The Captive

by R G Bargy

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© Copyright 2008 - R G Bargy - Used by permission

Storycodes: MM/f; kidnap; bond; bdsm; oral; bagged; toys; reluct; X

After weeks of trepidation, even fear, the moment, when it happened was so quick that by the time Anne realised what was happening it was over. The assailant came noiselessly from behind. She was aware of a slightly sweet smell from the rag over her nose and then sank into oblivion.

When she came to all her senses bombarded her with complaints or new sensations. She could not see and there was something in her mouth preventing her from crying out but allowing her to breathe. He arms were forced behind her back, her legs folded back on themselves and apart. She could not move any of them. She could not even move her head. She realised that she must be naked. Without sight she was disorientated but she was sure that she was on her front, but apart from some bands of pressure she could feel air currents all around. She must be suspended somehow but how high? It could be a few inches or several feet; there was no way for her to be sure. She let out a plaintive mew that sounded pathetic, even to her.

Something, no someone, touched the top of her head, gently, stroking backwards. It was soft and loving and completely incongruous.

She mewed again a sort of enquiry, or at least that was the idea, but it sounded just the same as before.

"Gently my love, no point in struggling."

The voice was her husband's, she knew he must be there. His voice reassured her. This was the scene they had planned.

"She will be all right won't she? I mean she has never been tied up. as far as I know. It looks very stringent"

"She will be fine. I know what I am doing."

Anne did not recognise the second voice. He had authority. It made her shiver. She pulled futilely at the ropes that bound her.

"Now," the voice continued, "have a good look at her. You have seen her naked before?"

"Of course," David sounded hurt, "we have been married over a year."

"Yes, but have you really looked at her."

"What do you mean?"

"Have you ever seen her touch herself?"

"No?" David sounded almost shocked.

Anne suddenly felt hot all over.

"So when you make love how do you know she is aroused?"

"She tells me," David almost stuttered

"Well she can't tell you now." It was a statement of fact. "Is she aroused?"

Anne wanted to shake her head but was unable to. She thought that she would be, but this was not as she expected. She was uncomfortable and dreadfully exposed.

"Let's have a look," the voice continued

A finger invaded her vagina. Anne winced but could not prevent the intrusion. She was dry, of course. How could she be aroused like this? She was trussed up like a Christmas turkey!

"Here, put your finger in, you will see it is bone dry."

A second invasion, this time more tentative.

"Go on right in, you won’t harm her."

Anne winced again. He might not be able to harm her but it could still hurt.

"See how dry it is. When she is aroused she produces natural juices to help lubricate herself. Now we could just put some jelly on and lubricate it for her but let's see if we can persuade her to do it herself."

Anne wanted to shake her head again but it was no use. She was sure that they would not; could not make her.

"One of the most sensitive areas is the back of the neck, but that is one of the few places we cannot reach.  You can touch behind her ears though. Go on lick behind her ears and see what happens."

Anne felt David's breathing next to her ear. The lick when it came took her by surprise. She shuddered uncontrollably. He licked again and she shuddered again. She could not prevent it. She would have to remember this if she ever got out of this. After several minutes of uncontrollable shuddering the licking stopped.

"Now lick inside her thighs"

The reaction was the same. Anne was a little bewildered.

"Now try putting your finger into her anus, just a little way, don't worry it's clean"

Anne tensed but could not prevent the intrusion.

"Press up  slightly."

Anne spasmed uncontrollably. Her mind was a whirl.

"Now reach into her pussy again, you had better wipe your finger first. A little bit more moist?"

"Not really."

"Never mind it's early days yet. Rub your palm over the outside of her pussy. A bit harder, that's it. Now lets' go for the real turn on." There was an air of both certainty and menace that made Anne think she may have underestimated this man's abilities. "Note the way her nipple swells as you touch it. She has another spot inside her vagina which works the same way. We will come to that in a minute. For now let’s just get her going a bit. You can suck as well of course, but don't bite or pinch. Pain can be useful but we will leave that for another time. You take her left breast and I will do her right one. It should drive her wild!"

He was not wrong.

"She cannot help it," the voice said evenly, "it is an autonomic response. Completely out of her control."

After a few minutes Anne was as tense as a drum, unable to move but desperate for them to stop. She strained and struggled but could not affect the ropes that held her.

"OK she had enough, let’s go back to the business end."

Her vagina lips were pulled wide.

"Just there is the clitoris, under that little flap of skin."

"Yes I know about that I have just never actually seen it."

"It swells if you rub it, a bit like your cock."

By now Anne was getting resigned to her fate. She had allowed it to happen, not that she had quite expected this. She had no idea who this expert was or how David came to know him. She could not stop her body reacting, nor could she prevent them from touching where they wanted.

"Now if we keep rubbing this she will eventually climax, but there is a better way. Do you know if she has a vibrator?"

"I don't think so, at least she has never mentioned it."

Actually Anne did have a vibrator. She had spent many a night in its company before she met David. It had been a while, but she had no doubts about its effectiveness. She squirmed uncomfortably. Her clitoris got very sensitive when using the vibrator. They would not know when to stop. She shuddered involuntarily. She could not tell them. A buzzing noise disturbed her thoughts. Not quite the same as hers. Just a bit to the left. Yes, there, don't move.

Of course the men were not privy to these instructions. Not only did they keep moving it, they had the thing a bit low. It was nice, but not enough to get her off. Despite her discomfort, the idea of an orgasm had become quite appealing.

"There!" said the voice triumphantly, "see the moisture appearing, she's almost there. Look her body is beginning to shake in time with the vibrator. If we turn it up a bit she should go over. Then the fun really starts."

What? What did he mean? What does he think? He's not going to.... He's not going to..... Fuck! Shit! I'm cumming. I'm..... Take it off! Take it off! I can't.. Oh God.... I'm cumming again!  Bugger this! Stop! Not again? How many can I get? I will burst. Ahhhhhhhhhh! Please stop! God Stop! I can't! I .....................MFFFFFGGHHHHHHHH!

"Impressive don't you think?"

"I think I'm jealous. It takes me twenty minutes to recover from just one and she's cum 5 times in succession."

"Now it's you turn, she will be both moist and receptive."

Anne was only vaguely aware of this conversation. Her head felt like it would explode, her mouth was dry and her groin ached like never before. She had pulled wildly each time she had climaxed and her muscles ached. When David entered her she flinched but there was no stopping him, As he pumped her pussy ached. The climax set some weird feelings through her but she was beyond caring.

"May I."

"Of course. That was part of the deal."

Another cock, much rougher, possibly bigger. It hurt. He was hard but mercifully fast.


Anne could hear some movement around her but no one else touched her. She was beginning to ache all over. Someone was fiddling behind her head, the gag went loose and a glass was offered to her lips. She drank as best she could. It tasted funny. She became aware that they were untying her legs but she still found it hard to move them. Her right leg was unbent and massaged, It felt quite nice but he still could not really move it. Her other leg was released and she was tipped down. Her feet touched the ground. Concrete she thought but her legs would not hold her, she just sagged.

"You will have to support her, the drug is quite strong."

Drug? what drug? The water? How was she to ....... Oh ......

She did not lose consciousness but was in a sort of daze. They manhandle her over to a chair and sat her down with a belt around her waist buckled behind her and her wrists retied in front of her. She was still blindfolded.

"Here drink this."

She kept her mouth shut.

"It's an antidote. It will clear your head. I promise"

Anne had no choice but to believe him.

"Sorry about that. We had to make sure you did not struggle and hurt yourself. There will be no more drugs. Sit there for a while and I will get you something to eat."

As she waited Anne realised she really was famished. The sandwiches were quite tasty and the drink was hot. Tea, made as she liked it.

"Thank you." she croaked.

"You are welcome, but no more speaking. You are a prisoner, as you agreed and you must abide by the rules. Rule number one is only speak if spoken to. Rule number two is to accept what ever we do without complaint or opposition. Do you understand?"

Anne nodded dumbly.

"I am going to release the belt. You will stand up and walk where I show you."

The ground was cold and maybe a little dusty. Then she felt something soft. A rug maybe?

"Stand still."

A rope was passed around her waist then between her legs. It was pulled up tight forcing itself into the crevice of her bottom and her crotch.

"Sit down on the rug, feet in front of you."

She complied. The rope between her legs made it awkward but she made it. She sat patiently while her ankles were lashes together, then just below her knees. Her hands were released,

"Roll over hands behind you."

Meekly she allowed her wrists to be tied again behind her. She was manhandled into a sitting position again to allow some more ropes around her torso, over her arms and bunching her breasts.

"I hear you do not like to suck cock."

It was a statement, she saw no reason to answer.

"Will you willingly suck mine?"

"No." her voice was quiet and unsteady. She had a feeling that there was going to be some coercion.

"This is your husbands; you know it isn't mine because I am behind you. Take it in your mouth."

She almost refused, but this was a demand and she was the captive.

The idea revolted her. She could not see but she could feel the thing in her mouth.

"Close your mouth over and gently pull back and forth. When he cums, try and swallow."

It was over in almost a moment. Poor David. He was trigger happy at the best of times. When the liquid hit her throat she sputtered and pulled her head back allowing most it to dribble out. She coughed.

"Not bad for a first attempt."

He let her down onto the rug and rolled her over. She felt something being pushed into her bottom. She wanted to expel it. He rope between her legs was pulled over it but to make extra sure an extra rope was pulled around the tops of her thighs locking them tight together. See had just accepted the discomfort when it started vibrating, not hard but enough. She gasped and her mouth was once again filled with something.  She squirmed, unable to get comfortable. She thought she heard footsteps retreating.

"That should keep her occupied for a while." she heard faintly.

Time dragged. Her bottom complained. Her groin still had aftermaths from the previous session. Her mouth tasted foul and the ground was hard even with a rug on it.

Eventually she heard them approach.

"Ready to try again?"

For once Anne was grateful to be gagged. The offending butt plug was not removed and she was forced to kneel pushing it deeper inside her. The gag came out and a cock was pushed at her. She had no idea whose it was. She no longer cared.

She guessed it was the teacher. It felt different and he was more forceful using his hips to fuck her in the mouth. It took slightly longer but the result was similar. Despite all her effort she still dribbled most of it her gag reflex overriding her command to swallow.

"You do not learn quickly." he told her. Perhaps you need a bit more encouragement… Open."

The gag was replaced. It was still moist from previous usage. She wavered on her heels then jumped as her left nipple was touched, then tweaked then squeezed by something metallic. She almost feinted as the pain shot through her. Within a minute she had two pains and she could feel tears rolling down her cheeks.

"The pain will subside, eventually"

The voice was callous. Where was David? Surely he could not be allowing this? She was defenceless. She could not remove the clamps. She sank heavily to the ground and writhed uncontrollably. She rolled onto her front in the hope of dislodging them but to no avail. The pain did slowly subside into a dull ache but it nagged at her. She was then aware that the intrusion in her backside was still active.

The torment was almost unbearable, yet she was forced to endure it. She had not signed up for a lesson in torture. At least she did not think she had, yet here she was rolling around in severe discomfort. It was not fair! She had tried this time!

The third attempt. She decided it was David. He seemed oblivious of her discomfort, at least he said nothing. She took him, she sucked and encouraged him, even flicking her tongue over him. It took longer. He had cum several times already so it was not surprising. She coaxed him, she worked and she swallowed the lot. Admittedly there was not much, but nothing dribbled out.

"Well done! See you can do it if you try."

Anne was almost pleased but her discomfort prevented a smile.

"There will be another sharp pain as the blood returns to your nipples." she was told.

He was not wrong, but somehow it did not matter so much.

"Drink this."

She half hoped it was another drug but it was actually sweet. A cola of some sort maybe.

"And now your reward."

Reward? She did not want a reward. She wanted to go home. She wanted to be released. She wanted to rub her tortured nipples.

Instead she felt something inserted passed the crotch rope into her vagina. A miniature vibrator?  She did not think it would work, not with her legs still together. She was mistaken.

She did not want another orgasm. Her groin still ached from the last ones. Her tits still throbbed and her bottom was still being abused, but no one told her body that. Despite everything she felt the unmistakable signs of orgasm. It grew. It grew. It grew. She was desperate now. It still grew. She felt herself squeezing her legs even tighter as if it would make any difference.


She forgot that the gag had not been replaced. The word bounced around the room but Anne was oblivious. Her body convulsed with as much movement as her bonds would allow, yet still the thing inside her buzzed on.

"No More!" she gasped, "Please no more."

The buzzing stopped but her body seemed not to notice straight away. She convulsed again unsure if it was pleasure or pain.

She was untied. Her limbs left free. The blindfold remained and she did not touch it. She curled herself up in a foetal position and rocked herself. She remembered the intrusions and pulled them out, flinging them who knew where.

"I need a shower." she stated, ignoring the earlier commands.

"We will bathe you instead," came the reply. "Do not remove the blindfold and we will not restrain you."

She nodded, unsure from which direction the voice had come.

It was heaven. Four hands, warm soapy water and freedom. She wanted it to last forever.

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end. She was thoroughly dried and carefully groomed before being sat down on a chair as before. She allowed her wrists to be tied in front of her again and suffered the indignity of being fed her dinner. It was good.

"There are no plumbing facilities so you will have to make do with a basin."

She managed to empty her bladder but her bowels would no co-operate.

She was given a collar with a chain and lead to what must be a bed.

"Count up to five hundred then you can remove your blindfold. The light will stay on so when you are ready to sleep put the blindfold back on and do not touch it in the morning. We will come for you when we are ready. Sleep well."

She felt a kiss on her lips and decide that must be David.

She counted dutifully. She heard a door close but waited until five hundred before removing the cover. Her eyes blinked from the bright lights. She could now see her "prison"

It was as she had guessed, some sort of garage. She could see the wet patch where they had bathed her. A sling where she had been suspended, a table and chair and the rug. Two bright fluorescent lights illuminated everything. The window was blacked out and apart from the main door the only exit was a small door to her right. The chain on her collar gave her a little movement. She spied a bucket which she guessed served as a toilet. She tried squatting again but could not persuade her rectum to release anything. There was a glass of water near her bed which she drank. She got onto the bed. There was a duvet but she was not cold. She picked up the blindfold and lay down. Despite everything, or maybe because of everything she sank into a deep sleep.

How long did she sleep? She had no idea. She had no means of telling the time. The temptation to remove the blindfold was overwhelming. How would they know? Unless they were already in there watching her?.

She sat in the middle of the bed, her knees tucked under her chin and her arms around her legs rocking gently. It was not quite as she had dreamed. She had played this scenario in her mind over and over since her early teens: being taken captive and held against her will, not knowing what her captors would do next. Except of course she did know because it was her fantasy. She had leant about her sexuality from books and school friend Sara. Sara had been her one and only friend at secondary school. She had been a bit of a rebel but for some reason she had taken to Anne. Sarah had shown Anne about her body and the pleasures it contained. She had also given her the vibrator. It was during the long nights alone in her bedroom that Anne had dreamed up her captive fantasies where men did horrible but exciting things to her. The bondage was not as she had imagined it. In her fantasies she had been held down or maybe chained as she was now with some movement available. That first time waking up unable to move had frightened her, but it had also been very exciting.

When she had discussed her fantasies with David he seemed a little bemused. He did not like idea of abusing her, but she insisted it was what she wanted. David was a good hardworking man with a well paid job but he was sexually naive. It was her who had found the web site and made contact. She had given some guidelines and told them to arrange it with David and that he must be present at all times when someone else was with her. She was slightly surprised that David had allowed the other man to have sex with her. She did not object. Being "raped" was part of the fantasy. The only thing that remained was the perilous finale. Being rescued from certain death. She had read a story about a kidnapping where the heroine had been left with a bomb timed to go off. Always in her fantasies this had been the way it had ended, a life threatening scene and her lover rescuing her just in time.

"It's time."

She had not heard anyone enter. She let her legs go. He fastened something onto her ankles: shackles? A click on her left wrist and a gentle but firm encouragement to bring her right hand towards it: handcuffs?


She accepted the gag without question: did he lock it in place?

She was encouraged into some sort of bag, it felt like plastic or leather. He lifted her without effort. She bounced around then was lifted into something. A thud, a car boot maybe? Yes she heard voices and two more clunks. They drove for what seemed like a long time. She heard traffic, then some metallic noises. They stopped. Two doors slammed.

"Are you sure no one will find her?" the voice was David's

"Why would they look? This is a car wrecking yard."

Car wrecking? Her heart started beating faster. David! No words came out only a few muffled grunts.

She had some movement. There seemed to be a chain connecting her ankles and wrists but she could just reach her blindfold. It did not help. She was in some sort of holdall. There must be a zip. If she could just encourage it. Yes. She scrambled out of the bag. Yes she was in the boot of a car. It was locked, of course. There were some gaps she could just see through. It was a yard. There were broken vehicles everywhere and a crane or something rolling about. She saw it pick up a car and carry it. She shifted position to watch it. The car was lowered and dropped into a big machine. There was a sound of screeching and crushed metal then the machine opened. The crane moved off for another vehicle. She could not see where it was. She watched mesmerised as another car was crushed. The crane moved on, a little closer. Another car. A little closer. It was a line, She was in a line. There were four cars in front of her. Now three. She started trying to make a noise. She wrestled with the gag but it would not budge. She banged at the boot of the car, but she was still naked. Her flesh soft. She could not make any loud noise. Two cars.

David! David!

No words left her mouth. He couldn't! He wouldn't! He loved her!

Her heart was now racing.

The car was lifted. It swung wildly.

Anne banged and screamed. No one heard her.

She felt it going down.  It dropped the last few feet and it sent her flying against the side.

A loud noise, the car started to vibrate. Was this really the end? She felt like she would choke. She almost stopped breathing. Her bodily functions took their last perceived opportunity to perform their duties. David!

There was a noise near her. A lock turning. The light was almost blinding.

"Was that close enough?" a familiar voice asked. "You were in no real danger, they dropped you next to the......."

Anne fainted.

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