Dumped on the Side of the Road 4: References

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2011 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/ff; sbf; bond; naked; outdoors; tent; dare; toys; insert; oral; anal; cons; X

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Part 4: References

...I had offered my friend Lisa my spare bedroom because she was to drunk to drive. I was also, but I lived there! I wanted to just make love to her so badly I couldn't stand it, but held back not wanting to start this thing off on the wrong foot in light of her "commitment" to the other three girls: P.J., T.T., and R.J. I couldn't claim ignorance as their initials were clearly printed on Lisa's petite little ass in a circle the size of a silver dollar, and I was sure there would be a price to pay if just took her without asking. I expected their OK would be just a formality, one Dom to another.

After Lisa left in the morning I e-mailed P.J. who was Paula to her friends, and I had hoped to become one of those. Apparently Lisa had told Paula about me and to expect to hear from me regarding her. Paula was the keeper of the dare jar and gave me the impression she could speak for all three of them. I told her of my desire to be with their friend in my e-mail, and I felt like a teenage boy probably feels asking a protective father for permission to date his daughter.

It didn't go so well!

...Paula ended up calling me on the phone to tell me Lisa was special, and would need somebody equally special to properly care for her, and on her first impression, I wasn't up to it! She quickly said I shouldn't take that personally, because the three of them finally realized they were in over their head as well on their last camping trip. Paula said she would give me the benefit of the doubt though, but she wanted to talk with some of my references, and she had to discuss this with Lisa's other two "owners", Tammy and Rebeca. When I asked her what she meant by "references", she explained she wanted to talk with some of the people I was with to find out what kind of Dom I was.

I only had one name I could give Paula and her friends, and Jessica would hardly be the best witness for my ability to properly take care of Lisa, but that was the name I reluctantly gave her. I could only guess at what the four women would talk about, but sufficient to say I wouldn't have any secrets from the four Dom's worth keeping. I checked my e-mail every day for two weeks before I heard from Paula, and she e-mailed me to say they had worked out a deal with Jessica that she would take charge of both Lisa and I for the purpose of training. I could live with Lisa if I wanted during our training, but couldn't claim her for my own until all four girls agreed we were ready. Paula said she didn't want anything for herself, but that Jessica would likely want something in return for all her time. I also found out that Jessica would have possession of the dare jar, but was unsure what her plans were for it.

I didn't have long to wait!

Jessica contacted me and gave me her deal, she would train both of us in exchange for something to be determined later. I knew I could trust her, but I told her I couldn't speak for Lisa, at least not yet. Jessica said that was the right answer, and she had spoke to Lisa already and she was willing to be trained as well. I was again about to put myself under the complete control of Jessica, so that I might earn the right to be in complete control of Lisa, in what would likely turn into a complicated situation. I had doubts again about my ability to be dominate in any personal situation, I was in charge at work, but still here I was excited to see what Jessica had thought up for Lisa and I.

Lisa was excited as well to be doing another dare out of her dare jar, and she was pleased I was willing to go through so much to be with her and appease her protective friends. Lisa slept over Friday night as instructed, and we were warned by Jessica of a very early start Saturday morning. We waited at my computer for Jessica to reveal our dare that she wanted us to do as we ate our breakfast. Jessica wanted us to learn to relie on each other, and her way to achieve that was for us to need each other to complete "our" dare. I felt at the time that it put Lisa and I on equal footing, and would do little to present me in a dominate role, but I kept my feelings to myself and waited at the computer with Lisa.

We finally got instructions after five in the morning, telling us that we were to drive to a specific location, as indicated on my GPS, and follow the instructions we were given. The dare was simply called, "day camp". I printed a picture of the location we were looking for from my e-mail, and the indicated place was over an hour away. We were to be there before sunrise, and that meant we had to hustle along. I had to admit that this was starting to be fun, and the joy in Lisa's face was almost worth it.

We arrived at the selected site and stripped off everything except our sneakers, as instructed in the e-mail, and dumped our clothes in the trunk. I didn't want Lisa to see me just as naked and subservient as she was, but I had no choice once I accepted Jessica's terms. We ran across the empty roadway, that would likely be busy by the time it was light out, and found a green ammo can chained closed and to a tree under the overpass, just as it was pictured in my e-mail from Jessica. Lisa opened the combination lock holding the thing closed with the numbers given to her by Jessica, as I held my cell phone flashlight so she could see.

Inside the box were further instructions for us to remove my two sets of thick leather cuffs, that I knew so well, from the box and to place our phones and car keys inside. We were only allowed to keep my GPS and our sneakers, and there was a set of coordinates for my GPS written on our note, telling us where we were to walk to next. There were also two pink pad locks, and one blue one, and we were instructed to use one pink lock to secure the ammo can closed. I was to lock my wrists behind my back and secure the cuffs together, trapping the chain from the ammo can with the blue lock. Lisa was to do the same with the pink lock and chain, securing us to each other by the six foot chain. Our only means of escape were now locked into the ammo can, and we had little choice but to follow the GPS into the dense undergrowth. The only practical way for us to walk was for Lisa to hold my GPS behind her back in her cuffed hands, but in front of me, so I could direct us where to go. I was leading the way, but from behind, with a perfect view of Lisa's tattoo, and chained wrists. It was a chore to keep the chain out from under our feet, and untangled from the dense undergrowth.

...We finally arrived at a small clearing, after crossing a set of railroad tracks, to find a tent rolled up with something obviously hidden inside it. Written on the tent was simply "Day camp" and it seemed like we were to set up the tent. It was a joke to see us setting up that tent cuffed together, and we were distracted by the ground shaking and then a freight train rumbling through the woods very near our tent. If somebody were looking carefully out of the engine on the train, they would have seen two naked girls chained together and setting up a tent.

We finished the tent and crawled inside to find water bottles and some trail mix. There was also a dress, and in the pocket of the dress was a key. Under the dress was a double ended dong, soft and life like, and approximately fourteen inches long. I had seen bigger, and Jessica's boyfriend was easily larger in diameter than the toy. I had enjoyed our dare together and took the key to unlock my cuffs, only to find it wouldn't work my lock! Lisa tried it in her pad lock, and she was out of her cuffs in seconds as I helplessly watched. She looked at me on my back with my tits thrust out like she was looking at her favorite snack, and at that moment I may have been!

She got on top of me in a classical sixty nine position and fed me her very sloppy pussy that I eagerly dove into. She was delicious, and I lapped up her juices like I was starving. Being bound made me even more into it, and after she came several times she started to eat me. She was either teasing me, or not very good at oral sex with a woman, because every time I got close she changed what she was doing to me. I was moaning in a very undignified way, and thrusting my hips at her jaw with little effect.

She got off of me and offered me one end of the dong to put into my mouth, and I don't know why, but I opened up to receive the toy and hold it for her. Lisa went to remount me and I realized she wanted to use me for little more than a convenient stand for the dong! I had no choice and I watched close up how her small pussy stretched to swallow the toy inches from my face. I had to bite down hard on the thing to prevent it being jammed down my throat, and little Lisa impaled herself on the toy until my nose was touching her little brown rosebud. My tits were mashed by her thighs, and I had always liked rough treatment of them at certain times, and this was one of those. She was violent with the dong, and me, and she came in wet waves that ran down the dong onto my face. I was effectively gagged because if I loosened my grip to speak, I could choke. I came several times while getting "face raped" by the most submissive woman I had ever met. It was all too weird, the most submissive woman in the world was apparently in the tent, but on her back with a dong in her mouth, and her name wasn't Lisa!

When we were too exhausted to go on, Lisa helped me to drink some water and eat a snack as she eyed the tiny dress. It was size one, and only could fit petite Lisa as both of my tits would cause the flimsy thing to tear apart. I wouldn't be able to get into it anyway with my wrists trapped behind my back, and the only two choices were for Lisa to get my clothes out of my trunk with her pink key to the lock box and my keys, or for both of us to wait until very late at night and both cross the road naked again and run to the car. Lisa correctly suggested finding our way through the woods at night would be difficult, and she volunteered to get my stuff. I had no choice in the matter, and submissive Lisa was clearly taking the lead here.

Lisa told me she was concerned about leaving me behind, intentionally forgetting that she really didn't have to. She could have always brought me along to the ammo can and left me there, but "she" decided it would be better for me to stay behind. She helped me to roll over off of my aching wrists, and onto my aching tits. Without asking she wet the dong in her mouth and worked the thing into my rosebud. I tried to crawl away from her and the anal invader, only to run into the wall of the tent. She easily worked several inches into my ass, not the first time for me, and rolled my onto my side lifting one of my legs high. Lisa worked the other end of the flexible dong into my pussy, and the angle of the thing rubbed my clit in a most delicious way. I was beyond words, let alone complaint, as she pushed the both ends home with the center of the thing rubbing my thighs.

There was a method to her madness though as she fed the chain that was still attached to my cuffs between my legs and did a figure eight over and under my thighs. She then put her wrists cuffs on my ankles and held them together with the pink padlock, and ran the last little bit of my wrist chain between my cuffs, and then bent my ankles to the remaining chain. She locked the padlock to the chain, hog tying me on the floor of the tent, and trapping the dong in both of my holes as an improvised chasity belt. If anybody found me while she was gone, he had better either have the key, or be satisfied with my mouth. The chain rubbed the dong, and as soon as she left I ground myself off to so many orgasms that I fell asleep...

...Lisa gave me my clothes, but forced me to promise to trap the dong under my shorts as a condition of release. I wore the dong all the way home in my passenger seat as I was way too distracted to drive safely, and I let Lisa drive my car home. We had to report to Jessica on our dare when we got home, and Lisa e-mailed our results to her, and our eagerness to do another. I am sure Jessica picked up her tent, and equally sure she was camping near us just in case.


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