Down on the Farm

by The Technician

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Nicole discovers how Annabelle will punish a bad little cowgirl.

Annabelle isn’t mad at Nicole and Nicole has done nothing wrong, but Annabelle feels that Nicole needs to know how she might be punished before she finally commits to a formal Mistress-slave relationship.

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WARNING! All of my writing is intended for adults over the age of 18 ONLY. Stories may contain strong or even extreme sexual content. All people and events depicted are fictional and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Actions, situations, and responses are fictional ONLY and should not be attempted in real life.

All characters involved in sexual activity in this story are over the age of 18. If you are under the age or 18 or do not understand the difference between fantasy and reality or if you reside in any state, province, nation, or tribal territory that prohibits the reading of acts depicted in these stories, please stop reading immediately and move to somewhere that exists in the twenty-first century.

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Nicole arrived at the farm at exactly eight o’clock. At Annabelle’s direction, she parked her car at the house and stepped out naked. She left her small purse and the yellow and white sundress on the floor in front of the passenger seat.

“So, my naked little cowgirl,” Annabelle asked, “did you drive all the way naked?”

“Yes,” Nicole replied, “and my car wasn’t parked right next to the back doors of the apartment. It was at the back of the parking lot.” She took a deep breath and then said, “Maybe next time I will park out front.”

Annabelle laughed, “There are limits, cowgirl,” she said. “Don’t get too brazen in places that are too public. Some people would frown on you running around naked.”

Nicole’s shoulders slumped slightly, but raised again when Annabelle added, “... but I wouldn’t. And I know the public places that are safe... sort of.”

Nicole shuddered slightly as she remembered last weekend and her time as a naked ponygirl pulling Annabelle down the country road to Mistress Joan’s place.

“Did you know that I was going to tell you to come tomorrow morning instead of tonight?” Annabelle asked softly.

“No?..” Nicole replied, not knowing what else to say.

“But then you volunteered to be here tonight, eight pm, naked and I couldn’t let the opportunity pass,” Annabelle continued.

“What opportunity?” Nicole said. Her voice was a bit shaky with apprehension.

“To make love to you, of course,” Annabelle answered with a smile.

“Tonight you will find new pleasures as my naked little cowgirl in my bed,” Annabelle continued. “Tomorrow, you will find out how I will punish my bad little cowgirl.”

“Oh,” Nicole answered. 

Annabelle could tell that she was still very nervous so she said, “For now forget about tomorrow. Just think of you and me in bed together with me kissing and stroking you and pressing my knee between your legs.”

As she spoke, Annabelle was running her hands down Nicole’s body and between her legs. When she said, “pressing my knee between your legs,” she pressed hard against Nicole’s clit with her fingertips. Nicole groaned loudly and nearly crumpled to the ground.

“Come, my naked little cowgirl,” Annabelle said as she walked up to the house. Nicole stood shakily taking short little breaths for just a moment and then followed her into the house and upstairs to her bedroom.

Annabelle did exactly as she had said she would do. She stroked Nicole’s breasts and legs until she was keening loudly and then slid on top of her with one leg pressed firmly between Nicole’s legs so that it was rubbing hard against Nicole’s cunt. At the same time, she was rubbing her own cunt against Nicole’s thigh. She slid up and down, up and down, pressing harder and harder against Nicole’s cunt while pressing her own cunt harder and harder against Nicole’s thigh. Finally Nicole could stand it no longer and exploded in an intense orgasm. Annabelle kept rubbing for several more minutes before allowing herself to release in an equally intense orgasm.

They then spent the next couple hours alternately taking each other high with their mouths. Annabelle liked to tease Nicole by licking and suckling at her breasts until Nicole was arching high off the bed and begging for relief. Nicole, on the other hand, was more direct and immediately attacked Annabelle’s cunt with her mouth, reaching up with her hands to occasionally tweak her Mistress’s nipples at the right moment to take her higher as she groaned out in climax. They both finally fell asleep around midnight.

It was nearly nine when Annabelle finally awakened. Nicole was in the kitchen fixing breakfast. When Annabelle entered the room, Nicole asked, “Am I allowed breakfast this morning, Mistress Ann?”

Annabelle immediately answered, “Yes, cowgirl, you may eat breakfast, but keep it light and drink plenty of liquids.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Nicole answered as she placed a plate of bacon and eggs with some toast in front of Annabelle. For herself, Nicole had prepared just some toast and jam. She washed that down with a glass of orange juice and several glasses of water.

“Well, my naked little cowgirl,” Annabelle asked when they were finished, “are you ready to find out how I will punish you if you deserve it?” 

Nicole took a deep breath and then said, “Yes, Mistress Ann.”

“I am not mad at you,” Annabelle said evenly , “and you don’t deserve any punishment. But you are a very difficult little naked cowgirl to punish. You get off on pain. You get off on humiliation. You get off on just about anything that anyone would normally do to punish someone. But I think I have figured out what would truly punish you and today is just so you know what I will do to punish you when you do deserve punishment. Do you understand that?”

“Yes, Mistress Ann,” Nicole replied.

“There will be no stop safeword during this,” Annabelle said. “If you use the safe word ‘cityslicker’ or ‘cowgirl’ that will mean that you want things to end... everything. You go back to your life in the city and we both go on with our lives. Do you understand that?”

“Yes, Mistress Ann,” Nicole replied.

“If you agree to this, my naked little cowgirl,” Annabelle said softly, but firmly, “then respond with your safewords.”

Nicole swallowed hard, took a deep breath, and then said loudly, “cowgirl! cityslicker! Let’s do this, Mistress Ann.”

“OK,” Annabelle said with a smile. “Put this on and follow me out to the barn.”

Annabelle handed Nicole her black cowboy hat. She placed a white Stetson on her own head. There was a black leather band around the hat and a single leather strip hanging down from the back. It, too, was black, the color of denial.


The first thing that Nicole noticed when they stepped into the barn was that all hay and straw had been removed. It was as if the dirt floor had been swept and vacuumed. The second thing she noticed was a saddle hanging in the air in the center of the barn. The saddle was supported by a special wooden frame that extended slightly ahead and behind it. Four thick ropes were tied to the corners of the frame and went far up into the dimness of the upper areas of the barn.

The second thing that Nicole noticed was that there were a dozen or more old looking, square electric heaters arranged in a circle around the saddle.

“I’ve got some rather special tack for you today,” Annabelle said almost cheerfully. She then held up a strange looking set of black leather chaps that had thick cables of some sort attached to each side.

“Stand with your feet slightly apart,” Annabelle ordered and Nicole did so. Then Annabelle wrapped a wide leather belt around Nicole’s waist. The chaps hung from the belt. Annabelle hummed softly to herself as she pulled the chaps tight and secured them with a series of Velcro straps.

“Now for your blouse,” Annabelle announced firmly as she held up a somewhat stiff, long-sleeved leather blouse that was shaped for Nicole’s ample breasts in the front. 

“You’re going to have to hold your arms up and out slightly to put this on,” she said as she slid one of the sleeves over Nicole’s right arm. She then pulled Nicole’s left arm up slightly and slid the stiff sleeve in place. Both sleeves were slit up the back and had Velcro straps similar to the chaps. Also like the chaps, there was a thick cable which hung from the back. Annabelle tightened the straps on the sleeves and the back of the blouse, trapping Nicole’s arms in a raised position.

“Frank is going to have to help you get up onto the horse, cowgirl,” Annabelle said. Nicole felt firm hands guiding her from behind.

“There is a ladder right in front of you,” Frank said gruffly. 

The sturdy ladder had a wide, flat top large enough for both Nicole and Frank to stand on.

“Just step up on it,” he said as he tilted Nicole slightly so she could raise one leg. “Then swing your leg over the saddle.”

That was a lot easier said than done. For one thing, the chaps were rather stiff and kept her legs somewhat straight. Her arms were also held stiffly in the air over her head. And, perhaps most importantly, there were two large dildos sticking straight up from the saddle.

Frank stood behind her and helped her swing her leg over the saddle. He then physically supported her weight as she stood on one leg and centered herself over the twin dildos.

“Ready?” Frank asked, and when Nicole nodded her head he pushed her down on the greased shafts. Nicole was very glad that both probes were well lubricated because she was adding no natural lubrication of her own.

“I will put your gloves on,” Frank said, still standing on the ladder. Annabelle handed him a black leather gauntlet and he slipped it over Nicole’s right hand. It strapped tightly over the leather sleeve, but the glove itself fit somewhat loosely while at the same time seeming to lightly grip her hand, wrist, and fingers. Attached to the glove was a rope that reached upward into the darkness. A cable hung down and trailed across the dirt floor of the barn.

Frank moved the ladder and put a matching glove on Nicole’s left hand. It, too, had a rope leading up into the darkness and a black cable trailing across the floor.

When he was done, Annabelle said simply, “Boots,” and began strapping a boot in place over Nicole’s right foot. Frank, meanwhile, strapped a boot on her left foot. The boots, like the gloves, fit loosely while at the same time somehow lightly gripped her feet and ankles. The rope attached to the boots followed the cable down toward the floor of the barn where it was tightly secured. Nicole would figure out later that what she was feeling in both the boots and the gloves was a soft inner lining that pressed hundreds of tiny electrodes against her skin.

“Now for the hood,” Annabelle said, standing on the ladder to Nicole’s left. 

“And collar,” Frank replied.

Nicole was somewhat startled to hear him on her right side. Evidently there was a second ladder which Frank had moved in place there. He was holding a leather collar which looked very much like the posture collar from the ponygirl tack except that it had a full hood attached to it. He took off Nicole’s black cowboy hat and held the hood loosely in place over her head while Annabelle pulled Nicole’s long brown hair through a hole in the back of the hood.

Once it was slipped over her head, Annabelle pulled it firmly in place while Frank closed the collar with straps in the back. The hood felt somewhat prickly, while the collar had the same loose but firm feeling as the gloves and boots.

“Before I close the face plate,” Annabelle said, “I want you to again use your safewords to confirm that you are willing to endure this.”

Nicole swallowed hard at the word endure, but said “cityslicker... cowgirl...” She didn’t sound quite as assured as she had been before entering the barn, but she said them.

The faceplate was strangely shaped. Nicole at first thought it looked like a snorkeling face mask, but as soon as it was in place, a curved screen lit up in front of her eyes. Something was also pressing against her lips. She opened them slightly and a small tube slid into her mouth.

“This is a virtual reality mask,” Annabelle explained, “and you are wearing a virtual reality suit. This whole apparatus was designed by a friend of mine who makes really neat specialty toys for me and my friends. You will be able to hear me while you sit out here, but I will be in the house sipping wine and watching you on my big screen TV.”

Nicole could suddenly see herself sitting naked on the saddle... only it wasn’t really her. It looked a lot like her, but it was different. Even her friends wouldn’t recognize her. She was tied in a naked X and seemingly floated in the air on the saddle. On her head was a big black cowboy hat with her hair sticking out the back in a ponytail. She moved her arms and head as much as she could and the image of herself moved in exactly the same way.

“That avatar was created from some video I took of you earlier,” Annabelle explained. “Mister W altered it just enough to keep the players from figuring out who you really are.” Annabelle paused and then said, “I’ll be back with you as soon as I get up to the house. The tube in your mouth provides liquid, which you will definitely need. It is a nutrient liquid and that anal dildo is hollow so it can do a rinse and flush to keep you cleaned out.”

Annabelle paused to let all that sink in, then she continued, “That means I could keep you on this for days if I wanted to. I’m not going to do that... today, but I could. See you in a few minutes.” 

Then everything became silent except for the crackle of flames as Nicole was surrounded by a ring of fire.

The virtual fire looked very realistic. Nicole could even feel the heat. She wondered about that for a bit and then remembered the ring of barn heaters which she had seen when she first entered. She could feel herself beginning to sweat inside the leather suit and took a tentative sip from the tube. The liquid tasted like the blue stuff from the night she spent in the barn as a ponygirl. It didn’t taste good, but it didn’t taste bad so Nicole swallowed several mouthfuls.

“OK, my naked little cowgirl,” Annabelle’s cheery voice said in her ears, “this is how this works. You are an on-line video game. People sign up to be either Teasing Angels or Tormenting Devils.”

“What?” Nicole stammered. Then she gasped as the perspective of her view changed so that she was now looking out at the ring of fire... and two angels and two devils standing just inside the fire.

Annabelle continued, “On the left side of your screen you will see a listing of everyone who is waiting their turn. On the right side of the screen is a guage that measures...” she paused and then said, “... well, you will figure out what it measures.”

Nicole looked a little closer at the four figures. The two angels were dressed in white. On the front of their robes was a name printed in blue. One was named BigJosh1292. The other was TerryM7754. The devils appeared to be naked, but on their red chests, names were printed in white. One devil was FlushGuy. The other was Hardcore39. Similar names appeared in white in two long lists that moved with her as she looked around the virtual barn which surrounded her.

BigJosh stepped forward and a golden wand suddenly appeared in his hand. He pressed the large ball on the end of the wand against Nicole’s skin just below her breast and suddenly she felt as if someone were gently stroking her skin. He moved the wand up slightly and it was as if a hand were cupping her breast. Angel BigJosh smiled broadly as he moved his wand to twist and tweak Nicole’s nipples.

She gave a deep groan and tried to pull her arms in closer to her body. She didn’t know if she was trying to somehow deflect that wand or maybe just direct it lower between her legs.

“The swamp meter is at ten percent,” Annabelle’s voice said in her ears and Nicole suddenly looked around. The gauge on the right side of her vision was now at the 10% mark.

“It measures how turned on I am,” Nicole screamed in surprise. She then groaned deeply as the golden wand slid down her body and pushed against her cunt. Somehow it could move through the saddle and Nicole could feel fingers playing with her labia and clit.

The swamp meter rose to 25%.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Nicole began panting as the fingers pinched and tweaked her clit. She yelped in surprise as a second set of fingers began playing with her rosebud. She tried to look around, but couldn’t see who or what was doing it. Angel TerryM, however, was now nowhere to be seen.

The swamp meter was at 80% and Nicole was bouncing up and down on the saddle trying to force Angel BigJosh’s fingers to enter her.

The swamp meter continued to rise. 85%.... 90%.... 95%... Nicole could feel an orgasm starting to boil deep within her mind and body.

The meter was at 98% when Nicole suddenly heard a loud, deep, evil laugh and lightning struck her breasts. Devil FlushGuy was now standing directly in front of her with a red pitchfork in his hands. The prongs of the fork were crackling and sparks were jumping from it to her nipples.

“No, no, noooo!” she screamed as the meter dropped back to zero.

Annabelle’s voice again spoke in her ears. “The Angels win if they get you to cum before their time is up. The Devils win if they can keep you from cumming.” She paused and then said, “And I win because everyone– Devils, Angels, and horny lurkers watching the game all pay per minute.”

Nicole sat panting heavily trying not to cry. Then Angels BigJosh and Terry stood on either side of her and began running their magic wands up and down her sides. To Nicole it felt as if the softest hands in the world were lightly running from her breasts down to her toes. And as they moved, the fingers fluttered rapidly causing a cascade of soft touches.

The swamp meter was rapidly regaining it previous heights. Nicole was beginning to rock in the saddle, trying to force the dildo that she knew was there deeper and deeper into her aching cunt.

Then she once again heard the evil laugh. No, it was two evil laughs. Devil FlushGuy was standing directly in front of her. Devil HardCore was walking around behind her. They both had their heads tilted back so their deep, evil laugh could boom out unobstructed.

Devil FlushGuy looked up at Nicole grinning– no, leering at her. He pushed his pitchfork toward her between her legs. As soon as the sparks began to jump from the prongs to her skin, he pulled it back. Then she felt Devil Hardcore doing the same thing from behind. Both would thrust forward until the sparks jumped and then immediately pull back.

“No... please no,” Nicole begged. The soft shocks were almost taking her over the edge. The meter now stood at 99% but she knew what the devils would do.

“I’m so close... I’m so close...” she begged. Then both devils pushed their forks forward and held them tight against her body.

It was as if lightning were entering her body through her cunt and passing on out through her asshole. Then the lightning would reenter from the back and pass out through the front. Nicole screamed shrilly and passed out.

When she again opened her eyes, the meter was at zero. Both angels were standing behind her rubbing their magic wands up and down her back and buttocks. It felt so good, but at the same time she could see the two devils standing in front of her leaning on their pitchforks. Sparks randomly jumped between the prongs of the forks or even from fork to fork.

“No, no,” she pleaded, “don’t take me high if I can’t go all the way.” But the angels kept rubbing and massaging her back and asscheeks and the swamp meter slowly began to rise.

When the meter reached 75% Devil HardCore said in a deep voice, “Time to get to work.” He touched his pitchfork to Devil FlushGuy’s and drew a large spark which continued to jump between the two forks as they approached Nicole from the front. It was almost a lightning bolt as they walked past her, one on either side, causing the lightning to splatter against her skin just above her hips.

She screamed in pain and the meter dropped back to 20%.

The angels were now back to working on her breasts and front. The wands would slowly move around her breasts, feeling like the most wonderful hands and fingers playing with her breasts and nipples. Then they would both move downward until those magic fingers were playing between her legs.

The meter rose to 80% and Nicole was groaning deeply when Devil HardCore and Devil FlushGuy again struck an arc between their pitchforks and walked forward to trail lightning across her body.

The two devils and two angels then walked over to stand next to the ring of fire. The names disappeared from their fronts and they stood like statues while Nicole grunted and groaned and ground herself against the saddle. The magic hands were gone, but the need to orgasm which they had stirred up inside her was still there. It was a gnawing, burning need that nothing but an intense orgasm could quench. Somehow, the size of the flames and the heat from the ring of fire had risen to match her burning need.

The angels stepped forward from the roaring flames. Now they were Angel GoodStuff2019 and Angel Alicia2002. The devils were Devil FruitCake321 and Devil AntiAngel999.

The angels tried their best to take Nicole to orgasm. They used their magic wands expertly to quickly raise the meter to 99%, but the devils used their pitchforks with equal expertise and repeatedly brought the meter back down to zero.

After what seemed like hours, the angels and devils returned to stand next to an even larger ring of fire leaving Nicole grunting and crying as the need to orgasm became greater and greater within her.

“You’re all devils,” she screamed. “You are working together to torture me. Let me cum or let me alone!”

In response, new names appeared on the four tormentors and the whole process began once again.

Everything was the same. The angels would take her almost to the point of orgasm and the devils would drive her back down. After a period of time, they would stop and become statues next to the ever growing ring of fire and Nicole would be left uselessly grinding herself against her saddle as her need became almost all consuming within her.

The cycle repeated itself again and again and again. Nicole’s groans now sounded like a combination of groaning and crying as she tried again and again and again to reach orgasm.

Finally the two devils stepped back and merged into one person. Annabelle– or at least a fairly accurate representation of Annabelle– was standing in front of Nicole. “You aren’t live on line,” she said softly. “I have been controlling the devils... and the angels.” Her voice hardened slightly as she continued, “But if you truly need punishing, you will replace the AI avatar that W created for this on-line game.”

The Annabelle avatar stood silently while Nicole struggled to understand what she had just been told. Then the avatar stepped forward and looked into Nicole’s eyes. “Do you now understand how I will punish you, my little needy naked cowgirl?” she said firmly.

“I’ll be good,” Nicole said plaintively. “At least I will try to be good. Don’t punish me anymore. Let me cum. Let me cum. Please let me cum.”

Nicole’s voice dissolved to crying, but among the sobs she continued to beg, “Please let me cum. Please let me cum. Please let me cum.”

Avatar Annabelle stepped aside and the angels stepped forward and pressed their magic wands against Nicole from the front and from the back. This time, it didn’t feel like fingers. It felt like dildos... or even warm, human pricks... pressing against her cunt and her asshole.

She let out a loud, deep, “Aaaaaahhhh” as both pricks entered her at the same time and began thrusting. The swamp meter climbed steadily to 99% as the golden wands continued to do their magic. Nicole tilted back her head and screamed out in passion. She closed her eyes and shuddered as the long needed relief of an orgasm swept through her again and again and again.

When she finally reopened her eyes, the angels were gone. So was the ring of fire. She could feel fingers on her face as the virtual reality faceplate was opened and removed. Annabelle– the real Annabelle– stood in front of her naked.

“Let’s go down to the swimming hole and cool off, cowgirl,” Annabelle said with a smile. “Then we can talk about tomorrow... if you still want to become my naked little cowgirl slave.”

Strong hands lifted Nicole up off of the dildos while Annabelle removed the boots and guided her legs around the ropes supporting the saddle. Frank helped her down the ladder and held her up while Annabelle quickly removed the gloves, chaps and blouse.

“Drink this,” Annabelle said as she handed Nicole a bottle of blue liquid. “Then we will swim in the pond behind the barn.”

“And after that?” Nicole asked.

“I think tonight is a night for cuddling and talking,” Annabelle said. “I’m having a bunch of friends over to the farm tomorrow for some games and a potluck picnic. Depending on your decision, there will also be a collaring ceremony.” She stroked Nicole’s head and said, “It’s your decision my naked little cowgirl.”

“How can I say no, my Mistress,” Nicole answered as they walked down toward the pond.

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