Dumped on the Side of the Road 3: The Pack Mule

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2011 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

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Part 3: The Pack Mule

It was obvious the power Jessica had over me, and my time at the beach house including the drive there were the most exciting of my life so far. She owned a part of me and I just couldn't say no to her, but that made Jessica responsible for me as well. I found it liberating to dump all my security concerns on her with the trust that she wouldn't let anything really bad happen to me. When we were together, that was her problem...

That was over a year ago, and I still look back on that experience fondly, and I still like women as much as men. My current interest was Lisa though, and the revelations of her last story left the door open for me to pursue her. She seemed like she would be perfect for me, and as much as I liked it when Jessica and her friends were in charge, I wanted to try a relationship where I was "on top" this time. As I came to realize, that position came with responsibilities, and I needed to be up to them for Lisa's sake as well as my own. I was submissive in nature, and knew I would need a partner who was very submissive for our relationship to work like I envisioned it could.

I invited Lisa over for dinner and I promised to knock her socks off with whatever she wanted to eat, and that I would even buy the wine for our exchange of stories night. I told her up front that I didn't have any more stories that were worth telling, at least not yet I thought to myself, but that I was interested to find out how her dares progressed with her friends. She again seemed happy to share her experience with me, and I found it useful as an indicator of what she wanted to be forced to do in the future, hopefully our future.

After dinner Lisa and I hit the hot tub on my deck that came with my house. I loved the thing, and bought the house because of the tub, and the view it offered of the valley behind. The last two times Lisa was over it was raining, and this would be the first time she was able to get into my tub. I lent Lisa a one piece suit that was big on her, and didn't do her lithe body justice. I wanted to go slowly with her or I would have just jumped into the hot tub naked like I usually do. We sat there in the bubbles and jets and drank our wine, the second glass for both of us, and Lisa started to tell me about her last dare with the girls. I had to slide in close to her in order to hear her over the noise of the tub so she didn't have talk loudly, and our thighs touched. It was an intimate conversation and yelling just wouldn't do. It took me a moment to realize that Lisa never pulled away from me either...

"The last one?" I asked.

She told me after that summer they all drifted apart, and that two of them were now married, and the third was due to be this fall. I asked her which one of them she... I had trouble finding a way to ask what I was curious about, if all three were to be married, what one did she get intimate with. Lisa saw my struggle for the right words and told me she would explain...

One of the girl's uncles had a hunting cabin in the woods that was not used often during the summer, as hunting is primarily a winter sport. The jeep trail to the cabin was deep with muddy ruts and impassable for almost any vehicle except a large four wheel drive truck with wide tires. Even her uncle didn't have one of those any more, and when he used his cabin he had to wait until the ground froze, or ride with one of his buddies with a truck. It made it a pain to get to the cabin, but nobody ever messed with it either because of how inaccessible it was most of the year. There was a heavy steel gate across the trail that had a lock, and nobody ever cut the lock to break in either.

There was a small lake there with a boulder in the center to swim to, and an old canoe to fish from as well. The girls were welcome to use the cabin, the uncle had said, and he only asked that they leave the place better than they found it. He didn't let just anybody use his cabin, but this girl was his favorite niece, and the one with the dare jar. The small hatch back wasn't going more than just off the roadway on the trail, and the girls would have to walk the long trail to the cabin with what they needed, unless they could come up with a better plan...

The three girls and Lisa had to ride to the cabin in a borrowed station wagon because it had more room in the back and on the roof rack for all their gear. The dare jar was there as well and a penny was put into it as Lisa went to pull out a dare while they were driving. She was concerned as it was early morning, and any dare wouldn't be under the cover of darkness like the others. The driver offered her a deal, with the consent of the other girls, that if she would do the dare they needed her to do, she could pick one out of the jar and throw it out. Lisa said she thought about it for a moment and decided one dare was just as good as another, and took the deal. The three girls obviously discussed this earlier and said in unison "pack mule", and they smirked at their friends situation. They had a lot of gear to move and they planned on dropping Lisa off at the walking trail to the cabin. The uncle used to use the trail when he was younger, and the girls wanted to use Lisa as a pack mule to move their gear.

Again, Lisa had no choice but to do the dare she was given, and she liked the loss of control over herself that was implied. The walking trail was closer to the cabin, but there was no place to park their car along side the road, and the driver even accidentally drove by her uncle's trail head the first time and had to turn around. Each girl had a small backpack with several days worth of thin summer clothes, and a light blanket for each. The food they would eat was in separate bags, and all of their gear would fit onto the rubber tire garden cart that was on top of the roof at the moment. It was late summer and there was a chill in the early morning air, and the girls probably thought their shorts and tee shirts were a little optimistic for the temperature.

The driver stopped the station wagon on the side of the temporarily empty road and they all got out and worked quickly with the hazard flashers blinking away. They pulled the cart off of the roof rack and the girls loaded whatever the driver of the car threw to them. There was no time to check if anything was forgotten, and the three girls were counting on that! Just onto the trail and holding the handle that pulled the cart behind her back, Lisa was told, with a condescending smile, that "pack mules don't wear clothes". She knew better than to argue, and her fear at doing this dare in broad daylight was offset by the thrill of being "forced" still again out of her comfort zone.

Her friend waited as she striped, and this time there was no darkness to protect her modesty either. Lisa could clearly see the road and the station wagon's hazard lamps blinking away like a metronome reminding her that she was waisting time, and if she could see the road, anybody driving by could see her. She stripped more quickly then, and her friend never looked away, but stopped her from removing her sneakers saying "even mules wear shoes". Lisa said she realized it was cold, but she was kept warm by an internal heat that she generated. To her surprise her friend ran her clothes back to the car and came back with a harness for her to wear as the station wagon drove away in a cloud of dust.

The two girls were alone with the fading sound of the station wagon driving up the road, and Lisa obviously felt more exposed than her friend who told her to get up the trail and out of sight so she could be properly harnessed. Lisa pulled the cart up the trail and she found out that it was easy to move through the woods, at least until the wheels hit a root or exposed rock. When the two girls were out of sight of the road Lisa's friend held up an old leather climbing rig that she found in her attic. Lisa buckled the thick straps between her own legs, and her friend did the upper body part when she was done that pulled right under her chest and over her thin shoulders. Her friend made no effort not to brush her nipples, and they were standing proud by the time she was properly wearing the old harness. Each touch of her bare skin was like an electric shock to Lisa!

There was a heavy "D" ring in the front, as well as the back of the old leather rig where the straps converged above her waist. The rear harness "D" ring was tied to the handle of the cart with a short rope, and a belt was buckled around Lisa's wrists behind her back, and around the tow rope just tight enough not to fall off. If she choose she could hold the cart's single handle, or not, but she would still have to pull the cart wherever she was lead. The position of her arms thrust her small breasts out over top of the leather strap on her harness like she was showing off.

Lisa's friend hooked a short leash to the front "D" ring of her harness to guide her new pack mule to the cabin, so none of the other girls would have to carry a thing. Lisa was happy to be walking behind her friend and out of her sight, and after the first half mile or so Lisa felt like no more THAN a pack animal. Lisa was working up an all over body sweat from her workout, and from the internal sexual heat she was generating. After the first mile her friend stopped on the poorly marked trail and offered Lisa a drink, and to rest. Lisa felt helpless as her friend had to hold the water bottle so she could drink, and it drove home how dependant she was on her friend at that moment. Her friend told her she had forgot something, and Lisa was told to bend over as far as she could as the harness pulled tight in various places as she did.

Her friend took out a black fine line permanent marker and drew her initials on Lisa's ass where it would have been covered if she were wearing panties, or almost anything except a thong. Her friend told her their mule needed to be branded, so in case "IT" wandered away anybody who found IT would return it. Lisa didn't protest her being marked up, she knew that permanent markers weren't really permanent when applied to skin, but it gave her an idea for later. Her friend drew on her left ass cheek with her right hand, and with her left hand just above Lisa's sex holding her in tight. Her friend commented that she would look good without her little bush, and that suggested to Lisa that she was the one she had pleased on their last camping trip.

...Lisa stopped her story and asked me if I would like to see her "brand". My eyes almost popped out of my head when I heard that. The hot tub had timed out before then and all that was running was the quiet circulation pump, and I had hesitated to get up and away from the story to restart it. Lisa looked like she was getting out of her comfort zone when I told her, "show me". It was a command, but with the gentle way I had delivered it we could both laugh it off if we wanted. Lisa stood to follow my "command" with some hesitation on her part, and slid out of her too large swim suit as I intently watched. She stripped in a practiced way, and threw her wet suit over in the corner. She then walked over to me and showed me the tattoo she had done, placed exactly over top of her original circular marker brand the three girls drew on her. Lisa placed her little ass inches from my face so I could read all three of the girls initials tattooed there. I found it highly erotic that she got her owners mark permanently put on her little ass, and I also noticed there was room in the center of the three sets of initials for my own!

I asked Lisa if she could turn on the tub again and my eyes never left her body, and her "brand". I fought the urge to strip off the bikini I was wearing and make love to her right there. I wanted her to stay naked in my somewhat clothed presence, reinforcing my position over hers. I also noticed she was clean shaved, both from the front and the back. Lisa jumped back into the tub and made no attempt to dress as she resumed her story sitting right next to me...

The freshly branded mule and her handler made the rest of their trip to the cabin without incident, and the pair got to the cabin before the other girls. The mule was left hitched to the cart until the others arrived and Lisa was initialed by the girls and unhitched from the cart. She was asked if she wanted to draw another dare, or remain their pack mule for the duration of their stay. Lisa decided she liked being their pack mule, and the lack of responsibility that came with it. Since animals don't wear clothes, and all of Lisa's were purposely left with her bag in the car anyway, she was to remain naked the whole time they were there. Lisa's friends wore shorts and bikini tops, or even the whole bikini if they were swimming in the cold water, or sunning on the boulder in the middle of the pond but they were never naked themselves in Lisa's presence. The girls used their pack mule to drag some brush cleaning up around the cabin as retribution for Lisa not helping out with the cooking and cleaning, she having correctly pointed out that animals don't do those things. She knew she was setting herself up for a payback, and she was counting on it being good! The girls didn't disappoint either.

It was after dinner and the girls were just settling in around the fire for the wine they brought with them, and Lisa was surprised to hear a truck driving up the long trail to the cabin. The three girls weren't the least bit shocked to hear it as one of them had a little brother with a friend who had a truck that could drive down the trail. She knew he would visit with his key to the gate and report back home that the girls were safe and sound as cell phones didn't work at the cabin. None of the girls made any effort to get off of the logs they were sitting on, and they continued their deep conversation on whether they should even let their pack mule sleep in the cabin with them. Lisa knew it was only a threat to get her to do more work, but she was going to push her advantage as far as she could.

Lisa was lost in the thought of being hitched to a post and left to sleep outside in her harness when her friend suggested the boys would likely get an eyeful. That brought Lisa out of her daydream and she realized she could see the truck's headlights through the trees, and unlike her friends she was nude. She had let herself forget that fact more than once so far on this trip. There was no time to get to the cabin before the truck looked like it would be there, and Lisa ran to the outside solar shower nearby. It was a tripod with a shower curtain and a black plastic water jug hanging over it. The idea was that the sun heated the water and you could get a warm but quick shower in a remote campsite. All the girls had used it, despite the threat that it wasn't for pack mules, but the water wasn't very warm at the moment. Lisa had no towel to use, either for drying herself off, or for covering herself for their visitors. The other girls took clothes in with them and dressed inside when they were done. Lisa saw the trucks headlights illuminate the shower curtain in the dusk, and she was certain her naked silhouette was visible to everybody.

The boys turned the truck around when the girls told them to, but not until they saw what they wanted! Lisa heard little Don's voice and she recognized it as belonging to her friends geeky little brother. She didn't recognize the other voice, but it was clearly adolescent male, and her worst fear in her current state of dress. Little Don talked with his sister, and his friend chatted with the other two pretty girls, clearly stalling for Lisa to finish her shower. Lisa heard her friends talking and knew they were dragging out the conversation as well to prolong her humiliation. Lisa knew she would have to come out of the shower while the boys were there when the girls called to her in the shower asking how much longer she would be. She also knew they were observant enough to notice if she came out of a prolonged shower with no water running out on the plastic mat the shower was standing on.

She started the cold shower and pretended to soap up and she was chilled to the bone when the water finally ran out. Her nipples were at full attention, and she had goosebumps all over. She called out to her friends that she forgot her towel again, and asked one of the to get it for her. Lisa was told she always forgets her towel, and the only way she would learn to remember it was to go get it herself. Her friend quickly told her the boys would turn around so they didn't see her, and Lisa knew that was as good a deal as she would get. She was freezing and knew she had to get dried off and near the fire as soon as the boys left, and it didn't sound like they were leaving yet!

Lisa knew if she ran by them on her way to the cabin they would turn around on instinct, and when she saw that they were indeed facing the other way she slowly walked to the cabin. She had to pass within fifteen feet of the back of the truck, and the boys that were standing near the doors with their backs turned. As she walked nearer to little Don she saw his eyes in the trucks right side door mirror, and that meant he had got an eyeful of her. Lisa couldn't get any more embarrassed, but she did have to admire the resourcefulness of the little geek. She momentarily stopped and casually dropped her arms from covering her breasts and sex, and gave him a little wink in the mirror, meant for his eyes only. It was over in a few seconds and she heard the truck leave after she closed the cabin door.

Her friends looked at her when she came out, naked again and making a beeline for the warming fire, and thinking they went too far with their little stunt. Lisa's friend told her little Don has always had a crush on her, and they expected her to run into the cabin when she first heard the truck. It was clear to Lisa that her friends thought she wanted to put on that show, and she had to admit that they may have been right.

Lisa was naked for the rest of the camping trip, and the girls didn't have the heart to make her pull the cart back down the trail, even though she would have done it without question. They all took turns pulling it down the muddy longer trail, and Lisa gave each of her friends a short ride on top of their things when it was her turn to pull it, emulating the mule they had made her into.

...Lisa told me that was the last time they got together, they all stayed friends, but went different ways. She told me the girl that lead her up the trail was married first, and the one she thinks I was curious about, and the girl with the cabin still has the dare jar. She said we joke about all the time with emails, and they wanted to send me a dare and have me take a picture of myself completing it. She said the vague nature of the dares, and the inherent danger of some of them made that impractical, especially the ones she put into the jar.

I thought about the dare jar, and the brand on Lisa's little ass and what it meant. I had wanted to ask her to move in with me, but I couldn't do that now until I negotiated with her current "owners" for her. I asked Lisa if I could contact the girl with the dare jar, and Lisa must have known what I wanted, because she had the email address written down in her little purse ahead of time, and she handed it to me.


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