Dumped on the Side of the Road 2: Bound For The Golf Course

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2010 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

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Part 2: Bound For The Golf Course

The next time my friend Lisa and I got together she told me right away she couldn't top my experience with the tough girls, but that she wished she could! I found that an interesting slip of the tongue, and thought to myself that maybe I could help my sexy girlfriend with her "wish". I like girls as much as guys, maybe even a little more, but I didn't know if Lisa felt the same way yet and I didn't want to push myself on her. The wine was flowing more freely this time as each of us brought a bottle to our after dinner exchange of experiences.

Lisa went first this time as well and told me the four of them camped again, this time in the woods behind the one girl's house for more privacy. Lisa's three friends had talked among themselves and came up with ideas for things they could make their submissive friend do. The three girls put their ideas into a glass jar on scraps of paper and intended to have Lisa pick out her dares one at a time. The girls told Lisa she should put some ideas into the jar as well so that it would be fair. Lisa said she put three things into the jar that she would love to be forced to do, both hoping and dreading picking her own dares.

The night of the camp out it rained lightly and the four girls were stuck inside the tent and Lisa said she suggested they play poker. Lisa laid out how she wanted to play, and her friends saw her intentions and agreed. Lisa wanted to be clear with me, she wanted to lose and her friends wanted her to lose as well. All four girls working to the same goal of Lisa loosing big at poker and having to pay off with dares, guilt free, out of the jar. Lisa's idea was for the girls to pool together their change and each to get a specific coin. Lisa had a pile of pennies to use as chips, each coin worth "one." Another had quarters, another had dimes, and the last had nickles. The game was five card draw and as expected each girls coins migrated around with each won and lost hand. The girls played until the rain stopped and then "settled up" with each other to retrieve as many of their coins as possible. The three girls traded between themselves to retrieve all of their original coins, and each was left with some of Lisa's pennies. Lisa traded for all her pennies that she could, but she ran out of the girls coins before she retrieved all her own. The girls owned thirteen of Lisa's pennies, each worth one dare for Lisa to pay back to the group.

The jar was held up for Lisa to grab a slip of paper from, after she dropped one of the pennies into the jar. Lisa opened the folded slip of paper and it said "golf course"! Lisa turned the paper over and that was it, no explanation at all. The girl who apparently dropped it into the jar explained, "we are going to drive you to the golf course, right now, and drop you off on the North side. Then you are going to walk across the dark course to the parking area where we will be waiting for you. You will be required to find one ball for each of us, if you don't, she said, whoever doesn't get a ball from you may want something in exchange." It sounded pretty wild at the time, Lisa told me, and the four girls got into the small hatchback with Lisa in the back. Lisa said the girls smirked like they had a private joke between them, but it wouldn't have mattered as there was no option in this game of not doing a dare once Lisa pulled it out of the jar.

The night was dark because of the recent rain and the grass was wet when the four girls arrived at the north side fence. They easily climbed over the six foot chain link fence, but were now technically trespassing on the dark course. One of the girls asked for Lisa's sneakers, and she thought doing this barefoot would be OK. Her sneakers were then thrown over the fence by the car, trapping her on the inside of the fence as it's impossible to climb something like that barefoot. Lisa immediately grasped this and also realized there was no turning back at that point. Lisa said her friends demanded the rest of her clothes and that she felt self conscious stripping in front of them, but all three of them just stood there and waited. Lisa did strip for her friends, but if she didn't they were prepared to do it for her. One of her friends took advantage of the dark and got behind her and handcuffed her with her new cuffs as Lisa offered no resistance. Her clothes were picked up and she was told to walk for the lights by the parking area. It looked like a long walk and Lisa got going as her friends watched her go.

Lisa didn't know two of her friends stayed behind to keep an eye on her, and planned to keep to the tree line and keep her safe. There were houses with their backs to the fairways and somebody could be lurking about at that late hour. Lisa walked across the wet grass fearful that somebody would just walk up on her out of the shadows. She walked to the first flag she saw and sat on the green and reached as best as she could into the cup to look for a ball. She had no luck and searched the next one the same way, and realized she was looking for someones LOST ball, and if it was in the cup, it wouldn't be lost.

Lisa told me sometimes she doesn't think, and I told her we all do that. I took notice how Lisa was ever so slightly rubbing her thighs together under her sun dress as she recounted her story for me. That told me a lot!

Lisa told me she she headed for the sand traps next on her way toward the lights and and that's where she found her first ball. She kept walking and found a second and third right next to each other and held the balls in her cuffed hands. Lisa was covered in wet grass clippings from sitting on the grass, and some sand from the sand trap as well. At one point she heard her two friends talking as they followed her in the tree line when one of the house's air conditioning units stopped suddenly. Lisa said she laid down on the grass when she heard them so she wasn't silhouetted by the other house's lights, terrified she would get caught.

Her friends saw her go down and went over to see if she was OK. Lisa didn't know it was them and tried to hide as best as she could, certain she would get arrested as she saw two people walk closer! When Lisa heard her two friends call her name quietly she was never so happy to see two people. The girls helped their friend up and the three of them walked together to the parking area. The car and driver were waiting for her and the three got in fast before somebody took too much notice, but not before Lisa purposely dropped her golf balls on the grass. Her clothes were in the hatchback area and she was still nude and got down as low as possible in the small car handcuffed as she was.

Lisa was told if she didn't have her balls she would have to negotiate to get her clothes back, and the handcuffs off. And a ride home, the driver added! Lisa didn't want to get kicked out in a parking lot somewhere, so she said she would do anything they said if they would just take her home. They took her to the tent and deposited her on her knees behind it, and the driver put her sunglasses on Lisa effectively blindfolding her. Lisa stayed where she was because she was told to, and she couldn't see where she was either.

One by one the girls came out of the tent anonymously, and the first rubbed her bare ass against Lisa's lips and she kissed her ass. It started out like last time she "kissed ass" to get in the tent, but she was so hot she started making out with whoever's ass until she pulled away. The first girl went away and the second got much the same, to her delight. The third, whoever she was, put her shaved pussy on Lisa's lips and she gave it a tentative touch with the tip of her tongue. The girls reaction encouraged Lisa and she started doing things to her friend that she knew she would like done to her. Her friend came off as quietly as possible so their friends just a few feet away wouldn't know what just happened. Then she bent down and gave Lisa a lingering kiss and no doubt tasted some of herself on Lisa's lips.

Lisa was left alone for a while, probably to see if anybody wanted a round two with her. When all three came out and uncuffed her she tried to figure out what one of her friends just opened a new door for her. Like last time she was kept nude until the morning, and getting comfortable around her friends that way. Before the friends all went home Lisa said that was incredible, giving her friends a green light to continue, and one of her friends a special message.

Wow, was all I could say to Lisa! Now I saw why she was rubbing her legs together like she was.

I told her my second time with the bad girls was kind of like blackmail. I had just started a new job and got a call from Jessica telling me she had something for me, and she wanted to come over my house to give it to me in person! I don't remember telling her where I live, but she must of gotten it off my registration in my car when she had my keys. Smart girl! Jessica looked different that day, less of a bad ass. The thought that came to mind was "she cleans up well". She was dropped off at my house by a guy, and for all I knew at the time it was her brother or something, and he left. Jessica came in and she gave me two pictures of myself, one with me cuffed to the sign and one of her friend mounting my face as their sneakers hung painfully from my distended nipples that took a week to feel normal again! I had never seen her with a camera or cell phone, but I WAS distracted that day.

Jessica told me she needed a ride to the beach for the week of the twentieth for her and her friends. She also said I would need to rent a van for all her friends and sign the rental agreement on the beach house they rented since they were under twenty one. I told her I couldn't because of my new job, and as sincere as I tried to sound, it came out as whining. I started to realize something, when I knelt in the woods before this younger, but superior woman, I somehow gave her a power over me. I couldn't say no! Jessica instinctively knew this like it was in her genes.

Jessica told me I would have to use my credit card to place a deposit on the beach house in case they wreck the place. She said I would, however, be around the house the whole time to keep the place safe. Jessica was so confident she brought the contract with her and I signed it and she mailed it from my mail box. I called the rental people and placed the security deposit with my Visa card. Jessica said she needed a ride home and she told me what I should bring when I pick them up at the high school parking lot Sunday morning, no more, no less she stated clearly. I had to visit the leather shop to be in compliance with Jessica's instructions, but I got what she wanted me to have.

Sunday came too fast and I was waiting at the school like instructed with no luggage for myself except my things from the leather shop and hardware store. Jessica got dropped off first, without her two friends like I expected. I had cash for fuel and the others were going to buy the food. Jessica put her bags into the back of the van and I saw her lug her bowling ball bag into the back of the van. It looked heavy and I wondered how somebody her size could throw what looked like a sixteen pound ball. And besides, I thought to myself, what eighteen year old brings a bowling ball on a beach vacation! She told me she brought me some surprises and told me to get into the back of the van. She told me to put on my leather purchases and gave me a stern look when I hesitated. She wasn't the least bit interested in my modesty.

I put my thick wrist cuffs on as Jessica put my ankle cuffs on for me, time obviously a factor for her. I fastened the collar around my neck and Jessica put my arms behind the seat back and pad locked them to the seat frame behind me. My elbows were locked and my chest, without bra as instructed, was thrust out like I was showing it off. My last thought before the others arrived was that I hoped the girls weren't too rough on me!

The rear windows on the rental van were heavily tinted, and that was a good thing, but it did prevent me from seeing the men before they climbed in back with me. They were just as shocked as I was thinking their friend was joking when she said there would be entertainment on the trip. The first two men into the van sat left and right of me in the rear seat. The others arrived within fifteen minutes and one of them, the guy driving, was apparently Jessica's boyfriend. I sat in back with seven men, all of them looking at me like fresh meat! The van had not even left the parking lot when the guys wanted the keys for my cuffs from Jessica. She said for them to wait as she said there were some ground rules, and she outlined what the men couldn't do, it was a short list! My only rule was to do as I was told, or else!

Jessica handed back a ping pong paddle with a string attached to the handle and she told the men to tie the string to my collar. If I did something to deserve it they were to smack me as hard as they liked with the paddle on my ass. She told the men that I was theirs for whatever they wanted, and that I would be their maid and chef at the beach house as well. That way she said we all could, meaning them not me, spend all our time playing and not working.

My arms were unlocked from the seat frame with the key that Jessica passed back and the men pulled my thin tee shirt over my head and arms. I'm sure I could have screamed rape or something and they would have stopped, but the men assumed my silence was consent for the treatment Jessica outlined. I had a dozen opportunities to say no before I found myself nude in the back of the van with my wrists padlocked behind my back and my ankles locked together kneeling on the floor. Jessica took my clothes from the men that just stripped me. They would only be returned to me in the school parking lot at the end of this week! Jessica handed my wet cotton panties to her boyfriend and told him that this is what a slut smells like. When he had got a good sniff he handed them back around to his friends in the back and they each took a second sniff. Jessica did that to show how much I was reluctantly enjoying their treatment.

I was passed from man to man kneeling before them sucking their hard cocks without the benefit of using my hands. They pinched and manhandled my tits as they hung there for easy reach. The ones behind me played at slapping my ass, but didn't enter me or anything else that might help me to cum, as I serviced all of them in a continuous rotation around the back of the van. Jessica was apparently a sharing girlfriend and pulled her boyfriend's cock out and they maneuvered me up to his lap and I sucked him off as he held my head down on his impressive tool. When he shot off down my throat, I was in an awkward position laying on the center console, and without the use of my arms, I coughed once and made a slight mess on his lap. Jessica took the opportunity to smack my ass with the ping pong paddle several times, and not only did it sting, but it made alot of noise.

We had been driving for hours, the guys were hungry and the van needed fuel so Jessica's boyfriend stopped at a highway rest stop, and some of my money was used to fuel the van. I had swallowed more cum so far that day than I ever had in my life. I was getting an upset stomach and I didn't know how much I could take before I got sick. The van was parked and the guys were worried about the van getting stolen as there were rough people who were just hanging around. Jessica's boyfriend observed that I would be left in the van anyway as I couldn't go in the restaurant nude, and he told one of the guys in back to pass up one of my chains and he wrapped one end of it around the steering wheel and pad locked it. The other end he pad locked to my collar like I was some kind of watch dog. I was allowed to lie down in the middle of the van as far as the chain would let me go. I was covered with a blanket and left to sleep and rest my jaw and sore throat. If I wasn't cuffed though I would have rubbed myself off right there.

I didn't know if anybody even looked in the van because I fell asleep instantly. The guys came back in quietly and my chain was unhooked from the wheel, and I slept most of the rest of the way to the beach house. A disturbing question occurred to me while I slept. Why didn't any of the men actually have sex with me? Was I not good enough to actually fuck, or were my oral skills that good? Or, did they just want to cum and deny me the same?

Near the beach house Jessica gave me a French maid's uniform to put on as we were driving. It was not a real one, but a cheap Halloween costume. My tits were on display and it came with no panties. I was glad to to have my arms out from behind my back though, even if it was to carry everybodies luggage in by myself. I was barefoot and still wearing my cuffs with the cheap costume. I was glad nobody was on the street to see me! Jessica told me to put her bowling ball in the upstairs bedroom with her boyfriends things. She told me everybody else would sleep in the common room, including me. Everybody was on the beach and I looked around the house to know how clean I should leave it for the next people. Jessica and her boyfriend went out to get groceries and some other things I would need for the week...

Jessica had reduced me to less than a slut in less than ten hours, the guys didn't even want to fuck me now with the supply of bikini girls on the beach. She had another surprise for me though, something from another era, but just as effective today. She told me to get her bowling ball case, and when I returned with the heavy bag she opened it. Inside was an old ball with a large eye hook screwed and epoxied into one of the finger holes! She took it out and padlocked a four foot chain to the eyelet, and the other end to my right ankle cuff! I now had a ball and chain to drag around with me if I wanted to go anywhere. Carrying anything up or down the stairs would be very slow as I had to carry my ball up three steps and then carry the clothes hamper up six steps. I repeated this process several times every day as the whole house silently laughed at me. I got up early to shower in the gang shower before the men got up, and had to wash my maid's costume by hand at night so it could dry as I slept. It was never meant to be worn more than a few hours and even my most gentle treatment left it torn and thread bare. The first night I heard Jessica and her boyfriend making love upstairs and I was jealous. The first four days were a blur for me as I was constantly busy in the house, and my ass got smacked several times with the ping pong paddle that was tethered to my collar...

The rest of the week was going to be heavy rain, and the bikini girls went home, and the beach was deserted. Some of the guys went into town to find something to do with Jessica, and half of them stayed in the house. I cleaned up from dinner and some of the guys stayed and talked to me like I was a human. I could tell they wanted something and would be only too happy to give it to them. On second thought, I think I would make them take it from me instead, nice and rough the way I like it. It was quite a roller coaster ride for me, last week I was the new hot chick at work, this week I was only good enough for head, and then only good enough to cook and clean. Now it looked like I would become the hot chick again. The guys were flirting with me, and I told them to quit wasteing their time. I told them the only foreplay I wanted from them involved whips and chains!

Until the time we left I found myself repeatedly on my back on the large dinning room table with my wrists and ankles chained to the table legs, or stretched by the men waiting for their turn like I was on a medieval rack. I never wore the cheesy maid's costume again, the guys kept me nude. I had more orgasms, more sex than some people have in a lifetime. My wrists and ankles were rubbed raw under the cuffs causing some creative efforts on my part to hide the damage until it healed. Jessica and I even did a sixty nine to entertain the men at a break in the action. Each of us having the others cream pie.

I drove home with my clothes on and Jessica willingly took her turn being the entertainment for the men on the return trip. They cuffed her and passed her around like they did me, except they had actual sex with her and her boyfriend participated too.

I told Lisa that I never topped that one, or even came close in the years since. I noticed Lisa had rubbed herself off discretely more than once as I talked and she was now sleeping on my couch with an empty wine bottle next to her. I fought the urge to kiss her all over and just covered her with a blanket.


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