed what was going to happen. The pain was as severe as she remembered but she tried not to flinch or gasp. Both nipples were suitably grasped. He knelt in front of her fiddling with something. Her vagina was invaded with what must  be either a dildo or a vibrator. She was not sure which would be better. She was still sore from the earlier assault and not in the least bit aroused. He pushed it hard then somehow secure it. She could not see past her bunched breasts even if she wanted to. All she knew was that the invader was pushing into her. He stood up and went behind her. She whelped as he slapped her buttocks making them sting. He gave her several smacks before walking resolutely past her. He did not look round. She was left to suffer in silence.

The invader was silent and motionless. She was not sure if she wanted it to vibrate or not. Her tummy was full from her recent feeding and she was still conscious of having orgasmed earlier but it irritated. The pain in her nipples had subsided as she knew it would. She squirmed despite her knowledge that there could be no escape. Her wrists were wedged against the pole and her back giving no movement even if there was any slack in the ropes that held them.  Her collar kept her tight to the pole and her legs were securely held. She had wanted to test her endurance. David had given her the opportunity to do just that.

Anne stood stoically. She was uncomfortable and not in the least bit aroused. Several times David appeared and warmed her bottom up. The first time he had also produced a flannel and wiped her face, but there was no love in his actions.

She actually welcomed the interruptions. She could not tell how long she stood for. She lost count of how many times David appeared. On one occasion the nipple clamps were removed but there was no attempt to rub them or even touch them further. The intense burning stirred something inside her but it was not encouraged. The clamps had done their job. She still could feel their not so gentle caress long after they had gone.

And so time passed. She was getting stiff. Her feet ached. She wanted to rest. She even needed to pee. Was David waiting for her to give in? If so he would have to wait much longer than this.

The urge to pee grew stronger. It was not something she had considered. Her legs were open, she could not cross them. The intrusion inside would not block her passage, no matter how big it was. Slowly the pain in her groin grew. David appeared in time to see a flow of liquid leave her. He stopped in his tracks.

Anne was in turmoil. Everything was going wrong. She was not in a position to rectify things but it now looked as if David's resolve would waiver. Over the past few months they had talked, even argued over this "fantasy". She had thought he had hardened himself to it, maybe even getting pleasure from it? It was now up to him to either take this incident in his stride or stop it here and now. She could not be sure what he would do. She was not even sure what she wanted him to do.

He stood, his posture unsteady. As she watched he seemed to pull himself together. He approached with purpose.

"Could you not wait?" he hissed. "look what you've done."

Anne could not see. She could not even feel any liquid just the relief of pressure from her groin. She mewed an apology but knew he could not understand.

"You will have to clean this place up, but first you will have to be punished."

He went behind her and landed a torrent of smacks onto her already beleaguered bottom. It hurt but by now Anne did not care. The decision had been made. The kidnap would continue. He left in a bit of a hurry. he returned shortly brandishing a mop and bucket. He methodically undid the ties around her body. The knots securing her wrists must have tightened from her exertions but eventually he got them loose. Only her collar prevented her from moving. She rubbed her wrists automatically.

"When I get back I want all this mess cleaned up," he told her, releasing the link that held the collar to the pole.

The chain was of course still in place. Anne looked at the puddle and the dildo on a stick that had been inside her. It was not a vibrator. David had been quite creative she thought. She shrugged. It would not take long to clean up but the concrete might take a while to dry. She was bit wobbly on her legs but the mop served as a useful support until she regained her strength. Apart from the incongruity of doing it naked it almost felt like normality.

"Place the bucket and things near the door and then sit on the bed"

The voice, obviously now David, made her jump.

She complied, of course.

David returned leaving a glass of milk on a tray and removing the other items. She let him leave before fetching the glass.

"Must be bedtime," she murmured to herself.

"Lights out in two minutes, " David announced.

Anne had no means to gauge the time exactly and wasted no time finishing her drink and returning to the bed. There were no covers but it was not cold this time of year.

The darkness seemed almost impenetrable. There were no windows or glass of any kind and no light seeped from the back door. It was a little bit scary but Anne felt in no real danger. She realised that she was actually very tired. Sleep came surprisingly easily.

She awoke in darkness. She was momentarily disorientated. Everything came flooding back to her consciousness: the abduction from her own kitchen, the gang rape, the lesbian encounter and the accident at the pole. What would this day hold for her? Perhaps it was still the middle of the night? She felt rested and alert. Her body clock was telling her to wake up. Her eyes strained to penetrate the blackness but failed. All she could do was wait. She decided to keep her eyes closed in case the lights came on and blinded her.

It was actually quite relaxing. She remembered her fantasies. They still felt good. The reality had been different but she had no regrets. She waited with anticipation for the next challenge.

The lights came on. There was the telltale buzz of igniting fluorescent tubes and a brightness beyond her eyelids. She was ravenous. She hoped that the breakfast would be more civilised than her "doggy" dinner.

The tray appeared. A full English with fruit juice. As far as Anne knew David was no cook. She had half expected a Mcdonalds'. She used the chair as a table and squatted to eat. It was good.

"You have ten minutes before your morning session."

As usual the speaker made her jump. There was no way to anticipate it. It was strange turn of phrase though probably accurate. Anne attempted to use the bucket. Her bladder complied but her bowels were still unconvinced. She shrugged. She had been not long before she was taken the day before so it was not that unusual. There was no way to prepare for the unknown so she perched on the bed with her hands loosely in her lap.

Two people entered. One was David the other was the woman. Uncomfortable thoughts entered Anne's mind. Surely David was not having sexual relationships outside the scenario? They had not discussed it. She was being fucked by all and sundry, but superficially against her will. Did it matter if David was getting "a bit on the side"? Anne could not decide. There may, of course, be nothing going on at all, but how was she to know? Had she been the one teaching him rope work?

They did not approach her directly but went over to the cage and started to open it up. There was a hinged lid, as well as a small door, then the four sides folded out flat. She knew that the collar would not let her get that far so she just sat and watched.

The woman approached carrying the ominous holdall.

"Stand facing the bed with your hands behind your head."

Anne complied. She felt a bit like a naughty school girl.

With her hands out of the way her breasts were treated to a thorough binding with several turns around each breast squeezing them hard. Her wrist were crossed and bound behind her head. She thought she recognised the next procedure: a rope doubled and looped around her waist the pulled between her legs but this time it was tensioned to her wrists. The rope was pulled very hard forcing her arms far over her head and pulling inside her pussy. Anne gasped.

The collar was now removed allowing her to walk gingerly to the now dismantled cage. She felt like she was being cut in two. Once on the cage floor she was helped down into a sitting position. The woman busied herself tying Anne's ankles and knees tightly to each other. Her knees were encouraged to bend and a rope taken from them to the middle of the breast tie. She was now in a forced sitting position slightly bent over trying to take the pressure off her tortured breasts. The woman produced another length of rope. Anne was bemused. What more could she do?

Starting at her ankles the rope was taken around her arms under each elbow and the back to her ankles. As Anne adjusted to this new restriction they started to reassemble the cage around her. She could just about see the clips that held each side then the lid came down. There were lugs in the top that engaged and held the sides together. She was just able to see a padlock put in place to secure it.

"Listen carefully, this is an old cage discarded by it's previous owner. The reason being there are a number of breakages in the mesh which have very sharp edges. If you brush against them you could be scratched or seriously injured. Do you understand?"

Anne found any movement difficult so answered,

"Yes, I understand."

"Do not try and roll over."

She heard two sets of footsteps retreating but could not turn her head enough to follow them with her eyes.

She tested her bonds. Any movement she made produced pressure on either her breasts or the rope between her legs. Already she was conscious of the pressure on her buttocks from the sitting position but any attempt to relieve it was met with resistance from the ropes and pain in her vagina or tits. It suddenly felt very warm in her confinement.

By the time they returned to release her she was sweating profusely. She gritted her teeth against the constant attacks on her bottom, breasts or vagina. She became aware of their presence. The were talking almost casually.

"Aren't you worried about forgetting the code. You had to wire shut the door so there's no other way in."

"I was able to set the number myself so I used one that means something to us. We do that with all our pin numbers and things. I just have to remember which one I chose. That's got it. Better hurry up she looks under a lot of strain. Where the hell did you get the idea from?"

"I saw something similar on the Internet and improved upon it."

"I'm glad your on my side"

"Oh your all right. I'm submissive with men, I thought you realised that."

"Does that mean you enjoy bondage yourself?"

"Never tried it. I never found a man I trusted, Hubby didn't need to: he just beat the shit out of me. That's why I eventually left him."

The conversation carried on over her they released her from her bondage. It was almost surreal. As if she was no longer a person.

"Perhaps you would like go in here when this is over?" David continued.

The woman did not answer straight away. She was undoing Anne's hands and just casually pulled her arms out and down retying them behind her. She had no strength to stop her nor the will to resist.

"I will have to think about it," the woman eventually answered.

Anne was encouraged to her feet and almost frog marched to the middle of the room. The collar was replaced and they left her standing shakily. She leant against the pole and felt tears coming to her eyes. She was no sure why but could not even wipe them with her hands behind her back.

Her strength and composure returned to her eventually. A glass of water and a straw was casually left for her and she drank gratefully. Her mind was still in a whirl. Who was this woman. How come she did not know her? Was David interested in her? The fact that she was probably old enough to be his mother did not seem to matter.

"Prisoner stand by the pole facing it and do not move."

She obeyed mechanically glad to have something else to think about. Someone came up behind her. Undid her wrists and pulled them over her head. She was forced to stretch upwards onto her toes. The movement was welcome after her cramped position earlier but she wondered what was about to happen to her.


She was left dangling. She looked up and realised that there was a short bar inserted through the pole which she had not noticed. She was literally hanging from it by her wrists. The minimal aspect of this bondage ate into her already fragile psyche. She was being manipulated and tortured with almost casual disdain. Her arms began to ache and she shifted uncomfortably from foot to foot. She heard someone approach and strained to look for them.

"Eyes Front!"

The order was barked across the speakers. Anne reacted immediately her heart beating as if she had been attacked or hit. A blindfold was placed over her ensuring complicity.

She no longer had time to brood or sulk. Her body bucked and squirmed as fingers danced over it lightly. She was laughing but it was not from pleasure.

She never saw her attacker. She was tickled mercilessly for what seemed like an age. She was left hanging and exhausted, the blindfold still in place. She could not tell if it was the same person or someone else who eventually released her. Once again her hands were retied behind her back. She was not going to allowed any freedom.

"Do not turn round until you hear the door closed" was the command from the speakers as the blindfold was removed. She sought the comparative sanctuary of the bed as soon as possible and curled up as best she could.

Her next meal had to be eaten without the use of her hands. She had almost resigned herself to the probability. It had been cut into small pieces as you would with a child. The irony was not lost on her. She was being dehumanised.

The afternoon brought the moment she had been dreading. It was totally irrational but the chair brought up visions of two films that she had sat through while David was transfixed. They were not her type of film, brutal. sick even. She sat, her wrists and ankles secured and a gag in her mouth. All it needed was for someone to walk in wearing a thick leather and rubber bodysuit and she would have shit herself. As it was, when she realised it was not David approaching she almost lost her composure.

He was wearing fatigues and a balaclava but when he proceeded to blindfold her she mewed in distress.

But he was not into slicing and dicing, he was into splodging.  The first squirt made her tense like a drum It took her a few minutes to work out what he was doing. something was on her skin but she was not sure what. It was only when she felt him start to lick it off she understood. When realisation struck home she relaxed. It was not something she had ever considered but it was harmless and she even began to enjoy the attention and the unusual sensations. She even felt herself getting a little warm between the legs. Her libido was quashed by a bucket of very cold water that made her gasp for air through the gag. She was not left to shiver but rubbed over vigorously

Once dried her hair was combed through. She guessed it must be the woman.

Her blindfold was kept in place to keep her disorientated while she was freed from the chair, allowed to stand and then her hands bound behind her as usual.

There was some time before her next meal. She rested as best she could on the bed. She might even have drifted off to sleep, she was not sure.

She ate on her knees. It was getting easier each time. She was long past worrying about her dignity.

She tried to use the bucket again. Squatting with her hands behind her was not too difficult. Again her bowels refused to move. She would have had difficulty cleaning herself anyway.

The door opened and the whole group walked in. Except there was no woman.

"Time for you to earn your keep." said one of them. She did not recognise the voice. He casually opened his fly and released his member. It started to swell in anticipation.

Since her last captivity Anne had developed her oral skills. David enjoyed it and she had learned to overcome the gagging reflex.

She serviced them all. It was almost mechanical. She vaguely wondered if they got any actual pleasure from it either. There was a certain amount of banter and comments about trigger happy when one of them came almost immediately. His embarrassment was clear even if he was wearing a balaclava.  She did recognise her husband's cock but she consciously made no sign or changed her behaviour for him. They left as abruptly as they came. She was still kneeling. The taste of salt was overwhelming. She could kill for a long drink.
She anticipated the arrival of the woman. Glass in hand she fed Anne the water she craved and stroked her hair gently.

"Go lie down," she said gently.

Anne had expected some sort of sexual activity but none came. She was actually disappointed.

Her hands were released for the drink and bed.

Day two.

It started much the same as the day before. The breakfast was good and she was allowed to eat normally. She was again locked into the cage but this time the bondage was less stringent. Her legs were forced to bend by ropes holding the ankle to her thigh. Her hands were held to her waist individually either side. Her elbows were pulled back to ensure tension and she was gagged.

With some movement still available she was able to look at the cage more closely. It was indeed a little worn with several hasty repairs. There were a number of wires sticking out that could indeed hurt her. More curious though were the clips that held it together at the corners. One in particular looked almost like a razor blade. Why had David not sorted it out? He had spent many hours setting this up, it did not make any sense.

Eventually the strain of kneeling began to dominate her thoughts more than her surroundings. She was again relieved when they came to release her.

Lunch passed uneventfully. She emptied her bladder but once again did not pass any solids. David had asked her about this first time round and she had been a bit evasive. He had said that one of his friend's wife was a nurse. He had also suggested that an enema might prove interesting. Anne had been a little unsure.

"Prisoner stand at the foot of the wooden horse."

She allowed David to tie her down, with her chest along the top and her legs apart strapped to the horse. Her hands were still held behind her back. A ball gag ensured that there would be complaints. Her bottom was very exposed.

"I must say I did not believe what you had been telling me." The voice was female and almost pompous. "You say she is doing this voluntarily?" The incredulity was obvious just from the tone of voice. Anne did not hear an actual reply "Is the gag really necessary?"

"She likes it," David exaggerated.

"Does she know what is going to happen to her?"

"She can probably guess. We have discussed it." David was still being a little liberal with the truth. The discussion had not got past the suggestion stage. Anne had not agreed, or disagreed for that matter. She did have a pretty good idea of what was coming, but had no idea what it would actually entail.

"Two days is not unusual between bowel movements. There is no need for this. Let me just feel her abdomen. It's a bit difficult with her bent over like this. "

Anne jumped involuntarily as gloved hands poked her groin area. She could not complain.

"Maybe a little hard, but it could be just the way she is lying." There was a short pause,  "You could always have used a suppository? No? well it can't do any harm. so let's get on with it."

There was some movement that Anne could not fully identify then the unmistakable feeling of her bottom being invaded. She tensed automatically.

"Try and relax dear do not fight the liquid."

It was all very well for her. Anne had never felt anything like this in her life. She squirmed and mewed ineffectively. She desperately wanted to expel the tube but had no muscles to do it with. If there had been pressure on her groin before it was greater now.

"You can put something in to plug it for now but she must be allowed to expel it after twenty minutes or so."

"You can keep an eye on her inside from the video cameras".

Anne was left alone. She felt full. She felt very uncomfortable, but she had to endure it. Eventually they returned. It seemed like an age before her legs were released and she was allowed to her feet. She was very unsteady.

"Hold it for just a few moments longer," she was told, "now squat and...."

Anne needed no further bidding. It was like a chronic case of diarrhoea. The relief was incredible. It seemed to go on for ever. She had no idea whether she expelled anything other than liquid. Her bottom was wiped thoroughly.

She was just about aware of a nurses uniform near her. She assumed it was genuine.

"Excellent. That should feel much better. What are you going to do with her now? She could probably do with a good wash."

"How about we take her outside and hose her down, that might be fun."

"Won't somebody see?"

"No, the garden is not overlooked.

Anne was encouraged through the back door, her hands still tightly bound behind her and the gag still in place. She could not resist them. She stood wide eyed as they brought out the hose and tried to run away. There was no where to run but she might be able to get out of the reach of the water stream. She cowered in the corner of the garden pulling futilely at the ropes that held her wrists. She was no escapologist. She could not free herself

"We will have to tie her legs to stop her running away. Grab her will you?" The voice was distant and calm. "We only need hobble her so she can still stand up. If we ram a tent peg onto the hobble she won't be able to move."

She watched almost in a dream as two of them approached her. There was no way to stop them dragging her into the middle of the lawn. One of them held her and the other busied themselves between her ankles.  Her legs were about a foot apart with the rope between caught on a metal tent peg. She was now unable to avoid the dousing down that had been prescribed. Her two assailants withdrew. Her legs were shaking. She was drooling from the gag. She watched in almost slow motion as the water left the nozzle and hit her square on the chest. She gasped. It took the wind out of her and the gag had already made breathing difficult. It was like being hit by a million flies. The water stung her. The plume traced up and down rapidly. Within seconds she was drenched from head to foot.

After the initial shock Anne was able to steady both her stance and her breathing. She could not see past the water to identify who was wielding the hose. They seemed to be aiming it a specific parts of her body: a breast, her groin. Sensibly enough the water was not aimed directly at her face.

Eventually they got bored. The pounding of water stopped and she stood shivering and gasping. No one approached for some time. She realised that it was actually quite warm outside and the sun was shining. Eventually someone took pity on her and rubbed her over with a towel. Her ankles were released and she was escorted back to her prison. Inside the gag was discarded. To her amazement several of them came in behind. Her wrists were unbound and dried but then retied in front of her. She was marched over to another part of the room and she found herself almost dangling from her arms. Hadn't they done enough to her?

She looked through slightly glazed eyes. The nurse was still with them She approached purposefully a towel in her hands. It was a very strange encounter. She was dried, gently and thoroughly. The nurse muttering professional platitudes like she was a hospital patient. It was meticulous. It was clinical. It was almost pleasant.

"How's that?"

Anne was not sure whether to answer.

"Thank you," she muttered.

"She needs some rest"

It was said with authority.

They compromised. She was not allowed total freedom, her hands were again tied behind her and the collar put in place, but they left her alone. She reviewed her recent experiences. Things had gone beyond a simple kidnapping. This had been nothing like her fantasies yet she was not unduly distressed. She had not enjoyed the hosing down but actually felt invigorated from the attention that followed. Each episode had had a mixture discomfort or distress combined with the satisfaction of endurance. Was she enjoying it? She was not sure. Did she want it to finish? No! Evening sessions seemed to be sexual. Even now there was a stirring in her loins. She appeared to be turned on by bondage.

There was the mundane routine of eating before her sexual desires could be fulfilled.

Her anticipation was heightened when she was taken over to the sling. She ended up in a sitting position, her hands still behind her. The wooden bar had been produced to hold her legs open as the loops on the sling were designed to go over each ankle but not restrict her movements. She was supported under the hips and under her arm pits. It was actually quite comfortable. Unfortunately there were the inevitable nipple clamps. She had resigned herself to this discomfort, but realised that she was reacting positively to their presence. A phallus was pushed into her pussy. It filled her but provided no stimulation. She was left to "cook"

Anne wanted sex. She had anticipated this session. She was aroused. She was made to wait.

The routine of the evening was established by the arrival of one of her captors. He casually dropped his pants, removed the phallus and fucked her. It was hard but she was already lubricated from her own excitement. He shot his load, growled some satisfaction then withdrew. The phallus was rammed unceremoniously back into place before he tidied himself up and left. No word was said. No acknowledgement given. She was to be a fuck machine.

Despite the inhumanity of her treatment she not only remained aroused, it grew in intensity. She counted the men through but she needn't have bothered, David was last, of course. The anticipation of the woman's entrance was overwhelming.

First the nipple clamps were removed. Anne anticipated the rush of blood. Her libido notched up a bit further. The phallus was replaced by a double dildo. The motion was now familiar but the dildo was bigger than any human equivalent and it was hitting the right spot inside her. The woman was in no rush, the strokes were long and even. She started to shake, Anne felt her own stirrings, The woman climaxed. Anne was still not there She was desperate to cum. She groaned as the woman slowed down.

"Don't worry, I know."

To Anne's surprise she picked up the phallus that had been torturing Anne all evening, but this time it was not held still. This thing was even bigger than the dildo. Anne felt like her vagina was being torn apart. Her body picked up where it had left off. The feelings increased. Her body shook, every muscle tensed. There was no gag to muffle the scream that signalled her satisfaction.

The bar was removed but she was left hanging. There was no way that the woman would  have the strength to get her down properly. Anne closed her legs gratefully and luxuriated in the afterglow. It had been worth the wait.

The evening routine concluded. Anne slept with only a collar to signify her captivity.

Day Three

She spent the next morning in the cage again. This time she was sat cross-legged almost like some sort of guru. Her ankles were tied, her wrists held in place each knee There was no severe pressure or discomfort other than the effort of sitting still. It gave her mind a chance to wander

Could David take this as justification for having sexual relationships with another woman? The other woman she corrected. Superficially Anne had had sex with eight men and one woman. The fact that she had been powerless to resist was counterbalanced by the knowledge that it had been her idea in the first place. David had only put into practice the ideas she had dreamed up, but was this sex? She did not know who any of the other people were. She had not actively taken part except for  performing cunningulus under duress. Last night they could have got the same result from fucking a doll or even a rubber tube. Any help had been provided by the swing, not her muscles.

If David wanted sex he could take her 12 times a day if he had the stamina but, and here was the crunch, it would be sex not intimacy. There was no love in this scenario. She was getting her "kicks" from abuse and mistreatment. She was getting her orgasms from a woman or a mechanical device.

David had in effect given her body away by allowing his friends to fuck her. Did he now think that he was entitled to find another body to compensate for his loss? Could she really blame him if he did? Had her obsession with this fantasy demolished a promising marriage. Should she call this whole thing to a halt and try and woo him back? Or was she just imagining it all? She could not ask without breaking the scene.

Anne agonised for what seemed like an eternity. When the two of them appeared joking to each other it was as if all her fears were justified.

The afternoon session involved being spread-eagled facing against the wall and being slapped, caned and gently whipped. There was no aggression involved and her skin was not damaged. It was almost playful. If David had any doubts about what was going on he kept them to himself. She was let down and fed in the usual manner. She took her time eating and waited before using the bucket. With some satisfaction her bowels behaved, and with some effort she was able to wipe herself.

"Stand by the chair."

Even though she was expecting it the speakers still made her jump.

The woman entered. There was no pretence this time. The outfit was both stunning and a little menacing. She wore black leather. The corset looked tight. She must have had help getting into it. Her boots reached up almost to her thighs. Her groin was covered. She had a studded collar and the same mask Anne had seen earlier in her captivity.

She approached with purpose carrying the now familiar holdall.

"Turn round and bend over, legs slightly apart!" She barked.

Anne complied her wrists automatically pulling in her bonds. She was shaking slightly.

There was a thud as the bag was dropped  The noise of her searching. A pause. Was that a squelch? Something touched her quivering behind.

"Do not resist." she was told.

The invader was bigger than the enema tube. Anne gasped

"Sit on the chair."

Anne hesitated. Her bottom was full and uncomfortable. she did not want to sit on it.


She sat down gingerly. Any chance of removing the thing from her bottom was removed.

"Open your legs. Quickly now!"

The voice was firm and authoritative.

Ann's ankles were tied as before and just below the knee.

"Lean forward."

Anne was able to take some pressure off her bottom, but it was short lived. This was only to allow the woman to untie her hands from behind her. She was soon sat bolt upright, arms to her sides unable to move. A rope over her lap holding her down.


She was not going to be allowed to complain.


Anne shook her head, but not too quickly.

"You react well to these."

She was dangling the nipple clamps. Anne had never really looked at them. They looked quite innocuous but she knew what they felt like. She was unable to prevent them being used.

Anne lost sight of the woman as she delved into her bag again. She reappeared brandishing a traditional vibrator and some gaffer tape. Anne was bemused.

The vibrator was placed just touching Anne's vaginal lips and taped down. It was switched on.

The chair vibrated. The plug in her backside vibrated. Even her breasts vibrated. It seemed as if every part of her vibrated except the one part she wanted which seemed completely impervious to the vibrator. Anne desperately tried to move her hips forward but was held fast. She mewed in frustration.

Her tormentor stood for a moment then casually walked away. Anne assumed she would be left alone but the woman returned with a kitchen chair. She placed it squarely in Anne's view and sat down with her legs spread lewdly wide.

Anne watched mesmerised her body shaking, and her pussy aching. She was treated to a lesson in self pleasuring.

It was torture like none other. Anne was conscious of the void in her own pussy and had to watch as the woman opposite her pulled down the leather pants and brought herself to climax.

Having satiated herself she calmly picked up the chair and left.

Anne awaited her return with expectation. The droning in front of her continued steadily, promising much and delivering nothing.

She waited.

The vibrator suddenly gave out.

As if on cue the woman returned. She removed the nipple clips and rubbed the nipples vigorously to encourage recirculation. The new stimulus was almost enough to send Anne over, but no. Her legs were released. . She was desperate to finger herself off but the woman would have none of it.

"You will place your hands behind your head when I release them," she was told

Anne mewed a query. It must be late. It must be bed time. She needed an orgasm.


Anne struggled to her feet, her hands behind her head, her mouth still filled.

The intruder in her behind was finally removed.


She was guided towards the bed. To her dismay her hands were forced behind her. What was going on?

"You will sleep bound. if you complain the gag will be replaced."

Anne groaned. Why? What had she done?

There was no evening drink. The light went off without warning. Anne was left in darkness writhing on the bed. She was still conscious of the pressure exerted by the butt plug. Her nipples still tingled from the caress of the clamps and the subsequent rubbing. Her whole body was on edge. There was a void between her legs that she could not fill. She thrashed back and forth 'til her arms and wrists ached from the strain of trying to move them.

She must have slept despite her bondage. She was awoken by the lights Her eyes blinking and her hands trying to cover them but remaining pinned behind her.

Day Four

Her breakfast arrived. She was casually released without a word, her saviour pausing only long enough to replace the collar.

All thoughts of sex were gone. It was the start of another day.

She spent another morning in the cage. Her legs bent, tied ankle to thigh. Her arms tied in a similar fashion like some demented bird who was them made flightless by a rope pulling her elbows together. She lay on her tummy floundering and drooling from the ball in her mouth. It was both unpleasant and uncomfortable. There was no stimulation to her crotch or breasts to distract her.

Lunch came and went. She was getting stiff from her continued bondage, but there was no let up. She spent the next period in a strict "hog-tie". Her wrists only a few inches from her bound ankles, her back arched cruelly, anchored to one of the rings she had seen in the floor.

To her relief and to some extent amazement she was completely freed of all ropes and allowed to eat dinner normally. She stretched and rubbed herself trying to regain circulation and movement. She perched on the bed to await the evening scenario. Her bladder was empty. She was ready for what ever they might come up with.

The first strange occurrence was when four of them came in an proceeded to remove the cage from the room. It was obviously quite heavy and they wore gloves to protect themselves from the sharp edges. Then they returned with a contraption she had never seen before. It looked like half a barrel covered in rubber with a phallus protruding from it. She watched them plug it in and test it. The phallus went up and down and also vibrated. Anne had little doubt about it's effectiveness.

They left without saying anything. There was a slight commotion outside and in staggered the woman. She was as naked as Anne was. Her upper body encased in ropes, her arms useless behind her. She was taken over to the machine and impaled upon it. Her legs were tied down. She was gagged but her horror at the production of the nipple clamps was very evident. Anne guessed it was her first taste of them. She had been happy to inflict them on Anne. There was some satisfaction from seeing her get a taste of her own medicine.

Anne watched her fighting her bondage when one of them picked up the controls to the machine. Anne watched mesmerised as the poor woman was sent through hell to ecstasy. Her body convulsing through what looked like overwhelming orgasms. They forced several more upon her and she looked as if she would keel over completely. As they finally started to release her one of them walked purposefully over towards Anne.

"Now it's your turn"

They toyed with her. The spent time binding her. They delved between her legs to encourage moisture  Eventually she found herself as the other woman had been. She was no where to be seen. Anne was not sure whether to be excited or terrified.

They did not bother with nipple clamps but one of them straddled the machine and fondled her from behind. She jumped as the phallus moved inside her. It was a strange sensation, not like fucking at all. The strokes were short and slow. Then they started it vibrating.

The first orgasms crept up unannounced and she shook from head to toe. They were not going to let her get away with that. Her groin was pounded and vibrated into almost agony. It felt like her insides would explode. She felt dizzy, she a was on the verge of passing out.. They turned it off, but did not release her.
She was allowed to rest then they started it up again. Could you die from too much "pleasure"?

She was exhausted and unable to even walk the few steps back to her bed unaided. She collapsed.

Day Five

She was dragged out of her sleep by arms and ropes. She was only just aware of what was happening. Her legs were already bound together at the knees and ankles, there was a rope around her chest and arms. He wrists were being bound in front of her There was something in her mouth: a piece of cloth or a scarf or something pulling at her cheeks and making her grimace. A bag was pulled over her head removing all vision. She was picked up and carried  She squirmed ineffectively and mewed a complaint. What was going on? Where was her breakfast? Where were they taking her?

After a short while she was dumped unceremoniously down. She heard the familiar sounds of the cage being assembled. Why had they moved it? Why had she not eaten. What the hell was going on?

There were some unfamiliar noises around her. There were no voices but there was a lot of activity. It sounded like plastic, maybe a tarpaulin? There was nothing tying the bag down onto her. She assumed that the cage was closed and no one was near. She struggled to try and get it off. She had some movement but it was still severely limited. Her feet touched the cage. At least that had been correct. She squirmed expecting some sort of rebuke but nothing came. The activity around her seemed to have stopped. Then there was a strange hissing noise.

It took a moment or two to register what it was. It was running water, probably the hose, but where was it? She struggled harder to get the bag off. She was sure she felt water at her feet. At last her head was now clear.

She could see nothing but a blue wall outside the cage. The hose was a few feet away spewing water. There was already the water was lapping onto the floor of the cage.

Anne's heart was now racing as never before. Of all the fears she had, drowning had been the most persistent. She was not comfortable in deep water. She did not float well. What the hell was David thinking? The walls of the pool were taller than the cage. If the pool filled up she would most certainly drown. She had to get out of the cage.

Everything fell into place. The repeated visits to the cage. The opportunity to  examine it. Even the knowledge that the number of the padlock would be known to her. She looked for the padlock. It was out of her reach with her arms held down and she doubted if she could manipulate it with her wrists bound either. She had to cut herself free and work out the lock combination. She could not call out and complain. There were no cameras to see her head shaking. She was on her own.

She found the right clip. She sawed away. It was actually quite difficult. She had to keep resting. One strand cut away but it did not seem to be enough. She tried again. The water was up to her groin. It was cold. Her hands were now under water but the rope was not through yet. The water hampered her efforts. She pulled and felt movement. A few more tugs and her hands were free. She wriggled out of the ropes around her chest and untied the gag. At least she could now breathe easier. She could also call for help, but for now she was determined to get out on her own.

She pulled at the now sodden ropes that bound her ankles and knees. The water was up to her breasts while she was sitting. She could not really see what she was doing. Her chin touched the water. At last the ropes gave way.

Getting back onto her knees she reached for the lock. Her head was touching the roof of the cage and the water was up to her arm pits. She had found the padlock. Could she see the numbers? Which one would he use? The water was rising quicker than she might have expected. Would David come to her rescue if she failed?

She tried every pin number she could think of to no avail. Her birthday? no, His birthday, still no. She squealed in anguish,

"Happy Anniversary Darling."

Was it really their anniversary? She had forgotten with all the excitement of the last few days. Most women got flowers on their wedding anniversary. It looked like her husband was going to drown her. She was about to shout back when the penny dropped.

8th of August. The happiest day of her life. 0808.

. The lock clicked. She put her shoulders against the lid and heaved. It did not move. She remembered seeing them freeing the front two lugs, did so and tried again. It flew open and she stood up. The water was barely over hips now. She could see over the sides of the pool. David was watching her from a deck chair. He was dressed normally. He had a smile on his face. He looked totally relaxed.

"Have a towel," he smirked..

Anne managed an athletic hurdle over the edge of the cage which was a little unsteady. She splashed her way to the ladder of the pool and climbed out.

"You know I hate deep water," she complained.

"It wasn't deep," he countered, "you just couldn't stand up. What do you think?"

"Don't do it again."

"Who said we would do anything again?"

"Give me that towel you bastard," she said jokingly, "and turn that damn hose off before you flood the whole garden.

"Happy Anniversary," he repeated, "perhaps we can consummate it in a more traditional manner?"

"It's a bit early in the morning, besides I haven't had any breakfast yet."

Anne headed for the house a free woman. She was satisfied, for now. Maybe David did deserve a reward? She would have to think about it. Right now she wanted her breakfast, but despite her dislike of deep water the adrenaline rush had stirred something inside her. David might get lucky yet.

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