The Captive Part 3: Quelle Surprise

by R G Bargy

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© Copyright 2008 - R G Bargy - Used by permission

Storycodes: MMF/f; kidnap; bond; bdsm; ponyplay; stable; bagged; outdoors; toys; reluct; X

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Part 3: Quelle Surprise

"Let's go to France," David had said. "It will make a change."

Anne was unsure. She had hardly ever left her home town let alone the country. She just did not see the need. She had all she wanted where she was and since David had accepted her captive fantasies she had been seeing less, rather than more of the outside world. They had not repeated the full prisoner thing but she had spent many hours in the garage tied up and "tortured" in one way or another. She was happy with her life. Why change it?

Nevertheless she had enjoyed the ferry trip and the new sights and sounds. She had kept close to David who seemed very confident. This was a side of him she had not seen before. She remembered him telling her of his "gap" year which he spent going around Europe. He had obviously enjoyed it and he was full of little anecdotes about what he had done previously.

Having got through customs David headed out into the countryside. Anne did not know where they were going. He had been a bit vague, saying that he had arranged some accommodation at a farm.

After an hour or so they came to a small town. They stopped for a bite to eat. Anne was very conscious of her inability to understand French. She had to rely on David completely.

"I'm just going off to the loo, be back in a minute," he had said.

The next thing Anne knew someone had put their hand over her mouth. Whispered something she could not understand in her ear and bundled her into the back of a van. Hands grabbed her and she soon found herself handcuffed. Something was forced into her mouth. It happened so quickly.

Anne was vaguely aware of some frenetic conversation but it was in French. Her heart was now beating so hard and fast she thought her chest would burst. Was this David's doing or was it real? She could not possibly know.

It was pointless to try and struggle. She recognised the feel of handcuffs and knew she could not remove them. There were at least two men in the back of the van with her. All she could do was wait and see what happened next.

After a long and uncomfortable drive they pulled up somewhere. She was encouraged out of the van. There was no attempt to cover their faces or blindfold her in any way. She was in some sort of yard. There was a house one side and stables or something the other. She was shoved towards the stables. Once inside one of them stooped down and placed some shackles on her ankles. There was a short chain between them. They then turned and left. They bolted the half door on the outside.

Anne surveyed her surroundings. It was a stable. There was straw covering the floor and several bales in one corner. The only light came from the top half of the doorway. She could see into the yard. It was deserted. The van had driven off. She had no idea if anyone was in the house, but assumed they would know about her anyway. She could not call out even if she wanted to.

The gag was not one she recognised. It was made of leather, at least it felt like leather, she could not actually see it.  There was a hole through the padding making breathing comparatively easy. The bondage was simple but effective. Handcuffs behind her back so she could not reach over the door and just enough chain to allow her to waddle around. Near the door was an upside down bottle with a liquid that was obviously not water. It had a pipe at the bottom but was not leaking. It was about head height.

It only took a short while to work out the mechanism. If Anne pushed her gag onto the pipe it released the liquid into her mouth. It was vaguely sweet and not unpleasant. When she pulled away the flow stopped. She waddled over to the corner and sat down.

A farm somewhere! This had to be David's work! Kidnappers would not bother to construct such an ingenuus feeding station. What now?


No one came. There was light in the house so she guessed it was occupied but she saw no one. She needed to pee.

Anne was feminine in her choice of clothing. She had never been one for trousers or shorts. She tended to wear a light dress or a skirt and top. There had been no attempt to molest or even undress her. She was still wearing her travelling clothes: a jacket over a top and skirt.

She chose a corner and manoeuvred her knickers down. It was impossible to direct the jet of liquid so there were bound to be splashes. She pulled her knickers back up and felt a little uncomfortable but it would dry out. She resisted the temptation to keep drinking. There was nothing to do but wait.

Darkness fell. No one came She found a comfortable position and tried to sleep. Even now she was not used to sleeping with her hands handcuffed behind her. It did not come quickly or easily, but she must have slept. The rays of sun through the open top of the door awoke her. She was stiff but stretching was not an option. She spent the next half hour negotiating the bottle and the means of expelling it's residues. A noise outside caught her attention. Someone was definitely approaching. There was no place to hide. She sat and waited.

Two faces appeared chatting in French. One was a young girl dressed slightly comically in jodhpurs. What did they think she was a horse?

"Attention! Levez-vous!"

Anne did not understand

"Vitte! Levez-vous!"

Anne was bewildered.

There was a rapid exchange between the woman and her companion. Anne thought she heard the word "Anglais".

The woman approached with purpose

"Parlez vous Francais?"

Anne guessed at this one and shook her head.

"Je ne parle pas Anglais," she looked helplessly over her shoulder. The man shrugged.

"Levez" she said firmly and pulled Anne to her feet. "Comprenez?"

Anne nodded.

"Bon. Attente."

Anne guessed again. She stood still as the woman examined her. There was obvious dissatisfaction.

She turned back to her companion. Anne decided to stay still.

"Tournez autour."

Anne looked blank. The woman motioned her to turn.

"Tournez," she repeated.

Anne turned round. The woman undid the handcuffs. Anne started to pull her hands around to rub her wrists.


Anne stopped.

"Ne vous déplacez pas!"

The command was clear even if she did not understand the words.

The woman pulled Anne's jacket off her shoulders and over her arms, discarding it with disgust. Anne shivered. She was not sure why. She heard a word said to the man who came over and gave the woman something. Anne felt a collar on her neck then her arms were forced up behind her one on top of the other. She felt a strap holding them in place. It appeared to be joined to the collar. The position was unfamiliar. It pushed her chest forward and made her stand straighter. The woman unlocked the ankle cuffs.


Anne followed dutifully. The sun was quite bright. Anne had to squint slightly to adjust. She was lead to a room next to the stables. On the walls were various leather items. There was a saddle on the table. Maybe they did think she was a horse!

Anne shied away from the leather head harness that was being put on her.

"Prise toujours!"

Even if she understood Anne was not going to submit to this indignity. Unfortunately she was unable to resist. Her face was enclosed in straps of leather. The gag was removed and immediately replaced with a bit. There were reigns attached to the head set. She was lead out as an animal. To quote a popular science fiction program "resistance was futile."

She soon found herself in a dirt paddock. The woman positioned herself in the middle.

"Promenade." She commanded.

Anne could guess but she was not in the mood for these games.  A whip cracked nearby. She wouldn't!

Anne did not hear the next crack but she sure as hell felt it. The back of her legs felt like they were on fire. She started walking.

"Soulevez vos genoux!"

Anne did not understand. The whip cracked again. she still did not understand. She looked over helplessly. The woman lifted her knee

"Soulevez votre genou, Soulevez vos genoux!"

She lifted her knees.


Anne complied.

"Soulevez vos genoux!"

The whip cracked. Anne did her best.


Anne stopped. hoping that was correct. There was no whip.


And so it continued. Anne learned the commands to walk, trot, go faster or slower. Any delay or mistake was rewarded with a kiss of the whip.

Eventually she was lead back to the Tack room. The bridal was removed and the feeding gag replaced. There was no chance to complain. She was given a few minutes to stretch her arms before the handcuffs were replaced along with the ankle chain. She was taken back to her stable and left alone.

That afternoon she learned that "gauche" meant left and "droite" meant right. Her taskmaster was neither patient nor forgiving.

Anne was glad to get back to her stable. Her hips ached from the unfamiliar movement. She was tired and a little angry. She had never even considered this sort of treatment and she certainly was not enjoying it. Where was David? What was he doing? Did he arrange this or was it just coincidence? Anne did not believe in coincidences. It had been just too convenient for David to be inaccessible when she was taken.

She spent a very uncomfortable night. She no longer had the protection of her jacket and there was no heating in the stable.

The next day was much as before. She was trained on the leash. She now knew all the necessary commands and her stepping met with approval. The whip cracked a couple of times but at least it didn't land on her. What was she being trained for she wondered?

The following day all was revealed. For a start she was given a new outfit. For the first time she had been freed of all restraint. They had deposited some clothes upon the straw and left her with little doubt that she was to change into them.

The leather Basque fitted snug pushing her exposed tits upwards. she wore a belt with several metal rings attached, a leather thong and knee high boots. She was watched closely which she found disconcerting. No sooner had she finished then the collar and arm restraint was replaced. She high stepped into the yard to find a small cart waiting for her. Once bridled she was fitted into it. The reasons for the rings on her belt became clear. The arms of the cart clipped to her sides. There was a harness over her shoulders to help spread the weight and reigns attached to her bit for guidance.

It was not as hard as Anne thought it would be. She could carry the weight easily and hardly noticed the pull when walking. She paraded around the paddock turning by command and then just by the pull on the reigns.

Returning to the courtyard she was released from the cart and tethered. The woman wiped Anne down just like you would a horse then removing the bit offered her water than a muesli bar in bite size pieces. It was the first solid food Anne had had for two days and she ate it gratefully. The bit was replaced and the she was left tethered, she assumed while her "owner" had some lunch.

Sure enough, after a time the woman returned carrying some extra items.

Anne was groomed. her hair put in the predictable pony tail. A head dress plume and a feathered tail were added and she was then hooked back up to the cart.

They went out onto the roads. There were no startled cries or undue staring. Anne actually felt quite proud of how she looked. Having got used to the idea she was actually enjoying the attention. She was also seeing something of the French countryside which was subtly different from what she was used to back home.

They stopped for a break. Anne was watered and fed and then they returned home. Anne was now quite hot and  sticky from her exertions. She was tethered as usual. The woman produced a hose pipe. Anne's previous experience of this made her mew complaints. The woman attempted to reassure her, showing the jet to be only weak, then proceeded to undo the Basque.

Anne was still unhappy but as the washing down started she soon relaxed. It was gentle and caring, not torture. She was rubbed down carefully, dried and groomed and then returned to her stable handcuffed, gagged and shackled.

That evening there was a noise outside and the face of the man appeared over the stable door. He looked intoxicated. After a lot of fumbling he managed to open it and headed drunkenly for her. She knew she could not defend herself and the shackles limited her capability of escaping. He soon caught her. He was rough. As he pulled at her knickers she let out a high pitched scream. To her amazement it escaped through the gag. He stopped, looked around and grabbed again. She screamed again. He attempted to stop her. He muffled it slightly but she kept on screaming.

Anne never saw the woman arrive. She was aware of someone pulling him away. She heard a heated exchange but eventually they left together, He was muttering something and she was acting reassuringly. Anne suspected that fucking the prisoner was actually allowed, after all it had been in every other kidnap. It was only the manner which had been called into question.

The following day Anne saw more of the French countryside. She was wet down and groomed and returned to her stable, but that evening the woman returned. She was not wearing her riding gear. She carried several lengths of rope.

"Attention! Levez-vous!"

Anne stood

"Tournez autour."

Anne had not heard that command for a while but turned around. It was clear that the man was going to get his fucking.

Anne did not fight the woman or resist in any way. She soon fond herself secured over a bale of hay, her bottom high in the air, her legs further apart than the chain would have let them. Her arms held wide either side of the bale in front and below her head. Her gag was removed but not before she had been told, "Ne parlez pas."

The finger to the woman's mouth was enough translation.

It was over quickly. It hurt. There was no attempt to moisten her or to lubricate him. Anne was sure that the woman supervised like some sort of nurse or chaperone. Perhaps she hoped it would only happen once? Whatever her thoughts she was mechanical and silent while returning Anne to her normal fetters and limited freedom.

Anne was conscious of her ordeal for several hours. Sex had not been a part of this scenario although she suspected that the woman had developed some affection for her from the way she was groomed. Anne herself had not been turned on by the events at all. Had she enjoyed this surprise? It had certainly been a challenge, and different but there had been no enjoyment as such. Yet, in one sense, she had enjoyed the challenges. She assumed that it was not a permanent slavery? David would not have done that would he? No, she was sure that this was his "trip to France" and that it would eventually end. How was another matter.

Anne woke up horny. She had an itch that she could not scratch. The previous evening's little episode had ignited her libido despite the initial pain. Maybe it was because of the pain? Whatever the reasons Anne wanted something inside her. She looked desperately around for something to masturbate on. The handle of a pitch fork looked promising if she could just wedge it at the right angle.

It would probably have looked quite comical had someone watched her manipulate the awkward fork with her hands handcuffed behind her. It took a lot of effort but she was eventually successful. She impaled herself and thrusted.

It was not the most perfect dildo but it felt good. It was not long before she felt the first signs of orgasm. She forgot where she was. As the feelings built up she closed her eyes. She actually wished it was a cock not a piece of wood. He pumping reached a frenzy. Just a little bit more.


Her wrists pulled hard apart. She was conscious of excruciating pain mixed with the pleasure of climax. Her pumping slowed. She was spent but satisfied.

She opened her eyes to see the woman standing in the doorway. How long had she been there? The look on her face was indescribable, but there was no anger. It might have been embarrassment? Surprise even? She seemed frozen. Unable to move or at least unsure of what to do. Anne did  not care. This was her so called holiday. She deserved some pleasure!

Anne gingerly manoeuvred herself off the pole and struggled to adjust her clothing. She stood defiantly, if a little weak at the knees from her exertions.

As if something clicked the woman turned and called over her shoulder.

"Ici! Vite!"

The day passed as if nothing had happened except that the woman seemed a bit more tentative while wiping Anne down moving quickly over her breasts where as before she had lingered slightly. On returning the fork was as she left it, but the mood had long passed.

Anne was slightly amused the following morning to see the woman approach gingerly as if she might be disturbing something. It appeared that her sexual frenzy had not been disapproved of, nor had it been vetoed. Anne however had no further use for the fork, she just could not be bothered to move it again.

Another day passed.. The novelty of trotting around the French countryside had worn thin. She recognised most of where they went. They seemed to do a larger circle than usual in the afternoon. As they pulled into the yard Anne though she detected some reluctance on the part of her keeper. As it happened there was a big change. Instead of being tethered and wiped down her arms were untied and the bridal removed but nothing was replaced. Instead she was beckoned into the house. Anne was a little bit uncertain but followed at a safe distance. She was shown into a large room. There was a table laid for dinner, a bed, wardrobe and dressing table, and an en-suite shower room. The door was locked behind her. She was still a prisoner but it was a much more gilded cage. On the back of the door she found a dressing gown but the wardrobe and drawers were empty.

She pulled off the boots with a certain amount of difficulty, then stripped bare for a shower. She luxuriated in the warm droplets and the freedom. She was still drying her hair when the woman returned with a trolley.

The food was good and Anne was pleased to be able to eat it normally.

The bed looked inviting. Anne usually slept naked so it was not strange to curl up under the duvet and sleep. The only thing missing was her husband. He would probably come and get her in the morning.

She awoke with a start. The door was opened and the light from the hall flooded in. Two shadows appeared and approached. She was still half asleep. She was quickly overpowered. It was clear that no one would come to her rescue if she called out and the less resistance she gave the less she was likely to be hurt.. She vaguely wondered why it always seemed to take two men to overpower one naked and defenceless woman. As she was bundled, handcuffed into a large holdall, memories of the car crushing yard came flooding back.

"Now what?" she muttered to herself.

She was not sure what the time was. There was no light penetrating into the bag, it was either still dark, or the bag was very thick or both?

The bag was put, not too gently into the back of a vehicle, probably the one she arrived in. They drove for quite some time. The bag was lifted out and carried a short distance before being lowered to the ground. Anne wondered if they would just leave her? But no, the bag was opened and she was encouraged out and the handcuffs removed. She guessed it was about dawn. They frog marched her to a wooden fence and proceeded to tie her to it. Her arms were spread wide, her legs also. Her feet were just off the ground. She was still totally naked. She was not gagged. It was up to her whether she drew attention to herself. There was a small bush between her and the road. It provided a minimal amount of protection to her dignity from a distance, whether by design or circumstance she dare not consider. Anyone approaching her would have both full view and complete access. She watched them leave with a mixture of panic and relief. They had not molested her, but mother nature might not be so kind. Perhaps that was why she was not gagged? To ward off would be scavengers out for an easy meal? The thought was not pleasant.

The sun rose from behind her. It's warmth was welcome, it's light less so. She felt very vulnerable and any attempts to free herself so far had failed. Several cars had passed already. One had slowed down but not stopped. A truck had hooted his horn with glee. His view would have been much better she presumed.

Several flies had taken an interest in her. There was no way to rebuke them. A crow had got very close but perhaps did not recognise the feast that was available to it? Every sound, every movement kept her on edge. She was getting very warm now. The few clouds were unlikely to give her any protection from the midday sun.

She almost did not recognise the car as it pulled over. It was David, of course. He seemed in no hurry to rescue his damsel in distress. He was actually on the telephone!

"Had a nice holiday?"

Anne growled at him

"Now, now, you started this not me. I hear you got a little frisky the other night."

Anne was a little flabbergasted.

"I have a solution for you."

"You're not thinking of fucking me like this are you?"

"No, no, I  don't want to expose myself in public, even in France, but I do have other ways."

Anne squirmed. Unfortunately the idea made her wet. She just hoped David would not look and find out.

"I'll scream," she threatened.

"No you won't," David seemed very confident, "if I get arrested you are stuck without a passport, or clothes for that matter. It will take some explaining when they find out you are actually my wife."

"David, you can't," she pleaded

"I can, and I'm going to."

He turned around. Anne watched him go to the car. The feeling of both anticipation and fear was intoxicating. What if someone saw them? This was outrageous, even for France. He was coming back, but she could not see anything in his hand, wait a minute. It looked more like a thong than a vibrator. She did not recognise it.

"David," she pleaded.

He approached with purpose. She just about saw the device before he started to fit it. Some sort of strap-on. Bigger than a pocket rocket.  As he secured it something touched right onto her clit. She would not be able to resist it. There was a short wire leading to a little plastic box. She did not see his fingers move but she felt the effect. There was a feint buzz and a vibration right on her clitoris.

"Oh my God!" she moaned.

He tucked the box into the thong around her waist and stood back. Anne looked at him through slightly glazed yes. She was trying to resist but knew she could not. He produced a camera from his pocket. She did not know he had one.

Her body started to shake. She knew the feelings. She was desperate not to give in. A horn blew from the road. It was as if someone had let of a bunch of fireworks. She orgasmed. Her bottom slapped against the fence, her arms and legs strained against their bonds. She forgot where she was. The vibration stopped. David was tugging at the ropes with some urgency, he looked agitated. Served the Bastard right.

"Get some clothes on before someone does call the police," he hissed.

"Sorry I'm sure," she panted.

The journey home was long and boring. David concentrated on his driving. Anne was in a world of her own. She might even have slept. It had been a tiring week. She could really do with a holiday. A real holiday.