Dumped on the Side of the Road

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2010 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

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A friend of mine was invited to a back yard camp out with several of her friends over five years ago, long before I knew her. The only way I found out about it was our candid talk of what turns us on, after several glasses of wine one night. I went first and confessed a love, or more accurately, a lust for restraint of any kind before or during sex, or just for solo play. I tried to express the feeling I get, sort of like my slut switch being turned on and thought I went too far and expected her to think I was some kind of freak! I think some people get it, but most won't, and we need to be careful who we share with.

Lisa got it and told me her story. Lisa and her three friends were in the large tent at the far corner of the yard. It was summer and still light out and the friends were looking for something to do, and decided on a variation of spin the bottle that I never heard of before. A wine bottle that was saved for later, and therefore full, was spun and whoever it pointed to got to ask a question of the girl of her choice. If the girl refused to answer, the questioner picked some dare for her to do instead. If somebody lied, and was caught, anything could happen. This was like truth or dare, sort of. Several questions were asked of each girl but the focus turned to Lisa as she was asked most of the time.

Lisa told me the dares got sexier as night fell and if a question was refused there was no going back to a truth question. Lisa was asked her chest size and told the girls it was a c cup. I don't know why she lied because her b cups look perfect on her small frame, even today. And I expected more confidence from a college freshman, but maybe the girls honed in on her lack of self confidence. I also got the feeling she liked being forced to do things, I know I do sometimes.

They dared her to strip completely in her sleeping bag and when she did they grabbed her clothes and examined her bra and discovered the lie. Trapped nude the girls pounced on her and her wrists and ankles were bound tightly with her and another girls belt. She admitted the girls hands all over her were odd, but she said she could have stopped the action at any time and chose not to. The girls carried her nude and struggling body to their hosts hatch back and she was dumped into the back like a sack of potatoes. The other girls got in and they drove off forming a plan as they drove. It was dark, and they saw no cars that Lisa could tell. They stopped over a mile away from the house and pulled off the road and shut the car off. Lisa was dumped out of the car on her ass on the wet grass and the belt on her ankles was removed, and the girls left in the car! Lisa said she thought they were bluffing, and would return in a minute.

She said she sat there for five minutes before rolling over on her chest and struggling up to her feet. She started for the tent as she had no choice but to return to her clothes, jumping off the road every time she thought she heard a car. None came. It took over an hour for her to return to the tent and she knew she would not get released if she acted pissed off. And she admitted to me she wasn't.

They made her stand outside the tent and beg to be let in. Lisa asked if they were going to make her kiss their bare asses for forgiveness. They agreed that would work and she got on her knees and they came out and she kissed their asses as she suggested. Lisa also admitted to me that she would have done anything at all that they said at that point.

She was released, but not given back her clothes for the rest of the night. They drank the wine and planed her next adventure as her friends discovered a new submissive side of their friend.

Lisa said I would not believe what they got her to do next, but she made me wait and promise not to think less of her. I told her I would swap stories with her of things I had done if she wanted.

Lisa specifically wanted to know if I ever did "it" with a girl. Not one I teased, and then I had to tell the whole story.

I told Lisa I was doing some self bondage, I had to explain how that works, during the day at a seldom used park. During the weekends the place was busy, but on Wednesday no cars in the parking lot. Besides it looked like it would rain, and most people don't go out in the rain. I did and still do. This park had many trails and places to explore, and was near enough to the local high school I would find out.

It was senior cut day for the seventh time for the bad kids, but at eighteen years old they weren't kids, were they? I had hidden a car key in the woods at least three miles from the parking lot and my car at a waterfall. I rechecked the parking lot as getting started was the most risky part of my self bondage adventure. I got out of the car quickly, stripped nude and threw my clothes on the rear seat with my sneakers and the key to the door of the car. Thick leather cuffs went on each wrist and that day were secured with a small pad lock behind my back, forcing my tits up and out, but not before my ball gag. The key to the small lock went on top of my clothes and when I pushed the locked car door closed with my bare hip I always got a special thrill. This time I was barefoot, other times I varied other things to keep me interested.

I checked out my reflection in the shiny paint of the door, asking myself what would happen if I was seen. Some lucky soul would get something to talk about, and not believed by his friends I bet. This was no time to screw around I thought as I ran away as fast as I could. Even barefoot and cuffed I can run fast, nude just meant I was three pounds lighter and extremely motivated. It was maybe three hundred feet across a small picnic area and into the relative safety of the woods.

I was daydreaming as usual and the first two miles were perfect, so much so I decided to take a round about way to the waterfall to extend my self imposed nudity. It was hard to walk quietly thru the leaves and it was good there wasn't anybody around. I don't know if the wind suddenly shifted or if I just became aware but there was the unmistakable smell of cigarettes, Marlborough I would bet as I smoked them for less than a month to be cool with the cool kids early in high school. Wow, if they could see me now! I froze and tried to see what way they were coming from. I did just like a deer caught in a cars headlights and stood there. It worked just as well for me as it usually does for them! A girl smoking a cigarette was less than two hundred feet in front of me coming fast, as I turned to run away I was trapped in a triangle of three girls each as shocked as I was. These girls weren't what you would call pretty, not ugly, not hardly. More bad ass I would say, no makeup, shorts, sneakers, concert tee shirts. Strong willed expression on their faces, and a hint of what fun this will be, for them! Without the ball gag I might have talked my way out of this, but probably not with these three. Time stopped for me and I had a cold feeling in my flat stomach as the two girls behind me grabbed a restrained arm each and the cigarette girl just looked into my eyes and smiled. I was glistening with sweat as she looked me up and down and just laughed at me. "Can't help but to show off that perfect body can you college girl". It hit me like a slap her first words to me. I lowered my head and she knew she had me, mind and body!

The head bitch, I named her in my mind, puffed up her cigarette and held the glowing tip a fraction of an inch from my erect nipple so I could feel the heat of it. I went from humiliation to likely being these three bitches torture toy, I kneeled in front of her signaling my place among them hoping they wouldn't torture me to death for fun. The head bitch told me she would take the gag out but if I screamed she would give me a reason to really scream. She puffed up her cigarette to make the point. I nodded and she ungagged me. I was asked how I got here, what I was doing, I laid out my whole routine to this younger but superior woman.

It wasn't necessary but she wrapped her belt around my neck and fashioned it like a slip knot and pulled me along to where by the waterfall my car key was. There was a metal sign post with a sign saying to catch and release anything caught here as the girls chuckled at that. I was easily lifted over the sign so my wrists were around it and I could not possibly get out without my key or their help. I was on my knees and the head bitch had the kind of hair clip with long feathers and a steel clip that some people use for other things. She pulled it off of her, careful with the sharp teeth on the thing. She flicked my highly sensitive nipple a few times and let the clip sink into my erect nipple. I screamed but nothing came out it hurt so much. I was regagged and terrified of what was next. The girls stripped in front of me and wadded into the water and splashed around as I whimpered about my injured nipple. After they came out I could better appreciate their bodies hidden under the tough girl clothes. The head bitch pulled on my tit/nipple/hair clip and I howled into the gag as my perfect tit took on the shape of a funnel. Number two bitch exaggerated an expression of forgetting to offer her hair clip to the head bitch, and handed it to her as she attached it to my other nipple. Oddly, it didn't hurt as much as the first one, but they weren't done. Head bitch took number three bitches sneaker lace and tied it to my left nipple clip and let it drop painfully as my firm tit tried not to follow it down to my stomach. That must have been so entertaining that they did the same thing to the other one. I was still kneeling with the belt noose around my neck and it was removed and wrapped around my ankles preventing me from getting up. All three girls were nude and had a good bush going on between their legs, as a contrast to my tan and neatly shaved body. Head bitch told me if I didn't want to turn into their personal ash tray I better keep quiet this time. I was ungagged again and expected to be carpet munching three tough girls to their hearts delight.

Head bitch pulled herself up on the sign and mashed her thankfully clean pussy onto my face and she wrapped her strong legs around me and the sign and I ate pussy like my life depended on it. She pumped up and down on my face like she was fucking it, and she came violently almost ejaculating like a man. The other two took their turn except bitch number one used the sneakers as reigns to encourage me to perform at my best.

When they were all done with me I told them to let me go as they had their fun and I have to go home now. Your not going anywhere I was told, not without your car or keys or clothes I was told. I was regagged and the head bitch asked me if there was gas in my car. Well it doesn't matter as long as your wallet is in there we will just fill it up for you when were done. Don't go away I was told as my face was wide with shock and horror at what would come. We will have some of our geeky guy friends come by and get even with every girl that ever looked at them sideways while taking it all out on your perfect body.

I was left alone for about an hour and told Lisa this isn't quite what I wanted. She interrupted me, "NOT QUITE WHAT YOU WANTED" , girl raped, threatened with torture, well torture if you count the hair clips. I'm surprised you survived! Let me finish, I said.

Jessica, Jill and Pam came back and with my clothes and sneakers and asked if that was what I wanted once they removed the gag. I thanked them and said mostly yes, it has been a fantasy of mine for for the kids I went to school with to get even with me for being a class a bitch. Bound and humiliated, nude, forced to do the things I really wanted to do, but I didn't. Jessica asked, why mostly yes? Well, I thought you girls would be a little rougher on me as I was really bad, and earn the one hundred dollars I gave you.

Well, Jessica said, be careful what you wish for... I was regagged one more time and the three girls easily overpowered me using my key this time to temporally uncuff my arms that were so sore that I couldn't have used them if I wanted to. I was recuffed facing the sign arms around it and the nipple clips tied off to one of the cut outs in the sign post. If I stood up I could rip a nipple right off. The girls took turns with two belts whipping my ass and back of my legs and back raising red marks all over. I was yelping into the gag but was ignored, I deserved to be. My clothes were thrown into the stream to float away and the key to my car and cuffs was left within my reach. Jessica said if I was interested again she would make sure I wasn't treated too easy next time.

Top that story Lisa, I told her.


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